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educated in the public schools of Putnam and Dupage
counties of Illinois; in 1860-62 studied in Wheaton col
lege; in 1866-69 graduated from McKendree college
with the degrees of A. B. and A. M.; and in 1866-67
studied in the law school of the university of Indiana.
He served as a private soldier in the civil war in the
sixty-seventh regiment Illinois volunteer infantry. In
1867-68 he taught school in Vienna, 111. In 1870-78
he practiced law in Vienna, 111. In 1878-1903, for
twenty-five years was judge of the circuit court and for
twelve years of that term was judge of the appellate
court of Illinois. In 1895-96 he was president of the
Ilinois state bar association. In 1897-1903 he was lec
turer in the college of law at the university of Illinois;
and since 1903 has been dean of the law faculty in that
institution. Illinois commissioner on uniform state laws
appointed by governor Deneen for six years in 1908,
president Illinois Branch of the American Institute of
Criminal Law and Criminology.



Farmer, Merchant, State Senator, Inventor,
Was born Aug. 14, 1858, near New Bern, N. C. He
was educated at the New Bern high school. He has
been postmaster; a successful merchant of Thurman, N.
C. ; and owns a magnificient farm on the River Neuse.
In 1897-98 he served with distinction as a state senator
in the North Carolina legislature; and since 1898 has
been assistant auditor of the Atlantic and North Caro
lina Railroad company. In 1896 he invented a self-
oiler for axles, now extensively used on vehicles of all
kinds. In 1906 he retired from active business.

United States Congressman from Iowa,
Was born April 21, 1859, in Rock county, Wis. He
was elected to the Iowa state legislature, serving in the
twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth general assemblies. In
1890 he was one of the organizers of the Northwood
Banking company, now operating banking institutions
in Northwood and Kennsett, Iowa, of which concern he
is president. He was a member of the fifty-sixth, fifty-
seventh and fifty-eighth congress from Iowa as a repub
lican. He was re-elected to the fifty-ninth, sixteeth and
sixty-first congress from the fourth district of Iowa.


Librarian of Massachusetts,

Was born June 20, 1831, in Arlington, Mass. He was
educated at the high school of Bangor, Maine; and in
1851 graduated from Harvard college. He has been
assistant librarian at the Providence athnaeum of Rhode
Island; and librarian of the Massachusetts historical so
ciety. In 1874-1901 he was librarian of the public li
brary of Lawrence, Mass.



Judge State Superior Court of Pennsylvania,
He is judge of the state superior court of Pennsylvania
for the term of 1906-1916.


Consulting Physician of San Francisco,
Was born June 24, 1869, in Napa, Cal. In 1875-85 he
attended the grammar and high schools of San Fran
cisco, Cal; in 1890 graduated with the degree of A. B.
from Harvard university; in 1893 he received the de
gree of M. D. from Harvard medical school; and sub
sequently studied in the universities of Berlin and
Gottingen. He was one of the organizers of the San
Francisco Settlement Association and San Francisco
Boys Club. Since 1893 he has practiced medicine in
San Francisco; and filled a chair in the medical depart
ment of the University of California. He raised the
money and built the first sanitorium in the central part of
California for the care of early cases of tuberculosis in
wage earning women. He is consulting physician to
the Mount Zion, City and County and Southern Pacific
Hospitals and other institutions; and resides in San
Francisco, Cal.


Judge Oxford County Probate Court of Maine,
Was born June 24, 1847, in Greenwood, Maine. In
1873 he graduated from Bowdoin college; and soon at
tained success in the practice of law. He is treasurer
of Bethel Savings bank. He is judge of the probate
court for Oxford county for the term of 1905-09. He
is a member of the Board of Overseers of Bowdoin col
lege and president of the trustees of Gould s Academy.



State Senator of Maine,

Was born Nov. 2, 1856, in Gardiner, Maine. For two
years he was city solicitor; and for six years was county
attorney. He was a member of the Maine state senate
for Kennebe county in 1905-09; he is past grand chan
cellor of the Knights of Pythias of state of Maine.


Educator, Author,. .

Was born Sept. 27, 1860, in Virginia. Since 1893 he has
been professor of literature at Linden Kent memorial
school of English literature in the university of Virgina.
He is the author of Teutonic Antiquities in Andreas and
Elene; Shakespears Note Book; and Editor of Library of
Southern Literature, etc.



