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address by President Adams of University of Wisconsin. First annual field


day of North Shore Athletic Association. Northwestern wins first place.
Tug-of-war team defeats United States Regulars.

Oct. 9. Meeting of Der Deutsche Literatur Verein. 13 Football:
Northwestern, 6; Lake Forest, 24. 20 Northwestern, 0; Beloit, 42. Tug-
of-war team defeats Ft. Sheridan at Bailey's OperS House. 22 Mass meet-
ing of students after chapel to discuss means of preventing fraud in examina-
tions. Committee of twelve, three from each class, appointed to draw up
plans. 24 Psi Omega chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon established. 26
University day. Recitations suspended; students march by classes, many
in cap and gown, to meet city departments, at station. Procession of all
departments to church. Address of welcom* by Dr. Rogers. Addresses by
faculty representatives of various departments. Supper and reception at
Woman's Hall. Football: Northwestern, 12; Lake Forest, 8. 29 Second
mass meeting of students to discuss prevention of fraud in examinations.
Committee of twelve continued. Resolution adopted signifying disapproval
of "cribbing" as sentiment of students assembled.

Nov. 3. Football: Northwestern, 0; Illinois, 66. 6 Philosophical
Club organized by members of faculty and students in advanced philosophical
work. Those who have represented the University on athletic field given
privilege of wearing white "N" on purple sweater. 24 Football: North-
western, 0; Chicago, 36. 25 University sermon by Rev. S. G. Smith of St.

Dec. 3. Greek Club formed. 7 Mass meeting of students adopts report
of student committee recommending "honor system" for suppression of fraud
in examinations. Total number of lives saved by student life-saving crew
since 1878, 264. [See Jan. 10, 1895, Northwestern, for list of wrecks with dates
and number of lives saved.]


Jan. 13. University sermon by Dr. F. W. Gunsaulus. 15 Joint debate
with Law School won by College of Liberal Arts. Historical Association
organized. 20 University sermon by President Tucker of Dartmouth Col-
lege. 25 Settlement benefit at Woman's Hall. 31 Day of prayer for col-

Feb. 8. Reception to Christian Associations by Mrs. Henry Wade Rogers.
Faculty approve plan of establishing a student court to pass upon cases of
fraud in examinations. 22 Exercises in honor of Washington held in As-
sembly Hall. Annual concert of Glee, Banjo, and Mandolin Clubs.

March 4. Mass meeting of students; constitution submitted by committee
of twelve adopted; a council elected, consisting of four seniors, three juniors,
two sophomores and one freshman, to consider cases of fraud in examinations.
8 Preliminary Northern Oratorical League contest. 29 Gage debate con-

April 14. University sermon by Rev. M. S. Hughes of Portland, Me.
19 Junior play, "Esmeralda," presented at Bailey's Opera House. Attend-
ance at three-fifths of chapel services becomes compulsory, and daily record is
kept. 20 Baseball: Northwestern, 13; Chicago, 23. 26 Second North-
western-Michigan debate, Stevenson, Vice-President of United States, pre-


siding. E. P. Bennett and Harry Ward win debate for Northwestern. Re-
ception to delegates, Vice-President Stevenson, judges, [President, faculties,
trustees and prominent persons of Chicago and Evanston by Mayor W. A.
Dyche. Syllabus issued by junior class. 27 Baseball: Northwestern,
7; Illinois, 2. Grand celebration of debate and game by students in evening.
29 Northwestern, 6; Chicago, 11.

May 3. Annual contest of Northern Oratorical League at Iowa City. E.
P. Bennett, '96, wins sixth place. 4 Baseball: Northwestern, 13; Beloit, 8.
6 Printed chapel service, prepared by Prof. J. T. Hatfield, '83, used for first
time. 7 Baseball: Northwestern, 9; Chicago, 8. 10 Northwestern, 7;
Iowa, 8. 1 1 Northwestern, 9 ; Lake Forest, 4. Field day in Chicago. 14 Base-
ball: Northwestern, 10; Chicago, 21. 16 Dedication of Annie May Swift
Hall of Cumnock School of Oratory. Address by Bishop John H. Vincent.
18 Triangular track meet in Chicago between Northwestern, Chicago and
Lake Forest Universities. Sixteen events. Second place tied with Lake
Forest. 20 Opening of spring tennis tournament. 25 Baseball: North-
western, 6; Illinois, 9. 27 Northwestern, 8; Oberlin, 10. 30 Northwest-
ern ,3; Wisconsin, 4.

