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1883 to 1887, train dispatcher Indianapolis division Cin
cinnati, Hamilton and Dayton railway; 1887 to 1889, mas
ter transportation, same division; December, 1889, to


May, 1890, superintendent Cincinnati and Indianapolis
division same road; May to December, 1890, general su
perintendent Peoria and Pekin Union railway; Decem
ber, 1890, to December, 1891, superintendent Chicago and
Eastern Illinois railroad; December, 1891, to May 25,
1896, superintendent Hocking Valley and Ohio river di
vision Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo railway;
May 25, 1896, to March, 1899, superintendent same road;
March, 1899, to May i, 1910, general superintendent
Hocking Valley railway, successor to the Columbus,
Hocking Valley and Toledo railway; September, 1901, to
July i, 1909, also general superintendent Toledo and Ohio
Central and Kanawha and Michigan railways; Novem
ber, 1902, to July i, 1909, also general superintendent
Zanesville and Western railway. From May i, IQIO, to
date, general manager Hocking Valley railway, Colum
bus, Ohio.

; i


Manufacturer and Railroad President,
Was born March 4, 1848, in Smithfield, R.I. He is pres
ident of the Columbian Rope company; is president of
the Auburn and Northern railroad; and president and di
rector of various other corporations. He has been mayor
of Springfield, Mass.; was a representative in the Massa-
jchusetts state legislature; and a member of the state senate.



Was born in Erie, Pa., April 8, 1838; son of Hiram Nor-
cross and Elizabeth (McClelland) Norcross. He was
graduated from Monmouth college, Monmouth, 111., in
1861 ; studied theology one year in McCormick Theolog
ical seminary,one year in Monmouth United Presbyterian
Theological seminary, and one year in the Princeton
Theological seminary and received the honorary degree


D.D., from Princeton in 1879. He married Oct. i, 1863,
Mary S. Tracy, by whom he had one son, who died in in
fancy and the mother died March 25, 1866; married
again, in Galesburg, 111., April 22, 1867, Mrs. Louise
(Jackson) Gale, and they have had five children, four
girls, and a boy^ deceased. He was professor in Mon-
mouth college when he was licensed to preach by the Pres
bytery of Warren, April 18, 1863; ordained to the min
istry, June 6, 1865, and at the same time installed pastor
of the North Henderson Presbyterian church, Mercer
county, 111.; called to the Old School Presbyterian church,
Galesburg, April, 1866; called to Carlisle, Pa., Decem
ber, 1868, and began work in the Second Presbyterian
church, Carlisle, Jan. i, 1869, and continued in this pas
torate for forty years, or until Jan. i, 1909, when he re
signed and was made pastor emeritus and given the free
use of the Manse for life. With his family Dr. Norcross
spent a year in Europe, 1890-1891. He was editor and
part author of The Centennial Memorial, Presbytery of
Carlisle, two volumes, 1890; The Story of a Thirtieth An
niversary, 1899, and has published various sermons, ad
dresses and papers. Dr. Norcross is a prohibitionist in
politics; is a member of the American Historical associa
tion, Church History society, National Geographic soci
ety, Scotch-Irish society of America, and of the Presby
terian cleric of Harrisburg, Pa.



Was born Sept. i, 1870, in New York City; son Moritz
and Fredericke (Appel) Jacobsohn; graduate grammar
school No. 74, New York City, 1885, College of City of
New York, B.S., 1890, New York university, M.D., 1893.
House physician, and house surgeon Randall s Island hos
pitals and Infants hospital, New York City, 1893-94; at
tending physician, children s department, Demilt dispen-


sary, 1894-95; medical and sanitary inspector for the
health department, New York City, 1895-97; physician
and surgeon at New York Polyclinic school and hospital,
and at Mount Sinai hospital, outdoor department, 1896-
1900. Consulting physician German Odd Fellows Home
and Orphan asylum, New York City; physician Lebanon
hospital. Author: Significance and Management of Fe
ver in Children; contribution to Cellular Therapy; Diag
nosis of Smallpox in Early Stages; Nucleis in Fever and
Tonaemia; Antitoxin and Communicable Diseases; Tu
berculosis and Childhood. Member Medical Society
County of New York, Medical Society State of New
York, American Medical association; member F. and
A. M.


United States Army Officer,

After entering the United States army he was stationed at
various posts and filled his positions with honor and dis
tinction. He soon attained the rank of second lieutenant
in the twelfth cavalry; saw much service in the Philip
pine Islands, where he is now stationed; and has been
stationed at various forts on the islands. He is now sec
ond lieutenant in the twelfth United States cavalry.



