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he graduated from the Ohio Wesleyan university; and
subsequently received the degree of LL.D. from Otterbein
university. He was principal of Seneca county academy
of Republic, Ohio. For twelve years he was president of
Baldwin university; at the same time filling the chair of
mathematics in that institution. For six years he was
president of the Kansas Wesleyan university; for the past
twenty-one years has been professor of philosophy. He
is the author of Higher Arithmetic; Complete Algebra;
Elements of Geometry; Surveying; The Principles of
Logic; Empirical and Rational Psychology; Outlines of
Psychology; and Systems of Ethics.



Real Estate Dealer and Editor of the Political Depart
ment of the Marion Sentinel of Iowa,
Was born Sept. 2, 1853, in Linn county, Iowa. He was
educated in the public schools of his native state: and at
tended Cornell college of Mount Vernon, Iowa. He is a
member of the Iowa bar; being admitted at the age of
twenty years. For four years he was editor and proprietor
of the Springville New Era, for two years was editor and
proprietor of the Cedar Rapids Standard ; became the edi
tor and owner of the Saturday Argus of Marion, Iowa;
and is noweditor of the political department of theMarion
Sentinel of Iowa. He is also a successful real estate dealer
of Marion, Iowa; and is prominently identified with the
business and public affairs of his city and state. He takes
an active interest in politics, having occupied positions
of counsel and trust in the democratic party organization;
and in campaigns has been one of the effective public


United States Congressman from Missouri,
Was born Aug. 27, 1853, in Saline county, Mo. In 1879
he began the practice of law in Booneville, Mo.; and in
1882-86 served as prosecuting attorney of Cooper county.
In 1892-99 he was judge of the fourteenth judicial circuit
of Missouri. He was a member of the fifty-sixth, fifty-
seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first,
sixty-second congresses and is now a member of the house
committee on ways and means as a democrat from the
eighth district of Missouri.


Reporter State Supreme Court of Washington,
He has been reporter of the state supreme court of Wash
ington since 1904.




Vice-President of the United States,
Was born Oct. 24, 1855, in the city of Utica, N.Y. His
father, Richard U. Sherman, also born in Oneida county,
N.Y., was by profession an editor and also prominent in
public life; was educated in preparatory schools and
Hamilton college; studied law, and was admitted to the
bar and practiced until 1906; was married in 1881 to Car
rie Babcock, at East Orange, N.J.; three sons, Sherrill,
Richard U., and Thomas M., are living and in business at
Utica; is president of the Utica Trust & Deposit company
and is interested in several other business enterprises; is
a regular attendant of the Dutch Reformed church of
Utica, treasurer of the church and chairman of its board
of trustees; is a member of the Fort Schuyler club of
Utica, the Metropolitan club of Washington, and also a
member of the Royal Arcanum and of the Order of Elks;
is a trustee of Hamilton college, which gave him the de
gree of LL.D.; is also a member of the Union League,
Transportation, and Republican clubs, of New York city;
presided over the New York state conventions of 1895,
1900, and 1908; was elected mayor of Utica in 1884; dele
gate to the republican national convention in 1892; was
chairman of the national republican congressional com
mittee in 1906; has made frequent appearances in cam
paigns, not only in his own district but throughout the
United States; was elected to the fiftieth, fifty-first, fifty-
third, fifty-fourth, fifty-fifth, fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh,
fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, and sixtieth congresses; was a
member of the committee on rules. His principal work
was done on the committees on interstate and foreign com
merce and on Indian affairs, the latter of which he was
chairman; was elected vice-president on the ticket with
William H. Taft, receiving 321 electoral votes to 162 for
John W. Kern, of Indiana, and entered upon the duties
of the office at noon, March 4, 1909.



United States Congressman from Pennsylvania,
Was born June 13, 1859, in Reynoldsville, Pa. He learned
the printing trade; for a time published the Reynoldsville
Herald ; and for six years worked in the government print
ing office at Washington, D.C. He subsequently became
editor of the Punxsutawney Spirit. In 1889-98 he was a
representative in the Pennsylvania state legislature. He
was a member of the fifty-eighth congress from Pennsyl
vania as a republican. He was re-elected to the fifty-ninth
congress from the twenty-seventh district of Pennsylvania
for the term of 1905-07.


