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Lawyer and Author,

Was born July 20, 1868, in St. Louis, Mo. He received
a thorough education, and graduated from the Washing
ton university with the degree of LL.B. He is a success
ful lawyer and law-writer; makes a specialty of trade
mark and patent cases; and is prominently identified
with the business and public affairs of St. Louis, Mo.
He is the author of Hopkins on Unfair Trade; Hopkins
on Trademarks; Hopkins Judicial Code; Hopkins on
Patents, and numerous essays and monographs on legal
and medico-legal subjects.


Professor in State Normal School at Warrensbur^, Mo.
Was born April 20, 1865, in London, Ontario, Canada.
He was educated at the Collegiate institute of London;
the New York School of Expression; and at Columbia
university of New York. He is a successful educator;
an independent in politics; and a member of the New
York teachers of oratory; a member of the National As
sociation of Speech Arts; and a member of the Masons,
Odd Fellows, and various other orders and associations.
In 1894-99 he toured the United States and Canada under
the direction of the London entertainment bureau; and in
1899-1902 was director of the department of expression


and vocal music in the state normal school at Alva, Okla;
from 1902-05 he resided in New York City, where he
maintained a private studio in Carnegie hall; was instruc
tor in public speaking at the 23d street branch Y.M.C.
A.; Y. M. H. A.; Lexington avenue and 72d street; lec
turer, board of education lectures to the people; and spe
cial instructor in elocution at Wesleyan university. Since
1905 he has been head of the department of dramatic ex
pression and speech arts in the second district state normal
school of Missouri. He is an authority on oral English;
a writer of acknowledged worth and a composer of con
siderable reputation. He resides in Warrensburg, Mo.


Philatelic Expert and Journalist,

Was born Dec. i, 1863, in Westchester county, New York.
He was educated at the Union College of Law and at the
Washington university. He has been an officer and direc
tor of various corporations, and is prominently identified
with the business and public affairs of St. Louis, Mo. He
has attained success in the business world as a stamp deal
er and publisher, and is a philatelic expert and journalist.
He is now editor of the Philatelic Journal of America,
and has contributed valuable articles to many of the lead
ing American newspapers and magazines.


United States Army Officer,

Was born in Kansas. In 1893 he was appointed from
Kansas as a cadet to the United States military academy
at West Point, N. Y. In 1898 he was appointed second
lieutenant in the third infantry; served in the Santiago
campaign, in the Leech Lake Indian campaign and the
Philippine insurrection of 1899-1902. In 1903 he was
transferred to the twenty-second infantry. In 1902-05 he
was connected with the United States military academy;


and in 1903 did work in Venezuela, Columbia and Pana
ma. In 1903 he attained the rank of captain ; and in 1909-
10 was stationed on Island Mindanao, P. I.; and since
1909 has been stationed at Zamboanca, Mindanao, P. I.


United States Army Officer,

Was born Oct. 28, 1862, in Lycoming county, Pennsylva
nia. In 1883 he entered the United States military acad
emy as a cadet, graduating in 1887 and became second
lieutenant in the twenty-fifth regiment, United States in
fantry, attaining the rank of captain; and in 1894 he be
came first lieutenant. In 1899 he was transferred to the
seventh regiment, United States infantry. Since 1910 he
has been major in the sixteenth regiment, United States
infantry. He served in Dakota and Montana territories;
and in the states of Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Illinois,
Washington, California, Michigan and Kansas; during
the Spanish-American war served with distinction lin
Cuba and the Philippine Islands; has participated in
numerous battles and skirmishes, and is now stationed at
Fort Gibbon, Alaska.