Was born Elmira, N.Y., Oct. 7, 1872; son George and
Fannie Emil (Olden) Brooks; educated Elmira gram
mar school No. i, and Elmira free academy, graduated
1889; graduated Cornell university law school, LL.B.
(honor man), 1892, LL.M., 1893; married Waverly, N.
Y., Jan. 31, 1901, Marie Elizabeth Millberry. Admitted
to bar of New York state at Syracuse, Nov. 24, 1893. Prac
ticed law at Elmira, N.Y., June, 1894, to October, 1901.
Ordained deacon at Bath, N.Y., June, 1897, by Bishop J.
B. Small, and an elder at Saratoga, N.Y., June, 1899, by


Bishop Alexander Walters, in ministry of A.M.E. Zion
church; assistant secretary general conference of A.M.E.
Zion church at Washington, D.C., 1900, and St. Louis,
Mo., 1904, and delegate to Philadelphia, 1908. Organ
ized Colored Y.M.C.A., at Elmira, November, 1895; de
livered emancipation oration at Auburn, N.Y., Aug. 3,
1897, and at Pen Yan, N.Y., Aue. q, 1905. United States
census enumerator at Elmira, N.Y., 1900. Republican;
delegate to city and county republican conventions, 1901.
Pastor Hope chapel, A.M.E. Zion church at Auburn, N.
Y. ; only colored member 1901-08, and president 1903,
Utica Ministers association; now secretary and treasurer
Auburn Ministerial association. Senior warden Hiram
lodge, F. and M., Utica, 1907; high priest St. Elizabeth s
chapter, R.A.M., 1907; prelate Central City command-
ery, K.T., Utica, 1905-08. Secretary trustee board and
special financial agent Harriet Tubman home, Atxburn,
N.Y. Secretary Western New York conference A.M.E.
Zion church since 1905, and compiler of its minutes since
1906. Member Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity (Cornell
university). Entered Auburn Theological seminary, Oc
tober, 1908; graduated May, 1911. Built a handsome
parsonage at Auburn, valued at $3,000, in 1910.


Clergyman, Missionary, College President and Author,
Was born April 10, 1827, at Livonia, Ind. He is a pres-
byterian clergyman and missionary, president of the
Tungwen college, Pekin. Among his writings in Chinese
are, Evidences of Christianity; The Three Principles;
Religious Allegories. In English he has published The
Chinese: Their Education, Philosophy and Letters; and
numerous other works.



President Curry Normal and Industrial Institute of Ohio,
Was born in March 1871, in Delaware, Ohio. He was ed
ucated in the Delaware high schools, Michael college,
and the Ohio Wesleyan university; and subsequently read
law. He is a successful educator, lecturer, editor and au
thor; and publisher of The Informer of Urbana, Ohio.
He is the president and founder of the Curry Normal
and Industrial institute of Urbana, Ohio.


Accountant, Educator and College President,
Was born Feb. 18, 1873, in Dalzell, Ohio. He was edu
cated at the Ohio Northern university; attended Zanerian
colleee; and graduated from the Marietta Commercial
college, Marietta, Ohio. He is an expert penman. For a
number of years he was engaged as a stenographer and
bookkeeper; and is now president of the Marietta Com
mercial college of Ohio.



Was born July 12, 1857, in Washington, D.C. In 1871;
he graduated from the West Virginia university; and in
1879 graduated with the degree of M.D. from George
town university. He is a professor of theory and practice
of medicine and diseases of children at the Georgetown
university; and is attending physician to the Children s
hospital, Georgetawn University hospital, and is the sec
retary of the American Pediatric society.


Educator, Entomologist and Author,
Was born April 4, 1877, m Atherton, Mo. In 1897 he
graduated from the University of Missouri; and subse
quently graduated with the degrees of M.D. and A.M.
from the University of Kansas. In 1902-04 he held the


Snow research scholarship at the University of Kansas;
and made entomological expeditions to the Gulf of Mex
ico and the southwestern United States. In 1897 he was
assistant entomologist of Missouri. In 1900-04 he was
professor of history and bacteriology in the Kansas City
dental college; and in 1904-05 was assistant in zoology
at the University of Chicago. In 1905 he became profes
sor of entomology in the University of Arkansas. In
1909 he was elevated to the deanship of the College of
Agriculture and directorship of the agricultural experi
ment station of the same institute. He is an outhority on
insect taxonomy, insect histolo and cytology; was one
of the revisors of Williston s Manual of North American
Diptera; and is the author of several Monographs.


