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been professor of yebrew, since 1888 librarian, since 1891
professor of Scripture at the Woodstock college of Mary
land, since January, 1907, president of Woodstock college.
He is the author of Life of Christ; Day in the Temple;
and Christ in Type and Prophecy.




Was born May 15, 1849, in Newark, Ohio; son of Henry
A. and Mary (Lemert) Montgomery; graduate Denison
university, 1871, LL.D., 1901; Jefferson medical college,
1874; married, Philadelphia, Dec. 27, 1876, Helen M.
Buckley. Interne Philadelphia hospital, 1874-75; obstet
rician, same, 1878-94; professor gynecology, Medico-
Chirurg. college, 1886-91; professor obstretics and gyne
cology, same, 1891-92; professor clinical gynecology, Jef
ferson medical college, 1892-98; professor gynecology,
same, since 1898; gynecologist St. Joseph s hospital since
1890; ex-president Philadelphia medical club; ex-presi
dent Philadelphia clinical society; Philadelphia obstetri
cians society, American association of obstet. gynecolo
gists, Pennsylvania state medical society, Alumni associa
tion Jefferson college; member College physicians, Amer
ican gynecologists society, American medical association.
Associate editor Universal Medical Annual and Sajous
Annual and Analytical Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine.
Contributor to Keating and company s Practical Gynecol-.
ogy, Wn ; American Text-Book of Gynecology, and va
rious medical journals. Author: Practical Gynecology,
third edition.


Member Permanent Court of Arbitration at the
Hague, Appointed in Place of President

Harrison, Deceased,

Was born Dec. 23, 1850; son of Lazarus Straus. Educated
in Georgia, A.B., 1871; A.M., 1873, and LL.B., 1873,
Columbia university; L.H.D., 1896, Brown university;
LL.D., 1897, Washington and Lee university; LL.D.,
1898, Pennsylvania university; LL.D., 1910, Columbia
university. Vice-president American International Law
association. Married Sarah Lavanburg. Envoy extra
ordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Turkey, 1887-


90, and 1898-1900. President National primary league,
1895 ; American social science association, 1899-1903 ; and
National conference of capital and labor, 1901 ; first vice-
president, until 1898, American Jewish historical society;
vice-president National civic federation. Was member
Indian commission appointed by President Roosevelt as
governor of the state of New York; of commission to in-


vestigate New York city public schools; and of commis
sion to investigate pauper insane institutions. Secretary
of commerce and labor, 1906-09. Ambassador to Turkey,
1909-11. Author: The Origin of Republican Form of
Government in the United States, 1885; Roger Williams,
the Pioneer of Religious Liberty, 1894; The Development
of Religious Liberty in the United States, 1896; Reform
in the Consular Service, 1897; Our Diplomacy, 1902; The
Protection of Naturalized Citizens, 1900; The American
Doctrine of Citizenship, 1904; etc.

Secretary American Brake Company,,
Was born June 19, 1854, in Rebersburg, Pa.; son of Isaac
and Catherine (Kern) Ziegler; educated in public schools
of Redersburg, Pa., State university of Iowa, Ph.B., 1878,
A.M., 1880, Harvard college, A.B., 1884; married, St.
Louis, April 13, 1888, Mary Catherine Conser; children,
Laura Alpha (died Nov. 30, 1899) > an ^ Ca lla Alpha. En
gaged in clerical work after leaving college ; became clerk,
1887, with the American Brake company, of which, Oct.
19, 1901, he was elected to present position as secretarv
and treasurer. Author of "Drauss un Deheem," a small
volume of poems in the Pennsylvania German dialect,
published in Leipzig, Germany, 1891. Independent in
politics. Member St. Mark s Evangelical Lutheran
church. Member Pennsylvania German society (of Penn
sylvania), Pennsylvania society (St. Louis), and Forest
Park Lodge No. 578, A.F. and A.M. Clubs: Harvard,
St. Louis Railway.




