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vancement of Science; was a delegate to the republican
national convention in 1896, and has taken an active part
in the public affairs of his city, county and state.


Civil Engineer,

Was born Mayence, Germany, April 19, 1847; son Dr.
C. J. and Albertina Roeslin Enricht; educated in tech
nical school, Darmstadt, Germany; married Oct. 28, 1902,
Anna Jakubal; one son, Louise, Jr., and one daughter,
Alice. Traveled largely in United States and Mexico;
was engaged in mining in early times in California. As-


sistant engineer Golden Gate park, in San Francisco, Cal.,
1871-76; then large contractor and member firm of Tor-
rens and Enricht, San Francisco; elected county surveyor
Cook county, 111., 1896, and served four years; now en
gaged in various enterprises in New York and Mexico.
Inventor of various processes of forming artificial stones,
etc. Republican. Royal Arch Mason, Knight Templar
and member Mystic Shrine. Member seventeenth as
sembly district republican club, Brooklyn.



Was born Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 15, 1866; son William P.
and Caroline (Boughton) Chambers; educated Brooklyn
Polytechnic school, Yale universitv, A.B., 1887, Univer
sity of Munich, 1887-88, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris,
1889-91 ; married first, June 9, 1807, Ethel Notman (died
July 19, 1 808^ second, Dresden, Germany, April 23,
1901, Elizabeth Margery Ferguson; children: Robert
Notman, Walter Ferguson and William H. Engaged in
practice of architecture in New York City from 1891.
Enlisted, 1898, in Squadron A, N.Y. cavalry, served six
years; honorably discharged, 1904. Republican. Epis
copalian. Member New York chapter, American Insti
tute Architects, and of American Institute of Architects,
Washington, Society Beaux Arts Architects. At Yale,
member He Boule, Psi Upsilon, Scroll and Key. Clubs:
-.?;?. turv. Yale, Richmond County Country.



Was born Liverpool, N.Y., March 3, 1865; son George
T. and Emily H. (Merriman) Price; educated in Caze-
novia seminary and Syracuse university; married North
Syracuse, N.Y., Jan. 19, 1888, Nettie Belle Reese; chil
dren: J. Pveese, born 1888; Emilv H., born 1890; Letitia


E., born 1894; Willis H., born 1901 ; George T., II., born
1906. Studied medicine in Vienna and London hospi
tals; German, in Hanover, Germany. Renublican. Pres
byterian. Member Syracuse Academy Medicine, Onon-
daga County Medical society, Central New York Med
ical association, New York State Medical society, Ameri
can Medical association. Ex-prseident Syracuse Acad
emy Medicine; professor clinical surgery, College of
Medicine of Syracuse university: surgeon to Hospital of
the Good Shenherd. and Syracuse free dispensary. Hon-
orarv member Iota chapter, A.K.K. ; member Salt Springs
lodge c;2O, R. and A. M., Central City chapter No. 70,
R.A.M., and Central City commanderv No. 2;, Knights
Templar; Central City consistent S.P.R.S., No. 8.


Physician and Surgeon,

Was born Oct. 28, 1838, in Ontario, Canada. He received
his education in the public schools, the University of To-
rrnto, and the University of Victoria college. He has
served as dean of the medical college of Sioux Citv, Iowa,
and professor of frvnaecolop-v in that institution. In 1897-
08 he was president of the Iowa State Medical -society;
has served as consulting physician and surgeon of the
Iowa hospital for the insane at Independence: and during
1891-96 was trustee of the State Insane hospital. Since
the new organization of the hospital he has been a mem
ber of the medical counsel.