June 1. Northwestern, 19; Lake Forest, 9. 2 University sermon by
Rev. Dr. J. F. Loba. 7 "Trig" cremation on athletic field. Play, "Trigby,"
presented by men of freshman class. 8 Hinman debate for Raymond prize.
9 Baccalaureate address by Rev. Dr. Milton S. Terry. Graduating class
attired in cap and gown. 1 1 Class day exercises at Bailey's Opera House. A
district school representation given by senior class. Oration, Haven; poem,
Miss Eckert; history, Miss Sargent; prophecy, McElwain; gifts, Mattison.
Kirk contest. 12 Address before Phi Beta Kappa society by Professor
James T. Hatfield. President's reception. 13 Alumni reception and lunch
at Avenue House. Address before alumni by Hon. William McKinley, LL. D.,
governor of Ohio. Thirty-seventh Commencement at Auditorium, Chicago.
Fifty-seven graduates. Address by Rev. Lyman Abbott, D. D. Custom of
wearing cap and gown inaugurated by this class.

Sept. New instructors: W. S. Nickerson in Zoology, L. R. Higgins in
Greek. 13 Joint reception to students by Christian Associations. 21
Football: Northwestern, 6; Wisconsin, 12.

Oct. 5. Northwestern, 34; Beloit, 6. 7 Annual fall tennis tournament
closes. 12 Football: Northwestern, 44; Armour Institute, 0. 19 North-
western, 22; Chicago, 6. Flag-pole erected on campus west of Heck Hall.
26 Illinois Y. M. C. A. athletic meet in Chicago. Northwestern team wins
championship. 31 University day. Special train of twelve cars brings over
500 students of city departments; met by assembled students of College.
Procession to First M. E. church. Speech of welcome by President Rogers.
Address by Dr. F. W. Gunsaulus. Football : Northwestern, 24 ; Rush-Lake
Forest, 0. Students of city departments engage in a cane-rush. Faculty
banquet at Country Club. Sophomore society, Omega Psi, established.

Nov. 1. University Settlement moves to 252 W. Chicago Ave. Cross-
country Club organized. 2 Football : Northwestern, 24 ; Purdue, 6. 6
First of series of College debates. 9 Football: Northwestern, 18; Missouri,
22. 16 Northwestern, 0; Chicago, 6. 21 Second College debate. 23


Football : Northwestern, 4 ; Illinois, 36. 26 Life-saving crew go to aid of
three vessels wrecked off Lakeside and rescue thirty-six persons. Y. M. C. A.
banquet at French House.

Dec. 3. Third College debate. 13 Congdon declamation contest.


Jan. Dr. W. A. Locy takes chair of Zoology. Penalty for deficiency in
chapel attendance fixed ; one term-hour to be added to requirements for gradu-
ation for every three credits lacking. 10 Debate between College and Law
School won by former. Woman's Debating Club organized. 24 Settlement
benefit at Woman's Hall. 28 Deru, setiior fraternity, established. 30
Day of prayer.

Feb. 15. Track athletic exhibition by Indoor Athletic Club; nine events.
22 A. E. Puckrin representative orator at Union League Club exercises.
29 Annual concert of Glee, Banjo, and Mandolin Clubs.

March 3. Northwestern University Good Government Club organized to
promote cause of civil service reform. 6 Preliminary contest of Northern
Oratorical League. 27 Gage debate contest. 29 University sermon by
President Stratton of University of Pacific. 30 Y. M. C. A. elects first Gen-
eral Secretary, Clayton D. Lee.

April 1. Republican Club organized. 3 Oratorical contest of Prohibi-
tion Club. 9 Edition of Northwestern edited and published by women for
first time. Editor-in-chief, Florence L. Spofford. Business manager, Blanche
Loveridge. 10 Junior play, "A Disciple of Doyle," presented at Bailey's
Opera House. 11 Performance repeated before town audience. 20 Syl-
labus issued by junior class. Debate between Hinman and Law School
literary societies won by former. 24 Northwestern loses in debate with
Wisconsin. 25 Baseball: Northwestern, 2; Illinois, 16.

