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of senior class.



Jan. 27. Day of prayer observed. 28 First issue of The Northwestern,
formed by union of Tripod and Vidette, published fortnightly under auspices
of literary societies. P. H. Swift, '81, editor-in-chief; C. E. Piper, '82, pub-
lisher and business manager.

Feb. 4. Junior-sophomore declamation contest. 11 Joint session of
three literary societies. Seniors wear silk hats. 14 Adelphic oratorical con-
test for Dunoon prize.

March. Committee appointed from senior class to investigate matter of
a college annual. 26 Reception to seniors of Arts, Law, and Medicine at
Dr. Marcy's house.

April. Chapel exercises hereafter at noon. Football and baseball sea-
son opens.

May 6. Ossoli essay contest for Farwell prize. 20 Hinman essay con-
test for Kedzie prize. 25 At invitation of Orrington Lunt, a number of trus-
tees and faculty meet and dine with Governor John Evans, president of trustees,
at Grand Pacific Hotel. Two questions considered : election of a President
of the University and payment of University debt of $200,000. Governor
Evans offers to give $25,000 on the first $100,000 subscribed and the same
amount on the second $100,000 subscribed, offer to remain open one year.
Baseball tournament among classes. Class of '83 wins and is given a banquet.

June 17. Kirk prize contest. 18 Senior lecture course completed. 19
Baccalaureate sermon by Bishop Foss. University sermon by Dr. Briggs of
San Francisco. 20 Senior banquet. 21 Classday exercises in Methodist
church. Class presented by Webster, impersonating member of faculty;
response by Briggs. Rev. Joseph Cummings, D. D., LL. D., unanimously
elected President of University. Professors Baird and Pearson elected to
chairs of Greek and English Literature respectively. Field day exercises
on campus; twenty-three events. 22 Alumni day. Public entertainment;
poem, J. A. J. Whipple, '76; oration, J. H. Raymond, '71; banquet.
23 Twenty-third Commencement. Speakers: Butcher, Cross, Foster,
Huston, Matlack, Miss McArthur, Miss Meserve, Nichol, Rice, Schneider,
Swift, Thatcher.

Sept. Prof. John H. Long elected Professor of General Chemistry.

Oct. 4. Reception to Dr. Cummings; address of welcome by F. W. Mer-
rell, '82.

Nov. 18. Opening of lecture course under auspices of senior class.

Dec. 23. Delegates from Michigan University, Racine College, Wisconsin
University and Northwestern University meet in Chicago and organize a col-
lege baseball association. Custom of reading in public standings of students
at close of each term discontinued.


Jan. University Hall receives slate roof and is provided with city water.
12 Northwestern now published by "the students of Northwestern Uni-
versity." Day of prayer for colleges.

Feb. 13. Meeting of University baseball association; new constitution
and by-laws adopted.


March 3. Joint session of three literary societies. 13 Adelphic contest
for Dunoon prizes. Sigma chapter of Delta Gamma appears.

April 6. Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes. 7 Junior-sopho-
more declamation contest for Mann prizes. 18 Upsilon chapter of Kappa
Kappa Gamma appears.

May. Catalogue is published; total registration in College, 161. 13
Baseball: Northwestern, 21; Wisconsin, 16. 19 Wisconsin, 13; North-
western, 7. 22 Racine, 10; Northwestern, 9. 26 Ossoli contest. 31
Baseball: Michigan, 19; Northwestern, 3.

June 1. Baseball: Northwestern, 11; Racine, 10. 2 Hinman essay
contest. 16 Kirk contest. 18 Baccalaureate sermon by President Cum-
mings. University sermon by Rev. Russell B. Pope. 19 Class day exercises
in Methodist church. Dr. Marcy presents class; President Cummings re-
sponds. Pipe of peace is used by class. 20 Financial report shows effort
to raise $100,000 to make good Governor Evans' offer was successful. Field
day. 21 Alumni Association meets. Literary exercises on campus: poem,
H. S. Boutell, '74; oration, F. M. Bristol, '77. Banquet and reception to
President Cummings. 22 Twenty-fourth Commencement. Speakers : Miss
Prindle, Dyche, Miss Cowles, Merrell, Miss Hatfield, Middlekauff, Otjen, Miss
Lydia Jones, Lee, McPherrin, Miss Somers, Conwell. Dr. Cummings addresses
trustees and class in Latin. Reception by Dr. and Mrs. Cummings.

