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bus, O.



Was born near Adams, N.Y. ; daughter John M. and
Mary (Taber) Holley; educated at local schools and at
home extremely fond of music, which she taught for
several years, but decided to devote herself to literature,
and early began to contribute to magazines. First book,
Mv Opinions and Betsy Bobbett s, proved a success, hav
ing large sale in this country and being republished in
Europe. Author : Samantha at the Centennial ; My Way
ward Pardner, 1880; The Mormon Wife (illustrated
poem), 1880; Miss Richard s Boy, 1883^ Sweet Cicely,
1885; Samantha at Saratoga, 1887; Poems, 1887; Saman
tha among the Brethren, 1890; Samantha Among the Col
ored Folks, 1892; Samantha at the World s Fair, 1894;
Samantha in Europe, 1896; serial: Around the World
with Josiah Allen s Wife, 1900; Samantha at the St.


Louis Exposition, 1904; Around the World with Josiah
Allen s Wife, 1905; Samantha vs. Josiah, 1906; Samantha
on Children s Right; Tosiah s Secret, a plav; Who Was to
Blame? a booklet; Samantha at Coney Island and a Thou
sand Other Islands, 1911. Has also contributed largely
to magazines and periodicals. Address: Pierrepont Ma
nor, Jefferson county, New York.


Clergyman and Missionary,

Was born Jan. 8, 1858, in Milwaukee, Wis. He was ed
ucated in the Northwestern university, and has received
the degrees of A.B., A.M., S.T.B., and D.D. In 1887-
94 he was a professor in the Anglo-Chinese college of
Foochow; in 1891-1903 was superintendent of the Anglo-
Chinese book concern; and since 1907 has been sole man
ager of the Methodist publishing house in China. He is
a director of the Woman s college of South China, and a
trustee of the Anglo-Chinese college of Foochow, China.


Physician and Surgeon,

Was born Newark Valley, N.Y., Aug. 3, 1848; son Wil
liam C. and Eliza (Simmons) Snyder; educated in
schools of Tioga county, N.Y., Ohio Medical college of
Cincinnati, O., and Hahnemann Medical college of Phil
adelphia; post-graduate courses in medicine in London,
Heidelberg and Vienna; married Emma Smith, of Otego,
N.Y. ; children: William C., born 1881; Elizabeth, born
1885. Practicing physician at Utica, N.Y. Has prac
ticed homoepathic medicine for thirty years; traveled in
European countries while a medical student there. Has
been member of phvsicians state examining board, con
nected with the regents of State of New York. President
and consulting physician of Glenmary county, a sanita
rium for chronic diseases, mental and nervous cases, Owe-


go, N.Y. ; consulting physician Binghamton City hospi
tal; specialty, chronic diseases. Republican. Congrega-
tionalist. Member American Institute of Homoepathy,
New York Homeopathic Medical society, Interstate
Medical society. Southern Tier Medical society, Broome
County Medical society. Recreations: Gardening, read
ing, study.


United States Congressman,

Was born in Athens, Ala. He served as a soldier in the
confederate states army during the civil war; and was
severely wounded at Chicamauga. He was then elected
to the Alabama house of representatives from Limestone
county. In 1867 he began the practice of law; was coun
ty judge for twelve years; and in 1890 was candidate for
governor of Alabama. He was elected to the fifty-sixth,
fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth and sixty-
first congresses as a democrat. He was re-elected to the
sixty-second congress from the eighth district of Alabama
for term of 191 1-13 ; and resides at Huntsville, Ala.


Railroad V ice-President,

Was born July, 1848, at Neversink, N.Y. He entered
the railway service April, 1865, as assistant engineer of
the New York and Oswego Midland road, since which
he has been consecutively from 1869 to 1870, assistant en
gineer of the Chicago and Michigan Lake Shore road;
1870 to 1871, resident engineer of the Buffalo, New York
and Philadelphia road; 1871 to 1872, division engineer
of the Rochester and State Line railway; 1872 to 1873,
division engineer of the Wisconsin Central road; 1873 to
1875, assistant engineer of the New York and Harlem
road; 1876 to 1881, chief engineer and superintendent of
the Rochester and State Line railway, February, 1881, to


1886, general superintendent of the New York, Ontario
and Western railway; also assistant general superintend
ent of the New York, West Shore and Buffalo railway;
June, 1883, to February, 1884, also general superintend
ent of the Walkill Valley road; February, 1886, to date,
general manager of the New York, Ontario and Western
railway; Sept. 28, 1904, to date, also vice-president and
director of the same road.


