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General Superintendent Eastern Pennsylvania Division,

Pennsylvania Railroad,

Was born June 22, 1856, at Philadelphia, Pa. Entered
railway service January, 1878, since which he has been
consecutively to October, 1879, rodman on engineer corps
Madeira and Mamore railroad in Brazil; October, 1879,


to May, 1880, rodman surveys Pennsylvania railroad;
May, 1880, to January, 1881, assistant supervisor
Baltimore division Northern Central railway; January,
1 88 1, to May, 1883, supervisor same division; May,
1883, to November, 1885, assistant engineer Shamokin
division Northern Central railway and Sunbury division
Philadelphia and Erie railroad; November, 1885, to
May, 1889, assistant engineer West Jersey and Camden
and Atlantic railroads; May, 1889, to January, 1891, as
sistant engineer Philadelphia division Pennsylvania rail
road; January to February, 1891, superintendent Bedford
division same road; February, 1891, to Oct. i, 1895, su
perintendent Shamokin division Northern Central rail
way and Sunbury division Philadelphia and Erie rail
road; Oct. i, 1895, to Jan. i, 1899, superintendent mid
dle division Pennsylvania railroad; Jan. i, 1899, to Aug.
i, 1900, general superintendent Northern Central railway
and Philadelphia and Erie road division Pennsylvania
railroad; Aug. i, 1900, to Jan. i, 1903, general superin
tendent Buffalo and Allegheny division Pennsylvania
railroad; Jan. i, 1903, to date, general superintendent
eastern Pennsylvania division same road.



Was born Dec. 20, 1866, Baltimore, Md. Son of Dr.
Aaron Friedenwald and Bertha Bamberger. Educated
at Baltimore Zion school and at City college. A.B. 1887,
Johns Hopkins university; M.D., 1890, College of Phy
sicians and Surgeons; A.M., 1898, Loyola college, Balti
more. Pursued courses of study at Universities of Berlin
and Vienna. Married Esther Lee Rohr. Professor dis
eases of the stomach, College of Physicians and Surgeons,
Baltimore. Visiting physician to Mercy hospital, Union
Protestant infirmary and consultant in digestive diseases
to 6t, Agnes hospital, Church Home and Infirmary and


Women s hospital, Baltimore. Associate member Asso
ciation American Physicians, member American Medical
Association, American Academy of Medicine, Medical
and Chirurg. Faculty of Maryland, Phi Beta Kappa, Uni
versity club, Johns Hopkins club. He is the author of
Diet in Health and Disease, with Dr. J. Ruhrah, three
editions; Dietetics for Nurses, two editions. Has writ
ten numerous articles in various medical journals. Has
been appointed by President Taft first lieutenant of the
Reserve medical corps, U.S.A.


Railroad President,

Was born Aug. 24, 1846, at Lower Horton, N.S. He was
educated in the common schools. Entered railway serv
ice in 1865, since which he has been consecutively to 1866,
timekeeper in the car shops of Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy railroad at Aurora, 111. ; 1866 to 1868, clerk of car
and store department, same road; September, 1868, to
October, 1872, car repairer and builder, same road, at
Aurora, 111.; October, 1872, to April, 1874, chief clerk
of track department eastern division, same road, same
place; May, 1874, to 1878, clerk and auditor of National
Life Insurance company of the United States of America
at Chicago, 111.; October, 1878, to Sept. 19, 1881, chief
clerk of transportation department, Atchison, Topeka and
Santa Fe railroad; September, 1881, to 1888, assistant su
perintendent and superintendent eastern and western divi
sions, same road; Jan. i, 1889, to May i, 1903, superin
tendent western division Missouri Pacific railway, and
superintendent Central Branch Railway company; Jan
uary, 1893, to August, 1894, also general superintendent
Kansas City, Wyandotte and Northwestern railway com
pany; July 27, 1890, to date, president Atchison Union
Depot and Railroad company; is also ticket agent, same
company, since March i, 1904,



