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Ex-Postmaster of New York City,

Was born in 1863 in Smyrna, Chenango county, N.Y. He
was educated at the state normal school at Brockport,
N.Y. ; and at the university of Rochester.. He is a lawyer
by profession; and in 1901-3 was president of the park
board of New York city. In 1905 he was appointed post
master of New York city by President Roosevelt, which
office he held until July i, 1907, when he resigned to as
sume the duties of chairman of the public service com
mission under appointment of Governor Hughes, which
office he now holds.



State Representative of North Carolina,
Was born April 14, 1854, in Hertford county, N.C. He
was educated at Buckhorn academy of Hertford county,
N.C.; attended Wake Forest college of North Carolina;
and graduated from Columbia university of Washington,
D.C. He has been solicitor and judge; and in 1895-1906
was a representative in the North Carolina state legisla
ture and again in 1905-09, and chairman of the judiciary
committee. He was a delegate to the national democratic
convention that first nominated William Jennings Bryan
for president; and declined to accept nomination for
congress in 1896. In 1906 was appointed by the governor
of the state delegate to the American divorce congress
that met in Washington, D.C. He is one of the leading
lawyers of his state. His son, Stanley Winborne, is his
partner, the firm being Winborne and Winborne.


State Senator of North Carolina,

Was born Oct. 24, 1860, near Stantonburg, Green county,
N.C. He was educated at Wake Forest college of North
Carolina; and soon attained success in the practice of
law at New Bern, N.C. For six years he was county at
torney; and was aide-de-camp to Governor Glenn, with
rank of colonel. He was a member of the North Caro
lina state senate for the eighth district for the term of
1905-07; was also aide-de-camp to Governor Kitchin, and
afterwards judge of the superior court.


United States District Attorney for Arkansas,
Was born in Warehouse Point, Conn. In 1887-91 he was
mayor of Little Rock, Ark.; and for sixteen years chan
cellor of the Episcopal diocese of Arkansas. He was
United States district attorney for the eastern district of
Arkansas for the term of 1905-09.



. . Lawyer and Statesman of Iowa,

Was born Aug. 24, 1833, in New Milford township,
Conn. He was educated in the common and state normal
school of Connecticut; and in the Literary institute of
Suffield, Conn. He has been registered to practice his
profession of law in the state courts of Iowa, and in the
United States district, circuit and supreme courts. In
1865 he was justice of the peace; has served on the board
of county supervisors; and has filled various other posi
tions of trust and honor. In 1883-85 he served with dis
tinction as a member of the United States house of con
gress at Washington, D.C., in the forty-eighth congress;
was counted out as a candidate for the forty-ninth con
gress by two hundred votes. For twenty years he has been
editor and proprietor of the Farmers Advocate. He is
a theoretical and practical farmer; has been a member of
the National committee of the people s party since its or
ganization; was president of the Chosen Farmers of
America; for two years president of the local grange;
state attorney-general of the Knights of Labor; has been
candidate for governor twice; judge of the supreme court
twice; and in 1908 was candidate of the American party
for vice-president of the United States. For the past
fifty years he has been at the front with every reform
movement, except socialism and female suffrage; and is a
highly respected resident of Nashua, Iowa.


State Senator of Montana,

Was born in 1833 in New Bedford, Mass. He gradu
ated from Pierce academy; and is a successful banker. He
has been a member of the Montana state senate; and fills
the office of governor. He was a member of the Montana
state senate for Beaver-Head county for the term of



Professor United States Naval Academy,
Was born Feb. 20, 1851, in Decorah, Iowa. He graduated
from the university of Wisconsin, and has received the
degrees of B.S., B.C.E. and M.S., aide W.S. C. and G.
survey, 1882-3. I Q 1884-87 he was assistant astronomer
at the Washburn observatory of the university of Wiscon
sin; in 1887-90 was astronomo segundo, Observatorio
Narcionad, at Cordabo, Argentine Republic; and in
1890-99 was professor of astronomy at the State Univer
sity of Missouri. Since 1899 he has been professor of
mathematics in the United States navy; in 1899-1902 was
astronomer in the United States naval observatory; 1902-
07 served as instructor at the United States naval academy
at Annapolis, Md. Since 1907 he has been on duty at the
naval observatory, Washington, D.C.


