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State Senator of Montana,

Was born June 20, 1859, in Westminster, Mass. He is a
successful merchant; and has served tw.o terms as mayor of
Livingston, Mont.; for eleven years he has been a school
trustee. He was a member of the Montana state senate
from Park county for the term of 1905-09; and was lieu
tenant-governor for the state of Montana in 1909.



Served during the War of the Rebellion ; twenty-one years
in National Guard of Pennsylvania; and in 1890 was ap
pointed major-general, commanding division national
guard of Pennsylvania ; and now on the retired list account

of age.

* ?


Judge Circuit Court of Mississippi.
He is judge of the circuit court of Mississippi for the
term of 1900-07; and now circuit judge of the fourteenth
district of Mississippi; term expires May i, 1914.



Was born July 8, 1862, near Mechanicsville, Cedar coun
ty, Iowa. In 1884 he received the degree of A. B. from
Cornell college of Mt. Vernon, Iowa. In 1887 received
the degree of A.M. from the same institution ; and in 1886
received the degree of LL. B. from the University of
Michigan. In 1896-98 he was mayor of the city of Tipton,
Iowa; 1900-04 was a member of the Iowa state senate. In
1898 he was major of the fiftieth Iowa volunteer infantry;
and the same year was promoted to lieutenant-colonel dur
ing the Spanish-American war. 1905-09 county attorney
for Cedar county.



Soldier, Farmer, Lawyer, Legislator,
Was born Oct. 18, 1844, in Winston county, Miss. He left
the Union university of Murf reesboro, Tenn. ; and en
listed in the twelfth regiment, Mississippi infantry; and
after twelve months joined cavalry service, was promoted
to captain, and was engaged in the principal fights and
skirmishes. After the war he went to the law school of
Lexington, Ky., and has been a successful lawyer and
farmer of Edwards, Miss. In 1873 he served as a member
of the Mississippi state senate. He was among the first
to raise the cry against carpet bag rule in Mississippi, and
in 1875 commanded the citizens forces that went to Jack
son to demand that the negro militia companies be dis
banded, and was successful in that demand. In 1898 he
commanded the second regiment Mississippi volunteers
in the Spanish-American war; was a member of the lower
house, Mississippi legislature in 1897; member of the
Mississippi board of prison trustees, elected in 1907 and
again re-elected in 1911; and inaugurated many reforms
in the management for the betterment of the prison con
victs. Commander of U. C. veterans of Mississippi in
1911 ; is Mississippi delegate to the fiftieth anniversary of
Gettysburg reunion of blue and gray upon that field. Dur
ing his first month s service as counsul he detected a whis
ky fraud upon the government, which was settled by the
payment of $75,000 into the United States treasury; and,
before leaving Melbourne, he collected an indemnity
claim of $45,000 against the Fiji Islands.


Major-General Indiana National Guard,
Was born Dec. i 2,1853, in Madison, Ind. He is a suc
cessful merchant of Indianapolis, Ind. In 1898 he became
brigadier-general United States volunteers. Since 1876 he
has been a member, and is now major-general command
ing, Indiana national guard.



Physician, Secretary State Board of Medical Examiners,
Was born July 30, 1879, in Minnesota. In 1902 he received
the degree of M. D. from the Rush medical college, the
University of Chicago. He is a member of the county,
state and American medical associations. He is a success-
full physician of his city and is secretary of the Wyoming
state board of medical examiners for the term of 1909-11.


District Judge of Colorado,

Was born July 13, 1848, in Russell county, Va. He was
educated at Greenup academy of Kentucky. He has been
county attorney; and in 1881-82 was district attorney of
the fourth judicial district of Colorado. He is president
of the San Luis Valley Water Users and Stockmen s pro
tective association. Since 1891 he has been judge of the
twelfth state district court of Colorado, and is now serving
his fourth term of 1907-13; and resides in Alamosa, Col.


Former Secretary of State of Tennessee,
Was born Sept. 19, 1842, in Hillsborough, Williamson
county, Tenn. He was educated in the public schools of
Nashville, Tenn.; and graduated from the Western Mili
tary institute. For many years he was engaged in agri
cultural pursuits; and became a successful farmer of Ten
nessee. He has always been interested in the business and
public affairs of his community; and has held various
offices of trust and honor. He was secretary of state for
the state of Tennessee for eight years.


