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June 10. Baseball: Chicago University sophomores, 50; Northwestern
sophomores, 37. 23 Blanchard prize orations. 25 Baccalaureate ser-
mon by President Haven. 27 Anniversary of the Alumni Association. Ora-
tion by L. H. Pearce, '66. 28 Thirteenth Commencement, in University
grove ; fifteen graduates.

July 4. Laying of corner stone of Evanston College for Ladies. Oration


by Hon. J. R. Doolittle of Wisconsin. Addresses by President E. O. Haven,
and Rev. J. M. Reid, editor of Northwestern Christian Advocate. Hymn writ-
ten by Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller.

During summer old College was removed from Davis street to campus,
much enlarged and improved, to become home of -preparatory department.

Oct. Volunteer life saving crew organized by class of 1872, consisting of
L. C. Collins, George Lunt, E. J. Harrison, Eltinge Elmore, George Bragdon,
F. Roys and M. D. Kimball. Commodore Murray of U. S. Navy presents
University life-boat for use of crew.

Nov. 9. Great Chicago fire consumes "plant" of Tripod, but usual issue
appears Nov. 20. Sufferers by Chicago firejDrovided with board and room at
low rates at College for Ladies. Chapel exercises on Saturday morning ; ora-
tions by seniors and juniors. Library numbers 30,000 volumes. Students
plead for sidewalk between University Hall and Heck Hall. University pub-
lishing company organized in Chicago with President Haven as president, and
Lakeside Monthly Magazine purchased. During the season University base-
ball team wins eleven out of thirteen games. No catalogue issued for 1871-72.


Jan. Ladies admitted to Adelphic society. 19 Discussion for Hinman
prize. 6 Professor Marcy publishes article on "New Culture in College" in
the College Courant.

Feb. 22. Presentations of essays for Lunt prize. President Haven begins
series of articles on "Amusements" in Tripod. Saturday chapel discontinued.

March 8. Freshman declamations for Kedzie prize.

April 24. Presentation of essays for Hurd prize.

May. Junior exhibition. Speakers: L. Butterfield, F. W. Cleveland, H. A.
Cooper, J. M. Dandy, C. Gaines, F. Husted, D. A. Lindsey, W. J. Minium, E.
L. Parkes. 24 Death of Professor Noyes. He had been Professor of Mathe-
matics since 1854 and Acting President of the University from 1860 to 1869.

June 6. Class day. Speakers: J. G. Burke, F. Roys, C. H. Castle, R. B.
Edwards, L. P. Davis, F. D. Raymond, L. C. Collins, C. R. Paul. Life-boat
transferred to the class of 1873. In evening annual prize contest of junior and
sophomore classes. 26 Fourteenth Commencement, twenty-two graduates.

July 8. Upsilon chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity established.

Sept. President Haven resigns. Bids farewell to students in chapel.

Oct. Professor H. S. Carhart takes chair of Civil Engineering. College
Cottage a "new and winning feature as a branch of the Ladies' College. Twelve
to fourteen young ladies can be accommodated at rates surprisingly cheap."
23 Trustees elect Rev. Charles H. Fowler, D. D., president of the University.


Jan. 30. Day of prayer for colleges is observed; sermon by President Fow-

March 6. Freshman declamation contest. 25 Junior exhibition. Speak-
ers: W. L. Martin, M. C. Wire, M. O. Lewis, R. G. Hobbs, W. C. Estes, M. C.
Kauffman, W. B. Robinson, E. McClish.



May 5. Seniors present essays for Kurd prize. New catalogue shows
attendance of 145 students, of whom 22 are women. Bishop Foster, former
President of University, addresses students at chapel.

June 10. Class day. Speakers: Chauncey Gaines, Henry Green, F. M.
usted, H. A. Cooper, E. C. Arnold, A. H. Needham. Life-boat transferred
to new crew. 22 Baccalaureate sermon by President of the University.
Annual discourse before the Ladies' College by Rev. J. O. Peck. 23 Blan-
chard prize contest. 24 Evanston Ladies' College transferred to the Uni-
versity; name to be changed to Woman's College of Northwestern University;
Miss Frances E. Willard elected Dean of Woman's College and Professor of
Aesthetics. 25 Meeting of Alumni Association. 26 Inauguration of Presi-
dent Charles H. Fowler in University grove. Music by Great Western Light
Guard Band. Prayer by Dr. Hitchcock. Address on behalf of trustees by
Robert F. Queal. Address by Bishop Andrews. Fifteenth Commencement,
sixteen graduates ; all present orations.