President State Horticultural Society of Kansas,
Was born Nov. 16, 1828, in Wayne county, Ohio. He was
educated in the public schools of his native state. He has
attained prominence as a successful fruit grower of Kan
sas. In 1862-64 he was county commissioner of Leaven-
worth county, and chairman of the board. In 1866 he
was elected a representative to the Kansas state legisla
ture; served sereval terms; was on various important com
mittees; his last term expiring in 1891. In 1873-88 he
was treasurer of the Kansas state horticultural society;
and its president in 1894-1904. In 1881-93 he was direc
tor of the Kansas state fair association; and vice-president
of the fair association in 1889-93. Died Jan. 10, 1911,
aged 82 years.


Colonel Minnesota National Guard,
Is colonel and aide-de-camp on the governor s staff of the
Minnesota national guard.


United States Attorney,

Is the son of Walter and Elizabeth (Knowles) Sims;
brought up in Bay City, Mich.; graduate of law depart
ment of the university of Michigan, 1894. Married Char
lotte Smith, daughter of the late Frank J. Smith, in 1898.
Previous to 1892, reporter, editor and special correspond
ent on Michigan newspapers. Admitted to the bar and
engaged in the practice of law in Chicago in 1894 ; county
attorney of Cook county from 1900 to 1903 ; special attor
ney, bureau of corporations, Washington, D.C., under
Commissioner of Corporations Garfield, from 1903 to
1905; solicitor of the department of commerce and labor
from 1905 to 1906. Sent by the government to make spe
cial investigation of the Alaskan fur seal fisheries on the
Pribilof islands in Behring sea in June, 1906; United
States attorney, Chicago, 1906 to 1911. Secretary of the
Chicago vice commission, president of the Michigan so
ciety of Chicago, chairman of the republican congres
sional committee for the second district of Illinois. Mem
ber of the American, Illinois and Chicago bar associa
tions; member of Union League, South Shore Country,
Hamilton, Law and Forty clubs.



Was born April 19, 1855, in Buffalo. Educated in the
public schools of Buffalo. In 1879 was clerk of the mu
nicipal court, Rochester, N.Y. 1880 admitted to the bar.
1884-1889 special county judge of Monroe county; 1889-
1894 county judge of Monroe county. In 1895 elected
justice of the supreme court, which position he held until
1900, when Governor Roosevelt appointed him to fill va
cancy on the court of appeals of the state of New York;
elected to the same position in 1904, term expiring Dec.
31, 1918.



United States Marshal for New York,
Was born June 14, 1839, in Scotland. He received the
rudiments of his education in Canada, graduated from
Jordan academy, New York. He studied law and for
many years was a successful banker and manufacturer. In
1 86 1 he raised company A, seventy-fifth regiment, New
York infantry volunteers, coming home on leave wounded
in 1862. He at once set to work to raise a new regiment
after the severe days fight of the army of the Potomac,
and was made the lieutenant colonel of the one hundred
and eleventh New York infantry, declining the colonelcy
on account (as he termed it) the great responsibility. He
did not feel that he was old enough, was promoted to col
onel Jan. 3, 1863, and on Feb 5. brevetted brigadier gen
eral for gallantry. He commanded the third brigade,
third division, second corps, and on the reorganization of
the army the third brigade, first division, second corps,
and afterwards the first division. Was four times wounded
and had six horses shot. Postmaster Auburn, 1869-73.
Elected to the forty-third and forty-fourth congresses. He
was presidential elector in 1888 (republican). In 1876,
President Grant offered him the treasurership of the
United States, also the commissionership of internal reve
nue, and in 1877 the commissionership of patents, all of
which he declined, but accepted the marshalship of the
northern district of New York, holding under appoint
ments of President Garfield, McKinley and Roosevelt, re
tiring in 1910, having served in that position seventeeen
years. In 1878 President Hays offered him his choice of
consul general of England, France or Egypt, all of
which he declined. He retired in 1910 and is now devot
ing his time to study and travel.