Professor of Biology in the University of Montana,
Was born in Pennsylvania, April 27, 1863; son of John
Morton Elrod and Mary (Elliott) Elrod. He was edu
cated at the Monroe (Iowa) High school; at Simpson
college, from which he received the degrees of B.A.,
M.A,. and M.S.; and at the Illinois Wesleyan university,
from which he received the degree of Ph.D. He was
principal of the high school at Corydon, Iowa, 1887-8; ad
junct professor of natural science in the Illinois Wesleyan
university, 1888-9; professor of biology and physics in
the same institution 1891-7; professor of biology in the
University of Montana since 1897; and director of the


University of Montana Biological station since 1899. He
was also an instructor for eight sessions at the Des Moines
Summer School of Methods. He is a member of the ex
ecutive committee of the Missoula Chamber of Com
merce. He is a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity;
of the American Microscpoic society; of the American
Forestry association; of the National Geograph society;
he is a fellow of the American Association for the Ad
vancement of Science; secretary of the Montana Horti
cultural society, and also secretary of the Montana Acad
emy of Sciences. He belongs to the Missoula Business
Men s club. He was editor of the first volume of the Illi
nois Wesleyan magazine and is a contributor to scientific
and other magazines and journals. His favorite recrea
tion is mountain climbing. He married at Corydon, la.,
May 31, 1888, Emma Hartshorn; and they have one
daughter, Mary, born in 1889. Residence, Missoula,
Montana. Has written several bulletins on Montana nat
ural history, contributed to scientific magazines and pa



Was born March 16, 1863, in Wadsworth, Ohio. In 1881-
84 he was a student in the Baldwin university of Berea,
Ohio; in 1884-85 studied in the medical department of
Wooster university; in 1891-93 attended the Columbus
Medical college, from which institution he received the
degree of M.D., and took post-graduate work in Phila
delphia, New York, Boston, Baltimore, London and
Edinburgh. He has received the degrees of D.Sc. and
LL.D., and since 1885 has been in practice in Columbus,
Ohio. Since 1900 he has been chief of staff and surgeon
in the Lawrence hospital, and since 1900 has also been
clinical lecturer at the Starling, Ohio, medical college.
In 1894 ne was president of the Central Ohio Medical


society; in 1905 was president of the Columbus Academy
of Medicine; in 1908 was first vice president of the Mis
sissippi Valley Medical association, and in 1909 of the
Ohio State Medical association. In 1900 he was secre
tary of the section on obstetrics of the American Medical
association, and in 1900 was vice-chairman.


Librarian of the Minnesota Historical Society,
Was born March 8, 1850, in Amherst, N. H. In 1871
he graduated from Dartmouth college; and has received
from that institution the degrees of A.M. and D.Sc. In
1874-94 he was assistant on geological surveys of New
Hampshire until 1879, of Minnesota until 1885, and again
in 1893-4; and in 1885-95 on the geological survey of the
United States. In 1895 he was librarian of the Western
Reserve Historical society at Cleveland, Ohio. He is
the author of The Glacial Lake Agassiz; Greenland Ice
fields, Minnesota in Three Centuries, Volume I; many
geological and historical papers; and has edited Volumes
VIII. to XIII. of the Minnesota Historical society col
lections. Since 189$ he has been secretary and librarian
of the Minnesota Historical society; resides in St. Paul,


Clergyman and Author,

Was born Dec. 8, 1841;, in Warrick county, Indiana. He
graduated from the DePauw university, from which in
stitution he has received the degrees of A.B., A. M. and
D.D. In 1870-82 he filled pastorates in Indiana, and has
since filled pastorates in Bloomington, 111.; in Buffalo,
N. Y. ; in Newark, N. J.; in New York Citv and Brook-
Ivn, N. Y. ; in Newburgh, Tarrvtown and Peekskill, N.
Y. ; and since 1906 has been district superintendent of the


New York Anti-Saloon league. He is the author of The
Speaking Oak, and a constant contributor to the Christian
Herald, Review of Reviews and other American publica


Physician, Surgeon,

Was born Aug. i, i8c8, in Bridgetown, Md. In 1885 he
graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons
at Baltimore, Md. For manv vears he was a physician
to the Pennsvlvania Railroad companv and the Penn Mu
tual Insurance companv, and was assistant superintendent
of the Marvland hospital for the insane and also medical
c unerintendent of the Marvand Institution for the Feeble
Minded. Since 1893 ne has been medical director of the
New Tersev state hospital at Morris Plains. He is a mem
ber of the American Association for the Advancement of
Science; a member of the American Medical Psycholog
ical association; and a member of numerous other medical
and scientific societies.



