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gives money for a piano for chapel. 21 University day. About 250 stu-
dents from city departments come to Evanston. Visit buildings. Gym-
nasium exhibition. Tug-of-war between Dental and Medical School repre-
sentatives. Evening meeting at church. Prof. C. W. Pearson, toastmaster.
Address of welcome, Dr. H. F. Fisk. Addresses by representatives of various
departments. Informal reception.

March 10. Tug-of-war team defeats Union Athletic Club. 24 Tug-of-
war team wins permanent possession of Meriden cup by defeating the "Ac-

April 4. Junior-sophomore debate for Gage prizes. 7 University
women organize Y. W. C. A. Martha C. Smith, '91, president. 15 Students'
Christian Association having dissolved, the Y. M. C. A. is established. Frank
Alabaster, '90, president. 21 Tug-of-war team defeats Union Athletic
Club and wins the Hub cup and championship of northwest.

May 7. Death of President Cummings. Born 181 7 ; graduated from Wes-
leyan University (Conn.), 1840; president of Genesee College (N. Y.), three
years; of Wesleyan University, sixteen years; of Northwestern University,
nine years. College exercises suspended until the 12th. Dr. Marcy becomes
Acting President once more. 17 Baseball: Lake Forest, 10; Northwestern,
8. Syllabus issued by fraternities and sororities. 23 Hinman contest
for Adams prizes. 24 Baseball: Wisconsin, 6; Northwestern, 5. 26
Northwestern, 11 ; Beloit, 4. 29 Adelphic contest for prizes offered by Mrs.
R. M. Hatfield. 31 Baseball: Northwestern, 19; Beloit, 4.

June. Missionary Board of Control established for purpose of keeping a
student representative in foreign field. 6 Delegates from Michigan Uni-
versity, Oberlin College, University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University
meet at Ann Arbor and organize the Northern Oratorical League. North-
western's representatives, Grier and Burch; former made chairman of con-
vention. Northwestern' s delegates furnish the title of the league. 7 Base-
ball: Northwestern, 17; Wisconsin, 9. 11 Freshmen send "Trig" up in a
balloon. 14 Hinman debate for Raymond prizes. 15 Baccalaureate ser-
mon by Dr. Milton S. Terry. Sermon before University Christian Associa-
tions by Rev. Simon J. McPherson. 16 Class day exercises in church.


Presentation of class, Springer; history, J. J. Shuman; poem, Miss Clark; ora-
tion, Grier; prophecy, Miss Swan; gifts, Parkes; pipe oration, Martin. 17
Ivy exercises. Field day; seven events. Services in memory of President
Cummings. Addresses by Dr. J. M. King of New York and Rev. Robert I.
Fleming, '86. 18 Alumni day. 19 Thirty-second Commencement.
Speakers, contesting for Kirk prize : Miss Fisk, Craig, Burch, Miss Tucker,
Grier, Groves, Demorest, Miss Clarke, Denny, Miss Bock. Fence along the
campus on the south side is removed and cement walk laid. Driveway up
to University Hall widened and cement walk laid.

Sept. 1. Dr. Henry Wade Rogers elected President of the University.
Third program of Twentieth Century Club appears. J. T. Hatfield appears as
Professor of German, J. R. Taylor Instructor in Greek and Latin. 29 Fresh-
men appear with canes; an impromptu "rush" is precipitated by sophomores.

Oct. 14. Old Northwestern Association, composed of members of the three
literary societies, is dissolved. A new association is formed, consisting of
paid-up subscribers. 17 The Northwestern World appears, published weekly
by non-fraternity students. Sidney P. Johnston, '91, editor-in-chief. Sen-
iors appear in "plug" hats. 20 Football association formed. 21 Secre-
tary of U. S. Treasury grants gold medals to Captain L. O. Lawson, George E.
Crosby, W. M. Ewing, J. Loining, E. B. Fowler, WiUiam Wilson and F. M.
Kindig of the life-saving crew for rescue of the crew of the Calumet last
Thanksgiving day. 22 Northwestern University Association of the North-
ern Oratorical League organized.

Nov. 15. The "Massasoits," an anti-fraternity organization, appears.
.D. B. Fayerweather of New York dies and is only then known to be the donor
of Science Hall. Freshmen appear in three-cornered mortar-boards. 19
Student Volunteer Band organized for preparation of missionaries.
20 Football at Milwaukee: Northwestern, 22; Wisconsin, 10. 22 North-
western, 22; Beloit, 6.