He graduated in medicine from Medical College of Ohio
(Medical Department University of Cincinnati), Cin
cinnati, Ohio; New York Post-Graduate, 1903 member
American Medical Association, Union Med. Soc. Sixth
Councilor Dist. Ohio state and Summit county., Med.
Socs; Res. 160 Beck Avenue; office, 405-6-7-8 Flatiron
building of Akron Ohio.


Paymaster-General United States Army,
Was born Jan. i, 1844 in New York city. In 1873-77 ne
was assistant secretary to President Grant; and in 1877-
99 was major and paymaster in the United States army.
In 1899-1901 he was deputy paymaster-general, in 1901-
06 was assistant paymaster-general, 1906 to 1908 was
paymaster-general of the United States army, retired in
1908 and resides in Washington, D. C.



Soldier, Lawyer and Legislator,

Was born Aug. i, 1844, of Welsh parentage, removed
from Chester county, Pennsylvania, to Blair county,
Pennsylvania, in 1847, an d has resided continuously in
Blair county and Huntington county since that date.
Was educated in the common schools, and served as a
soldier in the Pennsylvania volunteer infantry in the
civil war. Has always taken an active part in republi
can politics and has served his party as a County Chair
man for six terms, and also as a member of the State
Committee. Was admitted to practice law in 1875.
In 1880 was elected district attorney of Blair county,
and in 1893 was re-elected. In 1884, formed a law part
nership with his former preceptor, Col. D. J. Neff,
which partnership continues until the present time, un
der the firm name of Neff and Hicks. Was elected to
the fifty-third, fifty-fourth and fifty-fifth congress of the
United States, as a republican.


Allegheny county, Pa., was born Oct. 19, 1858, in Kendall,
Beaver county, Pa. He was educated at Washington and
Jefferson college from which he was graduated with the
degree of A.B. in 1879, receiving degree of A.M. three
years later; and was admitted to the bars of Allegheny
and Beaver counties in 1882, and has since practiced his
profession. He served four years in select council and
three years in the board of school control of Allegheny;
has been successively president of the Mercantile Bank,
Federal national bank of Pittsburg and Bank of Brushton.
He is a director of the Bankers Trust company and the
Central Trust company of Pittsburg; has been Supreme
Regent of the Royal Arcanum and president of the Na
tional Fraternal congress; elected to the Senate in No
vember, 1906.



Member Republican National Committee for. Maine,

and Acting Chairman of the Committee,
Was born Oct. 29, 1855, m Eliot, Maine. He was edu
cated at Berwick academy; graduated from the medical
department of Bowdoin college and Long Island college
hospital of Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a journalist and pub
lisher by profession, and for many years prominently
identified with the business and public affairs of Maine.
In 1888-92 he was a representative in the Maine state
legislature; in 1892-96 was a member of the state senate;
in 1906 was a presidential elector; and in 1898-99 was a
member of the executive council. In 1901-05 he served
with distinction as governor of the state of Maine. In
1900 he was a delegate to the republican national con
vention; and is prominently identified with the repub
lican party. He is a member of the republican national
committee for Maine and acting chairman of the com

Attorney United States Department of Justice,
Son of Dr. William H. Lamar, deceased, was born Dec.
11, 1859, m Auburn, Alabama. In 1881 he graduated
from the Alabama Polytechnic with the degree of A. B.
In 1884 and 1885 he took the degrees of L.L.B. and L.
L. M., respectively, from Georgetown university law
school, D. C. Practiced law in Washington, D. C.
He became captain in the volunteer signal corps
in 1898 and served in the campaign in Porto Rico
during the Spanish-American war in command of the
fifth company U. S. V. Signal corps, and also served on
detached duty as signal officer on the staff of major gen
eral James H. Wilson. Since 1906 he has been an attor
ney in the United States department of justice. In 1887
he married Virginia Longstreet Lamar, daughter of
justice L. Q. C. Lamar of the U. S. supreme court and
has four children.



