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division No. three, as a democrat in 1908.


Curator Southern Illinois Normal University,
Was born March 19, 1841, in Tully, N.Y. He was edu
cated at the normal school of Cortland, N.Y. ; and re
ceived the degree of A.M. from the Illinois agricultural
college. He was assistant state entomologist of Illinois in
1877-78; and also filled that position afterward for parts
of two years. He has written for scientific publications,
and is the author of several Monographs. He now fills
the chair of landscape gardening and curator in the South
ern Illinois normal university.



State Treasurer of Louisiana,

Was born Dec. 2, 1844, in Henderson, Ky. He was edu
cated in the public schools of his native state; and at Hen
derson academy. He is a successful banker and planter
of Baton Rouge, La., and is vice-president of the bank of
Baton Rouge, La. For two terms he was a member of the
state legislature; for one term was a member oi : the state
senate; and in 1884-92 sered two terms of four years each
as state auditor of Louisiana. He is now state treasurer of
Louisiana for the term of 1908-12. As a soldier he fol
lowed the fortunes of the confederacy, and his promotion
from bugler boy through every rank to that of a captaincy
was rapid, which position he attained before he was twen
ty-one years of age. As public servant, while a resident of
Union parish, he served in the house and state senate, dur
ing the terms of Nicholls, Wiltz and McEnery, from 1876
to 1884, and as state auditor from 1884 to 1888. In the
heated campaign of 1888, between Nicholls and McEnery,
Captain Steele s intimate acquaintance with every detail
of the state s financial affairs being recognized, he was
unanimously endorsed for re-election by both factions,
and served as auditor under Nicholls from 1888 to 1892.
His investigation of and report on the bonded debt, made
to Governor Nicholls, was most thorough and exhaustive,
and today is the highest and best authority on the subject.
In 1892 he was one of Louisiana s electors who cast the
vote of the state for Grover Cleveland for president. He
was the active head of the state treasury under Colonel
Pickett, during Foster s first administration. He has had
conspicuous part in the formation of the state s fiscal poli
cies and has been the author of much of the best legisla
tion on the statute books concerning this department,
among which is the act of 1892, providing for the ex
change of the seven per cent, bonded indebtedness, on
which interest had been reduced, into the new or now
outstanding 4 per cent, bonds of the state, which will ma-


ture Jan. i, 1914. As a man of affairs he has been a suo
cess, being one of the leading business men and financiers
at the state capitol; public-spirited, he has taken a most
active part in every movement for the upbuilding of Baton
Rouge, where he has resided since retiring from the audi
tor s office. His memorable campaign in 1898 for the
state treasurership and unopposed election to that office
three years ago, are a part of the political history of the
state. If the constitution of the state did not prohibit the
treasurer succeeding himself, there is little doubt of his
unopposed re-election as state treasurer, if he chose to
make that race in the present campaign. Next to the gov
ernor of the state, the auditorship is the most important
office in the gift of the people. This is especially true at
this time when the public debt is to be refunded and the
intricate and important matters of the finances of the state
are to be adjusted and settled for generations to come.


Honorary President National Sculpture Society,
Was born April 20, 1850, in Exeter, N.H. He graduated
from Amherst high school; studied one year at the in
stitute of technology at Boston, Mass. ; received the degree
of A.M. from Dartmouth college; and studied in Flor
ence, Italy. In 1876-78 his studio was in Washington,
D.C. ; in 1878-87 in Boston and Concord, Mass.; and in
1887-1900 in New York city. Since its foundation he has
been a member of the national sculpture society. In 1900
he received the medal of honor at the Paris exposition.
His best known works are the Minute Man of Concord;
statue of Rufus Choate in the Boston court house; and
statue of the republic at the World s Columbian exposi



Superintendent of Public Schools,
Was born Feb. 15, 1866, near Nora Springs, Iowa. He
began his education in the public schools of Iowa, was
graduated from the Latin course in the State normal
school at Madison, South Dakota, in 1888, and from Indi
ana university as A. B. in 1893. He was a graduate stu
dent and fellow in pedagogy of Clark university, Worces
ter, Massachusetts, in 1893-1894; graduate student in
psychology at the university of Chicago in 1895-1896; and
took a special course in pediatrics in Northwestern univer
sity in 1896. He has been engaged in educational work
from 1888; was teacher in common schools three years;
superintendent of schools at Madison, South Dakota, from
1888 to 1891 ; instructor in pedagogy in Indiana university
in 1893; principal in the City, normal school of San Fran
cisco, California, 1894-1895; president of Vincennes uni
versity, 1896 to 1900; professor of education in the univer
sity of Washington from 1900 to 1906; superintendent of
schools at Tacoma, Wash. 1906-1910. Staff lecturer child
sociology, New York school of Philanthropy, since 1910;
residence: 76 Bruce avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. He has lec
tured on Childhood and Adolescence. Since 1896 he has
been a member of the National educational association;
and was a director of the Tacoma public library.