Bank President,

Was born Feb. 22, 1859, m Ireland. He has been prom
inently identified with all bank positions and is now vice-
president of the Citizens National bank of Monaca, Pa.;
and president of the Aliquippa National bank of Penn
sylvania. He is a member of the Rochester lodge, Free
and Accepted Masons; and numerous other fraternal and
patriotic orders.

Professor Colorado Agricultural College,
Was born April 7, 1859, in Lyons, Mass. He was edu
cated at the high school of Portland, Mich. ; attended the
Michigan agricultural college; did special work in en
tomology at the University of Illinois. He was assistant
in zoology at the Michigan agricultural college; entomol
ogist of agricultural experiment station at Ames, Iowa;
and has attained note in teaching and experimental work
in entomology. He now fills the chair of zoology and en
tomology, and is entomologist and director of the Colora
do agricultural experiment station at Fort Collins, Col.



Judge United States District Court for North Dakota,
Was born Aug. 17, 1856, in Clymer, N.Y. In 1893 he
was a member of the commission to revise codes and stat
utes of North Dakota. Since 1896 he has been judge
of the United States district court for North Dakota.


Physician, Surgeon and Author,

Was born in 1860 in Middleboro, Mass. Since 1884 he
has practiced medicine and surgery; and in 1893-97 an ^
1900-04 was a member of the California state board of
health. In 1900-04 he was surgeon-general of the Cal
ifornia national guard. He has received the degrees of
M.D., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.P., M.R.C..S, and L.S.A., Lon
don . He is emeritus professor College of Physicians
and Surgeons of S. F., 1911 ; surgeon-in-chief of St. Win
ifred s hospital, S.F., 1900-1901 ; surgeon-in-chief Sierra
railway company, California, 1904-1907; surgeon general
national guard of California, 1900-1904, 1907-1911 ; vice-
president American Anti-Tuberculosis league for Cali
fornia, 1908; abdominal surgeon and gynecologist City
and County hospital, S.F., 1905. Fellow, Therapeutical
society, London, 1904. He is a member of the American
Military Surgeons, San Francisco County Medical soci
ety; Medical Society State of California; American Med
ical association; National Geographical society; Interna
tional Association of Climatologists, New York; San
Francisco Clinical society, and Gynecological society,
1892 to 1893; Western Surgical and Gynecological asso
ciation; American Association for Advancement of Sci
ence, Minneapolis; American Therapeutic society, New
York City; American Forestry association; American
Health league for San Francisco; executive committee
American Anti-Tuberculosis league, 1908; General Med
ical council, Great Britain, 1896; San Francisco real es-


tate board; Authors club, London, England; the British
Medical association, London, England; the Atlantic
union, London, England; American Academy of Political
Science, Philadelphia, Pa.; American Health league,
New Haven, Conn.; Home Industry league of Califor
nia; American Social Science association, New York
City. He is the author of Mineral Springs and Health
Resorts of California; articles on Diseases of the Lungs,
written for the Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine;
Notes on Travel in S. F. Chronicle, 1890, 1891, 1892.


Judge Circuit Court of South Carolina,
Was a judge of the circuit court of South Carolina for
the term of 1905-07. Mr. Ansel was born in Charleston,
S.C., spent his boyhood in Walhalla, S.C., was admitted
to the bar at twenty-one; practiced law in Franklin, N.C.,
for four years; removed to Greenville, in 1876; took part
in the Hampton red shirt campaign in that year to place
South Carolina in control of the white race; served three
terms of South Carolina legislature; was prosecuting at
torney for a district of six counties for twelve years; was
elected governor of South Carolina in 1906 and re-elected
in 1908. He was largely responsible for the repeal of the
South Carolina dispensary law and for the establishment
of the present system of local option by counties on the
liquor question. His paper on Extradition read before
the governors conference in 1910 has been widely quoted.


Business President,

He is now president of the Banigan Rubber company and
the Woonsocket Rubber company of his city.