State Senator of Missouri,

Was born Aug. 19, 1840, in Vermont. In 1 861-66 he
served in the forty-second regiment Ohio volunteer infan
try, and attained the rank of captain. He has been prose
cuting attorney; judge of the probate court; and a member
of the constitutional convention of Mississippi. For two
terms he was a member of the Missouri state legislature.
He was a member of the Missouri state senate for
the seventh district for the term of 1900-09. He was ap
pointed surveyor of Crestown, part of Kansas City, in Jan
uary, 1906, re-appointed March 3, 1910, by President
Taft. Married Miss Janie Croysdale Oct. 9, 1906.


State Representative of Arkansas,

Was born Jan. 6, 1863, in Lemar county, Ala. He was
educated in the public schools of Arkansas; is a successful
general merchant of Arkansas; and a minister of the
gospel. He has been postmaster of Walcott, Ark. ; and has
held various other positions of trust and honor. Since
1904 he has been a representative in the Arkansas state



Was born May 12, 1865, of Scotch-Irish ancestry. His
father was a confederate officer in the civil war. His
ancestors were with Jackson in the war of 1812 and Hous
ton in Texas in 1836. In 1889 he received the degree of
M.D. from the Southern medical college of Atlanta, Ga.
He practiced his profession nine years in Texas and in
1898 located in Cincinnati. He is a thirty-second degree
Mason, Knight Templar and Shriner. He is a member
of the American medical association; Cincinnati academy
of medicine and Ohio state medical society; American as
sociation of railway surgeons; National protective society
of Detroit, Mich.; Globe Wernicke company of Cincin
nati, and various other societies. He is medical examiner
for the Connecticut General Life Insurance company of
Hartford, Conn.


Physician, Poet,

Was born April 31, 1868, in New Castle county, Del. He
attended the Baltimore medical college, and the veter
inary surgeon college. He has filled various public posi
tions of trust in his native county; and is a prominent phys
ician of Townsend. He has contributed many poems to
the periodical press; and is widely known as the poet of
Delaware. He is a member of the school board for the
term of 1906-07.


State Superintendent of Education for Maryland,
Was born Oct. 5, 1862, in Caroline county, Md. In
1886-1900 he was superintendent of schools for Caroline
county, M.d Since 1900 he has been state superintend
ent of public instruction for Maryland, and is now serv
ing the term of 1910-14.




Was born Oct. 4, 1844, in Romeo, Mich. He received
the rudiments of his education in the public schools of his
native city; attended Eastman s business college of
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ; and the law department of the uni
versity of Michigan. He commenced life as a school
teacher, and all his life has been prominently identified
with temperance movements and societies. He has at
tained success as an able lawyer, his specialties being pat
ents and pensions. Since 1891 he has been a prominent
Forester, and is a member of various other fraternal
orders in his native city. In 1896 he was a delegate to
the republican national convention held at St. Louis; and
was a member of one of the standing committees. During
the past twenty-five years he has been frequently elected
as a delegate to the state and congressional conventions; is
a forcible debater and accurate parliamentarian.


Public Official, Railroad President,
Was born Nov. 12, 1834, in Lima, N.Y. He received the
rudiments of his education in the schools of Pontiac,
Mich. He has been vice-president and treasurer of the
Alger-Smith company and the Manistique Lumbering
company; president of the Manistique Railway company;
president of the American Exchange National bank ; pres
ident of the Michigan Condensed Milk company; and in
1872-88 was police commissioner.


State Secretary of Utah,

Was born Oct. 25, 1859, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has
been cashier of the First National bank of Nephi, Utah;
superintendent of county schools; and state auditor. He
was secretary of the state of Utah for the term of 1905-08,
and is now serving his second term as such.



President E. G. Staude Manufacturing Company,
Was born May 27, 1876, at Watertown, Wis., son of
Adolph H. and Louisa (Schenck) Staude; educated in
common schools, Larimore, N.D.; high school, Grand
Forks, N.D.; university of North Dakota. Was born on
a farm and at the age of six years moved with his parents
to North Dakota; removed to Minneapolis, and secured
employment as mechanical draughtsman, 1896; began as
consulting engineer, 1900; began in manufacture of paper
box machinery, special printing presses, etc., Feb. i,
1900, incorporating Feb. i, 1906, as E. G. Staude manu
facturing company, of which he is president and man
aging director. He is a member of the American society
of mechanical engineers, Minneapolis engineers club and
is a thirty-second degree mason. Married at Dayton,
Ohio, Aug. 7, 1906, to Miss Olive B. EickhofL Recrea
tion: Hunting. Office 526-530 South Fifth street.


