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Merchant, State Senator, Congressman, Governor,
Was born April 15, 1848, in Lowell, Mass. He held
several local offices in Lowell; was a representative in
the Massachusetts state legislature in 1881 and 1882;
and was a state senator in 1883. In 1885-89 he was a
representative from Massachusetts to the forty-ninth and
fiftieth congresses. In 1891 he was republican candidate
for governor; and in 1898 became assistant-secretary of
the navy. In 1 900-04 he was governor of Porto Rico.



United States Congressman from the Twenty-second

District of New York,

Was born June 24, 1841, in Worcester county, Mass. He
moved to Troy in 1847 and has resided there ever since;
attended the public schools until 1856 and then entered
upon a mercantile career. He is now engaged in manu
facturing cordage and twine under the firm name of Will
iam H. Draper and Son. For four years he served as trus
tee of the village of Lansingburg; and in 1896-1900 was
commissioner of jurors for Rensselaer county. He was a
member of the fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, six
tieth and sixty-first congresses from New York as a repub
lican. He was re-elected to the sixty-second congress from
the twenty-second district of New York for the term of
1911-13 and resides in Troy, N.Y.


Representative from Johnson County,
Was born March 20, 1845, in Washington county, Penn.
He came to Iowa City, Johnson county, Iowa, in 1855;
and was educated in the common and high schools of
Iowa City, Iowa. Is married and has two children, a
son and daughter. Was elected clerk of courts of John
son county in 1874, re-elected in 1876-1878. Was elect
ed county auditor in 1883 and served two terms in that
office. In 1884 was admitted to the bar and was elected
to fill vacancy as representative in the twenty-seventh
general assembly and has served continuously as a mem
ber in the lower house of the general assembly, to and
including the thirty-fourth general assembly. Has been
identified since 1888 with the banking interests of the
state, and has been for some years past president of the
Citizens savings and trust bank at Iowa City, Iowa. A
democrat in politics and at the present time is mayor of
Iowa City, Iowa.



President Blackmer and Post Pipe Company,
Was born Mar. 6, 1848, in Barnard, Windsor county, Vt. ;
^on of Lucian and Elvira J. (Richmond) Blackmer; com
mon school education; married, St. Louis, Jan. i, 1879,
Caroline L. Jones; children, Lucian G., Albert E., Kath-
erine (Mrs. C. H. Miller), Edward L., Percy R., Gladys
(Mrs. V. E. Taylor). Began business career as clerk in
country store at Barnard, Vt., for three years; came to St.
Louis in the early part of 1867; accepted position with St.
Louis Stoneware company, first as bookkeeper, later as
secretary and treasurer, until fall of 1877; sales agent for
sewer pipe manufactury of East Alton, 111., 1877-78. In
1878, with L. W. Post, began business in St. Louis under
firm name of Blackmer and Post, which continued until
July 5, 1892, when the business was incorporated as the
Blackmer and Post Pipe company, manufacturers of sew
er pipes and kindred products, of which he is president.
Also director of Webster Groves Trust company. Repub
lican. Protestant. Member Legion of Honor. Favorite
recreation: fishing. Clubs: Mercantile, Algonquin,
Maine fishing and hunting.


United States Congressman from Alabama,
Was born Jan. 16, 1849, in Montgomery county, Ala. He
enlisted as a private in company D, first regiment South
Carolina cavalry, and served as a courier till the end of
the war. He was elected to the lower house of the general
assembly of Alabama in 1878; and served one term as a
member from Choctaw county. In 1880 he was elected
state solicitor for the first judicial circuit of Alabama, and
was re-elected in 1886. He was a member of the fifty-
fifth, fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh and fifty-eighth congresses
as a democrat. He was re-elected to the fifty-ninth con
gress from the first district of Alabama for the term of



President Webb Publishing Company,
Was born Mar. 5, 1852, in Dindegul, East India, son of
Edward and Nancy Allyn (Foote) Webb; educated in
the public schools of Philadelphia and in Pittsfield,
Mass., high school; married at St. Paul, Minn., Sept.
4, 1882, to Luella Simmons. Spent seven years with The
Argus (newspaper), Fargo, N.D., at which place The
Farmer (of which he is now publisher) was started. Came
to Minnesota, May 1890; incorporated, 1901, the Webb
publishing company, St Paul, book and periodical pub
lishers, publishing The Farmer, The Farmer s Wife, also
agricultural books; also conducts a model farm of 400
acres near St. Paul, where pure bred cattle, sheep and
swine are bred. Presbyterian. Clubs: Minnesota and



