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tional committee, and for twelve years was chairman of
the general republican central committee. He has been
prominent in many corporations and commercial cases as
counsel, and is a recognized authority on the law relating
to the drama and the stage.


Railroad Manager,

Was born March 20, 1864. He entered railway service
in 1879 as telegraph operator, Canada Southern railway,
since which he has been consecutively, 1880 to January,

1883, in train dispatcher s office, Ft. Wayne and Jackson
railroad at Jackson, Mich.; January, 1883, to September,

1884, with freight department, Wheeling and Lake Erie
railroad at Marietta, Ohio; September, 1884, to July,

1885, train dispatcher, same road, at Cambridge, Ohio;
1885 to February, 1886, ticket agent at Marietta, Ohio;
February, 1886, to September, 1890, out of service; Sep
tember, 1890, to January, 1891, in master car builder s of
fice, Pittsburgh and Western railroad; January, 1891, to


May, 1895, commercial agent of Wheeling and Lake Erie
railroad at Pittsburgh, Pa., and also commercial agent
for the Pittsburgh, Shenango and Lake Erie railroad for
the year preceding May, 1895; May, 1895, to September,
1897, commercial agent, Cincinnati, Hamilton and Day
ton railway, and Cleveland, Lorain and Wheeling rail
way, at Pittsburgh; September, 1897, to J anuarv ? J 9O3,
assistant general freight agent of Pittsburgh and Lake
Erie railroad, Pittsburgh, Pa.; January, 1903, to January,
1910, general freight agent, same road; January, 1910,
to date, assistant freight traffic manager, New York Cen
tral lines, west, at Chicago, 111.


Vice President Fidelity and Guaranty Company,
Was born in Prescott, Ont, Canada, June 19, 1846. He
was educated in common schools and R. C. Separate
school, Prescott; was married March 23, 1893; his wife
died July i, 1899; settled in New York in November,
1865; was successful commercial traveler for over twenty
years. Upon withdrawing from the road he entered upon
various enterprises in New York City. He has been man
ager of the U. S. Fidelity and Guaranty company since
its inception. He is a democrat; Roman Catholic; be
longs to the Democratic, Manhattan (treasurer for many
years, and City Lunch clubs.



Was born in Downingtown, Pa., May 26, 1841; son of
Charles Downing and Ann (Trimble) Downing. He at
tended The Friends Boarding school at Westtown, Pa.,
from 1852 to 1857. He was cashier of the Downingtown
National bank from 1863 to 1889, and has been its presi
dent since 1889. He is a republican in politics, and a
member of the Society of Friends.



President American Real Estate Company,
Was born in Hartford, Conn., Oct. 28, 1866. He was ed
ucated in the public and high schools of Hartford, Conn.
He engaged in the real estate business in 1896 and was
councilman in 1897-1899, and alderman in 1899-1901 of
Hartford, Conn. He was grand regent of the grand coun
cil of Royal Arcanum, state of Connecticut, 1904-1905.
He is a member of St. John s lodge, Masons; Washington
Commandery, Knights of Templar, Sphinx temple
(shrine) ; B. H. Webb council, Royal Arcanum, all of
Hartford, Conn. Clubs: Union League and Dunwoodie

General Storekeeper Western Lines Canadian Pacific


Was born Feb. 16, 1856, at St. Henri, County Levis, Que
bec, Canada. Educated in the public schools. Entered
railway service May 4, 1882, since which he has been con
secutively to June i, 1882, laborer Canadian Pacific rail
way; June i to Sept. i, 1882, delivery clerk; Sept. i, 1882,
to March i, 1883, receiving clerk; March i, 1883, to
March 16, 1885, store foreman; March 16, 1885, to Oct.
i, 1892, assistant storekeeper; Oct. i, 1892, to Jan. i, 1905,
storekeeper; Jan. i, 1905, to date, general storekeeper,
western lines; entire service with the Canadian Pacific