. General Superintendent Texas and Pacific Railway, .
Was born Feb. i, 1861. Graduated from the public
schools at Philadelphia, Pa., 1876. During 1877 a d
1878 was engaged in mining pursuits in Venezuela, S.A.
Entered railway service 1879 in the ticket department of
the Pennsylvania railroad, since which he has been con
secutively, Jan. 28, 1880, to May 10, 1892, continuously
with the Texas and Pacific railway in various positions;
May 10, 1892, to April 24, 1894, assistant general superin
tendent same road; April 24, 1894, to May 15, 1911, as
sistant general manager same road; Mav 15, 191 1, to date,
general superintendent same road.


Vice-President and General Manager,
Was born in Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 23, 1854. He mar
ried at Germantown, Pa., Nov. i_ij, 1883, Eleanor G. War
den, and they have one son and two daughters. He was
educated at the Germantown academy and the University
of Pennsylvania; from the latter institution he received
the degrees of A.B. and A.M. For six years he was in
charge of the commercial work of the engineering de
partment and repair shops of the American and Red Star
steamship lines. After this he became secretary and treas
urer of the United Gas Improvement company, then gen
eral manager and second vice-president, and finally first
vice-president in the same corporation. He is a repub-


lican in politics, and belongs to the Presbyterian church.
He is a trustee of the academy of the Protestant Episco
pal church in the city of Philadelphia; a member of the
Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity; a member of the Sons of the
Revolution; and of the Rittenhouse and the University
club of Philadelphia and of the University club of New



Was born in New York City, Dec. 10, 1848. He gradu
ated from Yale university, B.A., 1869, M.A., 1872; stu
died law at Columbia college law school, 1870-71; un
married. Member of the firm of Evarts, Choate and
Sherman; president of the Garden City company; secre
tary of the United Metals Selling company; member of
the Association Bar, City of New York, Society of Med
ical Jurisprudence, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Amer
ican Museum of Natural History, New York Zoological
society, New England society, Delta Kappa Epsilon fra
ternity; trustee of Vassar college clubs, Union, Century,
University, Yale. New York Athletic, Manhattan, Gro-
lier Turf and Field, Whist, Garden City Golf, Metro
politan (Washington, D.C.), St. Stephen s (London).



Was born New York City, Jan. 24, 1870; son Samuel
McLean and Tane (Scott) Slater; educated public
schools, New York University Law school, 1888 (one
year) ; graduated Cornell university, belles lettres, B.L.,
and law, LL.B. (editor, junior speaker; commencement
day orator; law school debater; law thesis prize). Has
practiced law in New York City since 1895. J omt au ~
thor of Alger and Slater s employers liability law. Mem
ber New York assembly, 1899-1900 New York senate,
1901-02; in assembly, was author franchise tax law. While


at university correspondent for Chicago Tribune, Boston
Journal, Philadelphia Press, New York World, New
York Press. Director Cold Process company^ New
York; director and treasurer United Cotton Gin com
pany; director The Millington company; president and
director Broadway Hotel company. Republican; Meth
odist. Member Association Bar City of New York; life
member Society Prevention Cruelty to Animals; Phi
Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Alpha Zeta fraternities.
Clubs: Republican, Harlem Republican, Cornell, Phi
Gamma Delta.



Was born in New Winchester, Ind., Jan. 8, 1855; son of
Elisha Bailey and Elizabeth (Faught) Bailey. He at
tended common schools of Kansas, 111. He married in
Chicago, Aug. 12, 1894, Georgie Coffin. He was tele
graph operator in Illinois for several years, until 1874,
when he became a printer; several years associated with
his brother, Edward H. Bailey, in publishing the Carlisle
Democrat and later the Vincennes News, Indiana. In
1 887^6 went to Chicago, where he was first connected
with the Chicago Mail and later for five years editorial
writer on the Chicago News. Since 1893, he has been
editor and proprietor of the Johnstown Daily Democrat
with his brother. Has been identified with single tax
movement since 1882 and published the first paper in
United States advocating Henry George idea. Was pres
ident Chicago Single Tax club for five years; is now vice-
president of the National Single Tax league; is also a
member of Chicago Press club. He is a Democrat in
politics, democratic county chairman, member of demo
cratic state committee, and an Elk.



