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versity band. In evening officers elected.

Oct. 7. Opening of lecture course under auspices of Christian Associations.
8 Football on Sheppard field : Northwestern, 17; Beloit, 11. Reception to
students by Christian Associations at Evanston Y. M. C. A. building. 9 An-
nual address in interest of University Settlement given by Rev. Samuel Smith
of St. Paul. 15 Tennis tournament. Football: Northwestern, 11; Physi-
cians and Surgeons, 2. 20 History Club organized, open to all students of
history. 21 Peace Jubilee and Lafayette Memorial exercises. University
band heads procession to Assembly Hall, Lunt Library. President Rogers
presides and pays tribute to fifty students who enlisted from various depart-
ments of the University for Spanish-American War. Speeches by Andrew
Cooke, '99, of the First Illinois Cavalry, Joseph Dutton and A. G. Morse.
Reading byR. B. Dennis. Patriotic music. 22 Football on Marshall field :
Northwestern, 5; Chicago, 34. 23 University sermon by Rev. Dr. Macafee.
28 Rogers- Adelphic debate won by former. 29 Football : Northwestern,
27; Lake Forest, 0. "College night" at Central Music Hall, Chicago. Hal-
lowe'en celebration by colleges in and around Chicago. Dr. C. M. Hollister of
Beloit becomes gymnasium Director and baseball Coach.

Nov. 3. Fourth University "sing" at Assembly Hall at 5 p. M. College
songs practiced under direction of Professor Lutkin. 4 Hinman-Athan-
asian debate won by former. 5 Football: Northwestern, 5; Michigan, 6.
10 Preliminary debate to decide team to meet Michigan University. 11
Rev. Dr. Nacy McGee Waters and Harry F. Ward, '97, address students on

Rev. Dr


behalf of Settlement work. 12 Football: Northwestern, 6; Minnesota, 17.
24 Football on Sheppard field: Northwestern, 0; Wisconsin, 47.

Dec. 1. University "sing" at Woman's Hall. 2 Woman's basket-ball
team defeats Academy, 20-1. 4 University ^ermon by Rev. Dr. Newell
Dwight Hillis. 10 Sophomore minstrel performance at Bailey's Opera
House followed by reception to faculty and students. 15 Sixth University


Jan. 5. Seniors appear in soft gray h$ts with purple band. 13 Cleve-
land declamation contest. Northwestern-Michigan debate at Ann Arbor,
lost. Representatives: Perry, Lederer, Cooke. 14 Goethe Commemora-
tion exercises for benefit of Strassburg monument fund are held in Swift Hall
under direction of Professor Henry Cohn. 20 Hinman-Rogers debate ; finals
won by former. 21 Basket-ball: Northwestern, 6; Oak Park High School,
16. 26 Day of prayer for colleges. 27 Formal opening of Fisk Hall, the
Academy building. Addresses by Dr. Fisk, President Rogers, Dr. Sheppard
.and alumni of Academy. Junior play, "All the Comforts of Home," pre-
sented at Bailey's Opera House.

Feb. 10. Banquet of senior classes of all departments at Palmer House,
Chicago. Toastmaster, Andrew Cooke of College of Liberal Arts. 12 Life-
saving crew makes perilous trip off Highland Park in search of a party of skat-
ers adrift on ice floe. 18 Athletic jollification at gymnasium, under auspices
of Y. M. C. A. 22 Customary observation of Washington's birthday; Judge
Neely, orator of the day. Basket-ball : Northwestern women, 2 ; Englewood
High School, 10. 24 Professor Hatfield reads from the Vulgate at chapel ser-

March 10. Entertainment at Fisk Hall for benefit of athletics. Music by
University band and quartette. Songs by Professor Karleton Hackett.
Readings by Professor Cumnock. Dr. Hollister becomes Instructor in Physi-
cal Culture. 17 Preliminary contest of Northwestern branch of Northern
Oratorical League. 20 Death of Dr. Oliver Marcy, Dean of the College; for
37 years Professor; thrice Acting President of the University. 22 Funeral
services for Dr. Marcy. Two lines of students formed, extending from Dr.
Marcy 's home to the Methodist church; between these lines the coffin is car-
ried. Funeral address delivered by Dr. Fisk. 24 Settlement benefit at
Woman's Hall. Self-government- Association of Woman's Hall organized.
30 Woman's edition of Northwestern issued; Ruth *S. Phillippi, editor-in-
chief, and Anna Metcalf, business manager.

