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Was born March 18, 1846, in Ohio. In 1861-64 he served
in the civil war as a private in company I, thirteenth and
twenty-fifth regiments Missouri infantry, and in company
H, first Missouri engineers. In 1865 he was appointed to
the United States military academy; graduated in 1869;
and was appointed second lieutenant in the third United
States cavalry. In 1876 he attained the rank of first lieu
tenant; was promoted to captain in 1883; in 1898 was
made major of the fourth cavalry; in 1901 became lieute
nant eighth cavalry; in 1903 became colonel eleventh cav
alry; and the same year was transferred to the seventh
cavalry. In 1907 he attained the rank of brigadier-gen
eral in the United States army. In 1890 he was breveted
first lieutenant for action against the Indians in Arizona
in 1871 ; and in 1911 was retired from active service.


Railroad Manager,

With office at Gainesville, Fla., was born June 16, 1867,
at Mattoon, 111. He was educated in the grammar schools
at Oakland, 111. He entered the railway service in 1882,
since which he has been consecutively to 1883 operator of
the Toledo, Cincinnati and St. Louis railway at East St.
Louis and Charleston, 111.; 1883-85, telegraph operator


at the general office of the Southern Kansas railway at
Lawrence, Kan.; 1885-87, telegraph operator at the gen
eral office of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe road at
Topeka, Kan.; in 1887 was appointed private secretary
and operator to the chief engineer of the same road, and
continued in that position during the construction of the
Chicago extension of the Santa Fe system, when he was
appointed train dispatcher at Marceline, Mo.; 1891-92,
train dispatcher of the East Tennessee, Virginia and Geor
gia railway at Macon, Ga. ; 1892-93, train dispatcher of
the Georgia Southern and Florida road; 1893-94, train
dispatcher of the Florida Southern road; 1894 to Jan. 7,
1900, chief train dispatcher same road and Plant system;
Jan. 7, 1900, to 1905, trainmaster of the Plant system, now
controlled by the Atlantic Coast line, at Gainesville, Fla. ;
1905-08, division superintendent of the Atlantic Coast
Line railroad; 1908-12, general manager of the Tampa
and Jacksonville railroad at Gainesville, Fla.


General Manager,

Was born December, 1870, in Quebec, Canada. He was
educated at the Royal Military college of Canada and
Columbia university. In 1890-92 he was engineer of the
Commercial Mining company and in 1892-94 was metal
lurgist of the Consolidated Kansas City Smelting and Re
fining company; in 1894-95 ^ e was chemist in the Copper
Queen Consolidated Mining company; in 1896-99 was
superintendent of the Detroit Copper mining company,
and was connected with various other concerns. He is
now second vice-president of the El Paso and Southwest
ern company; and is general manager of Phelps, Dodge
and company. He is a member of the Engineers club,
Rocky Mountain club and the Columbia university.



Physician and Surgeon,

Was born March 13, 1866, in Port Jervis, N. Y. He grad
uated with the degree of B.A. from Yale university, and
received the degree of D.D. from Columbia university.
He has traveled extensively in Europe for study and rec
reation, and since 1894 has practiced in Middletown, N.Y.
He has been president of the Young Men s Christian as
sociation of this city; president of the Orange County
Medical society, and president of the Orange Country
Golf club.


Official of Public Utilities and Industrial Corporations,
Was born in Scranton, Pa., March 16, 1861 ; son of John
Maloney and Catherine Maloney. He was educated in
the public schools and business college. Mr. Maloney is
president of the State Construction company, and of the
Coast Gas company; vice-president of the Maloney Land
Improvement company; president of the Lakewood Gas
company; vice-president of the Newbold Improvement
company, City Gas Light company and Shore Gas com
pany; director of the North Philadelphia Trust company,
secretary and treasurer of the Hygeia Ice and Cold Stor
age company, Philadelphia, and of the Pennsylvania Iron
Works Operating company. He has six children: John
C. Maloney, born in 1888; Joseph Maloney, born in 1891 ;
Charles A. Maloney, born in 1893 ; Marie Maloney, born
in 1895; Ruth Maloney, born in 1897, and Andrew Ma
loney, Jr., born in 1906.


Clergy, Missionary and Author,

Was born Aug. 16, 1859, in Freedom, Pa. In 1888 he re
ceived the degree of A.B. from Mt. Union college, from
which institution he also received the degrees of A.M.


and Ph. D. In 1890 he sailed as a missionary to Peking;
and since that year has been professor of science in the
Peking university. He has made a large collection oJ
Chinese paintings now in the Boston museum. He is the
author of Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes; Chinese Boy
and Girl; Chinese Heroes; Our Little Chinese Cousin;
Tourists Guide to Peking; Court Life in China; Some
By-Products of Missions, and other works.


