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ta River Falls, Wis. ; is a lawyer; was district attorney
of Polk county, Wis.; a member of the Wisconsin assem
bly; 1884-85; when the Hon. John C. Spooner was first
elected to the United States senate he made the nominat
ing speeches in the legislative caucus in his behalf; held
the office of county attorney of Hennepin county 1893 to
1897, prosecuting many important cases, notably that of
The State v. Harry T. Hay\vard; is married and has four
children; was elected to the sixtieth and sixty-first con
gresses, and reelected to the sixty-second congress.




Was born at Charlton, Saratoga county, N.Y., Sept. 24,
1 866 ; son of William H. and Jane Elizabeth ( Sherwood)
Coons; graduate Union college, C.E., 1892; married Ball-
ston Spa, N.Y., Oct. 25, 1899, Maria Ball; children: Rob
ert B., born 1901, Mary B., born 1902, Edward S., Jr.,
born 1905. Admitted to bar, 1898, and since then practic
ing at Ballston Spa, N.Y. Republican; school commis
sioner, first district, Saratoga county, N.Y., from Jan. i,
1906. Episcopalian. Royal Arch Mason; member Sigma
Phi fraternity. Club: Utopian.


Professor of Theology,

Was born June 9, 1852, at Jonkoping, Sweden ; arrived in
the United States in 1871 ; collegiate and gymnasium edu
cation in Sweden; also graduate of Augustana college,
Rock Island, 111. ; graduate of Augustana theological sem
inary, graduate of Philadelphia Lutheran theological
seminary. Pastor at Philadelphia, 1876-79; pastor of
Gustavus Adolphus church in New York city, 1879-90;
president of the New York conference of the Augustana
synod, 1879-89 ; professor of theology since 1890 at Augus
tana theological seminary; vice-president of Augustana
college, 1901-10; vice-president of Augustana synod,
1899-1907; member of the Home and Foreign mission
board of the Augustana synod since 1899. Received D.D.
from Muhlenberg college, Va., 1893; decorated by the
king of Sweden Knight of the Royal Order of the North
Star, 1901; LL.D. from Muhlenberg college, Pa., 1910.
Author of Dogmatics, 466 pages ; Syllabus in Church Pol
icy and smaller books and pamphlets, contributor to maga
zines, reviews, periodicals and papers. Has exercised
great influence in educational work as teacher, lecturer
and preacher. In national politics, republican, and other
wise, independent republican,



Railway Manager,

Was born May 16, 1852, in Middletown, Conn.; son of
William G. and Anna (Garr) Hackstaff ; educated at St.
Paul s school, Concord, N. H.; married at Greenfield,
Mass, 1879, Cornelia Tilden Allen; one daughter. Vice-
president and director Illinois Central Railroad company;
vice-president and director Mississippi Valley corpora
tion; director Chicago, St. Louis arid New Orleans Rail
road company; Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad
company, Canton, Aberdeen and Nashville Railroad com
pany; member St. Nicholas society, Society War of 1812.
Clubs: New York yacht, Union.


Assistant Engineer Pennsylvania Railroad,
Was born Jan. 9, 1866, at Pottsville, Pa. Educated at the
Lehigh university. Entered railway service 1884 as rod-
man Pennsylvania railroad; was subsequently assistant
supervisor and supervisor Philadelphia and Erie Railroad
division same road at Pennsylvania; June 10, 1897, to July
i, 1900, supervisor Altoona yard Pennsylvania railroad;
Jan. i, 1901, to June i, 1903, assistant engineer Mononga-
hela division same road; June i, 1903, to date assistant
engineer Pittsburgh division same road. Principal assist
ant engineer, western Pennsylvania division, Pennsyl
vania railroad company.


Chairman Colorado Democratic State Committee,
Was born July 31, 1866, in Sussex county, NJ. He was
educated at the high school of Ellensville, N.Y. ; and in
1887 graduated from Cornell university of Ithaca, N.Y.
He is a successful lawyer, principally giving his attention
to corporation, mining, irrigation and insurance law.
Since 1896 he has been chairman of the Colorado demo
cratic state committee.