Oct. Gymnasium, now veneered with brick and fitted with new appa-
ratus, opened after long disuse; C. A. Duplessis, director. 13 Opening of
lecture course under auspices of senior class.

Dec. 19. Junior-sophomore declamation contest for Mann prize.


Jan. Day of prayer for colleges.

Feb. Electric hour bells placed in recitation rooms. Rules of govern-
ment issued ; new system of general and special honors for scholarship estab-
lished. 14 Committee from senior class appointed to report on College an-
nual. 16 Joint session of three literary societies. 20 Inaugural exhibition
at gymnasium. Athletic feats by professionals, underclassmen, and prepara-
tory students.

March. Seniors appear in black "plug" hats; juniors in white "plug" hats.

April. Sophomore class appear in "mortar-boards." 10 Junior-sopho-
more debate for Gage prizes. 12 Adelphic contest for Dunoon prizes. 20
Hinman contest for Kedzie prize. 21 Life-saving boys bring to shore crew
of schooner aground off Winnetka. Interclass baseball tournament. 24
Exhibition at gymnasium.

May 7. Baseball: Northwestern, 17; Racine, 5. Class of '84 appoints a
committee to report on College annual. 16 Baseball: Northwestern, 13;
Racine, 9. 25 Osooli contest for Farwell prize. 26 Baseball: North-
western, 11 ; Beloit, 7. 28 Northwestern, 13; Wisconsin, 6.

June. Catalogue issued. Registration in College, 149. 2 Baseball:
Northwestern, 10; Wisconsin, 4. 9 Northwestern, 14; Beloit, 10. Cham-
pionship won without the loss of a game. 15 Kirk contest. 17 Bacca-
laureate sermon by President Cummings. Sermon before Students' Christian


Association by Rev. F. M. Bristol, '77. 18 Class day exercises. 19 Field day.
20 Alumni Association is incorporated under the laws of Illinois. 21
Twenty-fifth Commencement. President's reception.

Sept. Dr. Marcy publishes report on museum, containing list of donations
and donors since 1874.

Oct. Prof. Philip Greiner assumes directorship of gymnasium.

Nov. 2. Senior class appoints committee to mature plans for College an-
nual; C. S. Raddin elected editor-in-chief, W. H. Crawford, business manager.

Dec. 1. Through efforts of Miss Bancroft, Dean of Women, Western Asso-
ciation of Collegiate Alumnae is formed in Chicago. 7 Senior lecture course
opens. 18 Junior-sophomore declamation contest for Mann prizes.


Jan. 26. First meeting of Western Association of Collegiate Alumnae.
31 Day of prayer for colleges observed.

March 24. Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes.

April 8. Adelphic contest for Dunoon prizes. All classes appear in dis-
tinctive hats. Seniors, black silk tiles; juniors, white; sophomores, brown;
freshmen, pearl.

May 3. Baseball: Northwestern, 19; Racine, 13. Pandora, first col-
lege annual, appears, published by senior class. 17 Baseball: North-
western, 24; Beloit, 8. 19 Northwestern, 6; Wisconsin, 14. 30 Ossoli

June. Catalogue issued. Total registration in College, 155. 13 Kirk
contest. 15 Baccalaureate sermon by President Cummings. Sermon be-
fore Students' Christian Association by Rev. Thomas E. Green of Chicago.
16 Class day. 17 Field day. 18 Exercises of Alumni Association; his-
tory by Elizabeth Hunt, '77; oration by Hon. George L. Yaple, '71 ; banquet.
19 Twenty-sixth Commencement. Speakers : Crawford, Miss Hill, Currier,
Miss Adams, Raddin, Miss Simpson, Patterson, Miss Maltbie, Atchison, Miss
Crandon, Bell, Miss Redfield. President's reception.

Sept. Scholarship offered to best prepared freshman from a Cook County
high school. Prof. Long takes chair of Chemistry. New sidewalks on the
campus; driveways graded and graveled. Alumni place portrait of Prof.
Henry S. Noyes in the chapel.

