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Catherine A. Wolff. Began in grocery business at Red
Wing, with Friedrich and Hack; was next C. E. Fried-
rich and company, and since 1894 has been president and
general manager of Friedrich and Kempe company, Inc.,
wholesale grocers, the business having been originally
established by his father in 1855. Also director of Red
Wing Shoe company; director Red Wing Advertising
company. Member of National and Minnesota Whole
sale Grocers associations. Democrat. Member of city
council six years. Episcopalian. Mason. Recreation:
Brook trout fishing.



Lawyer of St. Louis, Mo.,

Was born March 18, 1881, Cleveland, Ohio. Son of F.
H. Britton and Ida (Freeman) Britton. Educated in
public schools; and studied law at university of Michigan
(Ann Arbor), receiving the degree of LL.B. 1902, and
LL.M. 1903. Admitted to the bar in Michigan June 21,
1902; in Missouri February 4, 1904. In company with
his brother, Robert F. Britton, he engaged in automobile
business, being secretary and treasurer of the A. L. Dyke
Automobile Supply company the first automobile sup
ply house in America. Entered active practice of law
latter part of 1905. Assistant general attorney of the St.
Louis Southwestern Railway company since January,
1906; was elected, on the republican ticket, representa
tive from the second district, St. Louis county, to forty-
sixth general assembly of Missouri; served on judiciary,
roads and highways and clerical force committees in the
house of representatives; is a member of the American,
Missouri and St. Louis bar associations, St. Louis club,
City club, Automobiel club of St. Louis (secretary 1906-
07, vice-president 1910-11, president 1911-12) Bass
Island club, Railroad club of St. Louis, Society of the
Sons of the Revolution, and several civic organizations;
is a Mason and an Elk.


Educator and Lawyer of Newburgh, N.Y.,
Was born December 9, 1866. In 1884 he graduated from
the Franklin and Marshall college; took a post-graduate
course at Princeton university; and for six years practiced
law. He. preached for sixteen years in Carmel, Wilson,
Maiden, Kiskatom, Gardiner, Port Jervis and Knox, N.
Y. He is now a teacher; and the author of Mary of
Bethany; Herodias; and Mr. Rosenfeld of Africa, which
had a circulation of twenty thousand copies.



Lawyer and Director of Newburgh, N.Y.,
Where he was born October 4, 1862. He was educated in
the public schools of his native city; and in 1884 received
the degree of B.S. from Cornell university. Since 1886
he has been engaged in the practice of law; and in 1907-
08 was corporation counsel. He is a director of the
Quassaick National bank of Newburgh; trustee of the
Newburgh Savings bank; and identified with other cor
porations. He is a trustee of the Newburgh Home for
the Friendless, the Cedar Hill cemetery and the Wash
ington Headquarters association. He has been vice-presi
dent of the Newburgh City club and is a member of the
Historical Society of Newburgh and the Highlands.


United States Army Officer,

Was born August 27, 1858, in Nunda, Minn. He is a
graduate of the United States military academy (ap
pointed from Iowa), 1881 ; of the United States infantry
and cavalry school, 1887; of the St. Louis law school;
Washington university (LL.B.), 1897; and of the Army
War college, 1910. Served in the campaign of Santiago,
Cuba (battle of San Juan and siege of Santiago), and in
the Philippines during the insurrection, 1900-1903, where
he filled several important positions, including the man
agement of the war emergency rice fund in Luzon. Has
been assistant professor of law and history at the United
States military academy, and head of the departments of
law and military art, and assistant commandant at the
army service schools at Fort Leavenworth. Is now a
lieutenant-colonel on the general staff in Washington.
Active in masonic circles, having been instrumental in
organizing the higher bodies of the Scottish Rite at Fort
Leavenworth bodies composed of military men exclu




Was born in county Down, Ireland, November 22, 1860;
son of Thomas and Agnes (Shaw) Armitage; educated in
Dundalk grammar school, county Louth, Ireland; Leamy
school, Limerick; and by private tutors; at Trinity col
lege, Dublin, two years; Royal university, Ireland, two
years; Queen s college, Belfast, three years; Medico-
Chirurgical college, Philadelphia, Pa., one year, 1892.
was twelfth best in public examination at Philadelphia
in 1892, out of 230 M.D. s. Began practice of medicine
1891 in America. Served with medical staff in the British
Soudan campaign, 1885-87, and won medal and bar and
Khedive s bronze star. Located in Princeton, Minn.,
1898; president and treasurer Minnesota Rural Tele
phone company; owner Princeton Drug Store; owner and
publisheer of the Princeton News. Episcopalian. Mem
ber American Medical association; American Health
association;; American Association for Advancement of
Science; Natural Geographic society; Royal Society of
Arts, London, England; Fellow of Hon. Council; North
British Academy of Arts, England. Secretary U. S. pen
sion examining board, etc. Mason; member I.O.O.F.,
Knights of Pythias, Good Samaritans. Married at Pitts-
burg, Pa., June, 198, to Margaret Helly.


