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byterian in church relations and a democrat in politics.
He is a member of the Scranton club. Received honorary
degree of A.M. from Hamilton college in 1908.



Railway Official,

Was born Feb. 15, 1858, in Earlville, 111. He was edu
cated in the public schools of Illinois. In 1871 he began
railway service with the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
railway; and until 1896 was superintendent of terminals,
Chicago, and in 1897-1900 was superintendent of the Chi
cago division. In 1900-02 he was general superintendent,
in 1902-04 was general manager and in 1904-06 was sec
ond vice-president and general manager of the Gulf, Col
orado and Santa Fe railway. In 1906 he became vice-
president and general manager of the St. Louis and San
Francisco railway. He has always been interested in the
science of agriculture.


United States Senator from Colorado,
Was born Nov. 4, 1840, in Ireland. In 1874 he was ap
pointed attorney for the city of Denver, Col. He was
elected a delegate from Colorado to the forty-fourth con
gress; and upon the admission of Colorado as a state in
1876 was elected a representative from that state to the
forty-fourth and forty-fifty congresses as a democrat.


Treasurer State Committee of Iowa,
Was born Oct. i, 1869, in Joliet, 111. He was educated
in the public schools of Eldon, Iowa, He is prominently
identified with the business affairs of Ottumwa, Iowa; is
interested in the drug business in several cities in south
ern Iowa; and identified with the Central drug company
of Ottumwa. He has been chairman of the sixth district
congressional committee; chairman of the city central
committee; and director of the Iowa state pharmaceutical
association. In 1908 he became treasurer of the state com
mittee of Iowa.



Lawyer, Counsel,

Was born March 13, 1859, in Rochester, N.Y. For two
years he attended the university of Rochester; spent two
years in travel and reading; and in 1884 was admitted to
the practice of law. Since 1886 he has practiced his pro
fession in New York city. He was appointed on the pali
sades commission by Governor Morton and drew up the
palisades national reservation bills which passed the New
York and New Jersey legislatures ; and drew up a con
gressional bill. He was twice president of the Morse so
ciety of America; counsel and director of the Darien and
western railway company; vice-president and director of
the State bank of Seneca Falls, N. Y. ; and is a director of
several corporations.


Banker, State Senator, Governor,

Was born June 10, 1846, in Biddeford, Maine. In 1869
he received the degree of A. B. from Bowdoin college,
the degree of A. M. in 1872; the degree of M, D. in 1880;
and LL. D. in 1909. He is president of the Laconia sav
ings bank; was state senator in 1889-90; and in 1909-11
was governor of New Hampshire.


Astronomer and Philosopher,

Was born Nov. 7, 1856, in Carlton, N. Y. In 1877-78 he
was a student at Albion academy. In 1882-99 was a con "
tractor and builder of Albion, N. Y. ; and in 1888 moved
to Buffalo, N. Y. He built the Pierce invalids hotel and
the World s dispensary of Buffalo, N. Y. Since 1902 he
has been general manager of the Pixley land company;
and has built two thousand houses. He is the author of
Theories Regarding Light, Heat, Magnetic Forces and
General Physics, which he has expounded before the In
ternational progressive league at Buffalo, N. Y.




Was born at Westminster, Worcester county, Mass.,
March 21, 1844; son of George and Eunice (Garfield)
Smith; educated in public school and academy of native
town; Wesleyan academy, Wilbraham, Mass., Amherst
college, A.B., 1868, and law department of Columbia uni
versity; married at Brooklyn, N.Y., Sept. 23, 1874, Mar
garet Graham. Engaged in active law practice in New
York city; member law firm of Smith and Bowman, since
April, 1880. Democrat (independent). Member New
York law institute, New York county lawyers association.
Clubs: Brooklyn university, Brooklyn democratic.