General Agent Southern Pacific Company,
Was born Nov. 21, 1858, at St. Thomas, Ont. Entered
railway service 1881, since which he has been consecutive
ly to September, 1886, clerk to assistant general freight
agent Grand Trunk railway at Detroit, Mich.; Septem
ber, 1886, to January, 1887, clerk to division passenger
and freight agent Canadian Pacific railway at Port
Moody, B.C.; Jan. 30, 1887, to Feb. i, 1890, agent same
road at Tacoma, Wash. ; Feb. i, 1890, to Jan. i, 1894, R en "
eral agent Union Pacific railway at Tacoma, Wash.; Jan.
i, 1894, to J une T ? *897, general agent Oregon railway
and Navigation companv and Union Pacific railwav at
Tacoma; also manager T. and L. C. Railway and Nav
igation company; June i to Sept. 15, 1897, general agent
Oregon Short line at Portland, Ore.; Sept. 15, 1897, to
date, general agent Southern Pacific company, Oregon
Railroad and Navigation companv, Oregon Short line and
Union Pacific railroads and the Pacific Mail and Port
land and Asiatic Steamship companies at Seattle, Wash.


Secretary Philadelphia and Reading Railway,
Was born May 22, 1856, at Schuvlkill Haven, Pa. Edu
cated in the public schools at Philadelphia to Jan. i, 1870.
Entered railway service 1871 as junior clerk Philadelphia
and Reading railroad, since which he has been consecu
tively Jan. u, 1886, to November, 1896, secretary same
road; Nov. 17, 1896, to date, secretary Philadelphia and
Reading railway, successor to the Philadelphia and Read
ing railroad; March, 1897, to date, also vice-p resident
the Reading company, which owns the capital stock of
the Philadelphia and Reading railway and is proprietor
of all the companies embraced in the Reading system.



United States Congressman from the First District of


Was born Aug. 27, 1857, in Canton, Mo. Since 1885 he
has practiced law in Shelbyville, Mo. He was prosecut
ing attorney of his county in 1889-93. He was elected to
the Fifty-fifth congress, and was a member of the fifty-
sixth, fifty-seventh, fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth and
sixty-first congresses as a democrat. He was re-elected
to the sixty-second congress from the first district of Mis
souri for the term of 1911-13; and resides in Shelbyville,


President Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Railway,
Was born Sept. 2, 1865. Educated at Trinity College
school at Port Hope, Ont, 1883. Entered railway serv
ice 1887, since which he has been consecutively to fall of
1888, superintendent of masonry for contractors on Ca
nadian Pacific railway; fall of 1888 to 1889 in Chile, S.
A., on government contract work; 1889 to 1892, secretary
and treasurer Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa railway;
1892 to 1899, vice-president and treasurer, and 1899 to
date, president and general manager same road. Decem
ber, 1909, sold out all interest in I., B. and O. railway to
Canadian Northern; March, 1911, managing director
Imperial Traction company, as well as September, 1911,
superintendent of construction Central Railway of Can


Railroad President,

Was born Sept. 28, 1867, in Princeton, Ark. He was ed
ucated in the preparatory department of the University
of Arkansas. In 1883 entered railroad service with the
St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad company at Fay-


etteville, Ark. In same year he was night operator at
Rogers, and day operator at Van Buren, Ark.; in 1884,
day operator and agent at Pittsburg, Kan.; and was then
transferred as agent to Girard, Kan. In 1885 was oper
ator at Oswego, Kan.; and for one year was chief clerk
and general western agent at Wichita, Kan. In 1887-90
was commercial agent. In 1 890-96 he was district freight
agent at Carthage, Mo., and 1896-97 division freight
agent. For three years was division superintendent and
in 1900-04 was superintendent of transportation, and was
then promoted to general manager. In 1904-08 was made
second vice-president and general manager. In 1909 he
was vice president operation and in 1911 senior vice pres
ident; and is now also president of the Spokane, Portland
and Seattle railway and the Oregon Electric railway.


