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tions of subjects of national significance such as Standards
of American universities, A National University, and
Economy of Time in Education, this latter being really a
question of the Re-organization of American Education.
He is the author of Elementary Psychology, Education
and Life, and American Problems. The growth and in
fluence of the university, of which he has been president
for the past twenty years, are noteworthy in recent educa
tional progress.



Was born Feb. i, 1845, m Ashfield, Mass. He was grad
uated at Williams in 1867, was professor of psychology
at Antioch college, Ohio, in 1872-76, studied in Berlin,
Bonn, Heidelberg and Leipsic, and was lecturer on psy
chology at Harvard in 1876 and again in 1 880-81, becom
ing professor of that branch at Johns Hopkins university
in 1881. In 1888 he accepted the presidency of Clark uni
versity. Harvard gave him the degree of Ph. D. in 1878.
Professor Hall has written extensively for periodicals on
psychological and educational topics, and is editor of the
American Journal of Psychology. He is the author of
Aspects of German Culture; with John M. Mansfield,
Hints Toward a Select and Descriptive Bibliography of
Education; Adolescence; Youth Its Education Regime
and Hygiene, and Educational Problems, in two volumes.



Clergyman, Author, Editor,

Was born Aug. 18, 1838, in Portland, Me.; son of Henry
B. and Mabel C. Fernald; graduated at Harvard univer
sity, 1860 (first Bowdoin prize for English composition) ;
Newton theological institution, 1863; ordained to Baptist
ministry at Rutland, Vt. ; L.H.D., Denison university,
1904; married, first, Rutland, Vt, 1869, Mary B. Griggs
(died 1870) ; second, McConnellsville, O., June 18, 1873,
Nettie S. Barker; children : Charles Barker, Henry Bar
ker, Luther Danna, James Gordon, Grace Maxwell, Ma
bel Ruth. Pastor of Granville, Springfield and other
churches in Ohio twenty years until 1889; on staff of
Standard Dictionary, as editor of synonyms, antonyms and
prepositions; two years editor-in-chief of Students Stand
ard Dictionary, selecting and defining 65,000 words from
the 300,000 of the larger work; has since prepared other
abridgements, the Standard Primary, Intermediate, etc.;
for a time editor Homiletic Reeview; associate editor Co
lumbian Cyclopedia. Lecturer on English Prose Style,
Y.M. C. A., Washington, D.C., since 1906. Author: The
Economics of Prohibition, 1890; The New Womanhood,
1894; Synonyms, Anatonyms and Prepositions of the Eng
lish language, 1895; The Spaniard in History, 1898; The
Imperial Republic, 1898; Home Training of Children,
1898; True Motherhood, 1900; Connectives of English
Speech, 1900; A Working Grammar of the English Lan
guages, 1908.


President State Board of Pharmacy of Illinois,
Was born June 9, 1855, in Bridgeport, N.Y. He is a suc
cessful druggist and business man of Cairo, 111.; and
prominently identified with the business and public affairs
of that city. He is a member of the state board of phar
macy of Illinois and resides in Cairo, 111.



Vice-Governor and Secretary of Public Instruction of the

the Philippine Islands,

Was born May 24, 1862, in Worthington, Ohio, 1862.
After studying in the public schools of Indiana and at the
Ohio state university Mr. Gilbert was admitted to the bar
of Indiana, and practiced law at Angola and Fort Wayne.
From 1896 to 1900 he was a member of the Indiana senate,
and from 1900 to 1904 lieutenant-governor of the state.
He was elected a member of the fifty-ninth congress ( 1905
1907) from which he resigned in 1906 to accept an ap
pointment as judge of the court of first instance in the
Philippine islands. In 1908 he was appointed a member
of the Philippine Commission, and on March i, 1909,
secretary of public instruction, and in February 1910 vice-
governor of the Philippine islands. He is chairman of the
board of regent of the university of the Philippines, and
a member of the army and navy club (Washington), Co
lumbia Club (Indianapolis), and of the university, army
and navy, Manila, Manila polo, and Columbia clubs
of Manila. His home is Fort Wayne, Indiana, and his
address Manila, Philippine Islands.


