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company for the first year after the reorganization; is
still chairman of executive committee of its board of di
rectors, also chairman of executive committee of Cam
bria Steel company, has been a director of the Pennsyl
vania railroad since Dec. 31, 1896, and is a member of
the finance and supplies committees of the board; director
of Philadelphia National bank, Fourth Street National
bank, Franklin National bank, Pennsylvania Fire Insur
ance company, manager of Philadelphia Saving Fund so
ciety, and director of sundry other corporations. Trus
tee under will of Anthony J. Drexel, deceased. Clubs:
Philadelphia, Rittenhouse, Union league, University,
Racquet, and others.


Division Superintendent, Pennsylvania Railroad,
Was born Dec. 20, 1855, at Towanda, Bradford county,
Pa. Graduated of Lafayette college. Entered railway
service 1878, since which he has been consecutively to date
with the Pennsylvania railroad as follows: 1878 to May,
1882, assistant supervisor, New York division at New
Brunswick, N.J.; May, 1882, to December, 1884, super
visor, same division; December, 1884, to January, 1886,
assistant engineer, West Pennsylvania division; January,
1886, to October, 1894, assistant engineer, Pittsburgh di
vision; October, 1894, to October, 1895, superintendent,
Bedford division; October, 1895, to Jan. i, 1899, superin
tendent, Frederick division at Lewistown, Pa.; Jan. i,
1899, to Feb. i, 1902, superintendent Frederick division
at York, Pa. ; Feb. i, 1902, to date, superintendent Amboy
division, same road, at Camden, N. J.


Real Estate and Insurance,

Was born Owego, Tioga county, N.Y., Dec. 8, 1873; son
of Edwin and Mary W. (Packard) Ellis; educated, Al-


bany academy, class of 1891; married, Batavia, N. Y.,
Aug. 3, 1899, Elizabeth Dorchester Dewey; two sons,
Dewey Dorchester, born March i, 1900; Laurence Pack
ard, born Dec. i, 1908. Engaged in real estate business,
1891-1895 ; chief of finance bureau, state department pub
lic instruction, 1896-1902; director of education of New
York state, Louisiana Purchase exposition, 1903-1904;
executive office, New York state commission, Lewis and
Clark exposition, 1905; chief, division of visual instruc
tion, New York state education department, 1906-1909;
in real estate and insurance business, as managing partner
of E. DeL. Palmer, since 1909. Republican; Episco-
exposition and commemorative diploma from Lewis and
Clark exposition. Clubs: Fort Orange (Albany), Coun
try club (Albany) . Treasurer, Albany Chamber of Com
merce; trustee, Albany academy.


Journalist, Author and Poet,

Was born Feb. n, 1869, in Brooklyn, N. Y. He has de
voted most of his newspaper career to perfecting the bu
reau system of news collecting, and is secretary and man
ager of the New York City News association. He is the
author of two books and numerous poems.


Real Estate, Lumber and Banking,

Was born near Louisville, Ky., Oct. 26, 1859; son of Rob
ert P. and Caroline M. (Slack) Williams; educated in
common schools and at Northern Indiana Normal school,
Valparaiso, Ind.; married at Hudson, Wis., Feb. 14,
1888, to Effie A. T. Seavey. Taught in country schools,
1883-87; engaged in general mercantile business for seven
years; has been in lumber and banking business at Mora,
Minn., since 1894. President State bank of Mora; man
ager Mora Lumber company; director Times Printing


and Publishing company; vice president Plant-Callahan
Mining company; owner and manager Mora Opera
house, was sheriff of Kanabee county three terms, coun
ty commissioner two terms, mayor of Mora and member
council two terms, and has been secretary board of edu
cation since 1894. Member I. O. O. F., and a number
of beneficiary associations.