United States Congressman from Texas,
Was born June i, 1853, m Graves county, Ky. He was
a member of the twenty-third legislature of Texas in
1892; and decline re-election. He was a member of the
fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh and fifty-eighth congresses as a
democrat. He was re-elected to the fifty-ninth congress
and all subsequent congresses from the fourteenth district
of Texas for the term of 1900-07.


Lawyer, Jurist,

Was born in Clinton county, N.Y. Went to South Dakota
in 1877. State s attorney at Pierre, S.D., from 1887 unt il
1892. He was judge of the circuit court, sixth judicial
circuit of South Dakota, from January, 1894, up to July,
1906. He resides at Pierre, S.D., and is of the law firm
of Gaffy, Stephens and Fuller.



Congressman from Illinois,

Was born Feb. i, 1857, near Leroy, 111. He attended the
public schools and took the classical course at the Illinois
Wesleyan university. He was superintendent of the pub
lic schools of Lexington for two years ; and was admitted
to the bar in 1884. He was state s attorney of McLean
county in 1892-96; and a member at large of the republi
can state central committee of Illinois in 1896-98. He
was a member of the fifty-eighth, sixtieth, sixty-first and
sixty-second congresses from Illinois as a republican. He
was re-elected to- the fifty-ninth congress from the sev
enteenth district of Illinois for the term of 1905-07.


Ex-Chief Justice State Supreme Court of Rhode Island,
Was born Aug. 9, 1840, in Providence, R.I. He served
in the civil war; and became second lieutenant in the sec
ond regiment New York artillery. He has been a mem
ber of the commission on uniform state laws; and chair
man of the commission to revise the judicial system in
Rhode Island. He is a member of the board of fellows of
Brown university; and ex-president of the Rhode Island
historical society. In 1874-75 he was a representative in
the Rhode Island state legislature. From 1875 he was
chief justice of the state supreme court of Rhode Island
until Nov. 2, 1904.


Ex-Mayor of Indianapolis, Ind.,

Was born November 17, 1856, in county Monyhan, Ire
land. In 1861 he located in Xenia, Ohio; in 1874 moved
to Garrett, Ind.; in 1877 to Indianapolis. He is propri
etor and president of the Denison Hotel of Indianapolis;
and president of French Lick Springs Hotel company.
In 1886 he was elected auditor of Marion county as a
democrat; was re-elected in 1890; and in 1895-1901 served


three terms as mayor of Indianapolis, Ind. He is a mem
ber of the democratic national committee from Indiana,
and was its chairman in 1904-08.


Comptroller City of St. Louis, Missouri,
Was born March 23, 1855, in St. Louis, Mo. He was
educated in the St. Louis public, grammar and high
schools. For many years he was engaged in the lumber
business; and in charge of the financial management of
estates and business affairs. He is identified with the re
publican party; has retired from active business interests;
and is now serving his first term of 1909-13 as city comp


United States Commercial Agent, Department of Com
merce and Labor,

Was born June 18, 1838, in Philadelphia, Pa. He learned
the printing business; and then became a reporter on the
daily press. In 1861-64 he served as lieutenant and cap
tain in the twenty-seventh regiment Pennslyvania volun
teer infantry. Since 1873 he has been Washington cor
respondent of several publications. In 1905 he was ap
pointed chief of the bureau of manufactures, which he
organized, and continued its direction until August, 1910,
when he was appointed a special commercial agent to
visit foreign countries and report on trade conditions. He
was one of the founders and twice president of the Grid
iron club, to which he gave its name; and resides in Wash
ington, D. C.

Prominent Illinois Orchardist,

Vice-president, Illinois horticulture society. Formerly
colonel of the fourth infantry Illinois national guard.



