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which continues. Republican in national, independent
in state and local politics. Congregationalist. Clubs:
Commercial, Congregational club of Minnesota.



County Auditor,

Was born in 1852 in Milton, Wis. He was educated at
Milton college. In 1879-99 ne was general agent of the
J. I. Case Threshing Machine company at Mankato,
Minn.; and then became cashier of a bank. Since 1900
he has been auditor of Blue Earth county. In 1893 he
was elected mayor of Mankato, serving four years. In
1895-97 ne was president of the State Agricultural So
ciety; and in 1896 became a member of the state capitol


Captain United States Navy.

In 1868 he graduated from the United States Naval
Academy at Newport. In 1870 he was promoted to mas
ter; in 1872 to lieutenant; in 1893 to lieutenant-com
mander; in 1903 was promoted to captain; and was re
tired in 1904 after forty years of service. He was largely
employed on special duty, on the coast survey and the ex
ploring expeditions in connection with the interoceanic
canal surveys. He levelled the accepted canal routes
both through Nicaragua and Panama; while in command
of the Albatross, he was appointed by the president a
member of the Fur Seal Commission, and in this capacity
visited Eastern Siberia and the Kuriles; during his com
mand the vessel was largely engaged upon oceanography,
the exploration of the salmon streams and lake systems of
Alaska, and the exploration of a portion of the South
Seas, under direction of Alexander Agassiz. He is now
superintendent of the Alaska Packers Association at San
Francisco, Cal. He is a fellow of the American Associa
tion for the Advancement of Science; member of Ethno
graphical Society of France, a member of the Philoso
phical Society of Washington, and of National Geogra
phical Society.



Assistant Public Examiner,

Was born at Trondhjem, Norway, May i, 1854; came to
America at 13 years of age; educated in common schools.
Learned telegraphy in Wisconsin and followed railroad
work for 30 years, with Chicago and Northwestern rail
way, except about one year; came to Minnesota 1875;
has served as assistant state bank examiner since March,
1904. Private to lieutenant-colonel, M.N.G. ; lieutenant-
colonel, commanding i4th Minnesota volunteer infantry
in Spanish-American war; commanded expedition against
Leech Lake Indians, 1898. Republican. Lutheran.
Member Masonic order, I.O.O.F., Knights of Pythias,
B.P.O.E. Married December, 1877, to Miss B. O. Field
of Blair, Wis. Club: Elks. Recreations: Reading and



Was born at Lowell, Wis., August 8, 1858; son of Edwin
B. and Mary Elizabeth (Tenney) Richardson; educated
in Janesville (Wis.) high school; two years in prepara
tory department Beloit (Wis.) College; Yale university,
B.A., 1881; univeristy of Wisconsin, law department,
L.L.B., 1883. Married at Danbury, Conn., 1882, to Mary
K. Fairchild (now deceased). Admitted to bar, June,
1883; began practice of law at St. Paul, August, 1883;
partner with Charles D. Kerr from 1885 until appoint
ment of Col. Kerr as district judge, 1887; partner with
James E. Markham, 1889; member firm of Warner,
Richardson and Laurence, 1890-1900; since May i, 1900,
practicing alone. Republican; member Republican State
Central Committee three terms and secretary of commit
tee two terms. Trustee The State Savings Bank. Mem
ber Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Clubs: Minnesota,



Lawyer and Statesman of New York City,
Was born March 2, 1858, in Lynchburg, Va. He was a
student at the College City of New York; and in 1878
received the degree of LL.B. from Columbia. Since 1879
he has been in the active practice of law in New York
City. He has organized and is counsel for many brew
ing, manufacturing, mining, industrial, and railway cor
porations. He is general counsel for the Kansas City
Southern Railway and a score of other corporations. He
has also put forth in public addresses and articles pleas
for the federal regulation of the trust and kindred sub
jects. He is a director of the United Fruit company and
various other corporations ; and is a member of the Amer
ican Society of International Law, League of Political
Education and various other clubs and societies.