Civil Engineer,

Was born Nov. 6, 1854, m Melrose, now a part of the
Borough of Bronx. He was educated in the Melrose pub
lic schools; at Fordham college, from which he gradu
ated in 1875 with the degree of A.B.; and subsequently
the degrees of A.M. and LL.D. were conferred upon him
by this institution of learning. In 1879 he graduated as
a civil engineer and engineer of mines from Columbia
university. For awhile he worked as an engineer in the
mining regions of Colorado, Arizona and California. In
1883 he was appointed engineer in the department of
parks of New York City; and in time became engineer in
charge and superintendent of the new parks now within
the Borough of the Bronx. In 1893 he was appointed
commissioner of street improvements; was first president
of the Borough of the Bronx, and until 1909 filled that
high position. He is a member of the National Demo
cratic club, the North Side Board of Trade, the Jefferson
club and numerous other clubs and societies.


President and General Manager Williamsport and North

Branch Railroad,

Was born Oct. 18, 1847, at Philadelphia, Pa. Entered
railway service 1884, since which he has been consecutive
ly, 1884 to Oct. i, 1892, auditor, and Oct. i, 1892, to Oct.
T > ^93, general auditor in charge of all accounts Wil-


liamsport and North Branch railroad; Oct. i, 1893, to
May 17, 1899, general passenger agent Eagles Mere rail
road; May 17, 1899, to date, general manager Williams-
port and North Branch railroad; June, 1904, to date,
also president same road.


Manufacturer, Banker and Author,

Was born Jan. 24, 1835, in Paris, Oneida county, New
York. In 1856 he received the degree of A.B. from Ham
ilton college of New York; and subsequently received
the degrees of A.M. and LL.D. In 1858-66 he practiced
law in Kenosha, Wis. ; for four years was engaged in
ranching in Utah, and in 1872 located in Chicago, 111.
Since 1890 he has been president of the Bush Temple con
servatory; is vice-president of the Continental Casualty
company; vice-president of the Protection Mutual Fire
Insurance company, and vice-president of the S. S. Had-
ley company bank of Cedar Rapids, Neb. He is a trus
tee of the Newberry library; president of the Chicago
Historical society, and has been twice president of the
Union League club of Chicago. He is the author of
Shakespeare s Insomnia and The Causes Thereof; A Not
able Lawsuit, and other works.


Life Insurance Underwriter,

Was born Lancaster, Erie county, N. Y., Feb. i, 1842;
son Nelson Arnold and Martha Eliza (Whitney) Tif
fany; educated public schools of Scotland, Ont., Canada,
and one year in medical department University of Buf
falo, Buffalo, N. Y.; married Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 23,
1868, Julia Charlotte Chase; children: Otis Whitney,
born Nov. 13, 1868, Martha Eliza, born Aug. 13, 1870,
Nelson Otis, Jr., born April 2, 1877. Gained mechanical
knowledge of the furniture trade in the factory of his


uncle, William Whitney, in Scotland, Ont., with whom
he lived after his mother s death, which occurred when he
was five years of age; was for several years superintend
ent of manufacturing in same line until 1883, when took
the position of secretary and manager Masonic Life asso
ciation, Buffalo, N. Y. ; later on became president and
general manager, and is now active in that position. Pres
ident Military Road Land company. Republican. Uni
tarian. Member Buffalo Chamber of Commerce; and all
branches of all Masonic bodies. Member Natural Sci
ence society, Buffalo Historical society, president Society
of Vermonters of Buffalo, N. Y. ; founder of and presi
dent for seven years of the Fish and Game society of Buf
falo. Recreations: Hunting, fishing, gardening, in
which latter work he has always been active, both in the
practical and experimental side at his summer home,
Point Abines, out on the north shore of Lake Erie, twelve
miles from Buffalo, N. Y. He planted with his own
hands and cultivated successfully a cotton patch with good
results, due to special fertilization and forcing. The
plants grew over six feet high and were loaded with
bolls. This is probably the farthest north that cotton has
been successfully grown.