Captain U. S. A.,

Born at Newburg, N. Y., December 31, 1852. Appointed
a cadet engineer in the Navy, October i, 1872. Com
missioned as assistant engineer, July i, 1877. Commis
sioned a passed assistant Engineer, October 17, 1885; on
board the "Swatara," on N. A. Station, from August $, to
November 5, 1878, during which time served one week
aboard the ironclad "Catskill," on passage from Port
Royal to Norfolk; on shore durv at navy yard, Pensacola,
Fla., from November 16, 1878, to April 22, 1880; on
board the "Monocacy," Asiatic station, from June 27,
1880, to July 26, 1883, where he assisted as topographer in
survey of the Salee River, Corea; at the Navy Yard, New


York, January 10,1884, to August 27, 1884, when he was
ordered to temporary duty aboard the "Nina," to attend
the wreck of the "Tallapoosa;" resumed duty at navy
yard, New York, September 3, until November 8, 1884;
on board coast survey steamer "Gedney," from November
15, 1884, to January 17, 1885; at the Worcester (Mass.)
polytecnic institute, as professor of mechanical engineer
ing, from January 17, 1885 to September 17, 1886; on
board the "Galena," from September 17, 1886, to August
1890; navy yard, August 1890 2; "Philadelphia" N.A.
Station, 1892 5. Promoted to chief engineer, December
1896; navy yard, Norfolk, March 1896; U. S. receiving-
ship "Franklin," March, 1896-8; naval station, Key West,
March to July, 1897; promoted to lieutenant-com
mander, March 3, 1899; served in the West Indian Cam
paign in war with Spain; served in the Philippines
against the insurrection on board the "Iris," "Charleston,"
Baltimore," and "New Orleans." On board the latter
vessel in China with the allied fleets (Boxer rebellion.)
Returned to the U.S. on the "Newark" August 1901 ;
New York navy yard, 1901 1903. "Minneapolis" 1903
1904. Inspection duty bureau of steam engineering
and bureau of ordinance, located at the works of the Fore
River shipbuilding Co., Quincy, Mass., at pressent
(1912.) Inspected the construction of machinery for the
Dubuque, Paducah, Flusser, Reid, Paulding, Perkins,
Sterrett, Walke, Henley, Duncan, and Nevada. Per
formed the general duties of the line abord the New Or
leans and Baltimore. Promoted to commander 1904; cap
tain 1908.


Reporter state supreme court of Vermont.
He is reporter of the state supreme court of Vermont.
Chairman of the Republic Service, commissioner of Ver
mont since December 1906; and resides in Montpelier, Vt.




Was born June 5, 1854, in Ilion, N.Y. He attended school
in his native town until the age of fifteen, and then se
cured employment with the Remington Arms company,
the principal industry of the village and then the main
source of its prosperity. He has since attained celebrity
in the firm of Wyckoff, Seamans and Benedict, formed in
1882 to manage the sale of the Remington typewriter.
When, in 1886, his associates and he incorporated under
the old title, Mr. Seamans became treasurer and later gen
eral manager of the concern. Since the recent death of
Mr. Wyckoff, senior partner in the old firm and president
of the incorporated company, Mr. Seamans and Mr. Ben
edict have been the principal managers of the business.
The story of the house is told more fully elsewhere in
these pages.


Manufacturer and Capitalist,

Was born May 12, 1840, in Scotland. He was educated
in the public schools of Billerica and Lowell, and for six
years attended the Howe school at Billerica, Mass. He
became connected with his father s business in the manu
facture of chemicals; and in 1859 became a partner in his
father s factory in Maiden, Mass. In 1883 this business
was incorporated as the Cochrane Chemical Company,
with a capital 1 of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars,
and he was made president. The factory is now located
in Everett, Mass, and is the largest chemical factory of its
kind in New England. He was a director of the American
Bell Telephone Company from the beginning; and is a
director of the American Telephone and Telegraph Com
pany, and president and director of various other corpora



Clergyman, Legislator, Author,

Was born Oct. 24, 1857, in county Donegal, Ireland. In
1875 he graduated from Beck s Business College of San
Francisco, Cal. ; and in 1880 graduated from the San Fran
cisco theological seminary. He has filled pastorates in
presbyterian churches in Idaho and Victoria, B.C.; and
became chaplain to the provincial parliament. In 1884
89 he was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church at Gol-
dendale, Wash, and retired on account of ill health. In
1895 96 he was a state representative in the third legis
lature of Idaho. He is now a successful farmer and liter
ary writer of Moscow, Idaho.


