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agent and clerk general ticket office same road at Water-
town, N.Y. ; Aug. 12, 1876,, to March i, 1887, clerk, gen
eral bookkeeper and chief clerk auditor s office, Michigan
Central railroad; March i, 1887, to Nov. i, 1892, ticket
accountant same road; Nov. i, 1892, to Oct. 7, 1908, as
sistant auditor same rate; 1908 to date, Auditor and also
auditor T.H. and B. Ry. company and secretary and au
ditor C.K. and S. Ry. company, and secretary and auditor
D. and C.R.R. company.


Superintendent Motive Power Delaware and Hudson


Was born Feb. 2, 1862. Educated in the public schools.
Entered railway service 1876, since which he has been
consecutively to 1883, machinist apprentice and machin
ist Union Pacific railway; 1883 to 1886, gang foreman;
1886 to 1890, general foreman; 1890 to 1898, master me
chanic at Omaha, Neb.; 1898 to May, 1901, master me
chanic at Cheyenne, Wyo. ; all with the Union Pacific
railway and its successor, the Union Pacific railroad, with
the exception of four months, when he was master me
chanic Union Stock Yards company at Omaha, Neb., and
three months in 1879 as air brake inspector Central Pa
cific railroad; May, 1901, to March, 1903, engaged in
foundry business; March 1903, to March, 1904, assist
ant superintendent rolling stock Canadian Pacific rail-
wav; March, 10.04, to date, superintendent motive power
Delaware and Hudson railroad.


Sheriff New York County,

Was born in Buffalo, N.Y. Son of Leopold Erlanger
and Regina Lobenthal. Educated at Cleveland public
schools; studied medicine; self-taught in the classics; LL.
B., Columbia Law school. For two years librarian Co
lumbia Law school ; read lectures on real estate law and
equity to senior and junior classes; assisted Professor
Dwight, dean of the college during that time. He was
sheriff New York county 1894-1891;, and while in office
inaugurated many reforms in the county jail. Elected
justice of the supreme court of the state of New York in
November, 1896, for a term of fourteen years, serving
since Jan. i, 1907. Member board of directors Montefn
ore Home for Chronic Invalids; Hebrew Immigrant Aid
society; Hebrew Infant asylum.



Composer and Author,

Was born Dec. 15, 1854, in Shrewsbury, Mass. He was
educated in the New England Conservatory of Music;
at the Boston University College of Music; and under
private tutors. Since 1888 he has been connected with
the Fraternity Publishing company, of which he is now
manager. He is a member of the New England chapter,
American Guild of Organists. He is the author of many
songs, among them being The Survivor, Oh, That We
Two Were Maying, The Night has a Thousand Eyes,
and numerous piano and sacred compositions.


Economist and Author,

Was born Aug. 2, 1879, in Keystone, W. Va. He received
the degree of A.B. from Washington and Lee university.
In 1903-06 he was a fellow in the department of political
economy in the University of Chicago, and in 1906-08
was instructor of economics and political science in the
Washington and Lee university. Since 1908 he has been
in charge of field work of industrial investigations of the
United States immigration commission. He is the author
of "The Causes of the Pane of 1893" and other works.


Auditor Passenger Accounts Union Pacific Railroad,
Was born in Rutland, Vt. Educated in the public schools
at Rutland, Vt. Entered railway service 1875, since
which he has been consecutively to Jan. 31, 1880, clerk
local freight office Central Vermont railway; Feb. i to
July 31, 1880, chief clerk general freight office Indiana
polis, Decatur and Sprinfield railway at Indianapolis,
Ind.; Aug. i, 1880, to Jan. 20, 1882, local freight agent
same road same place; Feb. 24, 1882, to Sept. 30, 1887,
division clerk and chief clerk ticket auditor s office Bur-


