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worked in the coal mines of Durham, England; and in
1871-74 worked as a coal miner in Du Quoin, 111. In
1874-76 he was principal of schools at De Sota, 111.; in
1876-77 was principal of the grammar school of Beards-
town, 111.; in 1877-81 was superintendent of schools at
Medosia, 111.; then in 1881-84 was superintendent of
schools at Waverly, 111.; and in 1884-93 was principal
of Whipple academy at Jacksonville, 111. In 1889-93 he?
was professor of pedagogy in the Illinois college; and
since 1893 has been president of the Illinois woman s
college of Jacksonville, 111. In 1891 he was ordained
to the ministry of the methodist episcopal church.



President Peninsular Engraving Company
Was born Sept. 20, 1851, in Windsor, Vt., son of
Hezekiah C. and Elizabeth (Damon) Eaton; educated
in the public and private schools; married at Pomfret,
Conn., Aug. 23, 1882, Susan Medbury. Began active
career as bookkeeper in provision house of Meriden,
Conn., 1867, later engaged in provision business for him
self; entered engraving business at Meriden, 1883, under
title of the Illustrating engraving company, later be
coming Eaton and Peck company, sold out interest to
Meriden gravure company and came to Detroit, 1891,
as foreman of engraving department of Winn and Ham
mond; organized the Peninsular engraving company^
1895, of which has been the head since time of organi
zation. Independent republican. Baptist. President
Employing Photo Engravers association, term expired
Sept. 22, now on executive board; member Detroit Board
of Commerce, Employers association of Detroit. Mason
(32), Shriner Club: Detroit motor boat. Recreation:
Motor boating.



Was born Oct. 8, 1863, in Romeo, Mich., son of James
and Hattie (Penoyer) Harvey; graduate Romeo high
school, 1882; Detroit college of medicine, M.D., 1887;
post-graduate course, Berlin, Germany, 1900; married,
Ohio, Oct., 1891, Miss Alice Fox. Began practice in
Detroit, 1887; since taking course at Berlin has made
specialty of diseases of the stomach and intestines. City
physician of Detroit for eight years, and for twelve
years on medical staff of Michigan national guard, with
rank of major. Member American medical association,
Wayne county medical society, Mason. Clubs: De
troit, Detroit Boat, Fellowcraft, Recreations: Fishing
and all athletic sports.



Physician to the Missouri School for Deaf,
Was born July 3, 1857, in Columbia, Mo. He was edu
cated in the public schools, at Kemper s family school,
at the Missouri university, at the Missouri medical col
lege, and at the Bellevue hospital medical college. He
soon attained success as a practicing physician and sur
geon; is a member of the American medical association;
is a member of the Missouri medical association; and
a member of the Callaway county medical society. He
has been president of the board of managers of the Mis
souri state hospital for the insane; in 1883-91 was assis
tant physician to that institution; in 1892-96 was pres
ident of the board of that institution; and has filled
numerous positions of trust and honor. He is now serv
ing his fourth term of 1910-11 as physician to the Mis
souri school for the deaf.


Physician, Superintendent Battle Creek Sanitarium

Since 1876,

Was born Feb. 26, 1852, in Tyrone, Mich; son of John
Preston and Ann Janette Kellogg; educated in Michigan
state normal school; graduated Bellevue hospital medical
college, 1875; studied in Europe, 1883 and 1889; married,
Feb. 22, 1879, Ella E. Eaton, Alfred Center, N.Y. Has
practiced at Battle Creek, Mich., since 1875. President
American medical missionary college; president Haskell
orphans home since 1891; president James White mem
orial home for aged peiple since 1891. Inventor of im
proved apparatus and instruments for medical and surgi
cal purposes. Author: Text Book and Charts on Physiol
ogy for Use of Schools ; Home Handbook of Hygiene and
Rational Medicine; Man the Masterpiece; Art of Mas
sage; Rational Hydrotherapy; The Stomach; also many
technical. papers and articles. Editor Good Health; Mod
ern Medicine.



Diplomat, Author,

Was born Aug. 17, 1857, in Brooklyn, N.Y. ; son of James
Henry and Mary (Schenek) Whitehouse; educated in
Germany, Switzerland; married, Trinity church, Boston,
June i, 1892, Margaret McBurney; one child: Beatrix,
born Ouehy, Switzerland, July 9, 1893. Studied painting
in studio of Gerome, Paris; afterward entered United
States diplomatic service; served as secretary of legation
14 years; consul gen., Guatemala; author of The Sacrifice
of a Theme, received from King Humbert I of Italy, or
der of Commendatore dei Santi Maurizio e Lazzaro. Sec
retary of Pan-American conference at Washington; dele
gate of China to Second Peace conference at the Hague;
commander Order of Double Dragon. Author: The
Collapse of the Kingdom of Naples;. A Revolutionary
Princess (in press) ; Christian Belgiojoso-Trivulzio, Life
and Times, 1808-71 (Fisher Unwin and company, Lon
don) ; Life of Lamartine (in press) contributor to press.
Board of editors of "Bibliotheque Universelle," a Swiss
monthly review founded in 1796. Associate member of
Academis de Macon, France. Recreation: Golfing.