Inventor of the Brush Electric Light.
Was born March 17, 1849, in Euclid township, Cuyahoga
county, Ohio. His father, Colonel Isaac El bert Brush,
was a manufacturer of woolen goods in Orange county,
New York, prior to migration to Ohio in 1846. His
mother was Wisner Phillips-Brush. Both parents descend
from old lines of American families. One of the early
ancestors on the parental side was Thomas Brush, who
came to United States from England, and settled near
Huntington, Long Island, in 1652. On the maternal side
the first representative to settle in this country was Rev.
George Phillips, who came with governor Winthrop in
1630 and settled near Boston. Charles Francis Brush ob
tained his early education in the public schools and gradu
ated from the high school of Cleveland, Ohio. It was
very early in his career that he showed a decided pre
ference for electricity and chemistry, as well as engineer
ing, and he graduated with the degree of Mining Engi
neer from the university of Michigan, in the class of 1869.
Later he took the post-graduate degree of M. S. from the
same university, and the degree of Ph.D. from the West
ern Reserve University; later this university conferred on
him the degree of LL.D. In the year 1877 Mr. Brush


dropped any and everything that he had been interested
in, in order to devote himself entirely to the develop
ment of electric lighting. In this he was the pioneer, and
in 1878 he first gave to the world the now universally
used electric arc light. In 1880 the Brush Electric com
pany was formed for the purpose of introducing his in
ventions and the arc light grew quickly in favor; Cleve
land was the first city to use the light for street lighting.
In 1891 the light was introduced, and found immeditate
favor, in England and all Europe. The business of the
Brush electric company soon extended all over the globe.
In 1 88 1 Mr. Brush was decorated by the French govern
ment, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, in recognition
of his electrical discoveries, and in 1899 the American
Academy of Arts and Sciences, awarded him the great
Rumford medals, "For the practical development of
electric arc lighting." Mr. Brush has now practically
retired from business affairs, yet he has an extensive lab
oratory at his home, and at any time we can expect some
thing wonderful to come from his hands and brain.

Mr. Brush is a member of the Union club (he was pres
ident for two terms), also of the university, the country,
the euclid and the golf clubs of Cleveland; he is president
of the Winous Point shooting club and a member of the
University Club of New York. He is a life member of
the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, also of the Ohio
State Board of Commerce, a member of the National
Board of Trade, a fellow of the American Association fo r
the Advancement of Science, a life member of the British
association, a life member of the American society of
mechanical engineers, a member of the American institute
of electrical engineers, the National electric Light associ
ation, the Archaeological institute of America, the Ameri
can historical association, the Franklin institute of Phila
delphia, the American chemical society, and the Amer
ican Philosophical society; received the degree of LL.D.
from Kenyon college in 1903. He is president of Cleve-


land Arcade Company and of The Linde air products
company, president of The Cleveland Chamber of com
merce, Trustee of the Western reserve university, Adel-
bert college, University school, Cleveland school of art,
Lake View cemetery, Corporator of the Case school of ap
plied science, warden of Trinity cathedral and member
of the Smoking fund commission of Cleveland. In 1875
Mr. Brush was married to Mary E. Morris; there are
three children, Edna, Helene and Charles Francis
Brush Jr.



Was born Nov. 27, 1863, in Carlisle, Cumberland county,
Pa. ; attended the A. D. Bache, Thomas Wood and Thad-
deus Stevens public schools and the Protestant Episcopal
academy, graduated from Dickinson college, Carlisle,
Pa., as A.B., 1884, A.M. in 1887. He married, Jan. 22,
1895, Martha West, daughter of Adam S. and Eliza F.
Bare. After three years course, the last two at the law de
partment, he graduated as LL.B. at the university of
Pennsylvania, 1887, and he was admitted to practice the
same year; visited Europe in 1889; Jan. i, 1903, with
Walter E. Buckley, he formed the law firm of Boswell
and Buckley; member of the Law academy, Law associa
tion of Philadelphia, and charter member of the Pennsyl
vania bar association.


Lawyer and Statesman,

Was born March 4, 1861, in Hallowell, Maine. He was
educated in the public schools and academies of New
England. For many years he has been identified with the
business and public affairs of Missouri, where he has at
tained success in the practice of law. In 1905 09 he was
city counsellor of Kansas city, Mo.; and since 1910 has
been president of the board of civil service of this city.