Vice-President Mather Stock Car Company,
Was born Oct. 10, 1868, at Fairfield, N.Y. Graduate of
Amherst college. Entered service of Mather Stock Car
company 1890, since which he has been consecutively,
1890 to 1893, clerk; 1893 to 1895, assistant to president,
and 1895 to date, vice-president same company.


Railroad Manager,

Was born Jan. 17, 1866, in Saginaw, Mich. He was edu
cated in the public schools and at a business college. He
has been a traveling and district passenger agent of the
Pere Marquette railroad, and is now general passenger
agent of the Pere Marquette railroad, with headquarters
at Detroit, Mich.



Railway Manager,

Was born Oct. 6, 1867, in Knoxville, Tenn. He gradu
ated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville,
Tenn., 1887. He entered the railway service in 1887 as
agent and telegraph operator of the E. T. V. and G. rail
road, now the Southern railway, since which he has been
consecutively to 1890 in various clerkships in different
departments. In 1890-92 he was assistant yardmaster of
the Central of Georgia railway at Macon, Ga. ; in 1892
he was chief dispatcher and trainmaster of the Knoxville,
Cumberland and Louisville railway at Knoxville, Tenn. ;
in 1894-97 he was dispatcher and chief dispatcher with
the National Railways at Laredo, Tex.; in 1897-1900 he
was chief clerk and stenographer to the superintendent of
the National Railways at San Luis, Pot., Mexico; in 1900-
02 was agent and commercial agent of the National Rail
ways at San Luis Pot.; in 1904-07 was terminal superin
tendent of the National Railways at Mexico City and
Monterey, Mex. ; in 1907-11, he was superintendent on
various divisions of the National Railways, now located
in that capacity at San Luis Pot., Mex.


Railroad President,

Was born February, 1843, in Will county, Illinois. En
tered railway service August, 1857, since which he has
been consecutively, August, 1857, to 1858, telegraph oper
ator Illinois Central railroad, Chicago; 1858 to 1864, on
Michigan Central railroad, Joliet division, in various ca
pacities; 1864 to 1872, on Chicago and Alton railroad;
six months ticket agent and telegraph operator, three
years train dispatcher, one year superintendent telegraph,
three years division superintendent; July, 1872, to July,
1874, general superintendent St. Louis, Kansas City and
Northern railway; October, 1874, to October, 1878, gen-


eral manager Southern Minnesota railway; 1877 to De
cember, 1879, president same company; October, 1878,
to December^ 1879, general superintendent Chicago and
Alton railroad; January, 1880, to Jan. i, 1882, general
superintendent Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul rail
way; January, 1882, to 1884, general manager Canadian
Pacific railway; 1884 to 1888, also vice-president same
road; 1888 to June 12, 1899, president, and June, 1899,
chairman of board same road; June 1889 to 1910, presi
dent of The Cuba company; also president Cuba railroad.



Was born in Bucks county, Pa., June 24, 1856; descend
ant of an old English family. He was educated in pri
vate schools of Philadelphia. He married, in 1897, An
nie Masden, daughter of the late Dr. J. Franklin
Vaughan. He read law under F. Carroll Brewster and
was admitted to the bar in 1881. He is a republican in
politics; served several times as state and congressional
delegate; was president of the Newtown, Langhorne and
Bristol Trolley Street Railway company, 1895-1898, and
of the Langhorne Library association for a number of
years. In 1900 he was appointed receiver of the Wash
ington and Potomac Railroad company. He is president
of the Washington, Potomac and Chesapeake Railway
company; director of the Bucks County Trust company;
president of the People s National bank of Langhorne,
and director of the Philadelphia Company for Guaran
teeing Mortgages. He was elected alternate delegate to
the national republican convention, held in Chicago, June,
1908. Address: 905 Girard building, Philadelphia.