Was born March 18, 1885, in Watertown, N.Y. ; son of
Major Luther and Polly (Rouse) Kieffer; educated i>
public schools of New York and Missouri, Missouri med
ical college, graduating, M.D., with honors of class, 1879;
married, Versailles, Mo., April 13, 1880, Belle Spur-
lock; children, Victor Barcroft, Bernice, Theodore Eas-
ley, Roland Spurlock, Lois, Alonzo Rouse, Jr., William
Tolbert. Taught in public schools of Missouri four
years. Practiced medicine in Benton county, Mo., 13
years, and since 1892 in St. Louis. Professor anatomy and
clinical surgery, Barnes medical college, n years; pro
fessor surgical diseases of women and clinical surgery,
Barnes medical college, 5 years; professor surgery, 3
years; member Board of trustees, Barnes university. Mem
ber St. Louis medical society, treasurer 8 years. Saved
$3,500 from dues, which became nucleus of a building
fund which made possible erection of building by St.
Louis medical society, containing lecture hall with 250
opera chairs, committee rooms, etc., altogether $15,000
has now been spent. (Chairman building committee.)
(Ex-president) , Missouri state medical association. (Ex-
first vice president, ex-president) American medical as
sociation. (Member house of delegates.) Republican.



Was born Sept. 29, 1862, in Columbus, Miss, son of Judge
Warwick and Nina Eliabeth (Massey) Hough; edu
cated in public schools of Kansas city, Mo., St. Louis
university and Central college, Fayette, Mo., where com
pleted academic course in 1883; married, Waterloo, la.,
Oct. 22, 1890, Elizabeth Gage. Studied law under guid
ance of father, 1883-86, also gained experience in office of
clerk of Supreme court of Missouri, where assisted in


preparing opinions of the court, for the official reporter;
admitted to bar, Feb. i, 1886, and engaged in practice of
law in St. Louis. Was assistant United States district at
torney of eastern district of Missouri during last part of
President Cleveland s first term and was called upon to
make specially close study of internal revenue laws of the
United States; therefore although engaged in general
practice has given special attention to litigation growing
out of the enforcement of the revenue laws and the fed
eral pure food laws. Had charge of the "what is whiskey"
case, representing the independents against the whiskey
trust and Dr. Wiley, and successfully established his de
finition under the pure food laws; member of law firm
of Klein and Hough from 1901 to 1910, since which time
he has been engaged in the practice alone. Was very
active in campaign of 1896 as a supporter of the principles
of Bryan democracy. Member of St. Louis and Amer
ican bar associations, Law Library association, Missouri
History society, the Civic league of St. Louis and numer
ous socities outside of Missouri, looking to the universal
uplift. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday, Raconet, Country,
Bellevive and Chery Chase at Washington, D.C. Recrea
tions : hunting and fishing, golf and literature.


President Big Muddy Coal and Iron Company,
Was born Oct. 13, 1848, in St. Louis; son of Oliver and
Louisa (Hale) Garrison; educated in Wyman institute,
St. Louis; married, 1879, Mary S. Siegrist; children,
Oliver L., Jr., Hazel Marie, Clifford R. Has been iden
tified with the Big Muddy Coal and Iron company since
its organization, first as secretary, and since 1897, as presi
dent; also president St. Louis Paper company; director
Merchants-Laclede National bank, Missouri Pacific rail
way company; president Kentucky Coal company, Chi
cago, 111. Clubs: St. Louis, Mercantile, Glen Echo and
Union League (Chicago, 111.). Recreation: Fishing.