Banker and Real Estate,

Was born in parish of Rafford, Morayshire, Scotland,
June 25, 1852. He was educated in parish school of Raf
ford, and on completion of studies served apprenticeship
to stone cutter in Forres, Scotland. Coming to New York
City, pursued his trade here, at the same time taking a
course in the New York evening high school. Engaged
in stone cutting business under firm name of Gillie and
Walker and subsequently in the real estate business firm
of Walker and Lawson; still engaged in real estate trans
actions and large building operations. Connected with
the Colonial bank of New York since its incorporation,
and its president since 1893; also director of the Green
wich bank, and trustee of Harlem Savings bank; vice-
president Standard Mortgage company; member cham
ber of commerce, St. Andrew s society; General Society
Mechanics and Tradesmen, New York; Scottish Soci
ety, New York; Historical society; West End association;
Morningside Heights association; Caledonia, Curling,
and West Side Republican clubs.



Was born in Germantown, Pa., Aug. 10, 1867; descend
ant of Dirck Keyser, who settled in Germantown in 1688;
son of Alexander Provest Keyser and Emma Rosina
(Wolf) Keyser. He was graduated from Germantown
grammar school, and from the Pennsylvania College of
Dental Surgery as D.D.S. in 1889. He was married in
Germantown, Pa., Jan. 8, 1891, to Emma Rebecca Gess-
leman, and thev have two sons: Clarence Naaman, born
Oct. 10, 1892, and Pierson Dirck, born Sept. 16, 1898.
He has been engaged in the practice of dentistry from
1889. H C was instructor in plate work and crown and
bridge work, Pennsylvania Dental college, in 1893 and


1894; traveled extensively over the United States, and
in 1904 made a trip to the Pacific coast. He is one of the
authors of The History of Old Germantown, 1907; also
author of Old Historic Germantown, published in vol
ume fifteen of the Proceedings of Pennsylvania German
Society (reprint limited to 300 copies), and a contributor
of various articles to dental periodicals, the result of orig
inal research. He is a republican (independent) in pol
itics; member of the Methodist Episcopal church. Dr.
Kevser is a member of the Pennsvlvania Association of
Dental Surgeons (president, 1896-1898), a member of
the executive committee of the Pennsylvania German so
ciety; director of Site and Relic society of Germantown,
1901 ; member of the Germantown and Chestnut Hill Im
provement association; Germantown Horticultural soci
ety; Washington Council No. i, Junior Order of Ameri
can Mechanics; Germantown Assembly, No. 36, Artisans
Order Mutual Protection, Washington Camp, Patriotic
Order of the Sons of America, Mitchell Lodge No. 296
of Masons. His recreations are the study of local history,
travel and mechanics.



Was born in Millbrook, Pa., Jan. 21, 18^9. He was grad
uated from Allegheny college as A.B., in 188^, and A.M.
in 1893. He married in Fowler, Ohio, July 28, 1885,
Sarah Effie Viets, and they have two children: Harold
Henry Lamb, born March 31, 1889, and Mary Lamb,
born April 22, 1893. He was principal of McElwain in
stitute, New Lebanon, Pa., 1885-87; principal of Mercer
(Pa.) public schools, 1887-02* principal of grammar
schools, Youngstown, Ohio, 1892-1900; superintendent of
Braddock (Pa.) schools, 1900-03; librarian of Carnegie
Free library, Braddock, since 1903, and superintendent of
Carnegie club, Braddock, since 1903. Mr. Lamb is a re-


publican in politics, and a Methodist Episcopalian in re
ligious belief. He was one of the founders of the Penn
sylvania School Masters club; is an Odd Fellow, a Ma
son and a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.


Chief Engineer The Colorado Fuel and Iron Company,
Was born Sept. n, 18^7, at Cincinnati, O. Graduated
from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1879
with dcp-ree of B.S. Entered railway service in 1879,
since which he has been consecutively to 188^, assistant
ono-; n pf r p^rj eneineer maintenance of wav Iowa division,
Chicago, Burlington and Quincv railroad: 188^ to 1887,
engineer and superintendent Whitebreast Fuel comnanv
in Iowa; 1887 to 1888, superintendent Colorado Fuel
company at Trinidad, Colo.; 1888 to 1892, chief engineer
same company at Denver, Colo.; 1892 to date, chief
engineer the Colorado Fuel and Iron company, the Colo
rado and Wyoming railway and the Crystal River rail



Was born near Newburgh, New York, May 18, 1837.
He was a dry goods clerk and merchant 18^2-82. He be
came vice-president in 1882, and since 1884 has been pres
ident of the People s bank. Presbyterian; an elder in
Rutger s Presbvterian board of foreign missions. He is
a member of Historical society, New York Zoological
society, Metropolitan Museum of Art,American Museum
of Natural History, New York Botanical garden, Presby
terian union. He is a member of the Union League and
Quill clubs; executor and trustee of a number of large
estates; treasurer of the Northern Dispensary and the
Northeastern Dispensary.