July 3. Rho chapter of Beta Theta Pi fraternity established.

Oct. The name of Edmund J. James appears in the freshman class. A
College of Technology instituted with Prof essor Marcy as Dean and W. A. Met-
calf as Professor of Civil Engineering. Professor H. F. Fisk takes charge of pre-
paratory department. Professor J. G. Allyn becomes Professor of Chemistry.
10 Joint program of Tri-Kappa literary society of Chicago University
and the Hinman society.

Dec. Gas introduced into University hall for purpose of illumination.


Jan. 22. School of Technology assembles for first time. The Metcalf
prize, a silver cup, offered by Professor Kellogg, awarded to J. M. Harris.
Alumni requested to send names and present addresses to librarian in order
that a record may be kept. 29 Day of prayer for colleges observed by spe-
cial chapel services.

Feb. 7. M. S. Kaufman and W. L. Martin sent as delegates to State Col-
lege Literary Convention at Bloomington. Organization is formed to be
known as the Illinois Collegiate Association, to consist of Illinois Wesleyan
University, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Knox College,
Monmouth College, Illinois Industrial University, Illinois College, Shurtleff
College, and such others as may be admitted. Object: To hold prize con-
tests in oratory. W. L. Martin, '74, chosen vice-president. 9 Hinman
prize essay contest.

March 26. Junior exhibition. Speakers : F. M. Warrington, A. D. Gilles-
pie, J. H. Hamline, C. A. Gaskill, J. F. Stout, C. F. Goodenow, F. A. Hills, C.
H. Burke, Amy Kellogg, and J. J. Crist. Professor Carhart places electric
bells in recitation rooms of University Hall.

April. Catalogue issued. "The University will receive the students of
all first-class high schools upon the examination certificates of the principals,
and give credit for the work they have done." 212 students registered in Col-
lege of Literature and Sciences. Trustees decide to grant to village of Evans-
ton ground north of University valued at $3,000 for village waterworks. Base-
ball association formed. M. O. Lewis elected president.

can assocj


May 1. First of series of games between Chicago University and North-
western University nines, in Evanston. Score: Chicago, 17; Northwestern,
15. Joint program of literary societies of Chicago and Northwestern Uni-
versities. 7 Juniors elect J. F. Stout orator for state intercollegiate contest
to be held at Bloomington. 9 Baseball: Northwestern, 19; Chicago, 14. 30
University nine plays Racine first of a series of three games for a silver ball and
championship of the northwest. Score: Northwestern, 4; Racine, 3. 19
Junior-sophomore declamation contest for Mann prizes. 23 Third and decid-
ing ball game of series between Chicago and Northwestern. Score: North-
western, 22; Chicago, 11.

June. Office of the University connected with Woman's College by tele-
graph. 6 Baseball: Racine, 19; Northwestern, 7. 13 Racine, 10; North-
western, 9. Umpire, J. H. Hamline, '75. 18 Meeting of Alumni Association ;
every class represented. 22 Blanchard prize orations. 23 Class day.
Class presented by Dr. Marcy. Response by Professor Wheeler. Oration,
Scott; class history, Martin; poem, Boutell; prophecy, Hawks; transfer of life-
boat to class of 1875. James Frake, '66, chosen member of board of trustees;
first alumnus so honored. 24 Alumni entertainment; oration by Ellis,
'67; poem by Thomas Strobridge, '67. 25 Sixteenth Commencement.
Procession to the church under marshalship of Pearsons, '62. Thirty gradu-
ates, among them Miss Sarah R. Roland, the first woman graduate.