Statesman of Seattle, Washington,

Was born Sept. 10, 1839, in Meadville, Pa. He was
educated in the public and private schools; and at Alle
gheny college of Pennsylvania; and graduated from
Harvard university with the degree of A. B. and A. M.
He was commissioned by the state of Pennsylvania to
visit, relieve and report as to sick and wounded Pennsyl
vania soldiers in the civil war. He was agent and secre
tary of the United States sanitary commission for western
Pennsylvania at Pittsburg. For one year he taught in a
high school of Worchester, Mass. ; was master in chancery
of the United States circuit court for the eastern district
of Missouri.


Merchant, Business President,

in select schools. He has been director in banks, railroads,
Was born in New York city. He received his education
insurances and other companies. He was president of the
Grocer s steam sugar refining company; and president of
the Samama bay company. He was on the staff of Gov
ernors Youngs and Hamilton Fish, as engineer-in-chief of
the state of New York with the rank of brigadier-general ;
and as first engineer, organized that department. He is a
member of the society of colony wars, a member of the
American association for the advancement of science; and
a member of the New York chamber of commerce.


Agriculturalist, Author,

Was born Nov. 2$, 1858; and is a son of Rufus Smith. He
is a prominent citizen of Sutherland, Mass.; and in IQOO
was a delegate to the farmers national congress. In 1898-
1901 he was a member of the Massachusetts state board
of agriculture. He is the author of An Essay on The Evo
lution of Farm Machines in Massachusetts Agriculture.




Was born in Grimsby, Ont., Canada; son of William
Eastwood Carruthers and Ellen (Murray) Tench; edu
cated public school and grammar school, Niagara Falls,
Ont.; married, Germantown, Pennsylvania, Oct. 30, 1899,
Emma Harriet Roberts; children: John Roberts, born
1901, Sarah Ellen, born 1906. Has been engaged in bridge
building on the Mississippi, Missouri and Snake rivers,
and in Louisiana and New York city ; built New York end
of Williamsburg bridge, a large part of New York sub
way, ship canal bridge, etc. Vice-president The Terry
and Trench company (Inc.), treasurer Terry, Tench and
Proctor Tunneling Machine company. Episcopalian.
Member Canadian society. Clubs: Transportation,
Faculty, Church, Engineers, Long Beach, Long Island.


Inventor, Writer,

Was born Mar. i, 1866, in New York city; son of Fer
nando Wood, ex-mayor of New York city, and Alice Fen-
ner (Mills) Wood; educated at Media academy, Media,
Pa.; married Elizabeth Ogden Brower; one daughter,
Elizabeth Wood. Inventor of an automatic machine,
called Autoplate, now in general use, which has revolu
tionized the making of the stereotype printing plates of
newspapers, theretofore made by hand, for which was
granted, 1908, the Elliott Cresson gold medal by the
Franklin institute, Philadelphia. Author: Fancies,
poems, 1903; The Book of Symbols, 1904; Money Hun
ger, 1908, and other writings. President Autoplate Com
pany of America, Wood and Nathan company, .Henry A.
Wise Wood company, Automatic Furnace company, and
American High Speed Press company, Wood Flong com
pany. Member American Geological society, Fellow
A.S.A.S. and Society naval architects and marine engi
neers. Clubs : New York Yacht, Aero club of America.




Was born March 25, 1853, in Venice Centre, Cayuga
county, N.Y. ; son of William Harrison and Emeline
(Harris) Andrews; educated at Moravia Union school
and university of City of New York, M.D. ; married, first,
at Norfolk, Ohio, March 16, 1880, Esther E. De Graff;
second, at North Pitcher, N.Y., Nov. 14, 1905, Florence
Blackman; one son, George L. Andrews, born July 22,
1881. Pratised medicine at Venice Centre, N.Y., 1880-87;
at Pitcher, Chenango county, N.Y., since 1887. Held
office of coroner of Chenango county for twelve years. Re
publican. Congregationalist, Member Cortland county
medical society, Chenango county medical society, Ma
sonic order.