Soldier and Clergyman,

Was born in 1817 in Wolcottville, Conn. In 1858 he
graduated from Yale college: in 1866 graduated from
Andover theological seminarv ind subsequently received
the degree of D.D. from Hamilton co\\ n ^~ Tn 1862-6;
he served in the civil war; and became captain and brevet


major in the twenty-first regiment Connecticut volunteers.
He has filled pastorates in Braintree, West Roxbury and
Somerville, Mass. ; and in 1881-96 was pastor of the North
Presbyterian church of Buffalo, N.Y. Since 1897 he has
been general secretary of the New York Sabbath commit
tee. He is chaplain of the New York commandery Loyal
Legion; and of other patriotic orders.


Soldier, Lawyer and Railroad President,
Was born Dec. 20, 1838, in Hallowell, Maine. He re
ceived his education in the Hallowell academy, Bowdoin
college, and the Albany law school. He served with dis
tinction in the union army during the civil war; was ad
jutant of the twenty-fifth regiment of the Maines volun
teer infantry; was promoted to lieutenant-colonel of the
thirtieth regiment Maine volunteer infantrv and to colo
nel of the same regiment; and subsequently was made
brevet brigadier-general United States volunteers. In
1865 he entered the practice of law in New York City.


Theatrical Manager,

Was born June 17, 1860, Sanduskv, O. Educated in New
York public schools. Employed in office Daily Graphic,
New York; sold tickets at Hooley s theater, Brooklyn;
took charge f company sent west to play "Our Boys,"
1877; was with J. H. Haverly (Haverlv s Mastadon min
strels), 1879-1880, in United States and Europe; went on
road with "Lady Clare" and "Victor Durand," 1881 ; or
ganized a company to bring out Shenandoah, 1881; or
ganized Charles Frohman Stock company, 1890; now
proprietor and manager Empire, Criterion, Lvceum, Gar-
rick, Knickerbocker and Globe theaters, New York;
Duke of York theater, London; joint manager Globe
theater, London.



Rabbi of United Orthodox Congregations,
Was born Nisan 6, 5623, at Trab, Government Vilna,
Russia. Son of Nahun P. Levin and Liba Abromovitz.
Educated at Volosin and Kovno, Russia. Rebbinical
diplomas received from Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Spector,
Kovno, and Rabbi Hirsch Leb Berlin, Volosin. Was
rabbi in Liskeveh, Government Suvalki, Russia; Roches
ter, N.Y. ; and New Haven, Conn.


Soldier, Farmer, Journalist and Governor,
Was born Oct. 10, 1836, in Stockbridge, N.Y. He was
educated in the public schools. During the civil war he
served in the fourth regiment Wisconsin infantry and in
the first regiment New York light artillery; and partic
ipated in numerous battles and skirmishes. In 1870 he
founded the Jefferson county union; and in 1885 founded
Hoard s Dairyman at Fort Atkinson, Wis. He was presi
dent of the Northwestern Dairymen s association. He
has been president of the Wisconsin Editorial association;
and commander of the department of Wisconsin of the
Grand Army of the Republic. In 1889-91 he was gov
ernor of the state of Wisconsin. He has also been presi
dent of the National Dairy union ; and is now president of
the board of regents of the University of Wisconsin. He
is the wner of a large farm and herd of pure-bred Guern
sey cattle; and is prominently identified with the busi
ness and public affairs of Wisconsin.


Soldier, Lawyer and Banker,

Was born March 1$, 1840, in Morgan county, 111. He
was educated in the Jacksonville high school; and at
tended the Illinois college to the end of the sophomore
year. In 1860 he removed to Texas; was a colonel in the


confederate army; and in 1865 was admited to the bar.
In 1865-73 he practiced law in Weatherford, Texas; and
in 1873 continued his profession in Dallas and also in
Denver. In 1873 he organized the City bank of Dallas,
now the City National bank; and became its president.
In 1884 he became president of the Exchange National
bank of Dallas, Texas; and since 1881 has been president
of the Continental Land and Cattle company of Denver,
Colo. In 1890 he became president of the Union Trust
company of St. Louis, Mo.; and removed in 1898 to Den
ver, where he organized the Continental Trust company,
of which he is president.