Banker and Iron Manufacturer,

Was born in Harrisburg, Pa., Oct. 19, 1861 ; son of
Charles L. and Emma H. (Doll) Bailey. He was grad
uated from Yale as B.S. in 1881. He married in Harris-
burg, Oct. 2, 1889, Elizabeth H. Reily, and they have two
daughters and one son. President of Harrisburg Traction
company, Harrisburg National bank and Harrisburg
Trust company. Mr. Bailey is a republican in politics,
and a Presbyterian in religion; trustee of the Pennsyl
vania State Hospital for Insane, and is a member of the
University club of New York and the University and Art
clubs of Philadelphia.


Major-General Pennsylvania National Guard,
Was born Sept. 3, 1860, in Wilkes Barre, Pa. He received
a thorough education; and is identified with the business
and public affairs of his native city. He is assistant man
ager of the Susnuehanna Coal company. He is major-
general commanding the national guard of Pennsylvania;
and has filled various positions of trust and honor.


Commercial Freight Agent,

Was born 186^. Since entering railway service has been
clerk Atlantic Coast line; clerk Eastern railroad; clerk
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad; clerk Associ
ated Railroads of Virginia and the Carolinas, clerk Vir
ginia, Tennessee and Georgia Air line, chief clerk Mer
chants and Miners Transportation company, traveling
agent same company, and is now commercial freight
agent Baltimore and Ohio railroad and agent Continental
line at Boston, Mass. Appointed assistant agent M. and
M. T. company at Boston May, 1907; agent, July, 1908,
and now agent.



United States Secretary of Legation,
Was born in Philadelphia, Oct. 20, 184;; son of Major
James P. W. and Alice Johnston Renshaw. He received
an academic education; served for nine months in the
Keystone light artillery of Philadelphia as corporal in
the civil war; entered the United States Marine corps as
second lieutenant in 1865 ; served on coast of Brazil ; made
first lieutenant in 1871, and resigned in 1873. He has been
secretary of the United States legation at Lima, Peru,
since 1884, and has had charge of the legation as charge
d affaires during the absence of the minister. He is a
member of the Sons of Albion, Sons of the Revolution,
Geographical society of Lima, Peru, Grand Army of the
Republic (Pennsylvania society), and Order of the Cin
cinnati (Delaware branch).


Physician and Surgeon,

Was born in Stevensville, Pa., March 10, 1851; son of
Cyrus Stevens and Lydia Ann (Lacey) Stevens. He was
graduated from Lafayette college, as A.C. in 1876, and
A.M. in 1880, and from the College of Physicians and
Surgeons, Keokuk, Iowa, as M.D. in 1880. He married
in Laceyville, Pa., 1880, Nettie Jackson. Dr. Stevens has
been secretary of the Medical society of the state of Penn
sylvania, since 1897; editor and publisher of the Pennsyl
vania Medical Journal, since 1904. He was elected mem
ber of the house of representatives in 1906. He is also
secretary of the Athens United States pension examining
board. Dr. Stevens is a republican in politics, and a Pres
byterian in religious views; member of the American
Medical association, American Academy of Medicine,
American Association for the Advancement of Science,
National Geographic society, and also member of the
Masonic order and Odd Fellows.



Lawyer and Jurist,

Was born Dec. 16, 1867, in Calhoun county, Mich. In
1893 he began the practice of law; in 1900-02 was assist
ant State s attorney of La Salle county; and since 1902
has been county judge of La Salle county, 111. He is
chairman of the republican county central committee of
La Salle county; and a member of the Hamilton club of
Chicago. He is much in demand as a public speaker,
and has always taken an active interest in public ques



Was born in Philadelphia, 1868; son of the late Anthony
J. Drexel, banker and philanthropist. He was educated
in private schools and by tutors. He married at Vincen-
town, Burlington county, N.J., Nov. 18, 1891, Mary S.
Irick. He became connected with the Philadelphia
Ledger in association with the late George William
Childs, whom he succeeded as editor and publisher of
that paper, conducting it until 1903, when the paper was
sold and he retired. Besides his town house at Locust
and Eighteenth streets, Philadelphia, Mr. Drexel has
country homes at "Wootton," Bryn Mawr, Pa., and North
Islesboro, Maine.