Dec. 3. College Orchestra organized. 19 Junior-sophomore contest for
Congdon prizes.


Jan. 20. Reception to Dr. and Mrs. Rogers by fraternities and sororities
at Evanston Club House. Owl Club, literary society composed of underclass-
men, appears. 29 Day of prayer observed.

Feb. 19. Inauguration of President Rogers takes the place of University
day exercises. Procession of students of all departments. Formal program
at Methodist church. Prayer by Bishop MerriU. Speech of investiture by
Orrington Lunt, acting president of trustees. Dr. N. S. Davis, address
of welcome on behalf of faculties. Wm. E. Clarke, Jr., of College of Law,
speaks on behalf of students. James H. Raymond represents the Alum-
ni Association. Inaugural address by President Rogers. Supper served in
church parlors after exercises. Frank H. Scott, '76, toastmaster. Toasts by
representatives of various departments. Banquet to President Rogers by
Alumni Association at Grand Pacific Hotel. Judge Horton, toastmaster.
Toasts by President Fiske of Albion College, President Eaton of Beloit College,
Dr. Quine of Chicago Medical College, and Judge Collins, '72, of Chicago.


March 6. Tug-of-war team defeats Union Athletic Club and Co. C, Illinois
National Guards, winning permanent possession of Hub cup and champion-
ship of northwest. 14 Tug-of-war team is defeated by Massachusetts Insti-
tute of Technology at Boston. Freshman class publishes "Songs of '94" as
result of prize song contest.

April. Catalogue issued. Registration in College, 310. 10 Junior-
sophomore debate for Gage prizes. 14 Twentieth Century Club disbands.

May 1. First annual meeting and contest of Northern Oratorical League,
held at Ann Arbor. John P. Adams, '91, orator; Ray C. Barker, '91, alter-
nate; Robert K. Nisbet, '91, delegate to business meeting. Second place won.
6 Memorial service for J. H. Haggerty,'91, in College chapel. 11 Baseball:
Northwestern,' 9; Wisconsin, 5. 13 Northwestern, 17; Lake Forest, 10. 15
Hinman essay contest. 23 Baseball: Northwestern, 11; Lake Forest, 3.
Syllabus issued by fraternities and sororities. Arrow issued by Massasoits
and non-fraternity students.

June 1. Baseball: Northwestern, 5; Wisconsin, 3. 8 Northwestern, 7;
Beloit, 2. Championship of Western College League is won. 20 Hinman
debate for Raymond prizes. Women admitted to Phi Beta Kappa mem-
bership. 21 Baccalaureate address by President Rogers. Sermon before
Christian Associations of College and Academy by Rev. Frank M. Bristol, '77.
22 Class day exercises in Church. Seniors inaugurate custom of wear-
ing cap and gown. 23 Field day. Finals in tournament of Northwestern
Tennis Club, and first annual shoot of Northwestern Gun Club. Phi Beta
Kappa oration, by L. H. Boutell. 24 Ivy exercises by senior class. Alumni
reception to faculty, trustees and graduating class at Evanston Club.
Meeting of the Phi Beta Kappa society. 25 Thirty-third Commencement
held in Methodist church. Thirty-nine graduates. Speakers, contesting for
Kirk prize: Tisdel, Adams, Scott, Zimmerman, Miss Robinson, Haskins,
Shuman, Miss Smith, Phelps, Walrath, Harker, Power. President's reception.
Miss Michaels resigns as Dean of Woman's College and Professor of French.

Sept. Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller becomes Dean of Women. Miss
Emily Wheeler becomes Professor of Romance Languages. Dr. G. A. Coe ap-
pears as Professor of Philosophy. W. E. Smyser appears as Instructor in Eng-
lish; P. S. Stallhofen and G. W. Smith as Instructors in German; J. A. Scott,
Instructor in Greek; M. Vayhinger, in Mathematics; Milton S.Terry, Lecturer
on English Bible. 20 Reception to entering class by the Christian Associa-
tions. Advisory board, called University Senate, organized, to consist of the
President, four faculty members, three students each, from senior, junior
and sophomore classes, and two from freshman class. Athletic grounds
moved to north campus near observatory. George W. Muir starts subscrip-
tion scheme for a grand-stand. Requirement of "major work" in at least one
department is introduced and subjects of instruction arranged in annual
courses. Football League organized, composed of Beloit College, and North-
western, Lake Forest and Wisconsin Universities.