April 1. Meeting of Chicago section of American Mathematical Society
held in University Hall. 2 University sermon by Dr. F. A. Noble of Chi-
cago. 14 Gage debate contest. 17 Herr Reicher of Berlin appears before
students of German department in some of his leading roles. 22 Base-
ball: Northwestern, 14; Beloit, 19. 24 Northwestern, 10; Wisconsin, 11.
28 Inter-class field meet on Sheppard field won by freshmen. Raymond de-
bate. Syllabus issued by junior class. 29 Maro, the magician, gives
performances under auspices of Northwestern branch of Northern Oratorical


May 1. Baseball: Northwestern, 9; Illinois, 12. 5 Annual contest of
Northern Oratorical League at Oberlin, Ohio. Third place won by Barry Gil-
bert. 6 Baseball: Northwestern, 3; Beloit, 4. 13 Baseball on Marshall
field : Northwestern, 4 ; Chicago, 6. Tennis tournament with University of
Chicago won by Northwestern. Dual track meet with University of Chicago,
won by Chicago. 16 First of a series of weekly evening concerts by Uni-
versity band on campus. 17 Baseball: Northwestern, 3; Lake Forest, 0.
20 Baseball: Northwestern, 3; Illinois, 9. University League organized,
composed of College women not residing at Woman's Hall or College Cottage.
24 Tennis team defeats Lake Forest. 28 Senior joint meeting of Christian
Associations on campus. 29 Senior chapel. Speeches by Miss Norris, Presi-
dent Rogers, and Professor Coe. Statistics read by Professor Atwell. Senior
song. 30 Closing exercises by German department held in Music Hall.
Play, "Versalzen," presented. 31 "Enthusiasm meeting" after chapel;
speech by F. P. Jolly. Students' Settlement Association organized to provide
workers for University Settlement.

June 1. Baseball: Northwestern, 7; Wisconsin, 4. 3 Western Inter-
collegiate track meet. 7 Baseball: Northwestern, 2; Chicago, 1. 9
"Trig" cremation on Sheppard field. Variety performance and farce, "Trig,"
presented by freshmen. 11 Baccalaureate sermon by Rev. Joseph F. Berry.
12 Class day. Morning: more serious part of exercises given at Luht Li-
brary; opening address by Professor Coe; oration, Nesmith; poem, Miss Colvin.
Afternoon: procession from Woman's Hall to Old Oak on south of campus;
seniors in black cap and gown; juniors, lavender; sophomores, white duck cos-
tumes and broad-brimmed straw hats; freshmen, green cap and gown. His-
tory, Bobb ; prophecy, King ; gifts, Prickett. Planting of class elm tree. Din-
ner and reception to seniors at Woman's Hall. 13 Kirk contest. 14 Ad-
dress before Phi Beta Kappa by Chancellor McDowell of University of Denver.
President's reception in Guild rooms. 15 Alumni banquet at Auditorium
Hotel. Forty-first Commencement at Auditorium. Seventy-nine graduates
of College of Liberal Arts. Address by Dr. Buckley of New York. Miss Nor-
ris resigns as Dean of Women.

Sept. Dr. U. S. Grant becomes Professor of Geology; Miss Anna Bowen,
'94, Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of English Literature; Dr. A. W.
Patten, '70, Professor of Biblical Instruction. 30 Football: Northwestern,
0; Northwestern alumni, 18.

Oct. 6. .Reception to students by Christian Associations. 7 Track meet
on Sheppard field; ten events. 9 About six hundred students of the Uni-
versity take part in the Chicago Day parade viewed by President McKinley.
14 Football at Madison: Northwestern, 0; Wisconsin, 38. 17 President
McKinley speaks to gathering of students and townspeople from train plat-
form when passing through Evanston. 20 First semi-final inter-society
debate, Adelphic versus Athanasian, won by latter. 21 Football: North-
western, 0; Beloit, 11. Opening of annual students' lecture course. 26
Football: Northwestern, 16; Lake Forest, 0. 27 Final inter-society de-
bate, Adelphic vs. Athanasian; championship won by latter. 28 "College
night" at Central Y. M. C. A. building, Chicago. Glee, Banjo, and Mandolin
Clubs reorganize. Post-graduate Club organized.