Was born May 29, 1879, in Cleveland county, North
Carolina. Was graduated at Trinity college, Durham in
1903 and took the degrees of M.A. and LL.B. at Colum
bia university, New York city in 1905 and 1906 respective
ly. He was a volunteer in the first North Carolina regi
ment in the Spanish-American war and upon the death of
his father was appointed by the governor to succeed him
as state auditor. Is a lawyer and practices his profession
in Raleigh, N. C.



State Representative of Alabama,

Was born June 29, 1845, in Uniontown, Perry county, Ala.
He was educated in private schools and at the university
of Alabama. He has attained success in the practice of
law in Alabama; in 1871-72 was solicitor for Dallas coun
ty; and in 1874-76 was a member of the city council of Sel-
ma. In 1882-83, 1884-85 and 1886-87 was a state represent
ative in the Alabama legislature from Dallas county; in
1894-95 served as a state representative from Jefferson
county; and was re-elected to that office in 1906 for term
ending in 1910. During the civil war he was a private in
company F, third Alabama cavalry regiment confederate
service. In 1885-88 he was the first colonel of the third
regiment Alabama state troops. He has served on many
important committees as chairman in the state legislature;
and in 1894 was a member of the commission to devise a
new convict system. He served his fifth term of 1907-10
as representative in the Alabama legislature. He was
chairman of the joint committee of the legislature which
read and revised the manuscript of its code 1886, and of
the code of 1907. Author of the employers liability law;
delinquent children s law;child labor law;the law provid
ing for a sanatorium for treatment of tuberculosis and dis
semination of information on this subject; the revision of
the ctjarter of The Alabama Girls Technical institute";
the law against rebates; creating supernumerary judge;
punishing corrupt solicitation; and the uniform jury law.
Is president of the board of trustees of the Alabama Insane
hospitals, and trustee of the ststt ucpartment of archives
and history; and vice-presichmc of the Birmingham board
of education.




Was born April 3, 1858, near Sunbury, Pa. He attended
the university of Selin s Grove, Pa. ; then took a scientific
course at the state normal school at Bloomsburg, Pa., fin
ishing his education at the Princeton college of New Jer
sey. For serveral years he was connected with the Au
gusta bank of his native city as cashier; and is now a prom
inent attorney and real estate dealer. He married Ella
S., a daughter of Major Jarred B. Fisher of Centre coun
ty, April 18, 1893, by this union there was born one son,
Charles F. Snyder, on Oct. 3, 1895, now a young man of
exceptional classical attainments and who will make a
brilliant lawyer to succeed his father in the legal profes
sion at the bar in his native county and state.


State Representative,

Is a native Minnesotan; born in Blue Earth county forty-
three years ago; has been mayor of Sandstone three terms
and has held other positions; received a common school
education. He is a merchant and banker at Sandstone and
is married. He was a member of the Minnesota legisla
ture during the 1907-09 and 1909-11 sessions.


Merchant, Physician,

Was born Nov. 33, 1865, in Sciota county, Ohio. He was
educated at the A. and M. college of Lexington, Ky. He
studied medicine at the Hospital college of medicine; and
iraduated at the Louisville medical college in 1893. He
is a successful physician and merchant of Democrat, Ky. ;
has been United States pension examiner and chairman of
the Letcher county republican committee. He is exam
iner for the New York life insurance company; and has
filled various other positions of trust and honor; and re
sides in Democrat, Ky.