Assistant General Passenger Grand Trunk Railway,
Was born Aug. 27, 1855. Educated in the public schools.
Entered railway service 1868 as messenger Grand Trunk
railway, since which he has been consecutively, 1870 to
1875, assistant ticket agent at Toronto, Ont. ; 1875 to 1896,
ticket agent at Buffalo, N.Y. ; 1896 to May, 1902, city
passenger and ticket agent at Buffalo; May, 1902, to


March, 1911, district passenger agent at Toronto; March
i, 1911, to date, assistant general passenger agent, Chica
go; entire service with the Grand Trunk railway; Janu
ary, 1900, to May, 1902, also secretary Buffalo passenger
committee; December, 1889, to May, 1902, also secretary
Buffalo westbound passenger commitee.



Was born near Lancaster, Pa., Nov. 24, 1847. He was
educated in the public schools of Lancaster county, Pa.,
and State Normal school at Millersville, Pa. He was
the national party candidate for congress in 1878. He
married at Mount Joy, Pa., Feb. 12, 1896, Mrs. Louisa
Williams. Mr. Clare spent his early life in educational
work in public schools and has since engaged in literary
work, contributing to newspapers and magazines. He is
the author of: Illustrated Universal History, 1876; Com
plete Historical Compendium, 1884; Unrivaled History
of the World (five volumes), 1890; Illustrated History of
All Nations (fifteen volumes), 1906; History of the Brit
ish-Boer War, 1900; Brief History of the Human Race,
1912; editor in chief and historical editor Cram s Mag
azine (Chicago), 1899-1901; and editor of the Rostrum
Magazine (Lancaster, Pa.), 1901-1902; contributed his
torical maps to Cram s Universal Atlas and Cram s An
cient and Modern Atlas, and to the Werner company s
edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica; contributed to
Landis s Life of Blaine (1884) and Brief Historv of Lan
caster County, Pa. (1892); Member of the American
Historical Association and of the National Geographic




Was born at Sheffield, N.B., April 5, 1858; son of David
and Ann C. (Atlee) Burpee, and grandson of Dr. Wash
ington L. Atlee of Philadelphia. He was brought to
Philadelphia by his parents in his childhood and was ed
ucated in the Friends Central school and University of
Pennsylvania. He married in Philadelphia, in 1892,
Blanche Simons, and they have three children: David,
born in 1893; Washington Atlee, Jr., born in 1894; an d
Stuart Alexander, born in 1900. Mr. Burpee started in
the seed business in 1876, and had two partners, but in
1878 he embarked alone under the name of W. Atlee
Burpee and company, which business he has continued
ever since, making the enterprise one of the largest and
most successful in the seed business. Mr. Burpee is also
director of the Market Street National bank, the North
ern Trust companv, the Caldwell Land and Lumber com
pany, and the Coalgate company. He was formerly pres
ident of the American Seed-Trade association; is a direc
tor of the Wholesale Seedmen s league; is vice-president
of the National Sweet Pea societv of Great Britain; and
ex-president of the National Sweet Pea societv of Amer
ica; member of the Trades league of Philadelphia and
the Philadelphia board of trade. He is a trustee of the
Howard hospital, the Sanitarium association, and the Na
tional Farm school; president of the Canadian society of
Philadelphia, and a life member of the Roval Horticul
tural societv of Great Britain, and of the Societe National
Horticulture de France. Mr. Burpee is a republican in
politics. He is a member of the Union League of Phila
delphia, the Art. University, Citv. Racquet, Bachelor s
Barge and Poor Richard clubs of Philadelphia, The Me-
rion Cricket club, and the Nation Arts, City and Sphinx
clubs of New York City.