Was born Mar. 9, 1856, in Bath, N.H. ; son of Hon. Alon-
zo P. Carpenter, chief justice of New Hampshire, and
Julia (Goodall) Carpenter; eduated at St. Johnsbury
(Vt.) academy and Darmouth college, A.B. (class histo
rian), 1877; studied law, 1877-80; married, West Win-
sted, Conn., Sept. 3, 1880, Fanny Hallock Rouse. Ad
mitted to New Hampshire bar, Sept. 2, 1880; practiced at
Lancaster, N.H., 1880-8$, since then in New York city.
Judge-advocate-general of New Hampshire, 1885-86; as
sistant district attorney of New York, 1897. Republican.
Member Association bar citv of New York, New York
countv lawyers association, New York state bar associa
tion, Society medical jurisprudence, New York law insti
tute, NewHampshirehistoricalsociety, Darmouth associa
tion in New York, New Hampshire society of New York,
Delta Kappa Epsilon association of New York. Clubs:
Union League, republican, National arts, Darmouth.




Was born in Bristol, Conn., Dec. 28, 1872; son of Rev.
George L. and Elizabeth (Wilson) Thompson; educated
at Wesleyan university, Middletown, Conn., A.B., 1894,
New York law school, LL.B., 1897; married in Bridge
Hampton, Suffolk county, N.Y., Oct. 17, 1905, Pearl
Haines; one son, John A, Jr., born Sept. 23, 1906. En
gaged in law practice since 1897; member firm of Thomp
son and Fuller. President University club ((Brooklyn),
1909-10. Secretary, National Bridge Works, John H.
Mahnken company. Independent republican; Congre-
gationalist. Member Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. Rec
reations: Golf, tennis. Clubs: Lawyers, University
(Brooklyn), Bridge Hampton Golf, Midwood Manor.


Patent and Trade-Mark Lawyer,

Was born in Whitney s Point, N.Y. ; son of George Whit-
field and Mary Freeman (Seymour) Seymour; graduate
Yale college, A.M., 1875, LL.B., 1878; married, Nor-
walk, Conn., Clara E., daughter of General Charles Olm-
stead; children: Marion Franke (deceased), Harold
Freeman Seymour (of Asheville, N.C.), Geoffrey Olm-
stead (deceased), Mary. Member of law firm of Sey
mour, Seymour and Megrath, practicing patent, trade
mark and corporation law in New York city. Served as
state senator in Connecticut in the dead-lock sessions of
1891-93 ; commissioner of insurance of Connecticut, 1893 ;
United States commissioner of patents, 1893-97. Demo
crat. Clubs: Lawyers ((New York city), Norwalk,
Country, Pine Lodge (Con.).



Publisher, Editor,

Was born in Weisskirchen, Moravia, Austria, Nov. 10,
1859; educated in high schools. Ung. Hradisch, Trop-
pau, and Kremsier; university of Vienna (Ph.D.) and
university of Berlin. Founded and published Allgemeine
Oesterreichische Literaturzeitung, Vienna, 1884-85; went
as secretary and librarian to the late French Ambassador
at Vienna, Count Alexandre Foucher de Careil (editor of
Leibnitz s works), to Paris, 1887; became employee
French foreign office, in Bureau de la Presse; founder and
editor-in-chief La Vraie Parole (paper founded to coun
teract Ed. Drumont s anti-Semitic La Libre Parole) ;
went to Italy, 1891 ; came to New York city, 1895 to carry
out his life work of The Jewish Encyclopedia ( of which
he was managing editor), and whose twenfth and final
volume was issued Dec. 30, 1905; originator and manag
ing editor, The International insurance encyclopedia
(Vol. i) 1910; of the Hebrew Classics (25 volumes) and
German Classics of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
(20 volumes). Has taken active part in the New York
east side campaigns in favor of the Republican party, and,
in 1905, in the Jerome campaign. Late president Justice
Lodge 536, I.O.B.B. Publications: Berlin, Wien und
der Antisemitismus, 1882; Presse und Judentheum, sec
ond edition, 1882; Sollen die Juden Christen werden?
(with prefatory letter by Ernest Renan) second edition,
1884; Briefe Beruhmter Christlicher Zeitgenossen uber
die Judenfrage, 1884; Die Beiden Elektren-Humanist-
ische Bildung and der Klassische Unterricht, 1884; Auf
dem Grabe Meiner Mutter (translated into Hebrew by
Dr. Solomon Fuchs), 1888; Le Prestige de la France en
Europe, 1889; La Question Juive, 1893; Anarchic et An-
tisemitisme, 1894; Der Juden Kampf ums Recht, 1902;
Russia at the Bar of the American People, 1904; Jacob
H. Schiff and the Zionist; Rabbi and Pope, 1907; The