Lawyer and Jurist,

Was born March 18, 1862, in Texas. He soon attained
success in the practice of law; has filled several positions
of trust and honor; since 1902 has been judge of the fif
teenth judicial district court of Texas, and resides in
Sherman, Texas.



Lawyer and Jurist,

Was born July i, 1862, in Carbury, County Kildare, Ire
land. He was educated in the private schools of Dublin
and Philadelphia, Pa. He has built up a large law prac
tice in Kansas City, Kan.; and numbers among his clients
some of the largest railway, manufacturing and insurance
companies in the state of Kansas. He was judge of the
court of common pleas of Kansas for twelve years, resign
ing before the expiration of his last term to resume his law



Was born in Bethlehem, Pa., Jan. 8, 1837, his father be
ing a woolen manufacturer at that place. He was educat
ed at Bethlehem, and at Yale college, where he was grad
uated in 1857, afterward graduated at Harvard Law
school and studied law at Easton and at Philadelphia. He
subsequently spent a year in the study of civil law at
Heidelberg, Germany, and six months studying French
law at Paris. Returning home when the civil waar began,
he raised a cavalry company and went to the war as its
captain. During the war he was promoted to colonel, and
in 1864 was mustered out of the service as brevet brigadier
general. He was admitted to the bar at Easton, but prac
ticed for one year at Washington, D.C., engaged in trials
before military commissions and court martials. He was
engaged with Reverdy Johnson and Gen. Ewing and
others for the defense in the trial of the conspirators
against the life of President Lincoln, and also Azterott
and Payne for the attack upon Secretary Seward. He re
turned to Easton after the close of these celebrated cases,
and practiced law there till 187?. when he removed to
Bethlehem, where he has since remained. During his
career he has been alone in his practice and has gained


wide reputation for high legal ability and attainment,
being considered one of the best trial lawyers in the state.
He served as register in bankruptcy from 1868 to 1879,
and has been counsel for the Lehigh Coal and Naviga
tion company twenty-five years, and for the Bethlehem
Iron and Steel company twenty-three years. For twenty
years he has been president of the New Street Bridge
companv. Now president of the Lehigh Valley National
bank of Bethlehem, and most extensive proprietor of
farms in the county of Northampton.


St. Thomas Church, New York City,
Was born England, 1870. Pupil of Duncan Macfarlane
and Samuel P. Warren. Founder, A.G.O. Organist St.
Thomas church, New York City, 1900. Organist Tem
ple Emmanuel, New York City, 1898. Conductor Yon-
kers Choral society, 1902-1910; F. Org. St. John s Meth
odist church, New York City, 1885-86; oreanist St. James
church, Danburv, Conn., 1 886-8^ organist Church of the
Messiah, New York Citv, 1887-80; organist All Souls
church, New York City, 1889-1900. Composer of songs,
church and organ music (published by G. Schirmer,
New York: Tohn Church comnanv, Cincinnati, O., and
Oliver Ditson company, Boston, Mass.).

Soldier and Banker,

Was born in i8i;o. During the Snanish-American war he
served in Cuba as colonel in command of the second South
Carolina regiment. He is president of the Palmetto Na
tional bank of Columbia, S.C.; since 1904 has been chair
man of the South Carolina democratic executive commit
tee; and has filled various other positions of trust and



Educator, Scientific Investigator and Consulting Engi

Was born in Philadelphia, Sept. 27, 1868. He was edu
cated in public and private schools and the Pennsylvania
State college; graduated Mechanical Arts, 1887, then B.
S., 1889, an d received M.E. and E.E. for work from the
same college. He married, Dec. 28, 1890, Margaret Bed-
dow Jones. Mr. Jackson was director of the Industrial
department of Fisk university, of Nashville, Tenn., 1889-
1890; electrical engineer with the Sprague and Edison
Electric companies, 1890-1892; and has been connected
with Pennsylvania State college since 1892, where he is
now dean of the school of engineering and professor of
electrical engineering. He is director of the state engi
neering experiment station, maintained at State College,
Pa. He has been and is consulting engineer and officer to
various electric companies. He was a member of the jury
of awards electrical at St. Louis. He is a member of
the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Society
for the Promotion of Engineering Education, and many
other scientific and social societies. Mr. Jackson is au
thor, in collaboration, of: Alternating Currents and Al
ternating Current Machinery, 1896; Elementary Elec
tricity and Magnetism, 1902; contributor to scientific,
educational and similar periodicals.


Clergyman and College President,

Was born in 1865, in Mitchell, S.D. He has been pastor
of the Methodist Episcopal church in Minneapolis and
Winona, Minn.; and district superintendent of the Meth

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