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Colonel and Surgeon-General, Retired, Georgia National


Was born July 16, 1863, in Belton, S.C. He received a
thorough education; and has attained success as an emi
nent practicing physician of Georgia. He has been pres
ident of the American Anti-Tuberculosis league; and is
now surgeon-general of the Georgia national guard. He
resides in Atlanta, Ga., and is a candidate for mayor of
that city. In 1909 he married Miss Avis Martin and has
two children. He has been president of the American
Anti-Tuberculosis league, ex-secretary the American
Congress on Tuberculosis, ex-vice-president American
Congress on Tuberculosis, member the British Congress
on Tuberculosis, member the American Public Health
association, member the American Medal association, the
Southern Medical association, the Association Military
Surgeons, ex-surgeon-general national guard of Georgia,
medical director Pine Ride sanitarium, secretary Ameri
can section International Medical Association for Pre
vention of War, chairman committee hvgiene and sanita
tion, house of representatives, state of Georgia, etc.



He is vice-president the Pittsburgh Real Estate company;
ajiirector of the German National bank, the Hardy and
Hayes company, the Dispatch Publish company, and the
Oakland Arcade, and is president of the Anchor Savings



State Representative,

Was born in Williamsport, Lycoming county, Pa., Jan.
3, 1861; educated in the public schools, graduating in
1880; removed to Emporium, Pa., in 1887, since which
time he has been engaged in the lumber business as a mem
ber of the C. B. Howard company, with saw mills at Em
porium; was elected burgess of Emporium borough in
1902; was a member of the house of representatives, ses
sions of 1905 and 1907; re-elected in November 1908, and


Chief Justice State Supreme Court of Texas,
Was born July 24, 1836, in Jasper county, Ga. In 1888-92
he was a member of the Texas legislature; and judge of
the state district court in 1892-93. Since 1893 he has been
associate justice of the state supreme court of Texas, until
January, 1911, when Chief Justice Gaines resigned and
Justice Brown was appointed chief justice.


State Representative of Texas,

Was born April 30, 1867, in Midway, S.C. He was edu
cated in the law department of the University of Texas.
He is a successful lawyer of Texas; for two years was jus
tice of the peace; for seven years was county attorney for
Washington county; and for seven years was district attor
ney for the twenty-first judicial district of Texas. He is
identified with the democratic party; and is now serving
his first term of 1908-10 as a state representative in the
Texas legislature.



Soldier, Lawyer and Jurist,

Was born Aug. 2, 1846, in Muncie, Ind. During 1861-
65 he served as a union soldier in the civil war; was
color bearer in the nineteenth regiment of Indiana volun
teer infantry; was promoted to second lieutenant of the
twentieth regiment Indiana volunteer infantry; and re
ceived a medal of honor from congress for meritorious
conduct in the Wilderness battle of May 5, 1864. He was
wounded in the right thigh at the battle of Bull Run; in
the right shoulder at the battle of Gettysburg; in the right
side at the battle of the Wilderness; and bv reason of gun
shot wound in battle before Petersburg, his right leg was
amputated above the knee on March 2C, 1861;. He has
attained prominence as an able lawyer of Fairfield, Cal.;
was district attorney for five years; and superior judge
of Solono county for twenty-one years. He has been de
partment commander G.A.R. California and Nevada,
grand councellor K. of P., association justice appellate
court third district California, and is now judge superior
court of California.


Clergyman and Bishop,

Was born May 5, 1845, in Ireland. He was educated at
old St. Mary s of the Lake in Chicago, 111.; at Notre
Dame of Indiana; and studied for nine years at the Amer
ican college in Rome, Italy, where he was ordained a
priest in 1875. For three years he was assistant pastor of
St. Mary s in Chicago, 111., and for nine years was pastor
of St. Mary s in Joliet, 111. In 1887-92 he was the Roman
Catholic bishop of Cheyenne, Wyo. ; and since 1893 ^ as
been bishop of St. Joseph, Mo. He is also noted as an
eminent linguist.