General Freight Agent Seaboard Air Line Railway,
Was born June 6, 1863, at Boston, Mass. Entered rail
way service 1882, since which he has been consecutively
stenographer in office of New England agent Missouri
Pacific railway at Boston; contracting agent and New
England traveling agent same road at Boston; traveling
freight agent Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg rail
road, same place; chief clerk to general freight agent
Norfolk and Western railroad at Roanoke, Va., and to
June i, 1899, commercial agent same road at Pittsburg,
Pa.; June i, 1899, to Aug. i, 1901, general freight and
passenger agent Ohio River railroad at Parkersburg, W.
Va. ; Aug. i, 1901, to Jan. i, 1902, division freight agent
Baltimore and Ohio railroad same place; Jan. i, 1902, to
date, assistant general freight agent Seaboard Air Line
railway at Savannh, Ga. Assistant general freight agent,
Seaboard Air line railway at Norfolk, Va., from Aug. i,
1906, to July i, 1909; general freight agent, Seaboard
Air Line railway at Norfolk, Va., from July i, 1909, to


Musician and Composer,

Was born April 14, 1857, in Sparta, Wis. He was organ
ist in Oakland and San Francisco, Cal., and in 1890-91
conducted a comic opera company in the eastern states.
He has taught pianoforte, organ and composition in va
rious schools in California and New York, and in the
New York College of Music. In 1902 he became act
ing professor of musical theory at Yale, and is now con
nected with the Western college of Oxford, Ohio. He is
also director of musical theory in the Cincinnati Conserv
atory of Music. He is the author of numerous composi
tions, and music for Macbeth, Puritania, Alladin, Gulli
ver, and other works.



Atlantic Coast Line Railroad,

Was born Jan. 2, 1854, at Philadelphia, Pa. Educated
at Girard college at Philadelphia, Pa. Entered railway
service 1872 as apprentice P. and E. division Pennsyl
vania railroad at Renovo, Pa., since which he has been
consecutively five years in charge cabinet shops Louis
ville and Nashville railroad at Louisville; one year in
charge freight car building Ohio Falls Car company at
Jeffersonville, Ind. ; three years master car builder Geor
gia division East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia rail
road at Atlanta, Ga. ; three years in charge of freight
equipment Chicago and Northwestern railway at Chi
cago, 111.; for several years foreman car department
Georgia Pacific division Richmond and Danville rail
road at Birmingham, Ala.; foreman car repairs Southern
railway at Knoxville, Tenn., to Feb. i, 1900; Feb. i, 1900,
successively master car builder and assistant superintend
ent motive power Atlantic Coast Line railroad. Office,
Rocky Mt, N.C. Feb. i, 1900 to Feb. i, 1908, R.S.M.P.;
Feb. i, 1908, to date, general inspector.



Was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1869 he entered the
P. E. Divinity school in West Philadelphia. On June
14, 1872, he was ordained deacon in Trinity church, Tren
ton, N. J. At once he became rector of St. Peter s church,
Clarksboro, N.J., and was there ordained priest on Dec.
3, 1873. In April, 1878, he became rector of Trinity
church, Moorestown, N.J., and remained there until
Easter of 1897. In the meantime he became financial
secretary of the Clergyman s Retiring Fund society of
the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States,
which position he resigned in November, 1901, and then
took charge of the famous old historic church of St. Da-


vid s, Radnor at Devon, Pa. Services have been held on
this spot since November, 1700. The degree of doctor of
divinity was conferred upon him by the University of
Pittsburg, Pa. In addition to being rector of Old St. Da
vid s, Dr. Lamb is also the chaplain of the St. Andrew s
society, whose members are citizens of Pennsylvania, born
in Scotland or of Scottish ancestry.