Nov. 4. Football: Northwestern, 11; Minnesota, 5. 6 Celebration of
football victory. 11 Football: Northwestern, 0; Chicago, 76. 13 De-
bate between College and Law School for Gage prizes and to choose represen-
tatives in intercollegiate debate. 17 Reception to College women by Kappa
Alpha Theta. 18 Football: Northwestern, if; Indiana, 6. 24 Sopho-
more class presents farce, "The Obstinate Family," and a "Deestrick Skule,"
for the benefit of athletics. 25 Football : Northwestern, 29 ; Purdue, 0.
Banquet to team at Old College ; Professor Clark, toastmaster.

Dec. 6. Faculties of various departments hold banquet at Palmer House.
8 Junior play, "My Friend from India," presented at Fisk Hall. Coffee
Club reorganized; meetings in chapel of Ol(? College. 15 Reception to wo-
men students by the Y. W. C. A. at Guild rooms. Addresses by Mrs. Henry
Wade Rogers and Professor Hatfield. 17 University sermon by Dr. A. W.


Jan. 12. Northwestern-Minnesota debate lost at Minneapolis. Settle-
ment benefit by Thalian Dramatic Club of School of Oratory under auspices of
University Woman's Club. 25 Day of prayer for colleges. 26 Annual
home concert of Glee and Mandolin Clubs assisted by University Quartette.
27 Death of Rev. Richard Haney, one of founders of University. 28
Death of Anna M. Bowen, '94, Dean of Women.

Feb. 6. Faculty votes not to grant degree of Bachelor of Letters after
1904. 7 Mrs. Emily Huntington Miller elected Dean of Women. 12
Lincoln commemoration by Deutsche Gesellschaft assisted by Swiss Maenner-
chor. 16 Cleveland declamation contest. 17 "Big Nine," comprising
Universities of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota,
Purdue University, University of Chicago, and Northwestern University, be-
comes controlling body of Western Intercollegiate Athletic Association. 22
Washington anniversary address by Judge Tuthill. Banquet of senior
classes of all departments at Leland Hotel, Chicago. 24 Alumni "stag"
party at University Settlement. 26 Track meet with Evanston Y. M. C. A.
won by Northwestern. 28 Address by President Eliot of Harvard Uni-
versity at Fisk Hall.

March 7. Preliminary Northern Oratorical League contest. Seniors
appear in soft gray class hats. 9 Lecture by Bishop McCabe for benefit of
University Settlement. 15 Woman's edition of Northwestern issued;
Blanche E. Snider, editor-in-chief; Helen Baker and Jennie Scott, business
managers. 16 Athletic benefit at Fisk Hall. Program given by Glee and
Mandolin Clubs, University Quartette, Miss Neal and Messrs. Dennis, Tilroe,
and Logan. 17 Track meet with Central Y. M. C. A. of Chicago lost. 21
Death of Professor Cohn. 23 Funeral services for Professor Cohn, conducted
at Fisk Hall by Dr. Little and Rabbi Moses. C. A. Eggert becomes tempo-
rary instructor in German; Professor W. K. Clement takes charge of Dr. Bon-
bright's classes during latter's absence. 30 Entertainment at Central Music
Hall, Chicago, for benefit of new gymnasium fund. Program by Glee and
Mandolin Clubs, University Quartette, and Thalian Dramatic Club, under
auspices of Alumni Association.


April 10. Baseball: Northwestern, 4; Chicago, 10. 14 Northwestern,
6 ; Beloit, 7. Meeting of Chicago section of American Mathematical Society at
University Hall. 17 Baseball: Northwestern, 7; Chicago, 6. 20 North-
western, 3; Michigan, 8. 21 Inter-class field meet won by sophomores.
26 Syllabus issued by junior class. 27 Baseball: Northwestern, 3; Illi-
nois, 4. 28 Northwestern, 2; Chicago, 12.

