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Heavy Artillery; advanced to Captain and to Major. Clergyman, Methodist
Episcopal. Pastor at Monticello, 1870-72; at Clinton until 1875. President
of Illinois Wesleyan University, 1875-88. Pastor at Atlanta, 111., until March

Married (1) Sarah E. Campbell, 30 Aug. 1861 ; she died 14 Jan. 1866. (2)
Hannah W. Concklin, 27 Aug. 1867.

Children MARY AD ALINE, born 29 June 1863; died.
SARAH, born 5 Jan. 1866; died.
LULU M., born 8 Dec. 1869.
GRACE G., born 23 Aug. 1871.
CHARLES C., born 23 July 1873.
KATHARINE K., born 11 Nov. 1874.
Died 12 March 1890, at Hot Springs, Ark.


Born 31 March 1845, at Germantown, W. Va. Prepared in Rock River
Seminary and Northwestern University Academy. A. B. Delta Sigma Pi ;
Adelphic. 1873, A. M. 1870, B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. Clergy-
man, Methodist Episcopal. Pastor at eight stations in Illinois Conference,
1870-90. Presiding elder of Jacksonville District, 1890-96; pastor at Taylor-

ville, 1896-98; at Delavan, 111., 1898-1901 ; at Buffalo, 111., 1901 .

Married Fannie Stout, 1 Nov. 1870, at Byron, 111.
Children FLORA MAE, born 12 Aug. 1871.
FRANK L., born 5 March 1875.
LUNETTA, born 20 Aug. 1877.
ALICE A., born 11 April 1880.
Residence. Buffalo, 111.


Born 7 June 1843, at Bristol, Vt. Prepared at Hathaway Academy
B. S. Lawyer; dealer in real estate.

Married Sarah Caroline Carson of Chicago, 2 Oct. 1869.
Children EDITH I., born in 1874.

CAROLINE E., born in 1876.
Residence unknown.


BROTHER OF Nos. 31 AND 90, AND FATHER OF No. 1145.

Born 6 Jan. 1850, at Auburn, N. Y. Prepared in Northwestern Uni-
versity Academy. A. B. 1873, A. M. 1873, M. D. Adelphic. Sigma Chi.
Phi Beta Kappa. Professional study in Chicago Medical College, Hahnemann
Medical College, Philadelphia, and in Vienna. Physician, Evanston, 111., since
1873. Trustee of First M. E. church, Evanston; of Northwestern University
since 1899. Member of State Medical Society and American Institute of

Married Elizabeth Wayne Byerly, at Philadelphia, 6 June 1876.
Children ELIZABETH, born 25 Aug. 1878. (No. 1145).
WAYNE, born 15 Aug. 1880; died 8 July 1884.
CHARLES RIDGAWAY, bom 12 Sept. 1884. (In college 1901-).
SARA FRANCES, born 3 May 1886.
MERRITT C., JR., born 19 Nov. 1892.
Residence, 1709 Chicago Ave., Evanston, 111.


Born 28 March 1844, at Buckley, North Wales. Prepared in North-
western University Academy. A. B. 1873, A. M. 1872, B. D., Garrett Bib-
lical Institute. Missionary at Lucknow, India, until 1885; at Calcutta until
1887; at Naini Tal, 1887-93. Originated Sunday schools among natives of
India. Presiding elder four years. Agent of Methodist publishing
house for twenty years. Member of municipality of Lucknow. Trustee
Theological School, Boys' and Girls' School, Naini Tal, India. Compiled
series of diglot dictionaries (English and Hindustani), 1880-85; 250,000 sold
in a few years. Compiled many day and Sunday school books for mission
field. Edited Sunday school and church weekly. Originated Woman's
Friend, of India, now issued in five languages.

Married Jennie M. Wells of Chittenango, N. Y., 20 July 1870.

Children THEODORA T. (HAZZARD), born 9 March 1872. (Wife of No.


HENRY W., born 27 Nov. 1873.
JENNIE W., born 25 Jan. 1875.
MERRITT B., born 30 Dec. 1876.
Residence, 718 Clark St., Evanston, 111.