Was born Feb. 15, 1833, in Ireland. He settled in New
Orleans in 1849. He performed, in 1864, the first and
only recorded operation of tying successfully the arteria
innominata for subclavian aneurism. In 1866 he also
made the first successful reduction of a dislocation of the
femur of over nine months duration; and performed the
operation of extirpation of the kidney in 1879; then al
most unknown to the profession. In 1864 he also ligated
the vertebral artery for the first time in the history of sur
gery. In 1880 he published a brochure on the Structure
and Function of the Kidney, showing the use of the Mal-
pighian bodies, and the impossibility of a communication
existing between the interior of their capsule and the
uriniferous tubes.


Was graduated at Rush Medical college, Chicago, 111.
1890; post-graduate University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
Mich., 1891; professor of opthalmology Indiana univer
sity school of medicine; oculist and aurist to St. Vincent s
and the Allen Countv Orphan asylum, St. Joseph s and
Hope hospitals and United States pension bureau for
northern Indiana and northern Ohio; editor and manager
of The Journal of the Indiana State Medical association.
Ex-chairman of the section on opthalmology of the Amer
ican Medical association; member of the American Acad
emy of Opthalmology and Oto-Laryngology and the
American Medical, Northern Tri-State, Indiana State
and Chicago Opthalmological association; medical ex
aminer Massachusetts Mutual, Postal Savings, Provident
Savings, Bankers of New York, Bankers of Chicago and
Chicago Guarantee Life Insurance companies; specialty,
eye, ear, nose and throat.



Educator, Lecturer, Author and Editor,
Was born Jan. 3, 1873, in Thornville, Ohio. In 1895 he
graduated with the degree of B.Sc. from the University
of Ohio; and subsequently received the degree of M.Sc.
In 1895-98 he was assistant in agriculture at the Ohio
State university; in 1898-1901 was professor of agricul
ture and agriculturist at the experiment station of New
Hampshire college; and in 1901-06 filled the same chair
at the experiment station of North Carolina agricultural
college. In 1906 he became director of the Kansas ex
periment station, remaining there until becoming editor
of American Agriculturist. He was editor of Country
Life education series of works. He is the author of A
History of Ohio Agriculture; Agriculture for Beginners;
Cotton, and Our Domestic Animals; Farm Stock; The
Farmer s Veterinarian; Farm Crops, and joint author
The Hill School Readers.


Lawyer and Business President,

Was born Nov. 21, 1859, in Ashburnham, Mass. In
1862 his parents settled in California; and in 1883 he
graduated from the Harvard university. In 1882-84 he
studied law in Harvard law school ; and in 1884 began the
practice of law in Boston, Mass. In 1892 he was a mem
ber of the common council of Boston, Mass.; and in 1894
was appointed a member of the Boston transit commis
sion, which built the Boston subway. Subsequently he
became interested in various industrial enterprises such
as gas and copper; president of all the allied gas com
panies of Boston except the Brookline; and in 1899 took
an active part in the reorganization of the Amalgamated
Copper company.



Electrical Engineer and Inventor,

Was born Oct. 26, 1855, in Temple, N.H. He was edu
cated at Appleton academy of New Ipswich, N.H. ; and
at Comer s commercial college of Boston. He was the
inventor of the Burton stock car; and was treasurer of the
Burton Stock Car company. He is president of the Bur
ton Electrical Smelting company; and the treasurer of
the American Electrical Process company of Boston,
Mass. He has lectured upon the subject of Heating and
Working Metals by Electricity before the Harvard Lec
ture club, Massachusetts Institute Technology, Franklin
institute, Philadelphia, Pa., and for other scientific insti
tutions. Inventor of the process of tanning leather by
electricity, the process of degumming and treating flax
and ramie. He is a member of the New Hampshire His
torical society, the National Geographic society, Frank
lin institute, etc.

United States Congressman from Delaware,
Was born Nov. 13, 1841, in Lewes, Sussex county, Del.
He was educated in the schools of his native town; taught
for two vears in the schools of Sussex county; in 1862 went
to Washington, D.C.; and was engaged in the dry goods
business until 1861;: he entered the medical department of
the University of Pennsylvania in 186$, from which in
stitution he was graduated in 1868, and has since been
engaged in the practice of his profession in his native town
and county. He was appointed deputy collector of cus
toms for the port of Lewes in 1877; was acting assistant
surgeon, United States marine-hospital service in 1890-
93 ; was delegate to the republican national conventions
of 1896, 1900 and 1904. He was elected to the fifty-ninth
congress at large from Delaware for the term of 1905-07;
was re-elected in 1906 and served through the sixtieth



Farmer, Lawyer and Legislator,

Was born Dec. 17, 1829, in Licking county, Ohio. He
has been a justice of the peace, a member of the state
board of equilization, and a delegate to the general con
ference of th Methodist Episcopal church. He has twice
been a presidential elector, and for four terms served with
distinction as a member of the general assembly of the
state of Illinois. He has been president of the Illinois
State Bar association, and a member of the commission
to revise the laws of Illinois.