His ancestor, John Balch, came to America in 1623 ; land
ed at Cape Ann ; was one of a company to carry on a fish
ery; in 1626, he with a small company removed to Naum-
keag, now the city of Salem, Mass. He received a grant
of land of two hundred acres from the English govern
ment, which he located in the present city of Beverly,
Mass., and built thereon a house in 1639, which is now
standing and occupied as a dwelling. His great grand
father was Ebenezer Balch of Wethersfield, Conn., who
had nine children. The average ages of which, with
himself (ten in all), was over 84 years, a greater longev
ity in any one family than has yet been found. His grand
father, Ebenezer Balch, and grandmother, Sarah (Bur-
chard) Balch were each 84 years of age at death; they
moved to Plattsburgh, N.Y., in 1804. Ebenezer was en
gaged in the lumber trade and farming. His father, Al-
vah Burchard Balch, and mother, Mary (McArthur)
Balch, lived upon the farm bought by his father.



Lawyer, State Legislator, United States Senator,
WasbornAug.2i,i847, in Montpelier,Vt. He was elected
a member of the Omaha city council in 1872 ; city attorney
of Omaha in 1874, and a member of the Nebraska legis
lature in 1875. He was president of the republican league
of the United States in 1889 to 1891. In 1877 he became
assistant attorney of the Union Pacific railway company,
and in 1888 was appointed general solicitor of the Union
Pacific system, and held that position at the time of his
election to the senate. In 1895 he was tendered in writing
the unanimous vote of the entire republican membership
in the legislature, and was elected for the term com
mencing March 4, 1895. His term of office expired March
3, 1901. He was permanent chairman of the republican
national convention of 1896 which nominated President
McKinley. He is a constant contributor to current pub
lications; and an able orator.



Was born Aug. 19, 1872, in Syracuse, N.Y. ; son of
Adrian A. and Harriet (Robinson) Schenck; educated
in Syracuse high school; Williams (Mass.) college, de
gree of A.B., 1894; Johns Hopkins university, degree of
M.D., 1898. Married at Niagara-on-The-Lake, Can.,
Aug. 17, 1904, Jessie Jean McCallum. Resident house
surgeon Johns Hopkins hospital, 1898-1902, resident
gynecologist, same, 1900-03, instructor in gynecology,
Johns Hopkins university, 1901-03. Has practiced in
Detroit since 1903. Junior attending Gynecologist to
Harper hospital; consulting obstetrician to the Women s
hospital. Member Michigan state medical society,
Wayne county medical society, Detroit academy of medi
cine, American medical association, American gynecolo
gical society. Member Zeta Psi. Clubs: University,
Detroit Boat.



Secretary The George F. Dittman Boot and Shoe Co.,
Was born Aug. 25, 1872, in Gros-Gerau, Germany; son of
John Philip and Anna (Camman) Becker; educated in
Washington university, St. Louis; married, St. Louis,
Nov. 14, 1900, Adele Dittman; children, John William,
Virginia D. Began business career as boy with John P.
Becker dry goods house, East St. Louis, 1887, and re
mained in employ of that house until 1897, then in busi
ness under firm name of Becker & Aal until 1900, when he
bought stock in the George F. Dittmann Boot and Shoe
company, manufacturers and jobbers of boots and shoes,
of which later he became a director and is now secretary
and treasurer of the company. Unitarian. Clubs: Union
literary, Apollo, Business men s league. At present presi
dent of St. Louis sales managers association.


President of the Eastern Illinois State Normal


Was born Aug. 27, 1851, in Killingsworth, Conn. He
was educated in the public schools of his native state;
and at the state normal school of New Britain, Conn.
He has attained success in educational work. He has
been city superintendent of schools at St. Peter, Minn.;
president of the state normal school at Morehead, Minn.;
and filled various positions of trust and honor. Since
1899 ne nas Deen president of the eastern Illinois state
normal university at Charleston, 111.


Physician, Chemist, Author,

Was born Sept. 6, 1864, in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1896
he has been professor of general and medical chemistry
and pharmacology at the Cleveland college of physicians
and surgeons. He is the author of The Principles of Phar
macology, with Practical Exercises.