Vice-President Mexican Central Railway,
Was born Sept. 29, 1860. Entered railway service Nov.
1877, since which he has been consecutively to Nov. 1887,
in various minor positions, such as telegraph operator,
brakeman, clerk, stenographer and station agent, on sev
eral railroads; Nov. 1887 to April i, 1889, general freight
and passenger agent Mexico-Arizona railway and Sonora
railway at Guaymas, Mex. ; April i, 1889, to Jan.i, 1890,
vice-president Rio Grande and El Paso railroad and divi
sion freight and passenger agent Atchison Topeka and
Santa Fe railroad at El Paso, Tex.; Jan. i, 1890, to Sept.
15, 1899, assistant general freight agent Atchison Topeka
and Santa Fe railroad at Topeka, Kan.; Sept. 15, 1899,
to Jan. i, 1903, general freight and passenger agent Mexi
can Central railway; Jan. i, to July 7, 1903, traffic man
ager same road, July 8, 1903, to July i, 1905, president
San Antonio and Aransas Pass railway; July, 1905, to
Feb. i, 1909, vice-president in charge of operating depart
ments Mexican Central railway. Since Feb. 1909 to date,
vice-pi esident National railways of Mexico, at Mexico




Was born in Philadelphia, Dec. 4, 1850; son of William
Merser Baird and Susan I. (Cooper) Baird. He entered
the university of Pennsylvania in the classical course in
1867, but left at the close of the Freshman year to enter
the Philadelphia Polytechnic institute, from which he
he was graduated as C.E. in 1870; afterward entered the
law department of the university of Pennsylvania, from
which he was graduated as LL. B. in 1875. Mr. Baird
married Elizabeth Borden Hopkinson, daughter of Oli
ver and Elizabeth (Swain) Hopkinson. Since 1875 Mr.
Baird has been engaged in the practice of law in Philadel
phia, and is now senior member of the firm of Baird and
Hopkinson. He was acting deputy collector of customs
of Philadelphia from January to August, 1889 In 1891
he was appointed state clerk by city treasurer William
Redwood Wright and conducted the laborious investiga
tions into the methods and conduct of the then mercantile
appraisers of the city of Philadelphia which resulted in
their arrest, indictment, their pleas of guilty and dismissal
from office by the court. On May 23, 1893, Mr. Baird
was appointed by President Grover Cleveland assistant
appraiser of merchandise for the district of Philadelphia
and on April i, 1896, was appointed by President Clev-
land appraiser of merchandise for the district in place
of Hon. Charles E. Ingersoll, the former appraiser who
had resigned. Mr. Baird held this position until the ap
pointment by President McKinley of Hon. Lynn Hart-
ranft as appraiser on April 20, 1897 when Mr. Baird re
sumed the practice of his profession.



President of the Consolidated Street Railway System

of Des Moines, Iowa,

Was born Feb. 18, 1831, near Georgetown, Ky. He was
educated in the public schools of his native state; attended
the Georgetown college of Kentucky; and in 1854 was ad
mitted to the bar. In 1856 he engaged in the practice of
law in Des Moines, Iowa; and soon attained prominence
as one of the ablest lawyers in the state. In 1885 he re
tired from the active practice of law; and devoted his time
and attention to his various personal interests. His princi
pal work has been in promoting the building of various
railroads leading into the city of Des Moines; and in
building other improvements of that city. He is largely
interested in the business and public affairs of his city; has
filled various positions of trust and honor ;andis now pres
ident of the Consolidated railway system of the city of
Des Moines, Iowa.


Lawyer, Trustee, Railroad President,
Was born Dec. 21, 1855, in New York City. He grad
uated from Princeton university and from Columbia law
school. In 1880-92 he was general counsel of the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and western railroad company. He
is a trustee and chairman of the finance committee of
Princeton university; of Lawrenceville school; and of St.
Paul s school of Concord, N. H. He is president of the
Cayuga and Susquehanna railroad company, vice-presi
dent of the Princeton insurance company; and chairman
of Princeton township, NJ. He is director of the national
city bank; the farmer s loan and trust company; the con
solidated gas company, and other corporations in New
York City. He became public library commissioner of
the state of New Jersey; and has filled numerous other
positions of trust and honor.



Clergyman, Author,

Was born Feb. n, 1865, in Plainfield, Ind. ; son of Ben
jamin and Martha (Bowman) Albertson; educated for the
law, but later took theological course at Garret Biblical
institute of Northwestern university; honorary D.D., Al
legheny college, 1899; married, 1899, Florence Edith
Romer at Buffalo, N.Y. Pastor Methodist Episcopal
churches at Goshen, Ind., 1888-92; Jamestown, 1892-93;
Buffalo, 1895-99; Philadelphia, 1899-1904; Central Pres
byterian church, Rochester, N.Y., since 1904. Also lec
turer and contributor to current literature, poems, essays,
etc. Author: Safe Counsel and Sweet Comfort, 1891;
The Gospel According to Christ, 1898; Many Voices,
1904; Death and After, 1906; College Sermons, 1910;
Distinctive Ideas of Jesus, 1911. Editor: Light on the
Hills, 1904; and other works. Founder and president
Booklovers Guide (Philadelphia). Member Phi Delta
Theta, Phi Alpha, American Philosophical society, Vic
toria institute (London) National Civic federation; Au
thors Council, Public Health, Americans of America,
Acrhasol. section university of Pennsylvania. Clubs:
Union League (Philadelphia) ; Genesee Valley, Oak Hill
country (Rochester).