Merchant Nurseryman and Author,
Was born April 25, 1850, in Ogden, N. Y. He has a suc
cessful nursery business near New York City, and has
traveled extensively abroad. He was chairman of the
committee which framed the New Jersey shade tree com
mission law of 1893 ; and was the originator of and chair
man of the commission which framed the first park com
mission act of Essex county, New Jersey. He is the au
thor of The First County Park System; and is now presi
dent of the F. W. Kelsey Nursery company.



Traffic Manager, Mississippi Valley Transportation


Was born at Toronto,, Can. Educated at the University
of Ottawa. Entered railway service 1883 as stenographer
Michigan Central railroad, since when he has been con
secutively May i to Dec. 31, 1884, with the West Shore
line; Jan. i, 1885, to September, 1894, clerk and chief
clerk general freight department Illinois Central rail
road; September, 1894, to Oct. 10, 1904, assistant general
freight agent same road at St. Louis, to July i, 1907; now
traffic manager Mississippi Valley Transportation com
pany at St. Louis, Mo.


Retired Merchant,

Was born at Baltimore, Md., May 16, 1823, an d is a son
of Louis Auguste and Malinda (Simmons) Larpenteur.
He received a common school education ; came west to
St. Louis, Mo., in 1841, and to where St. Paul now is, in
1843; married at St. Paul in 1841;, to Mary J. Pressley.
Assisted in survey of St. Paul in 1847-48; entered a por
tion of it, including where the new capitol now stands, at
$1.25 per acre. Engaged in mercantile business in St.
Paul until 1887, when he retired. Roman Catholic. He
is a member of the Commercial club.


Purchasing Agent New York, Ontario and Western


Was born Aug. 10, 1855, m Massachusetts. Entered rail
way service 1883 as clerk New York, Ontario and West
ern railway, since which he has been consecutively, 1883
to 1884, paymaster s clerk and paymaster; 1884 to 1886,
chief clerk to purchasing agent and paymaster same road;
1886 to 1888, finance department New York Central and


Hudson River railroad; 1888 to Jan. i, 1902, purchasing
agent and paymaster New York, Ontario and Western
railway; Jan. i, 1902, to date, purchasing agent same


Clergyman and Author,

Was born Nov. 24, i86q, in London, England. In 1884
he received the degree of B. A. from the Universitv of
London, nnd in 188^-86 studied in the University of Bris
tol, England. In 1880 he came to the United States, and
in TOO?, received the decree of D.D. from the Western
Universitv of Pennsylvania. In i88<; he was ordained a
rnhbi, and was pastor, in r88c;-co, in Bristol, England. In
1880-0^ he was rabbi at Sacramento, Cal.. and in 1893-
IQOI at the Temple Keneseth Israel, of Philadelphia, and
since 1901 has been rabbi of the Rodeph Shalon congrega
tion at Pirtsburg, Pa. He is the author of "A Book of
Prayer": "A Graduated Text-Book of Religion" "Nine
teenth Centurv Pronhets": "Founders of the Faiths";
"Old Arrows from New Quivers," and also sixteen vol
umes of sermons.


Passenger Trainmaster Philadelphia, Baltimore and

Washington Railroad,

Was born Aue. C. i8c.i, at Norfolk, Va. Educated in the
public schools and under private tutors. Entered railwav
service 187^ as milk agent Philadelphia. Wilmington and
Baltimore railroad, now the Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Washino-ton railroad, since which he has been consecu-
tivelv, October, 1871;, to January, 1877, passenger brake-
man; January, 1877, to October, 1880, baegage master
same road: October, 1880. to December. 1886, passeneer
conductor; December, 1886, to September, 1901;, assist
ant trainmaster same road; September, 1901;, to date, pas
senger trainmaster same road at Wilmington, Del.