State Secretary,

Of Pennsylvania. He is secretary of the state of Pennsyl
vania for the term of 1911-14.



Soldier, Lawyer, Public Official,

Was born June 3, 1841, in Columbus, Ohio. He re
ceived his education in the schools of Mt. Vernon, Ohio,
and Earlville, 111.; and had been for two years a clerk in
Rock Island when he joined an emigrant train for Colo
rado in 1860. There he spent ten years in mercantile
pursuits at Black Hawk and Central City. During the
civil war he served in the army on the frontier; and was
captain of company B, third Colorado cavalry. In 1873
he commenced the practice of law; in 1877-81 was dis
trict attorney; and then removed to Denver. He was
county clerk and recorder of Gilpin county; city attorney
and postmaster of Black Hawk; and city attorney of
Central City and of Denver. For seven years he was
director of school district No. i, Denver, and was presi
dent of the board a part of the time. He is a member of
the Gilpin county and the Colorado Pioneer association;
is past department commander of the Grand Army of the
Republic; and in 1895 was colonel on the staff of Gover
nor Mclntire. He is a prominent mason, past master of
the Grand Lodge; past commander of the Grand Com-
mandry, and a thirty-three degree in the Scottish Rite.


United States Consul,

Was born June 30, 1851, in Rushford, N.Y. He was
educated at Hamilton college, from which institution he
received the degree of A. B. and Sc. D. He then attended
the universites of Berlin, Heidelburg, (Ph. D.) and Paris.
In 1878-83 he was manager of chemical works in Paris,
France; and in 1883-1900 was professor of chemistry at
the university of Cincinnati. In 1900-05 he was United
States consul at Harput, Turkey; in 1905-06 was United
States consul at Smyrna; and since 1906 United States con
sul at Chemnitz, Germany. During 1911-1912, detailed
as special agent department of Commerce and Labor.




Was born in Manayunk, Philadelphia, Sept. 21, 1866;
educated in the public schools; was graduated from Cor
nell university and from the law department of Dickinson
college; was admitted to the bar but never engaged in the
practice of law; elected a member of common council in
1903 and again in 1905; elected to the House of Repre
sentatives in November, 1908 and re-elected in 1-910.


State Senator of Oregon,

Was born June 29, 1848, in Pleasant Plain, 111. He was
educated at McKendree college. He is a dealer in build
ing material in Portland, Ore.; is identified with the re
publican party; and in 1900-04 served two terms as a rep
resentative in the Oregon state legislative. In 1904-08
he was a member of the Oregon state senate; is now serv
ing his second term of 1908-12.


Business Man and Statesman,

Was born in East St. Clair, township, Bedford county,-
Pa., June 6, 1860; educated in the public schools and
summer normal schools of Bedford county, and at Juni-
ata college, Huntington, Pa.; worked on his father s
farm and taught school eleven terms; has always been
engaged in general farming and dairying, and for manv
years has been breeding thoroughbred poultry; served
as justice of peace eleven years, school director three
vears and notary public eight years; is a director of a
National bank; was transcribing clerk of the senate, ses
sion of 1897; was tne Republican candidate for the legis
lature from Bedford county in 1902; elected to the
House of Representatives in 1906; re-elected in Novem
ber 1908. He is interested in the African Ostrich Farm
and Feather company, Pennsylvania s new industry.



Brigadier-General United States Army,
Was born in Ireland. He entered the civil war as a pri
vate; and attained the rank of brigadier-general. He
served in the Indian, Spanish and Philippine wars; and
his command was the first to land Cuba. He is briga
dier-general United States army, now retired after forty
years service.


TLducator, Scientist, Author,

Was born Sept. 25, 1844, in Cambridge, Mass. In 1867
he received the debree of B.A from Yale university and
in 1869 the degree of Ph.D. from Yale; and in 1911
receiver the degree of L. L. D. from the university of
Vermont. He was professor of geology in the university
of Vermont; dean of the same institution; and state
geologist of Vermont. He is a fellow of the Geographi
cal society; fellow of the American Anthropological
association and a member various clubs and societies.
He has published seven volumes of Geographical Re
ports, and Articles in various Encyclopedias, Scientific
and other journals and Proceedings of Scientific Socie



Assistant to President, Interborough Metropolitan Com
pany and Interborough Rapid Transit Company,
Was born Feb. 28, 1875, in Haynesville, Ala. Devoted
several years to Government service, having been at one
time commissioner of civil service of the Philippine
Islands, inaugurating the civil service system in that
territory. In 1905 was appointed chief of office of Isth
mian canal affairs at Washington, which position he re
signed in March 1907 to accept that of assistant to pres
ident of the Interborough-Metropolitan company and
Interborough Rapid Transit company.