Judge Court of Common Pleas.

Was born in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1872 he began the
practice of law in Philadelphia, Pa.; and in 1881-93 was
assistant to the city solicitor. He is the author of a His
tory of the Municipal Law of Philadelphia. Since 1895
he has been judge of common pleas; was re-elected in
1906 for a second term; and is now president judge of the
court of common pleas No. 3; and resides in Philadel
phia, Pa.



Mechanical Engineer, Retired,

Was born at Cornwall, England, July 29, 1848; son of
Nicholas and Mary R. (Marks) Hugo; came to America
early in life and was educated in public schools and acad
emy at Kingston, Canada. Began in mechanical engi
neering 1862; came to Duluth 1881. Mayor of city of
Duluth two terms; ex-president chamber of commerce;
ex-president of board of education; ex-president common
council. Republican. Member American Society of
Mechanical Engineers, American Association for the
Advancemetn of Science. Clubs: Kitchi Gammi, Cem-
mercial, ex-chairman of public affairs committee, Gar-
field. Residence: 221 W. 6th avenue, Duluth.


Member Governor s Council of Massachusetts,
Was born May 3, 1854, in Bedford, Mass. He was edu
cated in the high schools of Clinton and Medford, Mass.
He is president of the Norwood Press company; and in
1911-12 was president of the United Typothetas of Amer
ica. He is a member of the Boston chamber of com
merce; a member of the Republican club of Massachu
setts; and a member of several other political associa
tions. In 1891-93 he was commodore of Winthrop Yacht
club; and in 1.902-03 was commander of Ancient and
Honorable Artillery company of Massachusetts. He is
a Knight Templar and a thirty-two degree Mason; and
a member of the Aleppo Temple and Mystic Shrine. He
is now serving his third term of 1912-13 as a member of
the Governor s council of Massachusetts; and resides in
Norwood, Mass.



President Duluth Edison Electric Company,
Was born at Shakopee, Minn., 1864; son of Charles and
Anna (Youngblood) Hartman; educated in public
schools of Duluth. Entered railway service and became
general agent Northern Pacific railway 1888; resigned
position with railway to take charge of electric company;
was chief promoter of bill passed by state legislature giv
ing Duluth authority to build the aerial bridge. Presi
dent Duluth Edison Electric company, which supplies
electric lighting to the city; treasurer Inter-State Traction
company; president Northern Shoe company. Independ
ent republican. Roman Catholic. Married at Chicago,
111., 1899, to Miss Katherine Chapin. Clubs: Kitchi
Gammi, Northland Country, Commercial, Duluth Boat,
Duluth Yacht. Recreations: Golf, fishing.


Lawyer, Capitalist,

Native of Chautauqua county, N.Y. ; educated in acad
emy at Forrestville, N.Y., and at Hamilton college, Clin
ton, N.Y., graduating, degree of A.B., A.M., 1879. Be
gan active career as a school teacher and was principal
of academy, Oxford, N.Y., 1879-83, and at Sherman, N.
Y., 1873-76. Came to Minnesota 1884; entered profes
sion of law 1886 at Fergus Falls. , Also president First
National bank, Deer Creek, Fergus Packing company,
and extensively interested in manufacturing enterprises,
lumber and lands, in United States and Canada. Repub
lican. Episcopalian (life trustee Church Foundation of
Diocese of Minnesota). President Fergus Falls park
board. Mason (32-degree). Married at Oxford, N.Y.,
1 88 1, to Miss Mai Mygatt, daughter of Hon. Henry R.
Mygatt. Clubs: Chippewa and Minneapolis clubs.



Jurist of New York City,,

Was born May 20, 1855, in Rotz, Bavaria. He was
brought to America when an infant; and since 1860 has
lived in the eleventh ward of New York city. In 1877
he was admitted to the bar; and in 1886 was elected a
representative to the New York state legislature. He be
came collector of internal revenue for the third district
of New York; and in 1890 was appointed judge of the
city court. In 1890 he was elected county clerk; in 1891
was appointed judge of the court of common pleas; and
the following year was elected for a full term of fourteen
years. He was a delegate to the New York constitutional
convention of 1894. In 1896 he was transferred to the
supreme court and was re-elected to the supreme court
bench for the full term of fourteen years.



