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publican; and resides in Milwaukee, Wis.




Was born Nov. 23, 1869, in Greenport, N.Y. In 1887 he
graduated from the Greenport union school; subsequently
received the degrees of Ph.B. and LL.B. from Cornell
university; and in 1894-95 was a reader in the English de
partment of Cornell university. He has been a speaker in
various prize contests and intercollegiate debates; and in
1896 began the practice of law in New York City. He is
attorney for the Southold Savings bank and other institu
tions. He is a member of the American Bar association,
the New York State and City Bar associations, the New
York County Lawyers association and the Suffolk Countv
Bar association. He is a member of the Sons of the Rev
olution, the American Economic association, the New
York State Historical society, the Suffolk County Histor
ical society and other clubs and societies.


Journalist and Publisher,

Was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 27, 1861 ; son of Julius
Ochs and Bertha (Levv) Ochs. He attended the Uni
versity of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. Mr. Ochs was
twice mayor of Chattanooga, Tenn., 1893-1897; declined
renomination; president of the Chattanooga chamber of
commerce in 1001 ; president of the Chattanooga board of
education, 1898-1900; delegate from the third congres
sional district of Tennessee to the national democratic
convention in 1896; chosen to second the nomination of
Grover Cleveland at that cnvention; delegate from the
state-at-large to the Palmer and Buckner convention,
1896; president of the Chattanooga Librarv association,
TRq/L-Q7; vice-president of the National Municipal league,
1896-1900: president of the Jewish Chautauqua associa
tion of the United State*, 190^-1008; director of the New
York Times company, Times Printing company of Chat-


tanooga, Tenn. ; Public Ledger company of Philadelphia;
Tradesman Publishing company of Chattanooga, Tenn.
Publisher and general manager of the Philadelphia Pub
lic Ledger. He published the exposition edition of the
New York Times in Paris in 1900, and was decorated by
the French government with Cross of Chevalier of the
Legion d Honneur. He is a member of the American
Academy of Political and Social Science, the City, Art,
Franklin Inn, Northfield Country, and the Nameless
club of Philadelphia.



Was born New York City, Aug. $, 1867; son Jacob and
Anna (Gillig) Ruppert; educated Columbia grammar
school; passed examination for School of Mines, Colum
bia college, but did not enter, going instead into his fa
ther s brewery business. Has traveled extensively in Eu
rope and America. Served as a.d.c with rank of colonel
on staff of Governor Hill, and Gov. Flower; private com
pany B, seventh regiment, N.G., N.Y. ; elected to con
gress and served in fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth
and fifty-ninth congresses. Manager of Jacob Ruppert
brewery; president Astoria Silk mills, and director in
Alaska Industrial company; director Yorkville bank.
Democrat. Catholic. Director of German hospital. Rec
reations: Yachtine, automobiles, horses and dos. Clubs:
New York Yacht, Jockey, New York Athletic, Suburban,
Riding and Driving, Liederkranz, Arion.

-v H-rijrnrsn


Mechanical Engineer,

Was born 1858 at Ithaca, N.Y. Graduated Cornell uni
versity 1878. After one year of mining: in Colorado, en
tered service of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe rail
road as machinist, remaining in the mechanical depart-


ment of that road til August, 1888, since which time he
has been consecutively inspector Westinghouse Air Brake
company to December, 1898, master mechanic of Topeka
shops, A. T. and S. F. railway, till May, 1900, engineer
of tests of same railway till November, 1901, superin
tendent of machinery of Mexican Central railway, No
vember, 1901, to July, 1908, ranching in California till
September, 1909, assistant superintendent of machinery
of the United Railways of Havana and Havana Central
railroad till June, 1910, and superintendent of machinery
of the same railways at this time. Office, Havana, Cuba.
Residence, Watsonville, Cal. Married June, 1886, to
Mary Vinton.


Assistant Comptroller Delaware and Hudson Company,

32 Washington Street, New York,

Was born April 4, 1865, at Ballston Spa, N.Y. Educated
in the public schools. Entered railway service 1882 as
telegraph operator Delaware and Hudson companv, since
which he has been consecutively traveling; auditor, auditor
railroad department accounts, auditor of disbursements,
assistant comptroller. President of Saratoga Wood com-
panv, manufacturers lumber, principal office at Albany,
N.Y. ; roadmaster same road; June, 1892, to June, 1894.,
roadmaster and chief engineer Macon and Northern rail
way; June, 1894, to Jan. i, 1896, superintendent same
road; Jan. i, 1896, to Oct. i, 1896, roadmaster Central of
Georgia railroad; Oct. i, 1896, to date, engineer of road
way Charleston and Western Carolina railway.