Jews and Jesus, 1908; also numerous translations of
French works into German. Recreations: Extended


Was born Feb. 13, 1838, in Boston, Mass.; son of Rev.
Charles F. and Sarah (Holmes) Barnard; practically self-
educated; married May 17, 1881, Mary E., daughter of
Alexander Knight (now deceased). Contributor to lead
ing magazines on technical and scientific subjects; wrote
many children s stories and large number of books upon
many subjects. Author: The County Fair (play), Con
tributing editor to the Century Dictionary upon topis and
machines. Republican. Member of and was for ten years
corresponding secretary American dramatists club, New
York city. Maintains at his home an experiment station
for testing new housekeeping methods, materials, utensils,
tools and machinery.

Jurist f

Was born hi Stuttgart, Germany; son of John and Louise
(Hammer) Seeger; graduate Newburgh academy, 1875;
married, Newburgh, N.Y., 1884, May E. Riker; one son,
John A., born 1885. Admitted to bar, 1880; practicing
since then at Newburgh. Assistant district attorney of
Orange county, 1896-1904; district attorney of Orange
county, 1904-07; county judge Orange county, since 1907.
Practicing in the courts of New York state and United
States courts. Director Columbus Trust company of Ntw-
burgh. Republican. Member New York state bar asso
ciation, Newburgh canoe association : Clubs : Republican
(New York city) , Newburgh city, Wheelmens, Washing
ton Heights.




Was born in Delphi, N.Y., Jan. 31, 1853; son of Ira and
Phebe (Stoddard) Carrington; graduate of Wesleyan
university, A.B. (first honors, special honors in mathema
tics), 1876, A.M., 1879; married, Williamsport, Pa., Aug.
2, 1883, Elizabeth Dart; one son, George Dart Carring
ton. Principal high school, Cochituate, Mass., 1877-78;
professor higher mathematics, Williamsport Dickinson
seminary, 1879-80; at Columbia law school, 1880; admit
ted to bar, June, 1881; has practiced law in New York
city since 1883; member law firm of Carrington and
Pierce. President Manhattan Mortgage company since
1901 ; also president The Estates Settlement company.
Vice-president and general manager of Guaranteed mort
gaging company of New York since 1909. Member West
Side republican club. Member Association bar of New
York city, Phi Beta Kappa society, Wesleyan Alumni as
sociation of New York city, Delaware Valley society of
New York city, New York historical association, Acad
emy of political science in the city of New York, Presi
dent, 1911, Wesleyan university, Club of New York. Rec
reation: Golf. Club: Baltusrol Golf (Springfield,
N.J.). In 1901 organized Manhattan Mortgage company,
which commenced business with a cash capital of $2,500.
The business was successful from the start, and has stead
ily increased. The company now has a paid up cash capi
tal of $1,000,000. In 1909 he organized the Guaranteed
Mortgage company of New York, which in operation has
been closely associated with the Manhattan Mortgage
company, and thus far has been equally successful. Mr.
Carrington has the reputation in real estate and banking
circles for conservation and a strict adherance to accepted
principles in matters of investment. In New York city
he is considered a high authority on questions of real estate