Oct. Frances E. Willard resigns. Miss Ellen Soule is elected professor
of French and Dean of Woman's College. Faculty excludes women from
literary societies. Ossoli literary society organized for women. First report
of College of Technology and fourth report of the museum appears. Lyman

E. Cooley appears as professor of Civil Engineering. Sophomores and fresh-
men have series of "rushes." University telegraph association connects wire
with Western Union line. Time signals from Chicago at eight o'clock direct to

Nov. Students plead for librarian who shall give full time to the library.
20 First annual contest of the Illinois Collegiate Association at Bloomington.
J. F. Stout, '75, North western's representative, wins second prize.


Jan. Chapel orations discontinued. Government decides to establish a
weather station in Evanston. General Logan influential in securing order
from the War Department. Prof. Wyren is elected by Scandinavian Meth-
odists to teach Swedish in the University. 9 Junior-sophomore declamation
contest. 29 Day of prayer for colleges.

Feb. 12. Lincoln anniversary by Adelphic society; speakers: J. E. Bell, J.

F. Stout, W. S. Matthew, F. M. Taylor. 22 Washington celebration by
Hinman society; speakers: T. VanScoy, F. M. Warrington, J. Krantz, Jr.,
J. S. Norris.

March 12. Hinman prize essay contest. Senior secret society organized,
called "Spade and Serpent." 24 Junior exhibition. Speakers: A. S. Apple-
ton, F. M. Taylor, S. C. McPherrin, A. W. McPherson, Jessie R. Brown, F. H.
Scott, W. S. Matthew, W. S. Arnold. Mock programs appear, introduced by
the sophomore class.


June 19. Blanchard prize orations. 21 Class day at Jenning's Hall.
Dr. Marcy introduces class and President Fowler responds. Life-boat trans-
ferred to class of 1876, and a class album is presented to library. In the even-
ing torchlight procession from Lakeside Hall to University, led by band. Ivy
planted at University Hall. 23 Anniversary exercises of the College of
Technology; four graduates read theses. Exercises of Alumni Association;
oration by W. D. Best, '70; other speakers: Clifford, '59, Wicks, '71. Annual
banquet of the Association held at Woman's College; about two hundred pres-
ent. 24 Seventeenth Commencement. Speakers : Lambert, Unland, White,
Kellogg, Gaskell, Lewis, Stout, Robinson, VanScoy, Metcalf. Twenty-nine
graduates; average age, 24 yrs., 2 mos. No baseball association was formed
this year. Team lost one game this season and won six. No catalogue issued*
for year 1874-75.

Oct. Observatory and signal station instituted in the cupola of Old Col-
lege, under direction of Sergeant Holbrook of U. S. War Department. Jones
and Porter, of '76, are assistants. Daily observations of weather taken;
students receive free instruction in meteorology. Life-boat goes out of
service. 16 Baseball: Northwestern, 19; Chicago, 13. Umpire, George
Lunt, of '72. 23 Return game at Evanston. Score: Northwestern, 9;
Chicago, 6. Northwestern wins the silver ball and championship of the
northwest. 28 Intercollegiate oratorical contest at Jacksonville. 28 Sec-
ond contest of Illinois Collegiate Association at Jacksonville. W. S. Matthew,
representative orator.

Dec. 9. Athenaeum holds first meeting at Woman's College; object: cul-
ture in literature and art ; sixty members.


Jan. 4. Second annual oratorical contest of Intercollegiate Association
at New York. F. M. Bristol sent as delegate. Eleven colleges represented.
William Cullen Bryant, Whitelaw Reid, and George William Curtis, judges.
F. A. Hills, '75, divides prize for essay on "Advantages and Disadvantages of
Universal Suffrage." 13 Junior-sophomore declamation contest for Mann
prizes. 18 Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes. 27 Day of prayer
for colleges. 28 Students organize College Association of Northwestern
University to transact business with the Intercollegiate Association. Eight
men chosen for preliminary contest in oratory, and as competitors in mental
science, Latin, and essay writing. Hinman prize essay contest..

Feb. Baseball association reorganized. University library open for the
drawing of books. Tripod association includes Ossoli members. 1 Opening
of the gymnasium. Dedicatory speech by Rev. W. H. Daniels. Athletic
feats by Chicago athletes. Gymnasium almost entirely work of students,
notably of F. M. Taylor, '76.

