I. (Isaac) Slater.

Slater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi online

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Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 98 of 131)
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Grimbly & Hughes (and cliee.se-
mongers and provision dealers,and
British wine makers), 56 Corn
^latket street [Giles st

Grubb Thomas (tea dealer) 32 St.
Havles John Wilson, 38 Queen st
Higgonson William, Clarendon pla
Hounsluw J )hu & Sou, 67 and 68

High street
Hughes James, 11 Magdalen st
Kett Edward, Clarendon place
Laker Charles, 55 High st
Miles Peter & Co., Grafton House,
St. Aldate st [Giles st

Pettyfer Enoch (tea dealer), 73 St.
Pumfrey Robert, New road
Richardson Richard, 18 High st
Rockall* Jones (and Italian ware-
house) 32 Broad .-t
Sheard Hester, 21 Hieh st
Tnbl) 'I'hos. Wm. 37 Corn Market st
Undeihill Charles, 11 Beaumont at

Underbill Michael &Son, 7 High st
City, and 16 and 17 High st, St.
Walker Abnham, 39 Holywell st
Warburton Geo. Henry, 72 High st
Wailand Henry, St. Giles' road
Way Wm 110 High st & St.Aldate st
Willsher Joseph, 13 Magdalen st
Beckliuson Frederick,6 St. Aldate st
Brown Richard, 68§ High st
Pether William, St. AMatest
Venables John, 21 St. Aldate st


Marked thus • are also Shirt Makers.
Castle Nathaniel (and glovtr), 13

High street
Diing John, 1 Beaumont st
Fiske Jonathan & Son,23 Corn Mar-
ket street
♦Hodges George, 13 Queen st
Horn John, .30 St. Aldate st
Oxford Clothing Establish-
ment, 2 and 3 Queen st
♦Randall Thomas, 22 High st
Ringrose William, 24 St. Aldate st
Roi^e Elizabeth, 29 Corn Market st
Sparrow James, 25 Co'n Market st
*Standen Katharine Sinnau, 28

High street
Thorp John Charles & Co. (and
glovers), 20 High street and 44
Broad .street
Williams Adin, 136 High st

♦Roebuck, RicliaidGurden, 8 Com
Market street

•Star, Samuel Young Griffith, 51
Coin Market street

Three Cups, George Bruton, 44
Queen street

Three GoHt.% Thomas Bishop, 32
Corn Market street

Wheatsheaf & Anclior, Benjamin

Hayward, 15 St. Aldate st

Grafton Charles, Eagle Foundry,
2 Broad st, and Jericho

Lee James (fi engineer, & agricul-
tural implement, and machine
maker), Speedwell street

Taylor William & John (and bell-
founders), Bliickfriars road


Marked thus * are also Braziers.

{See also IFhUesmiths.)
♦Brooks William, 19 Queen st
♦Browning Jonathan Samuel (and
manufacturer), 57 Corn Market st
Carr Henry, Walton place
♦Eagleston Hannah, 8 High st, St.
Clement's [lOBHit-hst

♦Floyd Henry (& manufacturer),
♦Gil & Waid, 5 High .st
Morris James, New road
♦Stevens Da\id, Grove st
Wyatt George, 71 St. Giles' st

[See also Surveyors — Land.)

Bathe Avice, 43 Hiah street, St ! Allen John, 8 Beaumont st

Clement's [St. Clement's j BadcocU lienjainin, 27 Broad st

Biggs William John. 10 High st, Hewett Geoige, 108 High st


King Frederick, 7 St. Aldate st
Neighbour John, Headington
Pike Robert (and valuer), 2

Aldate street

Harris Thomas, 55 St. Ebbe st
Price Julia, 14High st, St. Clement's
Smith John, 28 Queen st

Harris Thomas, 16 Uroad st
Holder Henry, 20 St. Aldaie st
Plowman Joseph, 1 St. Aldate st
Spiers Edwin Tiioma*, 96 High st


[See also IVoollvn Drapers.)
Castle William, 143 High st
Chilton & Beaumont, 9 High st
Elliston & Caveli, 12 Magdalen st
Evans Samuel Lavingdon & Co.,

12 High stieet
Hanley Daniel, 10 Castle st
Howland Harraan John, C4 Corn

Market street
North & Phillips, 1 M^'gdalen st
Sweetman Nicholas, 28 Corn Mar-
ket street
Tarry Ebenezer Joseph, 56 High st
Thorp & Hillier, 20 High st, and