Cantor (Since 1880 of Temple Israel of Harlem, New

York City),

Was born October, 18^9, at Warsaw. Son of Moses New-
mark. Educated at Warsaw and Breslau, Germany. Dip
lomas conferred by Obercantor Professor F. Weisshoff,
Warsaw, and Obercantor Deutsch, Breslau. Held posi
tions in Rechthal, Upper Silesia, few months, and Rond-
out, N.Y., one and a half years.



Was born Eversen, Hanover, Germany, Oct. 25, 1848;
seventh son of Claus Hinrich Intemann, a prosperous
farmer; lost parents when quite young; came to the United
States 1861 ; attended German school connected with St.
Johannes church, New York City; married September,
1869, Catherine Margaretta Lange, eight children: Mary
M., Carolina W., Ernest A. G., Jr., Charles L. H., Alfred
C., Agnes H., Flora D., and Frederick W. Learned
confectioner s trade; established own business in 1869.
Always active in interests of the confectionery trade and
was instrumental in having law passed at Albany to per-


mit opening of confectionery and similar stores on Sun
days, etc.; since 1886, president United Confectioners
Supply company; also president Confectioners Manufac
turing company, manufacturers of Hygeia ice. Promi
nent Free Mason. Ex-president German branch Y.M.C.
A. Residence: 27 Bank street.


Soldier, Lawyer and Genealogist,

Was born August, 18^9, in New York City. In 1860 he
graduated from Columbia college ; and in 1862 gradu
ated from the law school. He was on volunteer picket
duty in North Carolina during the civil war; served in
various capacities; and was bearer of desoatches to Far-
ragut s flagship at Pensacola harbor. He was wounded
at Bermuda Hundreds and at Chapin s Bluff on the James
river. In 1864 he was a volunteer nurse of wounded and
sick soldiers in New York City. For many years he prac
ticed law in New York City; and is now retired. He is a
director of the United States Fire Insurance company.
He has made public addresses; and has written on geneo-
logical and semi-historical subjects for New York papers
and other publications.


Superintendent of Public Schools, Retired,
Was born near Magnolia, O. ; son Jacob and Susanna
(Easterday) v. Zimmerman; educated Illinois State uni
versity; married Litchfield, 111., June 3, 1878, Anna Elora
Duggan; children: Wayne (deceased), Charles (died
1906, leaving a son, Theodore), Lillian (Mrs. Chester C.
Weber). He left college at the end of his sophomore
years to become principal of public school at Hillsboro,
111., and remained in the educational field until 1887,
twenty-five years. Has traveled extensively in the United
States. Has written and published many works, almost


always anonymously or under a nom de plume. Author:
My Country, the National Anthem, The Roval Road to
Ex-Tempore Speaking, etc. Republican. Evangelical


Physician, Surgeon and Author,

Was born June 12, 1842, in Cortland, N.Y. He received
his preparatory education at Cortland acader" T " oradu-
ated from Yale college in 1865; and from Geneva Med
ical college in 1868. He received his degree of A.M.
from Yale college in 1868. In 1868 he bep-an his medical
practice in Cortland, N.Y. ; and for a number of years
was surgeon of the Elmira, Cortland and Northern rail
road. In 1872-74 he was demonstrator of anatomy in the
medical department of Syracuse university; and in 1874-
78 was professor of internal anatomy at the same institu
tion. In 1875-77 f r two terms ne wa s president of the
Cortland County Medical society; and in 1876 was a del
egate to the American medical association. He is the au
thor of On Preventing Deformity in Certain Fractures
the Hand; Historical Monograph; and The One-Time
Wooden Spoon at Yale. In fiction he is the author of
The Story of a Day in London; The Girl from Mexico;
and Other Stories; and Mary Markham, a novel.