Secretary of the State of Iowa,

Was born Nov. 22, 1847, in Chattaragus county, New
York, of American parents with English and Scotch-
Irish ancestry. He moved with his father s family to
Dakota county, Minnesota, in the spring of 1861 ; moved
to Hancock county, Iowa, in 1864; thence to Winnebago
county in 1867. He worked on a farm, attended district
school, clerked in a store, taught two or three terms of
school, and at the age of twenty-one entered the first
class at the opening of the State college of agriculture
and mechanic arts at Ames, remaining in college until the
middle of his junior year. He then returned to Winne
bago county, was elected county surveyor, and became
half owner of the Winnebago Press (now Summit). In
1873 he sold out to his partner and moved to Garner,
Hancock county, where he bought The Hancock Signal
and was appointed postmaster, which position he held
for about eleven years, when he sold his newspaper and
resigned as postmaster. Soon after he helped to organize
and became cashier of the City bank of Garner, after
wards merged with the Hancock county bank into the
First national. Mr. Hayward helped organize and was
one of the officers of the company that built the so-called
"Slippery Elm" railway from below Eldora, via that
city and Iowa Falls to Alden. He became associated
with William Finch, under the firm name of Finch and
Hayward, in the grain, coal and stock business, operat
ing a line of twenty-five stations in Iowa, Minnesota,
and South Dakota. The firm moved headquarters from
Garner to Davenport, Scott county, in 1866, and Mr.
Hayward became a resident of Davenport at that time
and has made his home there ever since. He helped to
organize the Union savings bank of Davenport and was
its president for some years. He also served as president
of the Davenport national bank. He was a member of
the Davenport school board for nine years. He was


elected to the state senate in 1897 and re-elected in 1901,
serving during the twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth, twenty-
ninth, thirtieth and thirty-first general assemblies. He
was elected secretary of state in 1906, re-elected in 1908
and again re-elected in 1910. He has always been a


Physician, Surgeon,

Was born Nov. 9, 1811, in Oxford, N.Y. He was edu
cated in the Oxford academy; and at the Fairfield medi
cal college. In 1832 he began the practice of medicine
at Honesdale, Pa. For one year he practiced in Oswego,
N.Y. ; and then moved to New York city, practicing
there until 1840; when he moved to Scranton, Pa. He
was a dealer in coal lands; and assisted in organizing
several mining companies. In 1854 he obtained a char
ter from the state legislature for a gas and water com
pany; and also for the Lackawanna hospital. He was
extensively engaged in real estate operations and in the
lumbering business. In 1877 he became president of the
Scranton city bank. He served as surgeon in the civil
war; and established a field hospital. He presented a
medical library to the Lackawanna medical society.


State Senator of Alabama,

Was born Aug. 26, 1872, in Henry county, Ala. He was
educated in private school, attended the Southeast Ala
bama agricultural school at Abbeville, and graduated
from the state university at Tuscaloosa, Ala. He is a suc
cessful lawyer; is identified with the democratic party;
and for two terms was mayor of Clayton, Ala, Since
1902 he has been a member of the Alabama state senate;
served his second term of 1906-10; and resides in Eufaula,



Merchant, Banker,

Was born July 22, 1852, in New York city. In 1876 he
joined the real estate exchange, and, from that time to
the present, has been an extensive operator in real estate,
both in Harlem and on the west side above Fifty-ninth
street. In 1885 he was elected a trustee of the North
River savings bank. During the same year Park and
Tilford opened a branch store at Fifty-ninth street and
Fifth avenue, and Mr. Tilford was placed in charge of
this establishment. Even this additional increase of labor
was not sufficient to employ all of his active energies;
and in 1889, together with George G. Haven, he organ
ized the bank of New Amsterdam, of which Thomas
C. Acton is president. Mr. Tilford has been vice-presi
dent of the bank from the day it opened.


Representative from Mitchell County,
Was born June 6, 1870 at Osage, of Norwegian-Amer
ican parentage, where he has since resided. Completed
the course in the Osage public schools in 1887, the Cedar
Valley seminary in 1893 and graduated from the law
department of the university of Iowa with the class of
1900. Has been associated with the Farmers national
bank, of which he is the present cashier, since its organi
zation in 1893. Previous to that time was agent of Amer
ican express company at Osage. Is married and has two
children. Has never held public office previous to this
time in politics. Elected representative in 1908. A re
publican in politics.

Librarian of the State Library of Idaho,
Since May i, 1907, she has been state librarian for the
state of Idaho.