Was born Aug. 5, 1861. Attended Oberlin college in
1878-79. Entered railway service 1887 in general office
Manistee and Northeastern railroad; was elected assist
ant secretary 1895; elected secretary, 1908; is also secre
tary of the Buckley and Douglas Lumber company, Con-
cordia Land and Timber company, Manistee Land and
Timber company of Manistee, Mich., and is a director of
the Triple "A" Machine company of Chicago, 111., and
the Glengarry Upholstery company of Glengarry, Mich.


Journalist, Lecturer and Publisher,

Was born Aug. 4, 1883, in Muskingum county, Bloom-
field, Ohio. He received his education in the public
schools and Muskingum college, New Concord, Ohio.
He taught school in Ohio, 1899-1900; engaged in news
paper business in Braddock, Pa., in 1902; was editor and
publisher of the Greater Braddock Leader, 1903-05; or
ganized company and purchased Braddock Daily News,
1905; consolidated with Braddock Evening Herald, 1907.
President of Braddock Daily News Publishing company,
Inc., and managing editor of the Braddock Daily News-
Herald. He was elected to the house of representatives
in the state legislature in 1910 by the largest vote ever
given in the district. In the 1911 session he sprang at
once into prominence by his vigorous championing of
progressive measures and in a few weeks became the lead-


er of the insurgent forces in the body. He introduced
measures for the direct election of United States senators
and the initiative and referendum for the first time in the
history of the Pennsylvania legislature and the battle
waged around them were the features of the session. Mr.
Kelly is a republican in political faith and United Pres
byterian in religious belief, and is a member of the board
of trustees of the First United Presbyterian church of
Braddock. He is also a member of Valetta Commandery
Knights of Malta, Edgar Thomson Council, Royal Ar
canum, Braddock s Field lodge, I.O.O.F., and Husband
lodge, Knights of Pythias. Residence: 18 Corey street.
Business address: 520 Braddock avenue, Braddock, Pa.


Assistant to General Freight Traffic Manager Baltimore

and Ohio Railroad,

Was born at Frederick City, Md. Entered railway serv
ice 1853, since which he has been consecutively, 1853 to
1859, telegraph operator Frederick Junction, Md., and
Martinsburg, Va. ; 1859 to 1861, payroll clerk transporta
tion department; 1861 to 1863, operator Baltimore and
Ohio railroad and United States Military Telegraph of
fice, Washington, D.C.; 1863 to 1865, chief operator Bal
timore and Ohio Telegraph, Baltimore; 1865 to 1867,
assistant manager United States Telegraph company, Bal
timore, Md. ; 1867 to 1878, general agent Washington
county branch Baltimore and Ohio railroad, Hagerstown,
Md. ; 1878 to October, 1881, division freight agent main
line and branches east of Ohio river Baltimore and Ohio
railroad; Oct. i, 1881, to March 14, 1888, assistant gen
eral freight agent; March 14, 1888, to March i, 1897,
general freight agent main stem and branches and Phila
delphia division same road at Baltimore; March i, 1897,
to date, assistant to general freight traffic manager, same



Railroad President,

Was born April 28, 1863, at Milton, Pa. He was edu
cated at White Hall school, Cumberland county, Pa.,
1872-1878, and at Milton academy, Milton, Pa., 1879-
1881. Entered railway service in 1882 as telegraph oper
ator at Pennsylvania railroad, since which he has been
consecutively, April i, 1882, to Nov. i, 1883, extra agent
of Eastern and Susquehanna divisions of the Philadel
phia and Reading railroad and Northern Central lailroad
of Pennsylvania railroad system; Nov. i, 1883, to Nov.
6, 1889, agent of Pennsylvania railroad at Selinsgrove
Junction, Pa.; Nov. 6, 1889, to July 20, 1893, agent at
Montgomery, Pa. ; July 20, 1893, to July i, 1897, agent of
same road at Milton, Pa.; July r, 1897, to Sept. i, 1903,
agent of Union line and district agent of Pennsylvania
railroad at Scranton, Pa.; Sept. i, 1903, to Jan. i, 1904,
southern and western agent of Delaware and Hudson
company at Philadelphia, Pa.; Jan. i, 1904, to Feb. i,
190$, industrial agent of the same company at Albany,
N.Y. ; Feb. i, 1905, to March i, 1907, assistant to second
vice president of same company in charge of coal traffic;
March i, 1907, to date, general traffic manager.