Christian Science Teacher and Practioner,
Was born in Waldoborough, Me., daughter of Peabody
and Salome (Sprague) Simmons. She was educated in
high school, Damariscotta, Me., Lincoln academy, New
castle, Me., Blish School of Oratory, Boston, Mass., Met
aphysical college, Boston, degree Christian science doc
tor (C.S.D.) 1884; married in Damariscotta, Me., Capt.
F. J. Stetson (now deceased). Began practice of Chris-
tion science healing in Boston, 1884; preached on alter
nate Sundays for Mrs. Eddv in the Mother Church, then
occupying Chickering Hall, Boston, 1885; sent to New
York by Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, 1886; organized First
Church of Christ, scientist, New York City, 1887; ap
pointed pastor, 1888, and first reader, 1895, when title of
office was changed in all Christian Science churches; was
and continues to be principal, New York City Christian
Science institute, chartered 1891; raised $1,250,000 to
build First Church of Christ, scientist, New York City,
and dedicated it, free of debt, 1903. After twenty-five
years of personal service in this church, she continues to
be an active teacher and practitioner and spiritual head
of the First Church of Christ, scientist New York City.
Author ol book entitled, "Teaching and Practice in
Christian Science as Taught by Mary Baker Eddy," also
of book of "Poems," 1901.

Fire Insurance Broker,

Was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 17, 1860; son of James
Huston Coyle and Susan (McCurdy) Coyle. He was
educated in the public schools of Philadelphia, and the
University of Pennsylvania. He married in Philadel
phia, Jan. 25, 1902, Margaret, daughter of William Ivins.
Mr. Coyle is known in fire insurance circles as the Wana-
maker insurance broker, and twice a member of the exec
utive committee of the Philadelphia Fire Underwriters


association. Mr. Coyle is a republican in politics, and a
Presbyterian elder; member of the Philadelphia Board
of Fire Underwriters, Chicago Board of Fire Underwrit
ers, New York Fire Insurance Exchange, and British Fire
Prevention committee of London, director of First Penny
Saving bank of Philadelphia, and Independence Trust
company, and member Union League, Racquet, Country,
Down Town, and Bachelor Barge and Manufacturers of
Philadelphia and Lawyers of New York. Residence:
1936 Locust street.


Union War Officer of the Navy,

Was born Oct. n, 1840, in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1862
he was appointed from Pennsylvania to the pay corps of
the United States navy, and from that time was actively
engaged in the civil war. He is a commander in the pay
corps on the retired list, and claims to be de jure with the
few other survivors of his class, having the rank of rear
admiral. In earlv youth he wrote "Alboin and Rosa
mond" and "Pav Dav at Babel," two volumes of verse.
He copvrighted, in 1882, "The Original Limiting of For
tunes Idea," eventually approved by President Roose
velt; also, in 1904, the original bill to insert the name of
God in the federal constitution. He is a writer of briefs
in various public matters before congress, and has con
ducted several practical philanthropies.


United States Congressman from the Eighteenth District

of Pennsylvania,

Was born in Ulvsses township, Potter county, Pa. He
received the rudiments of his education in the public
schools, and subsequently attended Coudersport academy.
Received the honorary degree of doctor of laws from
Lebanon Valley college in 1903, and from Dickinson col-


lege in 1905. He is one of the leading lawyers of Penn
sylvania, and has served as a member of select council of
Harrisburg, Pa., and was elected delegate to a convention
to revise the state constitution, which convention, how
ever, was not held; has been counsel of his city; president
and general counsel for the Beech Railroad company;
also president of the Buffalo and Susquehana Railroad
company. He is, or has been,, counsel for the Lehigh
Valley Railroad company; the Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western Railroad company; Delaware and Hudson
Canal company; Lehigh Coal and Navigation company;
the Western Union Telegraph company, and many other
corporations. He was a member of the fifty-fifth, fifty-
sixth, fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fiftv-ninth, sixtieth and
sixty-first congresses as a republican. He was re-elected
to the sixty-first congress from the eighteenth district of
Pennsylvania for the term of 191 1-13 ; and resides in Har
risburg, Pa.


