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eral years, and then took a special course in mining at the
Columbia college school of mines, and became superin
tendent of a mine, remaining several years; at the request
of his father, entered his business as a partner in 1876;


was elected to the township committee of East Orange,
where he served three years, and was president of that
body for one year; in the international exposition at Brus
sels, in 1877, was president of one of the juries and a mem
ber of the superior jury, for which he received the deco
ration of the Order of Leopold from the king; was ap
pointed by the governor of New Jersey a member of the
commission for the Louisiana purchase exposition; was
married, in 1870, to Miss Joanna King Clark; was elect
ed to the fifty-eighth and fifty-ninth congresses; was not
a candidate for re-election to the sixtieth congress, but was
nominated without opposition and elected to the sixty-first
congress; and resides in East Orange, N.J.


Special Representative Traffic Department Oregon-
Washington Railroad and Navigation Company,
Was born Nov. 21, 1842, at Elizabeth, N.J. Educated
in the private schools. Entered railway service 1875 as
clerk auditor s office Chicago and Iowa railroad, since
which he has been consecutively, 1877 to 1886, agent same
road at Rockford, 111.; 1886 to 1888, in manufacturing
business at Nashville, Tenn. ; Sept. i, 1888, to Jan. 1,1904,
contracting agent Oregon Railroad and Navigation com
pany at Portland, Ore.; Jan. i, 1904, to April 30, 1906,
general agent freight department; May i, 1906, to date,
special representative traffic department at Portland.


Contracting Engineer,

Was born in Altoona, Pa., Dec. 3, 1869; son of William
H. Brown and S. A. Brown. He was educated in Prince
ton university, class of 1890. He married in Middle-
town, Dauphin county, Pa., Dec. 10, 1896, Edith Kendig,
and they have one son : William H. Brown, born in 1899.
He entered the service of the Pennsylvania Railroad com-


pany, June, 1884, in engineering department; left the
service to attend Princeton university; resumed his serv
ice again in June, 1888, in engineering department; ap
pointed assistant engineer of construction, October, 1890,
in charge of new construction work, middle division,
Pennsylvania railroad; appointed assistant supervisor
Jan. n, 1893; resigned from the service of the Pennsyl
vania Railroad company, June 24, 1896, and entered the
employ of the Drake and Stratton company, contractors,
as engineer; entered partnership with H. S. Kerbaugh in
1898 (H. S. Kerbaugh, Incorporated), doing very heavy
railroad construction. He built Rockville bridge, west
of Harrisburg, and New Brunswick bridge, New Bruns
wick, N.J., two of the largest stone arched bridges in ex
istence; also two-thirds of the new Pennsylvania railroad
low grade freight line. He is director G. H. McAbee
Powder and Oil company and treasurer Standard Pow
der company. He is a republican in politics, and a Pres
byterian in religious faith. He is a member of the Rac
quet club of Philadelphia, Overbrook Golf club, Over-
brook, Engineers club of New York City, Merion Crick
et club and the Art club of Philadelphia.


Physician and Surgeon,

Was born in Fowler, St. Lawrence county, New York,
Aug. 1 6, 1860. He was educated in Ives seminary, Ant
werp, N.Y., Albany Medical college, M.D., in 1900, be
ing president of the graduating class; married at Ant
werp, N.Y., in 1884, to Almeda Read ; has one son, Claude
F., born in 1887. Engaged in medical practice at Port
Leyden, N.Y., since graduation. President of the New
York Tablet company; director of the Port Leyden
Building and Improvement company; president of the
village of Port Leyden, to which office he has been elect
ed four times; has been twice nominated for member of


the assembly in Lewis county; member of the board of
education, Port Leyden; member of the Lewis County
Medical society. Recreations: Hunting and tishing.
Member of the Knickerbocker club, Port Leyden. He is
also a member of the American Civic alliance and a mem
ber of the National Geographic society. Address: Port
Leyden, N.Y.


Accountant, Director and Jurist,

Was born April 6, 1885, in Marion county, South Caro
lina. He was educated at the Union high schools, the
Robeson institute, and the Massey business college of
Richmond, Va. In 1907 he became connected with the
Wilson Lumber company of Cades, S.C.; became officer
and store manager in 1910, and was elcted secretary and
treasurer of the company in 1911. He is also secretary
and director of the Farmers and Merchants Drug com
pany of Lake City, S.C. ; and in 1911 was appointed just
ice of the peace for Williamsburg, South Carolina.