44 Bioad street
Wiseman William, 1 High st
Plowman Joseph, 1 St. Ablate st
Tra-h Frederick, 3i Queen st


William Die keson, 1 1 Turl st i Beeslev Ricliard, 1 Bear st
♦Golden Cross, William Holland, 5 Clark John, 30 St. Aldate st

Corn Market stieet Davis Charles, 14 Holywell st

♦King's Arms, Frederick Stone, Davis Francis, 1 Blue Boar lane

Park st and Holywell st Figg William, 9 St. Aldate st

Lamb & Flag, William Bayzand, Manning VVilliam.21Corn Market st

St. Giles' st [8 I'url st May John, 14 Long Wall st

Maiden Head, Francis Greenwood, | Payne William, New Inn Hall st
♦Mitre, Arthur Venables,17 High st Perrin Thomas, Brewer st


Castle Nathaniel, 13 High st
Fiske Jonathan & Son, 23 Corn

Maiket street
Hodges George, 13 Queen st
Hookham & Minty, 3 Corn Mar-
ket street
Horn John, 30 St. Aldate st
Hyde Thomas & Co. (wholesale),

31 and 32 Queen st
Martin Thomas Weston, 9 Broad st
Oxford Clothing Establish-
ment (wholesale), 2 & 3 Queen
Pair John, 20 Stup st
Parsons & Fo>ter,123 & 124 High st
Randall Thomas, 22 High st
Ringrose William, 24 St. Aldate st
Scoti Pl.oebe (and furrier), 12 Corn
Market street [street

Standen Katharine Sirman, 28 High
Thorp John Ch^irles & Co., 20 High

street, and 44 Broad st
Williams Adin, 136 High st

Pike James (and dealers in patent

malt), Worcester st
Smith rtmhiose, 7 Walton place


Wheeler Edward, Brewer st
Wheeler William, 3 Market st


Marked thus * are Posting Houses.
[See also Taverns Sc Public Houses.)
♦Angel, Samuel Young Griffith, 84

High .street
Di(k>on's Coffee House, John




Secklmn Williaiii, 19 Magdalen st
Symonds Charles, ;^0 Holywell st
Syinuiuls Geoige, 7 St. John st
Tolli't Josepii, 3 Alfred st, High st
Wheeler William, New Itiii Hall st

GoundreyElizabetli, 10 Market st
HhU, Tawnev & Co,, St. Thomas st
Miller Win, Church st,& New road
Morrell James, St. Thomas st
Smith Ambrose, Walton i)lace
Ward William & Co., New road
Wickens James, 63 Corn Market st
Wooiten Richard (the Executors
ot), Headinglon

Steane, Davis & Steane (and mus-
tard and chicory manufacturers),
New road

BrockleJS John, Castle Mills
Hunt John, Butley Mills
Sheldon Jonathan Osney Mills
Sttane Joseph, Steam Mills
Allsop Caroline, 42 Holvwell st
Bacon H.-len, 17 Lone; Wall .st
Baldwid Elizabeth, Clarendon st
Ball Catherine. St. John's road
Barnes Ann, 35 Queen st
Blo.xham MarySc Frances & Emma,

7 St. AlJate st
Booth Elleu & Ann, 122 Hi^h st
Bravier Eli/bh.High st.St.Clenient's
Bunting M^iV, 7(i Holywell st
Campion Ann, New Inn Hall st
Coker Ann, 63 Holywt-ll st i

Collcu'tAnn,-26High st,St.Clenient'S
Cross &Thoma.s,Little Clarendon st i
Davis Eliza, Gloucester green I

Ddvi.s Frances, ObservHt'iry st i

Deacon Sarih, Observatory st
Dring Elizabeth, 1 Beaumont st I
Gibbs Elizabrtli. Little Clarendon st
Harris Ann, 55 St. Ebbest ,

H'cks Mary Ann, George st ,

Hopkins Maria, (Jeoree st 1

Kempson Mary, Friar's entry j

Kench Caroline, 67 St. Giles' st I
Knight Elizabeth, 21 Quten st
Lidilell Hann^l), 22 Friar st
Lord Eliza, 17 Market st 1

Loveijrove .Maiy Ann, St.John's road |
Moore Elizabeth, St. Giles' mad i
Mornaii Hannnh, (iloncester green
Morion Harriet, 30 St. Giles' st '
New Martha, Friar's t
Clare Jabez, Headinjjtoii queny
Cl.irke James, Paradise square
Cooke riiomaSjllj Grove st [merit's
GovingtouEdward,IIigli st, St. Cle-
Davenport James, 9 I'nrl st
Douch WjlliamMattliew,51Castle st
•Embliiig James, 23 Higli st
•Knibling John, 14 Hiuli st
•Evans Samuel, 113 Hii;l» st
Evans William, Little Gate st
•Feldon Cl)aile.s,34 High st
•Fiske Jonathan 6s. Sou, 23 Corn