Was born Sept. u, 1869, in Kingston, Ont., son of James
A. and Annie G. (Dowler) Skiffington; educated in
Detroit public schools and Detroit business university;
married at Detroit, 1895, Miss Marie L. Walker. Came
to Detroit with parents, 1871; began active career as
clerk in office of the old Detroit steel and spring works,
continuing for two and one-half years; then became con
nected with the Fulton iron and engine works, the title of
which was changed to National-Fulton brass manufac
turing company in 1902; has been secretary and treasurer
of the company since 1904. Catholic. Recreations:
Outdoor sports.



President of Jones Commercial College of

St. Louis, Missouri,

Was born Nov. 9, 1848, in Rich Fountain, Mo. He
received his education in the parish and public schools,
from private tutors, and at the Jones commercial college.
He is one of the most prominent educators of the west;
has rilled the chairs of penmanship, bookkeeping, com
mercial law and English; and is now the principal of
the Jones commercial college of St. Louis, Mo., which
was established in 1841 by Professor Jonathan Jones.
This college is the only institution in St. Louis that
teaches bookkeeping and actual business practice; and
their system is protected both by patents and copyright.
Professor Bohmer has made this college the leading in
stitution of its kind west of the Mississippi.


Engineer, Author,

Was born Feb. 26, 1847, in Philadelphia, Pa. He re
ceived a thorough education and in 1867 graduated from
the Dresden polytechnic institute of Germany. In 1872
he was engaged as astronomer of the Yellowstone national
park; and in 1873-80 was assistant city engineer of Phila
delphia, Pa. Since 1880 he has been engaged in private
practice; and is an authority upon sewerage, water sup
ply and refuse disposal. He has been consulting engi
neer for the water supply or sewerage works of Phila
delphia, Baltimore, Washington, Buffalo, Cleveland, At
lanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco and
Honolulu. He was a member of the engineering com
mittee for an additional water supply for New York city.
He is a fellow of the American association for the ad
vancement of science. He is the author of many published
reports on sewerage and water supply of cities.



Real Estate and Financial Agent,

Was born Jan. 4, 1855, in Camden, N.J. ; son of Ebenezer
and Rebecca Young (Anderson) Nicholls; educated in
Quaker school, Camden, N.J., public school and high
school, Philadelphia; married, St. Louis, June i, 1881,
Julia Cleaveland Chamberlain; children, Julie C.,
Charles C., Jr. When 14 years old entered employ of Lee
and Walker, music publishers, Philadelphia, and re
mained with them 5 years; came to St. Louis when 19
years old and was one year with Mullanphy Planing Mill
company; in 1875, entered employ of Beard and Brothers,
dealers in cotton ties and safes, and two years later, when
business was incorporated as Beard and Brother Safe and
Lock company was made secretary and remained with
them until 1881;, when Mr. Beard died; wound up the
business and administered Mr. Beard s estate, amounting
to about $250,000. Started in real estate business, 1885,
and in 1892 sold a half interest to E. P. V. Ritter, organ
izing the Nicholls-Ritter Realty and Financial company,
which company sold out its business to Nicholls, Ritter,
Goodnow Realty company, increasing capital to $300,000,
and of both companies Mr. Nicholls has been and is now
president. The company also has an office in Flat Iron
building, New York. Director Citizens Insurance com
pany and vice-president Industrial Trust company. Mem
ber Business Men s league and Merchants exchange. Re
publican in national and state affairs. Elder in Grand
avenue Presbyterian church; member Young Men s
Christian association. Clubs: City, Mercantile.