Civil Engineer,

Was born March 4, 1848, in Skane, Sweden. He received
the degrees of B.S., C.E., and D.Eng. For many years
he was engaged in civil and mining engineering; was as
sistant in the United States lake survey; and in 1876 as
sistant engineer Eads Jetties. In 1902-05 he was chief
department of liberal arts at the Louisiana Purchase Ex
position; and in 1898 became a member of the Mississ
ippi River Commission. He has been United States del
egate to the international congress of merchant marine
in Paris in 1900; and to the international congress of navi
gation the same year. In 1864-65 he served in the one
hundred and thirty-second regiment Illinois infantry and
in the First Minnesota heavy artillery. He has been twice
president of the St. Louis Engineers Club. He is the
author of numerous articles on engineering topics.



Lawyer and Statesman of Kensington, N .H.,
Was born January 22, 1881, in Kensington, N. H. He
was educated in the public schools of his native city, at
Exeter high school, Phillips Exeter academy and the
Boston university law school. Since 1907 he has been
sealer of weights and measures for Rockingham county,
N.H. He is a member of the republican party; has been
a member of the board of education; has been auditor,
tax collector, and held various town offices. In 1902 he
was a delegate to the New Hampshire constitutional con
vention. He has been a delegate to state congressional
and senatorial conventions of the republican party. He
is a successful lawyer and maintains an office in Exeter
as well as in Kensington, where he still resides on the
original homestead spot.


Banker and Financier,

Was born November i, 1840, in Columbia, Mo. He al
ternately taught and attended school until 1861 ; and was
graduated from the Missouri State university. In 1864
he graduated as a doctor of medicine from the Jefferson
Medical college of Philadelphia. After a few years of
successful practice he engaged in the wholesale grocery
trade. In 1869 he started a bank in Rocheport, Mo. In
1881 he moved to Kansas City; and there organized a
wholesale dry goods firm and also became president of
the Kansas City Savings Association. In 1887 he re
organized it as the National Bank of Commerce with a
capital of two million dollars, and of which he has al
ways president. In 1906 he organized the Commeiual
Trust company and was its president until his retirement
from active business in 1910.



lawyer and Jurist,

Was born October 2, 1856, in Salisbury, Md. He was
educated in the public schools of Salisbury and Mary
land; and then studied law. Until 1905 has was engaged
in the practice of law; is a member of the Masonic order
and other patriotic and fraternal orders; and has filled
various positions of trust and honor. He is a member of
the democratic party; and in 1905 was a delegate in the
general assembly of Maryland. He is now associate judge
for the First Judicial District of Maryland for the term
of 1911-26; and resides in Princess Anne, Md.



Was born in Canada, 1860; son of John A. and Kate
(Rich) Scriver; graduated from Carleton College,
Northfield, Minn., degree of A.B., 1881. Has been en
gaged in the banking business since 1881 and is now pres
ident of the St. Anthony Falls Bank at St. Anthony Falls,
Minneapolis, and the Citizens State Bank of Cannon
Falls, Minn. Republican. Congregationalist. Club:
East Side Commercial. Office: St. Anthony Falls Bank,
St. Anthony Falls, Minn. Residence: 603 Fulton St.,
S.E., Minneapolis.

Secretary of the Indian Rights Association,
Was born December 4, 1851, in Philadelphia, Pa. In
1871 he graduated from the university of Pennsylvania;
and then spent two years in Paris studying art. The In
dian Rights Association, of which he is secretary, was or
ganized in 1882. Its object is to promote the just treat
ment of the Indians, to secure their education and their
settlement upon individual holdings of land, and to se
cure for them ultimate citizenship. The home office is in
Philadelphia; and none of its officers receive salaries.



Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, Minneapolis,
Was born in Readsboro, Vermont, April 21, 1851. He
removed to aterville, Minnesota, with his parents,
the Hon. Lewis and Hannah Babcock Stowe, in June,
1856. He was educated in the public school, Shattuck
school, Faribault and Seabury Divinity School at Fari-
bault, Minnesota. From May 1876 to April 1878 he was
superintendent of the government school and had charge
of the agricultural education and industries for the Ind
ians on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minne
sota and brought to great success. He was ordained a
deacon June 13, 1880, in the Cathedral at Faribault, and
to the priesthood December 19, 1880, in St. Paul s church
at St. Paul by Bishop Whipple. He became rector of
Trinity church, at Anoka, Minnesota, and in charge of
Elk River, Becker and Princeton, August 30, 1880, in
w r hich capacity he served until April i, 1888. He served
for five years on the Board of Education in Anoka and
was president of the board for three years. He became
rector of Ascension church at Stillwater, April i, 1888.
He resigned Ascension church on Easter, 1900, and as
sumed his present charge October ist, 1900, also having
had charge, during this time, of St. Matthew s church,
St. Anthony Park, Epiphany church at Hamline and
Grace church in Minneapolis. He has served as the sec
retary of the diocese of Minnesota since October ist, 1885,
being appointed to that office by the late bishop of the
diocese, the Right Reverend H. B. Whipple, DD., LL.D.
and has since been annually chosen to that office. He mar
ried Frances Ellen Jacklin of Detroit, Mich. There are
five children, viz.: Mrs. William S. Fish, Klamath Falls,
Oregon; Lewis W. Stone, Deer Lodge, Mont.; Mrs.
Charles L. Pugh, Spokane, Wash.; Edward D. Stowe,
Minneapolis, Minn.; Ruth L. Stowe. He has always
taken a deep interest in and been active in all social, edu-


cational, civic and religious affairs of the community in
which he lived and in the great national and world issues
of the day.


Soldier, Journalist, Congressman,

Was born June 5, 1841, in England. He served in the
union army in 1862, in 1863 and 1864 as corporal, first
sergeant and first lieutenant. He was a member of the
board of education and chairman of a committee on
buildings at the time of his election to congress; and was
an active member of the New York World s Fair com
mittee. He was named as one of the incorporators in the
World s Fair- bill passed by the New York legislature,
as also in the congressional bill introduced on behalf of
New York. He was elected to the fifty-second congress
as a democrat to fifill a vacancy.


State Senator of Rhode Island,

Was born January 2, 1862, in Providence, R.I. He was
educated in the public schools of his native city. For
many years he was engaged as a successful merchant of
Providence, but has now retired from active business.
He is identified with the democratic party; in 1903 was
a representative from Providence to the state legislature;
and was prominently mentioned as a candidate on the
democratic ticket for governor for the coming November
election of 1912. He is now serving his second term of
1912-13 as a member of the Rhode Island state senate;
and in his last election polled more votes than any other
candidate of any party.





Was born in Essen, Rhein Provinz, Germany, May 20,
1860; son of John and Margareth A. Kretz; attended
public and private schools, Barge, Borbeck, 1866-74;
School of Technology, Essen, 1874-77; Academy of Ar
chitecture, Holzminden, 1877-80, graduating as architect,
1881; married at St. Paul, Minn., August 22, 1894, to
Miss Helena B. Botzet. After traveling through greater
part of Europe, came to New York, 1881; from there
visited principal cities of United States and Canada; in
1886 located at St. Paul and engaged in general practice
of architecture.


Colonel and Paymaster United States Marine Corps,
Was born February 66, 1872, in Ironton, Ohio. In 1891
he graduated from the United States Naval Academy;
was appointed second-lieutenant in 1893; and in 1899
was appointed major and assistant paymaster in the ma
rine corps. In 1897, he was promoted to first lieutenant;
was made captain in 1899; and was brevetted lieutenant-
colonel in 1900 for distinguished conduct in the presence
of the enemy at the battle of Tientsin, China. In 1909
he was promoted to colonel and paymaster in the United
States Marine Corps, in charge of the paymaster s depart


Statesman and Public Official of Danville, Vt.,
Was born July 7, 1864, in Danville, Vt. He was educated
at Lyndon Institute. He is a successful farmer of Dan
ville, Vt., where he has always lived. In 1908 he became
first selectman; was road commissioner in 1900-03 and
1909-10; and is again road commissioner for 1911-12. In
1910-11 he represented his town in the General Assembly
of the Vermont State Legislature; and served on several
important committees.