Educator, Scientist, Author,

Was born Nov. 16, 1870, in St. Paul, Minn. In 1895 he
graduated from the university of Minnesota as B.S.; and
subsequently received the degrees of M.S. and Ph.D. from
that institution. He studied in Java and in the Royal bo
tanical garden of Ceylon. In 1896-98 he was an instructor
of botany in the university of Minnesota; and since 1899
has been professor of biology at the university of Colo
rado. In 1903-04 he traveled around the world. He is a
fellow of the American association for the advancement
of science; and is a member of other learned societies. He
was president of the Associated charities of Boulder, Col. ;
and secretary of the park commission. He has made spec
ial researches in plant anatomy; in the anatomy of seed
lings, morphology of certain brown seaweeds; and coty
ledon anatomy of tropical plants. He is preparing a book
giving a popular account of Rocky mountain vegetation;
has published articles dealing with forests and forest trees ;
and a plant geography of the Rocky mountains.



Was born Dec. 23, 1846, in Fall River, Mass: son of
Henry and Julia Ann (Wilbur) Lyon; graduate Brown
university, 1868 (D.D., 1896) ; graduate Harvard divinity
school, 1873; married, April $, 1893, Louise Dennison,
Boston. Ordained and settled Unitarian clergyman, Ells
worth, Me., 1873; Mt. Pleasant church, Roxbury, Mass.,
1880; All Souls Unitarian church, Roxbury, 1890; First
Parish, Brookline, Mass, 1896. Councillor Hungarian
Unitarian synod; secretary National Unitarian Confer
ence; president Unitarian Sunday School society, Brook-
line educational society. Clubs: St. Botolph, Twentieth
Century (Boston). Author: A Study of the Sects, 1891 ;
Early Old Testament Narratives, 1893; and Later Old
Testament Narratives, 1905.




Was born in Hancover county, Va., Feb. 5, 1857; son of
Charles Carroll and Caroline (Shadinger) Bitting; edu
cated at Lynchburg classical and commercial school to
1871, Richmond (Va.) college, M.A., 1877, Crozer theo
logical seminary, Chester, Pa., 1800 (D.D., Howard col
lege, Ala., and Richmond college, Va., and Brown uni
versity, 1910) ; married, Baltimore, Md., Nov. 17, 1886,
Anna. Mary Biedler; children, William Charles, Frank
Milton (deceased), Kenneth Hills. Ordained to ministry
of Baptist church, May 15, 1881; served as supply, Lee
street church, Baltimore, July, 1880, to February, 1881;
pastor Luray, Va., February, 1881, to Dec. 31, 1883;
Mount Baptist church, New York city, Jan. i, 1884 to
Oct. 31, 1905, Second Baptist church, St. Louis, since
Nov. i, 1905. Corresponding secretary Northern Bap
tist conventions, since May, 1907; Independent in politics.
Author: Earthly Blooms from Heavenly Stems; Foun
dation Truths. Contributor to magazines, papers, etc.

United States Congressman from the Third District

of California,

Was born Aug. 5, 1873, in Alameda, Cal. He was edu
cated in public and private schools; and in the university
of the Pacific. He is associated with father, Joseph Know-
land, in the wholesale lumber and shipping business; and
is a director of the Union Savings bank of Oakland and
the Alameda Natioal bank and Tlameda savings bank of
Alameda. Was a member of California legislature, 1899-
1903, and in 1904-05 was a member of the fifty-eighth
congress as a republican to fill vacancy and a member of
the fifty-ninth, sixtieth and sixty-first congresses. He was
re-elected to the sixty-second congress from the third dis
trict of California for the term of 1911-13.



Lawyer, Jurist, State Senator, Governor, Author,
Was born July 3, 1840, in Flushing, N.Y. In 1866 he
graduated from the Columbia law school, and received
the degrees of LL.D. from Kenyon and Colorado colleges.
In 1871-75 he was a member of the New York assembly;
and in 1872 was chaplain of the judiciary committee, hav
ing charge of impeachment of judges of New York city.
In 1874 he was father of the constitutional amendment
committee; and in 1866-77 was a member of the New
York state senate. In 1878 he declined the governorship
of Idaho; in 1878-82 was chief justice of New Mexico;
and in 1889-1903 was governor of New Mexico. Since
1883 he has been president of the New Mexico historical
society; and has the largest collections of American stone
idols in existence. He is the author of Epluribus Unum,
or American Nationality; General Laws of New Mexico;
The American Church and its Name; and the Money
Problem. ,