)rn 4 July 1839, in Washington Co., Md. Enlisted 30 Sept. 1861 in Co.
i\ 13th Illinois Cavalry, and served through the war. Prepared at Jennings
Seminary, Aurora. A. B. Adelphic. 1874, A. M. 1872, B. D., Garrett
Biblical Institute. Clergyman, Methodist Episcopal; Illinois Conference,
1872-80. Supt. of U. S. Indian School in Indian Territory, 1883-85. Justice
of Peace and Police Magistrate of Lajunta, Colo. Practicing law.
Residence, Lajunta, Colo.



Born 27 March 1844, at Strabane, County Tyrone, N. Ireland. Prepared
in Northwestern University Academy. A. B. A^elphic. 1873, A. M. 1871
B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. Post-graduate student Boston University,
1889. Clergyman, Methodist Episcopal. Missionary to India since 1871.
President N. India Conference, 1888. Secretary of same, 1891-2. Presiding
elder of Garhwal District since Jan. 1895. Member of the Garhwal district
board by appointment of Lieutenant Governor.

Published Gospel of St. Matthew in Garhwali dialect, 1875; "Hindi First
Book/' 7 editions; pamphlet on "Marriage in India," 1893; has a grammar of
Garhwali dialect in manuscript.

Married Mary Elizabeth Ensign, 6 Sept. 1871, at Kalamazoo, Mich.
Children FRANCIS H., born 3 March 1873.
BENSON E., born 28 May 1874.
WILLIAM G., born 7 Oct. 1875.
ELEANOR, born 9 Feb. 1877; died 22 April 1893.
JAMES R., born 17 Nov. 1879. (In college 1898-01) .
HARRY H., born 14 Dec. 1883.
Residence, Bareilly, N. P., India.


Born 2 Aug. 1839, at Greenfield, Pa. Prepared at Mt. Morris, 111. A. B.
1874, A. M. 1870, B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. Served in Civil War.
Clergyman, Methodist Episcopal; preached in Illinois until Dec. 1878, among
his charges being University Church in Bloomington and Trinity Church in
Quincy. Removed to San Antonio, Tex., on account of ill health. Pastor
at Mason, Tex.

Married NeUie L. Case, Aug. 1870.

Children HATTIE, born in 1871.
RUSH, born in 1873.

Died 11 Aug. 1890, at Mason, Tex.


Born 24 Oct. 1850, at Sinclairville, N. Y. Prepared in Northwestern
University Academy. A. B. Adelphic; Sigma Chi. Three months irregu-
lar service with 134th Reg. 111. Vol. Infantry. Real estate and loans, Chi-
cago, since graduation, except 1878-80, when in St. Louis, Mo.

Married Emma Anderson, 10 July 1894, in Chicago.

Child BESSIE, bom 25 Jan. 1896.

Residence, 2043 Kenmore Ave. ; office, 620 Reaper Block, Chicago, 111.

FATHER OF No. 779.

Born 11 Feb. 1848, at Baltimore, Md. Prepared at Baltimore City
College. A. B. 1873, A. M. 1871, B. D. and D. D., Garrett Biblical
Institute. Hinman. Phi Beta Kappa. Lunt and Kurd prizes. Studied at


Leipsic and Berlin. Clergyman, Methodist Episcopal; Rock River Confer-
ence since 1871. Pastorates at Crete, Lockport, Chicago, Dixon, Evanston,
Englewood, Aurora, Joliet, Hyde Park. Professor of Biblical Instruction,
Northwestern University, since 1899. Trustee of Northwestern University,
1887-99, elected by Rock River Conference. Author of articles in religious
press, and of pamphlets; editor of a revised edition of Prof. Chas. W. Ben-
nett's work, "Christian Archaeology." Published "Archaeology of Baptism"
in Methodist Review, 1901 ; "Some Early Christian Fragments," ibid., 1903.

Married (1) Belle R. Harrison of Monticello, Wis., 5 Dec. 1871; she died 11
April 1875. (2) Ella S. Prindle (No. 291) at Evanston, 111., 25 Oct. 1883.