Clergyman and Publisher,

Was born April 16, 1851, in Clark county, Kentucky. In
1871 he received the decree of A.B. from Amherst; in
1871-72 was a student in Andover Theological sem
inary; in 1874 graduated from Princeton Theological
seminary; and subsequently received the degree of
D.D. from Berea college of Kentucky. He has filled
pastorates in the Presbvterian church in Rutland and
Merrimac, Mass.; in i88c-86 in Holyoke, Mass.: and
since 1886 in Auburn, N.Y. In 1903-05 he was publish
er of the Gospel Message; and in 1906-1000 was secretary
of the general assembly s committee on systematic bene
ficence of the Presbvterian church. In 1906-07 he was
commissioner of charities of Auburn, N.Y. ; and in 1909
was editor and publisher of the Weekly Bulletin of the
executive commission.



Director of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy in 1905-1909,
Was born in New Castle, Pa. He was editor of the Acad
emy Notes, and his full biography can be found in Who s
Who in New York. He died March 21, 1909, in Buf
falo, N. Y.



Was born in Edgefield county, S.C., 1850; son James M.
and Martha (Livingston) Abney; graduate Wofford col
lege, S.C., A.B., 1870, later A.M.; finished education
Bonn university, Germany; married Washington, D.C.,
Nov. 21, 1896, Mary Lloyd Pendleton, daughter Hon.
George H. Pendleton, former United States senator from
Ohio and United States minister to Germany. Practicing
law in South Carolina until 1883; since then before fed
eral and state courts in New York. Was state solicitor
in South Carolina before removing to New York in 1883 ;
was on the staff of Gov. Wade Hampton of South Caro
lina, delegate from South Carolina to national demo
cratic convention, Cincinnati, 1880, and member of com
mittee to notify its candidate of his nomination. Demo
crat; Episcopalian. Member Association Bar City of
New York; member S. R., Southern society (former
president), Leicestershire Archaeological society of Eng
land, Virginia Historical society, South Carolina His
torical society. Clubs: Metropolitan, Church, Derby
shire Archaeological and New York Golf.



Was born in West Fairview, Pa., April 9, 1853. He was
educated in the common schools, two select schools and
Lebanon Valley college, Annville, Pa., receiving the de
gree of A.B. in 1876, A.M. in 1879, and Ph.D. in 1892.


He married in Derry Church, Pa., Feb. 15, 1873, Cath
erine A. Uhler, and they have five children: John W.,
born in 1873; Mary Bertha, born in 1875; George H.,
born in 1879; William O., born in 1886, and Isaac H.,
born in 1893. He entered the ministry in 1876, serving in
Manheim, Pa., for three years; Florin, Pa., three years;
Mt. Wolf, three years ; First church, York, Pa., five years ;
Baltimore district as presiding elder, four years; Dallas-
town, Pa., five years; Shamokin, Pa., three years; Zion
church, Reading, Pa., two years; New Holland, Pa., in
which he is now serving a sixth year. Dr. Albright has
edited the True Believer, and also delivered illustrated
lectures on "The Pioneers and Landmarks of the United
Brethren Church," "The Battle of Gettysburg," "Christ
in Art," and a number of others. He is the author of a
book recently published, entitled "Landmark History of
the United Brethren Church." He is anti-saloon in pol
itics, and a member of the United Brethren church; mem
ber of the Pennsylvania German society; conference his
torical secretary; member of the general church erection
board ; trustee of Lebanon Valley college and secretary of
the board ; member of the Independent Order of Odd Fel (
lows, Ancient and Illustrious Order of Knights of Malta,
and Junior American Mechanics. Address: J. H. Al



Was born in Monmouth county, N.J., July 17, 1829; son
of Andrew Craig Ridgway and Eliza (Bishop) Ridg-
way. He received his education in Morristown Acade
my, N.J. He married in Bordentown, N.J., Jan. 29,
1852, Susan B. Hance, and they have five children: Wil
liam H., born June 20, 1856; Andrew C. Ridgway, born
Sept. 30, 1860; Eliza R. Baker, born Aug. 5, 1858; Ellis
B. Ridgway, born Sept. 22, 1869, and Shessie W., born