lington lines in Missouri at St. Joseph, Mo.; Oct. i, 1887,
to Feb. 28, 1888, chief clerk ticket accounts Southern Cal
ifornia railway at San Bernardino, Cal.; March i to Dec.
23, 1888, division clerk and chief clerk general passenger
agent s office same road at San Diego and Los Angeles,
Cal.; Dec. 24, 1888, to Jan. 31, 1890, division clerk ticket
auditor s office, Oregon Railway and Navigation com
pany at Portland, Ore.; Feb. i to June 30, 1890, division
clerk in office of auditor passenger accounts Union Pa
cific railway at Omaha, Neb.; July i, 1890, to Jan. 6,
1893, chief clerk same office; Jan. 6 to Oct. 13, 1893, au
ditor passenger accounts same road; Oct. 13, 1893, to Feb.
i, 1898, auditor passenger accounts for receivers same
road; Feb. i, 1898, to date, auditor passenger accounts
reorganized company, the Union Pacific Railroad com



Was born Canton, O., Oct. 17, 1850; son Benedict and
Barbara (Scheiber) Dannemiller; educated parochial
school, Canton (O.) High school; graduate Duff s (Pitts-
burg, Pa.) Commercial college; married, Canton, O.,
June 10, 1873, Philomena Boesch; children: Albert T-,
born 1879, Loretta, born 1881, Benedict, born, 1888, Ed
ward I., born 1891. General manager Dannemiller
wholesale grocery, Canton, fifteen years; now president
Dannemiller Coffee company, Brooklyn. Has traveled
through England, France, Italy, Switzerland and Ger
many, 1888. Chairman board of education of Canton and
of the waterworks trustees; charter member and trustee
Aultman Charity hospital. Democrat. Catholic. Mem
ber Knights of Columbus, Order of the Alhambra,
Brooklyn board of trade, Brooklyn Citizens association,
Canton society of New York City. Address: 6801 Ridge
boulevard, Brooklyn, New York City.



Railroad Manager,

Was born Sept. 30, 1848, in Cumberland county, NJ.
He graduated from Rutgers college. He entered rail
way service in 1872 as assistant to division engineer Penn
sylvania road, Jersey City, N.J., since which he has been
consecutively, 1877 to 1880, supervisor New York divi
sion of the same road; 1880 to 1883, assistant engineer
Philadelphia and Erie railroad; 1883 to 1893, engineer
of maintenance of way of the Pennsylvania railroad at
Jersey City, NJ.; 1893 to J une ? ^95, superintendent of
the Maryland division of the Philadelphia, Wilmington
and Baltimore railroad; June, 1895, to January, 1899,
superintendent of the New York division of the Pennsyl
vania railroad at Jersey City, N.J.; January, 1899, to
date, general superintendent of the Philadelphia, Wil
mington and Baltimore railroad and its successor, the
Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington railroad.



Was born Honesdale, Wayne county, Pa., Aug. 21, 1851 ;
son Richard Bache and Margaret Anne (Tarns) Duane;
graduate Brown university, A.B., 1872; married New
York City, April 27, 1886, Katherine E. P. Higginson;
Children: Richard Bache, born 1887, Eleanor Franklin,
born 1889, Katherine, born 1891. With United States
branch, London Assurance corporation, 1872-87; Brown
Brothers and company since 1887 (partner since 1895).
Member board of managers, Lehigh Coal and Naviga
tion company; director Lehigh and Hudson River Rail
road company; Lehigh and New England Railroad com
pany; trustee United States branch Sun Insurance office,
London. Episcopalian. Member Sons of Revolution
(N.Y.), Pennsylvania society, New York. Clubs: Uni
versity, Church, Down Town association (New York
City); Rittenhouse (Philadelphia).