President State Normal School, Kirksville, Mo.,
Born in 111., 1851 ; educated in high school, State normal
school and universities of Kansas and Missouri; republi
can; methodist; member of bar; superintendent Schools,
Bethany, Mo., eight years; school principal and high
school teacher, Kansas City, Mo., four years; superin
tendent schools, Westport, Mo., two years; State superin
tendent schools of Missouri, 189^-1899; inspector of
schools, university of Mo., 1899; president Normal
school, Kirksville, Mo. since 1899; LL. D., Mo. Wesleyan
college, 1907; LL. D., Park college, 1907; designer
Model rural school, 1907; Mo . State director, N.E.A.,
1895-9; same, 1907-9; same, 1911-1912; Mo. State direc
tor, Southern Educational association, 1911-12; member
Council N.E.A., 1905; president Dept. N.E.A., 1905-06;
same, 1906-7; pres. North Central council, Nor. Sch.
presidents, 1906-7; president Library department, N.E.
A., 1907-8.


Superintendent United States Mint,
Was born Jan. 31, 1853, m Lancaster county, Pa. He
received his education in the common schools, at the
county lyceums, and the Millersville state normal school.
During 1878-84 he was a member of the Pennsylvania
house of representatives; supervisor of census in 1890;
and served with distinction in the Pennsylvania state
senate during 1892-96. He was a presidential elector
in 1896; and since 1891 has been secretary of the Farmers
Protective Tariff league of Pennsylvania. In 1898-1902
he was coiner of United States mint; and since 1902 has
been superintendent of the United States mint at Phil
adelphia, Pa.



Judge Circuit Court of Illinois,

Was born March 28, 1851, in Edgar county, 111. He
was educated at the Illinois state normal university; and
is a lawyer by profession. He was a representative in
the thirty-third and thirty-fourth general assemblies of
the Illinois state legislature. In 1897-99 he was mayor
of Danville, 111. ; and since 1893 has been a member of the
state board of education. He is judge of the fifth judicial
circuit court of Illinois for the counties of Vermillion,
Edgar, Clark, Cumberland and Coles for the term of
1903-09, and was also circuit judge in 1909 for the term
ending in 1915.


Clergyman, College President,

Was born June 3, 1854, in Trenton, N. J. He was
educated at the New Jersey classical and scientific in
stitute, Colgate university, Central Tennessee college and
Crozier theological seminary; and has received the de
grees of A. M. and D. D. He has been clerk of the
New Jersey state senate; in 1900 was supervisor of cen-
cus; and is a prominent member of the F. and A. M.,
I. O. O. F. and other fraternal orders. He is an eminent
clergyman and has filled several important pastorates.
Since 1881 he has been president of Morristown normal
and industrial college.


Lawyer, Banker,

Was born Nov. 24, 1850, in Carrollton, Miss. He has
been county superintendent of education; chancellor of
the seventh chancellor district; and judge of the ninth
circuit court district, resigning several years ago. He
is now a successful lawyer of his city and vice-president
of the First National bank,



Lawyer, Jurist,

Was born June 25, 1860, in Kansas. He was educated in
the public and private schools of the west; and at the
university in Willamette valley, Oregon. He has been
postmaster, city attorney, police judge; is the principal
land attorney in eastern Washington and has held numer
ous other positions of trust and honor in the gift of his city,
county and state. He donated a library to the town of Wil
bur, which is named after him. He is now trustee of the
library; and is an eminent lawyer of Wilbur, Wash.


Railroad President,

Was born Sept. 16, 1838, in Canada. The St. Paul,
Minneapolis and Manitoba company is now identified
with the Great Northern railway system, of which Mr.
Hill became president in 1890. Since he took charge
of its affairs, the railway system has been extended from
380 to 7,500 miles, creating an unbroken line, through
the several states, from Lake Superior and St. Paul to
Puget Sound on the Pacific coast.


Surgeon, Author,

Was born June 23, 1837, m &&*, Mass. He graduated
from Amherst with the degree of A. M.; received the
degree of M.D. from Harvard university; and took a
post-graduate course at the universtiy of Berlin. In 1862-
65 he was surgeon and medical director in the United
States army. He is surgeon to the Surgical hospital of
Cambridge, Mass.; and is a member of many societies
both in America and Europe. He is the author of The
Anatomy and Surgical Treatment of Hernia; Modern
Methods of Wound Treatment, The Animal Suture and
other works.



Soldier, Lawyer, Legislator, Congressman,
Was born March 9, 1832, in Prince William county, Va.,
on the Bull Run battle ground. In 1852 he began teach
ing school in Taylor and Barbour counties, Va. ; and in
1859 he was admitted to the bar. He enrolled company
B, second regiment Virginia volunteer infantry which
was the first union company recruited in the interior of
the state; he was promoted to captain and colonel; and
toward the close of the war was brevetted brigadier-gen
eral. In 1864 he was elected a member of the thirty-
ninth congress, and during his term served on important
committees. He was subsequently appointed United
States consul at Melbourne, Australia, for three years.
Since 1870 Colonel Latham has retired mostly from
public life, with the exception of census enumerator and
county superintendent of schools, and minor offices.