Lawyer, State Senator,

Was born in 1846, in Sangerville, Maine. He was edu
cated at Bowdoin college, and at the Albany law school.
He was a member of the House of Representatives at the
age of twenty-two; was city solicitor of Bangor; chief
clerk of the department of the interior, at Washington;
was made internal revenue agent, and served for years in
all parts of the country. He was postmaster of the
United States senate for four years; was again a member
of the House in 1895; a d in 1899-1903 was a member
of the Maine senate. In 1888-92 he was colonel on the
staff of the governor of Maine. In 1904 he married
Miss Elisabeth Burbank, of Boston, and together they
made a tour of Palestine, Egypt, and Europe. In 1896
he was a Reed delegate to the republican national con
vention held at St. Louis, and presided over the republi
can state convention of Maine the same year. Since the
age of seven years, he has resided in Dexter, Maine,
when not in public service. During the last dozen years,
not being engaged in active business.


Judge Circuit Court of West Virginia,
Was born Dec. 29, in Greenbrier county, Va. For six
teen years he was prosecuting attorney. In 1900-04 he
was chairman of the state democratic committee. In 1902
he was democratic candidate for congress. He is judge
of the ninth judicial circuit court of West Virginia for
the term of 1904-12; and resides in Hinton, W. Wa.


Judge Circuit Court of Michigan,

Was born Feb. 7, 1861, in Linden, Mich. He is judge of
the seventeenth state circuit court of Michigan for the
term of 1902-06; and was re-elected for term ending in



Judge Circuit Court for Alabama,
Was born March i, 1861, near Milton, Fla. For two
terms he was mayor of Dothan, Ala.; and has attained
success in the practice of law in that city. Was first
elected judge of the twelfth judicial circuit of the state
of Alabama for the term 1905-10 and is now serving his
second term 1911-16.


United States Senator of Maryland,
Was born April n, 18^0, in Baltimore, Md. He was
educated at the university of Maryland and the univer
sity" of Virginia. In 1878-80 he was a member of the
Maryland legislature and in 1885 he was elected to the
state senate for four years. He was a member of the
fifty-second and fifty-third congresses. In 1899-1903
he was attornev-general for Maryland. He was elected
to the United States senate for the term of 1905-11; and
re-elected for the term 1911-1917.


Educator, Soldier, Lawyer, Jurist,

Was born Nov. 17, 1834, in Crawford county, Mo. He
received his education in the public schools of Missouri
and Illinois. He served four years in the confederate
service as captain of company D, eighth regiment Mis
souri infantry. After the war he continued teaching
until 1873 when he was admitted to the bar at Steelville,
Mo. During 1882-86 he was judge of probate in his
native county; and attained success as an able lawyer. In
1893 he moved to Florida, where he is a solicitor in
chancery, abstractor of land titles and successful lawyer;
and is senior member of the law firm of Pinnell and Son;
the junior member Wesley Preston Pinnell, is a graduate
of the law department of the John B. Stetson university
of DeSand, Fla; class of 1906.



United States Senator,

Was born at Memphis, Term., April 22, 1868; was edu
cated at Fancy Hill academy, Rockbridge county, Va.,
and at Washington and Lee university, Lexington, Va.,
in both the academic and law departments, and took the
degree of B. L. in that institution June, 1891; October
10, 1891, located at Walla Walla, Wash., and began the
practice of law; in November, 1892 was elected prose
cuting attorney of Walla Walla county; in June, 1892,
married Elizabeth Gale Page, of Walla Walla; Octo
ber 10, 1897, moved from Walla Walla to Spokane; for
six years was assistant prosecuting attorney for Spokane
county, until elected judge of the superior court of the
district in November, 1904; remained upon the bench
from that time until nominated for Congress in the newly
created third district at the primary election September
8, 1908, was elected to the Sixty-first Congress. In the
primary September 13, 1910, to show preference for
United States senator, he received 67,714 votes, to 26,846
for Thomas Burke, 14,581 for James M. Ashton, 3,924
for John E. Humphries, and 1,975 f r Legh R. Freeman;
was elected United States senator by the Washington
legislature January 18, 1911, by a vote of 126 to n, and
took his seat April 17, 1911. His term of service will
expire March 3, 1917.