Commercial Agent Delaware, Lackawanna and Western


Was born April 23, 1851, at Philadelphia, Pa. Educated
in the public schools of Philadelphia Entered railway
service 1870 as telegraph operator and agent Leaven-
worth, Lawrence and Galveston railroad, now a part of
the Santa Fe system, since which he has been consecu
tively, 1875 to 1876, with Missouri River, Fort Scott and
Gulf railroad at Kansas City, Mo.; 1876 to 1877, with
Grand Trunk railway at Detroit, Mich.; 1877 to 1882,
with Chicago and Grand Trunk railway at Chicago, 111.;
1882 to date, with Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
railroad, of which he is now commercial agent at Phil



Was born April 3, 1838, in Beaver county, Pa. He was
educated at Muskingum college. Entered railway serv
ice Jan. i, 1860, since which he has been consecutively to
July i, 1861, telegraph operator and freight and ticket
clerk of the Central Ohio railroad at Concord, O. ; July,
1861, to September, 1862, station agent of the Chicago,
Iowa and Nebraska railroad at DeWitt, la. In the civil
war he was in the field part of the time and the remainder
in the war department, Washington, D.C. November,
City, Iowa; January, 1865, to October, 1869, station agent
1863, to November, 1864, station agent of luka, nowTama
Chicago and Northwestern railwav at Watertown, Wis. ;
1871 to Januarv, 1873, general freight agent of the Mis
souri, Iowa and Nebraska railroad; May. 1873, to De
cember, 1876, eeneral superintendent of the Quincy. Mis
souri and Pacific railroad. Received law studies in the
Union College of Law, Chicago, until Mav, 1887, and
then practiced law at Trinidad college until May, 1880;
May i to November, 1880, chief clerk in charge of the


freight and passenger departments of the Ohio Central
railroad; November, 1880, to September, 1881, traveling
auditor and traffic agent of the Sioux City and Pacific
railroad; September, 1881, to March i, 1903, general pas-
renger agent of the Sioux City and Pacific, and Fremont,
Elkhorn and Missouri Valley railroads; in July, 1892,
he was chosen chairman of the Western Passenger asso
ciation, but declined the position. He retired from the
railway service April, 1903, removed to Waukesha, Wis.,
built a home on an acre grove of "Old Oaks" and larches,
named the place of "Old Oaks." Took up again the pro
fession of law. Member of county and state bar associa
tions. Now practically retired from active business.



Was born April 10, 1860, in Philadelphia, Pa. He was
educated by private tutors and at the academy of the
Protestant Episcopal church in Philadelphia, Pa.; in
1882 received the degree of A.B. from the University of
Pennsylvania and in 1884 the degree of bachelor of laws.
In 1884 he was admitted to the bar; and in 1884-85 was a
member of the board of examiners for admission to the
bar. He is a subscriber to the publication fund and a
member of the Historical society of Pennsylvania. In
1891-1904 he was one of the board of managers of the
Pennsylvania society, Sons of the Revolution. In 1893
he was the founder and continuously since the treasurer
of the Society of Colonial Wars in the commonwealth of
Pennsylvania; and since 1904 treasurer-general of the
general Society of Colonial Wars. He has devoted much
time to the investigation and study of the colonial and
revolutionary period of the United States. He has had
marked success in the handling of real estate, and as an
adviser in the care of estates.



Railroad President,

Was born Dec. 20, 1858, at Thornliebank, Scotland. En
tered railway service 1874 as junior clerk and ticket agent
Glasgow, Barrhead and Kilmarnock railway of Scotland,
since which he has been consecutively, 1878 to 1882,
freigh clerk Caledonian railway of Scotland; 1882 to
1884, clerk auditor s office Grand Trunk railway at Mon
treal, Que. ; 1884 to 1886, clerk auditor s office New York,
West Shore and Buffalo railway at New York, N.Y. ;
1886 to 1892, chief accountant Manitoba and Northwest
ern railway; 1892 to 1896, treasurer, and 1893 to 1896,
also land commissioner same road; 1896 to Oct. 27, 1902,
general superintendent Canadian Northern railway; Oct.
27, 1902, to date, third vice president same road. Is also
president Canadian Northern Quebec railway, Quebec
and Lake St. John railway, Duluth, Rainy Lake and
Winnipeg railway, Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific rail
way, Niagara, St. Catharines and Toronto railway, and
third vice-president Canadian Northern Ontario railway,
Halifax and Southwestern railway and second vice-presi
dent Canadian Northern Steamships, Limited.