May 1. Recitations suspended on account of "Dewey Day." 4 Lecture
by Professor Coe, under auspices of local branch of Northern Oratorical
League, Debating Board and University Settlement. Contest of Northern
Oratorical League at Madison. Percy Thomas, '00, wins first place. 5
Settlement benefit at Woman's Hall. Dual track meet with Iowa State Uni-
versity at Iowa City. Thirteen events. Northwestern wins. 6 Governor
Shaw of Iowa addresses students at Fisk Hall. 8 Hinman debate for Ray-
mond prizes. 10 Baseball: Northwestern, 8; Iowa, 10. 11 North-
western, 0; Beloit, 8. 12 Dual track meet with Beloit College on Sheppard
field. Northwestern wins, 23-12. Baseball at Madison: Northwestern, 11;
Wisconsin, 12. 13 President Bashford of Ohio Wesleyan University ad-
dresses students at Fisk Hall. 17 Baseball: Northwestern, 7; Wisconsin,
2. Catalogue for 1899-1900 issued. "Sketches in Purple" issued by English
department. 20 Chancellor McDowell addresses students at Sunday mass
meeting. 21 Baseball: Northwestern, 10; Purdue, 3. Alumni banquet.
Toasts by Dr. F. M. Bristol, '77, President Rogers, Bishop Fowler (former
President), President Crawford, '84, of Allegheny College, President McClish,
'74, of University of the Pacific, Dean A. H. Briggs, '81, of Iliff School of The-
ology. 28 Baseball : Northwestern, 3 ; Oberlin, 2. 29 Senior chapel.

June 1. Baseball: Northwestern, 7; Chicago, 12. "Trig" cremated on
Sheppard field. Play, "Trigby's Aunt." 2 Western Intercollegiate field
meet at Ravens wood. 9 Baseball: Northwestern, 4; Minnesota, 5. 10
Baccalaureate address by Rev. Eli McClish, '74, President of University of the
Pacific. 11 Class day. Morning: Exercises at Assembly Hall; oration,
Hoagland; poem, Thomas; address by Prof. James. Ivy planted at right of
entrance to Lunt Library; ivy orator, Miss Bragdon. Afternoon: Proces-
sion from Woman's Hall to Old Oak on campus. Seniors in black cap and
gown, juniors in purple and gold, sophomores in white and old rose with palm-
leaf mortar-boards, freshmen dressed as children. History, Miss Drew;
prophecy, Miss Metcalf ; pipe of peace; gifts, Woolbert. Reception to seniors
at College Cottage. 12 President Rogers resigns. Kirk contest. 13
Annual meeting of Phi Beta Keppa. Business meeting of Alumni Associa-
tion. Informal reception to alumni at residence of Dr. M. C. Bragdon. Ad-
dress before the Phi Beta Kappa by Prof. Paul Shorey of University of Chi-
cago. President's reception at University Guild rooms. 14 Forty-second
Commencement. Exercises at Auditorium; address by President Cyrus
Northrop of University of Minnesota. Eighty-one graduates of the College.

Sept. Dr. Daniel Bonbright becomes Acting President of the University.
Room at northwest corner of University Hall becomes study-room for women,
alumnae providing furnishings for it. Mrs. Martha Foote Crow becomes Dean
of Women and Assistant Professor of English Literature; Dr. J. E. George, '95,
becomes Instructor in Political Economy; Dr. W. D. Scott, '95, in Psychology


and Pedagogy; Dr. O. C. Kellogg in English Language; Georg Edward and Dr.
Marcus Simpson in German. 29 Football: Northwestern, 0; Physicians
and Surgeons, 6. University band makes initial appearance of the year.

Oct. Annual fall tennis tournament; twenty-seven entries in singles and
eleven in doubles. 6 Coffee Club resumes its 'meetings in Old College.
Football : Northwestern, 6 ; Rush Medical College, 0. 12 Annual fall track
meet on Sheppard field. Joint reception to students by Christian Associa-
tions. 13 Football: Northwestern, 12; Indiana, 0. Young Men's Repub-
lican Club reorganized. Athanasian Society withdraws from inter-society
debates. 19 Miss Josephine Stahl, College missionary in India, addresses
students in chapel. 20 Football : Northw^tern, ; Illinois, 0. Announce-
ment of gift of $30,000 by Dr. D. K. Pearsons for a new dormitory for women.
26 Hinman-Adelphic debate won by former. 27 Football: Northwest-
ern, 6;Beloit, 6.

Nov. 2. Rogers-Hinman debate won by latter. Hiriman debate team
chosen to represent College in intercollegiate contest. 3 Football : North-
western, 11; Knox, 5. 9 Opening of annual students' lecture course.
10 Football on Marshall field: Northwestern, 5; Chicago, 0. Faculties of
the College and Garrett Biblical Institute form a social organization, the
University Union. 17 Football at Minneapolis: Northwestern, 0; Minne-
sota, 21. 29 Thanksgiving game at Rock Island: Northwestern, 5; Iowa,
5. Season closes with Northwestern third in the "Big Nine."