Soldier, Philanthropist, Founder,

Was born July 28, 1844, in Weedsport, N.Y. He served
in the civil war; and was promoted to the rank of first
lieutenant. In 1875 he became secretary and superintend
ent of the New York society for the prevention of cruelty


to children, which position he still occupies. He is a rec
ognized authority on humane matters throughout the
world; has visited Europe several times; and aided in or
ganizing such societies of England, France, Germany and


United States Congressman from the Fifth District

of Kansas,

Was born in Perry county, Ohio, Sept. 26^ 1844; received
his education in the common schools and from his father,
Rev. E. B. Calderhead, a minister of the United Presby
terian church; spent the winter of 1861-62 in the prepara
tory department of Franklin college, New Athens, Ohio;
enlisted in August, 1862, as a private in Company H, one-
hundred and twenty-sixth Ohio infantry; was transferred
to Company D, ninth veteran reserves, for disability in
curred in the service, and discharged June 27, 1865 ; spent
two years recovering health, then one session at school ;
went to Kansas in the fall of 1868 and engaged in farming;
in 1872 settled on a homestead near Newton, Harvey
county, Kans. ; taught school one year in Newton ; read
law and was admitted in 1875; went to Atchison, Kans.,
during that year and spent four years there reading law
and teaching country schools during the winters; settled
in Marysville in November, 1879, and engaged in the gen
eral practice of law; was elected county attorney in the
fall of 1888 and served two years; was for several years
clerk of the board of education of the city; was elected to
the fifty-fourth, fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-
ninth and sixtieth congresses, and re-elected to the sixty-
first congress as a republican. He served 10 years on the
committee on banking and currency, and four years on
ways and means committee and was a member of the con
ference committee on the Payne tariff bill.



State Representative of Minnesota,

Was born April 3, 1863, in St. Paul, Minn. He received
a thorough education; and in 1888 graduated from Yale
university. In 1900-01 he was associate-editor of the
Minneapolis Tribune; and now devotes his time to the
lands and investments business in Minneapolis. Minn.
In 1900-02 he was a representative in the Minnesota
state legislature; and was again a representative in the
Minnesota state legislature for the term of 1905-07.


Educator, Lawyer, Clergyman, Missionary, Lecturer,
Was born Sept 22, 1849, in Butler county, Ohio. Since
1876 he has been a clergyman of the Methodist Episco
pal church. He has filled the chairs of languages, math
ematics, science, history, philosophy and elocution in sev
eral colleges; has been president of the McGee college,
and also president of the Lewis college, from which latter
institution he received the degree of A.M. He has trav
eled extensively in Europe and for several years was a mis
sionary in South America.


Engineer, Financier,

Was born Aug. i, 18^6, in Ithaca, N.Y. He attended
scientific lectures at Cornell university. In 1885 he be
came assayor and superintendent of reduction works in
Carlisle, N.M.; in 1887 became assistant manager and
treasurer of the Kokomo glass company of Indiana; and
since 1900 has been treasurer and purchasing agent of the
C. W. Hunt company of New York city. He has traveled
extensively in the United States and Europe; and attended
the joint meetings of the American and English engineer
ing societies in Europe in 1900. For many years he was
greatly interested in republican politics; and has filled
various other positions of trust and honor.




Was born Aug 14, 1862, in Newton, Upper Falls, Mass.
He was educated in the public schools; and in 1880
graduated from the high school of Newton, Mass. For
many years he was engaged as a machinist; and since
1907 has been a director and agent of the cotton machine
works of Newton, Mass. ; and is also the director of the
corporation of Saco and Pette machine works, with
machine shops at Saco, Maine, and also at Newton Upper
Falls, Mass. In 1888-89 he was a member of the common
council of Newton, Mass.; in 1890-1900 was a member
of the Newton school board. He is a member of the
national association of cotton manufacturers; and is a
director of the Lawrence cotton mills and a score of
other manufacturing and financial corporations.


Soldier, Physician, Surgeon,,

Was born Aug 17, 1821, in Westphalia, Germany. In
1842 he graduated from the university of Gottingen; and
in 1848-54 practiced medicine in New York city. Then
for five years prior to the civil war he served in the
United States army; and for three years was assistant
surgeon in the second Colorado cavalry. He has attain
ed success in the practice of his profession in Kansas;
in 1888-92 was United States pension examiner for Chase
county; and for five years was mayor of Canton, Kan.
He is medical examiner for the Ancient order united
workmen; is medical examiner for the Woodmen of the
world; is a member of the health officers association of
McPherson county, Kan.; and has filled various other
positions of trust and honor.




Was born Sept. 21, 1866, in Detroit: son of Henry P. and
Frances A. (Hulbert) Sanger; educated in public
schools of Detroit and Cornell university, graduating,
degree of B.L., 1891 He married June i, 1909. Elected
vice-president and cashier, National bank of commerce,
1911. Began active career in employ of First National
bank, Detroit, 1891, continuing for nine years; then
assistant cashier Commercial National bank, six years,
resigning, to accept position as cashier National bank
of commerce, June i, 1907. Also director Hayes man
ufacturing company. Member Kappa Alpha. Clubs:
Detroit (director and treasurer), University, Country,
Detroit Boat.