Was born Jan. 14, 1850, in Winchester, Va. He graduat
ed in several schools from the university of Virginia and
studied law under judge Richard Parker of Winchester,
Va. ; and in 1874 was admitted to the bar. He settled at
Parkersburg, W. Va., where he formed a partnership with
W. W. Van Winkle, as Van Winkle and Ambler. In 1879-
8 1 he was city attorney; and in 1882 was admitted to the
supreme court of the United States. In 1888-89 ne was
president of the West Virginia bar association. He is a
member of the American bar association; delegate to in
ternational congress of jurists and lawyers, St. Louis, 1904,
and was a delegate to the general convention of protestant
episcopal church in 1892 to 1910; and resides in Parkers-
burg, W. Va.


Soldier, Lawyer,

Was born July 25, 1837, near Indianapolis, Ind. He was
educated in select schools; and attended Wabash college
of Crawfordsville, Ind. In 1861-64 he served in the civil
war in company K, twenty-first regiment Indiana volunteer
infantry, which was changed to the first Indiana heavy
artillery. He was in the battles of Baton Rouge, Donald-
sonville, Camp Bisland, Port Hudson, Cane river cross
ing, Marksville Plains, and various other battles and skir
mishes. Since 1867 he has been engaged in the practice of
law in Audubon county; and resides in Audubon, Iowa.


Trustee Eastern Hospital for the Insane of Illinois,
Was born May 22, 1858, in Providence, R.I. He is a
grain merchant and banker. He is a member of the board
of trustees of the Eastern hospital for the insane of Illi
nois for the term of 1905-09; and resides in Cabery, 111.



Associate Justice State Supreme Court of Idaho
Was born June 19, 1868, in Green county, Tenn. For two
terms he was regent of Idaho state university. Since 1903
he has been associate justice of the state supreme court of
Idaho for the term of 1903-09; re-elected 1908 without
opposition. He was candidate for 6 year term. Chief
Justice 1907-8.


Manufacturer and Mechanical Engineer,

of Massachusetts,

Was born in January, 1831, in Rochester, N.Y. Since
1887 he has been president of the Morgan construction
company; and is president of the Morgan spring and wire
company. He is president of the American society of
mechanical engineers; and is director of the First national
bank. He died Jan. 10, 1912, in Worcester, Mass.


State Auditor of North Carolina,

Was born March 27, 1845, in Cleveland county, N. C.
He served as a captain in the civil war. He became a suc
cessful physician; was superintendent of Oxford asylum;
and president of Greensboro female college. He has been
a representative in the North Carolina state legislature;
and trustee of the university of North Carolina. He serv
ed as a major in the Spanish-American war of 1898. He
was auditor of the state of North Carolina for the terms of
1900-1904; 1904-1908; 1909 until his death in office on

Sept 26, 1910.



Clerk State Supreme Court of Washington.

He is clerk of the state supreme court of Washington,

appointed in 1891, and holds his office during the pleasure

of the court; and resides in Olympia, Wash.



State Representative of Idaho,

Was born June n, 1875, in Celina, Tenn. He was edu
cated in the public schools; and graduated from Liberty
college of Glasgow, Ky. For several years he was engag
ed in educational work; and as editor of the educational
department of the Wisconsin Republican. Since 1904 he
has been a representative in the Idaho state legislature and
a member on several important committees. He is prom
inently identified with the business and public affairs of
Cameron, Idaho. He is the author of Blades of Blue-
grass; The Midnight Freight; Derivative Words and
Synonyms. Since 1904 he has been a representative in the
Idaho state legislature, and resides in Cameron, Idaho.


Manufacturer, Governor,

Was born Aug. 22, 1845, in Plymouth, Mass. He was edu
cated in the public schools of Massachusetts. He learned
the trade of bookmaking at Hopkinton and South Brain-
tree, Mass,; in 1869 he began the manufacture of shoes
with a small shop ; and is now the owner of three factories
and of seventy-eight retail stores in the large cities of the
United States. In 1883-84 he was a member of the Mas
sachusetts house of representatives; and in 1886-87 was a
member of the state senate. In 1891 he was mayor of
Brockton, Mass. In 1905 he was governor of Massachu
setts. In 1884, 1892, 1896 and 1904 he was a delegate to
the national democratic conventions.


Judge United States District Court for Wisconcin,
Was born Nov. 17, 1850, in Beasher Falls, N. Y. In
1880-1905 he practiced law. Since 1905 he has been judge
of the United States district court for the western district
of Wisconsin; and resides in Madison, Wis.