Oct. 2. College work suspended on account of unveiling of statue of Gen-
eral Grant in Chicago. 7 Joint meeting of sophomore and freshman classes;
committee appointed to draw up a resolution abolishing the annual cane-rush.


Sophomore women organize "The Larks," a literary society. 18 Joint
program of Hinman and Ossoli societies. 19 Football: Northwestern, 0;
Lake Forest, 0. A number of students visit one of the foreign quarters of
Chicago, with the establishment of a Northwestern mission in view.

Nov. Science Club organized ; active members, science teachers of faculty ;
associate members, students pursuing advanced work in science. 2 Foot-
ball: Northwestern, 10; Wisconsin, 0. Massasoits having been dissolved,
the non-fraternity students organize the " Independents," open to any non-
fraternity student. Object: to publish an annual and the Northwestern
World. 13 Reception in honor of President and Mrs. Rogers, and to the
faculties and trustees, and prominent citizens of Chicago, given by the stu-
dents of the University at Grand Pacific Hotel. 14 Football: North-
western, 12; Beloit, 12. Glee and Banjo Clubs organized.

Dec. Northwestern University Settlement is organized this month; resi-
dent secretary, Charles Zueblin, '87. 3 Tug-of-war team wins six gold
medals at Humboldt park. 5 Joint session of Hinman and Ossoli societies.
New method of classifying students, by number of hours of credit rather than
by number of years of attendance, adopted. Broader elective system estab-
lished. 18 Congdon declamation contest. Der Deutsche Literatur Verein


Jan. Tower clock connected with Observatory standard clock. Tau
Kappa Phi, a local fraternity, organized. 15 Hinman-Ossoli joint session.
Social Science Club organized. 23 Freshman class song contest. Day of

Feb. 6. French Club organized. 13 University Settlement established
at 143 W. Division St., Chicago. 18 First annual concert of Northwestern
Glee Club. 22 University day. Visit to buildings by students from city
departments. Exercises at Methodist church, F. H. Scott, '76, presiding.
Music by Glee Club. Address of welcome by Professor Coe. Speeches from
representatives of various departments. Supper served to guests. Evening
reception at church. Union League Club in Chicago gives patriotic program,
speakers being representatives of six universities. J. L. Alabaster represents
Northwestern. University of Illinois admitted to baseball league.

March 4. Athletic contest at Idlewild Hall. Series of tug-of-war pulls for
Hub cup results in a tie between the Scottish Athletic Club and Northwestern.
15 Faculty adopts new examination scheme, recitations to continue up to
last Monday of term. Joint athletic association formed providing for one
committee to control all branches of athletics. 18 Final tug-of-war for Hub
cup in gymnasium. Team wins from Scottish Athletic Club the permanent
possession of the cup and championship of northwest. 19 Preliminary con-
test for place on final contest of Northern Oratorical League and for Nisbet
prize. Contestants those six seniors whose orations have been pronounced
by a committee to be best in thought and composition.

April. "Songs of '95" issued by freshman class. 16 Delegates from
Northwestern University, and the Universities of Michigan, Wisconsin and


Minnesota, meet in Chicago and organize Intercollegiate Athletic Association
of Northwest. Training table established to prepare for field day at Cham-

May 1. Settlement moves its headquarters to 26 Rice St., Chicago. 6
Contest of Northern Oratorical League at Evanston. North western's orator,
A. S. Mason, wins first place. Baseball: Northwestern, 8; Illinois, 13. 7
Field day. 13 Intercollegiate athletic meet at Champaign. Northwestern
wins first place in four events, second place in two, and third place in one.
Catalogue issued. Registration in College, 396. Students listed alphabetic-
ally. 20 A "National Republican Convention" in Methodist church under
auspices of Hinman society. 21 BaserMl: Northwestern, 1; Illinois, 5.
24 College Prohibition Club organized. 25 Republican Club organized.
Syllabus issued by fraternities and sororities. Annual report of depart-
ment of Natural History, by Dr. Marcy, is issued. 26 Baseball: North-
western, 7; Wisconsin, 8.