Was born in Stirling, Scotland; son of James and Mar
garet (Sharp) Walker; came to America, 1858; educated
in Detroit public and high schools, Detroit commercial
college and university of Michigan; married at Detroit,
1880, Miss Isabel Paton. Has been engaged in manufac
ture of metal goods with the same house, since the begin
ning of his active career; general manager and chief own
er of Walker Manufacturing and Supply company. Mem
ber Board of Commerce; vice-consul Republic of Para
guay. Mason (thirty-third degree), Knight Templar,
Shriner. Clubs: Fellowcraft. Detroit Golf, Royal Ca
nadian Yacht. Recreation: Yachting, automobiling, golf.


State Representative of Vermont,

Was born in Hyde Park, Vt., June 10, 1846, and located
in town about 1875; occupation, dealer in real estate and
loans; was educated in Stowe high school and People s
Academy, Morristown, Vt. ; has been a member of the Re
publican district committee for Lamoille county for ten
years; has been notary public for a Tong time, cemetery
commissioner twenty years, superintendent of poor farm
four years and a member of the board of village trustees
three years. Religious preference, congregationalist. Post
Office address, Morrisville, Vt. Represented his town in
legislature from 1910 to 1912 as town representative.


TLducator and Scientist of Philadelphia, Pa.,
Was born April 24, 1840, in Byberry, now a part of Phila
delphia. In 1858 he commenced teaching in Bucks
county, Pa.; and in 1872 85 was principal of the
Waughan grammar school of Philadelphia. He is now
principal of the Central Manual Training High School
of Philadelphia, Pa.



Educator, College President,

Was born Aug. 22, 1850, in Grand Rapids, Mich. He was
educated at the Minnesota state normal school at Winona,
Minn. ; and in various other educational 1 institutions. He
has been county superintendent of schools for Olmsted
county, Minn. ; was city superintendent of schools at Sauk
Center, Minn.; and a teacher at Winona and other insti
tutions. He is a member of the republican party; and has
contributed extensively to current literature. For over a
quarter of a century he has been president of the South
Dakota state normal school; and resides in Spearfish,
S. D.


Lawyer and Statesman,

Was born December 19, 1848, in Navarre, Ohio. He re
ceived a thorough education in the public schools of his
native state; studied law and soon attained success at the
bar. He has become of the foremost lawyers of Iowa ; and
is a member of the leading bar associations. For many
years he has identified with the business and public affairs
of Webster City, la.; has been treasurer of his city and
served with distinction as its mayor.


Lawyer and Statesman,

Was born July i, 1872, in Roxbury, N. Y. He was edu
cated in the public schools and academies of native state;
and soon attained success in the practice of law. He is a
member of the bar of New York State; and practices in
the United States courts. He is a member of the Masonic
order, an Odd Fellow and a Noble of the Mystic Shrine;
and is also supreme secretary of the Order of the Golden
Seal. He has been president of the Board of Education of
Roxbury, N. Y. ; and is prominently identified with the
business and public affairs of his City.



Lawyer, Jurist,

Was born April 4, 1843, in Waukesha, Wis. He attended
the Salem classical and high schools, Mass.; and gradu
ated from the law department of the Michigan university.
He is one of the foremost lawyers of the west, being the
senior member of the law firms of Story and Story at Ou-
ray, Colorado, and of Story and Steigemeier at Salt Lake
City, Utah.

Lawyer and Statesman,

Was born October 24, 1864, * n North Stonington, Conn.
He received the rudiments of his education in the public
schools of New England; and in 1866 graduated from
Knox College with the degree of A.B., subsequently re
ceiving the degree of A.M. from the same institution of
learning. In 1888-89 ne attended the Columbia Law
School of New York City; and has since attained success
in the practice of law. In 1897 1 9 Q $ ne was Master-in-
Chancery in the Circuit court of Warren county, 111 1 ., has
filled various other positions of trust and honor, and is
now engaged in the practice of his profession in Mon-
mouth, 111.

Merchant and Statesman,

Was born June 19, 1856, in Norway. He was educated in
the public schools of Norway and Wisconsin; and studied
in the Northwestern Business College of Madison, Wis.
In 1877 he became enrolling clerk in the Wisconsin state
legislature. He then moved to Nebraska; became County
Commissioner of Greeley county, Neb.; and was f elected
and served as mayor of Scotia, Neb. Afterwards he set
tled in Colorado; and served as city alderman of Tellu-
ride. He became a successful merchant of Denver, Colo. ;
and is a member of the Denver local socialist party. He
is now serving his fourth term of 1911 12 as secretary of
state for Colorado; and resides in Denver, Colo.