Is the youngest son of William Barnes, the celebrated law
yer of Albany, N.Y. He was born Nov. 17, 1866, in Al
bany, N.Y. In 1888 he graduated from Harvard univer
sity. He is the editor of the Albany Evening Journal, and
contributes extensively to current literature. The Even
ing Journal is published every evening except Sunday, and
also issues a semi-weekly and weekly edition. It is one
of the foremost journals in the state of New York, and al
ways advocates the principles of the republican party. It
is published by The Journal Publishing company, of
which he is one of the largest individual stockholders.
In 191 1 he was elected chairman of the New York repub
lican state committee.

Attorney-at-Laiv t Vice-President First National Bank of

Brunswick, Mo.,

Was born May i, 1843, in Duchy of Brunswick, Germany.
He received his education in Blankenburg college, Ger
many, and in the high schools of Brunswick, Mo. He
served during the civil war in the eighteenth regiment
Missouri infantry, and in the forty-ninth regiment Mis
souri volunteers, in which he was captain of company I.
For fourteen years he was mayor of his adopted city of
Brunswick, Mo.; for thirty-eight years has been a mem
ber of the board of education of that city; and a director
of the First National bank of Brunswick. For four years
he served as a member of the Missouri state senate. He
stands high in fraternal societies; was grand dictator of
the Knights of Honor; judge-advocate, junior, senior, and
department commander of the Grand Army of the Repub
lic of Missouri; and a member of the Loyal Legion. He
is president of the board of trustees of State Federal Sol
diers home, located at St. James, Mo.; is director of


Brunswick Brick and Tile company, and of the Bruns
wick Commercial club, incorporated; was delegate to
national republican convention, 1908, and delegate and al
ternate delegate to three prior national republican con

St. Croix County Judge of Wisconsin,
Was born April i, 1858, in Sweden. He was educated at
the River Falls normal school of Wisconsin. For three
terms in 1885-91 he was clerk of the circuit court for St.
Croix county, Wis. ; and for one year was city attorney
of Hudson, Wis. For several years he was president of
the board of education; and a director of the First Na
tional bank. Since 1898 he has been judge of St. Croix
county; and is now serving his fourth term of 1910-14.


Lawyer, Legislator and Jurist,

Was born Aug. 30, 1840, in Exeter, N.H. He graduated
from the Phillips Exeter academy, and the Harvard law
school, and has attained eminence as a successful lawyer
and jurist. He was a member of the constitutional con
vention of South Carolina; and has served as a judge of
the probate court. He has always taken great interest
in religious matters, and was commissioner to the general
assembly of the Presbyterian church of the United States.


Engineer and Inventor,

Was born May 30, 1851, in Hanover, Germany. In 1877
he invented the loose contact telephone transmitter; and
in 1887 invented the gramophone or Victor talking ma
chine, for which he was awarded the John Scott medal by
the Franklin institute of Philadelphia, Pa. In 1879-82
he was chief instrument inspector for the American Bell
Telephone company.



He graduated from the medical department of Hamlin
university, Minneapolis, Minn., 1901 ; surgeon Nichols-
Chisolm Lumber company; assistant city bacteriologist,
Minneapolis, 1900; interne Minneapolis City hospital,
1900-01 ; medical examiner John Hancock Mutual Life
Insurance company^ Boston, Mass.; Prudential, Mutual
Life, Germania, Mutual Benefit, Provident Life and
Trust, Manhattan, Equitable and many others. Local
surgeon Northern Pacific railway; secretary Clay-Becker
company Medical society; surgeon Frazee hospital;
Member American Medical association; Minnesota State
Medical association, and Clay-Becker Medical society.


United States Senator from Arkansas,
Was born May 15, 1841, in Jackson county, Ala. He re
moved to Arkansas in 1848; entered the confederate army
in 1 86 1 as second lieutenant sixteenth Arkansas infantry;
and lost a leg at the battle of Corinth, Miss., Oct. 4, 1862.
He was elected to the legislature of Arkansas in 1866; was
re-elected in 1872; and was elected speaker of the house
at the extraordinary session of 1874. He was president of
the democratic state convention in 1876; and was elected
judge of the circuit court in 1878. In 1883-85 he was
governor of Arkansas. In 1887 he was elected United
States senate as a democrat, to fill a vacancv, was re-elected
in 1889; has since been a member of the United States
senate serving the term of 1901-07.


Educator, Geologist and Author,

Was born on May 15, 1865, in Clearfield, Pa. In 1889 he
graduated from the Iowa state college; and subsequently
received the degree of Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins


university. He is assistant geologist in the United States
geological survey; and a member of the Iowa geological
survey. He is a fellow of the American association for
the advancement of science; and a member of the geolog
ical society of America. He is the author of Sioux Quart-
zite and Central Associated Rocks; Geology of Boone,
Marshall, Story, and Hardin Counties, Iowa; Clay and
Clay Industries; Quarries and Quarry Products; Road
and Concrete Materials, etc.