June. University Woman's Club organized in College of Liberal Arts, re-
placing Ossoli and the Larks. 3 Last issue of Northwestern World. 4
Baseball : Northwestern, 6 ; Beloit, 2. In afternoon : Northwestern, 4 ; Be-
loit, 5. 6 Northwestern, 0. Wisconsin, 7. 11 Hinman debate for Ray-
mond prizes. 12 Baccalaureate address by Bishop Merrill in evening.
Graduating class of Law department attend also. 13 Kirk contest. 14
Class day exercises on campus. Senior class sails away to Jackson park and
the three underclasses present a burlesque on the "Landing of Columbus."
Excitement over reported wreck of "Juliet" with students on board; false re-
port. Name of Woman's College changed to Woman's Hall. Annual ad-
dress before Phi Beta Kappa society by Rev. Dr. James G. Johnson. 15
Alumni Association meeting and reception. President's reception. 16
Thirty-fourth Commencement. College of Liberal Arts and Law School
exercises held in evening at Auditorium, Chicago. Address by Bishop John
P. Newman, LL. D. Fifty-four graduates of College of Liberal Arts.

July 5. University summer school opens.

Sept. H. S. White becomes Professor of Mathematics; Henry Crew of
Physics ; J. Scott Clark, of the English Language ; John H. Gray, of Political and
Social Science; H. C. Stanclift, of European History; P. C. Lutkin, of Music.
University Guild formed by Evanston women under leadership of Mrs. Henry
Wade Rogers. Grand-stand completed on athletic field ; partially paid for by
student subscription. 16 Joint reception of Christian Associations to new
students at Methodist church. Adelphic Literary Society revived; Owl club
merges into it.

Oct. 5. College Democrats organize. Publication of Syllabus given into
hands of junior class. 12 Football: Northwestern, 16; Illinois, 16. 15
Hinman Adelphic debate. Dedication of grand-stand. Addresses by Presi-
dent Rogers and Dr. Sheppard. Football: Northwestern, 36; Beloit, 0.
Committee appointed to reduce University colors to one. 22 Football:
Northwestern, 0. Chicago, 0. 23 Farewell to Miss Josephine Stahl, first
missionary representative of the University in foreign field. 28 Purple is
adopted as University color. 29 Football: Northwestern, 10; Michigan, 8.

Nov. 2. Northwestern, 6; Chicago, 0. 19 Northwestern, 6; Wisconsin,


26. 20 First of a series of University sermons : Rev. Dr. John H. Barrows.
24 Northwestern, 6; Wisconsin, 20. Season results in giving Northwestern
championship of minor league and tie for second place in major league.

Dec. 2. Banquet given football team by Fred I. Kirk. 4 Second Uni-
versity sermon by Bishop Newman. 5 Seniors appear in silk hats. Fresh-
men carry canes and are forbidden entrance to chapel. 9 Hinman contest for
Adams prize. Captain Noyes, trainer and coach of football team, is pre-
sented with a purse made up by students and faculty. 10 Banquet to foot-
ball team by Alumni Association. 16 Declamation contest for Congdon


Jan. 8. University sermon by Prof. David Swing. 26 Day of prayer
for colleges.

Feb. 21. Glee and Banjo Club concert at Evanston. A matriculation fee
of $5 to be charged hereafter. 22 University represented at Union League
Club celebration of Washington's birthday by J. M. Ericsson, '94. 26 Uni-
versity sermon by Rev. Floyd Tompkins.

March 3. Indoor Athletic Club organized. 17 Gage debate contest.
18 Beta Pi chapter of Delta Tau Delta established. 19 University ser-
mon by Bishop Fallows. Withdrawal from Western Baseball League. North-
western University Record issued; official organ of University, to be pub-
lished quarterly by a joint committee from faculties. Professor Gray, editor-
in-chief. 31. Preliminary contest of Northern Oratorical League.

April 3. Funeral services in College chapel for Erne Clark, '96. 15
First contest of Indoor Athletic Club at gymnasium. Baseball: North-
western, 23; Lake Forest, 3. 23 University sermon by Rev. Dr. O. P. Gif-
ford. New suits for baseball team, gray cloth with black trimmings. 29
Baseball: Northwestern, 4; Wisconsin, 7. Catalogue for 1892-93 issued.
Total registration in College, 512.