Children HARRISON E., born 29 May 1873. (No. 779).
CLARENCE B., born 1875; died 1875.

EMMA, born 17 Sept. 1885. (In college 1902 .)

HELEN, born 6 Oct. 1888.

Residence, 616 Foster St., Evanston, 111.


Born 11 Dec. 1842, at Chatham, Canada. Prepared at Albert College,
Ont. A. B. 1874, A. M. Clergyman until 1881 ; afterward in grocery busi-
ness; land attorney and pension agent at Trinidad, Colo.
Married Alice Gordon of New York City, 6 Oct. 1874.
Children ALICE G., born 1875.
EDITH S., born 1876.
WILLIAM G., born 1878.
HOWARD M., born 1880.
Died July 1893, at Trinidad, Colo.


Born 19 Dec. 1848, at New Diggings, Wis. Prepared at Northwestern
University Academy. A. B. 1872, LL. B., Albany Law School. Real
estate business in Chicago.

Residence, unknown.

I Entered college from Oroville, Cal. Student during years 1869-70. Ph. B.
itor of Hamilton News at Biggs, Butte Co., Cal., in 1888.



Born 6 Oct. 1850, at Cuyler, N. Y. Prepared at Freeport High School.
Ph. B. 1874, M. D., Medical Dept. Northwestern University. Sigma Chi.
Physician at Jacksonville, 111., 1875-80; at Freeport, 1880-84; at Jacksonville,
1884-1901. Assistant physician of 111. Central Hospital for Insane for seven-
teen years. Supt. of same institution four years. Member of Amer. Medico-
Psychological Assn., 111. State Med. Assn., Tri-State Med. Assn., Morgan Co.
Med. Society.


Married Frances Wilkinson Rockwell, 9 Feb. 1881, at Jacksonville, 111.
She died 29 March 1898.

Children FREDERIC HANCE, born 31 Jan. 1882.
CHARLES EDWARD, born 30 Oct. 18,88.
Died in 1901 at Peoria, 111.

CLASS OF 1871.


Born at Sprout Brook, N. Y. Prepared at Albion, Mich., and North-
western University Academy. A. B. 1881, A. M. 1872, B. D., Garrett Bib-
lical Institute. Missionary in India since 1872 ; presiding elder of Bombay and
Madras districts, 1880-84 ; in America on furlough, 1885-86. Pastor at Poona,
India, 1887 .

Married Ellen Harriet Warner in 1887, at Rangoon, Burmah.

Adopted Child JOHN WARNER, born 4 June 1886.

Residence, Poona, India.


Born 1 Aug. 1844, at Adams, N. Y. Prepared at Clark Seminary, Aurora,
111. Entered college from Freedom Center, 111. Student during years 1867-
71. A. B. Clergyman.

Died 1 March 1874, at Gouldsville, 111.


Born 3 Oct. 1842, at Plattsburg, N. Y. Prepared at Plattsburg Academy,
Fort Edward Institute and Northwestern University Academy. A. B. 1874,
A. M. Hinman. Phi Gamma Delta. Two years at Garrett Biblical Institute.
Private in Company D of llth Minn. Inf. through its entire time of service,
something less than one year. Principal of school at Ishpeming, Mich., 1872-
73; at Negaunee, 1873-76; at Menominee, 1876-78. Clergyman, Methodist
Episcopal. Pastor at Saranac Lake and Lake Placid, N. Y., 1881-83 ; at Red-
ford, 1887-90. Now farmer.

Married (1) Mrs. Kate D. McDonald Corliss, 27 June 1874, at Negaunee,
Mich.; she died 21 June 1877. (2) Viola E. Anson, 13 June 1882, at Crown
Point, N. Y.

Children JESSIE B., born 16 July 1875; died 7 Sept. 1895.

KATE, born 17 April 1877; died 17 July 1877.

ETHEL L., born 5 June 1883.

ELMA H., born 16 Sept. 1884.

RICHARD A., born 25 July 1886; died 21 March 1887.

RUTH A., bom 10 July 1889.