Ex-State Senator of Iowa,

Was born April i, 1832, in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1858-
61 he was a member of the Iowa state board of educa
tion; and has attained success in the practice of law in
Iowa. In 1892-94 he was a member of the state senate
for the counties of Monroe and Marion in the twenty-
fourth and twenty-fifth general assemblies of Iowa.



President Jefferson Medical College,
Was born in Philadelphia, April 17, 1852; educated pri
vate schools and university of Philadelphia; solicitor
and director, Thomas Potter and Sons company, Inc.;
appointed by president Harrison special commissioner to
visit London, Paris and Berlin in behalf of the United
States and Post Office departments and to negotiate
system of sea post offices; delegate to the fourth congress
of Universal Postal Union, Vienna 1891; United States
minister to Italy 1892-94; member of board of directors
of City Trusts, Philadelphia, and one of the managers of
the Pennsylvania institution for the deaf and dumb.


Judge United States District Court for Kansas,
Was born Nov. 5, 1857, in Belmont county, Ohio. In
1888-1901 he practiced law in Winfield, Kan.; and in
1901-03 was associate-justice of the supreme court of
Kansas. Since 1903 he has been judge of the United
States district court for Kansas.


State Senator of Massachusetts,

Was born Oct. 6, 1842, in Spencer, Mass. He received
the rudiments of his education in the public schools of
his native state; and graduated from Wilbraham aca
demy. For nearly half a century he has given close
application to business affairs; and is the principal owner
of the incorporated firm of Isaac Prouty and company,
boot and shoe manufacturers of Spencer, Mass. He is a
director in the Spencer national bank; and prominently
identified with the business and public affairs of his city,
county and state. He was a member of the Massachusetts
state senate for two years in 1906 and 1907; and served
on several important committees.



Associate-Justice State Supreme Court nf Wyoming,
Was born Oct. 31, 1852, in Cooperstown, N. Y. Remov
ed to Grand Rapids, Michigan, when a child and was
educated in the public school of that city. Graduated
from law department university of Michigan in 1873.
For four years he was attorney general of Wyoming. In
1889 he was elected a member of the constitutional con
vention at Wyoming. Since 1894 he has been justice
of the state supreme court of Wyoming and is now serv
ing the term ending in 1919. During eleven years of his
first two terms he served as chief justice.


Soldier, Lawyer, Author,

Was born March 29, 1840, in Matteawan, N. Y. He was
educated at the academy of White Plains, N. Y., by pri
vate tutors; studied medicine; later studied law and was
admitted to the bar. In 1861 he enlisted as a private in
the fifth regiment New York volunteer infantry; held
four regimental commissions; and was in numerous bat
tles and skirmishes, attaining the rank of lieutenant-
colonel. In 1863 he was nominated by President Lincoln
to be brigadier-general. For forty-five years he practiced
law in Yonkers; was city attorney in 1875; and in 1895
was deputy attorney-general for the state of New York.
In 1902-04 he was governor- general of the order of the
Founders and Patriots of America and in 1897-1911 was
president of the American flag association. He has cross
ed the ocean twenty-six times; traveling in Europe, Asia
and Africa. He is the author of The Descendants of
James and numerous monographs.


United States District Judge for Iowa,
Since 1904 he has been judge of the United States district
court for the northern district of Iowa,



Pay-Director United States Army,
Was born May 11, 1844, in New Boston, Vt. He was
educated at Dartmouth college. Since 1862 he has been
an officer of the United States navy; and has served as a
soldier, engineer and paymaster. He was pay director
in the United States navy and in 1906 retired as rear


Congressman, Judge District Court of Kansas,
He was judge of the thirtieth district court of Kansas for
the term of 1905-06; is now a member of congress from
fifth district of Kansas.


Rear- Admiral United States Navy and Chief

Intelligence Officer,

Was born in the District of Columbia. In 1899 he
was promoted commander; and was advanced five num
bers for meritorious service in the battle of Santiago and
is now commandant of the Naval station and president
of the Naval War college, Newport, R. I.