Real Estate Dealer,

Was born Sept. 14, 1878, in London, Eng., son of Rev.
Frank and Charlotte (Williams) Blomfield; came to
Michigan with parents at 8 years of age; student for 3
years at Olivet college; won gold medal for wrestling,
1900; married Edith M. St. John, daughter of George
and Mary St. John of Highland, Mich., Nov. 24, 1909.
Began active career as receiving clerk for the Pingree
company, 1901, continuing until 1904; studied law at
night at Detroit college of law, 1904-06; entered real
estate and fire insurance business for self, 1904, and has
developed a lucrative business in building houses, $3,000
to $8,000 each, and selling them to home seekers; built
and sold 20 to 25 houses a year since. Congregationalist.
Member Masonic order. Recreation: Hunting, fishing
and outdoor sports.



Stock and Bond Broker,

Was born Feb. 18, 1864, in St. Louis; son of Augustus and
Fanny (French) Knight; educated in public school,
Smith academy and Wyman institute; married, St. Louis,
June 22, 1888, Bertha Judith ((now deceased), daughter
of Rev. Dr. James H. Brookes; children, James B., Fan-
nv F., Oliver D., Harry H. Began business career in
1 88 1, as employe of Crow, Hargadine and company,
wholesale dry goods; became director of Brown-Des-
noyers Shoe company, 1889; since, September, 1894, vice-
president of A. G. Edwards and Sons Brokerage com
pany. Also member of firm of A. G. Edwards and Sons,
and director of the Third National bank. Republican.
Presbyterian. Clubs: St. Louis, University, Noonday,
St. Louis Country, Log Cabin, Cuivre.


Was born July 27, 1860, in Edgerton, Wis., son of George
O. and Helen S. (Mather) Robinson; educated at St.
Johnsbury (Vt.) academy; Detroit high school, univer
sity of Michigan, degree of A.B., 1882, law department,
same university, LL.B., 1883; married at Detroit, May
2, 1888, Clara L. Hayes. Has been engaged in business
in Detroit since Mar., 1883. Member Robinson and
Flinn, lands, established 1872; managing director The
FarrandCompany, pianos, etc., Detroit. Member Detroit
Bar association. Member Board of Estimates, Detroit,
eleven years, 1893-1904 (president, 1895-96). Republican.
Methodist. Member Chi Psi, University of Michigan, 82.
Clubs: University, Boylston (musical), Old club. Rec
reation : Automobiling.




Was born Jan. 14, 1839, in Ithaca, N.Y. ; son of John
and Ann (Morrell) Speed; moved to Aldril in 1848; edu
cated in private schools and university of Michigan; mar
ried to Mary Clark Aug. 20, 1867, and, she having died,
was again married, Detroit, Sept i, 1899, to Ella C.
Hastings. Studied law and was admitted to the bar be
fore the supreme court of Michigan; began practicing in
Detroit, 1861; member state legislature, 1873-74; judge
of circuit court, 1882-89; corporation counsel, 1890-96;
also attorney for police department; ex-member board of
education. Republican. Episcopalian. Member De
troit bar association. Mason. President North Chan
nel club. Recreation: Fishing.


Educator, Author,

Was born Feb. 9, 1852, in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. In
1876 he graduated with the degree of Ph.D. from Am-
herst college; receiving the degree of B.D. from Yale
college; and studied in Germanv. In 1883-85 he was in
structor in philosophy at the Wesleyan university; and
since 1885 has been professor of philosophy at Union col
lege of Schenectady, N.Y. He is a member of the Amer
ican philosophical society; a member of the American
association for the advancement of science; and a mem
ber of various other education and scientific societies. He
is the author of Sphere of the State; Sphere of Science;
Psychology and Common Life; and other works.


Grain Commission,

Was born St. Louis, Oct. 17, 1862; son of William and
Mary (Stewart) Moffit; educated in public schools of St.
Louis; married, St. Louis, 1895, Olive Boogher; children,
Sophie Josephine, Olive and Natalie. Began business


career in 1879 as clerk at the East St. Louis elevator; be
came clerk with Hubbard and Bartlett commission com
pany, 1882-86; became secretary of the same company,
from 1886 until firm changed to present style of Hubbard
and Mofrlt company, grain commission merchants, of
which he is now vice-president. Member St. Louis Mer
chants exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Minneapolis
Chamber of Commerce, Kansas City Board of Trade.
Methodist. Club: St. Louis City. Member Tuscon
lodge, A.F. and A.M., Missouri consistory.