MERTON H., born 24 Aug. 1893.

RAYMOND F., born 15 Oct. 1896.
Residence, Peru, N. Y.


FATHER OF No. 903.

Born 20 Oct. 1840, at Lancaster, Pa. Prepared at Mt. Morris, 111., and at
Northwestern University Academy. A. B. Phi Gamma Delta. 1874, A. M.
1872, B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. Served in Company B, 13th 111. Inf.
Mustered in, 24 May 1861 ; promoted to Corporal, 1 Oct. 1861, and to Sergeant,
26 March 1863 ; mustered out, 18 June 1864. Served one year in Co. F, 2d
Regiment of Hancock's Veteran Corps. Clergyman, Methodist Episcopal.
In Rock River Conference, 1871-1902. At Wheaton, Palatine, Rock
Falls, De Kalb, Morrison, Warren, Plainfield, Lockport, Chicago and Arlington
Heights, 111. Published "History of 13th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer
Infantry," 1892.

Married Margaret Jane McKean, 2 April 1874, at Mt. Morris, 111.

Children ESTHER M. McDowELL, born 1875. (No. 903).
JOSEPHINE RUTH, born 1879.

Died 8 Jan. 1902.


Born 21 March 1847, at Alabama, N. Y. Prepared at Genesee Wesleyan
Seminary, Lima, N. Y. A. B. 1872, B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. Mis-
sionary to India; returned on account of sickness, 1890; joined Genesee Con-
ference; pastor of M. E. church at Cohocton, N. Y., 1890-91 ; at Macedon, 1892-
93 ; located, 1894. Author of "A Vocabulary of the Korkoo Language."
Married Mary E. Kelly (Oberlin U.), in 1874, at Bombay, India.
Children EBENEZER, born 1875.
JOHN E., born 1877.
ALBERT, born 1880.
CHARLES F., born 1881.
WILLIAM K., born 1885.
Residence, 181 Smith St., Rochester, N. Y. (?)


Born 7 Aug. 1846, at Selby, Yorkshire, England. Prepared at Wood-
house Grove School, near Leeds, and at Fisher's School at Yarm. Left at
age of thirteen. Subsequent study largely independent of instruction. A. B.
1872, A. M. Adelphic. Phi Kappa Psi ; Phi Beta Kappa. Senior prize for
English composition; Lunt and Kurd prizes. Post-graduate study in Europe.
Instructor in German and English, Northwestern University, 1867-76. Pastor
of M. E. church, Bangor, Mich., 1876-77. Instructor in English Literature,
Northwestern University, 1877-81. Professor of same, 1881-1902. Pastor
of Unitarian church, at Quincy, 111., since Dec. 1902. Member of Evanston
Philosophical Association, 1871, until its decease; member of Legensia Literary
Society until its decease ; of the Chicago Literary Society, one year. Has pub-
lished "Alma Mater," 1876, and "Methodism," 1891, poems; "Cavalier Poets,"
selections from 17th century poets, with introductions and notes, Clark &


Maynard, New York; "The Carpenter Prophet," 1902, Chicago. Contribu-
tor to Progress, 1897, St. Nicholas, and to the religious and secular press.
Married Sarah Helen French, 15 June 1875, at Evanston, 111; she died 12
June 1896.

Children MOWBRAY FRENCH, born 12 July 18*78.

MARGARET JULIA (ORCHARD), born 17 May 1881. (In college


ETHEL, born 13 Feb. 1884.
GEORGE WILLIAM, born 20 Dec. 1886.
MURIEL, born 30 Oct. 1888.
JOSEPHINE CHARLOTTE, born 30 Nov. 1894.
Residence, 212 S. 12th St., Quincy, 111.


Born 23 May 1850, at Chicago, 111. Prepared at St. Paul (Minn.) High
School. Ph. B. Adelphic. Phi Kappa Psi. President of Board of Trustees,
Park Ridge, 111., 1884-86. Brick manufacturer.

Married Clara Frances Wilson, 15 May 1873, at East Douglas, Mass.

Children EDITH (SMITH), born 1 May 1874.
GEORGE W., born 28 May 1880.