Lawyer, Banker and Statesman,

Was born Sept. 15, 1873, in Alameda county, Cal. He
was educated in the public, grammar and high schools
and at the state normal school. In 1894-1902 he was prin
cipal of the Fresno schools; in 1897-1902 was a teacher
and principal in the evening schools of San Francisco,
Cal., and in 1902-05 was superintendent of schools of that
city. In 1896 he began the practice of law; in 1905-09
was district attorney, and in 1906 was a candidate for gov
ernor of California. Since 1910 he has been president of
the First National bank and Modesto Savings bank of
Modesto, Cal.



Railroad Manager,

Was born March 24, 1863, in Mobile, Ala. He was edu
cated at the Barton academy at Mobile. Entered railway
service in 1885, since which he has been, consecutively
to Nov. 30, 1889, clerk in the auditing department of the
Atlantic System, Southern Pacific company, at New Or
leans, La.; Dec. i, 1889, to Dec. i, 1890, revising clerk
and cashier of local station of San Antonio and Aransas
Pass railway at San Antonio, Tex.; Dec. i, 1890, chief
rate clerk in the general freight department of same road;
May 15, 1893, to May 15, 1897, chief clerk in same de
partment; May 15, 1897, to April i, 1905, assistant gen
eral freight agent of the same road; April i, 1905, to date,
general freight agent of the same road.


Railroad Builder,

Was born June 24, 1847, in Ontario, Canada. He was
educated in the public and high schools of Vienna, the
place of his nativity. Since 1890 he has been actively en
gaged in railroad work, obtaining charters, subsidies and
building and operating the same. For fourteen years
he was a member of his county council, and has filled
numerous positions of trust and honor. In 1895 ne con ~
structed the Tillonsburg, Lake Erie and Pacific railway.
He purchased the right of way and material, and had sole
charge of the construction of this road, to a connection
with the Grand Trunk railway, south of the town of Til
lonsburg, and in 1897-98 extended this railroad through
the town of Tillonsburg to a connection with the Michi
gan Central railway. In 1901-02 he again extended this
road to Ingersol. He is now building the Erie, London
and Tillonsburg railway.




Was born at Albert Lea, Minn., July 29, 1861; son of
Even and Johanna Nelson; educated in the district
school, public school in Albert Lea, Minn., and C. C.
Curtiss Business college, Minneapolis, Minn. Was school
teacher 1879 to 1882. Clerk John Smith s confectionary,
Minneapolis, Minn., 1883 to 1886. Bookkeeper for John
son and Nelson, wholesale and retail grocers, Albert Lea,
Minn., 1886 to 1889. Entered partnership in general
mercantile business as Johnson, Nelson and Nelson, suc
ceeding Johnson and Nelson, 1889. Becoming Nelson
Bros. 1891, and has continued without further change to
the present time. Was director Security National bank.
Member of Modern Woodmen of American. Repub
lican. Lutheran. Deacon and trustee, Salem English
Luthern church; superintendent Salem English Lutheran
Sunday school. President Freeborn County Sunday
School association of Freeborn county, Minn. Club:
Commercial. Recreation: Driving. Married at Albert
Lea, Minn., April 19, 1888, to Mattie Bjerkum; family
of four children, three boys and one girl, Erwin Phile
mon, Russell Clement, A Lydia Amelia and Lyman Ab-


Business Man,

Was born Oct. 29, 1857, in Canada. He was educated in
the New Brunswick public schools in Bathhurst and St.
John. He has been an officer in various coal corpora
tions, and for awhile was vice-president and subseciuently
president of the Pioneer Fuel company, which was
merged into the Pittsburg Coal company, of which he is
now northern sales agent at Duluth, Minn.



