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Mr. Heckel moved to New York, 1883-1884, and helped
found the American Journal of Railway Appliances,
Power and Street Railway Journal (director of the com
pany and associate editor and southeastern manager of
the three papers), 1885, returned to Chicago and founded
the Street Railway Gazette; dramatic editor of the Chi
cago Photo; later literary editor of the publishing depart
ment of Rand, McNally and company. He resigned in
1890, and became representative among architects for L.
J. McCloskey and company (varnish), 1901, bought the
Philadelphia Drug, Oil and Paint Reporter, and changed
title to Drugs, Oils and Paints; of which he is still the
owner, publisher and chief editor. He is a republican in
politics, and a Roman Catholic in religious belief; secre-


tary of the Paint Manufacturers association of the United
States, the National Varnish Manufacturers association,
educational bureau of the Paint Manufacturers associa
tion and the Paint Manufacturers club of Philadelphia;
member of American (vice-chairman of committee Di)
and International Societies for Testing Materials, Phila
delphia Drug exchange, National Paint, Oil and Varnish
association, Union League club, Marion Cricket club, St.
David s Golf clb, Philadelphia; Chemists clubs of New
York, Drug and Chemical club of New York.



Was born in Media, Pa., Aug. 4, 1881 ; son of Horace P.
Green and Ida Virginia (Beatty) Green. He was grad
uated from Media High school, in 1897, an ^ Swarthmore
Preparatory school, 1898, received the degree of A.B. in
1902, from Swarthmore college, and the degree of LL.B.
from the University of Pennsylvania, with highest honors
in class, in 1905. Mr. Green has been engaged in the
practice of law since his graduation. He is a republican
in politics. He is a member of the Delaware and Phila
delphia county bars, and the bars of all the appellate
courts of Pennsylvania; member of the Hare Law club,
Delta Upsilon fraternity, and four alumni associations,
Gentlemen s club of Media, Castanea Tennis club,
Springhaven Country club, Belmont Cricket club, Me
dia Athletic association, Media Fire company No. i. Mr.
Green was formerly association editor and business man
ager of the American Law Register, and is at present cor
responding secretary of the Law Alumni association of
the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a member of
the Media school board and secretary of that organiza




Was born in Flushing, N.Y. He was educated at Flush
ing institute, 1878-84; Columbia college, A.B., 1888; Co
lumbia college, school of political science, A.M., 1889;
Columbia law school, 1888-90; National Conservatory of
Music, 1894-94 harmony, counterpoint, canon, and or
chestration, under Max Spicker; Institute of Musical Ait,
1905-1909; studied singing with P. A. Rivarde, George
Henscel, W. N. Burritt and A. Frem, and violin with Ed
ward Mollenhauer. Admitted to New York bar in 1890;
practiced law in New York City, 1890-94; became in
structor of harmony at National Conservatory, 1898-1901,
and at Institute of Musical Art, New York City, 1907-
1909; lecturer on music for New York City board of edu
cation since 1900. Appointed lecturer on music for Uni
versity Extension society, 1904-06; conductor of Mill-
brook (New York) Choral society, 1902109; Flushing
Choral society, 1905-06; of Amateur Concert club
(New York City) chorus, 1909-10; of East Side Op
eretta club, 1910-11. Musical director of People s insti
tute, New York City, since 1910. President of the Fra
ternal Association of Musicians of New York City, 1910-
1 1. Chairman of program committee of New York State
Music Teachers association, 1911-12; member of execu
tive board of the National Association of Teachers of
Singing since 1909; treasurer of National Society for
Promotion of Opera in English, 1911; chairman of mu
sic committee of New York Association for Production
of "Eager Heart." Member of admission, program and
music committee of the MacDowell club. Musical di
rector at the Pan-American conference of bishops of the
Protestant Episcopal church, Washington, D.C., 1903,
and at open-air services (attended by over 30,000 people)
held in honor of the archbishop of Canterbury, Washing
ton, 1904. Independent in politics. Appointed by Mayor


Van Wyck, trustee Queens Borough library (1900-05),
reappointed by Mayor McClellan, 1906, resigned 1909,
since 1901 member of the committee of three in charge
of the erection of Carnegie libraries in the Borough of
Queens. Member Delta Phi fraternity and MacDowell
club of New York. Clubs : National Arts, Barnard, The
Bohemians, and Musicians.