Physician and Author,

Was born May 14, 1847, in Boston, Mass. In 1869 he re
ceived the degree of A.B. from Harvard university, and
in 1873 the degree of M.D. from that institution of learn
ing. He is the author of "Historical Sketches of Some
Members of the Lawrence Family"; "The Magic of the
Horse Shoe"; "The Descendants of Major Samuel Law
rence of Groton, Mass.," and other works.


Railroad Manager,

Was born April 18, 1866, in Philadelphia, Pa. He was
educated in the public schools and at Spring Garden in
stitute of Philadelphia, Pa. In 1886 he entered the rail
road service as telegraph operator for the Baltimore and
Ohio road; in 1887-89 was telegraph operator and extra
train dispatcher for the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad,
and in 1889-1907 was dispatcher, chief dispatcher, master
of trains and assistant superintendent of the Louisville
and Nashville railroad. Since 1907 he has been general
superintendent of the Birmingham Southern railroad,
with headquarters in Birmingham, Ala.


Assistant Auditor Passenger Traffic Philadelphia and

Reading Railway,

Was born February, 1859, in Montgomery county, Penn
sylvania. Entered railway service 1883, since which he
has been consecutively to 1889, clerk in auditor s office
Philadelphia and Reading railroad; 1889 to 1892, chief
clerk same office; 1892 to 1908, assistant auditor passen-
gei traffic; 1908 to date, auditor passenger traffic same



United States Congressman,

Was born June 12, 1840, in Sussex county, Va. At the
first alarm of war in 1860 he went to the front as a vol
unteer in the Charles City troop, and served through the
entire war with distinguished gallantry. He was captain
and commanded the company three years, being wounded
several times and once desperately. After the war he re
turned to his native county and took up the business of
farming; was soon elected sheriff of his county, and sub
sequently served his people as treasurer, surveyor and
chairman of the county democratic committee. He was
elected to the fifty-fith, fifty-sixth, fifty-seventh, fifty-
eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth and sixty-first congresses as a
democrat. He was re-elected to the sixty-second congress
from the third district of Virginia for the term of 191 1-13.

. Fourth Vice-President Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
Was born June 11, 1846, at Baltimore, Md. He was ed
ucated at Loyola college at Baltimore, Md. Entered
railway service Feb. 26, 1871, since which he has been
consecutively to April, 1872, clerk in general freight of
fice; April, 1872, to October, 1872, traveling auditor;
October, 1872, to January, 1880, chief clerk in auditor s
office; January, 1880, to May, 1893, auditor Indianapolis,
Decatur and Western railway; May, 1893, to Aug. 31,
1899, assistant treasurer Baltimore and Ohio railroad;
Sept. i, 1899, to Aug. i, 1904, treasurer same road; Aug.
i, 1904, to date, fourth vice-president and treasurer same


Dentist, Sculptor and Author,

Was born Oct. 26, 1829, in St. Lawrence county, New
York. He has received the degrees of D.D.S. and M.D.


S. He began dental practice in 1850 in Owego, N. Y. ;
removed to New York City in 1852, and in 1866 founded
the New York College of Dentistry. In 1884-85 he was
president of the State Dental society. He has executed
several works of statuary of Christ in marble; and a por
trait bust in bronze of Whitelaw Reid. He is the author
of Treatise on Oral Deformities; and also various mono
graphs on dental subjects and the mechanism of speech.


Vice-President Southern Railway,

Was born April 28, 1849, at Harrisville, W. Va. En
tered railway service Oct. 6, 1870, as clerk Louisville and
Nashville railroad, since which he has been consecutively
September, 1871, to January, 1872, chief billing clerk;
January, 1872, to October, 1873, rate and division clerk
in general freight agent s office; Nov. i, 1873, to Oct. 19,
1878, chief clerk same office; Oct. 19, 1878, to May 31,
1880, assistant general freight agent; June i to Sept. i,
1880, general freight agent territory north Montgomery,
Ala., except the St. Louis and Evansville and Hender
son and Nashville divisions same road; September, 1880,
to Sept. i, 1891, general freight agent entire line Louis
ville and Nashville railroad; Sept. i, 1891, to June 30,
1894, assistant traffic manager Richmond and Danville
railroad; July i, 1894, to March 15, 1902, traffic manager
Southern railway; March 15, 1902, to Oct. 15, 1904,
fourth vice-president; Oct. 15, 1904, to Dec. 14, 1906,
third vice-president; Dec. 14, 1906, to date, vice-president
same road.