United States Army Officer,

Was born in Alabama. In 1888 he was appointed from
Alabama as a cadet in the United States military academy
at West Point; in 1892 graduated from that institution of
learning and was appointed second lieutenant in the
fourth cavalry. In 1897 he was transferred to the sixth
cavalry; in 1898 promoted first lieutenant in the second
cavalry; in 1901 became captain in the fourteenth cav



Business Man,

Was born in New York city Nov. i, 1861 ; son of James
F. Hall ((brigadier-general of engineers) and Violetta
Morgan (Marsh) Hall; educated in private schools and
Peekskill military academy; married Oct. i, 1903, Eliza
beth Wotherspoon Miles; children: Victorine Morgan,
born Sept. 28, 1904, Elizabeth Wotherspoon, born May i,
1908. Successively clerk assistant to general manager, as
sistant general manager, general manager and now treas
urer of the Habirshaw Wire company, successors to the
India rubber and gutta percha insulating company. Usu
ally republican in politics; confirmed in Episcopalian
church; now Unitarian. Member A. A. A. S., National
Geographical society, American institute of electrical en
gineers, New York state historical society, American acad
emy of political and social science, Mil. Order Loyal
Legion, Society Sons of the Revolution, American eco
nomic association. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Trans
portation, Knollwood country.


Railroad Vice-president,

Was born Jan. 16, 1854, at Wells, York county, Me. En
tered railway service December, 1872, since which he has
been consecutively to 1874, clerk in auditor s office; 1874-
75, cashier in treasurer s office; 1875-83, paymaster and
cashier; and 1883-84, auditor Eastern railroad; 1884-85,
auditor Boston and Maine railroad; 1885-90 general audi
tor; 1904-11, fourth vice-president and general auditor;
no wvice-president and general auditor, same road in
charge of finance and accounts; is also general auditor
Vermont Valley, Sullivan county and Mt. Washington
and St. Johnsbury and Lake Champlain railroads; comp
troller Montpelier and Wells river railroad and Barre
railroad company; and auditor New York harbor and
beach railroad.



Banker and Statesman of Iowa,

Was born Feb. 12, 1827, in Phillipston, Mass. He was
educated in the common schools, attending three months
in a year. In early life he was engaged as a carpenter;
and for many years has been a successful farmer. For
fifty-four years he has been a resident of Pleasant, Iowa;
where he has filled various positions of trust and honor,
and served as acting mayor. He has been prominently
identified with the business and public affairs of his com
munity, but has retired from active business life on ac
count of his advanced age. He is a member of the Metho
dist church. He is president of the bank of Pleasanton in
Iowa. He is proprietor of a large farm in Decatur county.


Lawyer (Notary] ,

Was born June 28, 1857, at Taneytown, Md.; youngest
child (3d son) of William and Mary A. Wivell) Golden:
descendants of pioneer settlers of that state. Educated
chiefly at Eagleton institute, Taneytown; Berkeley aca
demy, Martinsburgh, W. Va. ; and Rock Hill college,
Ellicott City, Md. Studied law, in Pittsburg, with State-
senator Jos. M. Gazzam (latterly and now of Philadel
phia,) and United States district attorney Harry H. Me
Cormick; admitted in that city January 8 and in Balti
more, March 16, 1880; in Westminster, Md., Nov. 14,
1882. Latter part of 1875 and most of 1876, 1883 and
most of 1884, l ast f J 88<; to middle 1889 generally en
gaged in journalistic, principally editorial work; mainly
socio-religious. Latterly in forefront in local civic organ
izations; e. g. president Uptown board of trade, the vice-
president of (21) allied boards and affiliated bodies of
like character, etc. Is a brother of the federal congress-

, c>

man 1903-11 from the eighteenth New York district.