Business President and Banker,

Was born January 8, 1865 in Jennings, Hamilton county,
Fla. He was educated at the Emory College of Oxford,
Ga. For many years he has been identified with the
business and public affairs of Florida; and is a successful
banker and president of the Jennings Naval Stores com
pany, naval stores factors and wholesale grocers of Pensa-
cola, with a branch office in New Orleans, La. He rep
resented the democratic party in the national conventions
held in St. Louis in 1888 and in Chicago in 1892. In 1904
he was presidential elector on the Parker and Davis ticket.
He became a member of the Florida House of representa
tives; and in 1911 was made speaker of the House. He
is now serving the term of 1908 12 as a member of the
democratic national committee.


Business Agent and Statesman,

Was born October 29, 1861, in Goodrich, Mich. He re
ceived a thorough education in the public schools of
Michigan, graduating from the Saginaw high school. He
was engaged for twelve years as a commercial traveler;
and was special agent of the United States treasurer in
1893 97. He was president of the National Fraternal
Press Association in 1904; was president of the National
Fraternal Congress in 1905; and is now president of the
Insurance company of the Loyal Guard, a fraternal ben
eficiary society. In 1904 he was chairman of the demo
cratic state central committee of Michigan; in 1908 was
elected a member of the democratic national committee
for Michigan, and was made a member of its executive
committee. For seventeen years he has been editor of The
Loyal Guard Magazine; and is the author of History of
Mackinac Island and Northern Michigan.



Born at Danville, Vermont, October 4, 1856. His father
Col. Andrew McMillan was a graduate of West Point.
The family is decended from Col. Andrew McMillan, of
Ulster, Irel and, who immigrated to America in the year
1754. General John McMillan, one of his sons was the
grandfather of Frank Griggs McMillan. He was edu
cated in the common schools and Dummer Academy, By-
field, Mass. Served apprenticeship in the printing trade
in early life in old "North Star" office, the second oldest
newspaper established in Vermont. Worked later as a
journeyman in Boston. Came to Minneapolis in 1878,
engaged for a time at his trade. Gave up the printing
business on account of ill health, and sought out-of-door
occupation. Interested himself in building, and at the
present time is one of the leading building contractors in
the city. Elected State Senator on the democratic ticket in
1890, was chairman of the senate capital commission for
two years, and author of the bill providing for the erection
of the magnificient new state capitol at Saint Paul. Was
appointed by Governor Lind member of the state board of
equalization, and served two years as the chairman. Was
member of Minneapolis board of park commissioners for
two years, and served for six years as member of the board
of Education. Is serving now as member of the board of
correction and charities. Is member of the Minneapolis
commercial club, LaFayette club, Minnetonka beach, St.
Anthony Falls commercial club, the John A. Rawlins post
of the citizens staff, Six o clock club, Minnesota Society
sons of the American Revolution, Minnesota society of
colonial wars, Vermont association of Minnesota, and
member and trustee of the First congregational church of
Minnesota. Married at Minneapolis 1881 to Miss Lil
lian A. Connor, a native of Minneapolis. Children Cor-
rine, Lililan, Howard, and Jessamine.



Business President of Bartlettsville, Okla.
Was born Nov. 8, 1842, in Pittsburg, Pa. He received a
thorough education in the public schools and academies
of Pennsylvania. In 1873 91 he served coonsecutively
as cashier, vice-president and president of the Oil City
Trust company of Oil City, Pa. He then became vice-
president, general manager and treasurer of the Forest
Oil Company of Pittsburg, Pa., the largest oil producing
corporation in the state of Pennsylvania, with a capital of
five and a half million. He al so became president of the
Taylorstown Natural Gas company; has always been
prominent in public affairs and a member of several fra
ternal and patriotic orders. At the present time he is
actively identified with the Barnsdall Oil company, a

large corporation at Bartlettsville, Okla.

i i ?


Statesman of Porto Rico,

Was born Feb. i, 1877, in Reading, Mich. He received
a thorough education in the public schools and colleges of
his native state; and has filled various positions of trust
and honor. He has been private secretary to the Military
Governor of Cuba. He has served as deputy surveyor of
Customs of the Phillipine Islands; was a member of the
Philippine board of customs appeals ; and a member of the
Philippine board of tariff revision. He is now secretary

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