Oct. Annual report of museum appears. 6 Meeting of students to
organize a Blaine and Logan club. 14 Meeting of students to organize a St.
John and Daniel club in support of Prohibition party. 18 Meeting of Blaine
and Logan club in Jennings Hall. Speakers: H. S. Boutell, '74; C. E. Piper,
'72; A. J. Scott, '74. Representatives from fraternities and sororities prepare
constitution organizing "Pandora Association." The annual to be in hands
of a literary and a business committee, whose chairmen shall be editor-in-chief
and business manager respectively; profits to form a fund; losses to fall on the
chapters. 27 Young Woman's Missionary Society organized. Chapel choir

Dec. 23. Junior-sophomore declamation contest for Norton prizes.




Jan. 19. Mark Twain and George Cable give an entertainment under the
auspices of the senior class. 29 Day of prayer for colleges.

Feb. 13. Adelphic contest for Dunoon prizes. 26 Gymnasium exhibi-

April. Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes. Syllabus, a new Col-
lege annual, appears, published by fraternities and sororities ; contains list
of alumni of College of Liberal Arts and Northwestern Female College with
residences and occupations.

May 2. Baseball: Northwestern, 9; Racine, 10. Sophomores appear in
Oxford caps ; freshmen in like with red tassels. 9 Baseball : Northwestern,
13; Racine, 19. 29 Ossoli contest for Farwell prize. 30 Baseball: North-
western, 11; Beloit, 10.

June 4. Freshmen plan to cremate "Trig" on the campus; class president
and the orator captured by sophomores. 12 Kirk contest. 14 Bacca-
laureate sermon by President Cummings. Sermon before Students' Christian
Association by Rev. Bishop Fowler. 15 Class day exercises in Methodist
church. Huxford presents class in a Latin speech ; Slichter responds in Latin ;
oration, Fullerton; history, Miss Sawyer; poem, Light; prophecy, Miss Sharp.
16 Resignation of Dean Jane M. Bancroft. Field day exercises. 17
Meeting of Alumni Association; oration by F. E. Knappen, '77; essay, Helen
L. Miller, '80. Banquet. 18 Twenty-seventh Commencement. Twenty-
two graduates. Catalogue for 1884-1885 issued. Total registration in College,

Aug. Life-saving crew rescue ten persons from schooner Jamaica, strand-
ed off Glencoe.

Sept. Prof. A. V. E. Young takes chair of Chemistry. Instruction in the
use of the microscope is given by M. D. Ewell.

Oct. Freshmen and sophomores appear in mortar-boards. Football is
played on the campus.

Dec. 18. Norton declamation contest. Miss Bancroft, Dean of Women
and Professor of French, retires.


Jan. Miss Rena A. Michaels, becomes Dean of Women and Professor of
French. 18 College team defeats Chicago Y. M. C. A. in tug-of-war. 19
Adelphic contest for Dunoon prizes. 22 University day inaugurated. Presi-
dent, faculty, and students meet departments of Law and Medicine at station,
and all proceed to the church. Address of welcome by President Cummings ;
responses by representatives from the various departments. Banquet at Ave-
nue House and reception by ladies of Woman's College. 28 Day of prayer
for colleges.

March 11. Gymnasium exhibition. 12 Joint session of three literary

April 9. Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes. Seniors adopt black
"plug" hats, juniors white. 30 Report of museum by Dr. Marcy is issued.

May 7. Hinman essay contest for Kedzie prizes. 8 Baseball : Racine,
4; Northwestern, 0. Syllabus, issued by fraternities and sororities. Cata-


logue issued. Fifteen hours a week required from all classes. 17 Baseball :
Wisconsin, 9; Northwestern, 3. 18 Northwestern defeats Beloit. 22
Northwestern, 7; Wisconsin, 4. 28 Ossoli essay contest for Farwell prize.

June 6. Baseball: Northwestern, 11 ; Beloit. 10. Through efforts of Dr.
Bonbright the library becomes one of the repositories for government publi-
cations. 12 Baseball : Racine, 9 ; Northwestern, 10. Cremation of "Trig ;"
oration, Weeden; poem, Herben. 18 Kirk contest. 20 Baccalaureate
sermon by President Cummings. Sermon before Students' Christian Associ-
ation by Rev. John Alabaster. 21 Class day in Methodist church. Class
presented by Schell; response by class president; oration, Place; history,
Miss Peterson; prophecy, Miss Van Benscffoten. 22 Field day. 23 Lay-
ing of corner-stone of Science Hall. Address by Bishop Merrill. Dedicatory
hymn written by Professor C. W. Pearson. Alumni Association exercises:
song by Mrs. Tilden of Detroit and readings by Professor Cumnock. 24
Twenty-eighth Commencement. Thirteen graduates. Speakers : Schell, Miss
Peterson, Fleming, Miss King, Hill, Kindig, Miss Bumann, Miss Peart, Ed-
mondson, Miss Van Benschoten. President's reception.