Division Freight Agent Southern Railway,
Was born May 4, 1867. Educated in the public schools.
Entered railway service 1884 as clerk in local office Rich
mond and Danville railroad at Culpeper, Va., since which
he has been consecutively, Oct. i, 1890, to July i, 1894,
live stock agent same road; July i, 1894, to April i, 1900,
soliciting agent Southern railway, successor to the Rich
mond and Danville railroad, at Lynchburg, Va. ; April
i, 1900, to Sept. i, 1904, division freight agent same road
at Raleigh, N.C.; Sept. i, 1904, to Sept. i, 1905, division
freight agent at Birmingham, Ala.; Sept. i, 1905, to date,
division freight agent same road at Greensboro, N. C.


Traffic Manager,

Was born in 1860 at Cleveland, O. Entered railway
service 1879, since which he has been consecutively to
1889, freight clerk Cleveland, Tuscarawas Valley and
Wheeling railway, one year freight clerk and chief clerk
Empire line, one year same positions with Lake Shore
and Michigan Southern railway and in general freight
office Cleveland, Lorain and Wheeling railroad; 1889 to
March, 1893, general traffic agent same road; March 20,
1893, to Feb. i, 1897, assistant general freight agent
Wheeling railroad; 1889 to March, 1893, general freight
agent same road; March, 1893, to Feb. i, 1897, assistant
general freight agent Wheeling and Lake Erie railroad;
Feb. i, 1897, to Aug. 13, 1899, assistant general freight
and passenger agent, and Aug. 13 to Nov. i, 1899, general
freight and passenger agent same road; Nov. i, 1899, to
date, traffic manager McKeesport Connecting railroad,
Benwood and Wheeling Connecting railway and Lake
Terminal railroad; is also traffic manager National Tube
company and the Shelby Steel Tube company.



Physician, Scientist and Author,

Was born Sept. 8, 1854, in Oakland, Cal. In 1869-71
he was a student in the University of California; and in
1876 received the degree of M.D. from the University of
Leipzig. In 1877-81 he was professor of material med-
ica, and in 1881-82 professor of clincial medicine in the
Medical college of the Pacific; since 1882 has been pro
fessor of clinical medicine in the Cooper Medical col
lege; and also since 1909 has filled the same chair in the
Leland Stanford Junior university. He is a fellow of
the American Association for the Advancement of Sci
ence and other medical and scientific societies. He wrote
for the department of erysipelas in The Cyclopedia of
Diseases of Children; a Monograph on Treatment of Tu
berculosis by Oxytuberculine; and various other medical


Railroad President,

Was born May 12, 1860, in Quebec, Canada. He was
educated at the Quebec Commercial academy. Entered
railway service September, 1876, as junior clerk in con
tractor s office, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Occidental
railroad, now a part of Canadian Pacific railway, since
which he has been consecutively, 1879 to 1880, clerk in
freight and ticket office at Quebec; 1880 to Jan. i, 1881,
traveling auditor same road; Jan. i to June i, 1881,
auditor Levis and Kennebec railway; June, 1881, to June,
1885, auditor Quebec Central railway; June, 1885, to De
cember, 1905, general freight and passenger agent; Janu
ary, 1906, to date, general manager same road; elected
vice president of the Tenniscowata railway, September,
1901, and president of the same road in January, 1911.



Soldier, Lawyer and Diplomat,

Was born Feb. 17, 1840. In 1863 he was admitted to the
bar, and is now general counsel for the United Power
and Transportation company and the Interstate compa
nies. In 1862 he enlisted as a private soldier, and in 1863
was made captain of a company of Pennsylvania volun
teers. In 1866-67 he was a representative in the Pennsyl
vania state legislature.


Physician and Surgeon,.