Ex-United States Commissioner,

Was born Nov. 30, 1871, in Birmingham, England. Aca
demic education in England. By profession an attorney,
specializing in United States public land practice, and
capitalist, largely interested in first mortgage real estate
loans in southern New Mexico. Republican; member
executive committee, republican central committee of
New Mexico since 1909. Delegate to republican territor
ial conventions since 1904. Has been vice-president New
torical society; vice-president from New Mexico of the
national rivers and harbors congress, Washington, D.C.
Is a member of the American forestry association ; Nation
al geographic society; Santa Fe archaeological society;
Mesilla Valley chamber of commerce; American academy
of socialandpoliticalscience, Philadelphia, Pa. ; American
conservation association ; and various other political, scien
tific and economical societies. United States commis
sioner, 1906-10; secretary-treasurer New Mexico conser
vation commission since 1909; and is now serving his third
term as member of the board of regents of the New Mex
ico school of mines. Colonel, New Mexico national guard,
aide-de-camp to the governor, thirty-second degree mason,
shriner, Elk. Member of Toltec, El Paso, Texas, Army
and Navy, and New York clubs.



Was born Nov. 30, 1852, in Rochester, N.H. He attended
the West Lebanon academy, Maine, and subsequently
moved to Redlands, Cal. For four years he was a member
of the city council, and for two years was library trustee.
He is a prominent member of various fraternal orders,
and takes an active part in public affairs. He was a mem
ber of the California legislature, 1899-1900.



Soldier, Civil Engineer, Railroad Constructor,
Was born May 30, 1843, in Delaware county, N.Y. He
served in the civil war; first as a private and second lieu
tenant in the third New York cavalry in 1861-62; in
1863-64 was first lieutenant in the fourteenth New York
cavalry; and in 1865-66 was captain in the eighteenth
New York cavalry. In 1894-97 ^ e was colonel and engi
neer officer in the national guard of California; and in
1901-04 was brigadier-general and adjutant-general, state
of California. In 1867-69 he was in the civil engineering
department of the Union Pacific railroad; then was en
gaged in mining in California and Colorado; for seven
teen years was a railroad contractor; and for six years was
president of the Pacific Portland cement company. For
six years he was chairman of the republican state commit
tee ; for four years was president of the state fish and game
commission; and was receiver of public money in the
United States land office. Since 1907 he has been presi
dent of the fish and game commission of California; ap
pointed by President Taft as naval officer of customs dis
trict of San Francisco, 1910, and occupies the position


Representative from Douglas County,
Was born at Marysville, Tenn., July 27, 1842, and re
ceived his education in the schools of that state. Was
married to Miss Sarah C. Best, Oct. 10, 1867, at Marys-
ville. In 1871 he came to Missouri, and settled in Dade
county, removing to Douglas county in 1879. Was elected
circuit clerk and ex-officio recorder of deeds of Douglas
county and served for four years. Has been a member of
the Methodist church since 1856. Is a farmer and livery
man, and resides at Ava, Mo. In the forty-fifth general
assembly was chairman of the committee on federal rela



University President,

Was born July 15, 1854, at Randolph, Mass. Son of Ben
jamin and Mary E. (Ide) Wheeler. He received the
degree of A.B. Brown W., 1875 ; A.M., 1878 ; Ph.D., uni
versity of Heidelberg, 1885; LL.D., Princeton, 1896;
Harvard, 1900; Brown, 1900; Yale, 1901; Johns Hop
kins, 1902; university of Wisconsin, 1904; Illinois college,
1904; Darmouth, 1905; Columbia, 1906. He married
Amey Webb, of Providence, R.I., June 27, 1881. He was
instructor of Latin and Greek in Brown university, 1879-
8 1 ; instructor in German, Harvard, 1885-86; acting pro
fessor classical philology, 1886-87; professor comparative
philology, 1887-88; Greek and comparative philology,
1888-99, Cornell university; president of the university of
California since 1899. He was professor of Greek litera
ture, American scholastic classical studies, Athens, 1895-
96; lecturer, Harvard division school, 1898; Roosevelt
professor university of Berlin, 1909-10; corr. mem. Kaiser-
liches archaeologisches institute. Author of The Greek
Noun Accent; Analogy in Language; Introduction to the
History of Language; Dionysos and Immortality; Organ
ization of Higher Education in the United States; Life of
Alexander the Great; Unterricht and Demokratie. Editor
department of philology in Johnson s Cyclopedia and in
Macmillan s Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology.


United States Congressman from Illinois,
Was born Oct. 30, 1865, in Chester, 111. In 180.6 he was
a delegate to national republican convention. He was a
member of the fifty-sixth, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth
and sixty-first congresses from Illinois as a republican. He
was re-elected to the sixty-second congress from the twen
ty-second district of Illinois for the term of 1911-13; and
resides in East St. Louis, 111.