Sept. F. J. Parsons becomes Professor of Physics in place of Professor
Carhart, who resigns to accept professorship at University of Michigan. Rev.
Dr. R. D. Sheppard takes"charge]of the work in History and Political Economy.

Oct. 30. Foot-ball : Harvard preparatory eleven defeats Northwestern.

Nov. College Athletic Association organized.

Dec. 17. Junior-sophomore declamation contest for Norton prize.


Jan. Catalogue for 1886-1887 issued. Announcement that after 1890
Master's degree will be conferred only upon examination. 12 College wins
medal in tug-of-war at inauguration of Casino Gymnasium, Chicago. 20
Illinois Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta re-established. 21 Northwestern
published by E. L. Shuman, '87, and R. O. Vandercook, '88, who constitute
the "Northwestern University Press Co." with printing office in the gym-
nasium. 27 Day of prayer for colleges.

Feb. 17. Lecture course opens under auspices of senior class. 22 Sec-
ond celebration of University day. Students from city departments arrive on
special train and are met by a reception committee of fifty. Procession to
Woman's College, where a reception is given. Inspection of new buildings on
campus. Banquet in Methodist church parlors. T. R. Greene, '87, toast-
master. Dedication of Hall of Science. Address by Hon. Richard Edwards,
LL. D., State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

March 3. The seventieth anniversary of Dr. Cummings' birth; he is pre-
sented with two etchings and an easy chair by the students at chapel, and in
evening trustees, faculty, and friends call upon him and give him $1,500 to be
used in taking a vacation. 1 1 Annual gymnasium exhibition : twelve events.
Team wins state championship in tug-of-war with Co. C, 111. National Guards.
Adelphic contest for Dunoon prizes.

April 8. First annual banquet of Northwestern University alumni of Chi-
cago and vicinity. Junior-sophomore debate contest. 15 Inter-class base-


ball tournament begins. 22 First regular cane-rush between sophomore and
freshman classes. 30 Baseball: Racine, 11 ; Northwestern, 8.

May 6. Hinman contest. 7 Baseball: Lake Forest, 13; Northwestern,
8. 10 Dedication of Memorial Hall of Garrett Biblical Institute. 14
Baseball: Northwestern, 5; Beloit, 4. 16 Wisconsin, 9; Northwestern, 8.
20 Wisconsin, 10; Northwestern, 8. 30 Northwestern, 6; Beloit, 4. Junior
class gives an ' 'exhibition" program.

June 3. Ossoli essay contest for Farwell prize. 4 Baseball: Racine,
8; Northwestern, 1. 11 Northwestern, 4; Lake Forest, 3. Syllabus
issued by fraternities and sororities. 17 Kirk oratorical contest. 19 Bac-
calaureate sermon by President Cummings. Sermon before Christian Associ-
ation by Rev. John Williamson. 20 Class day exercises. Oration, Mc-
Lennan ; history, Miss Coone ; pdtem, Greenman ; prophecy, Miss Crandon ; pre-
sentation of gifts, Zueblin. 21 Field day. Inter-class tennis tournament.
22 Alumni Association meeting and banquet. 23 Twenty-ninth Com-
mencement. Thirty-four graduates. Speakers: Brand, Miss Wales, Miss
Harvey, Campbell, Miss Coone, Springer, Miss Hill, Shuman, McLennan, Atch-
ison, Davis, Miss David, Wright, Miss Ambrose. President's reception.

During summer tug-of-war team defeats Co. C, 111. National Guards, win-
ning silver cup.

July 20. Directors of Dearborn Observatory, on invitation of the trustees,
visit Evanston to consider location of the observatory.

Aug. Midsummer number of Northwestern issued.

Sept. 14. C. S. Cook, of Princeton University, becomes Professor of Phy-
sics, vice F. J. Parsons, resigned. Dr. G. W. Hough becomes Professor of
Astronomy and Director of Dearborn Observatory.