Lawyer, Jurist,

Was born July 30, 1847, in Montgomery, Ala. In 1867
he was admitted to the bar; has been city attorney of
Montgomery and judge-advocate-general for four years.
He has been judge of the city court of Montgomery (law
and equity court) ; associate justice of the supreme court
of Alabama in 1892. He was appointed trustee of the
state university of Alabama to succeed Hon. H. A. Her
bert, and filled that position for about eight years, During
1864-65 he was in the confederate service with the Ala
bama corps of cadets, of which he was adjutant in 1865.
This able lawyer and jurist has always been a resident in
the place of his nativity. He is the author of several
works. In 1897 he was elected dean of the law faculty in
the university of Alabama. He was president of Alabama
state bar association in 1908-09; special master in Ala
bama railroad rate cases in the federal court at Mont
gomery, Ala., 1910-11.


Associate-Justice State Superior Court of Rhode Island,
Is presiding-justice of the state superior court of Rhode

Member Territorial Council of Oklahoma,
Was born Sept. 28, 1847, in Anson county, N.C. He was
educated in the public schools of his native state; and for
many years was a practicing physician. He has been
prominently identified with various business enterprises
in the west; and has filled numerous positions of trust and
honor. He has been a member of the house and senate;
and has served on many important committees. He is one
of the regents of the normal school; and identified with
various other public institutions. He was a member of
the Oklahoma territorial council from the third district
for the term of 1905-06. He is vice-president of the board


of control of the confederate home for Oklahoma. He
has also been president of the board of education of Okla
homa City.

Major Iowa National Guard,

Was born Jan. 24, 1870, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was
educated at the university of Iowa and at the university
of Michigan. He has been professor of surgery in the
medical department of the university of Nebraska; and
surgeon to the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
and other corporations. He has been a member of the
school board of Council Bluffs, Iowa; has been first vice-
president of the Iowa state medical society; mayor of his
city; and filled numerous other positions of trust and hon
or. During the Spanish-American war and the Phillip-
pine insurrection he was surgeon to the fifty-first regiment
Iowa infantry; and is now major and surgeon of the Iowa
national guard; surgeon to Edmundson Memorial and
Mercy hospitals.


United States Congressman from Kentucky,
Was born April 13, 1864, in Wolfe county, Ky. He was
educated in the public schools of Frankfort and Excelsior
institute; and is a farmer by occupation. He was elected
to the Kentucky house of representatives in 1898 and
again in 1900, being elected speaker in the last-named
year. He was a member of the fifty-seventh and fifty-
eighth congresses from Kentucky as a democrat. He was
re-elected to the fifty-ninth congress from the seventh dis
trict of Kentucky for the term of 1905-07; and was elected
clerk of the national house of representatives, sixty-second


Librarian, Author,

Was born in England. For eight years he was private
librarian to Clarence H. Clark of Philadelphia, Pa.; and
for nearly three years was private librarian for Jay Gould


of Irving-on-the-Hudson, N.Y. Since its opening in 1894
he has been librarian of the free library of Philadelphia,
Pa. He is the author of Discriptive Catalogue of Library
of C. H. Clark, in two volumes; Catalogue of Irving Li
brary of Jay Gould; Descriptive Catalogue of the Works
of Sir Walter Scott for the Free Library; and Hither and
Thither, a volume of literary essays. He is also the author
of Fifteen Annual Reports of the Free Library and other

President of the Iowa State Board of Education,
Was born Nov. 29, 1858, in Du Page, county, 111. He
was a member of the Iowa house of representatives dur
ing the twenty-fifth general assembly; and was a member
of the Iowa state senate during the twenty-sixth, twenty-
seventh, twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth general assem
blies; and in 1904 was a republican elector at large. He
was a member of the Iowa commission in the Louisiana
purchase exposition in 1903-4. He is now serving his
first term of 1909-15 as a member of the Iowa state board
of education.

Brigadier-General United States Army,
Was born in New York. During the civil war he ob
tained the rank of first lieutenant. In 1899 he became cap
tain; major in 1900; and colonel in 1903. In 1904 he was
retired as brigadier-general United States army.


Justice Supreme Court of New York,
Was born July 12, 1842, in Ellisburgh, N.Y. For six
years he was district attorney for Jefferson county, N.Y.
For twenty-eight years he has been a justice of the su
preme court; served in the New York appellate division
for two years; and in the Rochester appellate division for
twelve years and in trial courts 14 years. He left the bench
Jan. i, 1912.