Trustee University of North Carolina,
Was born Nov. i, 1859, in Fremont, N.C. He was edu
cated in the schools and academies of Fremont, Wilson
and Kingston, and graduated from the University of


North Carolina. For several years he was county su
perintendent of education of Wayne county, N.C.; was
district democratic elector in 1888; and elector-at-large
in 1902. He has attained prominence as one of the fore
most lawyers of the state of North Carolina; and in 1093-
98 served with distinction as United States attorney. He
was governor of North Carolina for term of 1901-05.
For many years he has been a member of the board of
trustees of Goldsboro graded schools, trustee of the Uni
versity of North Carolina, and filled various positions of
trust and honor in the gift of his city, county and state.
He is trustee of the University of North Carolina.


United States Army Officer,

Was born in Vermont. In 1879 he was appointed from
Vermont as a cadet in the United States military academy
at West Point; and in 1884 was appointed second lieu
tenant in the ninth cavalry. In 1889 he became first lieu
tenant; in 1898 was promoted major quarter-master of
volunteers and in 1901 was honorably discharged from
volunteer service. In 1899 he attained the rank of cap
tain and was assigned to the quartermaster s department;
and is now lieutenant colonel in the adjutant-general s de



Wns born San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 22, 1870; son Myron
de M. and Elizabeth (Fourman) Baruch; graduate Co
lumbia university, M.D., 1889, University of Tubingen.
M.D., 1891 ; studied also at Universities of Munich, Ber
lin, Paris. Professor bacteriolo^ and patholopv Univer
sity of State of New York; professor bacteriology and
therapeutics, Metropolitan Post-Graduate Medical
school; consulting physician to Hospital for Deformities


and Joint Diseases, and to the Philanthropic hospital.
Member American Medical association, New York State
Medical society, New York County Medical society,
Academy Pathological Science, Greater New York Med
ical association; Manhattan Medical soci^ r Medical
Jurisprudence society: member International Tuberculo
sis congress at Paris and at Washington, D.C. Author of
numerous medical essays and treatises: orator on numer
ous occasions of public importance. Unitarian. Mem
ber Columbia university alumni association, president
German Scientific club;member Metropolitan Museum
of Art, Academy of Political Science, Economic club, etc.
A founder of Germany Universities Alumni association;
chairman of Liederkranz society, etc.



Was born Mamaroneck, Westchester county, N.Y., 1871 ;
son Thomas J. and Phebe S. (Bryan) Meighan; graduate
College City of New York, B.S. (salutory second honor
man) , 1890; New York university law school (first speak
er at commencement, prize for best written examination
at graduation), 1894; married Mamaroneck, N.Y., 1899,
Effie I. Hunter; children: Burton C., Jr., born 1901;
Howard S., born December, 1906; T. Jefferson, born
December, 1908. Engaged in practice of law in West-
Chester county, and New York City, from 1894, fi rm f
Meighan and Necarsulmer. Was trustee of village four
years, corporation counsel seven years, Mamaroneck, N.
Y. Trustee and counsel Union Savings bank of West-
Chester county; counsel to First National bank, Mamar
oneck, the Larchmont National bank, Larchmont, and the
Mamaroneck Co-Operative Savings and Loan associa
tion; director, member executive committee, Lawyers
Westchester Mortgage and Title company; director and
treasurer Halcyon Park company (New Rochelle) ; pres-


ident and director, Siwanoy Realty associates (New Ro-
chelle) ; Meighan Land company (New Rochelle) ;
Rushmore Realty corporation (Mamaroneck) ; Broad
Avenue Realty company (Mamaroneck) ; chairman com
mission to condemn lands, Kensico reservoir, New York
City. Republican. Member and trustee M. E. church,
Mamaroneck, N.Y. Member New York Bar association,
Westchester County Bar association, Masonic fraternity,
Delta Kappa Epsilon and Phi Delta Phi (legal) fraterni
ty, Phi Beta Kappa society. Clubs: Republican (New
York City), Larchmont Yacht, Orienta Yacht.