March 23. Junior exhibition. Speakers: H. R. Antes, E. J. Bickell, Miss
Hunt, F. E. Knappen, C. L. Logan, C. H. Morgan, Miss Pomeroy, Robt. Sea-
man, D. M. Tompkins. Donation of $175 by the Sigma Chi fraternity for
bowling alley in the gymnasium. The names of J. G. Allyn and Emily F.
Wheeler appear in the faculty list.

April 22. Delegates from Racine College and Northwestern University


meet at Waukegan and organize College baseball association of the North-

May 19. Game of baseball with Chicago University. Score: Northwest-
ern, 20 ; Chicago, 10. President Fowler accepts editorship of New York Chris-
tian Advocate.

June 19. Class day at Jennings Hall. Professor Kistler presents class and
Dr. Fowler responds. Class history, Miss Patterson; poem, Taylor; oration,
Krantz; prophecy, Whipple; giving of presents; class song. Evening exer-
cises consisting of burning of books and band concert. 20 Easter prize con-
test takes the place of Blanchard contest. 21 Second Commencement of the
College of Technology. Alumni reunion; toafcts and midnight banquet; Clif-
ford and Kidder, of '59, are present. 22 President Fowler resigns ; Professor
Oliver Marcy elected Acting President of University. Eighteenth Commence-
ment in Methodist church. Speakers: Cochran, Currer, Ellinwood, Hilton,
McPherrin, McPherson, Matthew, Miss Parks, Scott.

Sept. 22. Meeting of College Association; Bristol, Burr and Ladd
chosen delegates to state oratorical contest, and F. H. Scott as delegate to
contest in New York.

Oct. Chapel orations again required of seniors. 5 Third contest of
Illinois Collegiate Association in Evanston. Frank M. Bristol, Northwestern' s

Dec. 8. Joint program of Tri-Kappas of Chicago University and Adelphic
society, in Chicago. Life-saving station is being built on lake shore at south-
east corner of campus. 15 Annual joint meeting of three literary societies.


Jan. 4. Third annual contest of Intercollegiate Literary Association in
New York; F. H. Scott, North western's orator; F. M. Taylor, '76, wins first
prize for essay and second prize in mental science. 5 Junior-sophomore
declamation contest for Mann prizes. 15 Junior-sophomore debate for Gage
prizes. 25 Day of prayer for colleges.

Feb. 23. Joint program of Tri-Kappa literary society of Chicago Uni-
versity and Adelphic society.

March 3. Professor Gray, inventor, explains the musical telephone in
entertainment for benefit of gymnasium. Music played in Chicago trans-
mitted to Evanston over single wire. 19 Junior exhibition. Speakers: G.
E. Ackerman, E. W. Andrews, W. M. Booth,W. H. Harris, E. M. Kinman, J.
T. Ladd, Miss Parks, C. Quereau, J. M. Wheaton. Mock programs circulated
by sophomores.

April. E. J. Bickell, '77, appointed captain of life-saving station force.
More than sixty applicants for positions on crew. Members to receive $40
per month and $3 extra for every wreck trip. Baseball tournament among
classes. 13 Annual meeting of collegiate baseball association. Racine Col-
lege, Lake Forest, Chicago, and Northwestern Universities are represented.
Junior class buy silk hats. Hunting expeditions common among students.

May 4. Hinman prize essay contest. Freshmen wear mortar-boards.
5 Baseball: Northwestern, 20; Lake Forest, 8. 9 Freshmen cremate
"Trig;" "grand weep" at College; solemn march around town with drums,


fifes and torches; poem by John Bennett to memory of "Trig;" eulogy by
Joseph Coombs; cremation under the oaks; dirge by class.