May 1. Contest of Northern Oratorical League in Chicago. Second place
won by Harry F. Ward, '97. 2 Baseball: Northwestern, 5; Chicago, 27.
Mr. Sunday hired as coach. 7 Northwestern, 15; Notre Dame, 6. 9
Northwestern, 9; Illinois, 20. Tennis tournament with University of Chi-
cago. 10 University sermon by Dr. Hunt. Candidates for positions on
athletic teams required to sign pledge certifying that they are "bona fide stu-
dents" of the University. 12 William Deering gives to University securities
amounting to $215,000, with request that part of it be used for a new Academy
building to be named Fisk Hall in honor of the principal. 15 Class of '94
presents University with a marble bust of President Joseph Cummings by
Lorado Taft. Baseball: Northwestern, 1; Indiana, 15. 21 Dual track
meet with Lake Forest University; lost, 49-61. 23 Hinman debate for Ray-
mond prize. Second place won by track team at meet of Chicago Y. M. C. A.
30 Triangular track meet between Northwestern, Chicago and Lake Forest
Universities on Marshall field. Second place won.

June 5. "Trig" cremation in athletic field nine cents admission. Play,
"The Trig Plague," presented. 7 Baccalaureate address by President Rog-
ers. 8 Classday exercises in the evening near the old oak. Poem, Miss
Clough; oration, Lane; gifts (to faculty), Lowe. Lunch served to senior class
and invited friends. 9 Kirk contest. 10 Address before Alumni Associ-



ation by Judge William G. Ewing. Annual address before Phi Beta Kappa
society by President Cyrus Northrop of University of Minnesota. Alumni
reception in Guild rooms of Lunt Library. Address before alumni by Judge
William G. Ewing. President's reception. 11 Thirty-eighth Commence-
ment, at Auditorium. Address by Hon. D. H. Chamberlain, LL. D., of New
York City. Degree of Ph. D. first conferred. 13 Western Intercollegiate
track meet. Northwestern takes sixth place.

Oct. Professor George O. Curme becomes Acting Professor of German in
Professor Hatfield's absence. John A. Scott becomes Assistant Professor of
Greek; H. G. Keppel, Instructor in Mathematics; M. A. Bigelow, Instructor in
Zoology. Steam-heating plant put in University Hall. Citizens of Evanston
form Evanston Athletic Association for purpose of assisting outdoor athletics
of University. 3 Football : Northwestern, 4 ; Chicago Athletic Association,
0. 6 Sound Money Club organized. 7 Northwestern, 42; Armour Insti-
tute, 0. 10 Northwestern, 6; Beloit, 6. 12 Bimetallic League organized.
14 So few votes cast for University Senate that faculty declares no election.
20 Public discussion of money question in Assembly Hall lead by Sound
Money and Bimetallic Clubs. 24 Football on Marshall field: Northwest-
ern, 46; Chicago, 6. Jollification meeting after chapel. Speeches by mem-
bers of team and faculty. University day withheld by faculty because of last
year's cane-rush between city departments.

Nov. 6. Hinman prize oratorical contest. 7 Football at Champaign:
Northwestern, 12; Illinois, 4. 8 University sermon by Dr. Milton S. Terry.
9 Work begun on bleachers in athletic field; Professor Clark heads force of
students. 13 Opening of first annual lecture course under auspices of College
Christian Associations. 14 Football: Northwestern, 6; Chicago, 18. 26
Football at Evanston: Northwestern, 6; Wisconsin, 6. 27 Banquet to
football team given by M. M. Kirkman. Old astronomical clock placed in
University Hall and controlled by electrical connection with Dearborn Ob-

Dec. 3. Opening of three-day bazaar for benefit of University Settlement
at residence of Mr. John B. Kirk. Captain Van Doozer of football team pre-
sented with a University pillow.


Jan. 10. University sermon by Rev. Dr. Cleveland. 12 Preliminary
debate contest. 15 Shaffer prize contest. By settlement of Fayerweather
will case, University receives $128,000. 28 Day of prayer for colleges. 29
Debate between the College and Law School to decide contestants in Wiscon-
sin-Northwestern debate; College wins. 31 University sermon by Rev. Dr.
Elliott of Philadelphia. Report of football manager shows surplus of $393.84.