Was born in Swift county, Minn., Feb. 2, 1872; educated
in common schools and at Willmar seminary. Lived on
farm until 19 years of age; celrk in general store for three
years; was bookkeeper in Bank of Kerkhoven, Swift
county, Minn., two years; became manager of the general
merchandise store of O. Becklund, 1895, retiring in 1902,
when the business changed hands; started in banking
business as clerk in Kandiyohi County bank, 1902 ; elected
director and vice-president after four months, and still
continues ; incorporator of State Bank of Kandiyohi ; vice-
president State Bank of Kirkhoven; president State Bank
of Pennock, Pennock, Minn. Republican. Presbyterian.
Married in Kandiyohi county, 1899, to Miss Mary
Hough. Member I.O.O.F. Member of the A.R. and
A.M. lodge. Appointed bank examiner for the Minne
sota banking department in January, 1911, which position
is held at this time. Resides at Willmar as before.


Optician and Brick Manufacturer,

Was born in Holland January 25, 1861; son of Willem
and Wilhelmina (Korten) Koch; educated by private
teacher at home and in high school at Arnheim, Holland.
Began active career as clerk in grocery at Arnheim, 1878,
continuing until 1881; traveled for produce business in
Holland, 1881-86; came to America January 16, 1886;
was engaged in land business with headquarters in Chi
cago, and later St. Paul, for brother, Theo F., until Jan
uary, 1894, removing to Minneapolis September, 1897.
Took up optical business in which he is now engaged,
and followed it for a number of years, gradually dispos
ing of farming land. Owns optical department Powers
Mercantile company. Also has been interested in manu
facture of pressed brick since 1890, and is vice-president
of the Twin City Brick company. Independent in poli
tics. Member of Fine Arts society. Married at St. Louis,
Mo., December 24, 1894, to Mrs. Emma L. Meyer.
Clubs: Commercial, Automobile, Apollo (associate mem
ber) . Also athletic and boat clubs and civic and com
merce associations. Recreations: Fishing, sailing, auto-
mobiling, traveling. Office: 1018 Lumber Exchange.
Residence: 3317 2nd avenue S., Minneapolis.


Lawyer and Statesman of Island Pond, Vt.,
Was born December 21, 1868, in Pittsburg N.H. He
graduated from Dartmouth college with the degree of
A.B. He has attained success in the practice of law in
Vermont; and in 1902-08 was state s attorney for Essex
county. He was a member of the house of representatives
of the Vermont state legislature in 1910. Since 1910 he
has again been state s attorney for Essex county; and since
1911 has been assistant general counsel of the Central Ver
mont Railway company; and resides in Island Pond, Vt.


ij&. .


Chairman Prohibition State Committee of Nebraska,
Was born January 20, 1866, in Lewisville, Ind. He
taught for a number of years in the country schools of
Kansas and Indiana; and was teacher and chaplain in the
Indiana youths school at Fort Wayne. He also taught
in the Central normal college at Danville; and in the
southern Indiana normal college at Mitchell, of which
institution he was president for two years. He is promi
nently identified with the business and public affairs of
his state; and is the owner of two student supply stores
in Fremont, Neb. He is a member of the prohibition
national committee; and for four years has been chairman
of the state prohibition party of Nebraska.


Auditor Passenger Receipts Missouri Pacific Railway,
Was born at Chester, Windsor county, Vermont, May 24,
1866; son of Willard Martin and Annette Elmira (Ord-
way) Mclntyre; educated in district and graded schools
of Chester, Vt. ; married at Chicopee, Mass., December 3.
1890, to Miss Margaret Annie Smith ; one daughter, Mar
garet Thompson Mclntyre. Was page in legislature of
Vermont when ten years old (session of 1876) ; ran news
paper route, while attending school, for several years
prior to 1882; then in postoffice and jewelry store at
Chester, Vt. While continuing school work, began study
of law, relinquishing same to accept clerical position in
office Connecticut River Railroad at Springfield, Mass.,
May 12, 1885; resigned four years later as chief clerk of
passenger accounts to accept position of apportionment
clerk, Missouri Pacific Railway company, March 20,
1889, steadily promoted until appointed to present posi
tion of auditor passenger receipts, same road, April 25,
1900. Republican. Episcopalian.