June. Following men nominated by faculty and accepted by government
as members of life-saving crew of station No. 8 : Warrington, '79, Hobart, '79,
King, '79, Piper, '80, Shannon, '81, M. J. Hall of Preparatory. 8 Baseball:
Northwestern, 22; Chicago, 16. Racine wins from Northwestern, 15 to 8.
First published list of alumni giving addresses and occupations appears in
University catalogue. Total registration in College, 194. 18 Class day at
Jennings Hall. Professor Carhart presents class ; Dr. Marcy responds. Students
assemble in chapel to hear results of term's work from faculty. 19 Easter
prize contest. 20 Literary exercises and promenade concert of Alumni Asso-
ciation. 21 Meeting of alumni; measures to incorporate the Association;
endowment fund created. Nineteenth Commencement. Thirty-one gradu-
ates. Speakers: Carr, Cook, Miss Davis, Evans,' Miss Hunt, Knappen, Logan,
McCool, Rice, Tompkins. Address by Bishop Foster. Class album pre-
sented to President Marcy for library.

Sept. Miss Jane M. Bancroft appears as Dean of Woman's College.
Sophomore-freshman cane-rush.

Oct. 18. Fourth state intercollegiate contest. G. E. Ackerman, '78,
wins second prize. 31 Hallowe'en; students burn bridge across "Rubicon"
near Dempster Hall.

Dec. Compulsory church attendance changed from evening to morning


Jan. 4. Junior-sophomore declamation contest. Chapel orations by
seniors. 10 Intercollegiate literary contest at New York. Miss Hunt, '77,
receives first prize for essay. Kurd prize withdrawn. 15 Vidette appears,
published semi-monthly by students in competition with Tripod, organ of
literary societies. E. W. Andrews, Conrad Haney, and I. E. Adams, editors
and publishers. 25 Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes. Much inter-
est manifested in legal proceedings undertaken to compel University to pay
taxes on its lands. 31 Day of prayer observed.

Feb. Junior exhibition discontinued because of degeneration of mock

March. College orchestra organized. Suits of white and brown ordered
for baseball team. Standings of students announced by faculty at last chapel
of term.

April 3. A series of articles on University Museum, by Dr. Marcy, ap-
pears in the Vidette. The campus ball grounds [where the library now stands]
resodded and rolled. 26 Joint session of the three literary societies.

May. Mrs. William Deering offers five $10 prizes to successful contestants
for positions on contest for Kirk prize, given by Mrs. James S. Kirk to replace
Easter prize. 10 Hinman essay contest. 31 Adelphic prize contest.

June. Catalogue shows total registration in College 191. Phi Kappa Psi
chapter organized. 16 Baccalaureate sermon by Rev. R. M. Hatfield. 17
Reports of students for spring term read in chapel by faculty. Class day exer-
cises replaced by social gathering at President Marcy's house. Class pre-


sented by President Marcy to William A. Spencer, '61, president of the Alumni
Association, who declares them admitted to that body. Roll of alumni called.
18 Kirk prize contest. 19 Meeting of Alumni Association and evening ban-
quet at Avenue House. 20 Twentieth Commencement. Speakers : Ladd,
Booth, Quereau, Kinman, Demorest, Harris, Bassett, Johnson, Kagey, Kry-
der, Wheaton, Miss Parks. Annual levee, President's house. Professor
Kistler resigns chair of Greek.

Sept. Candidates for admission required to pass examinations; certifi-
cates no longer accepted. Chapel orations not required of seniors this year.
Committee consisting of two faculty members and two students from each
class elected to have oversight of religious life*of College. University museum
represented at Chicago Exhibition by the oological collection presented by W.
H. Ballou. Robert Baird, '69, becomes Instructor in Greek and German.
Catharine Beal, appears as Instructor in Drawing and Painting.

Oct. College withdraws from Illinois Intercollegiate Association.


Jan. 2. Dempster Hall, built 1854, oldest of campus buildings, destroyed
by fire; first home of the theological school; after 1868 used as a dormitory.
10 Intercollegiate literary contest at New York. W. H. Harris, '78, repre-
sentative orator, and W. H. Wait, '79, contestant in Latin. 24 The Tripod
becomes a fortnightly publication. 30 Day of prayer observed.

Feb. Joint meeting of the three literary societies. Music by College or-

March. "Songs of Northwestern University" appears, 128 pp. ; compiled
by J. A. Fisher, ex-'80. Seniors wear silk hats.

April 7. U. S. Supreme Court decision renders University property per-
petually free from taxation.