General Superintendent Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis


Was born Sept. 23, 1855, at Norwich, N.Y. Educated
at Norwich academy, 1865 to 1870. Entered railway
service 1871, since which he has been to 1875, successively
messenger and telegraph operator New York and Oswe-
go Midland railroad, New York, Kingston and Syracuse
railroad and Wallkill Valley railroad; 1875 to 1893, op
erator, dispatcher, chief dispatcher and trainmaster New
York, Lake Erie and Western railroad; 1893 to 1897,
trainmaster North Hudson County (electric) railroad;
1897 to J u ly> I 93 chief dispatcher and trainmaster
Southern railway at Knoxville, Tenn. ; July, 1903, to Feb
ruary, 1907, trainmaster Illinois Central railroad at East
St. Louis, 111.; February, 1907, to January, 1911, superin
tendent Illinois Central railroad at Clinton, 111.; January,
1911, to date, general superintendent Chicago, Peoria
and St. Louis railway at Springfield, 111.


President Sagamore Club,

Was born June 4, 1877, in Philadelphia, Pa. He gradu
ated from the Central high school and the University of
Pennsylvania; and is a successful lawyer of Philadelphia,
Pa. He has been president of Bethlehem Lyceum; and
a member of the Lawyers club, Century club, Young Re
publicans, Law Academy and Law association, and has
been a delegate to many conventions.




Was born at Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., April 7,
1858; son of Robert Thomas and Mary A. (Ritter)
Thomas. He was educated at Germantown academy and
the Central High school of Philadelphia, receiving de
grees of A.B. in 1877, A.M. in 1882, and at the University
of Pennsylvania, where he received the degree of M.D. in
1880. He married at Germantown, June 15, 1892, Maria
G. Bedlock. Dr. Thomas is a member of the American
Medical association and the State and County Medical
societies; director of the Memorial Free library of Mt.
Airy; member of the Medical club, Philadelphia; and
White Marsh Valley clubs, and is also a director of the
Pelham Trust company.



Was born in Allegheny, Pa., June 6, 1880. He was edu
cated in Lafayette college, 1898-99; Medico-Chirugical
college, graduating as M.D. in 1903. He married in
Philadelphia, Nov. i, 1902, Ethelwyn Holmes of Mon
treal, Canada. He engaged in the practice of medicine in
Allegheny from Jan. i, 1904, to Aug. i, 1906, when he
moved to Pittsburgh. He is a republican in politics, and
a Protestant Episcopalian in religious faith. Dr. Mc-
Cready is a member of the Allegheny County Medical
society, Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania,
American Medical association, American Association for
the Study and Education of Exceptional Children, Delta
Kappa Epsilon, Theta Nu Epsilon and Alpha Kappa
Kappa fraternities, Civic club, Church club of the dio
cese of Pittsburgh and University club.



Passenger Traffic Manager Chicago and Alton Railroad,
Was born Sept. 19, 1860, at Hamilton, Ont. Educated in
the public and private schools. Entered railway service
1875 as messenger boy general passenger department Chi
cago and Alton railroad, since which he has been consecu
tively to March, 1885, successively junior clerk, conduc
tor s clerk, ticket stock clerk, rate clerk and ticket ac
countant same department; March 14, 1885, to Jan. i,
1900, assistant general passenger agent, then general pas
senger agent and passenger traffic manager of the same
road; entire service with the Chicago and Alton railroad.