Civil Engineer and City Surveyor,
Was born Feb. 4, 1879, in New York city; son of Julius
Christian and Elizabeth (Heim) Belzner; graduated
public schools, 1893; student Cooper union scientific
school, 1896-97; International correspondence school
(bridge engineering course). Appointed city surveyor,
City of New York, Oct. 12, 1897, by Mayor Strong; now
inspector of steel and bridge inspector of maintenance,
Williamsburgh bridge, department of bridges, City of
New York; married in New York city, 1903, Helerj
Nelson Davenport. Began engineering profession under
T. G. Smith, civil engineer, architect and builder, 1893-
98; in detailing many buildings which were condemned
by City of New York made personally about 300 separate
reports regarding conditions of buildings; superintendent
of building construction, on engineering work, private and
public surveys, etc. ; topographical draftsman, city depart
ment; assistant to John F. O Rourke, contracting engi
neer, New York citv island bridge; engineer inspector,
tunnel construction, W.Va. Short Line railroad; United
States inspector dike repairing, Manasquan Inlet, N.J.;
architect superintendent with Oscar Lowinson, architect
and engineer; United States inspector lock and dam con
struction, Warrior river, Ala.; Jan. 1901, to April, 1907,
inspector of masonry and steel construction, New York
rapid transit railroad commission, on large part <?f beam
tunnel from City Hall to Thirty-third street, Manhattan
Valley viaduct (seven-eighths of a mile long), east side
viaduct (over three and one-half miles long), reinforced
concrete inspection shed, West Farms, N.Y. ; west side via
duct (one and one-half miles long) ; Harlem ship canal
bridge at Kingsbridge, west side viaduct extension, and
steel foundation Van Courtlandt park extension. April,
1907, to 1909 inspector of steel Blackwell s island bridge
(No. 4) and 1909 to date bridge inspector and inspector
of steel, Williamburgh bridge. Former private New York


signal corps, national guard, N.Y. Lutheran. Junior,
American society of civil engineers (elected Oct. 5, 1897)
and associate, May 3, 1910, also member of the Technical
league. Recreation: Athletics (of all sorts).


First Assistant Secretary United States Interior


Was born Nov. 25, 1837, in Oxford, N. Y. In 1862 he
entered the union army; and in 1864 was mustered out as
captain on account of wounds received in the battle of the
Wilderness. In 1865 he settled in Topeka, Kan.; was
county attorney for eight years; and assistant United
States attorney for Kansas for three years. He was a
member of the forty-fifth, forty-sixth, forty-seventh, forty-
eighth, forty-ninth, fiftieth and fifty-first congresses from
Kansas as a republican. For four years he was United
States minister to Mexico. Since 1897 he has been first
assistant secretary United States department of the inter


Educator, Author,

Was born June 23, 1871, in Elizabeth, N.J. In 1894
he graduated from Cornell university with the degree of
B.L. ; in 1897 he graduated from the New York univer
sity as Ph.D.; and in 1897 received the degree of B.D.
from Drew theological seminary. He was student of
philosophy at Jena in Berlin. Since 1899 he has been
professor of philosophy in the New York university; and
is constantly engaged in the work of public lecturing.
He is a member of the American philosophical associa
tion; a member of the religious education association; a
member of the Society of colonial wars; a member of the
Sons of the revolution. He is the author of Christianity
and Modern Culture; The Precinct of Religion; and
The Development of Philosophy.



State Representative of Idaho,

Was born Nov, 13, 1853, in Germany. .He came to the
United States in his youth; and was educated in the pub
lic schools. He settled in Idaho, and soon became a suc
cessful farmer. He took great interest in the educational
affairs of his adopted state; and was elected a school
trustee. He is a member of the republican party; and is
prominently identified with the business affairs of his city,
county, and state. In 1906 he became a member of the
Idaho assembly; and was re-elected in 1908.


Educator, Zoologist, Scientist,

Was born Feb. 18, 1857, in Winneconne, Wis. He was
educated at Hillsdale college and Harvard university;
and has received the degrees of Ph.B. and A.M. Since
1893 he has been instructor and later associate professor
of zoology in the university of Illinois. He is a fellow
of the American association for the advancement of
science; and has made special researches in zoology.


Soldier, Lawyer, Public Official,

Was born Aug. 14, 1829, in Freetown, N. Y. He received
the rudiments of his education in the common schools, and
attended Cortland academy of Homer, N. Y. He has
been county treasurer and surrogate of Ontario county, N.
Y. ; New York state commissioner for Gettysburg and
Chattanooga monuments; and United States commissioner
for Gettysburg national park. During the civil war he
served in the union army as lieutenant, captain and major
of the one-hundred and twenty-sixth regiment New York
volunteer infantry. He is one of the foremost lawvers of
the east, and has a large practice at Canandaigua, N. Y.