Dec. 6. Football number of Northwestern issued. Banquet to football
men in Old College, Professor Gray toastmaster. Gage debate contest. 14
Junior play, "A Bachelor's Romance," presented at Fisk Hall. 17 Banquet
to football team at Chicago Athletic Club.


Jan. Library hours extended to include period from 7 to 9 p. M. 5
University League reception; Miss Jane Addams speaks to women. 7 Col-
lege basket-ball team defeats Evanston team, 12-5. 8 Glee, Mandolin, and
Banjo Clubs begin their season. 11 Northwestern-Chicago debate lost by
majority vote. Freshmen appear in red caps. 17 Reception to College
women by Kappa Alpha Theta. 19 Reception to Y. W. C. A. by Y. M. C. A.
at Evanston Association building. 24 Northwestern publishes cuts of "pro-
posed new buildings" : gymnasium, dining-hall/men's dormitory, art building,
Marcy Hall and a chapel. 25 Annual home concert of Glee, Banjo, and Man-
dolin Clubs at Fisk Hall. 28 Founders' day. Semi-centennial of signing of
University's charter celebrated by banquet at Auditorium Hotel, Chicago;
E. L. Shuman, '87, toastmaster; toasts responded to by Judge Horton, Presi-
dent Little of Garrett Biblical Institute, Judges Grosscup and Burke, Col. F. O.
Lowden, Dr. J. B. Murphy, Rev. P. H. Swift, '81. Songs by Glee Club and
readings by Professor Cumnock. University basket-ball team defeats Evan-
ston Y. M. C. A., 18-17. 29 Women's Debating Club organized.

Feb. 1. Sophomore play, "A Night Off," presented at Fisk Hall for benefit
of athletics. 18 Indoor athletic "try-out" at First Regiment Armory. 22
Washington anniversary address by Hon. C. H. Aldrich at Fisk Hall, under
auspices of History Club.


March 1. Banquet of senior classes of University at Victoria Hotel, Chi-
cago. Cleveland declamation contest. 3 College men addressed by John
R. Mott, Secretary of World's Christian Federation. 5 Preliminary contest
of Northern Oratorical League. Series of meetings for women conducted by
Miss Harriet Taylor, National Secretary of Y. W. C. A. 7 Settlement
number of Northwestern issued. 14 Woman's edition of Northwestern
issued; Edna M. Bronson, '02, editor-in-chief; Blanche Snider, '01, business
manager. 15 On occasion of visit from German consul, Dr. Wever, and staff,
the Deutsche Gesellschaft presents program in Swift Hall. Tremont House,
Chicago, purchased by the University to accommodate professional depart-
ments and administrative headquarters.

April 12. Annual inter-class field meet. Annual Settlement benefit at
Woman's Hall. 13 Baseball: Northwestern, 5; Rush Medical, 3. 18
Christian Association number of Northwestern issued. 19 Baseball:
Northwestern, 10; Lake Forest, 0. 20 Northwestern, 2; Chicago, 6. Hin-
man debate for Raymond prizes. 26 Syllabus issued by junior class.
27 Baseball : Northwestern, 3 ; Chicago, 4.

May 2. Baseball: Northwestern, 6; Illinois, 2. 3 Final contest of
Northern Oratorical League at Iowa City. Seventh place. Dual track meet
lost to Beloit College on Sheppard field. "Sorority race" run by chosen men.
4 Baseball: Northwestern, 6; Wisconsin, 7. 10 Northwestern, 5; Beloit,
13. 18 Track meet with First Regiment on Sheppard field; Northwestern
wins, 76-55. Baseball at Champaign: Northwestern, 0; Illinois, 10. First
number of Northwestern University Bulletin issued, to be published quarterly,
including annual catalogue. 24 "The Woes of College Life," shown by
stereopticon views of campus snap-shots, for benefit of local branch of North-
ern Oratorical League. 25 University Guild formally presents art collection
to University. Track meet at Champaign lost, 60-52; Northwestern wins
eight firsts out of fourteen. 28 Annual supper to College men given by
Y. M. C. A. at Old College. 31 "Trig" play, "Trigobolus," presented by
freshmen on Sheppard field.