Was born in York, Livingstone county, N.Y., October
2 3> 1839; he graduated from Williams college, A.B., 1861.
Served as first lieutenant, company D, eleventh New York
heavy artillery, and first lieutenant company M, and cap
tain company H, fourth New York heavy artillery, in the
civil war. Admitted to bar, June, 1863; successively
member of the law firms of Rapallo and Spencer; Rapal-
lo, Daly and Brown; Beach, Daly and Brown, and Beach
and Brown; since Julv i, 1884, ^practicing alone. Inde
pendent in politics. Presbyterian. Member of the New
York State Bar association; Association of the Bar of the
City of New York; Kappa Alpha fraternity, Military
Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Clubs:
University, Lawyers and St. Andrews Golf.


Clergyman and Author,

Was born at Allentown, Pa., Aug. 13, 1870; son of Reu
ben D. Butz and Mary A. (Schwartz) Butz. He was
educated in the public schools of Allentown, Pa., at
Muhllenberg college, Allentown, Pa., at Franklin andi


Marshall college and the Theological seminary of the
Reformed church in the United States, at Lancaster, Pa.,
receiving the degrees of M.A. from Muhlenberg college
in 1894, and Ph.D. from the Franklin and Marshall col
lege in the spring of 1907. He married at Lancaster, Pa.,
Dec. 26, 1893, Miss Catharine Russ, and they have three
children: Harold Augustine, born in 1895; Charlemagne
Alfred, born in 1902; and Catharine Heloise, born in
1910. Dr. Butz is pastor of the Church of the Redeemer,
Littlestown, Pa. ; member of the Phi Gamma Delta frat
ernity. In 1904 he attended the lectures of some of the
most eminent professors in the universities of Berlin and
Heidelberg, Germany. He has traveled extensively in
Germany, Bohemia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France,
Belgium, Holland, England and Scotland. Dr. Butz is
the author of works of recognized merit: The Rise of
Modern European Spirit, The Pre-Reformation Age, in
Its Social, Scientific and Literarv Aspects, published by
Sherman, French and company, Boston, Mass.


Theologian and Author,

Was born April ij, 1851;, in New Haven, Conn. He was
educated at the College Grammar school of Brooklyn,
N.Y., attended Williams college and the Union Theolog
ical seminary of New York. He has filled pastorates in
the Presbvterian church in Portland, Pueblo, Cincinnati
nnd Philadelphia, and since 1006 has been pastor of the
First Presbyterian church at Wilkinsburg Station, Pitts-
burg, Pa. He is the author of Sheaf of Wheat; The
Mind of the Master; God s Plan of a Christian: John
Knox, Biographical; Brief History of the Making of
English Bible, and other works.




Was born in Florence, Italy, Oct. 30, 1858; son of Wilson
Eyre and Louisa (Lear) Eyre. His early education was
obtained in Italy, and later in the schools of Newport, R.
I., Lenoxville, Canada, and Woburn, Mass.; and he took
a special course in architecture in the Massachusetts In
stitute of Technology, in 1876. He was associated with
James P. Sims, architect, from 1876 to 1881; and since
then he has been engaged in independent practice. He
has been architect of many prominent buildings in New
York City and Philadelphia, having offices in both cities.
Among his works are the Detroit Club building, Detroit,
and buildings for the Newcomb Memorial college, New
Orleans, and many others. Mr. Eyre is a member of the
American Institute of Architects, the American Social
Science association, and a member of the T-Square club,
and the Philadelphia Art club of Philadelphia.