Was born Oct. it;, 1862, in Russia. Since 1887 he has
practiced medicine in New York City; and is director
of the Business Men s Realtv company. He is consulting
gvnecologist to the Jewish hospital, and has contributed
to medical literature.


United States Army Officer,

He served in the Spanish-American war and participated
in various battles and skirmishes. He is now in active
service as a second lieutenant of the Philippine scouts ; and
is stationed at Manila, P. I.



College President,

Was born Nov. 30, 1823, in Laurens, N. Y. He was edu
cated at the Wesleyan university of Connecticut, and has
received the degrees of A.B., D.D. and Ph.D. In 1840
he began teaching, and in 1848 was ordained a minister
of the Methodist Episcopal church. Since 1854 he has
been president of Ft. Edward collegiate institute. He is
president of the Ft. Edward national bank; and a trustee
of the Wesleyan university since 1848.


United States Army Officer,

Was born in the United States. He received a thorough
education and after entering the United States army saw
service at various posts. He soon attained the rank of sec
ond lieutenant and was sent to the Philippine Islands,
where he has served with distinction. He has recently
been promoted to the rank of second lieutenant of the
Philippine Scouts, and is stationed near Manila, P. I.



Was born April 3, 1875, m Corning, N. Y. In 1897 he
graduated from Amherst college with the degree of B.A. ;
and in 1900 graduated from the New York Law school
with the degree of LL.B. In 1900 he was elected city
magistrate, and in 1906-07 was counsel to the registrar
of Kings county, New York. He is a director in the
United Neighborhood Guild and Legal Aid society, and
is also a member of the Reform club and of the City club.


Congressman From the Twenty-First District of Illinois,
Was born April 14, 1852, in Ireland; came to Sangamon
county, Illinois, in 1868; when of age began teaching in


the public schools of Champaign county, Illinois, and
continued teaching for about seven years; while teaching
began the study of law; was admitted to the bar in 1885;
was elected and served one term as a member of the house
of representatives in the thirty-fourth general assembly of
Illinois for the twenty-ninth district, and was elected to
the office of state s attorney of Sangamon county in 1892.
serving four years; since then Mr. Graham has given his
entire time to the practice of law; was elected to the sixty-
first congress from Illinois as a democrat, and re-elected
to the 6zd. He resides in Springfield, 111.


Railroad Manager,

Was born June 4, 1862. Educated at Dulwich college.
Entered railway service 1877 with the London and North
western railroad of England, since which he has been
consecutively to 1887, apprentice machinist, and 1887 to
1892, foreman engine house same road at Chester, Eng
land; 1892 to 1895, machinist Chicago shops and foreman
shops at Boone, la., Chicago and Northwestern railway;
1895 to 1898, foreman at Belle Plaine, la.; 1898 (for
seven months), general foreman at Clinton, la.; April i
to Dec. 30, 1899, master mechanic Madison division: Jan.
i, 1900, to Aug. 31, 1902, master mechanic Iowa division
same road; Aue. 31, 1902, assistant superintendent motive
power and machinery same road at Chicago; now prin-
cioal assitant superintendent M. P. and M. of C and N.
W. railway.


Lawyer and Author,

Was born Sept. 27, 18152, in Bath county, Ky. In 1867-71
he was a student in the Transylvania university, and in
1877 began the practice of law in St. Louis, Mo. He is
president of the Arkansas Land company, and a racial


expert for naturalization for the Mutual State s govern
ment. He is the author of "History of Civilization."