June 1. Closing exercises of German department at Swift Hall. K. E.
Pease, '01, takes Miss Stahl's place as North western's student missionary.
Second volume of "Sketches in Purple" issued by English department. Se-
nior chapel. 16 Baccalaureate address by Rev. Dr. Dorchester, Jr., of St.
Louis. 17 Class day. Morning: Exercises at Lunt Library; oration, Dut-
ton ; address by Prof. Coe ; poem, Miss Williams ; class song. Presentation to
the University of stone bench on campus south of University Hall ; address by
H. E. Russell. Afternoon : Procession from Woman's Hall to south campus;
seniors in black cap and gown, juniors in purple and white, sophomores in red
and yellow, freshmen in red and green. History, Miss Payton; prophecy,
Miss Reynolds; gifts, Dennis; pipe of peace. 18 Kirk contest. Name of
Woman's Hall changed to Willard Hall. 19 Address before Phi Beta
Kappa society by President Thwing of Western Reserve University. Presi-
dent's reception in University Guild rooms. 20 Forty-third Commence-
ment at Auditorium. One hundred and one graduates of the College. Ad-
dress by Chancellor Day of Syracuse University. Grand Prairie Seminary
affiliated with the University. College Y. M. C. A. is incorporated.


Sept. Dr. O. H. Basquin becomes Associate Professor of Physics; Dr. E. I.
McCormac, Instructor in History; J. P. Odell, '94, in English Language; W. J.
Keller, '00, in Greek. Y. W. C. A. secures its first General Secretary, Miss
Kitchel, a graduate of Smith College. Course in engineering established.

Oct. 11. Dedication of Chapin Hall, new dormitory for women, on corner
of University Place and Sherman Ave. Address by Bishop McCabe at Fisk
Hall. Reception to visiting members of Rock River Conference. 12 Foot-
ball: Northwestern, 2; Notre Dame, 0. 15 Hinman-Athanasian debate,
first preliminary for intercollegiate contest. Hands of tower clock, presented
by '79, are stolen. Class of '02 replaces them with new ones. 18 Annual
reception to students by Christian Associations. 19 Football: North-
western, 0; Michigan, 29. 25 Debate team meets Adelphic team in second
preliminary debate. 26 Football: Northwestern, 17; Illinois, 11. Wo-
men's Debating Club resumes meetings.

Nov. 1. Reception to College women by Kappa Kappa Gamma. 7
Debate with Law School team. College representatives chosen for North-
western-Michigan debate. 9 Football: Northwestern, 6; Chicago, 5.
Opening of Y. M. C. A. lecture course. 16 Football: Northwestern, 11;
Beloit, 11. 23 Northwestern, 0; Minnesota, 16. Senior men appear in silk
hats, senior women in mortar-boards. 28 Football: Northwestern, 18;
Purdue, 0. Season ends with Northwestern in fourth place in "Big Nine."

Dec. Society of "Knights of the Marble Heart" appears among senior men.
Chi chapter of Chi Omega sorority established. 5 Northwestern University
Club of New England is organized at Boston. 6 Annual banquet to football
men. 12 New University Settlement house opened. 16 Cross-country
running club organized. Chapter of the "Red Domino," women's dramatic
society, installed.


Jan. 10. Northwestern-Michigan debate lost at Ann Arbor. Freshman
cap and sophomore hat appear. 17 Junior play, "Because She Loved Him
So," presented at Fisk Hall. 18 Address by and reception to Mrs. Mary
Hartwell Catherwood under auspices of University League. 20 W T omen's
basket-ball team defeats Evanston High School. 21 Dr. Edmund J. James
of University of Chicago elected President of the University. Series of con-
certs by University band at skating rink. 27 Basket-ball : Northwestern,
18; Evanston High School, 12. 28 Second Founders' day banquet, under
auspices of Northwestern University Club of Chicago, at Auditorium. Dr.
Daniel Bonbright presides. President-elect and Mrs. James guests of honor.
Dr. C. M. Stuart, toastmaster. 30 Day of prayer for colleges. 31 Annual
home concert of Glee and Mandolin Clubs, assisted by Woman's Glee Club and
the Orchestral Quartette.

Feb. 21. Cleveland contest. 22 Washington anniversary; address by
Professor J. A. James at Willard Hall. 26 Northwestern sends banner dele-
gation of fifty to International Convention of Student Volunteer Movement at
Toronto. 28 Annual promenade of Pan-Hellenic Association at Country

March 8. Sophomore play, "What Became of Parker," presented at Fisk


Hall. 10 Preliminary contest of Northern Oratorical League. 18 Presi-
dent James greets students after chapel exercises. 27 First of series of lec-
tures under auspices of department of Economics. 29 First Regiment track
meet; thirty-seven teams compete ; Northwestern wins third place.

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