Maiket .>treet
Foster Chailes, 2 Alfred sf, Highst
Griffin Barnaid, Beaumoni'sbuildgs
Hall Sophia, 55j Hit,'li st
HawksJonathari.40Ne\v Inn H-ill st
Hf wer Ric-hd. (iO St. Aldate st [st
•Hoc kham & iMintv, 3Corn Market
•Hodgkins William', 9 Oiiel st
Holt James, fi Pemliroke st
Hughes James, Iledlion S(|naie
Hunt Charle-, Headington
Hunt John, St. Aldate st
•Hyde Thomas & Co. (;ind whole-
.saie \vo(jlleii drapers and Man-
che'>ter warehousemen), 31 and
32 Queen street
•Joy 'I homas & Alfred, 4 Park st
Len'ihallJohn, 10 Oreil st
Liddell James, 4 Bine Boar lane
•Lockwood Henry. .M Broad st
•MirtinTljomas Weston, 9Broad st
Maxey William, 46 St. Ehbe st
Merritt Joseph, 2,3 Holywell st
Morley Bichard, Clarenlon st
Nicholls Uichard, George st
•Oxford Clothing Establish-
ment, 2 and 3 Queen street
Parr J..I111, 20 Ship st
•Parsons & Foster (and ouiiitter),

123 and 1;24 High'strect
Pharo Robert, Summer Town
Pigott Win. Fr.dk. Summer Town
Pouting Geo. Bath st.St. Clement's
Preston Uidiaid, Gloucester gieeii
•Price James, 12 Broad st
Price Brnjamin, Gloucester green
Sutton Ed wd. the Plain,St.Ch'iiient's
Taylor Charles, Fri.ir's Wharf
'I'avlor Unbelt, Little Gale st
Taylfir William, 12 Friars st
Tvrrell Samuel, 8 Ship st
Wiilk.r William, 6 Queen st
•Wallinsiton Wi liam, II Broad st
Watts Matthew Hy. Summer Town
Wharehaai William, Paradi>e square
Whitlnck Jno. William,2 Thauiei st
•Williauis Adiii, UG Hiy.h st



GrimMy & Hughes, 56 Corn Mar-
ket street
Higgonson William, Clarendon pi
Tubb Thos.Wm., 37 CoriiMarket st
Underbill Charles, 11 Beaumont st
Underbill Michael & Sou,/ Hiali st


.IbinRdon Arms, Eiliiiund Robinson, 7

Market st [Aldate st

Abingden House, Richard Carter, 37 St.
Anclior, Thos.Morley.aS-^ CornMarketst
Ancbor, Mayy Anne OiTuvood, New road
Ancient Briton, William Huckelt, Black-

friars road [George st

Ancient Ornid, OorRe Sliclding, 15
Balloon, Kmma Rawbone, 23 Queen s-t
Bear, .lames Dolley, A)fied st
Bell, James Prior, 18 Corn Market st
Bell and Crown, Joseph Alexander, 1?

Mai;dalen st
Bird in-Iland, IMary West, 4 Bear st
Black Boy, Ann Powell, Hendington
Black Drummer, Edward Mahby, Saint

Ebbe st [St. Clement's

Black Horse, Thomas Coppock, High &t,
Black Lion, ( harlrs Maltby, (iiote st
Black Swan, Edward Newman, George st
Blue Pig, William Gurden, Rcdiioiisq
Boar's Head, John Jeffcoat, Queen's lane
Boat House, Mary Sherratt. Grand Pont
Britannia, Amelia Carrulhers, Cluircb st
Britannia, Richard l.iiidars, Headington
Bull, Samuel Biggs, New &t
Cape of Good Hope, Thomas Rawbone,

Cowley road, St. Cleinenfs
Carpenters' Arms, Thomas Sr»itli, Botley
Chequers, William Bossom, St,Thomasst
Chequers, George Stroud, I3IJ High st
Cily .\rms, John Smith 1 Radclitfe square
Clarendon Arms, Win. Cowling,Waltoii pi
Coach and Horses, James Creed, -l-J Holy.

well »t [Ki"S st

Coach and Hearses. BJarlha Dutliam, 23
Coach find Horses, Rebecca Guise, 33

Quten st
Coach and Horses, William Hunt, fi4

Online LibraryI. (Isaac) SlaterSlater's royal national and commercial directory and topography of the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, and Suffolk : comprising classi → online text (page 98 of 131)