Vice President Canadian Pacific Railway,
Was born Oct. 10, 1844, at New York, N.Y. Entered
Railway service March, 1871, since which he has been
consecutively, March, 1871, to 1876, paymaster and ac
countant Chicago and Pacific railway; 1876 to March,
1 88 1, auditor same company under receiver; March,
1881, to July, 1883, auditor western division Canadian
Pacific railway; July, 1883, to June 1887, auditor same
road; June, 1887, to December, 1901, comptroller; De
cember, 1901, to June, 1910, third vice-president same
road; June, 1910, to date, vice-president same road.



Artist and Painter,

Was born July 8, 1853, in New York City. He was edu
cated in the schools and academies of Jersey City, N.J.;
received first instructions in drawing and painting from
his father, and studied in the Royal academy at Munich,
receiving a medal. His specialty is figure, landscape,
portraits and animals. Since 1896 he has been located in
Munich, Bavaria. He has received gold medals in Mu
nich and Berlin; medals in Madrid and London; and in
1904 received a silver medal from the St. Louis exposi


Chief Engineer Elk and Little Kdnawha R. R.,
Was born Aug. 22, 1861, near Boonville, Mo. Educated
at Roanoke college, Roanoke, Va., 1875-1879. Entered
railway service June, 1883, since which he has been con
secutively to March, 1885, rodman and assistant to resi
dent engineer Danville and Western railroad; March
to June, 1885, rodman Tennessee Midland railroad; June,
1885, to June, 1888, taught school; June, 1888, to March,
1890, assistant and resident engineer Lynchburg and Dur
ham railroad; March, 7890, to November, 1893, resident
engineer Norfolk and Western railroad; May, 1894, to
January, 1903, maintained an office as civil engineer at
Charleston, W. Va., during which time he had charge of
location and construction of the following roads* Kel
levj; Creek and Witcher s Creek branches of the Kan-
awha and Michigan railroad, Charleston, Parkersburg
and Western railroad (location only), Kanawha and Coal
River railroad (location only), Dry Fork railroad,
branch of Norfolk and Western railroad (location),
Pittsburg, Bessemer and Like Erie railroad (construc
tion), White Oak branch Chesapeake and Ohio railway
(construction), Buffalo, Leatherwood and Little Beechy


branches of the Coal and Coke railroad; January, 1903,
to August, 1905, chief engineer of the Imboden and Odell
railr)ad and its successor, the Kanawha and Western Vir
ginia railroad, the name having been changed on June i,
190$; August, 1905, to IOOQ, maintained an office in
Charleston, W. Va u as a civil and consulting engineer;
1909 to Sept. 24, 1911, chief engineer of the Elk and Lit
tle Kanawha railroad. This road is forty-five miles in
length and is now under construction, and is financed by
the Standard Oil company.


Railroad Manager,

Was born April 7, 1871, in Waterloo, Ind. In 1887 he
entered the railway service, and in 1906 became assistant
trainmaster. Since 1908 he has been trainmaster of the
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad company
at Ashtabula, O.


United States Congressman from the Eighth District of

New Jersey,

Was born in New York City, July 10, 1842, and after
preparation entered what is now the College of the City
of New York in 1856, and received the degree of A.B. in
1861 ; entered the union army in the New York state vol
unteers, and was mustered out in 1864 by the consolida
tion of his regiment; matriculated at the Rensselaer Poly-
tecnic institute, Troy, N.Y., in the fall of 1864, entering
the advanced course, and graduated in 1866, receiving the
degree of civil engineer; followed that profession for sev

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