State Senator of North Carolina,

Was born October i, 1871, in Bass, Sampson county, N.C.
In 1892-94 he attended Glencoe High School; in 1894-95
Salem high school; in 1896-99 the university of North
Carolina; and subsequently attended the university law
school. He is interested in goodd road law for Harnett
county, N.C. For twelve years he was engaged in edu
cational work; and now practices law in Lillington, N.C.
He is now serving his term as a member of the North
Carolina state senate from the counties of Harnett, John
ston and Sampson; and is a member of several important


Lawyer and Scientist of Detroit, Mich.,
Was born July 13, 1846, in Germany. He received the
honorary degree of A.M. from the university of Michi
gan. Since 1867 he has been in the practice of law in
Detroit, Mich.; and in 1877-81 was attorney general for
the state of Michigan. In 1885-86, and in 1893-1906, was
professor of law, and in 1906-08 was lecturer on legal
ethics at the university of Michigan. In 1896 he was
president of the Michigan Political Science association.


Secretary United States Senate,

Was born and has always resided in the old Bennett home
stead in Brooklyn, N.Y. He was admitted to the bar;
and received the degree of LU.B. from the university of
New York. He is chairman of the Broadway branch of
the Mechanics bank; and trustee of Kings county savings
institution. He was a member of the fifty-fourth and
fifty-fifth congresses from New York as a republican.
Since 1900 he has been secretary of the United States
senate; and resides in Washington, D.C.



Iron Founder,
Was born March 17, 1843, in Newark, NJ. He entered
his father s employ in iron foundry, which was established
in 1843; in 1873 he became a partner in the firm; and on
the death of his father in 1880 he succeeded to the business
which now employs several hundred hands. In 1903 the
Meeker Foundry Company succeeded Mr. Meeker. He
was president of the New Jersey commission to the
World s Columbian exposition. He is a member of the
Essex club, the Essex County Country club, the Jefferson
club, the North End club, and the Lawyers and Man
hattan clubs of New York city. He is also active in re
ligious and benevolent matters; and is a member of the
board of associated charities.


Dry Goods,

Was born in St. Paul March 7, 1873; son of Albert H.
Lindeke; educated in public schools of St. Paul; St. Paul
high school, graduating 1890; Yale university, graduating
degree of B.A., 1894. After a trip abroad returned to St.
Paul and became connected with the wholesale dry goods
firm of Lindeke, Warner and Schurmeier, now Lindeke,
Warner and Sons, of which he has been a partner since
1903. Graduate of Minnesota state university law school,
degree of LL.B., 1900; admitted to the bar, but has never
practiced. Republican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Minne
sota, Commercial, Town and Country, White Bear Yacht,
Lafayette, Amateur Athletic, Roosevelt (first president),
Yale (New York city). Recreations: Automobiling and
golf. Appointed member of St. Paul police commis
sioners in June, 1910. Elected president of the board in
the following November and served until February, 1912,
when he resigned owing to pressure of business. Director
of Association of Commerce.



Colonel United States Marine Corps.
In 1 88 1 he graduated from the United States naval acad
emy; became second lieutenant in 1883; and first lieuten
ant in 1890. In 1892-99 he was assistant to the judge
advocate general of the navy in Washington, D.C. In
1898 he was promoted to captain; and in 1899 was a P~
pointed major and assistant adjutant and inspector United
States marine corps. In 1904 he was appointed colonel,
adjutant and inspector; and has been on duty in the Phil
ippine islands; and since December 28, 1911, has been on
duty in San Francisco, Cal.


State Representative of North Carolina,
Was born August 31, 1880, in Union county, N.C. He
was educated at the Wake Forest College of North Caro
lina. He has attained success in the practice of law in
his native State; is identified with the Lake, Land and
Lumber company of Monroe, N.C.; and has filled vari
ous positions of trust and honor. He is a member of the
democratic party; is now filling his first term of 1911-13
as a member of the North Carolina State House of Rep
resentatives; and is a member on several important com


Clergyman of New York City,

Was born October 30, 1850, in Dublin, Ireland. He has
conducted evangelical services in Philadelphia, Balti
more, Louisville, Sandusky and in London and in other
cities in Canada. He became pastor of St. George s of
New York City; established the St. George s Boys Club
and the Girls Friendly society; and established a regular
mission on Avenue A, and various branches. His home
is in Ridgefield, Conn.