Chemist, Merchant, President, Philanthropist,
Was born May 1 1, 1854, in Baltimore, Md. He received
a thorough education and graduated from the Sheffield
scientific school of Yale university. He was president of
the Atlantic transport company; president of the Baker-
Whitely coal company; and president of the Baltimore
storage and lighterage company. He gave the ship Mis
souri to the United States government, being moved there
to by her record in life-saving. The Missouri rescued
almost a thousand persons from sinking and disabled
ships; she carried gratuitously food for thirty-thousand
people in the Russian famine; and she transported between
one and two thousand patients and hospital attaches in the
war with Spain. He also gave the hospital ship "Maine"
to the British government.


President Business League of Mississippi,
Was born March 25, 1873, in Clarkdale, Miss. He was
educated at the Southland college of Arkansas, and Rush
university of Mississippi. Since 1889 he has been a suc
cessful merchant in his native town; has been supervisor
of United States census. He has been a delegate to the
republican national convention; and organized and is
cashier of the Bank of Mound Bayou, Miss. He has been
vice-president of the National business league; and is now
president of the Mississippi business league.


Lawyer, Author,

Was born Oct. 16, 1870, in Louisville, Ky. He was
educated at Allmond s university school ; and at the Louis
ville law school. He is a successful attorney-at-law of
Louisville, Ky. Under the nom de plume of Bert Finck
he is the author of Pebbles, Webs, Plays, Musings and
Pastels, all works of a philosophical and poetic nature.



State Representative from Ray County,
Was born near Lawson, Mo., May 6, 1855. He attended
the common schools of Ray county and the high school of
Lathrop, Mo. He taught school in Ray county from 1874
to 1880. Began the study of medicine in the office of Dr.
W. C. James of Lawson, Mo., in 1880, and graduated
from the university of Louisville, Ky. in 1883. Returning
to Ray county, he married Miss Maude Mossberger of
Carrollton, Mo., and located in Rayville, where he has
since practiced his profession. Was elected to the legisla
ture in 1906 and was re-elected in 1908. In the fourty-
fourth general assembly Dr. Cook introduced and had
passed a measure giving to circuit clerks power to fix bail
of persons charged with crime, during the vacation of
court. He was made chairman of the committee on ac
counts and in that capacity acquired thesobriquetofwatch-
dog of the treasury. He took a leading part in placing on
Missouri s statutes many of her most important laws. Be
sides enjoying a lucrative practice, he is interested in the
mercantile business, and also banking and farming. He
has one son, Thomas, Jr., who is a student in Central col
lege, Fayette, Mo., where he is taking a course, prepara
tory to entering upon a regular course in some medical


President Michigan Agricultural College,
Was born Oct. 29, 1859, in Butler county, Pa. In 1886 he
graduated with the degree of A. B. from Westminster col
lege of Pennsylvania, receiving the degree of Ph. D. in
1891. The university of Michigan conferred upon him
the degree of LL.D. in 1908. In 1889-96 he was principal
of the fifth ward schools of Allegheny, Pa., adding the
kindergarten and manual traning departments. Since 1896
he has been president of the Michigan agricultural col
lege; and resides in East Lansing, Mich.



Major and Chief of Ordnance, District of Columbia

National Guard,

Was born Dec. 8, 1877, m Boston, Mass. He was edu
cated in the European universities of Geneva, Paris and
Heidelberg; and received the degree of Doctor of Phil
osophy from Heidelberg university. He is a successful
journalist; and owns a large farm near Rockville, Md.
He has been Washington correspondent for syndicate, in
cluding papers in every state in the union. He is the
author of Napoleon Bonaparte at the siege of Toulon;
The Trust Problem and a Solution; and is an extensive
contributor to current magazines. He is a member of the
University club of Washington, D.C. ; member of Dawson
lodge, F.A.A.M.; and various other patriotic and frater
nal orders. Since 1910 he has held the rank of major,
ordnance department, District of Columbia national
guard; and resides in Rockville, Md.