President Durant Savings Bank of Iowa,
Was born May 12, 1875, in Durant, Iowa. He was edu
cated in the public schools of his native state; and grad
uated from the Iowa State university. He has been pres
ident of McCausland Savings bank; is cashier of the Ben
nett Savings bank; president of the Durant Savings bank,
and is also in the banking and real estate business in Den
ver, Colo., and also has deposit vaults.

Judge District Court of Louisiana,

Was born Dec. 10, 1841, in Harris county, Ga. For six
years he was a member of the state legislature; and for
one year, in 1868, was presidential elector for the state at
large; and for thirty-two years has been district judge
and court of appeals.


Evangelist and Author,

Was born Feb. 1 1, 1863, in Canada. He is superintendent
of Pentecost bands at Indianapolis, Ind., a home and for
eign missionary movement. He is the author of The Mid
night Cry; Marvels in Metaphor; The Gospel of Cause
and Effect; and other works on theolo^v. He is the joint
editor and publisher, with Rev. Elijah P. Brown, of The
Rams, a thirty-six page monthly magazine.



Colonel Iowa National Guard,

Was born March 25, 1868, in Hawkeye, Iowa. He was
educated at the Iowa state normal school. He has been
for seventeen years associated with the Gary Safe com
pany of Buffalo, N.Y. ; and has traveled extensively in
America and Europe. He is president of the First Na
tional bank of Hawkeye, Iowa; and colonel and aid in the
Iowa national guard.


Antiquarian, Historian, Genealogist, and Author,
Was born March 9, 1839, in Richmond, Va. He received
an academic education. In T^~- " he was correspond
ing secretary of the Virginia Historical society; and edit
ed eleven volumes of its collections. Since 1887 he has
been secretary of the Southern Historical society; and
is the editor of twenty-eight volumes of its papers. In
1879-83 he was associate-editor of the Richmond Stand
ard of Richmond, Va. He is a member of about seventy
learned societies in the United States, Canada and Eu
rope. Since 1890 he has been registrar and historian
since its inception, and is now secretary of the Virginia
Society Sons of the American Revolution. He possesses
a library of twenty-five thousand volumes; more than
twenty thousand folio pages of manuscript notes, gene
alogical and historical, and recorded in alphabetical or
der; and also numerous autographs, coins and other ar
ticles secured as an antiquarian. Fie is the author of
numerous monographs on historical subjects.


Was born May 17, 1829, in Westminster, Mass.; attended
Westminster academy; graduated in 1856 as valedicto
rian, with his brother as salutatorian from Amherst col
lege; received S.M. in 1859, L.H.D. in 1900; after fifty-


three years and a half of teaching in the Cambridge high
and Latin schools, is now head master emeritus of the
Latin school; author of thirteen mathematical books, trig-
nometry and surveying, geometries and algebras, elemen
tary and academic, arithmatics, primary and practical; in
ventor and patentee of a device for illustrating the metric
system of weights and measures and of a noiseless school
desk with sliding cover; ex-president of the Massachu
setts Teachers association, of the American Institute of
Instruction, of the Massachusetts Schoolmasters club;
member of the Cambridge city council for two years; of
the Handel and Heydn society since November, 1864; one
of its board of directors for fourteen years, then its sec
retary for ten years; its president since May, 1909; now
writing volume II. of its history from 1890, where volume
I. ends.


United States Commissioner of Education,
Was born at Kiantone, N.Y., Aug. 28, 1861 ; educated at
Illinois state normal university, University of Michigan
and German universities; school principal in Belvidere,
111., 1881-1884, and at Jackson, Mich., 1890-1891; profes
sor in University of Michigan, 1891-1892, and University
of California, 1892-1906; he was United States commis
sioner of education, 1906-1911. Became chancellor of
New York university, July i, 1911.


Manufacturer and Banker,

Was born Sept. 14, 1824, in Enfield, Conn. For two terms
he was mayor of New Britain, Conn.; and is now presi
dent of the Mechanics National bank; president Ameri
can Hosiery company; and president of the New Britain
Knitting company.



Member Republican National Committee for Connecti

He is identified with the business and public affairs of
Ansonia, Conn. He is a member of the Connecticut re
publican national committee for the term of 1904-12.

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