United States Resident Commissioner to Porto Rico,
Was born in 1847 in Trujillo-Alto, Porto Rico. He re
ceived a thorough education; and received the degree of
Bachelor of Arts at San Juan in 1864. He studied the
profession of civil engineer at Troy, N.Y. ; and in 1871
graduated at Philadelphia, Pa. In 1878 he became archi
tect of the city of San Juan; and in 1880-89 was chief en
gineer of the provincial public works. In 1880 he built
the first railroad on the island of Porto Rico; and in 1900
was appointed delegate to Washington, D.C. He is now
resident commissioner from Porto Rico to the United
States senate.


Editor and Publisher,

Was born in Germany, March i, 1832; son of Adam
Kneule and Fredericka (Tritschler) Kneule. He was
graduated from the latin school in Esslingen, Konigreich
Wurttemberg, Germany, following with four years ap
prenticeship as printer, and emigrated to this country in
1851. He married at Skippack, Pa., in November, 1855,
Louise Kraft, and they have four sons and one daughter.
On arriving in this country he obtained employment as a
printer, and worked on Der Neutralist, in Skippack, until


i .

on April 22, 1857, ^ e established for himself as editor and
publisher the Pennsburg (Pa.) Democrat at Pennsburg,
Montgomery county. In 1858 he purchased the Bauern
Freund, a local weekly, with which Der Pennsburg Dem
ocrat was united. In 1878 Mr. Kneule became owner of
the Norristown Register, and in 1880 established the
Daily Register, which he has ever since conducted most
successfully. He is a democrat in politics, and was post
master of Norristown, 1893-1898, covering the term of
the second Cleveland administration. In January, 1900,
his wife died, and he married again in May, 1902, Mrs.
Auguste Gehse, of Berlin, Germany. In April, 1907, he
celebrated the fiftieth anniversary as editor and publisher,
and in 1909 he sold the controlling interest of the Daily
Register to one of his sons, Albert K. Kneule, after hav
ing^ organized the Daily Register Publishing company,
of which he is still the president.


Editor and Congressman,

Was born in New Bloomfield, Pa., March 12, 1863. His
father was of German descent and a scholar, orator and
Lutheran preacher of note, who died when his son was
one year old. Some of his parental ancestors served in the
revolutionary war. * Mr. Focht s maternal grandfather
was of English descent, and in the early days owned a
large part of what is now Lewisburg, Pa., and operated a
number of flouring mills in the neighborhood. Since
childhood Mr. Focht resided at Lewisburg, his present
residence. He is married and has two daughters and a
son, Ellen Wolf and Edith Virginia, and Brown Focht,
and his home life is ideal. After attending Bucknell uni-
versitv, Pennsylvania state college and the Susquehanna
university, Mr. Focht learned the -^intin^ and publish
ing business, and at the age of eighteen vears founded a
newspaper which he still edits and directs. He immedi-


ately engaged in politics, and as a mere boy received his
political tutelage in heated campaigns from the elder
Cameron, his son Donald and M. S. Quay. He is a tal
ented and forceful newspaper writer, and like his father
before him, is an orator of ability. His career for twenty-
five years in politics and business has been as distinguished
and successful as it has been stormy. He has been a rec
ognized republican leader in central Pennsylvania politics
for many years. He served as state delegate, many times
a congressional conferee, League club delegate, was three
times a member of the assembly at Harrisburg, served
four years in the Pennsylvania state senate, is author of
one hundred laws now on the statute books, served on im
portant committees in the house and senate, addressed
Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt, as head of special
committees, and was chairman of the committee which
had charge of the ceremonies attending the inauguration
of Governor Pennypacker. He was elected in 1906 on
the republican ticket from the seventeenth Pennsylvania
district to the sixtieth congress; re-elected to the sixty-first
and sixty-second, in which he is now serving.


Civil Engineer, Geologist and Author,
Was born Sept. 28, 1847, in Boston, Mass. He was edu
cated in the common and high schools of Ipswich, Mich.;
and at Lawrence academy of Groton, Mass. In 1887 he
became connected with the Nicaragua canal; became
chief field engineer and afterward was a commissioner of
the Nicaragua canal. He has been chief engineer of over
twenty-five railways, waterworks and other constructions.
He discovered the immense phosphate of lime deposits
in Florida; and has made extensive archaeological studies
in Florida for the Peabody s museum of Harvard univer
sity; and for the Smithsonian institute at Washington,
D.C. He is the author of fifty published books.