Railroad Manager,

Was born June 9, 1865, in New York City. Educated in
the Chicago high schools. Entered railway service 1882
as clerk in claim department Minneapolis and St. Louis
railroad, since which he has been successively to April i,
1902, rate clerk, chief lerk, traveling freight agent, as
sistant general freight agent same road; April i to July,
1902, out of railway servie; July i, 1902, to May 2, 1903,
general northwestern freight agent Chicago, Rock Island
and Pacific railway at Minneapolis, Minn.; May 2, 1903,
to date, assistant general freight agent same road at Min
neapolis; Jan. i, 1910, to Jan. i, 1911, general freight
agent Kansas City, Mo.; Jan. i, 1911, assistant general
freight agent Minneapolis, Minn.

Journalist and Publisher,

Was born in 1851 in New Orleans, La., of a French creole
family. She married Frank Leslie, the New York pub
lisher, who died in 1880. She succeeded to his business,
then badly involved; personally managed it and put it on
a paying basis. She is president of the Frank Leslie Pub
lishing house, and editor of Frank Leslie s Monthly.



Was born at Palmyra, Ontarit), Canada; s. Joseph Lock-
wood and Hannah (Teeple) Street; ed. St. Thomas Col
legiate institute, Ontario; grad. Victoria university; To
ronto, Canada, A.B.; Toronto university, A.M.; gradu
ate study Clark university, Worcester, Mass., Ph.D.; m.
Belleville, Ontario, Jan. i, 1885, Rose Northcott; chil-


dren: Lockwood N., William Walter, John Northcott.
Master modern languages, Walkerton High school; prin
cipal Caledonia High school, Ontario, 1887-95; prof,
education, Mt. Holyoke college, 1898-1900; head of de
partment of science of education, Syracuse university,
1900-06; dean Teachers college, Syracuse university,
since 1906. Literary editor Journal of Pedagogy, 1903-
04. Member board of education for city of Syracuse
since Jan. i, 1906; public lecturer state education depart
ment at Teachers institutes. Author: Adolescence; The
Mind of the Child; A Genetic Study of Immorality, etc.
Has in preparation a volume on the Child and His Home
and School Training. Republican. Member M. E.
church. Member National Educational association, Re
ligious Educational association (one of executive secre
taries), Society for Scientific Study of Pedagogy, Phi
Beta Kappa; member and president Current Events Club,
Syracuse. Recreations: Yachting, gardening. Address:
755 Comstock avenue, Syracuse, N. Y.


Railroad Manager,

Was born Nov. 29, 1867, in Davenport, Iowa. He was
educated in the high school and at a business college. In
1883-1901 he was in railroad service in various operating
and accounting positions in Albuquerque, Denver and
Los Angeles. In 1903-08 he was successively auditor, as
sistant to general manager, and superintendent of the East
Broad Top Railroad and Coal company at Orbisonia,
Pa. In 1908-09 he was a real estate and investment bro
ker at Los Angeles, Cal.; in 1909-11 was examiner of ac
counts, interstate commerce commission, with headquar
ters in Washington, D. C.; and since 1911 has been gen
eral manager of the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal
company of Orbisonia, Pa.




Was born Millbrook, N. Y. ; s. Samuel and Phebe (Van
Schoonhoven) Thome; grad. Yale Sheffield Sch., 1885;
m. N. Y. City, Nov. 16, 1905, J. Theresa Keyser. Direc
tor of purchases Union Pacific R. R. company, Oregon
Short Line company, Oregon-Washington ;R. R and
Navigation company, Southern Pacific company; direc
tor Union Pacific R. R. company, Union Pacific Coal
company, Wells, Fargo and company, Oregon Short Line
R. R. company, Southern Pacific R. R. company, Ore
gon-Washington R. R. and Navigation company, R. R.
Securities company, Manhattan Trust company, and Fi
delity bank. Manager and treasurer Presbyterian hospi
tal; manager Manhattan Maternity hospital and Society
for the Relief of Half Orphans and Destitute children.
Clubs: Metropolitan, Universitv. Ridin^ Down Town,
Morris County Golf club, Tuxedo club. Residence: 4
E. 72d street. Address: 120 Broadway, N. Y. City.