Clergyman, Missionarv,

Was born April 16, 1859, in Hartford, Conn. He has
received the degress of A.B. and A.M. from Brown
university; received the honorary degree of D.D. from
Kalamazoo college and in 1887 graduated from the New
ton theological institution. In 1886 he was ordained to
the baptist ministry; and has filled pastorates in Provi
dence and Newport, R.I.; in the second baptist church
of Lawrence, Mass.; in the first baptist church of Detroit,
Mich.; and the Memorial baptist church of Chicago,
111. Since 1906 he has been pastor of the Brighton ave
nue baptist church of Brighton, Mass. In 1901-06 he
was secretary of the board and since 1888 has been a mem
ber of the board of managers of the baptist missionary
union. In 1902-05 he was a trustee of the Kalamazoo



Was born Sept. 20, 1845, m Grand Rapids Mich., son of
William G. and Huldana (Squier) Henry; educated in
Grand Rapids public schools and university of Michigan,
graduating, degree of B.S. and. M.S., 1867; married at
Detroit, Jan. 23, 1875 Frances M. Burns. Admitted to
bar at Omaha, Neb., practicing there, 1869-75; came to
Detroit, 1875, and has since continued in practice of law;
one of the organizers and first president Dime savings
bank; member State Board of Pardons under Gov. Alger.
Formerly member city council, Detroit, and member
board of Estimates, Psi Upsilon (university of Mich
igan), Sons of American Revolution, Detroit Board of
Commerce (chairman education committee). Mason
(32) ; member Ashler Lodge, F. and A. M., Michigan
Sovereign Consistory, Moslem Temple, A. A. N. M.S.
Clubs: Detroit (charter member), Country.



Clergyman, Overseer,

Was born March 10, 1870, in Newton, Ind. In 1891 he
graduated from the Union Christian college of Meron,
Ind.; and received the degree of D.D. In 1889 he was
ordained to the ministry of the Christian church and in
1889-93 filled pastorates in Linden, Ind., and Urbana,
111. In 1893-94 ne studied theology in Stanfordville, N.Y.
and in 1897 graduated from Hiram college as B.A. In
893-04 he supplied a pulpit in the Chestnut street Chris
tian church of Albany, N.Y. ; and in 1897-99 was pastor
of the Christian church of Washington court house,
Ohio. In 1889 he became a member of the Christian
Catholic church; in 1899 was ordained elder and later
became elder in charge of tabernacles in Chicago and
Cincinnati. In 1901-06 he was overseer of the Christian
"Ti-holic church in Australia; in 1906-07 was assistant of
John Alexander Dowie; when he became general over
seer of the Christian Catholic apostolic church in Zion
throughout the world.


Superintendent and Special Disbursing Agent United

States Indian Service,

Was born April q, 1865, in Auburn, 111. He was edu
cated in the public schools of his native state; and is by
profession an accountant. He is a member of the repub
lican party; is a member of the Masons, Sons of the
American revolution and various other fraternal and
patriotic orders. In 1889-1900 he was chief clerk in
the Shoshone agency in Wyoming; and in 1900-03 was
clerk for the United States senate committee on claims
under chairman Senator Warren, of Wyoming; since
1903 he has been superintendent and special disbursing
agent in the United States Indian service, department
of the interior; is superintendent of the Shoshone indus
trial school.



Legislator, Congressman,

Was born Oct. 12, 1842, in Philadelphia, Pa. He was
brevetted major for gallantry at the battle of Five Forks.
He was a representative in the state legislature in 1878-79,
and was comptroller of the state in 1879-81. He was a
member from New York to the forty-seventh congress
to fill a vacancy, and was a member of the forty-eighth,
fifty-second, fifty-third, fifty-fourth, fifty-fifth fifty-sixth,
fifty-seventh and fifty-eighth congresses as a republican.
He was re-elected to the fifty-ninth congress from the
thirty-fourth district of New York for the term of


Railroad Superintendent,

Was born Sept. 30, 1862, in Marshall, Mich., son of S. P.
and Maryett (Fargo) Wormley; educated in public
>ols of Marshall, Mich.; married at Chicago, 1893,
Miss Stella Hahn. Began active career as clerk for Am
erican Express company, at Grand Rapids, Mich., 1880;
was route agent Michigan division, and later assistant
superintendent same division; removed to Detroit, 1900,
and since 1902 has been superintendent Michigan divi
sion. (Club) Dalmit golf club. Office: Elks Temple


Soldier, Lawyer, Jurist,

Was born September 11, 1837, in Morgantown, N.C.
He entered the army in 1861, and was commissioned first
lieutenant; in 1862 was elected captain; and the same
year was appointed major and assistant adjutant general.
At the close of the war he resumed the practice of law.
In 1866-67 ne was a representative in the North Caro
lina state legislature. In 1878-88 he was judge of the
superior court; and in 1888-97 was justice of the state
supreme court of North Carolina. He now practices law
in Morgantown, N.C.