Clergyman and Author,

Was born in Frankfort, N.Y., Nov. 29, 1871. He was ed
ucated at St. Andrews Collegiate institution, Syracuse,
N.Y., and General Theological seminary, of New York
City, 1890-94; member of St. Paul s cathedral, Syracuse.
June u, 1896, married Wilhelmina Mary Hossfelt, of
Rome, N.Y. ; children, Helen Eva, born July 22, 1897;
Joseph Gustavus, born Sept. 12, 1899; Catherine Cecilia,
born Aug. 28, 1906. Ordered deacon, 1892; priest, 1896,
by Bishop Huntington, in the Episcopal church. Rector
Christ church, Forestport, N.Y., 1892-93; assistant at St.
George s church, Newburgh, N.Y., 1893-94; since 1894
rector of St. Joseph s church, Rome, N.Y. Author of
Life and Adventures of Nat Foster, Trapper and Hunter
of the Adirondacks, 1897; Mystery of the Ice Cave
Mountani, 1899; The Church and Socialism, 1903; The


Mohawk Valley a Channel of Civilization, 1904; Apol
ogia Pro Ritu, 1904; Societies for the Prevention of Cru
elty, 1907. Member of the forty-first company, national
guard, Syracuse, N.Y., 1890-94. President of the Gus-
tavus Swan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chil
dren, of Rome, N.Y., since 1897; director Stevens Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, of Rome, N.Y.
Member of the United States volunteer life-saving corps
and commodore of Utica (N.Y.) district; member of S.
A. R. Chaplain of the New York Custodial asylum,
Rome, N.Y., since 1895. Socialist; candidate for con
gress from the twenty-seventh New York district on so
cialist ticket, 1906 and 1908.


President Chicago and Alton Railway,
Was born Feb. 3, 1853 at Philadelphia, Pa. Entered rail
way service August, 1868, since which he has been con
secutively to 1870, rodman Chester Creek railroad; 1870
to 1871, leveler and assistant engineer Lancaster railroad;
summer of 1872, engineer in charge surveys Chester and
Paoli railroad; 1873 to 1874, chief engineer Chester and
Delaware River railroad; August, 1874, to September,
1881, general superintendent Pittsburg, Cincinnati and
St. Louis railway; September, 1881, to January, 1882,
general superintendent Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St.
Louis, Little Miami and Cincinnati and Muskingum Val
ley railroads; January, 1882, to February, 1884, general
manager New York and New England railroad; Febru
ary to November, 1884, assistant to president New York,
Lake Erie and Western railroad, in special charge New
York, Pennsylvania and Ohio railroad; November, 1884,
to January, 1885, general manager New York, Pennsyl
vania and Ohio railroad; January to October, 1885, vice-
president New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad
company, in charge traffic department; October, 1885, to


November, 1890, first vice-president same road, in charge
of traffic and operating department; Nov. 21, 1890, to
March, 1892, president East Tennessee, Virginia and
Georgia railway Nov. 21, 1890, to October, 1899, presi
dent, and March, 1893, to October, 1899, also re
ceiver Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific rail
way; November, 1890, to 1895, also president Alabama
Great Southern railroad; Oct. 14, 1893, to Feb. i, 1900,
also receiver Kentucky and Indiana Bridge company;
June i, 1897, to Sept. 7, 1899, also receiver Columbus,
Sandusky and Hocking railroad; Sept. 7, 1899, to Dec.
12, 1907, president Chicago and Alton railway, Chicago
and Alton railroad; Joliet and Chicago, Kansas City, St.
Louis and Chicago, and Louisiana and Missouri River
railroad; Dec. 26, 1907, to March i, 1909, president Mex
ican Central railway; June i to Oct. i, 1909, chairman
board Tennessee Central railroad; Aug. i, 1909, to date,
president Chicago Great Western railroad.