Was born Feb 16, 1859, in St. Louis, Mo.; son of David
and Elizabeth (Eckert) Ameiss; educated in private
schools, St. Louis; graduated Concordia college, Fort
Wayne, Ind., 1879, an d Missouri medical college, M.D.,
1882; married, St. Louis, Aug. 6, 1884, Therese Linden-
schmit; one daughter, Therese E. Engaged in general
medical practice in St. Louis since 1882. He is president
of the Wild Flower Honey company of St. Louis, and is
owner of large apiaries in Missouri and Arkansas. Late
clinical professor of gynecology, St. Louis Post-Graduate
school of medicine and Missouri medical college. Mem
ber St. Louis medical society, St. Louis obstetrical and
gynecological society, American medical association, St.
Louis academy of sciences, National beekeepers associa
tion, etc.



Real Estate Dealer,

Was born Dec. 19, 1869; in St. Louis; son of John H. and
Elizabeth (Todd) Terry; educated in public schools and
Smith academy, St. Louis, and Cornell university; mar
ried, St. Louis, Oct. 24, 1897, Bessie D. Whitelaw; chil
dren, Whitelaw, Elizabeth, Lucy. After leaving school
in 1890, entered father s real estate office, and in 1898 be
came a member of the firm of John H. Terry and Sons,
and afterward also organized the firm of Albert T. Terry
and company, real estate and financial agents. President
Real Estate exchange; director Trust Company of St.
Louis county; member Merchants exchange, Business
Men s league, Loyal Legion; treasurer Missouri historical
society. Democrat. Unitarian. Clubs: St. Louis, St.
Louis Country, Round Table, Missouri Athletic (direc
tor), Jefferson, Cornell club (St, Louis), Grand Pass
Hunting club. Favorite recreations : Hunting, fishing,
golf and horseback riding.


Secretary of Insurance Companies,

Was born Nov. 29, 18^, in St. Louis, son of Frederick
and Claudine (Hugo) Meyer; educated in public schools
and Wyman s school, St. Louis. Began business career as
boy in printing house, then was for some years in the
passenger department of the Frisco line, and afterwards
for nine years with Wickham and Pendleton, wholesale
grocers. In 1888 became assistant secretary and in 1902
was elected to present position as secretary and trustee of
the German Mutual Life Insurance company of St. Louis,
and secretary and treasurer of the Washington Mutual
Fire Insurance company of St. Louis. Republican.
Prostestant. Member Liederkranz and of the St. Louis
Hum Verein. Club: Union. Fie was married Jan. 17,
1911, to Miss Louise Lee Rabuske.



Clergyman, Author, Poet,

Was born June 10, 1841, in Norridgewock, Maine. He
was educated principally at Bowdoin college and
in 1864 graduated at the Bangor theological sem
inary. He has been a Congregational missionary in Cali
fornia ; has been pastor of several prominent churches ; be
came pastor of the church of the Unity of Boston, Mass.;
and now fills a pastorate in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the
author of Christianity the Science of Manhood; Beliefs
About Man; Belief in God; Life Questions; Poems; The
Religion of Evolution; The Religion of Morals; Talks
About Jesus; The Modern Sphinx; Man, Woman and
Child; Social Problems; My Creed; Religious Recon
struction; Signs of the Times; Helps for Daily Living;
Four Great Questions Concerning God; The Evolution
of Christianity; Is This a Good World?; Jesus and Mod
ern Life; A Man; Light on the Cloud; Bluffton, a novel;
and The Minister s Handbook.