Merchant and Manufacturer,

Was born March 15, 1847, in Butler, Pa. He was edu
cated in the public schools of his native state; and at
Wyers academic cadets of West Chester, Pa. He is a
successful merchant and manufacturer of Butler, Pa.; and
prominently identified with the business and public wel
fare of his community.


State Treasurer of New Hampshire,
Was born June 22, 1837, in Leominster, Mass. He was
educated in the public schools of his native town. During
the civil war he was captain of the fourteenth regiment
New Hampshire volunteers. From July, 1864, to close
of war he was captain and assistant adjutant-general of
the United States volunteer; and was breveted major and
lieutenant-colonel. He has been a successful farmer and
educator. Since 1872 he has been treasurer of the state
of New Hampshire; and is now serving his term of 1911-



Soldier, Lawyer and Jurist,

Was born Oct. 22, 1861, in Carroll county, Ga. He was
educated at Emory college of Oxford, Ga. He has been
judge advocate general of Georgia; and solicitor general
of Stone Mountain circuit. He has been judge of the su
perior courts of the Stone Mountain circuit; and associ
ate-justice of the state supreme court of Georgia. During
the Spanish-American war he was colonel in the third
Georgia volunteer infantry.


Member Grafton School Board of North Dakota,
Was born Nov. 13, 1847, in province of Quebec, Canada.
He was educated at Cedar City, Minn. For nearly seven
years he was postmaster of Grafton, N.D.; was a member
of the first city council; and served with distinction as
mayor for one term. He is vice-president of the Carnegie
library building; and for fourteen years has been a mem
ber of the city school board. He was chairman of the
first county republican convention held in Walsh county.
He is a successful merchant and business man; and is still
serving as a member of the citv school. He has also been
president of the board of education for several years;
also president for five years of the North Dakota State
Funeral Directors association; was elected delegate to
the National F.D. convention held Indianapolis, Ind.,
1908; appointed as a member of committee on federal
legislation. He has been president of the Carnegie li
brary board for four years, which position he still holds.


Clergyman and Author,

Was born in 1825, m Springfield, Mass. In 1847 he grad
uated from the University of New York; in 1850 grad
uated from Princeton Theological seminary; and has re-


ceived the degrees of A.M. and D.D. In 1851-66 he was
pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Hartford,
Conn. In 1871-79 was professor of biblical and ecclesias
tical history at Hartford seminary; from 1880 to 1882
professor of mental and moral science at Wooster uni
versity, Ohio; and in 1882190 filled a pastorate in Wash
ington, D. C. In 1890 he became a Protestant Episcopal
clergyman; in 1879-1901 was first archdeacon of Wash
ington; and since 1901 has been rector of the church of
Chevy Chase, Md. Since 1892 he has been chaplain of
the Sons of the American Revolution. He is the author
of Justification; Hints to the Christian; The Heritage of
Peace; The Lost Faith; and a score of other works.


United States Army Officer,

Was born Oct. 25, 1858, in western New York. In 1884
he graduated from the United States military academy at
West Point and was assigned to the corps of engineers.
He has had charge of government works in the Yellow
stone National park; on the Missouri, Ohio and other
western rivers, and on reservoir surveys in arid regions.
In 1898 he was chief engineer in the fourth army corps
during the Spanish-American war. In 1904 he was a
member of the federal commission on the Yellowstone
National park; and was commissioner of engineers of the
Sacramento flood control. He is the author of Yellow
stone National Park, Historical and Descriptive; Reser-
voire in the Arid Regions ; Reservoir System of the Great
Lakes; The American Fur Trade of the Far West; His
tory of Steamboat Navigation on the Missouri River;
Life of Father DeSmet; and War or Peace. In 1910 he
attained the rank of brigadier-general on the retired list.
He is now president of the port of Seattle commission.