Was born Feb. 8, 1847, in Fayette, Maine. He was edu
cated in the public schools of Waterville, Maine; attend
ed the Maine Wesleyan seminary at Kent s Hill, and in
1868 graduated from Colby college of Waterville, Maine.
He has been vice-president and president of the Somset
railway; a director in cotton and woolen manufacturing
corporations; president, treasurer and manager of the
Dunn Edge Tool company, and is prominently identified
with the business and public affairs of his community.
His wife, Martha Baker Dunn, is a well known authoress
and magazine writer. He is still treasurer and manager
of the Dunn Edge Tool company, edge tool manufactur
ers of Maine.



Concert Organist,

Was born Aug. 26, 1873, in Weymouth, Mass. He was
educated in the public schools of Weymouth, attended the
Berkeley school of Boston and graduated from the Thay-
er academy of South Braintree, Mass. He has been or
ganist and choir director in the First Congregational
church at Springfield, Mass., in 1896-1900; at the Har
vard church of Brookline, Mass., in 1900-05, and since
1905 has been organist and choir director in the First
Baptist church of Newton Center, Mass. He is also a
successful teacher of organ harmony and piano.



Was born at Burlington, Vt, Dec. 2, 1840; son of Rev.
John Kendrick Converse and Sarah (Allen) Converse.
He was educated at the University of Vermont. He mar
ried at Bay Ridge, L.I., July 9, 1873, Elizabeth Perkins
Thompson. Mr. Converse was a member of the firm of
Burnham, Williams and company, proprietors of the
Baldwin Locomotive works, at Philadelphia until that
firm was changed to a corporation in 1909, when he was
president of the Baldwin Locomotive works until his
death, May 3, 1910. In 1900 he was vice-moderator of
the general assembly of the Presbyterian church of the
United States. He was interested in many charitable and
religious concerts, was trustee of Princeton Theological
seminary, and since 1893 has been a member of the Amer
ican Philosophical society. Mr. Converse was a member
of the Sons of the Revolution and of the Art, Manufac
turers, Union league, University, Contemporary and Me-
rion Cricket clubs of Philadelphia.


Editor and Publisher,

Was born in Half-Moon, Centre county, Pa., 1842; son
of Reuben H. Meek and Mary Ann (Gray) Meek. He
received a common school education. Mr. Meek married
Susan M. Meek, and they have six children: Rachel
Luella, Mary Gray, Elizabeth Breckenridge, George R.,
Eloise, and Winifred Baron. He purchased the Belle-
fonte Watchman in 1861, and made it a leading, influen
tial and prosperous paper. For expressing his disap
proval of the action of government spies and provost mar
shals who were hounding the people during the war, he
was placed under arrest by the military, imprisoned in
the political pen at Harrisburg, and afterward discharged
"on parole" without trial or a knowledge of the charges,
if any, that had been preferred. He has continued to edit
and publish the paper, since 1861, making it a recognized
leader among the Democratic papers of the state and an
acknowledged power in the formation of party policies,
as well as in the selection and support of Democratic can
didates. Mr. Meek was a member of the legislature,
1868-1869-1871 and 1872; clerk of house of representa
tives, 1883; member of the senate, 1891-1895; surveyor of
customs, Philadelphia, 1894-1808; secretary of the dem-
cratic state committee, 1872, 1883 and from 1902 to this
time (1911).



Was born in Saratoga, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1873 ; son of James
S. and Nancy (Wilson) Bryant; educated in the public
schools in New York City and Columbia college law
school, LL.B., 1892 (class historian) ; was engaged in the
Otto guardianship and Walsh trusteeship before the court
of appeals, Kittel bankruptcy in the United States su
preme court,and in the Donohue mortgage cases and many


other important litigations in the New York state courts.
Traveled in the west and south, representing mining in
terests; counsel for Bronx Realty and Brokerage com
pany, and other firms. Presbyterian. Deputy grand chan
cellor of the Knights of Pythias; past-master of the Ma
sons; member of the Webster Literary society.


President Pittsburg Stock Exchange,
Was born April 16, 1862, in Pittsburgh, Pa. He was edu
cated in the Franklin district school of Pittsburgh and
the Pittsburgh high school. In 1881-90 he was bookkeep
er for large petroleum brokers. In 1890-92 he was stock
exchange representative and manager of the local depart
ment of the stock and bond brokerage firm of Rea Broth
ers and company, whom he succeeded in 1892 in the stock
and bond brokerage business. He organized the Pitts
burgh stock exchange; was one of its organizers in 1894;
was its first secretary and treasurer; served six years as
treasurer and four years as vice-president; and is now
president of the same. In 1909 he organized the firm of
John B. Barbour and company; and is now doing business
under that title in the stock and bond brokerage business.
He has been director of the Chamber of Commerce of
Pittsburgh; director of the United States Glass company;
director and treasurer of the Eleventh ward sub-district
schools of Pittsburgh; and treasurer of the city repub
lican executive committee of Pittsburgh.