June 13, 1872. He resided in Bordentown, N.J., 1852-
1863; resident of Coatesville, Pa., since 1862. Mr. Ridg-
way was a member of the council, Coatesville borough,
for several years; also school director of Coatesville bor
ough, treasurer >f the school fund of Coatesville for
twenty-eight year_ r president and treasurer of Craig
Ridgway and Sons company; superintendent of public
schools of Bordentown, N.J., for seven years; school di
rector of Coatesville, forty-three years; also one of the
charter members of Coatesville borough. He is a repub
lican in politics, and a member of the Society of Friends
in religious views.


Educator, Clergyman and Philologist,
Was born in Penn township, near Millheim, Centre coun
ty, Pa., Feb. 14, 1856; son of Samuel and Sarah (Wil-
laman) Gobble. He was educated in the public schools
of Gregg township, Centre county, in Penn Hall acade
my, and in Franklin and Marshall college, where he was
graduated as A.B. in 1879, and A.M. in 1882; and he re
ceived the degree of D.D. from Lebanon Valley college,
June 20, 1892. He married in Pottsville, Pa., July 27,
1882, Katharine Krauskop, and they have one daughter:
Sarah Grace, born Nov. 10, 1899. Dr. Gobble was pro
fessor of Latin and Greek at Union seminary, New Ber
lin, Pa., August to December, 1879, and its principal from
1880 to 1887, when the seminary became Central Pennsyl
vania college, of which he was president, 1887-1902 ; since
then he has been professor of Latin and Hebrew and sec
retary of the faulty at Albright college. He was or
dained minister of the United Evangelical church, and
preaches and lectures in addition to work at college. Dur
ing the summer of 1906 Dr. Gobble traveled in Europe,
including Azores Islands, Gibraltar, Italy, Switzerland,
Germany, Belgium, France, and England. While in New


Berlin he was school director for six years and chief bur
gess for five years. He was secretary for four years, for
Pennsylvania, of the American Society of Religious Edu
cation. Dr. Gobble is a member of Union Lodge of Odd
Fellows and is past grand and past district deputy grand
master in the same order.



Was born in Brandon, Vt. He was educated in the high
school at Brandon, Vt., and married Ann Maria Collins
of Newton, Mass., in 1846. She died, and he married
again. For many years he was a real estate dealer in New
York, and A. T. Stewart, John Jacob Astor and other
noted men as regular clients. Principal builder and first
president of Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Halifax rail
road, which he financed; an extensive traveler; manager
for fifty-six years, president from 1865 to 1872 and since
1890 of the Northwestern Medical dispensary of New
York; member of the New York City Association for
Improving the Condition r,f the Poor, from 1850 to 1868,
and chairman and treasurer twenty-second ward commit
tee, same. Member of New York City union defense
committee to disburse city fund of $3,500,000 to families
of needy union soldiers. For many years an official of
Forty-second Street Presbyterian church. Now engaged
in literary work as an author, and is a member of the Au
thors club of London, England. He is author of The
Inspiring Refrain"; "Holy Waves"; "Jewels"; "The
Tolling Bell" and fugitive poems and hymns published
in religious periodicals. At the present time he is en
gaged in writing an epic poem entitled, On the Waves of
the Wilderness."