May 1. Recitations suspended on account of opening day of the World's
Fair in Chicago. 5. Northern Oratorical League contest at Oberlin. Elmer
I. Goshen, representative orator, wins third place. University of Chicago
admitted to League. 6 Baseball: Northwestern, 5; Minnesota, 11. 10
Northwestern, 8; Illinois, 15. 12 Western Intercollegiate track meet at
Champaign. North western's team of five wins second place. 13 Baseball :
Northwestern, 4; Michigan, 13 .Northwestern, 7; Iowa, 3. 19 Oratorical
contest of Prohibition Club. H. L. Harvey wins first prize. 20 Baseball :
Northwestern, 4; Minnesota, 7. 22 Northwestern, 10; Wisconsin, 10.
24 Syllabus issued, published by the junior class. 27 Field day pre-
liminary to intercollegiate contest. 29 Baseball : Northwestern, 3 ; Michi-
gan, 10. Ground south of dormitory set aside for tennis courts.

June 3. Athletic meet of Intercollegiate Association in Chicago. Third
place won. 7 Baseball: Northwestern, 5; Wisconsin, 12. Hinman contest
for Adams prize. 8 Freshmen cremate "Trig" on athletic field. Mock au-
topsy held and struggle between monks and imps for possession of body of
"Trig." Hinman debate for Raymond prizes. 11 Baccalaureate address
by President Rogers. 12 Kirk oratorical contest. 13 Class day at Meth-


odist church in evening. Oration, Oates; poem, Miss Alabaster; history,
Miss Hay; prophecy, Miss Singleton; presentation of gifts, Hills. 14 Dr. A.
R. Crook appointed Professor of Mineralogy. Address before Phi Beta Kappa
society by Dr. William F. Poole of Newberry lijprary. Annual alumni recep-
tion at Evanston Club. 15 Thirty-fifth Commencement, at Auditorium in
afternoon. Address by Hon. Theodore Roosevelt of Washington, D. C., on
"The College Graduate and the State." Degree of LL. D. conferred on Mr.
Roosevelt. President's reception. 19 Summer school opens.

Sept. Harry J. Furber, Jr., becomes Professor of Economics, and H. B.
Loomis Assistant Professor of Physics. T. F. Holgate and B. S. Annis appear
as Instructors in Mathematics; Henry Conn in German; J. H. Huddleston in
Greek, and A. H. Wilde in History. R. R. Tatnall appears as Fellow and As-
sistant in Physics. 13 Reception to students by Christian Associations.
Annex to Woman's Hall completed. Psi chapter of Theta Nu Epsilon, sopho-
more fraternity, appears. 29 First monthly reception by President Rogers
to students.

Oct. 9. Recitations suspended on account of Chicago day at World's
Columbian Exposition. 18 Football: Northwestern, 6; Chicago, 12. 21
Northwestern, 12; Illinois, 10. Score declared void on account of darkness.
27 Eighth celebration of University day. Students march by classes to
station to meet 500 students from Chicago departments. Procession to
church. President and faculty enter in cap and gown and take places on
platform. Address of welcome by President Rogers. Other speakers:
Deans of Medical School, Woman's Medical School and Dental School,
representatives of faculties of Law and Pharmacy Departments, Garrett Bibli-
cal Institute and College of Liberal Arts. Football: Northwestern, 12;
Lake Forest, 12. Supper and reception at Woman's Hall. 28 Student
demonstration to celebrate completion of fence around athletic field, Dr.
Sheppard donor. 30 Football: Northwestern, 0; Minnesota, 16.

Nov. 4. Northwestern, 10; Beloit, 6. 8 Northwestern, 6; Chicago, 6.
11 Northwestern, 38 ; Lake Forest, 22. 17 Athletic benefit given by sopho-
more class; minstrel show and farce; music by Glee and Mandolin Clubs. 18
Football: Northwestern, 6; Michigan, 72. 25 Die Deutsche Gesellschaft

Dec. 15. President's reception. 27 Intercollegiate Athletic Association
disbands. University yell adopted :

Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!

U-Northwestern !
Rah! Rah! RAH!! RAH!! RAH!!!