May 4. A secretary is appointed at College prayer meeting to open corre-
spondence with view of connecting the students' Christian work in College
with the Y. M. C. A. 9 Hinman essay contest for Kedzie prize. 10 Base-
ball: Northwestern, 12; Racine, 10. 17 Northwestern, 30; Chicago, 13.
31 Northwestern, 14; Chicago, 11.

June. Second annual oratorical contest of Adelphic society. 7 L. D.
Wishard writes, suggesting temporary Y. M. C. A. organization in College.
13 Baseball: Northwestern, 41; Lake Forest, 1. Adelphic society listens
to a lecture by Professor Edmund J. James of the Evanston High School, on
"Student Life in Germany." Championship series ends in tie between North-
western and Racine. 22 Baccalaureate sermon by Bishop E. G. Andrews.
23 Class day exercises. Presentation of class by Professor H. S. Carhart;
response by President Oliver Marcy. Class presents tower clock to the Uni-
versity. Junior class purchases a bell to be given to the University next com-
mencement. The bell is placed in the clock tower of University Hall. Field
day exercises on campus. Senior class gives concert in Baptist church. 24
Kirk prize contest. 25 Meeting of Alumni Association; committee appoint-
ed to meet committee from College Association to choose University colors.
Constitution and by-laws of Alumni Association published. 26 Twenty-
first Commencement. Speakers: Hobart, Horswell, Tyler, Wait, Miss Brad-



ley, Donelson, Miss Casey, Jackson, Miss Bayne, Hood, Miss Webb, Adams.
Twenty-seven graduates; average age, twenty-two years, eleven months.
President's levee in the evening.

Aug. 19. Professor Henry Cohn opens a summer school of languages at
the College.

Oct. Committee of oversight for Woman's College issues a rule requiring
women registered with the Dean to board and room at the College building.
Joint committee of alumni and students decides upon purple and gold as Uni-
versity colors. Football association formed. Rugby rules to be learned.

Nov. 21. Field day exercises on campus.


Jan. College designated as College of Liberal Arts. 16 Junior-sopho-
more declamation contest for Mann prizes. 19 Junior-sophomore debate
for Gage prizes. 24 Meeting for organization of Students' Christian Associ-
ation. College orchestra disbands. Day of prayer observed.

Feb. 5. A Students' Christian Association, a branch of Y. M. C. A., is
formed. First board of officers: H. N. Herrick, pres.; Charles Horswell,
vice-pres. ; A. R. Solenberger, sec'y; C. B. Spencer, cor. sec'y; George Merritt,
treas. Meeting of football association; committee appointed to select two
elevens and purchase a Poigby ball. Rugby rules published in Vidette; teams
begin practice.

March. Dean N. S. Davis of Medical School entertains senior classes of
Arts, Law and Medicine at his home.

April 23. Ossoli society contest for Farwell prize.

May 10. First league ball game with Racine: Northwestern, 23; Racine,
12. 22 Second game: Northwestern, 12; Racine, 5. Celebration in front of
Woman's College. 14 Hinman prize essay contest. Circulars issued an-
nouncing summer school of University, July 6th to August 13th, in connection
with Professor Cohn's school. 28 Adelphic contest for Dunoon prize. Se-
niors buy class canes.

June. College withdraws from baseball league. Catalogue issued. Total
registration in College, 183. 20 Baccalaureate sermon by Bishop Bow-
man. University sermon by Rev. R. D. Sheppard of Chicago. 21 Class
day. Class presented by Professor Cumnock; President Marcy responds.
College bell is presented to the University by the class. Field day exercises
on campus. 22 Kirk contest. 24 Twenty-second Commencement in
Methodist church. Speakers : Miss Webster, Foulks, Miss Mesick, Hamil-
ton, Miss Etta Smith, Jessup, Kemble, Miss Bradwell, Davis, Miss Nind.

July 6. Opening of summer school. Professors Carhart, Fisk and Cum-
nock of the College give courses.

Sept. Seniors required to write two orations this term to be handed to
Professor Cumnock.

Dec. 17. Lecture by Theodore Tilton inaugurates a course under auspices

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