Feb. Central Debating League organized, comprising Northwestern Uni-
versity, Universities of Chicago, Wisconsin and Michigan. 19 Annual mid-
winter banquet of Alumni Association at Sherman House, Chicago. 20
First place won in track meet at First Regiment Armory. 26 Open track
meet under auspices of Chicago University at First Regiment Armory. North-
western ties with Chicago. 28 University sermon by Rev. Dr. McPherson
of Chicago.


March. 5. Preliminary contest for Northern Oratorical League. Rogers'
debating club organized, W. E. Bennett, president. 12 First of a series of
University lectures given by President Rogers in Assembly Hall. Football
rule adopted prohibiting students from playing for more than four years in
the aggregate as an undergraduate, 'or more than two [additional years as a
post-graduate student. Gamma Delta Sigma, local fraternity, organized.

April 1. Second University lecture by Dr. Marcy in Assembly Hall. 2
Gage debate contest. 5 Death of Orrington Lunt. 8 Funeral services for
Mr. Lunt at First M. E. church conducted by Drs. Little, Bradley, Sheppard,
and Bristol. 9 Third public University lecture by Professor Baird in As-
sembly Hall. 16 Fourth University lectufe by Professor Pearson. 17
Last number of lecture course under auspices of Christian Associations. 23
Fifth University lecture by Professor Curme. 24 Baseball : Northwestern,
7;Beloit, 2. 26 Dedication of School of Music building. Baseball: North-
western, 4 ; Wisconsin, 3. Faculty decide in favor of semester system. 30
Northwestern-Wisconsin debate lost by a majority vote.

May 1. Annual concert of Glee, Banjo, and Mandolin* Clubs. 7 Junior
play, "Mr. Bob," presented at Bailey's Opera House. 8 Performance re-
peated. Baseball: Northwestern, 9; Beloit, 7. No Syllabus issued this
year. 10 Baseball: Northwestern, 15; Ohio State, 6. Track meet at
Chicago Coliseum. Twenty-three medals (fourteen for first place) and two
banners won by North western's team. 17 First of series of lectures by Dr.
Basil L. Gildersleeve of Johns Hopkins University. 18 Constitution of Cen-
tral Debating League adopted. 19 Baseball: Northwestern, 6 ; Lake Forest,
2. 20 Tennis team wins from Lake Forest, 6-3. 22 Baseball: North-
western, 9; Nebraska, 4. Field day, to decide representatives for Western
Intercollegiate meet. Student court for prevention of fraud in examinations
ceases to exist. 31 Closing exercises of German department. Play, "Ein
Knopf," presented. Germania Maennerchor and Fisk Quartet furnish music.

June 5. Western Intercollegiate track meet on South Side ball park,
Chicago. Seniors appear in soft, white hats with purple band. 11 "Trig"
cremation; play, "A Dream of Zenda," presented on athletic field; admission
ten cents. 13 Baccalaureate address by President Rogers. 14 Class day
on campus. Introductory speech by class president; poem, Miss Carman;
oration, Ridings; prophecy, Miss Irvine; song, "Fair Northwestern," written
by Miss Carman, music by P. C. Lutkin; reception by senior class to trustees,
faculty and friends at Woman's Hall. 15 Kirk prize contest. 16 Address
before Phi Beta Kappa by Dr. Robert M. Wenley of University of Michigan.
Alumni reception. Address before alumni by Dr. John H. Barrows. Presi-
dent's reception at rooms of University Guild, Lunt Library. 17 Thirty-
ninth Commencement exercises of the University at Auditorium. Address by
Rev. Bishop Henry W. Warren of Denver.

Sept. Semester system begins. Professor James A. James takes chair of
History of Continental Europe. Professor Edouard Baillot, chair of Romance
Languages. O. F. Long appears as Instructor in Latin. Large bulletin board,
divided into sections for use of different departments, placed in hallway of
University Hall. Cement walk placed along west side of campus from Uni-
versity Place to Emerson Street.