Was born Feb. 3, 1865, in Rhymney, Wales. Both his
maternal and paternal grandfathers were ministers. His
mother, Sarah Webley, died in 1898. His father is still
living in Wales. Upon graduation in Pontypool college,
Wales, he came to this country to enter the Yale divinity
school in 1889. He graduated from this institution with
the degree of B.D. in 1892. He then continued his studies
in the graduate department of Yale university, specializ
ing in psychology and philosophy and took the degree of
Ph.D. in 1895., He was lecturer in the history of philos
ophy in Yale university, 1894-95; minister of the Green-
port, Long Island Baptist church, 1895-98; assistant min
ister of the Madison avenue Baptist church. New York
city, 1898-99; minister and founder of the Unitarian
church in Derby, Conn., 1899-1906; minister of the First
Unitarian church, Albany, N.Y., 1907-10. At present he
is professor of systematic theology in the Pacific Unitar
ian school for the ministry at Berkeley, California. He
entered upon his duties here in October, 1910. In religion
he is a Unitarian ; in politics an independent. He has writ
ten extensively upon civic and political topics. He was
associate editor of the Albany Citizen. Since coming to
California he has been a prominent advocate of woman
suffrage, taking the platform with men like President
David Starr Jordan of Stanford university. He is a writer
for religious and philosophical magazines. He is asso
ciate editor of the Pacific Unitarian. In 1910 Professor
Horatio M. Pollock and Professor Morgan went to Eu
rope to study municipalities. They took letters of intro
duction from Philander Knox, secretary of state, President
ArthurT.Hadley of Yale and other prominent Americans.
This gave them a very unique opportunity for the study of
municipal conditions. They were most cordially received
by Mayor Nathan of Rome and others prominent in Euro
pean municipalities. A book will appear shortly incor-


porating the results of their investigations. Professor Mor
gan was appointed chairman of a committee to bring out
a volume bearing the title Philosophy and Life, a collec
tion of philosophical essays affectionately dedicated to
Professor George Trumbull Ladd, LL.D. by his pupils.
The authors of these essays studied philosophy with Pro
fessor Ladd in Yale university. Professor Morgan is con
stantly delivering public lectures on How to Manage a
City, The Social Evil, The Housing Problem, Woman
Suffrage, and the Management of Municipalities, etc.

Soldier, Lawyer, Jurist, Author,

Was born Oct. 22, 1833, in Pittsburgh, Pa. He removed
to Dubuque, Iowa, and was there admitted to the bar in
1856. He was aid-de-camp and judge advocate on the
staff of General Herron in the army of the frontier dur
ing 1862 and 1863; and in 1882-93 ne was United States
district judge for the northern district of Iowa. He is
the author of Equity Practice in Circuit court of Uniied


Clergyman, Superintendent St. Luke s Hospital,
Was born in Mass., June 12, 1866, son of Rev. Lewis P.
(D.D.) and Sarah (Ackerman) Clover; educated at Ho-
bart college, 1889; married in Louisville, Ky., April 22,
1896, Laura Brand. Rector Calvary church, Homer,
N.Y., 1891-92; assistant pastor and superintendent, 1892-
1900; since 1900 pastor and superintendent St. Luke s hos
pital, New York city. Canon and registrar, Cathedral St.
John the Divine, New York city. President Hospital Con
ference of Greater New York. Member of the hospital
committee of the State charities aid association. Presi
dent Hospital bureau of standards and supplies. Member
Kappa Alpfca society. Clubs: Century, Pilgrim.