Physician and Pharmacist,

Was born Feb. 6, 1876, in Detroit, Mich. In 1897 he
graduated from the Detroit College of Medicine; and in
1897-98 was interne at the Harper and the Children s
hospital. Since 1902 he has been lecturer on experimental
pharmacology in the Detroit College of Medicine; and
has also been editor of pharmacology and therapeutics
in the Journal of the Michigan State Medical society.
He was the founder and first president of the Detroit
Medical club. Since 1900 he has been a registered phar



Was born Nov. 14, 1857; s. Patrick and Mary (Leahey)
Ryan; ed. Yates Acad., Orleans Co., N. Y. ; Ionia High


Sch., Ionia, Mich.; Rochester Univ., Rochester, N. Y. ;
Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor, Mich., LL.B., 1883; m. Me
dina, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1887, Alberta C. Davis; children:
Paul D., b. 1889, lone G., b. 1891, Harold J., b. 1893, Al
berta Clare, b. 1897. Admitted to practice of law in
Michigan, Feb. 20, 1883 ; admitted to practice law, N. Y.,
June 6, 1884; at y for Village of Medina, 1897-98, 1905-
07. Delegate from Orleans Co. to Democratic state con
vention, 1899; delegate from N. Y. to democratic na
tional convention at St. Louis, Mo., Julv, 1904. Partner
in firm of Ryan and Skinner, lawyers. Democrat. Mem
ber board of education village of Medina, 1894-1903.
Member Delta Upsilon fraternitv, Rochester universitv
and University of Michigan; Odd Fellow and B. P. O.
Elks, Medina, N. Y. Recreation: Camping. Address:
Medina, Orleans county, N. Y.


Civil Engineer,

Was born April 7, 1867, in Berlin, Germanv. He was
educated at Riga college of Russia, and Riga Polvtechnic,
where he was graduated an M.E. He engaged in prac
tice as mechanical engineer first in Europe and afterward
in the United States. He traveled extensivelv in Russia.
Holland, England, France, Spain, Italy and Eevpt, and
has also traveled widely in America, as far as the Cana
dian Rockies and through the Yukon valley. He joined
the Thirteenth regiment coast artillery, national guard,
New York, March 14, 1893; warranted corporal and
transferred to non-commissioned staff Jan. 23, 1894; pro
moted to commissary sergeant Aug. 14, 1894; battalion
quartermaster-sergeant Oct. 22, 1895; honorably dis
charged May 17, i!



Railroad Manager,

Was born Jan. 22, 1856, in Carrollton, Carroll county,
Ohio. He was educated in the common schools, and en
tered the railway service in 1877 as agent and operator of
the Connotton Valley road, since which he has been con
secutively ten years with the Connotton Valley and Cleve
land and Canton roads; three vears general agent of the
Lakeside and Marblehead road, and since 1890, superin
tendent of the same road.