Oct. 1. Reception to students by Christian Associations. 9 Football:
Northwestern, 6; Beloit, 0. 10 Address by Bishop Vincent in interest of
University Settlement. 16 Football: Northwestern, 6; Iowa, 12. Ath-
letic field becomes known as Sheppard field. 22 Joint debate of Hinman
Literary Society and Rogers Debating Club. 23 Football at Marshall field :
Northwestern, 6; Chicago, 21. Opening of annual lecture course under
auspices of Christian Associations. 30 Football : Northwestern, 6 ; Physi-
cians and Surgeons, 0. "College night" at Y. M. C. A. building, Chicago.

Nov. 6. Football: Northwestern, 14; Rush Medical College, 0. 8
First number of a course of five lectures by Burton Holmes under auspices of
University Settlement. 13 Football: Northwestern, 25; Northwestern
alumni, 0. New Adelphic literary society organized. 25 Football on Shep-
pard field: Northwestern, 0; Wisconsin, 22. German library of 2,533 vol-
umes is purchased for the University through the efforts of Professors Cohn
and Hatfield. Minnesota University takes place of Wisconsin in Central De-
bating League.

Dec. 10. Frances E. Willard addresses students in Assembly Hall, giving
reminiscences of her connection with the University. 30 and 31 Meeting of
Chicago section of American Mathematical Society. 30 On this and two
succeeding days occurs third annual meeting of Modern Language Association
of America, under auspices of Northwestern University.


Jan. Western College Baseball League formed, comprising Northwestern
University and the Universities of Chicago, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
14 Cleveland contest. 15 Intersociety debating league formed, comprising
Hinman, Adelphic, Rogers and the Athanasian Society of Garrett Biblical
Institute. 21 Annual concert of Glee, Banjo, and Mandolin Clubs. Gamma
Delta Sigma becomes Gamma Beta chapter of Sigma Nu fraternity. 22
Track meet at First Regiment Armory, Chicago. Second place won. 27
Day of prayer for colleges.

Feb. 10. Second semester begins. 12 Mid-winter banquet of North-
western Alumni Association at Lunt Library. Portrait of Dr. Marcy pre-
sented by the Association to University. Lincoln celebration of Deutsche
Gesellschaft, assisted by Swiss Maennerchor of Chicago. 18 Series of free
University lectures at Swift Hall is opened by Professor Coe. 19 Track
meet with University of Chicago at University of Chicago gymnasium. North-
western wins, 47-39. 21 and 22 Conference of librarians held at Lunt Li-
brary. 24 Funeral services for Frances E. Willard. 25 Second University
lecture by Professor Locy. 27 University sermon by Rev. Dr. Frank Crane
of Chicago.

March 4. University lecture by Professor James. 5 Indoor intercol-
legiate athletic meet at TattersalFs, Chicago. Third place. 11 Preliminary
contest of Northwestern branch of Northern Oratorical League. 18 Uni-
versity lecture by Professor Clark. 19 Hinman- Adelphic debate won by
former. Catalogue for 1897-1898 issued. Total registration in College, 587.
31 Settlement benefit at Woman's Hall.

April 1. University lecture by Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller. First of


series of lectures under auspices of University Guild by Professor William
Knight of St. Andrew's University, Scotland. 2 Baseball: Northwestern,
15; Rush Medical College, 4. 3 University sermon by Dr. Charles Little.
7 Lecture by Professor Minton Warren of Johns Hopkins University at
Lunt Library. 9 Baseball: Northwestern, 7; Illinois, 30. College women
organize basket-ball team. 12 Raymond debate contest of Hinman Society.
15 Gage debate. Baseball: Northwestern, 7; Beloit, 19. 16 Junior
play, "Our Boys," presented at Bailey's Opera House. Baseball: North-
western, 6 ; Wisconsin, 15. Inter-class Athletic Association organized. 20
Baseball: Northwestern, 3; Chicago, 10. 22 Meeting called after chapel to
consider matter of enlistment in United States Army for Spanish-American
War. Committee appointed to report on the 25th. 23 Baseball: North-
western, 2 ; Michigan, 7. 25 Large gathering of students resolves that com-
mittee of three be appointed to receive enlistments and place them at disposal
of governor of Illinois. Committee: Professor Holgate, E. R. Perry, and
Frank McCluskey. 28 Basket-ball : Northwestern, 2 ; Armour Institute, 8.
Inter-class games begin. 29 Illustrated lecture by Professor Crook under
auspices of Woman's Club for benefit of Settlement. Baseball : Northwest-
ern, 4 ; Michigan, 15. 30 Basket-ball : Northwestern, ; Oak Park, 1 1 .