President Maine State Board of Trade,
Was born Dec. 3, 1845, at Norway, Maine. Educated at
the Waterville Classical institute. Entered railway ser
vice 1861, carrying mails and assistant to his father, then
agent Maine Central railroad at Waterville, Maine;
May i, 1864, to 1871, general ticket agent same road;
April, 1871, at consolidation of Maine, Central and Port
land and Kennebec railroads, to 1874, paymaster and
freight auditor at Augusta, Me.; 1874 to 1911, general
passenger and ticket agent Maine Central railroad; also
general passenger agent Washington county railway, Som
erset railway, and a director in Portland and Ogdensburg
railroad; has occupied same position on Phillips and
Rangely railroad and also for many years general passen
ger and ticket agent of the Portland, Mt. Desert and Ma-
chias Steamboat company; was for five years president
Portland board of trade and for three years mayor of
Portland, Me. He was chairman Maine delegation to Chi
cago convention which nominated Roosevelt. President
Maine State society for the protection of animals; presi
dent Forest City Loan and Building association; treasurer
Maine Eye and Ear infirmary. Elected president Maine
state board of trade in September, 1911.


United States Congressman from the Third District

of New Jersey,

Was born January, 1844, in Cumberland county, N.J. He
is president of the People s National bank of New Bruns
wick. He was a member of the fifty-fourth, fifty-fifth,
fifty-sixth, fifth-seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth and six
tieth congresses as a republican. He was re-elected to the
sixty-first congress from the third district of New Jersey
for the term of 1909-11; and resides in New Brunswick.



Librarian, Free Public Library of New Haven, Conn.,
Was born May 8, 1858, in Natick, Mass. In 1881 he grad
uated from the Wesleyan university ; and received the de
gree of A.M. from that institution. Until 1887 he was li
brarian of the Wesleyan university and Russell library of
Middletown, Conn.; and since 1887 has been librarian of
the free public library of New Haven, Conn.



Was born in Lower Granville, Annapolis county, Nova
Scotia, Sept. 19, 1859; son of Captain John Henry and
Caroline Elizabeth (Croscup) Bogart; educated at Hor-
ton academy and Acadia university, Wolfville, N.S., Pro
vincial normal school, Fredericton, N.B.; principal
King s St. public school, St. Stephen, N.B., 1879-81;
graduate of medical department New York university,
1884; interne New Haven (Conn.) hospital, 14 months,
receiving hospital diploma, 1885; married, Montreal,
1889, Maud Lewis (died Jan. 13, 1905). Praticing medi
cine in Brooklyn since May, 1885. Surgeon to out-patient
department, 1885-88, assistant demonstrator of anatomy,
1886-91, Long Island college hospital; assistant surgeon,
1887-92, surgeon from 1892, Methodist Episcopal hospi
tal; attending surgeon Kings county hospital from 1896;
attending surgeon Jewish hospital, Brooklyn, 1906-08;
consulting surgeon Bushwick hospital, since 1890, and
Home for consumptives since 1906. Contributor of sur
gical papers to proceedings of medical societies. Member
Medical society county of Kings, Associated physicians of
Long Island, Medical society of New York, American
medical association, Brooklyn surgical society (ex-pres.),
Holland society of New York and Canadian society.
Clubs: University and Hamilton (Brooklyn), Masti-
gouche fish and game (Quebec, Can.).



Was born Aug. 4, 1857, in Little Rock, Ark. Became an
orphan at age of four years. Reared on a farm in La
Crosse county, Wis. Educated at Wayland academy,
Beaver Dam, Wis., after reaching maturity. Embarked
in the newspaper business upon leaving school, attaining
notable success as a forceful, brilliant, fearless writer. Lo
cated in Iowa, in the year 1891, where he still resides (Ot-
tumwa), devoting the most of his time during the past
twenty years to writing and lecturing. He is an acknowl
edged leader of his race and in 1894 was a candidate for
president of the United States, heading the National Lib
erty ticket. His lecture on Backward Steps has made
him famous and is pronounced the ablest discussion of the
race problem since the days of Frederick Douglas. Dur
ing the present year he has organized and promoted the
Magnolia Remedy company of St. Augustine, Fla., and
is secretary and manager. Mr. Taylor is now writing a
book entitled Remove the Mask.

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