Author and Business Man,

Was born at Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, April
6, 1865. He was educated in the public schools of his na
tive village. He married in Scotland in 1886, Agnes
Duff, and they have five surviving children : Duff C.,
born in 1887; Estella Maria, born in 1891 ; America, born
in 1896; Russell Gordon, born in 1899, and Evelyn Agnes,
born in 1901. He emigrated to the United States in May,
1886; was employed as bookkeeper in Camden, N.J., to
1890, then connected with the J. F. Portuondo Cigar
Manufacturing company as correspondent and secretary
until 1898; after that with the Havana Cigar company,
Lancaster, Pa., until 1902; in Europe on important edu
cational missions, 1903-1904; connected with F. W.
Woolworth and company, 1904-1907; on the staff of the
Philadelphia Record, 1907-1908; since then most of his


time has been devoted to inventions relating to moving
pictures, in conjunction with his son, Duff C. Law. Mr.
Law is not a professional, but an occasional writer, and
is author of: "Dreams o Hame"; "The Seashore of Bo
hemia"; "Lancaster, Old and New"; "Here and There
in Two Hemispheres," etc. He is internationally recog
nized as an authority on Burnsiana and general Scottish
literature. He traveled extensively in the United States
and the British Isles. Inventor of Law s universal time
clock, that tells time synchronically in the world s chief
cities. Founder and secretary of tne Motion Poster com
pany of America; director of United Five and Ten Cent
Stores company, etc. Mr. Law is an independent demo
crat in politics.


Division Superintendent,

Was born March 19, 1859, at South Durham, Me. En
tered railway service 1871 as telegraph operator Chicago,
Burlington and Quincy railroad, since which he has been
consecutively to 1881, station agent, train dispatcher, su
perintendent s clerk, chief dispatcher and trainmaster
same road; 1881 to 1886, chief train dispatcher Minneap
olis and St. Louis railway; 1886 to 1888, train dispatcher
Chicago, St. Paul and Kansas City railway, now the Chi
cago Great Western railway; 1888 to 1902, train dispatch
er and superintendent telegraph St. Paul and Duluth rail
road 1902 to 1903, superintendent Tennessee Central
railroad; August, 1903, to March, 1905, assistant superin
tendent Minnesota division Minneapolis, St. Paul and
Sault Ste. Marie railway; March, 1905, to Nov. i, 1910,
division superintendent same road at Thief River Falls,
Minn.; Nov. i, 1910, to date, Superior, Wis.



Theologian and Author,

Was born May 17, 1863, in Russelville, Ohio. He has re
ceived the degrees of A.B. and A.M. from the Ohio Wes-
leyan university, and the degrees of Ph.D. and S.T.B.
from Boston university. He also studied in Berlin and
Leipzig, and received the degree of LL.D. from the Mis
souri Wesleyan university. In 1887-88 he filled a pastor
ate in San Leandro, Cal. ; in 1888-91 was professor of
Greek language and literature in the university of the Pa
cific, and in 1892-95 filled a pastorate in Napa, Cal. In
1896-1901 he was professor of the English Bible; exege
sis since 1901 ; and librarian since 1906 of the Garrett Bib
lical institute of the Northwestern university. He wrote
monographs for the Book of Acts, The Revival Its Pow
er and Its Perils; and numerous articles in the Encyclo
pedia Americana and other Biblical works.


Mechanical Engineer,

Was born in Warren, 111., Aug. 24, 1858; son of John and
Caroline A. Whitham. He was graduated in marine
engineering and naval architecture, 1881, and again in
1883 from the United States Naval academy (A.M., St.
John s college, Annapolis, Md. ; C.E. and M.E., Arkan
sas Industrial university). He married, 1883, Rebekah
Emmet Dashiell. He remained in the engineering corps
of the navy till 1886; has been consulting engineer in
steam and hydraulics in Philadelphia since 1891. Mr.
Whitham is a member of the American Society of Me
chanical Engineers, American Society of Naval Archi
tects and Marine Engineers, American Society of Naval
Engineers, New England Water Works association. He
is author of Steam Engine Design, .1889; Constructive
Steam Engineering, 1891, and is contributor of engineer
ing papers to technical journals and proceedings.