Was born East Moriches, N.Y., Oct. 4, 1867; son Jesse
Woodhull and Mary Howell (Stevens) Pelletreau; edu
cated Bridgehampton (N.Y.) academy and Yale univer
sity, LL.B., 1890; married Bridgehampton, N.Y., Dec.
24, 1895, Mary Woodruff Rogers; two sons, John Rogers,
born Nov. 30, 1902, and Robert Halsey, born Dec. 29,
1908. Director and attorney Citizens National bank of
Patchogue, N.Y., and trustee and attorney Union Sav-


ings bank of Patchogue. Republican (formerly demo
crat) ; Congregationalist. Member New York State Bar
association, Sons of the Revolution, Hueuenot society of
New York. Life member American Bible society and
Long Island Bible society.

Dry Goods Commission Merchant,
Was born Auburn, N.Y., March 30, 1867; son Emmet
and Mary Ann (Rockwell) Stafford; graduate Port
Byron, N.Y., academy; married St. Louis, Mo., April 12,
1898, Mary Boyle; children: John Boyle, born 1899;
Jane, born 1901; G. A., Jr., born 1903; Richard Rock
well, born 1907. President G. A. Stafford and company
(Inc.). Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: St. Louis,
Illini Yacht (St. Louis, Mo.), Arkwright (New York
City) ; Stamford Yacht, Greenwich Country club, Hill-
crest Park, Conn. (P. O. Stamford).


Railroad Manager,

Was born Sept. 5, 1865, at Cincinnati, O. Entered rail
way service 1884 as mail clerk Cincinnati, New Orleans
and Texas Pacific railway, since which he has been con
secutively rate clerk, chief rate clerk and chief clerk to
traffic manager same road; June i, 1893, to Oct. 31, 1895,
assistant general freight agent same road; Nov. i, 1895,
to Aug. 4, 1898, chief clerk to general freight agent South
ern railway, in charge of the rate and tariff department;
Aug. 4, 1898, to July i, 1899, general freight agent same
road; July i, 180,9, to March 14, 1902, assistant freight
traffic manager same road; March 15, 1902, to March 31,
1905, freight traffic manager same road; April i, 1905,
vice-president Southern railway in charge of traffic in the
west; also vice-president (since 1907) Cent. New Orleans
and Tex. Pa. Ry., Ala. Great Sou. R. R.



President of the State Normal School at Kirksville, Mo.,
Was born Jan. i, 1851, in Illinois. He was educated in
the high school of Bethany, Mo., the Kirksville normal
school, the University of Kansas and the University of
Missouri. He is a member of the republican party; and
a member of the Methodist church. He has been super
intendent of schools of Bethany, Mo., superintendent of
schools of Westport, Mo., in 1895-1899 was state superin
tendent of schools of Missouri; and in 1899 was school
inspector of the University of Missouri. He is now serv
ing his sixth term of 1909-11 as president of the state nor
mal school at Kirksville, Mo.


Financier and Philanthropist,

Was born Sept. 10, 1839, in Charleston, S.C. In 1871 he
be^an his business life as a financier; and for over thirty
years was identified with large enterprises in Charleston,


Lawyer and Author,

Was born Oct. 7, 1845, in St. Mary s, Ga. In 1866 he
graduated from Yale college; and has received the degree
of A.M. from the St. Louis law school and LL.D. from
the Universities of Missouri and Yale. Since 1871 he has
practiced law in St. Louis, Mo. In 1871-73 he was secre
tary to Governor Gratz Brown; and in 1880-82 and 1887-
89 was president of the board of education of St. Louis,
Mo. He is the author of Law and Practice of Taxation
in Missouri; The Taxing Power; State and Federal in
the United States; and The Law of Interstate Commerce
and Its Federal Regulation.