Manufacturing Pharmacist, Chemist, Author,
Was born April 19, 1849, in West Bloomfield, N.Y. He
has received the degrees of Ph.M., Ph.D., and LL.D. Un
til 1887 he was professor of pharmacy at the Cincinnati
college of pharmacy; and in 1897-1904 was professor of
chemistry; and president of the Eclectic medical institute
at Cincinnati, Ohio. He was associate editor of the Phar
maceutical Review and other journals. In 1887 he was
president of the American Pharmaceutical association. He
is president of the Lloyd library of botany and pharmacy.
He is the author of Chemistry of Medicine; Etidorhpa,
or The End of the Earth; The Right Side of the Car;
Strengtown on the Pike; Red Head; Warwick of the
Knobs; and Scroggin.


Industrial Agent and Promotor,

Was born Oct. 2, 1866, in London Ont., son of George
B. and Eliza J. G. (Miller) Burnett; public school
education; married, Detroit, 1897, Alice E. Erb. For
fifteen years acted as traveling representative and gen
eral western manager Gordon and Delworth, preserved
fruits, New York city; located in Detroit, 1897. Recrea
tions: Outdoor sports.



Brake Manufacturer,

Was born St. Louis, Dec. 23, 1847; son of Stephen W. and
Emily Gates (Learned) Adreon; educated in Wyman s
St. Louis university; married, St. Louis, Dec. 23, 1871,
Josephine L. Young; children, Edward Learned, Jose
phine M. (deceased), Robert Enos. Entered office of
comptroller of city of St. Louis as clerk, March. 1865, and
remained in that office twenty years and one month, the
last eight years, 1877-85, as comptroller, to which office
was twice elected. Since April, 1887, vice-president and
general manager of the American Brake company, manu
facturers of locomotive brakes (In 1910 his son, R. E. Ad
reon, succeeded him as general manager). Since Aug. i,
1888, Southwestern manager of the Westinghouse Trac
tion Brake company. Vice-president of the Broadway
Savings Trust company; secretary and treasurer of the
Westinghouse Automatic Air and Steam Coupler com
pany, and director Adreon manufacturing company. Re
publican. Member Business Men s league; vice-presi
dent from Missouri of Trans-Mississippi congress; mem
ber Manufacturers association; vice-president Latin-
American club. Member advisory board and executive
committee of the National irrigation association; and
president Railway Supply Manufacturers association.



Was born May 29, 1843, in Peking, China; son of Hiram
and Margaret (Speare) Lowry; A.B., A.M., Ohio Wes-
leyan university, 1867; (D.D., Dickinson college and
Ohio Wesleyan university) ; married, Delaware, Ohio,
Feb. 28, 1867, Parthenia Nicholson. Served in 67th Ohio
volunteer infantry, Aug. n, 1862, to Feb. 23, 1863. Or
dained to Methodist Episcopal ministry, 1867; now presi
dent Peking university; chairman China Centenary con
ference general board of education.



Cashier Boatmen s Bank,

Was born in Frederick county, Md., April 16, 1837; son
of William James and Margaretta Ann (Davis) Thom
son; attended common school in Frederick county, Md.,
in earlyboyhood,and, 1852-55, boarding schools at Straus-
burg, Pa., and Mount Joy, Pa.; married, ist, St. Louis,
July 16, 1862, Margaret Lewis Foote Larkin; one daugh
ter, Maggie Larkin; married, 2d, St. Louis, Jan. 23, 1872,
Annie Lou Hargadine; children, Julia Hargadine, Annie
Lou, Mary McCreery, William Hargadine, Susan Lar
kin, Virginia McCullough, Georgia Betts, Holmes Lack
land. On leaving school in 1855 entered civil engineering
corps, for about a year, surveying Metropolitan railroad,
from Washington city to Point of Rocks, on Baltimore
and Ohio railroad; then entered employ of Love, Martin
and company, western produce merchants, Baltimore,
Md. On leaving there, after a year or so, came to St.
Louis; entered employ of Boatmen s Bank, April 16,
1857; served as clerk, teller, etc., till Oct. 26, 1869, when
appointed assistant cashier, and on May 17, 1870, was ap
pointed cashier, which position he held till Jan. 10, 1911,
when he was made vice-president; an uninterrupted con
nection with the said institution of more than 54 years.
Democrat. Episcopalian. Clubs: St. Louis, Country,
Jefferson, Missouri Athletic.


Clergyman, Librarian, College President, Author,
Was born Aug. 23, 1858, in Germany. Since 1885 he has

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