Was born at Pottsville, Pa., Feb. 21, 184$; son of George
W. Farquhar, a noted attorney of Schuylkill county
(1828-1846). After a period of public school tution, he
entered in 1860 the University of Virginia, but being
obliged to leave there on the outbreak of the civil war,


he sought the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where
he took a full course of study, graduating from its law
department in 1865. He subsequently read law in the
office of Hon. F. W. Hughes, and was admitted to the
Schuylkill county bar in 1866. Since that date he has
steadily practiced in the county courts, his practice em
bracing every branch of law in the county, state and
United States courts, and involving many cases of im
portance. He was counsel for the Tax Payers association
of Schuylkill county.



Was born in Miffinville, April 29, 1848; son of William
N. Brown and Loretta (Yonker) Brown. He attended
Dickinson seminary, graduating as A.B., first honors,
class of 1868. He is a director of the White Milling com
pany, and is a civil engineer by profession. He was ap
pointed postmaster of Bloomsburg in 1902 and is now
serving third term. Mr. Brown is a republican in pol
itics, and a Methodist Episcopalian in his religious be
lief, and is president of the board of trustees of the local
church. He is trustee of the State Normal school, has
been director of public schools for thirty-three years, and
is trustee of the Joseph Ratti hospital.


Special Counsel Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway,
Was born Sept. 27, 1849. Attended Northwestern uni
versity, studied law at the Iowa State university and ad
mitted to the bar 1870. Entered railway service 1872 as
local attorney Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad
for lines in western part of Kansas, since which he has
consecutively 1879 to 1881, assistant attorney at Topeka,
Kan.; 1881 to July, 1905, solicitor for Kansas same road;
July, 1905, to date, special counsel same road.




Was born Jan. 14, 1846, in Pittsburg, Pa. He received
his education in Jefferson college, Canonsburg, Pa. He
married, in Leavenworth, Kan., June 3, 1867, Rachel
Huey Larimer, daughter of General William Larimer,
and they have three children: William Larimer, born in
1868; Thomas, born in 1880, and Lucille, born in 1890.
He has been successful in banking and general business.
He built and owns the Ligonier Valley railroad in West
moreland county, Pa.; is president of the City Deposit
bank, the Liberty Market company, and director of St.
Clair Incline Place companv. He is also president of the
Western Pennsylvania hospital, the Dixmont Insane hos
pital, and of the Western Pennsylvania Alumni associa
tion. He is trustee of Athalia Daly House for Young
Working Girls ; president of the Allegheny County Train
ing School and Industrial Farm, and a member of the
Theta Delta Chi fraternity. In politics he is a republican
and in church relations a Presbyterian, and he is trustee of
the East Liberty Presbyterian church. Mr. Mellon is a
member of the Union, Golf, Duquesne, Country and Uni
versity clubs of Pittsburg, and the Theta Delta Chi club
of New York City.


Naturalist and State Zoologist,

Was born in Waynesville, Ohio, July 25, 1867; son of
Daniel Surface and Maria J. (Thomas) Surface. He
was graduated from Ohio State university, Columbus,
Ohio, as B.S., 1891, M.S. in 1892 University of Illinois,
Champaign, 111., graduate studies, Cornell university,
Ithaca, N.Y. He married in Cleveland, Ohio, May 30,
1894, Ida May Bleasdale, and they have three children:
Harley Bleasdale S., born in 1900; Violet May S., born
in 1904; Priscilla Beatrice S., born in 1907. He was as-


sistant geologist of the Ohio State university, 1893-1894;
professor of natural history, University of the Pacific, Cal
ifornia, 1895-1897; graduate student and teacher in Cor
nell University, 1897-1899; assistant on the United States
and Pennsylvania state fish commissions, 1898-1903; di
rector of nature study, Ithaca (N.Y.) public schools,
1898-1900; professor of zoology, Pennsylvania State col
lege, since 1900, and state economic zoologist of Pennsyl
vania, since 1903; reappointed state zoologist for a term
of four year in April, 1907, and again in 1911 ; entomol
ogist and ornithologist of the Pennsylvania state board of
agriculture, since 1902. Mr. Surface has written exten
sively on insects, birds, reptiles, fishes and mollusks and
horticulture; editor of The Monthly Bulletin of the Di
vision of Zoology of the Pennsylvania department of agri
culture; is well known in all part of Pennsylvania, as a
forceful speaker, writer and teacher. Mr. Surface is a
republican in politics, and a member of the United Breth
ren Church in Christ; member of the American Associa
tion for the Advancement of Science, American Natural
ist, American Ornithologists union, Wilson Ornitholog
ical club, Delaware Valley Orinthological club, Associa
tion of Economic Entomologists of America, Pennsylva
nia Natural History society, Patrons of Husbandry, the
Pennsylvania State Farmers alliance, and other societies.