Superintendent Northern and Utica Divisions New

York York, Ontario and Western Railway,
Was born April 4, 1854, at Oswego, N.Y. Entered rail
way service 1871 as telegraph operator New York and
Oswego Midland railroad at Oswego, N.Y., since which
he has been consecutively relief agent northern division
same road; September, 1873, to 1876, night train dis
patcher same division; 1876 to Jan. i, 1880, dispatcher
Northern and Southern division at Norwich, N.Y. ; Jan.
i, 1880, to December, 1887, chief dispatcher southern di
vision at Middletown, N.Y. ; December, 1887, to May,
1890, assistant trainmaster; May, 1890, to April, 1893,
assistant superintendent northern and Utica divisions;
April, 1893, to date, superintendent same divisions; entire
service with the New York and Oswego Midland rail
road and its successor, the New York, Ontario and West
ern railway, the reorganization taking place in 1880.


Journalist, Publisher and Statesman,
Was born Sept. 9, 1850, in Sandersville, Ga. During the
civil war he served two years in the confederate army.
In 1878 he moved to Texas, and is now the editor and
one of the largest stockholders in the Houston Daily
Post. Since 1900 he has been Texas member of the demo
cratic national committee; and in 1898 declined the nom
ination for lieutenant-governor of Texas.



Division Freight Agent Pennsylvania Railroad,
Was born Feb. i, 1846, at New Berlin, Chenango county,
N.Y. Entered railway service March i, 1866, isince
which he has been consecutively to 1868, clerk to cashier
at Buffalo station Buffalo and Erie railway; 1868 to Au
gust, 1871, cashier same station; May 16, 1872, to August,
1873, paymaster construction Buffalo, New York and
Philadelphia railroad; August, 1873, to Feb. 14, 1883,
general freight agent; Feb. 14, 1883, to April 30, 1884,
general traffic manager; April 30, 1884, to Nov. i, 1887,
general freight agent same road; Nov. i, 1887, to August,
1900, general freight agent Wsetern New York and Penn
sylvania railroad, successor to Buffalo, New York and
Philadelphia railroad; August, 1900, to date, division
freight agent Pennsylvania railroad at Buffalo, N.Y.


Superintendent loiva and Dakota Division Chicago, Mil
waukee and St. Paul Railway,

Was born at Oconomowoc, Wis. Entered railway serv
ice in the 6o s, since which he has been consecutively to
date, with the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway
as telegraph operator, superintendent, clerk, assistant di
vision superintendent; 1889 to 1891, superintendent
northern division; 1891 to April 26, 1897, superintendent
Prairie du Chien division at Milwaukee, Wis.; April 26,
1897, to Feb. i, 1900, superintendent Chicago division;
Feb. i, 1900, to date, superintendent Iowa and Dakota
division at Mason City, Iowa.


Chemist and Author,

Was born Sept. 9, 1876, in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1898
he received the degree of B.S., and subsequently the hon
orary degree of M.Sc., from the Northeastern Ohio col-


lege. He also received the degree of M.Sc. from Mt.
Union college and the degree of A.M. from Harvard.
In 1908-10 he filled the chair of chemical research in
the New York university, and since 1907 has been pro
fessor of chemistry in Allegheny college. He has been
a lecturer on scientific subjects before chautauqua and
teachers associations. He is a Fellow of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science. He is the
author of "Outline of Qualitative Chemical Analysis";
"A Textbook of Experimental Chemistry" and other


Superintendent Monson Railroad,

Was born May 27, 1864, at Brownville, Me. Entered
railway service March, 1884, since which he has been
consecutively to 1886, fireman Monson railroad; 1886 to
1890, locomotive engineer; 1890 to September, 1904, mas
ter mechanic; September, 1904, to date, superintendent
same road.


Lawyer and Lecturer,

Was born Jan. 3, 1860, in New York City. In 1881 he
received the degree of A. M. from Amherst college, and
in 1883 received the degree of LL.B. from Columbia law
school. In 1885-92 he practiced law in Paris, France;
and in 1888-92 was counsel to the United States legation.
On account of health he removed in 1892 to Colorado
Springs, Colo.; in 1905-07 was mayor of that city, and
has been first vice-president of the Colorado State Bar
association. He has lectured on law in the Colorado col
lege; and is also general counsel of that institution of
learning and also of various other corporations.