Was born in Scotland, Nov. 27, 1856; son Henry and
Mary E. Birrell; educated New York public school No.
35; married New York City, Oct. 10, 1889, Mary E.
Sarles. Began business, 1871, with Ivison, Blakeman,
Taylor and company, and was with its successors, Ivison,
Blakeman and company and the American Book com
pany, until Jan. i, 1902, when was appointed and served
as deputy county clerk, New York county, 1902-06, un
der Thomas L. Hamilton, county clerk. Republican;
presidential elector, 1896, from New York state, for Mc-
Kinley and Hobart; delegate to republican national con
vention, 1900, from twelfth congressional district, New
York; sergeant-at-arms, 1900 at New York headquarters,
republican national committee. Irving Press, 121 East
3ist street (secretary) ; Piercy Contracting company, Na
tional Equipment company. Member Aldine association,
Republican club of City of New York.


Business President and Scientist,

Was born April 17, 1854, in New York City. In 1874 he
graduated from Yale college with the degree of B.A. ; and
in 1877 graduated from Columbia college with the de
gree of E.M. In 1878 he was chemist of the Himrod Fur
nace company of Youngstown. Ohio. In 1881-85 and in
1886-89 was superintendent of the Kemble Coal and Iron
company of Riddlesburg, Pa.; and in 1885 became super
intendent of the Glamorgan Iron company of Lewistown,
Pa. He is general manager of the Penn Iron Mining
company; manager of the Republic Iron company; treas
urer of the Penn Store company; and a director of the
Commercial bank of Iron Mountain, Mich.



Electrical Engineer and Inventor,

Was born March 28, 1859, in Ireland. He is president of
the Telelectric and Cokel companies of Pittsfield, Mass.,
He has received over eighty United States patents for
the utilization of electricitv, covering nnnaratus for gen
erating, transmitting, distributing and measuring elec



Was born Shavly, Russia, June 12, 1871 ; son George and
Sarah (Margalis) Brenner; came to United States, 1890;
studied at Paris under Louis Roty, 1898; exhibited works
in Paris Salon, and received awards from Paris exposi
tion, 1900, and Pan-American exposition, 1901. Designed
seals of New York public library, Fine Arts federation
of New York, Carnegie institute, etc.; portraits of G. A.
Lucas, Wm. M. Evarts, C. P. Huntington, etc. Designed
medals for American Geograpical societv, American
commission to Paris exposition, 1900; Tvoothetae of New
York; Prince Henrv, commemorating: his visit to Amer
ica; state of Michigan to Her Soldiers and Sailors, etc.;
busts of Simeon Stern and Prof. Charles Eliot Norton.
Prizes St. Louis exposition, International exposition,
Brussels, 1910; portrait of ex-President Roosevelt, Lin
coln centenarv, Wright Bros. Member National Sculp
tors society; National Arts club; Municipal Art society;
Architectural league.



Was born in Philadelphia, Oct. 17, 1862; son of Frederick
Annan Dreer and Louisa (Greble) Dreer. He was edu
cated in the Pennsylvania Military academy, Chester, Pa.>
1877-1880; entered the University of Pennsylvania as a


special student in chemistry in 1882, and was graduated
in June, 1884. Mr. Dreer is a member of the General
Alumni of the University of Pennsylvania, the Academy
of Natural Science, the Historical society, Colonial so
ciety, and the Netherlands society of Pennsylvania, also
the Fairmount Park Art association, Browning society of
Philadelphia, League of American Wheelman, the Na
tional conference of charities and correction, the Ger
man society, Prison society of Pennsylvania, and the
Union League and Priestly clubs. Society of Arts and
Letters and Geographical society. He is a member of the
Episcopal church.


Clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church,
Was born in Munich, Bavaria; came to the United States
in early childhood; was educated in the Polytechnic in
stitute, Egg Harbor City, N.J., and the Central high
school of Philadelphia; and attended special courses at
the University of Pennsylvania; graduated from the Phil
adelphia Divinity school in 1884; was ordained a deacon
by the Right Rev. William Bacon Stevens, D.D., LL.D.,
in St. James s church, Philadelphia, in 1884, and was ad
vanced to the priesthood by the same bishop in 1886, in
St. Luke s church, Philadelphia; he was the assistant min
ister of this parish from 1884 to 1890. In 1886 he mar
ried Laura P. B. Taitt, daughter of James Monroe Taitt;
was rector of Trinity church, Mounty Hollv, N.J., from
1890 to 1900; during this rectorship he established the
services of the church, and erected churches at Lumber-
ton, N.J., and at Ocean City, N.J.; in 1900 he accepted
the rectorship of St. John s church, Franklin, Pa. He was
elected president of the Associate Alumni of his alma
mater in 1900. In 1903 he received from the Philadelphia
Divinity school the degree of bachelor of divinity in
course; representative to the missionary council, 1903;
He has contributed to several magazines.




Was born July 27, 1856, in Hamilton, Canda, of Afro-
American parentage. He came to Pennsylvania in 1873;
was graduated from Lincoln university, Chester county,
Pa., 1879, an d was graduated from the medical depart
ment of the University of Pennsylvania in 1882. Through
the late Dr. D. Hayes Agnew, was associated with the
out-patient surgical department of the University of
Pennsylvania; continued his studies in surgery by a post
graduate course at the Philadelphia polyclinic and sub
sequently went to Europe, where he took post-graduate
studies at Guy s Queen s college and St. Thomas hospi
tals, London, England. He was president of the National
Medical association from 1907 to 1908. In 1891; he or
ganized the Frederick Douglass Memorical hospital and
training school, Philadelphia, where he has since been
engaged as medical director and attending surgeon. Un
der his leadership, the board of managers completed in
April, 1909, and dedicated a new and modernly construct
ed hospital building, at a cost of $118,000. He is the
author of a number of important treatise on medical sub
jects; the most recent, and probably the most widely read,
was an exhaustive article read before the National Med
ical association* on Hospital Construction, Organization
and Management.


Associate Justice Supreme Court of the United States,
Was born at Marion, Ind., April 17, i8co; was educated
in the public schools of his native town and at Indiana
Asbury (now De Pauw) university; was graduated from
the law school of the Cincinnati college in 1881; prac
ticed his profession at Marion, Ind., until 1884, and sub
sequently at Cheyenne, Wyo., where he served as city at
torney; a commissioner to revise the statute law of Wyo-


ming, and member of the territorial legislature; was ap
pointed chief justice of the territorial supreme court by
President Harrison in 1889, and by election was continued
as chief justice on the admission of the territory as a state
in 1890, but soon resigned to resume active practice; was
a delegate to the republican national convention and also
a member of the republican national committee in 1896;
was appointed assistant attorney general of the United
States by President McKinley in 1897, being assigned to
the department of the interior, and served in that position
until 1903; was professor of equity pleading and practice
1898-1903, and of equity jurisprudence 1902-3 in Colum
bian (now George Washington) university; was appoint
ed United States circuit judge, eighth circuit, by Presi
dent Roosevelt in 1903; was appointed associate justice of
the supreme court of the United States by President Taft,
Dec. 16, 1910, and entered upon the duties of that office
Jan. 3 following. LL.D., De Pauw, 1911.


United States Congressman from the Fourth District of


Was born in Milwaukee March 22, 65 ; received primary
education in the public schools, and at the age of thirteen
was left an orphan with five younger children ; began work
as messenger boy, the younger children being placed in
an orphan asylum; at 1 8 he was a telegraph operator, and
at 19 took the younger children from the asylum and gave
them a home; was married in i88q; elected alderman in
1900 and re-elected in 1902; elected sheriff of Milwaukee
county in 1904 with a plurality of 1 1,000, leading his tick
et by 3,000; was nominated for congress over Hon. Thea-
bold Otjen, at the first trial of the Wisconsin primary
election law, and elected to the sixtieth and sixty-first con
gresses; re-elected to the sixty-second congress as a re

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