Minority Leader in the Last Four Sessions of the House

of Representatives of the Legislature of Oklahoma,
Was born in 1856 in Huntsburg, Ohio. He received the
rudiments of his education in the public schools ; attended
Farmington academy of Ohio ; and the Wesleyan college
of Bloomington, 111. He is a successful lawyer of Paw
nee, Okla. ; and is prominently mentioned at this time for
state senator from his district. He styles himself a pro
gressive republican, but not an insurgent.


Attorney-General of Arizona,

Was born June 17, 1862, near Rockland, Knox county,
Maine. He was educated in the public and private
schools of Thomaston, Maine; and soon attained success
in the practice of law. He has been district attorney for
Coconino county; district attorney for Yavapai county;
and has rilled various other positions of trust and honor.
From March, 1905, until May, 1909, he was attorney-
general of Arizona.

Architect, Manufacturer and Financier,
Was born April 24, 1848, in Albany, N.Y. He is an ar
chitect by profession; and retired from active practice in
1894. He i s president of the Cutler Mail Chute com
pany, president of the Cutler Realty company, and pres
ident of the Alliance bank. For three terms he was pres
ident of the Western New York Association of Archi
tects. In 1896 he was president of the Rochester chamber
of commerce; was presidential elector in 1900; and in
1904 became mayor of Rochester, N.Y.



United States Congressman from Indiana,
Was born in 1853 in Ohio. In his infancy he was brought
to Allen county Ind. ; and his education was obtained in
the schools of Fort Wayne and Sullivan, Ind.; and at the
Cincinnati university of Ohio. He was elected to the
fifty-ninth and sixtieth congresses from the second district
of Indiana from 1905-1909.

Ex-State Treasurer of Idaho,

Was born March 3, 1849, in Annapolis, Ind. For seven
years he was a clerk in the First National bank at Leav-
enworth, Kan. ; and for seven years in the First National
bank of Lawrence, Kan.; he entered the state treasurer s
office as clerk and for fourteen years was assistant treas
urer. In 1890 he came to Boise, Idaho, as first teller, as
sistant cashier, and for ten years was cashier of the First
National Bank of Boise. He organized the Bank of Com
merce; and in 1903 was elected state treasurer and was
re-elected, serving two terms, and is now retired. He
was a member of the capital commission who chose plans
for our new state capital building, now under construc
tion. For four years he was a member of the Lawrence
city council and for four years in the Topeka city council
and served four years in the city council at Boise, Idaho.


Journalist, Lawyer, Congressman and United States


Was born Sept. 17, 1822, in Lodi, N.Y. He was district
attorney of Sacramento for two years; and in 1863 was
elected a representative from California to the thirty-
eighth congress. He was elected to the United States
senate for the term commencing in 1867 and ending in




County Judge of Illinois,

Was born Sept. 8, 18.77, m Clark county, 111. In 1900 he
graduated from the law department of the University of
Michigan with the degree of B.L. In 1902-06 he was
county judge of Clark county; and is now prosecuting at
torney of Clark county for the term of 1908-11.


Ex-Governor of Utah,

Was born Feb. 5, 1846, in Sheffield, England. He re
ceived his education in private schools. He became a
successful merchant of Utah; and prominently identified
with the business and public affairs of that state. In 1884-
90 he was county clerk for Salt Lake county, Utah; and
filled various other positions of trust and honor. He is
now president of the Deseret National bank of Salt Lake
City, Utah, capital and surplus, one million dollars; is
treasurer of the new Hotel Utah, a two million dollar ho
tel in Salt Lake City; president of the Cutler Brothers
company; vice-president of the Beneficial Life Insurance
company of Utah; a member of the executive committee
and a director of the Utah and Idaho Sugar companies;
and is interested in various other corporations. In 1905-
09 he was governor of the state of Utah.