General Superintendent Erie Division Erie Railroad,
Was born June 10, 1858, at Stockton, England. Gradu
ated from Gainford academy in England, 1874. Entered
railway service 1877 as operator Tennessee Coal, Iron
and Railroad company at South Pittsburg, Tenn., since
which he has been consecutively, 1881 to February, 1884,
in railroad supply business; February, 1884, to August,

1886, chief clerk to superintendent Alabama Great South
ern railway; August, 1886, to February, 1887, chief clerk
to superintendent Mobile and Ohio railroad; February,

1887, to January, 1892, superintendent Chattanooga
Union railway; April, 1892, to April, 1893, on prelim
inary work for a projected line; October, 1894, to Aug.
31, 1895, chief clerk to general superintendent Montana
Central railway; September, 1895, to December, 1896,
trainmaster same road; December, 1896, to July, 1897,
superintendent Montana division Great Northern rail
way; July, 1897, to Dec. 1898, superintendent Wilmar
and Breckenridge divisions; December, 1898, to October,
1899, superintendent Cascade division same road; Octo
ber, 1899, to March, 1900, superintendent St. Louis
Southwestern railway; March, 1900, to May, 1902, gen
eral superintendent same road and vice-president and gen
eral superintendent St. Louis Southwestern railway of
Texas; July, 1903, to December, 1904, superintendent
First division Denver and Rio Grande railroad; Decem
ber, 1904, to May, 1905, superintendent northern and
southern divisions Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton rail
way; June to October, 1905, general manager same road
and Chicago, Cincinnati and Louisville railroad; Octo
ber, 1905, to Aug. 6, 1907, general superintendent Erie
division Erie railroad at Jersey City, N.J.



Educator, Scientist and Author,

Was born Nov. 3, 1850, in Bantam, Ohio. He received
the degrees of A.B. and A.M. from Moores Hill college;
and the degrees of M.S. and Ph.D. from the Indiana uni
versity; in 1870-76 he was principal of high schools in
Indiana, Wisconsin and California. For two years was
a student in the Northwestern university; and in 1883
graduated from the Johns Hopkins university of Balti
more, Md. Since 1891 he has been professor of physiol
ogy and histology at the Leland Stanford, Jr., university
of California. He is a fellow of the American Associa
tion for the Advancement of Science, and a member of
the Bohemian club of San Francisco, Cal. He is the au
thor of Indiana State Series of Textbooks on Physiology
and other works.


Railroad Manager and Business President,
Was born Jan. 16, 1844, at New York City. Entered
railway service September, 1877; to Oct. i, 1880, in serv
ice successively of New York Elevated railroad and
Manhattan railway, his position with latter company be
ing that of purchasing agent; Oct. i, 1880, became gen
eral manager Norfolk and Southern railroad; in Novem
ber, 1904, also vice-president same road; since 1910 has
been president of Lake Drummond Canal and Water
company of Norfolk, Va.


Real Estate Dealer and Banker,

Was born in Numedal, Norway, Aug. 7, 1857; son of
Knud P. and Ambjorg H. (Hvamen) Haslerud; came to
America and located at Peterson, Minn., in 1879; attend
ed the public school in winter for three years at Peterson
and Ortonville, Minn.; was married at Madison, Minn.,
Aug. S I 93? to Miss Josephine Femrite. Taught one


term of school in 1883; acted as clerk in the auditor s
office at Lac quie Parle county, 1883-84; was deputy au
ditor, 1884-47; county treasurer, 1889-99; president of
the Farmers State bank, 1899-1902. Has been engaged
in making farm loans and in real estate business at Madi
son, as Dale and Haslerud, since 1908; superintendent
of farm loan agencies of northern Minnesota and North
Dakota, of George W. Wishard and company, Minneap
olis, since 1901. He is- also president of the Madison
State bank. He is a republican and ex-chairman of the
republican central committee of Lac quie Parle county.


Physician and Author,

Was born Nov. i, 1860, in Hartford, Conn. He was edu
cated in England and France; at the Williston seminary
and Columbia and Oxford university of England, and re
ceived the degree of M.D. from the University of Ver
mont. He is a practical seaman and holds a master s
certificate. In 1890-1906 he practiced medicine in Balti
more, Md., and is now engaged in literary pursuits. He
is a member of the American Association for the Ad
vancement of Science and vice-president of the Medico-
Legal society and many other scientific societies. He is
the author of The Perverts; Lila Sari; Red Flesh, and
other works.