Contractor and Builder,

Was born December 13, 1851, in New York City. He
became and expert in bricklaying, was soon made a fore
man; and soon after reaching his majority he entered
business on his own account. He has since erected the
Vanderbilt building, the New Jersey Central railway
depot in Jersey City, the Mail and Express building, the
Tiffany building and numreous other buildings, amount
ing to several of millions of dollars every year. He is a
director of the Garfield National Bank; and is a member
of numerous clubs and societies. In 1876 he devoted two
months to filling the unexpired term of Smith Ely in con
gress. He is the author of Sketches Over the Sea and
numerous other works; and resides in Greenwich, Conn.


Manufacturer of Chicago,

Was November 27, 1851, in Albany, N.Y. In 1879 he
removed to Chicago, 111.; and was one of the organizers
of the Chicago Forge and Bolt company, of which he was
secretary for seventeen years. He was then instrumental
in organizing the American Bridge Works, of which he
was secretary and treasurer until 1900. He next organized
the Standard Forging company, of which he is president
and treasurer. He was also president of the South Haven
and Eastern, Milwaukee, Benton Harbor and Columbus,
and Paw Paw Lake railroads. He has the most complete
collection of hymns in the original handwriting of their
authors, consisting of about six hundred hymns, covering
a period of two hundred years.



Was born at Carlisle, Pa., October 19, 1874; son of Jo
seph Griffith Vale and Sarah (Eyster) Vale. Mr. Vale


comes of a family of lawyers, his grandfather, father, un
cle, brother and several paternal and maternal cousins
being members of this profession. He was graduated from
the Dickinson Preparatory School, Carlisle, Pa., in 1892;
and from Dickinson College, as Ph.B., 1896, A.M., 1899,
and D.C.L., 1909; Dickinson School of Law as LL.B. in
1899. He married at Milford, Del., in 1901, Maria Eliz
abeth Williams, and they have two children: Maria
Elizabeth and Grace. Mr. Vale was principal of the
Milford Classical School, 1896-1898. He is a member
of the Law Association of Philadelphia and Law Aca
demy of Philadelphia; member American Academy of
Political and Social Science; member of Phi Kappa Psi
fraternity, Theta Nu Epsilon fraternity, and Belle Let-
tres Literary Society. He is a member of the Racquet
Club of Philadelphia and other clubs. Mr. Vale is au
thor of: Elementary Principles of Pennsylvania Law,
1901, two volumes; second edition in 1902. He was an-
notator of the Rules of the Superior Court of Pennsyl
vania, 1902; indexed and arranged Pennsylvania Law of
Negotiable Instruments, 1902; compiler of Vale s Sup
plement to Brightly s Digest of Pennsylvania Decisions,
1903; compiler Vale s Digest of Pennsylvania Decisions,
two volumes, 1754 to 1907. He has contributed magazine
articles on legal, political and economic subjects. In his
profession, his reputation is established as an orator and
advocate as well as a lawyer of wide learning and ac
curate scholarship. He has never sought nor held politi
cal office.


Rear Admiral United States Navy,

Appointed an active Midshipman from Texas, 1859; at
the Naval Academy, 18^9-61; ordered to active service
May, 1861 ; on Quaker City, June to October, 1861 ; the
receiving ship North Carolina, the Norwich, South At
lantic blockading squadron, 1862-3; participated in the


bombardment of Fort Pulaski, the occupation of Jackson
ville, Fla., and a raid on Georgetown, S.C. Appointed
acting master 1862. Promoted to ensign December, 1863;
on Housatonic and Wabash, 1863. Promoted to lieuten
ant 1864; on Iroquois 1864-5 J on Chattanooga, 1866. Pro
moted to lieutenant-commander 1866; at naval academy
in department of mathematics, 1866-9; on Lancaster,
South Atlantic station, 1869-72; naval academy, depart
ment of astronomy and navigation, 1872-5; commanded
practice steamer Fortune, 1873; on Pensacola, Pacific sta
tion, 1875-6. Promoted to commander September, 1876;
bureau of ordnance, 1877-81 ; commanded Essex, in cruise
around the world, 1881-5; inspector of ordnance, navy
yard, Washington, 1885-8; bureau of ordnance, 1889;
inspector of ordnance, navy yard, New York, 1889-92.
Promoted to captain April, 1892; in command of Lan
caster, Asiatic station, i892-c?4; navy yard, Norfolk, 1894-
97; in command of battleship Oregon, 1898; invalided,
March, 1898; commandant, navy yard, Washington,
1898-99. Promoted to rear-admiral September, 1899.
Retired at own request, March, 1900.