Member Grand Army of the Republic,
Was born Sept. 21, 1844, in Avon, Lorain county, Ohio.
He was educated in the public schools of his native county
and at Cleveland, Ohio. He served as a soldier in the
civil war; and was in numerous battles and skirmishes;
was detailed on special duty, serving with head quarter
scouts at Decatur, Ala. For many years he has been
engaged in the printing business, now with the Green
Printing company; and was editor of the Northwesterp
Railway Record and of the Northwestern Witness, both
of Duluth Minn. He has been a member of the Minne
sota state soldiers home; special aide in charge of military
instruction and patriotic education department of the
Minnesota Grand army of the Republic; and has filbd
various other positions of trust and honor. Since 1890 he
has been a member of the W. A. Norman Post No. 13,
Grand Army of the Republic; and resides in Duluth,




Was born Oct. 18, 1828, in Fairfax, Vt. He was educated
in the public schools of his native state. For thirty years
he was engaged as a general blacksmith; and was town
superintendent of schools in Vermont in 1858-61. He
was city assessor of St. Charles, Minn., for several years;
and for thirty-six years has been a justice of the peace in
St. Charles and Eyota, Minn.


Clerk United States Court of Appeals,

for the Sixth District,

Was born Dec. 12, 1861, in Norwich, Vt. He was edu
cated at St. Johnsbury academy of Vermont; in 1886
received the degree of A. B. from Dartmouth college;
and in 1888 received the degree of LL. B. from the Cin
cinnati law school. He is a lawyer by profession; and a
prominent member of the Republican party. He is the
author of Loveland on Bankruptcy; Loveland s Appellate
Jurisdiction of the Federal Courts; and Loveland s Forms
of Federal Practice. He is a member of the University
Club of Cincinnati. Since 1894 he has been clerk of the
United States circuit court of appeals for the six district,
a life position or during good behavior.


Rear-Admiral United States Navy,

Was born Nov. 16, 1847, in Prussia. In 1863 he was ap
pointed to the United States naval academy. In 1899 he
was ordered to the relief of Admiral Dewey in Manila
Bay; and in 1899-1900 was commandant of the Cavite
navy yards. He is commandant of the navy yard, New



Lawyer, Jurist,

Was born in 1852. In 1875 he received the degree of B.A.
L., Osgoode hall; was admitted to bar (Missouri), 1876.
Practiced law in 1876-1885; director St. Louis Law Li
brary association, 1881-1885. Editor Central Law Journal,
judge civil court, 1886-1891. President Missouri Bar as
sociation, 1904. Member Missouri council and committee
on penal laws and prison discipline, American Bar asso
ciation, 1895-1904. Chairman section history of law, Uni
versal Congress of Arts and Science, St. Louis, 1904. Di
ploma and medal Louisiana purchase exposition, 1904.
Member special committee on reform in legal procedure,
American Bar association, 1908. Member of general coun
cil from Missouri, American Bar association, 1909. Mem
ber International Law association, 1907-10. Member
American Society of International Law, 1907-10. Editor
American Law Review. Commissioner from Missouri to
National Conference on Uniform State laws. Vice-presi
dent and chairman committee on reform in criminal pro
cedure, American Institute of Criminal Law and Crimin
ology. Associate editor Journal of Criminal Law and
Criminology. Special commissioner from America, Insti
tute of Criminal Law and Criminology to investigate ad
ministration of criminal law in Great Britain, 1909-1910.
Contributor to journals of law and jurisprudence, and au
thor of the following works : Contracts of Common Car
riers; Usages and Customs; Concordance of Words and
Phrases; Expert and Opinion Evidence, first and second
edition; Principles of Equity; Leading Cases Simplified,
in three volumes; Presumptive Evidence, first and second
edition; Insanity as a Defense; Defenses to Crime, five
volumes; Rights, Remedies and Practice, seven volumes;
American Law of Bailments; American Law of Con
tracts, first and second edition; Cases on Personal Prop
erty; and Cases on Quasi-Contracts.