Ophthalmologist, Otologist and Founder,
Was born June i, 1849, in Peru, Maine. He was edu
cated at Hebron academy and at Westbrook and Gorham
seminaries. For five years he was in mercantile life; then


engaged in study and teaching; and has received the de
grees of M.D., A.M. and LL.D. In 1886 he founded the
Maine Eye and Ear infirmary, of which he has since been
executive surgeon. In 1876 he founded the Portland
Medical club. He was also the founder of the Maine
Academy of Medicine and Science; and the founder and
editor of Journal of Medicine and Science of Portland,
Maine; and the author of scores of valuable medical pa


Assistant Freight Traffic Manager Chicago and North
western Railway,

Was born Oct. 5, 1856. Educated at Oberlin college, 1870
to 1872. Entered railway service 1873 as agent and oper
ator Baltimore and Ohio railroad, since which he has been
consecutively to 1879, cashier and agent Denver and Rio
Grande railway at Antonio, Colo. ; 1880 to 1882, telegraph
operator and agent Chicago and Northwestern railway;
1882 to 1887, traveling freight agent; 1887 to 1896, con
tracting freight agent and local agent at Milwaukee, Wis. ;
1896 to Feb. i, 1900, general agent at Chicago, 111., and
Feb. i, 1900, to Aug. i, 1909, assistant general freight
n?erit same road ; Aug. i, 1909, appointed assistant freight
traffic manager, present position.


Lawyer, Jurist and Author,

Was born Sept. 2, 1864, in Davidson college, N. C. He
was a student in the University of Arkansas, and in 1883
received the degree of LL.B. from the Lebanon Law
school of Tennessee. In 1883-1904 he practiced law in
Eureka Springs and Fort Smith, Arkansas; and in 1904-
09 was chief justice of the state supreme court of Arkan
sas. Since 1909 he has been chief counsel for the state in
the railroad rate cases. He is one of the compilers of
Sandels and Hill s Digest of the Statutes of Arkansas.



Conductor of Teachers Institutes in State of New York,
Was born on farm near Cooperstown, Otsego county, N.
Y., Nov. 21, 1846; son Justin C. and Mary (Sherman)
Williams; graduate Albany Normal school, Ph.D.; mar
ried Pine Plains, Dutchess county, N.Y., Aug. 12, 1874,
Margaret Wilber; children: Henry Wilber, born May
! 5) ^75, Paul Wilber, born March 15, 1879. Superin
tendent schools, Flushing, L.I., eleven years; Glens Falls,
N.Y., seventeen years; institute conductor eleven years.
President Superintendents Council of State of New York.
Author: Selections for Memorizing (Ginn and com
pany) ; a series of Literature Readers; Choice Literature
(Sheldon and company) ; Some Successful Americans
(Ginn) ; Stories from Early New York History (Scrib-
ner s). Vice-president and trustee State Historical asso
ciation. Republican. Methodist. Vice president New
York State Historical association, president Crandall Free
Library, New York State Teachers association, National
Education association (president library section) Ma
sonic order. Address: Glens Falls, N.Y.

Clergyman and Lecturer,

Was born May 6, 1863, in Kalida, Ohio. In 1887 he
graduated from the Boston Theological seminary, and re
ceived the degrees of A.B., D.D. and LL.D. He has
filled pastorates in the Methodist Episcopal church in
Fostoria, Ohio; in Harrisburg, Pa.; in Brooklyn, N.Y. ;
and since 1907 in the Metropolitan temple of New York
City. He is widely known as a civic and political speak
er, and made his first appearance in the Blain campaign.
In 1896 he took an active part in the McKinley campaign,
and in 1908 delivered the prayer to the republican na
tional convention held in Chicago. He accompanied


Candidate Taft on his northwestern campaign and spoke
many times; and is also a platform and Chautauqua lec
turer. In 1900 he was chaplain in the Pennsylvania state
senate; and is past grand chaplain of the Masons in the
state of New York.