Business President and Statesman of Salt Lake City,
Was born August 22, 1851, in Chicago, II. He was edu
cated in Pittsburg, Pa. In 1879-97 he was secretary of
Utah Territory; in 1880 was supervisor census of Utah;
and in 1884 was a member of the commission to compile
and codify the laws of Utah. In 1886-89 he was a mem
ber of the Utah commission; and in 1889-93 was governor
of Utah. Since 1898 he has been postmaster of Salt Lake
City, Utah. He called the first great national irrigation
congress at Salt Lake City in 1890; and also called the
first international irrigation congress at Los Angeles in
1891. He is president of the Idaho Irrigating and Colo
nization company.



Of Peking, China,

Was born May 23, 1837, in Shippensburg, Pa. He has
received the degrees of B.A., M.A., and D.D.; and in
1863 was appointed missionary to China by the Presby
terian board. He has filled many important positions in
his church in China. Since 1880 he has been pastor of the
first Presbyterian church of Pekin, China; and since 1881
principal of Truth Hall academy of that city. Since 1887
he has been a member of the commission to translate the
Bible into classical Chinese; and is the author of numer
ous Biblical works.


Physician of New York City,

Was born June 15, 1847, in New York City. In 1868 he
received the degree of M.D. from the University Medical
college. He served as surgeon to the Eighty-fourth regi
ment New York national guard, with the rank of major;
and has filled numerous other positions of trust and honor.
He received the degrees of Ph.B. and Ph.D. from the
university of the City of New York. Since 1869 he has
been professor of chemistry, materia medica and thera
peutics in the New York college of Dentistry, and is the
author of The Treatment of Eryspelas; and a Treatise on
Gout and Rheumatism.


Railroad Contractor,

Was born at New Haven, Vt., September 1 1, 1861 ; son of
Robert B. and Sarah (Smith) Langdon; educated in
public schools of Minneapolis, Minn.; married at Min
neapolis, December 27, 1893, to Mabel Shaw. Engaged
in railroad construction since 1878. Member of the firm
of Linton and company, established in 1892; trustee
Farmers and Mechanics Savings bank; vice-president
Minneapolis Syndicate; director Minneapolis Trust com
pany. Member of the M.N.G. from 1879-81;. Repub
lican. Episcopalian. Clubs: Minneapolis, Minikahda,



President O. H. Peck Company,

Was born at Minneapolis, Minn., December 31, 1870;
son of Simon and Margaret Kixmoeller; educated in
German parochial and Minneapolis public schools; mar
ried at Minneapolis, January 11, 1903, to Miss Hulda
Rutzatz. At thirteen years of age entered a shoe store
but after five years experience in the shoe business en
gaged as bokkeeper in a photographic supply house and
became manager; later half partner successively in the
firm of J. H. Fouch and company, and the Minneapolis
Photo Materials company; president, manager and treas
urer of the photographic supply firm of O. H. Peck com


Inventor of New York City,

Was born May 28, 1840, in Rochester, N.Y. He received
a public school and academic education in Rochester,
N.Y. ; and subsequently pursued special studies in law,
medicine and engineering. He learned his trade in the
shops of his father, who was a hardware merchant and
manufacturer. In 1865 he went to the oil fields of Penn
sylvania, improving methods of oil production. He is
especially notable for his inventions of disinfectors and
sterilizers; and is the inventor of The Sprague Asept-

State Senator of Pennsylvania,

Was born May 3, 1863, in Lynn Township, Lehigh coun
ty, Pa. He was educated in the select schools of his
native county. He is a successful merchant of New Trip
oli, Pa.; has been justice of the peace for twenty-five
years; and was a delegate to many of the state conventions
and to the national democratic convention of 1908. He is
serving his first term of 1911-14 as a member of the Penn
sylvania state senate.




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