Railroad Vice President,

Was employed on the Chicago and Northwestern railway
and Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha railway
from 1880 to March i, 1900; from January, 1888, to June,
1890, was chief train dispatcher, west division, Chicago
and Northwestern railway; June, 1890, to June, 1892, as
sistant superintendent, same division; June, 1892, to Feb.
i, 1898, superintendent Galena division; Feb. i, 1898,10
March i, 1900, general superintendent Chicago, St. Paul,
Minneapolis and Omaha railway; March i, 1900, to Sep
tember, 1901, general superintendent middle and north
western divisions Baltimore and Ohio railroad; Sep
tember, 1901, to December, 1902, general superintendent
transportation, same road, at Baltimore; Jan. i, 1903, to
Jan. i, 1904, general superintendent Erie railroad at
Cleveland; Jan. i, 1904, to Nov. 23, 1910, general man
ager, and on Nov. 23, 1910, was elected vice president and
general manager. Mr. Stuart is also vice president and
general manager of the New York, Susquehanna and
Western Railroad company, and a director of the Ber
gen County Railroad company, the Erie and Black Rock
Railroad company, the Hackensack and Lodi Railroad
company, the Lake Keuka Navigation company, the Mid-
dleton, Unionville and Water Gap Railroad company,
the Niagara River and Erie Railroad company, the
Southern Tier Development company, and the Suffern
Railroad company.


Railroad Manager,

He entered railway service 1875, since which he has been
consecutively to 1877, soliciting agent Port Royal rail
road; 1877 to 1 88 1, traveling agent Atlantic Coast line;
1881 to 1883, soliciting agent Atlanta and Charlotte Air
line; 1883 to 1886, assistant general freight and passenger


agent Atlantic and Charlotte Air line division Richmond
and Danville railroad; 1886 to 1893, division freight and
passenger agent Richmond and Danville railroad at At
lanta, Ga. ; June, 1894, to Feb. 22, 1897, general agent
Southern railway at Atlanta; Feb. 22, 1897, to Nov. i,
1898, commercial agent same place; Nov. i, 1898, to date,
division freight agent same road at Atlanta; assistant gen
eral freight agent Southern railway since June i, 1911.



Was born in Albany, N.Y., Nov. 4, 1848; son of Jesse
Charles and Eunice U. (Walker) Potts; educated at
Wrightson school, Albany academy^ Harvard, A.B., 1865
(Phi Beta Kappa) and A.M.; unmarried. Republican.
Episcopalian; vestryman St. Peter s church, Albany. Life
member American Numismatic society; member Circle
of Friends of the Medallion; life Fellow American Geo
graphical society; member American Museum of Natu
ral History; life member National Geographical society;
governor Albany hospital; trustee Albany Medical col
lege; trustee and vice president Home for Aged Men;
director Albany Institute and Historical and Art society.
Collector of American coins and medals. Belongs to
Fort Orange, University (Albanv) and Harvard (New
York City) clubs.


Was born Dec. 2, 1854, at Worthington, O. Entered rail
way service May, 1872, since which he has been consecu
tively to March, 1876, clerk freight office Pittsburg, Cin
cinnati and St. Louis railway at Columbus, O. ; March,
1876, to Sept. i, 1883, clerk general freight office Colum
bus and Hocking Valley and Columbus and Toledo rail
ways; Sept. 3 to Dec. i, 1883, assistant general freight
agent Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo railway;


December, 1883, to Nov. 24, 1889, general freight and
passenger agent Columbus and Eastern railroad, later
the Columbus, Shavvnee and Hocking railway; Nov. 24,
1889, to Januarv, 1894, general freight and passenger
agent Columbus, Shawnee and Hocking Valley railway;
Nov. i, i892 A to January, 1894, also general freight and
passenger agent Sandusky and Columbus Short Line rail
way; January, 1894, to Nov. 15, 1895, general freight and
passenger agent Columbus, Sandusky and Hocking rail
road; Nov. 15, 1895, to Feb. I, 1896, general freight
agent same road; Feb. i to Dec. i, 1896, out of service;
Dec. i, 1896, to June i, 1897, general freight agent Co
lumbus, Sandusky and Hocking railroad; June i, 1897,
to Aug. i, 1899, general freight and passenger agent same
road; Aug. i, 1899, to March, 1902, coal and coke agent
Baltimore and Ohio railroad at Columbus, O. ; resigned
to accept position with the Columbia company at Colum

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