United States Congressman from the Third District of

South Carolina,

Was born Dec. 14, 1863. In 1884-1897 he was official
court stenographer. He is a farmer. He served in the
Spanish-American war in the Abbeville volunteers. In
1903-05 he was a democratic representative from South
Carolina to the fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth and sixty-
first congresses. He was re-elected to the sixty-second
congress from the third district of South Carolina for the
term of 1911-13, and resides in Abbeville, S.C.


Was born at Marshall, Mich., Dec. 28, 1842; son of Lan
sing and Frances Throop (Southworth) Kingsbury; came
to Minnesota Nov. i, i8c6; was educated in the public
schools of his native town and Minnesota, and in gram
mar school, Minneapolis, 1857-58. Enlisted in the civil
war, Aug. 14, 1862, as private of the Eighth Minnesota
volunteer infantry, advancing to corporal, first sergeant
and second lieutenant; engaged for two years in campaign
against the Sioux Indians, 1862-64; one year in Tennes
see and North Carolina, Twentv-third army corps. Was
identified with the hardware business for nearly thirty
vears previous to entering the present position as assistant
librarian and member of council of the Minnesota His
torical society, Sept. 9, 189?. Also recorder of the Mili
tary Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
(commandery of state of Minnesota since 1898) ; secre-


tary of the Eighth regiment of Minnesota volunteer asso
ciation; member of the Sons of the American Revolution,
G.A.R., American Library association. Republican.
Episcopalian. He married at St. Anthony, Minn., Oct.
26, 1869, Miss Anna Sawyer Braman.



Was born near Sunbury, Northumberland county, Penn
sylvania, Sept. 22, 1855. He was educated in the public
schools and at Bloomsburg state normal school and Dick
inson seminary, Williamsport, Pa. He read medicine
with Dr. F. B. Richstine, and was graduated from the
Hahnemann Medical college, Philadelphia, as M.D. in
1883. He commenced practice in Columbia, Lancaster
county, in 1883, but soon removed to the city of Reading,
where he is still in active practice. Dr. Kline is an asso
ciate member of the Reading Press club; and was pres
ident of the Homeopathic Medical society of the state of
Pennsylvania for the year 1904. He is a member of the
American Institute of Homeopathy, gynecologist to the
Homeopathic hospital of Reading, and visiting physician
to the Home for Friendless Children, being associated
with both institutions from their inception, a period of
twenty years. He is a republican in politics. Methodist
in religion. Address: Reading, Pa.


Superintendent Cleveland, Akron and Cincinnati Rail
way Company,

Was born Sept. 6, 1867, at Harford City, Ind. Attended
Earlham college, Richmond, Ind., 1885-1888. Entered
railway service June 18, 1888, as assistant on engineer
corps Pennsylvania lines west of Pittsburg, since which
he has been consecutively, July i, 1893, to July i, 1898,
lis and Vincennes railroad same lines; April 15, 1900, to


April 15, 1900, engineer maintenance of way Indianapo
lis and Vincennes railroad sam lines; April 15, 1900, to
June 20, 1901, engineer maintenance of way Richmond
division; June 20, 1901, to April, 1903, engineer mainte
nance of way Louisville division; April, 1903, to Dec. 12,
1904, engineer maintenance of way Indianapolis division;
Dec. 12, 1904, to date, superintendent Cleveland, Akron
and Cincinnati railway (Pennsylvania lines), entire serv
ice with the Pennsylvania lines west of Pittsburg.


United States Army Officer,

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