Oct. Dearborn telescope given to the University on condition that an
observatory be erected and a chair established, to be filled by action of Chicago
Astronomical Society. J. B. Hobbs of Chicago gives $25,000 for erection of
building. Students celebrate with procession, transparencies, etc.

Nov. Seniors appear in black silk hats. 18 Proposition from Ann Arbor
football eleven to play a Thanksgiving game rejected. 28 Senior lecture
course opens.

Dec. 16. Junior-sophomore declamation contest for Norton prizes.


Jan. Catalogue issued. 13 The Northwestern becomes a weekly publi-
cation, still printed by Northwestern University Press Co. in gymnasium.
First of a series of tug-of-war contests. Tug-of-war team defeats Pullman
team at Casino Gymnasium, Chicago. Twentieth Century Club established.
Alumni and members of senior and junior classes eligible; instructors, honorary
members. Object: Promotion of original research and knowledge of trend
of modern thought. President, E. L. Shuman, '87. 26 Day of prayer for
colleges. 27 Joint open session of Adelphic and Ossoli societies. Tug-of-
war team defeats Casino Gymnasium team.

Feb. Tug-of-war team defeats Chicago Amateur Athletic Club, and Co.
D, Illinois National Guards. 22 Third University day. Special train brings


about 300 students of city departments to Evanston. Reception at Woman's
College. Visit to buildings. Gymnasium exhibition. Tug-of-war between
College and Medical School teams, the former winning. Dinner served to
visitors at restaurants and hotels. In the evening President Cummings ad-
dresses the students in the Methodist church. Speeches follow from repre-
sentatives of various departments. G. H. Horswell, '79, toastmaster.

March. Tug-of-war team defeats Union Athletic Club in Chicago. Meet-
ing of University band with intention to make it a permanent organization.

April. Glee Club formed. 6 Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes.
20 Adelphic oratorical contest. Tug-of-war team wins five gold medals in
competition with three teams at Casino. 28 Baseball: Northwestern, 15;
Lake Forest, 13.

May 5. Baseball: Racine, 11; Northwestern, 8. 11 Wisconsin, 6;
Northwestern, 0. 18 Hinman essay contest for Adams prizes. 19 Base-
ball: Northwestern, 3 ; Beloit, 2. 21 Wisconsin, 7 ; Northwestern, 5. 25
Debate between Republican and Prohibition clubs of University. 26 Base-
ball: Beloit, 7; Northwestern, 6. Syllabus, published by fraternities and
sororities, is issued.

June 1. Ossoli contest for Sheppard prizes. 2 Baseball: Racine, 10;
Northwestern, 5. 9 Lake Forest, 10; Northwestern, 9. 14 "Trig" cre-
mated by freshman class on the campus. Funeral oration by J. H. Haggerty.
15 Kirk contest. 17 Baccalaureate sermon by President Cummings.
Sermon before University Christian Association by Rev. John L. Withrow.
18 Class day in Methodist church. Presentation of class by C. H. Booth;
history, Page; poem, Miss Thatcher; oration, Little; prophecy, Miss Allen;
gifts, Bradford. 19 Field day. Nine events. Music by University band.
20 Address before Alumni Association by Rev. Robert Bentley, D. D.,
'62. Reunion and collation. Concert by University Glee Club and Orches-
tra. 21 Thirtieth Commencement. Thirty-nine graduates. Speakers:
Miss Ailing, Miss Allen, Booth, Bradford, Cartwright, Hunt, Linebarger,
Little, Middlekauff, Pattison, Miss Pearsons, Thorns, Calkins, Edwards, Que-
reau, Thwing, Tuttle, Page. Laying of corner-stone of Dearborn Observatory.
President's reception.

July 20. Midsummer issue of Northwestern.

Sept. Dr. H. F. Fisk becomes Professor of Pedagogics, E. H. Moore
appears as Assistant Professor of Mathematics, and C. B. Atwell as Instruc-
tor in Natural History.

Oct. Seniors appear in silk hats. 26 Sophomore-freshman cane-rush.
Pole five feet long and one inch in diameter held by freshmen. Sophomores
given thirty minutes in which to break it; they fail.

Nov. 29. Football: Northwestern, 16; West Division High School, 6.

Dec. Junior-sophomore declamation contest for Norton prizes. 8
Football: Northwestern, 12; Lake Forest, 6.