President Western Optical Company,
Was born S. Louis, Dec. 14, 1867; son of William and
Marguerite (Kroop) Grumme; educated in public
schools of St. Louis; married, St. Louis, April 14, 1897,
Matilda Haller; one daughter, Marguerite Evelyn. Be
gan business career with the Erker Bros, optical com
pany for five years, then with A. S. Aloe for four years,
and in 1890 established present business as member of
the firm of Grumme and Durouaux, which was
incorporated in 1901 as the Western optical man
ufacturing company, of which he has since been
president. Sold interest in Western optical manu
facturing company, Dec. 14, 1910, reestablished as Aug.
Grumme optical company. Republican. Member Key
stone lodge, No. 243, A.F. and A. M. Member St. Louis
Central Sharpshooters association.



Investment Banker,

Was born April 8, 1871, in Urbana, 111., son of William
H. and Mary (Herndon) Smith; educated in public
schools of Urbana and Champaign, 111., and university of
Illinois, but not graduated; married, St. Louis, 1899, Lida
Brookings Wallace, daughter of A. A. Wallace ; children,
Wallace Herndon, Robert Brookings and Katherine
Herndon. Began business career as office boy with Lob-
dell, Farwell and company, bankers and brokers, Chicago,
1890, and remained with that firm until 1896, when went
into business for self at Chicago; came to St. Louis in
1899, and has since been member of firm of A. G. Ed
wards and sons, bankers and brokers, and president of
A. G. Edwards and sons brokerage company. Member
St. John s Methodist church. Member Business Men s
league, Civic association. Clubs: St. Louis, Noonday,
St. Louis Country.



Was born Juuy 27, 1846, in Mifflin, Henderson county,
Tenn; son of John and Martha F. West; educated in
schools of Tennessee; entered Confederate service early
in 1863 and served under General Forrest until close of
war; married, first, 1868, Miss Florence Terry; children,
John Terry, Allen, Allen T., Thomas H., Jr., Florence,
Walter H., Carroll; married, second, 1900, Miss Virginia
Hodges; one daughter, Frances. Was engaged in business
in Louisville, Ky., for about five years immediately after
the Civil war; then moved to Mobile, Ala., and was en
gaged in the cotton business for several years, coming to
St. Louis, 1889; since organization, 1889, of St. Louis
union trust company, has been its president from its or
ganization until 1908 and since that time chairman of the
board. Baptist. Clubs: Commercial, St. Louis.




Was born in Caldwell county, Ky., Jan. 2, 1869; son of
Dr. Flavius J. and Lucy Mary (Beckner) Sullivan; edu
cated in public school in Kentucky; prepared for univer
sity at Princeton (Ky.) collegiate institute; graduated
from Cumberland university, Lebanon, Tenn., LL. B.,
1890; married, Paragould, Ark., June 12, 1894, Susie
Hope Hicks; one son, Hugh Hicks Sullivan, Reared
on farm and worked with farm hands when not at school ;
father a country physician. After graduation went to
Paragould, Ark., 1891, and engaged in practice of law
there until 1898, when removed to St. Louis, where has
practiced law ever since; June, 1904, of law firm of Block
and Sullivan (with George M. Block and Frank B. Cole-
man). Member of St. Louis and Missouri bar associa
tions. Democrat. Baptist by birth and training not
attached. Member of Mercantile club. Recreations:
fishing and hunting.



Was born in 1841, in Southampton, Bucks county, Pa.,
son of Jacob M. and Nancv M. S. ; educated Pennsylvania
state normal school and Chester normal and high school;
married Southhampton, Dec. 2$, 1862, Anna L. White.
Treasurer and general manager John B. Stetson company,
1893-1900; director bank of North America and of other
commercial enterprises; president National association of
manufacturers, 1897-1902; president Cold Spring bleach
ing and finishing works; president Philadelphia musical
and school of industrial art. Member . Home Market
club (Boston), Manufacturers club, Union League (Phil
adelphia), New England Cotton Manufacturers asso
ciations, American Protective association and other lead
ing clubs and associations.