Manufacturer, Inventor, Legislator,
Was born Feb. 9, 1845, in Salisbury, N.H. He received
his education in the district schools and at the Noyes acad
emy. In 1868 he moved to Manchester, and became su
perintendent of the Forsaith Latch Needle factory, which
business he purchased in 1870, and two years later moved
it to the town of Hill. The following year he sold out the
needle business and engaged in the manufacture of glass-
cutters and other li^ht hardware, for which a world-wide
reputation has been established. He has done much to
advance the prosperity of his city; gave them Pleasant
Hill cemetery, and built a system of water works. In 1884
he was chosen a representative in the New Hampshire
state legislature, which he resigned a year later to accept
the position of postmaster.


Representative from Stone County, Illinois,
Was born Sept. 3, 1844, at Mt. Vernon, 111.; served three
years in the union army; was married to Miss Eliza J.
Slaten, June 17, 1868, at Mt. Vernon; came to Missouri
in 1896, and settled at Poplar Bluff, where he resided until
April, 1901, when he moved to Galena, Stone county. Was
elected to the forty-fifth general assembly, and was chair
man of the committee on printing, and served as a member
of a number of other important committees. Is editor and
proprietor of the Stone County Oracle.


Rector Hopkins Grammar School,

Was born Oct. 7, 1861, in Winsted, Conn. He was edu
cated at Williston seminary, university of Michigan,
Johns Hopkins university, and in Paris and Berlin. He
has been professor in the Wharton school of finance in
the university of Pennsylvania; is now rector of Hopkins
grammar school.



Lawyer, Jurist, Poet,

Was born March 2, 1836, in North Kingstown, R.I. He
studied medicine for two years and subsequently engaged
in educational work. He has lived in various states of the
Union ; has published several newspapers, and was the edi
tor and owner of the Dixie Optic of Jefferson, N.C., and
is now (1911) owner and editor of the Elaine County
Booster, published weekly at Dunning, Neb. In 1869 he
was admitted to the bar, and has attained success as a
lawyer; and has been prosecuting attorney, and a success
ful judge. He has filled various public positions of honor.
He has contributed extensively both prose and verse to
the periodical press, and many of his poems have been in
corporated into standard works. He has written several
works of poetry, romance and history, and is still actively
engaged in literary work.


Of Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin,
Was born Aug. 9, 1848, in Germany; came to Wisconsin
in 1859; early education was received in parochial schools
and higher education obtained by private study, finally
studying law, and was admitted to practice in 1877, locat
ing in Burlington, where he served as first president of
village from 1885 to 1889, when he moved to Waukesha
and entered into law partnership of Ryan and Merton.
Has held position of school commissioner in city of Wau
kesha, president of school board and was a member of the
common council of the city when elected to the state sen
ate in November, 1902, when he received 5,848 votes
against 5,354 votes cast for Alfred M. Jones, republican.

Clerk State Supreme Court of North Carolina,
Is clerk of the state supreme court of North Carolina for
the term of 1900-07.



Lawyer, Author,

Was born June 5, 1867, in Baltimore, Md. In 1891 he
graduated from Johns Hopkins university with the de-
degree of A.B. and with the highest honors; and in 1893
graduated from the law school of the university of Mary
land, standing second in his class. Since 1893 he has been
engaged in the practice of law in Baltimore, Md.; and
has been prominently identified with estates and will cases.
He is a protector of St. Mary s female orphan asylum of
Roland Park, Md. He is the author of Law of Wills and
Personal Property in Maryland Prior to Aug. i, 1884;
Status of Preferred Stock of the Baltimore and Ohio rail
road company; and other legal publications.



United States Congressman from New York,
Was born Feb. 16, 1841, at Pleasantville. He was fitted
for college at Charlotteville seminary of Schoharie coun
ty, N.Y. ; and graduated from Wesleyan university of
Middletown, Conn. He taught school in New Jersey for
four years ; engaged in the manufacture of medicinal prep
arations and is president of the New York pharmaceutical
association and of the Palisade manufacturing company.
He was elected mayor of Yonkers in 1903; member of
New York Life Insurance company, 1906. He was elected
to the fifty-ninth congress from the thirteenth district of
New York for the term of 1905-13.