Journalist, State Legislator, Congressman,
Was born Sept. 30, 1827, in Utica, N. Y. He was edu
cated at Wh.itestown seminary and Yale college; and has
received the degree of LL. D. from Hamilton college
and Yale university. In 1867 he was representative in
the New Yorlc state legislature and in 1871-75 was a
member of the i orty-second and forty-third congresses
from New York. Jn 1889-93 ne was assistant treasurer
of the United States^ and in 1897-1905 was treasurer of
the United States. H^ e is tne author of Government
Revenue; and New York" t ^ ie P lantin g an d Growth of
the Empire State.



Ex-Judge of the Court of Missouri,
Was born Dec. 18, 1850. He was prosecuting attorney
for New Madrid county for eight years and was judge
of the twenty-eighth state circuit court of Missouri for
eighteen years; and is now retired.


Bosque County Attorney of Texas,
Was born Aug. 7, 1869, in Bosque county, Texas. He
was educated in the public schools of his native state.
He has attained success in the practice of law; and is a
member of the Masonic order, Knights of Pythias,
Woodmen of the World and various other fraternal and
patriotic orders. He is identified with the democratic
party. He is now serving his second term of 1908-10 as
county attorney for Bosque county; has received the re-
nomination for the third term of 1910-12. In 1911 he
resigned office of county attorney and accepted appoint
ment of assistant attorney-general of Texas.


State Senator of Michigan,

Was born Dec. 12, 1852, in Logan county, Ohio. He
received his education at Columbus, Ohio; graduated
from the Rush medical college of Chicago, 111; attended
lectures at the London university of London, England;
and in 1910 was appointed by governor Warner as a
member of the state advisory board in the matter of par
dons. He has attained success as an eminent physician
of Davison, Mich., has been surgeon for Grand Trunk
railroad; president of Genesee county medical so
ciety; president of the town of Davison; president
of the school board; and has filled various other
positions of trust and honor. He became a member of the
Michigan state senate in 1905.



Lawyer, Public Official,

Of the old Virginia stock of Robinsons was born July 26,
1850, in Gallatin county, 111. He received a thorough
education in the schools of Shawneetown, 111. He then
studied law; and has since attained success in that pro
fession in California. In 1890-92 and from 1902-06 he
was district attorney of Placer county, Cal., was called
the square and honest district attorney who prosecuted
and convicted the celebrated criminal murderer. Adolph
Meber, in 1903 ; and filled that office with distinction. He
has a lucrative practice in Auburn, Cal.; and takes an
active interest in the public affairs of his city, county and
state; and is a member of various fraternal orders. In
1904-07 he was district attorney.


Physician, Surgeon,

Was born June 16, 1854, m Burton, Geagua county, Ohio;
in 1872 he received the degrees of A.M. and M.D. from
the Eclectic medical institute of Cincinnati, Ohio, and was
professor of operative gyneaecology and clinical surgery
at the same institution. He has been a railway surgeon
for twenty-five years and a college teacher for twenty
years. He is a successful physician and surgeon of his
city and operates in more different hospitals than any
surgeon in the United States.


Governor of Louisiana,

Was lieutenant-governor of the state of Louisiana for the
term of 1905-08; and governor of Louisiana for the term
of 1908-12. He was elected by Louisiana general assem
bly to fill a vacancy in the United States senate, but
refused to qualify in order to continue as governor to
head off fight of New Orleans for Panama exposition.



State Senator of Colorado,

Was born July 5, 1847, in Battle Creek, Mich. He is a
successful lawyer. During the civil war in 1864-65 he
served as a private in the first Michigan volunteer cav
alry. He is a member of the Colorado state senate for the
term of 1905-09; elected democratic presidential elector
in 1908. Department commander, Colorado and Wyom
ing, Grand Army of the Republic, 1911-12.


Chairman Kansas Democratic State Committee,
Was born Aug. 30, 1856, in Grand Rapids, Mich, He is
an eminent lawyer of Kansas; in 1892 was a delegate-at-
large to the national democratic convention; and in 1894
was an unsuccessful candidate for congress. He was chair
man of the Kansas democratic state committee for the
term of 1904-06. He is a member of the democratic nation
al committee, 1908-12.


Professor Kansas Wesleyan University,
Was born Feb. 27, 1828, in Seneca county, N.Y. In 1862

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