Was born Nov. 6, 1841, in Cumberland county, Pa. In
1858 he entered Pennsylvania college at Gettysburg, where
he graduated in 1862. He was admitted to the bar in 1864
and has practiced since. In 1868 and 1873 he was chair
man of the democratic executive committee of the county;
and in 1874 was elected district attorney, and served for
three years. In 1878 he was elected to the forty-sixth and
forty-seventh congresses; and in 1880 to the fifty-second
and fifty-third congresses as a democrat. In 1876 he was
a delegate to the democratic national convention held at
St. Louis, and voted for Samuel J. Tilden; and in 1896 he
was also a delegate to the democratic national convention
at Chicago, and voted for William J. Bryan. In 1892 he
was chairman of the democratic state convention of Penn
sylvania, and supported Grover Cleveland. He still prac
tices law in Carlisle, Pa.



Educator, College President,

Was born Feb. i, 1854, i n Bellefontaine, Pa. From 1879-
1890 member of faculty of Pennsylvania state college,
chair of science and art of teaching. In 1894-96 he prac
ticed law. In 1892-93 he was president of the Washington
agricultural college and school of science; 1896-1903 pres
ident South Dakota Agricultural college. Since 1905
president Madison, S. D., state normal.


Journalist, Diplomat, Author,

Was born May 9, 1867, in Corning, N.Y. In 1897, he was
vice and deputy consul general at Hongkong, China. In
1898-1900 he was special war correspondent in the Phil
ippines; and in 1900-01 was special war correspondent
with the allied troops during the boxer revolution in
China for the Hearst newspapers; and later on the New
York World. He is the author of Aguinaldo, a Narrative
of Fillipino Ambitions. President Wildman Magazine
and News Service, 118 East Twenty-eighth street, New



Was born April 21, 1849, m Dahlonega, Ga. In 1864 he
was a volunteer soldier in the confederate states army; and
in 1898 was a government employee in the Spanish-Amer
ican war. In 1893 he was a member of the Arizona state
legislature. In 1904 he organized the democratic party in
Porto Rico. Was a member of the Porto Rico democratic
national committee for the terms of 1904 to 1912. He is
inventor of a duplex derrick, also of a duplex chain sling,
automatic cane feeder; and simple process to refine sugar;
also for settling and collecting mineral in slimey ores, by
electric astringency.



Treasurer of The Colorado Investment and

Realty Company,

Was born April 22, 1866, in Germantown, Pa. He re
ceived a thorough education; and in 1887 graduated with
the degree of A.B. from Harvard university. He has
filled numerous positions of trust and honor; and is now
treasurer of the Colorado Investment and Realty com
pany, of Colorado Springs, Col. He is a member of the
American association for the advancement of science; and
has contributed extensively to current publications.



Was born July 20, 1866, in Charlotte, N.C. He was edu
cated in the primary schools of his native city; and at the
Bingham military school of North Carolina. In 1886 he
graduated from the university of North Carolina with the
degree of A.B.; and took a business course in Bryant and
Stratton business college of Baltimore, Md. He was a
buyer and dealer in leaf tobacco at Durham. N.C. ; and is
owner of the Phifer farm in Cabarrus county, N.C. He
is vice-president of the Leaksville woolen mills at Spray,
N.C.; and is interested in manufacturing and farming. In
1909-11 he was a representative from North Carolina to
the sixty-first congress as a republican.


State Senator of Wyoming,

Was born in 1846, in Berwickshire, Scotland. In 1866 he
went to Pennsylvania; and the following spring moved to
California by the Nicaragua route. In 1880 he trailed
sheep from California to Wyoming; was one of the pio
neers of the business; owns a ranch in Wyoming and a
breeding and feeding farm of nine thousand acres in Ne
braska; and is a successful breeder of registered Hamp
shire and Leicester sheep and mutton merinos.



United States Consul,

Was born April 17, 1833, in Lowell, Vt. In 1855 he grad
uated from Amherst college; and was subsequently ad
mitted to the bar. In 1861-62 he was colonel in the
eleventh regiment Maine volunteer infantry; became brig
adier-general in 1862; and was brevetted major-general
in 1865. In 1864-65 he was president of the military com
mission. He was a member of the Maine state senate ; and
in 1867-69 was adjutant-general of Maine. In 1869-74 ne
was United States consul at Valparaiso, Chili. In 1874-82
was minister and charge d affaires to Uruguay and Para
guay. In 1885-93 and 1895-97 he was chairman of the
Kansas state board of pardons. He has retired from con
sular service.



Member of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania,
Was born March 30, 1873, near New Oxford, Pa.; son of
Jeremiah G. Decker and Susan C. Decker. He was grad
uated from the state normal school, Shippensburg, as

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