Journalist and Publisher,

Was born Sept. 9, 1850, in Chicago, 111. He was edu
cated at Phillips academy of Andover, Mass. He took
charge of an interest of his father s estate in a printing
establishment; bought the Chicago Daily News in 1876;
and with his late partner, Melville E. Stone, developed it
to success. In 1881 he started a morning edition; and in
1888 became its sole proprietor. He has been president
of the Associated Press. He established the Daily News
Fresh Air fund; and has been active in philanthropic

Retired Banker and Litterateur,

Was born Aug. 6, 1867, in New York City. He was edu
cated at Dr. Hull s school, Dr. J. Sade s collegiate insti
tute for boys, and in 1888 graduated with the degree of
A.B. from Harvard university. In 1888-1901 he was en
gaged in the banking business; and now devotes his time
principally to art and literature. He has been a member
of the executive committee of the New York civil service
reform association; and has filled various other positions
of trust and honor. He is a member of the chamber of
commerce, Metropolitan museum of art; American insti
tute of archaeology; the English society for promotion of
Hellenic studies; the New York botanical garden and the
municipal art society: and is also a member of the Lotus,
Nineteenth century, Lawyers , players , and numerous
clubs and other societies.


Educator and Author,

Was born April 13, 1851, in Denmark, Maine. In 1874
he graduated from Bowdoin college and subsequently re
ceived the degree of A.M. from that institution. In 1877
he graduated from the Medical school of Maine; but


adopted teaching as a profession. Until 1884 he taught
in various schools and academies in the state of Maine.
Since 1884 he has been a master in the Roxbury Latin
school of Boston, Mass. He is a member of Phi Beta
Kappa, of the American philological association, and of
other educational and scientific societies. In 1896 he
edited the Roger de Coverley Papers: he has contributed
extensively to various journals on subjects of travel, lit
erature, and education, and is the author of Jason s Quest.


Lawyer, Public Official and Occasional Writer,
Was born Sept. 19, 1865, in Hertford county, N.C. He
attended the University of North Carolina, and after ob
taining law license, commenced practicing law at Colum
bia, N.C., where he soon attained prminence. He has
been mayor of Columbia, and is prominentlv identified
with the public affairs of the town and county in which he


Mining Engineer,

Was born in Philadelphia, Jan. 12, 1862; son of David R.
Garrison and Maria Morgan (Pleiss) Garrison. He was
educated in Rugby academy, Philadelphia, University of
Pennsylvania, and the Royal School of Mines, London,
England. He married in Philadelphia, Nov. 21, 1894,
Adele Mary Dwight, and they have three children:
Dwight Garrison, Elizabeth D. Garrison, and Laura
Bell Garrison. Mr. Garrison has traveled in Great Brit
ain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Siberia, Holland,
Germany, France, Austria, China, Japan, South America
and other countries. He is a republican in politics, and a
Presbyterian in religious belief; member of the American
Society of Civil Engineers, American Institute of Min
ing Engineers, Mining and Metallurgical society of
Amererica; Institution of Mining and Metallurgy of


London ; Canadian Mining institute ; was a director of the
Franklin institute, 1890-1903; is a member of the Zeta
Psi fraternity, and Union League club of Philadelphia.
Residence: 1019 Clinton street, Philadelphia.


Member Board of Park Commissioners of

Baltimore, Md.,

Was born Oct. 14, 1833^ in Baltimore, Md. He received
a liberal education in the public schools, and at St. James
college of Washington county, Md. He was admitted to
the bar in 1860; was elected to the Maryland state legisla
ture in 1867, and was speaker during 1870-72. In 1860
he was appointed judge advocate-general, and assisted in
reorganizing the Maryland milita, under the act of 1868,
of which he was the author. In 1900 he was again elect
ed to the legislature; and in 1901 was elected speaker of
the house of delegates. He is now president of the Con
solidated Gas, Electric Light and Power company of
Baltimore. In 1875 he was elected mayor of Baltimore,
and filled that important office for seven terms fourteen
years in all. He is president of the board of state aid and
charities of Maryland. He was a member of the board of
Park commissioners for the city of Baltimore for the term
of 1904-08.



Was born in Butler, Pa., October 22, 1877; son of James
H. Graham. He received his education in Jefferson col
lege, Canonsburg, Pa., graduated from Jefferson college
in 1858, and from Western Theological seminary, 1861,
and has received the degree of D.D. He was ordained to
the ministry in 1861, and served in Presbyterian churches
in Somerset, Pa., four and a half years, Rehoboth, six
years, and was pastor of Olivet church, Philadelphia, for



thirty-five years and became pastor emeritus in 1906. Dr.
Graham is a trustee of the Presbyterian hospital, Presby
terian board of publication, Pennsylvania Bible society,
Sabbath association, and Ministers fund. He is a mem
ber of the general assembly s committee on Presbyterian
work in Europe. He is also a member of the western sec
tion of the Pan-Presbyterian alliance, and he has been
vice-moderator of the general assembly and moderator of
synod of Pennsylvania. He has traveled extensively in
Aurope and the Holy Land. Although not in the active
pastorate he is preaching and lecturing constantly.