Banker, New Orleans,

Was born Oct. 18, 1845, in Madison county, Miss. In
1860-61 he attended the North Carolina military institute.
At the age of sixteen years he entered the confederate army
as a private soldier in the eighteenth regiment of Mississ
ippi infantry; in 1863 was appointed first lieutenant of
cavalry, C. S. A., and in 1864 was made captain. He par
ticipated in every engagement of his command. He took
part in all the daring and desperate raids and campaigns
of Forrest, in the battles of Bethel, Lusburg, Williams-
burg, New Kent Court House, Savage Station; Frayzer s
Farm ; Malarn Hill ; Fredericksburg, Harper s Ferry and


States Attorney,

Was born Sept. 13, 1874, ^ n Moline, 111. He received his
education in the public schools, the Rock Island business
college at Rock Island, 111., the Wesleyan university of
Bloomington, 111., and also of the Bloomington Law
school of that city. He has practiced law in Moline for
the past fifteen years and is now state s attorney of Rock
Island county, his term expiring Dec. 6, 1912. He has
been chairman of the republican organization of Moline;
111., through five victorious campaigns, is prominently
identified with the business and public afTairs in Moline
and Rock Island, 111. He was elected president of the Illi
nois State s Attorneys association at Chicago, June 3, 1911,
and is now serving in that capacity. He has been a mem
ber of the Illinois legislature for the thirty-third senatorial
district, during the sessions of 1903-1905, and the special
session of 1906. He is a member of many fraternal organ
izations, and of the Rock Island and Moline clubs, and of
the Hamilton club of Chicago. He has a wide acquaint
ance throughout the state of Illinois.



Lawyer, Legislator, Jurist.

Was born March 15, 1857, in Fall River, Mass. Received
the rudiments of his education in the schools of his native
city; in 1880 graduated from Holy Cross college, Worces
ter, Mass., with the degree of A.B.; in 1884 graduated
from the Boston university school of law, with the degree
of LL.B. Received the honorary degree of LL.D. from
Holy Cross college in 1908, and has been a trustee of the
Falls River public library since 1900. Is noted as a lec
turer, essayist and writer of verse. Is a prominent lawyer
of his native city and since 1893 has been judge of the sec
ond district court of Bristol. He takes a prominent part
in the public affairs of his country and state.


Architect, Manufacturer, State Senator,
Was born June 16, 1848, in Canada. He moved to Wis
consin, and since 1866 has been a resident of Black River
Falls. He is a noted architect and a successful manufac
turer. In 1890 he was elected a member of the Wisconsin
state assembly, and received the re-election in 1892. In
1894 ne was elected to the state senate, and has been instru
mental in introducing and passing numerous bills for the
welfare of his state. He is also a brilliant orator, and was
instrumental in the election of John C. Spooner as United
States senator. Since 1894 he has been a member of the
Wiscon state senate, and is now serving his third term of
1902-06. He was one of the leaders in the reform move
ment and nominated Senator La Follette for the United
States senate. He was president pro tern of the Wiscon
sin senate for three sessions and led in the movement for
good roads and for the railway rate commission.



Lieutenant Colonel Assistant-Quartermaster United

States Marine Corps,

Was born Aug. 24, 1865, in Boston, Mass. He has filled
various positions as an officer in the United States marine
corps. Since 1897 he has been assistant-quartermaster in
the United States marine corps.

B. E. McLIN,

Commission of Florida,

Was born Sept. 22, 1851, near Jonesboro, Tenn. He was
educated at King college of Tennessee and at Hampden-
Sidney college of Virginia. He read law and subsequently
engaged in the lumber and orange industries . He has
served with distinction as a member of the Florida state
senate from the twenty-third district, served three sessions
in the state senate. He is a member of the democratic par
ty ; is a member of the Masons, Knights of Pythias and the
Elks. He is now serving his third term of 1909-13 as com
missioner of agriculture for the state of Florida.


Lawyer, Ex-Governor of the State of Washington,
Was born Dec. 14, 1861, in Manhattan, Kan. He was
educated in the public schools of Kansas, Illinois and
Iowa; attended the Southern Illinois normal university;
and graduated from the Chicago Union college of law. He
has twice been prosecuting attorney of Whatcom county,
Wash.; and practiced law in Bellingham, Wash. In 1889
he was a delegate to the first state convention of Washing
ton; and in 1893 was a representative in the Washington
state legislature. He was the governor of the state of
Washington for the term of 1905-09, and is now practicing



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