United States Congressman from the Twelfth District

of Indiana,

Was born in Richland county, Ohio, July 12, 1856, the
son of Michael and Barbara Cline; his parents moved
very early to Steuben county, Ind., where he has resided
ever since. He was educated in the Angola high school
and Hillsdale college, Mich., graduating in the scientific
course in 1876, receiving the Master s degree in 1878; was
elected superintendent of schools of Steuben county in
1877, and remained in that work till 1883; in 1884 began
the practice of law, continuing in the practice to this time.
Mr. Cline also engaged in the banking business in con
nection with several other gentlemen, who organized the
First National bank of Angola in November, 1903 ; at that
time Mr. Cline was elected as its president, has continued
in that capacity for six years. He was elected to the sixty-
first congress as a democrat and was re-elected to the
sixty-second congress; and resides in Angola, Indiana.


Educator, Geologist, Author,

Was born May 15, 1854, in West Winstead, Con. He
was educated in Russells colegiate and military institute
of New Haven, Conn.; at Williams college and at the
Waynesburg college of Pennsylvania. In 1878 he was
professor of natural science in Waynesburg college. Since
1879 he has been professor of biology and geology; in
1893-94 ne was acting president; and since 1903 has been
dean of Drury college; in 1894-95 he was special assistant
of the Missouri geological survey; and since 1903 has
been field assistant of the department of hydrology in the
United States geological survey. Since 1893 ne nas been a
member of the board of managers ; in 1903-06 he was vice-
president; and since 1906 has been secretary of the Mis
souri bureau of geology and mines. He is the author of
Systematic Mineral Record.




Was born in New Jersey; daughter of James Fraser and
Louisa (Green) Smart; of Scotch, English and Dutch an
cestry, tracing descent back to the Covenanters in Scot
land, of clans Campbell, Fraser and Leslie; descendants
in direct line of Captain Francois Janson Bloodgood,
1635-76; chief military officer and privy councillor to the
governor of New Amsterdam, 1635-76; educated in pub
lic and private schools of Jersey City and Monmouth
county, N.J., college preparatory, West Chester, Pa.;
graduate and post-graduate diploma New York school of
expression (honor student), Columbia university and
Teachers college, New York university, M.D., New York
medical college and hospital for women, university state
of New York ( (honor student-medical jurisprudence) ;
post-graduate medical study in Vienna, Zurich and Lon
don, and in Yale university. Teacher of science, college
preparatory school for girls; supervisor physical training,
New York city, licensed supervisor evening recreation
centres, New York city ; lecturer New York hospital ; lec
turer on physical diagnosis, New York medical college
for women; special lecturer New York normal school of
physical education; medical examiner and lecturer, Yale
university summer school, 1905-06; medical examiner of
mentally feeble children, department of education, citv of
New York; examiner in lunacy, state of New York. Has
traveled in Europe for study of social problems. Presby
terian; member Marble Collegiate Dutch Reformed
church. Member alumnas associations New York medical
college for women and New York school of expression;
member American physical education association, Inter
national congress on tuberculosis, society of moral and san
itary prophylaxis, American academy of political and so
cial science, National association for the feeble-minded
(England), National educational association, American
hygiene association, Epsilon Tau fraternity, American


national red cross, International congress of_school hy
giene, American medical association, Medical society of
the state of New York, New York county medical society,
New ork academy of medicine, Women s medical so
ciety, state of New York. Author of numerous scientific
articles on the treatment and care of children, and of The
Mysteries of Life, in four volumes.


Librarian, Artist,

Was born Jan. 3, 1854, in Syria. He was educated in the
Phillips Andover academy; attended the technical insti
tute of Worchester, Mass.; and in 1876 graduated from
Amherst college as A. B. He studied sculpture and
painting in Boston, Florence and Paris. He has trav
eled frequently in Europe to study monuments and col
lections in architecture, painting and sculpture. He has
pursued his profession in New York city for several years.
In 1895 he was appointed reference librarian of the Henry
O. Avery architectural library at Columbia university.
He is a member of the Municipal and several other art

Republican, of Minneapolis,

Was born in Shirley, Piscataquis county, Me., March 7,
1852; was educated in the common schools and academy

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