Was born Bridgeport, Conn., March 10, 1868; son Pat
rick and Sarah Frances (Gordon) Coughlin; educated
Bridgeport public schools, Penfield s Commercial and
Military institute, Bridgeport Business college, New
York Medical college, M.D., 1892; married Rockville
Center, L.I., Oct. 16, 1891;, Marietta Ayres; children:
Sarah, born 1897, Robert Emmet, Jr., born 1902, Ruth,
born 1907. Practicing medicine from graduation; ambu
lance surgeon and house physician and surgeon, Norwe
gian hospital, Brooklyn, 1893; now assistant physician
same, and visiting physician to Bay Ridge dispensary,
tuberculosis department. School inspector under Mayor
Van Wyck, 1898; attending physician to Mutual Benefit
society, attached to H. W. Johnson company; examining
physician Mutual Reserve Insurance company and Pru
dential Insurance company; also Ladies Catholic Benev
olent association. Youna; Men s Christian association.
Democrat; Catholic. Member Kings County Medical
societv. New York State Medical society, Greater New
York Medical association, Long Island Medical associa
tion, Long Island Medical societv, Norwegian Alumni
nssociation, Brooklyn institute, Science and Art, Roval
Arcanum, Knights of St. John and Malta, Catholic Be
nevolent Legion, Foresters of America, Medico-Pharma-


ceutical league. Author of numerous papers on medical
and gynecological subjects. He is a member of the fol
lowing clubs: University club, Ninth Assembly District
Democratic club. Also chairman of the Borough Bank
Depositors association.


Civil and Landscape Engineer,

Was born Riverton, N.J., March 13, 1871; son Charles
Wellford and Sara (Allibone) Leavitt; educated Gun
nery school, Washington, Conn., finishing at Cheltenham
(Pa.) Military academy; married Essex Fells, N.J., Oct.
26, 1899, Clara Gordon White; children: Gordon, born
1901, Kent, born 1903, Charlotte, born 1906, Dundas,
born 1910. Assistant engineer in charge construction E.
Jersey Water company; in charge construction Caldwell
railway and engineer for town of Essex Fells, including
water, sewer, roads, etc.; has directed and supervised lay
ing out and construction of estates of William C. Whit
ney, Foxhall Kenne, Daniel S. Lament, Empire City
Race track and the race tracks at Saratoga, Sheepshead
Bay, Belmont Park, Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal;
engineer Palisades Inter-State Park commission, Estates
Long Beach, Garden City, Monument Valley, Park Col
orado Springs, Colo., lieutenant governor s grounds, To
ronto, Ontario, Rumson Country club; has designed and
superintended the laying out of numerous grounds, pub
lic and private, in various parts of the country. Repub
lican; Episcopalian. Member American Society Civil
Engineers, American Society Landscape Architects, Ar
chitectural ieneue of New York, Chamber of Commerce,
state of New York. Recreations: Farming, hunting.
Clubs: Union, Citv Lunch, Transportation (New York
City), Adirondack League club.



Railroad Manager,

Was born Oct. 9, 1863, in Marysville, Ohio. He entered
the railway service in 1880, since which he has been con
secutively to July i, 1881, telegraph operator of the
Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis rail
way; July 4, 1 88 1, to September, 1890, telegraph oper
ator, relief agent and freight and ticket agent of the New
Mexico and Rio Grande divisions of the Atchison, Tope-
ka and Santa Fe road at various stations; 1890 to June,
1893, chief train dispatcher of the Rio Grande division;
June, 1893, to February, 1897, trainmaster of the same
division; February, 1897, to Dec. 15, 1900, trainmaster
of the New Mexico division; Dec. 15, 1900 to Jan. 21,
1901, superintendent of the western division at La Junta,
Colo.; Jan. 21, 1901, to February, 1902, superintendent
of the New Mexico and Rio Grande divisions at Las Ve
gas, N.M.; February, 1902, to March, 1903, superintend
ent of the New Mexico division at Las Vegas, N.M.;
March, 1903, to April, 1905, superintendent of the mid
dle division at Newton, Kan.; April to June, 1905, gen
eral superintendent of the Western Grande division at La
Junta, Colo.; June, 1905, to Oct. i, 1910, general super
intendent of the Eastern Grande division, Topeka, Kan.;
Oct. i, 1910, to date, general manager of the western lines
and vice-president and general manager of the Eastern
Railway of the New Mexico system and the Southern
Kansas railway of Texas.

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