Governor of Maryland, 1904-08,

Was born May 7, 1848, in Howard county, Md. For six
years he taught school; and for seven years was register
of wills for Howard county, Md. In 1881-86 he served
three terms as a member of the Maryland state senate, and
in 1886 was president of the senate. In 1886-90
he was surveyor of the port of Baltimore. He
has attained success in the practice of law; and is the
founder aad president of the Fidelity and Deposit com
pany of Maryland; and also of the Fidelity Trust com
pany. He was governor of the state of Maryland for the
term of 1904-08; and resides at Oakdale, Woodbine post-
office, Howard county, Md.


Professor United States Naval Academy,
Was born April 6, 1844, in Lyme, Conn. He received the
rudiments of his education in the public schools ot South
Weymouth, Mass.; in 1867 graduated from Amherst col-
lege; in 1871 graduated with the degree of Ph.D. from
Gottingen university; and in 1872 received the honorary
degree of A.M. from Yale college. For thirty-five years
he has been a professor of physics at the United States
naval academy; and for twenty years has been head of the
department of physics and chemistry in that institution.



Was born June 24, 1873, m Binghamton, N.Y. Graduated
from Cornell university in 1896 with the degree of LL.B. ;
admitted to bar New York state in 1897. In 1898-1904
he was United States referee in bankruptcy. Now resi
dent lecturer on bankruptcy at Cornell university, 1900-
07. United States district judge for Alaska territory,
1904-09. Now practicing law and residing at Juneau,



City Attorney,

Of Emporia (commission form of government) , and state
president of the Kansas league of municipal lawyers, was
born in Andes, Delaware county, N.Y., July i, 1839. He
was educated at Beloit college of Wisconsin ; and at West
minster college, Mo.; and quit college to join the army
in 1861, serving first in the eleventh and afterwards in the
sixty-ninth Illinois regiments. In 1868 he was a member
of the electoral college for Missouri (republican)). In
1904 he was democratic and people s party candidate for
supreme judge of Kansas. He was a member of the
national executive committee of the people s party for the
term 1904-08; and joined the Independence party and
was appointed one of its national committee at the Chi
cago convention of 1908. His political attitude is that of
party-independence, and devotion to municipal -develop
ment and the principle of home rule as the strategic and
most important field of American politics. His compe
tence as a lawyer in general practice is unquestioned, and
his ambition to excel in the department of municipal law
is harvesting adequate results.


United States Congressman from Alabama,
Was long engaged as lawyer in Alabama; served in Ala
bama house and senate for eighteen years; and was ap
pointed lieutenant-colonel of the fifth regiment United
States volunteer infantry. He served eleven months in
Cuba; was chief legal adviser to General Lawton; later
appointed civil governor of Santiago; and framed consti
tution and set in motion the machinery of a civil govern
ment. He was a member of the fifty-seventh and fifty-
eighth congress as a democrat. He was re-eiected to the
fifty-ninth and sixtieth, and served eight years in congress.
He died June 17, 1908, in Montgomery, Ala.



Lawyer, Colonel Pennsylvania National Guard,
Was born April 21, 1851, in Mt. Vernon, Pa. He re
ceived his education in the public and private schools of
his native state; and soon attained success in the practice
of law at Scranton, Pa. In 1883-91 he served two terms
as a member of the Pennsylvania state senate; in 1891-95
was lieutenant-governor of Pennsylvania; and has filled
the office of president of the state senate and of the board
of pardons. For nine years he was county solicitor of
Lackawanna county, Pa.; and in 1891 was chairman of
the republican state committee. He has been president
of the Spring Brook water supply company; president of
the Title Guaranty and Surety company of Scranton, Pa. ;
and president of the County savings bank; and also presi
dent of the Scranton Trust company. He was colonel of
the eleventh regiment Pennsylvania provisional national
guard during the Spanish-American war. He is a mem
ber of the state armory board; right worthy gand warden
of the grand lodge of masons of Pennsylvania. He was
colonel of the thirteenth regiment Pennsylvania national
guard from 1899 to 1904; was general-inspector of rifle
practice on the staff of Governor Beaver.


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