Was born Portland, Me., Oct. 2, 1845; son Peyton Ran
dolph (son Major Abner Morgan, of fourth regiment,
Mass, continental line in war of the revolution) and Jo
anna Dodge (Appleton) Morgan (daughter Brig. Gen.
James Appleton, U.S.A., of war of 1812) ; educated Ra
cine college, A.B., 1867, A.M., 1880, Columbia universi
ty, LL.B., 1869, LL.D., 1891 ; married New Orleans, La.,
March 27, 1877, Olive Morse (died Jan. 14, 1895) ; two


children, died in infancy. Attorney Erie Railway com
pany, 1869-71, and 1880-85; associate counsel Northern
Pacific railway, 1885-88; lived in Europe (Paris, Vien
na), 1872-80; practiced law in New York City; success
fully defended Lambert, accused of murder on high seas,
before Judge Benedict, U.S. district court, second district,
N.Y., 1868, etc.; retired from active practice, 1886. Was
major and judge-advocate of Washington continental
guards, 1894-98. Founder New York Shakespeare so
ciety, 1885, and its president, 1885-1909; presented with
loving cup at Manhattan hotel, New York City, on
Shakespeare s birthday, April 23, 1905, in honor of twen
ty years service as president of that society; president
New York and Palisade Railway company, 1885-1905,
Palisade Construction company, The New York Street
Cleaning and Machinery company, Shakespeare Press
Publishing company, respectively. A founder and vice-
president-general National Society War of 1812; presi
dent New Jersey Society War 1812; treasurer, three
terms, vice-president Pennsylvania Society of 1812, ten
years. Author: The Shakespearean Myth; Shakespeare
in Fact and in Criticism; A Study in the Warwickshire
Dialect; Some Shakespearean Commentators; Digesta
Shakespeareana, and other Shakespeare matter; edited
the Bankside edition of Shakespeare, twenty-one volumes;
The People and the Railways; The Law of Literature;
also various legal works and The Morgan Family from
A.D. 605 to Present Times, 1904. Republican. Episco
palian. Mason. Member Order Descendants of Colonial
Governors, Society Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolu
tion, Aztec Club of 1827, Medico-Legal society, Maine
Historical society. Recreations: Horseback exercise,
automobiling, golf, tennis. Club: University.




Was born in Armstrong township, Lycoming county,
Pennsylvania, Feb. 2, 1879; son of John C. Decker and
Julia (Fousel) Decker. He was graduated from Buck-
nell university with the degree of bachelor of arts in 1899,
and received the Latin Mathematics and English prizes
at college, and from the law department of the University
of Pennsylvania in the class of 1902. He was admitted
to the bar of Pennsylvania, Oct. 27, 1902, and has since
been engaged in a general law practice. In religious
faith he is a Lutheran. During his college course he was
a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. He is a Knight
Templar, a thirty-second degree Scottish rite Mason and
a Shriner. He is a member of the Acacia club, the Press
club and the University club, of which last club he has
served two terms as president.



Was born in Mount Pleasant, Perry county, Pa., 1864.
He was prepared for college at New Bloomfield acad
emy, Perry county, Pa. He was graduated from Prince
ton, as A.B., in 1891 ; was member of first revival of
Olympic Games Athletic team, 1891; and is engaged as
editor and newspaper correspondent; in 1894 was gradu
ated from Princeton Theological seminary; received the
degree of A.M. and 1908 the degree of Ph.D.; was or
dained pastor of the Dexter and Earlham Presbyterian
churches, June 27, 1894; was instructor in Dexter Normal
college, Iowa, 1894-1896; since 1896, pastor of the Olivet
Presbyterian church, Harrisburg, Pa.; from 1899 to 1905
was superintendent press work for the Pennsylvania C E.
union; from 1901-1904 was editor of the Pennsylvania
Endeavor. Has been a voluminous writer, both over his
own name and a pen name for athletic, social and reli-