United States Army Officer,

Was born in Conklin, Brown county, N.Y. He was edu
cated in the common schools; and for one term was a
student at Lawrence college of Appleton, Wis. In 1861
he enlisted as a private soldier in the sixth Wisconsin
infantry; was made ordnance sergeant of a brigade and
later made ordnance sergeant of a division. He then
became sergeant-major of his regiment; and was soon
made a first lieutenant and adjutant, going from that
position to adjutant-general of the Iron brigade of the
West. He served four years and won a captaincy, and
in 1865 was honorably mustered out. He has served as
a colonel and brigadier-general in the National guard.
He has been county superintendent of schools; a member
of the Wisconsin state legislature; and collector of cus
toms at Milwaukee, Wis. In 1898 he returned to the
service of the United States as major and paymaster, and
in 1904 was retired as lieutenant-colonel. He has been
engaged as an editor and publisher; is still writing for the

Lawyer, Business President,

Was born Dec. i, 1840, in Kutztown, Pa. In 1857-58 he
taught school; and in 1859 he entered Union seminary of
New Berlin, Pa.; and in 1860 became a student and
teacher in Fairview seminary of Kutztown; and in 1862
entered Franklin and Marshall colleges of Lancaster,
and graduated in 1865. Since then he has practiced
law in Reading, Pa.; in 1871 was elected district attorney
for Berks county; and after the expiration of his term
he became county solicitor. In 1878 he was a candidate
for congress as a democrat. For many wears he was a
president for several iron and quite a few water com
panies; but since 1902 has devoted himself entirely to
law practice.



Insurance, Loans and Real Estate,

Was born June 26, 1864, in Blissfield, Mich., son of
Nelson Lyman and Clarissa Cornelia (Parshall) Good
rich; graduate West Blissfield (Mich.) high school,
1881; married at Detroit, Nov. 7, 1889, Viella Tuttle.
Entered insurance business, December, 1881, with late
brother, John C. Goodrich ; was with Goodrich Bros.,
1884-1901; founded Goodrich insurance agency, Jan. i,
1901, of which has since continued the head. Republi
can. Baptist. Member Detroit Board of Commerce.
Member Palestine lodge No. 357, F. and A. M., King
Cyrus chapter No. 133, R. A. M., Monroe council No.
i, R. and S. M., Michigan sovereign consistory (32),
Moslem Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S., all of Detroit.
Recreation: Traveling



Was born Dec. 31, 1856, in Detroit, son of Traugott and
Wilhelmina (Beck) Schmidt; educated in German-
American seminary, Detroit, until 14, and in public
schools of Germany until 19, married at Detroit, Nov.
4, 1880, Alice M. Candler. Learned the tannery bus
iness with his father, with whom he was associated until
his death, 1897; now member Carl E. Schmidt and com
pany, tanners (organized, 1897). Also president Gabriel
concrete steel company. Member Detroit police board,
1892-94, State Board of Arbitration and Mediation,
1897-98. Appointed member Board of Forest Inquiry,
1907 (purpose of the board is to investigate forestry
conditions in Michigan and to report to the legislature).
Republican. Mason (32), Knight Templar, Shriner.
Clubs: Detroit, Fellowcraft, Harmonic society. Recrea
tions: Outdoor diversions.


. .Judge Court of Appeals of Maryland,
Was born Aug 24, 1853, in Lower Marlboro, Calvert
county, Md. He was educated at Charlotte hall aca
demy; and at St. John s college at Annapolis, Md. In
1879-90 he was states attorney for Calvert county, Md. ;
in 1905-06 president of the Maryland state bar associa
tion; and chairman of the local council for Maryland of
the American bar association. He has been president of
the Mutual Fire insurance company of Calvert county;
secretary and treasurer of vestry of St. Paul s perish of
Calvert county; a member of the Maryland state library
committee; and has filled various other positions of trust
and honor. Since 1891 he has been judge of the Maryland
state court of appeals and chief judge of the seventh ju
dicial circuit of Maryland.


Educator, Clergyman, College President,
Was born June 30, 1853, in Durham, England. In 1888
he graduated with the degree of A.B. from Illinois col
lege; and subsequently received the degrees of A.M. and
Ph.D. from that institution of learning. In 1863-71 he

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