Was born New York City, April 2, 1874; son George W.
and Katherine Price (McElrath) Debevoise; educated
Yale university, New York Law school; married New
Haven, Conn., Dec. 6, 1898, Anne Farnam Whitney.
Member law firm Rounds, Hatch, Dillingham and De
bevoise. Director Century Mortgage company, the De
bevoise company, Marks and Hammacher company, Au-


tolyte Manufacturing company. Republican. Member
New York State bar association, New York County Bar
association, Association Bar City of New York, Ameri
can Bar association, Holland society, Alpha Delta Phi
fraternity, National Municipal league. Clubs: Uni
versity, Yale, Republican, Alpha Delta Phi, Quill, Down
Town, Canoe Brook Country.


General Superintendent Union Pacific Railroad,
Was born Jan. 31, 1863, at Jonesboro, 111. Educated at
Southern Illinois Normal university at Carbondale, 111.
Entered railway service 1882, since which he has been
consecutively to 1890, telegraph operator, trick dispatch
er and chief dispatcher Chicago and Northwestern rail
way; 1890 to April 21, 1905, with Union Pacific railroad
as, trick dispatcher and assistant superintendent; April 21,
1905, to 1910, superintendent Nebraska division same
road; on March 9, 1910, he was appointed general super
intendent of the Union Pacific Railroad company, with
headquarters at Omaha, Neb., and on July i, 1910, was
given the title of assistant general manager, U. P. R. R.
company, which position he now holds.


Railroad Manager,

Was born Nov. 20, 18^, at Poultney, Vt. He was edu
cated in the common schools. He entered the railway
service in 1869 as telegraph operator of the Central Road
of New Jersey: in 1871-89 was train dispatcher of the
Delaware and Hudson road at Troy, N.Y. ; 1889-1900,
chief train dispacher of the New York Central and Hud
son River road at Albany, N.Y. ; 1900-02, trainmaster of
the Copper Range road at Houghton, Mich.; 1902-04,
superintendent, and 1904 to date, general superintendent
of the same road.



Land Commissioner,

Was born July 24, 1853, near Wautoma, Wis. He entered
the railway service in 1874 as cl er k to the station agent of
the Chicago and Northwestern railway at Oconto, Wis.,
since which he has been consecutively, from 1875 to 1877,
clerk on the ore docks of the Chicago and Northwestern
railway at Escanaba, Mich.; 1881 to 1882, clerk in audit
ing department of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis
and Omaha railway; 1882 to spring of 1894, chief clerk
to the master car builder ; April, 1 894, to May, 1 894, clerk
in the land department; May 9, 1894, to May, 1896, act
ing land commissioner, and May, 1896, to date, land com
missioner of the same road.


Master Car Builder,

Was born May 21, 1849, at Eckington, England. He was
educated in the New York public schols. He entered
the railway service in 1868 as apprentice in the car build
ing shops of the Atlantic and Great Western railway.
Owing to sickness he returned to New York City about
April, 1870, and subsequently finished his trade as car
builder at the shops of the Boston and Albany road at
Allston, Mass.; 1878 to 1885 he was foreman of the
freight erecting and repair shops of the same road; 1885
to July, 1888, general foreman of the Allston car shops
of the same road, having charge of the car department of
the Boston and Worcester division under the general mas
ter car builder; July, 1888, to April, 1890, general super
intendent of the Burton Stock company at Wichita, Kan. ;
April, 1890, to date, master car builder of the Boston and
Maine road. From June, 1901, to June, 1902, he was
president of the Master Car Builders association. In
1907 he retired from active service.




Was born Wilmington, N. C, March 23, 1879; son Sam
uel Probert and Emma Florence (Knight) Collier; edu
cated Cape Fear academy, Wilmington, N.C.; St. John s
college, Annapolis, Md. ; College of Physicians and Sur
geons, Baltimore, Md., M.D., 1900; unmarried. Resi
dent gynecologist, Baltimore City hospital, 1900-01 ;
practiced medicine in Wilmington, N.C., 1901-02; since
1902 on medical staff (now assistant medical superintend
ent), Craig Colony for Epileptics, Sonyea, N.Y. Epis
copalian. Member American association, New York
State Medical society, New Hanover county (N.C.)
Medical society, National Association for Study of Epi
lepsy and Care and Treatment of Epileptics, American
Medico-Psychological association, National Conference
of Charities and Corrections, Rochester (N.Y.) Academy
of Medicine, Alumni Association of St. John s college.
Member of Mount Morris lodge, F. and A. M-., No. 122;
Mount Morris chapter; Royal Arch Masons, No. 137,
and Cyrene Commandery of Knights Templar, No. 39,
Damascus Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S.