President Hutchison Scott Co., of New York Citv,
Was born East Libertv. Pittsburgh, Pa., Feb. n, 1868: s.
Thomas and Matilda Dallas (Sanders) Scott: ed. at La
Rochelle, Paris, Gait, Philadelphia: Annapolis Revenue
Cutter Acad. : m. Camden, N. T., Aucr. 10. 1801, Edith
Graham: one dauo-bter, Elizabeth De Puv, b. i8qc. Re
ceived presidential appointment as cadet. IT. S. Naval
Acad.: was in merchant service three vears; U. S. Reve
nue cutter service thirteen vears: with Pennsylvania R. R.
companv, six vears; acrent for Harlan and Hollinesworth
corporation. Traveled in France. England. Germanv,
Spain, Portugal, South America. Southern Africa, India,
Tapan. Recommended for bravery in ravine I. F. Moun
tain. Lisbon Harbor. lulv /i. iRon: saving crew of schoon
er Marv Barker, off coact of Maine. T^n. T? % 1801 : savin^
rrew and passengers of Portuguese bark Fraternidada, ofT
Rlackstone reef, August, r8oq: received thanks of con-
ore^ for frettin? line to U. S. S. torpedo boat Winslow
while under action at Cardenas, Cuba, Mav n, 1808:
presented with sword bv citv of Philadelphia: awarded
gold and silver medal for bravery. Member Society of


the Carribbean, National Geographical society. Clubs:
Railroad (N. Y. City), Markham (Philadelphia). Ad
dress: 17 Battery place, N. Y. City.


Actress, Author and Poet,

Was born June 3, 1859, in Spencer, Ind. She is known
from the Atlantic to the Pacific as the original Woman
Tramp. She is a life member of the Actors Fund asso
ciation. In 1910 she published a volume of poems enti
tled "Footlight Rhymes."


Clergyman and Author,

Was born July 15, 1834, in Philadelphia, Pa. He was
educated at Princeton university and at Jefferson college,
and has received the degrees of A.B., A.M., D.D. and
S.T.D. In 1859 he became a minister of the Protestant
Episcopal church; and since 1864 has been rector of St.
Paul s church, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. He is
the author of Principles of Agnosticism Applied to Evi
dences of Christianity; The Calvanistic Doctrine of Elec
tion and Reprobation No Part of the Teaching of St.
Paul; St. Peter and the Power of the Keys; and other


General Manager Colonial Iron Company,
Was born in Scotland, Pa., Jan. 28, 1849. He is a son of
James Lauder and Mary (Richardson) Lauder. He
was educated in the public schools of Jersey City and
school in Scotland. He married in Hopewell, Pa., July
29, 1894, Mary Ashcom, and they have six children:
Mary, Edith, Helen, Edna, William and Robert. Mr.
Lauder for over thirty years has been the general man
ager of the Colonial Iron company and preceding com-


panics at Riddlesburg. He was presidential elector for
Roosevelt in 1904, is a republican in politics and a Meth
odist in his church relations. He has been school director
for twenty-five years and was appointed on the commis
sion to revise and frame a new educational code for Penn-
lysvania by Governor Stuart. He is a Mason and Shriner.



Was born Sterling Valley, Cayuga county, N. Y., 1851;
son Harlow and Lucy L. (Deuel) Skeel; educated Falley
seminary, Fulton, N. Y., Fairfield seminary, New York;
Wesleyan university, Middletown, Conn., A.B., 1875;
New York university (M.D.), 1 88 1; married 1883, Mary
A. Robertson; one son: Henry Robertson, born 1886. Sur
geon New York Eye infirmary; ophthalmic surgeon Deaf
and Dumb institute, New York. Republican; Methodist.
Member Medical Society Greater New York, Harlem
Medical society, New York, County Medical society,
New York State Medical society, Bronx Medical society,
New York Ophthalmic society, New York Microscopic
soiety. Clubs: Aldine, Salmagundi. Residence: 361
Mott avenue. Address : 147 West 57th street, New York


Director Pennsylvania Railroad,

Was born Aug. 23, 1856, at Philadelphia, Pa. Graduated
from the University of Pennsylvania 1875, and engaged
in the practice of law. Was general attorney for the Le-
high Valley railroad for some years and solicitor for the
Girard Trust company until his election to the presidency
of that company in 1887, which position he still holds.
Was chairman of the reorganization committee of the
Pennsylvania Steel company, which was placed in the
hands of a receiver in 1893, an d was president of that

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