Railroad President,

Was born Feb. 13, 1864; at St. Louis, Mo. He was edu
cated in the public schools at St. Louis. Entered railway
service in 1885, since which he has been consecutively, to
Dec. i, 1890, clerk in the office of general manager Wa-
bash, St. Louis and Pacific railway; Dec. i, 1890, to July
i, 1896, secretary to general manager Wabash railroad,
successor to the Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific railway;
July i, 1896, to Jan. i, 1901, secretary to general manager
Grand Trunk railway; Jan. i to March 15, 1901, assist
ant to general manager same road; March 15, 1901, to
March 17, 1902, vice president and general manager Cen
tral Vermont railway; March 17, 1902, assistant to second
vice president Grand Trunk railway; Jan. i, 1910, as
sistant to president Grand Trunk and Grank Trunk Pa
cific railway; Oct. i, 1911, vice president.


Superintendent Scranton Division Delaware, Lackaivan-

na and Western Railroad,

Was born Sept. 4, 1867. Educated in the public schools.
Entered railway service 1886 as telegraph operator Penn
sylvania lines west of Pittsburg, since which he has been
consecutively, 1887 to 1889, operator Pittsburg and West
ern railroad at Allegheny, Pa.; 1889 to 1890, train dis
patcher same road; January to August, 1890, train dis
patcher South Carolina railroad at Charleston, S.C.; Au
gust 1891, to 1892, train dispatcher Cleveland Terminal
and Valley railroad at Cleveland, O. ; 1892 to 1895, chief
dispatcher same road; 1894 to Oct. 10, 1899, also chief
dispatcher Akron division Baltimore and Ohio railroad;
1895 to O ct - IO > ^99, also trainmaster same division, same
road, and chief dispatcher Cleveland Terminal and Val
ley railway; Oct. 10 to Dec. i, 1899, train dispatcher Del-
ware, Lackawanna and Western railroad at Scranton, Pa.;


Dec. i, 1899, to Aug. 18, 1900, trainmaster same road;
Aug. 1 8 to Dec. i, 1900, acting division superintendent;
Dec. i, 1900, to March 15, 190$, superintendent Scranton
division, same road, at Scranton, Pa.; March 15, 1908,
to Dec. i, 1910, superintendent, Morris and Essex divi
sion, same road, at Hoboken, N.J.; Dec. i, 1910, to date,
assistant general superintendent, same road, at Scranton,


Rabbi j

Was born May 20, 1868, in London, England. He was
educated in Boston, New York City and Cincinnati, and
in 1889 graduated with the degree of B.A. In 1889-98
he was associate rabbi in the Plum Street temple, and also
at the same time was assistant professor of history in Union
college. In 1890-98 he was secretary of the Central con
ference of American rabbis, and 1890-98 was also editor
and compiler of conference year books. In 1899-1909 he
was treasurer of the Central conference of American rab
bis, and in 1905-11 was a member of the board of edu
cation of Peoria, 111. Since 1898 he has been a rabbi of
his church in Peoria, 111.



Was born in Philadelphia, Feb. 18, 1852. He was edu
cated in the public schools and afterward worked with his
father in the plumbing business. In 1877 he was made
receiver for the West Philadelphia Passenger Railway
company, and in 1881 secretary and superintendent of the
Fifth Street Market company. He early became inter
ested in republican party affairs, and in 1884 was elected
to the common council of the city, being returned at every
election until 1895, when he resigned to accept the post
of chief of the bureau of highways, under the director of
public works. In this position he proved a very efficient
public servant, making radical changes in the manage-


ment of the bureau and bringing it from a state of disor
der and confusion to that of a smooth running branch of
the city administration. In 1897 he was appointed post
master of the city of Philadelphia, holding this respon
sible position until 1902.


Lawyer and Jurist,

Was born March 17, 1836, in Charleston, S.C. He grad
uated from Columbia college at the head of his class. In

1857 ne began the practice of law in New York City. In

1858 he was nominated for justice of the city court, and
was later appointed judge of that court and served one
term, declining renomination. In 1864 he was elected
Lincoln elector, and declined the position of United States
judge for South Carolina offered to him by President
Lincoln. In 1866 he was a delegate to the republican na

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