gious publications. Dr. Roddy was moderator of the Pres
bytery of Carlisle in 1903, a commissioner to the Penn
sylvania synod in 1907, and a commissioner to the gen
eral assembly of the Presbyterian church in the United
States of America at New York in 1902; organizer of
"Roddy and MacWilliams," Harrisburg, December,
1908; pastor assistant Arch Street Presbyterian church,
Philadelphia, Pa., since Sept. i, 1909. Co-proprietor
and associate principle and business manager of the New
Bloomfield academy, New Bloomfield, Pa., and president
of the Penn.-Minn. Realty and Investment company of
Minneapolis. Secretary Cuba Chautauqua Resort asso
ciation of Varedero, Cuba, since 1907.



Was born in New York City, Oct. 29, 1864; son, Charles,
retired lithograph printer and publisher, etc., and Mary
(Eidelfeld) Brothers; educated in the public schools;
graduated from the New York College of Pharmacy, Ph.
G. (with honor), 1885; College of Physicians and Sur
geons (Columbia university), M.D., 1890; married in
New York City, April 3, 1892, to Fannie Ciner (gradu
ate of Normal college, New York City, and since mar
riage, of the Brooklyn Law school; children, Bertram S.,
born 1893 (died 1895) ; Sylvia H., born 1896 (died 1897).
After graduation in pharmacy (having served as assist
ant in analytical chemistry) opened his own pharmacy,
until taking up medical course. Between college terms
and after graduation, served as assistant pediatrist at
Bellevue dispensary; assistant surgeon at Mt. Sinai hos
pital dispensary; assistant ophthalmologist at German
dispensary, and for briefer periods at other clinics. After
graduation took charge of gyneological clinic at Beth Is
rael dispensary (now at Jefferson and Cherry streets) for
a time and in 1892 organized and incorporated the former


Columbus dispensary, serving as gynologist for several
years. One of the founders of the "American Medicine"
(journal), of the Eastern Medical society of New York
City, and of the former New York Post-Graduate Mid
wifery school (at which he occupied the chair of profes
sor of anatomy) ; was attending gyneologist at the Met
ropolitan hospital and dispensary (now Beth David hos
pital of New York City) . One of the founders and exec
utive members and secretary of the American Medico-
Pharmaceutical leageu; was a founder of the former
New York County Medico-Pharmaceutical league; con
tributor to current medical journals and owned and
edited the Medico-Pharmaceutical Journal, 1898-1905;
formerly member of the American Medical association,
Mississippi Valley Medical association, New York State
Medical association, New York County Medical associa
tion (for one year member of the committee on legisla
tion), of New York medical league, New York Society of
Medicine Jurisprudence, former Medical Progress soci
ety of the West Side German dispensary, and of the Med
ico-Legal club. For brief periods as an examining phy
sician for local lodges of Ancient Order of United Work
men, Independent Order of Brith Abraham, Independent
Order of Free Sons of Judah; for a short time member of
the New York Typographical union No. 6 (being a com
positor). Was a member of the Chinese Masons of New
York City; about 1898, nominated for assembly from
fourth assembly district, Manhattan, on the Good Gov
ernment ticket, with the indorsement of the regular re
publican organization and the independent labor party;
appointed January, 1906, chief clerk of the municipal
court of the city of New York, borough of Brooklyn, sev
enth district, by his brother-in-law, Justice Alexander S.
Rosenthal ; member of Tyrian lodge, Free and Accepted
Masons. Third vice president, Hearst Independence
league of the twenty-second assembly district of Kings


county; member of the National Geographic society and
of the Long Island Automobile club; formerly (for one
season) member of the Neversink Fishing club, and of
the former New York Playgoers , Recreation and Ama
teur Photography clubs. Address, 96 New Jersey avenue,
Brooklyn, NJ.


Editor, Publisher and Writer,

Was born in Chester county, Pa., March 13, 1858; son of
Edward B. Heckel, M.D., and Harriet R. (Baugh)
Heckel. He was educated at Ivy institute, Pughtown,
Pa.; the academic department of Ursinus college, and
the medical department of the University of Pennsylva
nia and took a special course in chemistry. He married
in Philadelphia, Pa., June 27, 1893, Ellie T. McCloskey,
and they have three children: James Edward, born in
1894; George Victor and Francis Alfred (twins), born
in 1896. During the medical course he practiced under
his father and uncle; in 1881 moved to Chicago as west
ern representative and correspondent of the Lockwood
publications, including Musical and Dramatic Courier;
and edited the United States Monthly magazine in 1882.

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