Auditor and Treasurer Butte, Anaconda and Pacific


Was born Nov. n, 1860, at Hamilton, Ont. Entered
railway service July, 1875, since which he has been con
secutively to May, 1879, clerk car accountant s office
Great Western railroad; August to November, 1880, clerk
for general car accountant Chicago and Northwestern
railway; November, 1880, to December, 1882, in charge
of car accounts Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western
railway; December, 1882, to September, 1883, checked
freight rates in auditor s office same road; September,
1884, to July, 1886, in charge of freight accounts same


road; July, 1886, to May, 1887, chief clerk and general
bookkeeper; August, 1887, to November, 1888, station
agent Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western railway at
Hurley, Wis. ; three weeks of December, 1888, in car ac
countant s office Colorado Midland railway; December,
1888, to January, 1890, chief clerk to master mechanic
same road; January, 1890, to October, 1891, in other busi
ness; three weeks October, 1891, in car accountant s office
Wisconsin Central railroad at Chicago; six weeks on
joint accounts in auditor s office same road, Dec. 16, 1891,
to May 15, 1896, general freight and passenger agent
Port Edwards, Centralia and Northern railroad; May 15
to July, 1896, in auditor s office Wisconsin Central rail
way; July, 1896, to April, 1897, rate clerk same road
at Manitowoc, Wis.; April, 1897, to date, auditor and
treasurer Butte, Anaconda and Pacific railway.


Superintendent Transportation Chesapeake and Ohio


Was born June 21, 1858, in Albemarle county, Virginia.
He was educated at Oldfield school. Entered
service 1873, since which he has been consecutively to
1876, messenger, receiving and delivering freight, brake-
man and fireman Richmond and Danville railroad; 1876
to 1879, general operator Richmond, York River and
Chesapeake railway at Richmond and Lester Manor,
Va. ; Aug. 7, 1879, entered service Chesapeake and Ohio
railway as clerk in claim office; was subsequently to Jan
uary, 1897, assistant division superintendent; January,
1897, to J an - T ? T 9 OI > division superintendent at Rich
mond, and Jan. i, 1901, to Jan. i, 1902, general superin
tendent eastern division same road; Jan. i, 1902, to date,
superintendent transportation same road.



Assistant General Passenger Agent Eastern Lines Cana
dian Pacific Railway,

Was born April 15, 1866, at Brockville, Ont, Canada.
Educated in the public schools at Brockville. Entered
railway service 1882 as office boy general passenger of
fice Grand Trunk railway at Montreal, since which he
has been consecutively to May, 1892, assistant rate clerk
and rate clerk same office; May 13, 1892, to June, 1895,
rate clerk passenger department Canadian Pacific rail
way at Montreal; June, 1891;, to January, 1898, chief
rate clerk same department; January, 1898, to Nov. 22,
1904, chief clerk passenger traffic department same road;
Nov. 22, 1904, to Nov. i, 1910, assistant general passen
ger agent eastern lines same road; Nov. i, 1910, to date,
assistant to passenger traffic manager same road. No
vember, 1908, to date, has been lecturer on passenger
service in the transportation department of McGill uni
versity, Montreal.


Merchant and Philanthropist,

Was born Dec. 19, 1831, in Lee, Mass. He was educated
in the common schools at Lee academy. In 1847 he en
tered the dry goods business, and in 1851 became con
nected with White and Sheffield, paper dealers of New
York City. In 1856 he was admitted as a partner; in
1858 organized the firm of H. C. and M. Hulbert; in
1872 organized the firm of H. C. Hulbert and company;
and has now retired from active business. He has large
and varied financial interests; is a vice-president and trus
tee of S. Brooklvn Savings institution, and a member of
the Chamber of Commerce of New York City. He is
chairman of the executive committee of the Brooklyn So
ciety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.


Soldier and Physician,

Was born April 6, 1863, near Enterprise, Mo. He was
educated in the public schools of Sparta, 111., and attend
ed the Southern Illinois Normal university. In 1883 he
was a member of the Illinois national guard. He is a
lecturer on diseases of the nervous system at the Nurses
Training school of St. Louis, and is an active member of
the American Medical association.


Artist and Architect,

Was born in New York. His specialty is memorial and
historical art; and was architect of the Dewey arch erect
ed in Madison Square in 1899. He has been president of
the Municioal Art society; president of the Architectural
league of New York; and president and vice-president of
various other societies.


Auditor Michigan Central Railroad,
Was born Dec. 11, 1854, at Hammond, St. Lawrence
county, N.Y. Entered railway service 1869, since which
he has been consecutivelv, 1869 to 1873, telegraph oper
ator and clerk Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg rail
road at De Kalb Junction; 1873 to Aug. 12, 1876, ticket

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