Railroad President, Banker, Capitalist,
Was born April 10, 1835, in Newark, N.J. He received
an academic education in the Lyceum academy of
Schenectady, N.Y. In 1855 he moved to Burlington,
Iowa, where he became one of the principal clerks in the
postoffice. In 1859 he entered mercantile business; and
since 1870 has been president of the Merchants national
bank of Burlington, of which institution he was one of the
organizers. He was one of the organizers of the Burl
ington, Cedar Rapids and Northern railroad company,
and is now president of the Burlington and North West
ern railroad companies. He is the owner of the Delano
hotel and several other fine business buildings; was in
strumental in establishing the Burlington water works;
and was one of the principal promoters and builders of the
first street railroad in his city. He has been president of
the board of trade, and a member of the city council, and
filled various other public positions of honor.



Was born Jan. 16, 1866, in St. Louis; son of Lewis H.
and Julia (Hildebrand) Burns; educated in country dis
trict school and in business college at Peoria, 111. ; married,
Peoria, 111., May 17, 1887, Flora E. Bethard; children,
Ray Alexander, Gladys, Julia, Robert, Florence Virginia,
Donald. Began in 1882 with Kingman and company, at
Peoria, 111.; in 1884 came to the St. Louis house of same
firm; when in 1894 company was reorganized as the
Kingman St. Louis implement company, became manager
and a few years later also vice-president. Republican.
Methodist. Member Implement and Vehicle Board of
Trade, Business Men s League and Missouri Athletic
Club. Mason.



General Manager Hamburg- American Line,
Was born Nov. 15, 1854, in Goerlitz, Germany. He was
educated at the Royal Frederick William gymnasium in
Breslau; at Sophia gymnasium in Berlin; and graduated
in 1872. In 1873 he became connected with the Ham
burg-American line; and the same year came to the Unit
ed States. Since 1892 he has been general manager of the
Hamburg-American line; president of the Atlas line
steamship. company; and has taken a prominent part in
all efforts to improve transportation facilities by water.
He was on the committee for the extention of pierhead
lines; was on the committee before congress to secure
appropriation for a new channel to the sea; and was
treasurer and chairman of the finance committee of the
Greater New York canal association. He is a member
of the board of the New York civic federation; is a mem
ber of the New York produce exchange; a member of the
chamber of commerce of the state of New York; and a
member of various business, fraternal, scientific and char
itable societies. He has a country residence in Green
wich, Conn.


Clergyman, Bishop,

Was born Sept. 29, 1843, in Ireland. He was educated
in the common schools; and in 1868 graduated from the
college of Dublin, Ireland; in 1868 he was ordained to
the priesthood; in 1868-70 he was assistant pastor of St.
Patrick s church; and in 1870-71 was assistant pastor of
St. Mary s cathedral of San Francisco, Cal. For three
months he filled a pastorate in Woodland, Cal.; and for a
short time preached in Pioche, Nev., and Peteluma, Cal.
In 1873 he was appointed pastor of Salt Lake city and
of the whole territory of Utah; and in 1887 was conse
crated bishop of Laranda and vicar apostolic of Utah. In
1891 he was appointed first bishop of Salt Lake city,



Belting Manufacturer,

Was born Memphis, Tenn., Apr. 4, 1868; son of M. J.
and Irene (Williamson) Byrnes;; educated in private
school, Memphis, Tenn., preparatory and collegiate de
partments of St. Louis university, A.B., 1886; graduated
from Eastman s business college, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
1899. Married, St. Louis, Oct. 10, 1903, Genevieve von
Phul. Began business career as clerk in hardware busi
ness of Caruth and Byrnes hardware company for two
years; then was connected with Meacham arms company
for three years, and subsequently five years with the
Revere rubber company, two years as manager of its St.
Louis house. Organized, 1896, and ever since president
and treasurer of the James W. Byrnes belting and hose

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