Jan. 14. University sermon by Rev. Dr. F. M. Bristol, '77. 19 Congdon
declamation contest. 25 Day of prayer for colleges. 26 President's re-
ception. 30 Coffee Club organized, by Department of English.

Feb. 16. Exhibition by Indoor Athletic Club in gymnasium ; eleven events.
22 Annual concert by Glee, Banjo, and Mandolin Clubs. E. I. Goshen is
Union League Club orator. Tau Kappa Phi local fraternity disbands. 25
University sermon by Rev. Dr. L. A. Crandall.



March 2. Preliminary contest of Northern Oratorical League. 16 Sec-
ond exhibition by Indoor Athletic Club in gymnasium. 18 Life-saving
crew rescue four sailors from schooner Lincoln Dall, wrecked off Glencoe.
University sermon by Rev. Dr. H. A. Cleveland. 30 Gage debate contest.

April 6. Northwestern-Michigan debate at Ann Arbor. Goshen, Hadley
and Campbell win for Northwestern University. Hinman contest for Adams
prize. 13 Oratorical contest of Prohibition Club. 21 Baseball: North-
western, 1 ; Michigan, 7. 28 Northwestern, 8; Lake Forest, 1.

May 4. Junior play, "The Rajah," presented. Northern Oratorical
League contest at Madison, Wis. Northwestern ranks third. 9 Baseball:
Northwestern, 3; Chicago, 2. 19 Northwestern, 9; Wisconsin, 8. 23
Northwestern, 6. Chicago, 4. 25 Hinman debate for Raymond prizes.
Intercollegiate track meet of Chicago, Lake Forest and Northwestern Univer-
sities. Second place. 26 Baseball: Northwestern, 8; Lake Forest, 5.
Illinois Epsilon chapter of Pi Beta Phi established. 29 Baseball: North-
western, 11 ; Oberlin, 6. First annual Pan-Hellenic or "junior" promenade.

June 2. Track meet of Western Intercollegiate Athletic Association.
Seventh place. Catalogue issued. Registration, 507. 6 "Trig" crema-
tion. 9 Field day. Baseball: Northwestern, 4; Wisconsin, 1. 10 Bac-
calaureate address by President Rogers. 11 Kirk contest. 12 Class day.
Play, "The Holy Grail," presented by three upper classes at Bailey's Opera
House. Baseball: Northwestern, 6; Minnesota, 2. Trustees decree that
upon ceremonial occasions the students and faculties of degree-conferring
departments shall appear in cap and gown. 13 "Alumni Catalogue" issued.
Compiled for the Alumni Association by Edwin L. Shuman, '87, historian.
Address before Phi Beta Kappa society by Professor H. E. Von Hoist, Ph. D.
Address before alumni by Thomas W. Handford. Alumni reception. Presi-
dent's reception. 14 Thirty-sixth Commencement, at Auditorium, Chicago.
Address by Bishop Charles B. Galloway. Baseball: Northwestern, 8; Chi-
cago, 1. 16 Northwestern, 8; Michigan, 9. 22 Death of Professor Julius
F. Kellogg, Professor of Civil Engineering, 1869-71, and of Mathematics since
1871. During the summer library is removed to Orrington Lunt Library.

Sept. Matriculants required to sign pledge not to participate in hazing or
cane-rushing. Orrington Lunt Library building completed on site of old ball
grounds. Philip Greiner resigns as Physical Director and Otto W. Miller takes
his place. E. G. Conklin becomes Professor of Zoology, and William Caldwell
Acting Professor of Moral and Social Philosophy. Mary L. Freeman appears as
Instructor in French; E. A. Bechtel, in Latin; C. W. Foreman, in German. O.
A. Basquin appears as Assistant in Physics. Third floor rooms in University
Hall, formerly containing the library, become laboratories. Old chapel room is
divided into three recitation rooms. Chapel is transferred to assembly hall in
new library building. 14 Reception to students by Christian Associations.
26 Dedication of Orrington Lunt Library. Evening exercises at First
Methodist church open to public. Address by Justin Winsor, LL. D., Libra-
rian of Harvard University. Afternoon exercises in assembly room of the
Library. Presentation speech by Orrington Lunt ; speech of acceptance by
President Rogers; ode for the occasion read by Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller;

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