Educator and College President,

Was born in 1832 in Conway, Mass. She was educated
in the common schools and at the seminary of Ipswich,
Mass. She has received the degrees of M.A. from Ober-
lin college and L.H.D. from Smith college. For one year
she taught in the high school of Northampton, Mass.
For two years she taught in Oberlin college* and for six
years taught at Abbott academy of Andover, Mass. For
six vears she conducted a family school with a sister at
Andover, Mass. In 1890-1900 she was president of
Mount Holyoke college. She is the wife of the late
Reverend Hiram Mead.


General Passenger Agent,

Was born March 14, 1862, at St. John, N.B. Entered
railway service 1879, since which he has been consecutive
ly to 1880, telegraph messenger St. John and Maine rail
way at Fairville, N.B.; 1880 to 1883, operator and sta
tion agent New Brunswick railway at Grand Falls, N.B.;
and freight and ticket agent same road at different points;
1883 to March i, 1887, freight and passenger agent same
road at Caribou, Me.; March i, 1887, to Feb. i, 1890,


traveling passenger agent Chicago and Northwestern
railway; Feb. i, 1900, to June i, 1900, New England pas
senger agent, and June i, 1900, to date, general agent
passenger department same road at Boston, Mass.; until
Dec. i, 1907; since that date general agent freight and
passenger department.

Merchant and Manufacturer,

Was born Lurgan, Ireland, Dec. 31, 1863; son James R.
and Elizabeth (Havelock) Collins; educated public
schools, New York; graduate New York high schools;
unmarried. President Collins, Plass company, mills at
Fall River, Mass. Has traveled extensively in Europe,
through United States, all of West Indies, Cuba, South
America, etc. Republican; Episcopalian. Recreation:
Yachting. Clubs: Transportation, Larchmont Yacht
(life member).


Rabbi (Since 1889) of Congregation B nai Israel, Mon
roe, La.

Was born March 1858, at Padberg, Westphalia, Ger
many. Son of Bendix Heinberg. Educated at Jewish
seminary, Munster, Westphalia, and University of Bonn.
Rabbinical diploma received from the curatorium of the
Marx-Haindorf seminary. Was rabbi at Pensacola, Fla.,
for one year, and at Alexandria, La., for two years. Fa
ther died November, 1887, at Pensacola, Fla.; mother
died August, 1895, at New York City. Julius Eichwald
(mother s brother) his uncle, came to the United States
before the civil war, settled in Philadelphia, music teach
er; joined the union army at outbreak of war and stayed
in the ranks till the end. Died (I believe) in 1892. Con
sult the Philadelphia Ledger, which, at the time of my
uncle s death had quite an extended ,and highly compli-


mentary obituary notice about him. Coming back to my
self, I wish to add that, after leaving Bonn Rhein, I went
for two years to Brussels (Belgium), where I acted as
"headmaster" at "Kahn s International institute, after
which I resided in London, England, till August, 1886;
coming to the United States the following September,
landing at New York the 26th of said month.


Lawyer and Government Official,

Was born Dec. 21, 1848, in Lafayette county, Ind. He
was educated in public schools of Lafayette county, Ind. ;
and in 1867-68 was a student of the college at Brookville,
Ind. He studied law; and in 1871 was admitted to prac
tice. In 1883 he was a delegate to the national educational
convention at Louisville, Ky. ; and in 1884 was a delegate
to the national republican convention at Chicago, 111. In
1884-92 he was political manager of General Benjamin
Harrison. In 1884-86 he was secretary of the republican
state committee of Indiana. In 1890 he was chairman of
the state republican committee of Indiana.


General Manager,

Was born June 7, 1857, at Toronto, Ont. Entered railway
service 1872, as water boy Lake Shore and Michigan
Southern railway, since which he has been consecutively
1872 to 1873, telegraph operator same road; 1873 to 1879,
telegraph operator Philadelphia and Erie railroad; 1879
to 1880, telegraph operator Standard Oil company at
Bradford, Pa.; 1880 to 1881, paymaster construction de
partment same company; 1881 to 1883, train dispatcher
Evansville and Terre Haute railroad at Evansville, Ind.;

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