Residence, 505 Majestic Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind.

BROTHER OF Nos. 56 AND 104.

Born 6 June 1850, at Wilbraham, Mass. Entered from Wesleyan Acad-
emy and Northwestern University Academy. A. B. 1874, A. M. Senior
prize for English composition; divided the Blan chard prize with E. R. Shrader.
Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. 1875, LL. B. from Union College
of Law. Secretary of first R. R. and Warehouse Commission of Illinois,
1871-73; secretary and treasurer of Western R. R. Association, 1874-84; treas-
urer of Village of Evanston, 1875-76. Trustee of Northwestern University,
1889-1902. Lawyer, in Chicago, 1884 to date. Patent law a specialty.
Member of the Bar Associations of Chicago, the State Bar Association of
Illinois, Patent Law Association of Chicago, and the American Bar Associa-
tion. Numerous addresses before Bar and Railroad Associations, Trusts
Conferences, etc.

Married Mary Stuart Edwards, 13 Oct. 1874, at Springfield, 111.

Children EDWARDS FREDERIC, born 1876. (In college 1893-98.)
ELIZABETH, born 1877. (In college 1896-99).
HELENA VAN WYCKE, born 1878.
MINER, born 1885.

Residence, 2335 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111.


Born 12 May 1847, at Dickinson Center, N. Y. Prepared at Lawrenceville
Academy, N. Y., and at Middlebury, Vt. A. B. Hinman. 1874, A. M.


B. D., at Cobb Divinity School, Lewiston, Me. Clergyman; pastor at Farm-
ington, Me.; St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; Massawippi, Quebec; Canton, Me. Since
1884 in evangelistic work.

Married Sarah Augusta Farrington, 23 June 1873, at Livermore Falls, Me.
Children OZRO ZINA, born 29 July 1874.

LINCOLN JOSEPH, born 2 Sept. 1877.
EDVILLE ADELLUS, born 28 April 1879.
JUNE AUGUSTA, born 24 April 1885.
MAYVELLE ESTHER, born 6 Jan. 1889.
Residence, 88 Russell St., Lewiston Falls, Me.


Born 7 June 1838, in Knox County, 111. Prepared at Hedding College and
Northwestern University Academy. A. B. 1874, A. M. Senior prize for
English composition. Hinman. Phi Gamma Delta. Two years in Garrett
Biblical Institute. First Lieutenant of Co. K, 83d 111. Vol. Inf., 1862-65.
Assistant Judge-Advocate of General Court Martial; Post Chaplain at Fort
Donelson. Clergyman, Methodist Episcopal; Central Illinois Conference;
various charges in Illinois. Agent Illinois Wesleyan University, 1879-80 ; pre-
siding elder Streator District, 1881-85. Three terms trustee of Northwestern
University. Professor of Biology and Geology in the American Temperance
University, Harriman, Tenn. Pastor at Milford, 111. Pastor at Oak Park,
Gal., 1898. Has resided since in Onarga, Sibley and Crescent City, 111., and
Pomona, Cal.

Married (1) Marie A. Riddler of Naperville, 111., 30 May 1872; she died at
Forest, 111., 24 Nov. 1874. (2) Ella M. Snedaker of Tonica, 111., in 1878.
Children LINNIE MARIE (STIEFBOLD), born 17 Nov. 1874.

RICHARD L., born 7 June 1879; died at Manila, 2 July 1902, after

three years in U. S. Army.
HENRY E., born 29 Dec. 1880.
PAUL A., born 26 Dec. 1886.
ALICE GAIL, born 1 June 1889.
Residence, Pomona, Cal.