Was born at Faribault, Minn., October 19, 1863; son of
John Jepson; graduated at Charleton college, Northfield,
Minn., degree of B.S., 1887,, and took M.A. degree, 1897;
married at Clearwater, Minn., 1889, to Ada Whiting.
Came to Minneapolis in 1887. President of the Winkley
Artificial Limb company; represented the 8th district of
Minnesota as state senator for eight years. Congrega-


State Superintendent of Public Instruction for Kentucky,
Was born February 3, 1879, in Abilene, Va. He received
the rudiments of his education in the public schools of
his native state; and graduated from the Hampden-Sid-
ney callege of Virginia. He soon attained success as an
educator; and became superintendent of city schools of
Hopkinsville, Ky. He is identified with the democratic
party; has been a member of the state board of educa
tion; and has filled several positions of trust and honor.
He is now serving his first term of 1912-16 as state super
intendent of public instruction for Kentucky; and resides
in Frankfort, Ky.


Educator and Author,

Was born March 19, 1842, in Boston, Mass. He received
a thorough education; and in 1873 he was made assistant
professor of philosophy at Harvard College. He was
made full professor ten years later; and in i88q became
Alford professor of natural religion, moral philosophv
an dcivil politv. He is the author of The New Educa
tion; The Field of Ethics; The Teacher; The Problem
of Freedom; and numerous other works,



Banker, Manufacturer,

Was born at Canton, Pa., April 13, 1838; son of S. B. and
Fanny Kendall; educated in common schools and com
mercial school, Washington, D.C., graduating June 2,
1868. Served in civil war, 1861-64; wounded at battle of
Chancellorsville; clerk in war department, Washington,
D.C., 1864-68; came to Minnesota, 1868, and conducted
general merchandise business until 1893. Has been en
gaged in manufacture of brick since 1893. President
State Bank of Byron. Member Minnesota legislature,
1895-97; member G.A.R., I.O.O.F.


President Winona State Normal School,
Was born in Mason county 111., 1870; son of Henry C.
and Mary (Ewers) Maxwell; came to Appleton, Minne
sota, 1879; graduate Hamline university, degree of A.B.,
1893; Columbia university, Teachers college, degree of
A.M., 1900; married at St. Paul, 1896, to Miss Jeanette
R. Evans. Taught in public schools of Minnesota and
Wisconsin, 1893-98; was principal training department
Winona state normal school, 1900-04; has been president
of the school since 1004. Club: Minnesota School Mas
ters . Recreations: Tennis and gymnasium.


United States Senator,

Was born January 14, 1831, in Livermore, Me. He was
surveyor-general of Minnesota by President Lincoln in
1861-64; was a director and large owner of the Minne
apolis Water Power company; was the projector and
afterwards president of the Minneapolis and St. Louis
railroad; and organized and built the Sault line of rail
way from Minneapolis to Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., of
which he was the chief projector, and remained president
until his election to the United States senate in 1889; in
1879-85 was a representative in congress; and United
States senate in 1889-95.




Was born at Mankato, Minn., December 17, 1876; son
of John A. and Anna M. (Sibley) Willard; educated in
Mankato high school and at the university of Minnesota,
graduating degree of A.B., 1888; married at Chester, Vt.,
1890, to Miss Louise A. Robbins. Was manager Man
kato Linseed Oil Works, 1890-98; secretary Mankato
Mills company, 1898-1901 ; has been director and cashier
First National Bank, since November, 1901. Also presi
dent Park Point Land company; secretary and treasurer
Mankato Citizens Telephone company, Western Land
and Loan company. Member Mankato Public Library
Board. Republican. Presbyterian. Member National
Credit Men s Association.


General Agent of the New England Mutual Life Insur
ance Company for Minnesota,

Was born at Madison, Wis., September 24, 1866; son of
John and Jane Reeves, daughter of Dr. Charles Oswin of
London, England; educated in public schools of Iowa,
with two years in Cedar Valley seminary, Osage, Iowa;
married at St. Paul, Minn., November 5, 1891, to Mary
S. Clark; one son, Oswin Arthur; left school on death of
father to close up his estate, in which occupation spent
two years; moved to St. Paul, 1886, and a few months
later established in real estate business. Organized, 1889,
the fire insurance firm which was afterward Reeves and
Gilliam, to which was added the St. Paul agencv of the
Mutual Benefit LSfe Insurance company, in 1897; re
signed April i, 1902, to accept general agency of the New
England Mutual Life Insurance company of Boston, in

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