Judge, County Court for Pettls County, Missouri,
Was born Aug. 8, 1854, in La Fayette, Ind. He is a suc
cessful farmer and also engaged in the insurance business.
For ten years he has been secretary of the republican coun
ty committee. He served two terms, or four years, in the
county court of Pettis county, 1905-09.



Member Indiana Board of State Charities,
Was born Nov. 2, 1828, in Belvidere, N.C. He was edu
cated at the Belvidere academy of North Carolina; and
at the Moses-Brown school of Providence, R.I. In 1848-
55 he was principal of Belvidere academy; in 1855-59 he
was instructor at Haverford college, Pa.; and in 1859-61
was superintendent and treasurer of that institution of
learning. He is a bookseller and stationer of Richmond,
Ind. In 1868-72 and 1877-79 he was a trustee of the In
diana state normal school. In 1904 he was chairman of
the jury of awards in the educational department of the
St. Louis exposition. Since 1862 he has been trustee of
Earlham college of Richmond, Ind.; and since 1889 has
been a member of the Indiana board of state charities.


Representative from the Second District of St. Louis

County, Missouri,

Was born June 15, 1869, at Manchester, Mo. He attended
the public schools of his native county and studied law in
the law department of Washington university, afterwards
being admitted to the bar. He married Miss Christina D.
Blanke Jan. 29, 1896, at Manchester, Mo., and now resides
at Valley Park, St. Louis county. Served four years as
secretary of the St. Louis county fair association. Was
elected to the legislature in 1906 and re-elected in 1908.
Was chairman of the committee on life and accident in
surance. He is now engaged in the practice of law.


Judge of Superior Court of Washington,
Was born Aug. 20, 1861, at Wolcott, Wayne county, N.Y.
He is judge of the superior court for counties of Skagit
and San Juan. Was elected in 1900, re-elected in 1904
and in 1908; his present term will expire Monday, Jan. 2,



United States Marshal for Pennsylvania,
Was born May 23, 1846, in Allegheny, Pa. He was edu
cated at Amherst college; entered the United States naval
academy in 1864, graduating in 1868. Until 1874 he served
in the United States navy, when he resigned. In 1884-86
he was a representative in the Pennsylvania state legisla
ture; and in 1890-91 was a member of the state senate. He
was a member of the fifty-second, fifty-third, and fifty-
fourth congresses from Pennsylvania as a republican. He
is editor and proprietor of The Media Ledger; and the
largest stockholder in the West Chester Publishing com
pany. In 1891-94 he was president of the state league of
republican clubs. Since 1900 he has been United States
marshal for the eastern district of Pennsylvania.


Lawyer, Statesman,

Was born July 20, 1875, in Lineville, Ala. He holds the
degree of doctor of civil law from the George Washing
ton university of Washington, D.C. In 1903-07 he was a
member of the Alabama state senate for Clay, Cleburne
and Coosa counties; in 1909-11 was solicitor of the seventh
judicial circuit, composed of the counties of Calhoun,
Clay, Cleburne, Shelby and Tallodega; and in 1904 was
a candidate for congress from the fifth district of Ala
bama; and resides in Lineville, Ala.


State Representative,

Is a farmer and resides at Kennedy, Kittson county, Minn.
He was born in Sweden sixty years ago and came to Min
nesota in 1871. From 1866 to 1871 he lived in Germany.
He has held various offices in his village and county -
postmaster, county commissioner, school clerk and town
treasurer. Married. Second term in senate.



Educator, College President, Author,
Was born May 10, 1855, in Bloomington, Ind. Tn 1878
he graduated from the Indiana university; in 1893 gradu
ated from Harvard university with the degree of M.A. ;
and in 1900 received the degree of LL.D. from Mon-
mouth college. In 1878-82 he was superintendent of pub
lic schools for Grayville, 111. In 1882-93 ne was presi
dent of Vincennes university of Vincennes, Ind. ; and since
1893 has been president of the State college of Washing
ton. He is the author of The Mark in Europe and Amer



Was born April 19, 1863, at Fall Creek, 111. He received
his education at Chaddock college, Quincy, 111., and came
to Missouri Sept. i, 1887. He located in Kansas City to
practice law, and on March 21, 1904, married Mrs. Mag
gie Barber of that city. Governor Folk appointed him to
fill a vacancy on the circuit bench in Kansas City, caused
by the death of Judge William B. Teasdale. Judge See-
horn was public administrator for Jackson county from
1892 to 1900. Elected as judge of the sixteenth circuit,

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