Born 15 May 1841, in Wood County, Ohio. Prepared at Hedding Semi-
nary. Two years at Genesee College, Lima, N. Y. A. B. 1874, A. M. Hin-
man. Phi Beta Kappa. Two years post-graduate work in Chemistry. Senior
prize for English composition. Divided the Blanchard prize with James H.
Raymond. Oliver Marcy prize in Botany. Hinman prize. Managing editor
of the Tripod, the college monthly, June-Oct., 1871. Ph. D., Mallalieu Uni-
versity. Enlisted in Co. F, 66th 111. Sharp-shooters, 10 Oct. 1861. Was in
battles of Mt. Zion, Mo., Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Shiloh, and the siege of
Corinth. Sent home on account of sickness, 30 June 1862. Tutor in North-
western University Preparatory School, 1870-76. Professor of Natural Science
in Chaddock College, 1876-79. Superintendent of public schools at Mt. Ster-
ling, 111., 1879-84. Professor of Natural Science at Chaddock College, 1884-


85. Professor of Natural Science in the University of Southern California,
1885-89. Instructor in Woodbury Business College, Los Angeles, 1889-90,
and since then President of the same institution. President and Vice-Presi-
dent of the University Ethical Club of Los Angeles, 1898-1900.
Married Eva J. Mattison, Dec. 1874, at Chicago, 111.
Children DAISY, born 22 July 1877; died 8 March 1878.
EDWIN ROSCOE, born 14 Dec. 1878.
ADA MAY, born 15 April 1880.
SARAH ETHEL, born 19 Nov. 1884.

Residence, 1104 W. 37th St., Los Angeles, Gal.


Born in 1848 in Milwaukee, Wis. Prepared in Northwestern University
Academy. Ph. B. Adelphic. Sigma Chi. Managing editor of Tripod.
Graduate of University of Wisconsin Law School. One of founders of Mil-
waukee Evening Times. Left journalism to become member of the law firm
of Atwood, Wicks & Rychman, Chicago. Followed Custer Black Hills
expedition as correspondent for several Chicago and New York papers.
One of the founders of the Chicago Herald. In 1883 started the Denver
Journal of Commerce. In 1884 secretary of the Denver Mining and Indus-
trial Exposition. In 1886 removed to Kansas City and started the
Commercial. One of the organizers of the Kansas City Exposition. Repre-
sented several American papers at the Sidney Exposition in Australia. Start-
ed the Alaska & British Mining Co. of New York, and was in that city organ-
izing a Cuban export company at the time of his death.

Married Miss Jeffrys, who died shortly before him.

Died Jan. 1899, at Brooklyn, N. Y.


Born 7 Aug. 1847, at Lacon, 111. Prepared at Lacon High School. Ph. B.
1873, M. D., at Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. Practicing
physician and surgeon in Champaign, 111. Mayor of Champaign three terms.
Collector of Internal Revenue, 8th district of 111. United States Consul,
Hankow, China.

Married (1) Alice Yaple of Mendon, Mich., July 1873; she died 19 March
1888; (2) Nina Dickinson of St. Louis, Mo., 1891.

Child MAE, born 7 May 1874.

Residence, Hankow, China.


From Annawan, 111. Prepared in Northwestern University Academy.
A. B. 1874, A. M. 1873, B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. Senior prize for
English composition. Clergyman, Methodist Episcopal; Central Illinois Con-
ference. Pastor at Roberts, 111., 1873 ; Ellisville, 111., 1874.

Residence, unknown.



Born Feb. 1851, at Leonidas, Mich. Entered from Albion College, Mich.
A. B. 1874, A. M. Sigma Chi. Lawyer. Member of Congress, 1882-84.
Nominee for Governor of Mich, in 1886. For some years Circuit Judge of 15th
district of Mich.

Married Mary E. Hankinson of Rockford, 111., 11 Jan. 1873.
Children EDWARD. CARL.



Residence, Mendon, Mich.

CLASS OF 1872.

This class purchased for the University museum the Hauser elephant.

Born 20 Aug. 1846, at Livermore, Me. Prepared in Maine Wesleyan
Seminary and Northwestern University Academy. A. B. 1875, A. M.
1876, B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. Adelphic. Sigma Chi. Principal of
Harlem School, River Forest (111.), until 1876. Clergyman, Methodist Epis-
copal; Rock River Conference; pastor at Prairie Center, Oswego, Compton,
Earlville, Hinckley, Plattville, Frankfort Station, La Salle, Plainfield, Man-
hattan, Fairdale, 111. ; now at Blaine, 111.