May 2. Baseball: Northwestern, 4; Illinois, 8. 6 Intercollegiate con-
test of Northern Oratorical League at Evanston. Northwestern' s orator,
George T. Nesmith, wins second place. 7 Track meet with University of
Chicago on Sheppard field; won, 71-54. Baseball, Northwestern, 1; Chi-
cago, 6. Company of student volunteers drills on grounds north of athletic
field five days in the week. 10 Syllabus issued by junior class. 14
Inter-class field meet won by freshmen. Baseball: Northwestern, 2; Wis-
consin, 15. 18 Northwestern, 1 ; Chicago, 8. 21 Tennis tournament with
University of Chicago. New 48-page book of Northwestern songs issued.
Editors: Professors J. S. Clark, J. T. Hatfield, A. J. Crook. "Cheer for the
Purple," written by E. H. Eversz, '95, becomes popular. 27 Tennis tourna-
ment with University of Chicago. Hinman-Rogers debate for championship
in inter-society league; Hinman wins. Sophomore women present play,
"Convention of Ungathered Spinsters," at Music Hall. 30 Baseball: North-
western, 5; Illinois, 3. Closing exercises of German department at Music
Hall. Germania Maennerchor furnishes music. Play, "An der Majorsecke,"
presented. 31 Custom of making last chapel service a special one, called
"Senior Chapel," is established by class of '98. Class marches in, attired in
cap and gown. President Rogers conducts service. Talk by Mrs. Miller.
Statistics of class by Professor Atwell, Registrar. Speeches by Professors
Holgate and Hatfield. Baseball : Northwestern, 3 ; Lake Forest, 1.

June 4. Western Intercollegiate meet in Chicago. Second place won.
Baseball at Ann Arbor: Northwestern, 2; Michigan, 5. Result of season of
league games: Won, 1; lost, 8. 9 "Trig" cremation on Sheppard field at 8
p. M. Admission, fifteen cents. Play, "The Heart of Northwestern," pre-
sented. 10 Local field day. 12 Baccalaureate address by Rev. Dr.
Arthur Edwards of Chicago. 13 Class day exercises in Assembly Hall be-
cause of weather. Classes in distinctive attire. History, Miss Metcalf;
poem ; Bell; palm reading, Nesmith; class song, written by Miss Barker; ora-


tion, Froula; prophecy, Pendleton; gifts, Haller. Ivy planted at northwest
corner of Lunt Library by president Tomlinson. Class entertained at Wo-
man's Hall. Marble bust of Frances E. Willard placed in Library and pre-
sented to University by J. C. Shaffer of Evanston. 14 Kirk contest. 15
Annual meeting of Alumni Association ; authorities of University requested to
consider establishment of a naval department. Address before Phi Beta
Kappa society in Memorial Hall by President John H. Finley of Knox College.
Alumni banquet at Avenue House. President's reception in University Guild
rooms. 16 Fortieth Commencement of the University at Auditorium.
Sixty-six graduates of College of Liberal Arts. Address by President James
H. Canfield of Ohio State University. Attendance during past year at College
of Liberal Arts, 587. Total number of bound volumes in library, 37,366;
pamphlets, 23,400. Fayerweather Professorship of Physics established. Mrs.
Emily Huntington Miller resigns as Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of
English Literature. Professor James T. Hatfield obtains leave of absence to
enlist in United States Navy for war with Spain.

Sept. Iron fence placed about the campus. Wire fences placed across
paths to allow the grass to grow. Football coach, W. J. Bannard of Prince-
ton University, secured. Training table for first and second elevens. Miss
Mary Harriott Norris becomes Dean of Women. 23 "College night"
inaugurated. Percy Thomas and S. P. Hart originators. Headed by Evans-
ton military band, students march to residences of faculty members to invite
them to a mass meeting in Assembly Hall. Meeting presided over by Professor
Atwell. College songs ; speeches by President Rogers and members of faculty.
27 At an after-chapel meeting Professor Coe presents question of a Uni-

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