Jan. Catalogue published by University Press Co. Total registration in
College, 286. Commencement speakers to be ten having highest rank in
writing and speaking, and average of 85 in scholarship. Kirk prize to be con-


ferred upon best of these. 24 Senior lecture course opens. 31 Day of
prayer for colleges.

Feb. 4. Tug-of-war team defeats Union Athletic Club at Casino Gym-
nasium, Chicago. 22 Fourth University day: reception to city depart-
ments at Woman's College; inspection of buildings; gymnasium exhibition
and tug-of-war between Law and Medical departments; visiting students
given dinner at Avenue House and restaurants. Formal program at the
Methodist church; Professor Young, toastmaster. Address by Dr. Marcy;
music by Northwestern University quartet; toasts by representatives from
various departments. Dormitory for men erected at corner of Chicago Avenue
and Cook Street.

March 4. Tug-of-war team defeats Union Athletic Club and wins five
gold-headed silk umbrellas. Scholarship established by Chicago Herald.
18 Tug-of-war team defeats Union Athletic Club.

April 5. Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes. 8 Tug-of-war team
defeats Union Athletic Club and wins Meriden cup and five gold watch charms.
12 Adelphic-Ossoli joint session. Syllabus appears, published by fra-
ternities and sororities. Juniors appear in white "plug" hats.

May 2. Adelphic contest for National Library Association prizes. 11
Baseball: Northwestern, 13; Lake Forest, 8. 11 Northwestern, 12; Wis-
consin, 2. 17 Northwestern, 15; Beloit, 10. Hinman essay contest for
Adams prizes. 25 Baseball: Northwestern, 18; Beloit, 1. 27 Wiscon-
sin, 9; Northwestern, 5.

June 10. Baseball: Northwestern, 14; Lake Forest, 8. 12 Hinman de-
bate contest for Raymond prizes. 13 Freshmen cremate "Trig" in front of
Woman's College. 15 Baseball: Northwestern, 12; Wisconsin, 11. North-
western wins league championship and pennant. 16 Baccalaureate sermon
by President Cummings. Sermon before University Christian Association by
Rev. P. S. Henson, D. D. 17 Class day exercises in church. Class pre-
sented by P. R. Shumway, president; response by Charles S. Graves in a Latin
speech; oration, Leonard; history, Herben; poem, Miss Foster; prophecy,
Miss Edwards. 18 Gov. Evans gives $75,000 to University. 19 Ivy
planted by senior class. Field day; seventeen events. Dedication of Dear-
born Observatory. Afternoon meeting at the Observatory, Hon. J. Y.
Scammon, LL. D., presiding. Addresses by Professor Hough, Hon. Ezra
B. McCagg and J. H. Raymond, '71. Evening meeting at church, Hon. J. B.
Hobbs presiding. Address by President Daniel C. Gilman, LL. D., of Johns
Hopkins University. 20 Thirty-first Commencement. Thirty-four grad-
uates. Ten speakers contesting for Kirk prize: Leonard, Beers, Weir,
Weeden, Dixon, Shumway, Elmore, Miss Hubbell, Herben, Graves. Alumni
banquet. President's reception.

Aug. 1. Midsummer Northwestern issued.

Sept. 5. Illinois Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, honorary society,

Oct. Seniors appear in black silk hats. Second program of the Twentieth
Century Club issued; S. J. Herben, president. 11 Sophomore-freshman
cane-rush. Cane four feet long of seasoned ash, one inch in diameter. Time,
17 minutes. 22 Life-saving crew rescue twenty-nine persons from two ves-

17 minu


sels and a tug, aground off Wilmette, making a total of over two hundred lives
saved by the crew since 1878.

Nov. Sophomores appear in mortar-boards. 28 Life-saving crew res-
cue eighteen men from steamer Calumet, wrecked off Highland Park. [See
Oct. 21, 1890.]

Dec. Clock in hallway of University Hall connected with Observatory.
7 Football: Northwestern, 24; Wanderers' Athletic Club, 0. 14 Decla-
mation contest for Congdon prizes. Catalogue issued. Registration in Col-
lege, 253.


Jan. 21. Students' Christian Association adopts report of committee ad-
vising that the association be divided into a Y. M. C. A. and a Y. W. C. A.
30 Day of prayer for colleges.

Feb. Chapel benches are replaced by opera chairs. F. E. Tyler, '79,

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