Married Harriette Mooar, 31 March 1870, in Chicago.
Children ALFRED GOODFELLOW, born 11 April 1873.
JULIA HARRIETT, born 1 April 1877.
MARY I., born 20 Aug. 1878.
LUTHER ELLERY, born 26 Aug. 1887.
CUTLER MOOAR, born 3 Dec. 1890; died 27 March 1891.
Address, Poplar Grove, 111., R. F. D. No. 2.


Born 30 June 1841, at Virginia, 111. Prepared in preparatory schools of
Illinois Wesleyan and Northwestern Universities. A. B. 1875, A. M. 1870
B. D., Garrett Biblical Institute. Enlisted 15 Aug. 1862 in Co. D, 114th 111.
Inf. Elected First Lieutenant. Severely wounded 10 June 1864 and taken
prisoner. Held in Confederate prisons at Mobile, Cohawby and Anderson-
ville. Exchanged and sent to Annapolis, where he was discharged from the
service. Re-entered the University in 1865. Clergyman, Methodist Epis-
copal; Des Moines Conference; pastor at Carlisle, la., 1870-71; Corning,
1872-73; Des Moines, 1874-76; Indianola, 1877. President of Simpson Cen-
tenary College, Indianola, la., 1878-80. Elected to represent the Des Moines
Conference in General Conference of 1880.

Married Lou A. Van Eaton of Virginia, 111., 20 June 1865.

Died in Feb. 1880, at Indianola, la.


BROTHER OF Nos. 31 AND 62.

Born 20 Feb. 1852, at Auburn, N. Y. Prepared at Northwestern Uni-
versity Academy. Ph. B. Adelphic. Sigma Chi. Wholesale grocer at
Pueblo, Colo., since 1884. Alderman of Pueblo, 1886.

Married (1) Anna M. Hopkins, 6 Sept. 1876, at Racine, Wis; she died 23
Jan. 1888. (2) Mary Bell Loudon, 20 Nov. 1889, at Newton Highlands, Mass.
Children KATE; died 2 Jan. 1888.

JEANNETTE P. ; died 18 Aug. 1888.
DOROTHY ISABELLA, born 16 Dec. 1893.
BEATRICE CUSHMAN, born 5 Sept. 1896.
SARAH, born 20 July 1899.
Residence, Pueblo, Colo.

BROTHER OF Nos. 46 AND 158.

Born in 1850, in Ogle County, 111. Prepared at Northwestern University
Academy. A B. Adelphic. Sigma Chi. Managing editor of Tripod, 1872.
1875, A. M. Attended Union College of Law, Chicago. Practiced law in
Rockford and Chicago, 111., and Aberdeen, Dak. Justice of Peace at Aber-
deen, Dak.

Married Mary Starrett, in 1882, at Chicago, 111. ; she died in Oct. 1902.

Died 15 Dec. 1887, at Aberdeen, Dak.


Born 4 Oct. 1848, in Knox County, 111. Student from Knox Academy,
Galesburg, 111. A.B. 1890, A.M. Managing editor Tripod, 1871. Hin-
man prize; divided Lunt prize. M.D., College of Physicians and Sur-
geons, Keokuk, Iowa. Member of Congress, 1896-98. Practicing medicine
in California since 1882. Member of American Academy of Medicine.

Married (1) Susan Alma Taber, 8 Oct. 1879, at Lewiston, 111.; she died 18
Sept. 1887. (2) Virginia Nixon Wills, 10 July 1890.
Children GRACE IMOGENE, born 6 Nov. 1880.

CURTIS HARVEY, JR., born 29 Dec. 1883.
PAUL LONG, born 1 Feb. 1892; died 13 Feb. 1892.
CHANDOS BARRETT, born 6 May 1894.
MARY MERCEDES, born 30 June 1895.
Residence, Merced, Cal.


Born 1 Aug. 1848, at Windsor, Conn. Entered from Ohio Wesleyan Uni-
versity. A.B. 1875, A.M. Adelphic. Sigma Chi; Phi Beta Kappa. Day

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