Clergyman and Author,

Was born April 22, 1852, in Greensboro, N.C. In 1874
he graduated from Princeton university; studied two
years in the Union Theological seminary; and in 1877
graduated from Princeton seminary. He devoted his va
cations to home mission work in Nevada and Colorado;
and in 1877 became pastor of the Presbyterian church of
Longmont, Col. In 1880-90 he was pastor of the West
minster Presbyterian church of New York City. From


1890 to 1909 he was pastor of the First Presbyterian
church of Hornell, N.Y. He has made three voyages to
Europe; for nine years he was stated clerk and treasurer
of the Steuben Presbytery; in 1887 was a commissioner
to the general assembly from the New York Presbytery;
and in 1897 from the Steuben Presbytery. Since 1909 he
has been pastor of the Church of the Sea. In 1877 Prince
ton university conferred on him the degree of A.M.; in
1890 the University of New York City bestowed on him
the degree of Ph.D., and in 1907 Alfred university con
ferred on him the degree of D.D. He is the author of a
biography of his father, entitled The Autobiography and
Memoirs of Charles F. Deems, founder and pastor of the
Church of Strangers in New York City, and founder of
The American Institute of Christian Philosophy; and
also Holy Days and Holidays; and other works.


Pay Director United States Navy,

Was born June 13, 1840, in Washingtonville, N.Y. In
1861 he was appointed assistant paymaster of the United
States navy; was promoted to paymaster in 1862; became
pay inspector in 1876; and pay director in 1884. In 1902
he was retired with the rank of rear admiral. Since 1884
he has been pay director in the United States navy.


United States Congressman from Indiana,
Was born Feb. 9, 1860, in Vernon, Ind. In 1880 he grad
uated from the Indiana state university. In 1884-92 he
was prosecuting attorney; and for many years was a mem
ber of the democratic state committee. He was elected
to the fifty-ninth congress from the fourth district of In
diana; re-elected to sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second



Judge of the Circuit Court of the Seventeenth Judicial

Circuit, Illinois,

Which circuit comprises the counties of Lake, McHenry,
Boone and Winnebago. He has been judge since June,
1897. Present term of office expires in June, 1915.


Judge Circuit Court of Detroit, Mich.,
Was born March, 1853. Since 1894-1912 has been judge
of the third state circuit court of Michigan, eighteen
years, inclusive. He is the author of Tact in Court; and
Modern Jury Trials, both legal works widely read.


Associate-Justice Court of Appeals for the District of


Was born April 13, 1850, in Cortland, N.Y. In 1873-80
he practiced law in New York City; and in 1878-82 was
a representative in the New York state legislature. In
1898-1901 he was United States commissioner of patents.
In 1904 he was appointed associate-justice of the court
of appeals for the District of Columbia, but resigned
Sept. i, 1906, to resume the practice of patent law in
New York City. In 1908 was at the head of the repub;
lican electoral ticket of New York state, and was presi
dent of it. In 1911 he was one of the five delegates to
represent the United States in the convention (held at
Washington) for the protection of industrial property.


United States Congressman from Missouri,
Was born Oct. 2, 1854, m Vermontville, Mich. He re
ceived his education at Olivet college of Michigan; and
later received the degree of A.B. from the Carleton col
lege of Minnesota. In 1881-84 ^ e was superintendent of


public schools of the city of Fergus Falls, Minn. He
practiced law in Kansas for a period of three years; and
then moved to Kansas City. He was elected to the fifty-
ninth congress from the fifth district of Missouri for the
term of 1905-07; was re-elected to the sixtieth congress,
and is now practicing law.


Deputy U. S. Marshal,

Was born at Scranton, Lackawanna county, Pa., Sept. 16,
1867; educated in public and private schools of Scranton;
he is an active party worker and has frequently been the
representative of his district at city and county conven
tions; is an active member of the Musicians union; elect
ed to the house of representatives in 1904 and 1906; re-
elected in November, 1908, and November, 1910; now
deputy United States marshal, middle district of Penn
sylvania. Author an act: To promote the safety of trav
elers and employes upon railroads, by compelling com
mon carriers by railroad to properly man their trains;
approved I9th day of 1911 by governor; also an act:
Abolishing the select and common councils in cities of
the second class; providing a new body, to be known as
the council and fixing their terms of office; and providing
for the selection of members of council, prescribing the
qualifications of members thereof, their powers and du
ties, and fixing their salaries; approved the 3ist day of
May, A.D. 1911.


Judge District Court of Minnesota,

He is judge of the eleventh judicial district court of Min
nesota for the terms 1889-1915.



Physician and Author,

Was born Nov. 28, 1855, in Brownsville, Tenn. He was
educated at Bethel college and received the degrees of

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