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m final decree entered on the eroee bill.

The croes oomplair.ante nade a motion in ti^Lia court to dis-
miss the appeal upon the ^^rrund tnut tiie order of April 2, 1932, vas


a,, w;,.,* •-,-•'■ ••. - f,'r'i;si^ f^i^-^T .frJif apme

not aipp*al»it>lffl an ?er th» statute. TJiat Ksotlon Wia» denied, and
■while tii«!^ qu^etton ia rearguissJ, in tno Ijrlef ^-ith citation of maijy
authorities, w« adlhere to ur deoiaion.

the mppoinmrnit of ti-ii» rec0iv«r whs ^ntwred vi»on the oro^s
feill arid upon th« fuotlon oi' ttie wolicitora lor a part ol th© bond-
holders. It wae mad« al'ter i-arch 26, 19^2, UT>ori «ftiich !latf« th«
Madison & JK«d«l« <it&te Bank had perfect f?d[ Mi appeaJ Tro® th« final
order appoiKting a successor truate© whicii ie still p^nJing in
this court, Xh« «»rfect of p«trl>©tlnp that sippeal wat to stay
further t)roce<?jting« toy the" court ^^Jiich r<?nde:rffi«1 tli« jU''1i..;^strst ©r
4«er«« a.'Dp^ial *?*d froie until euah tim© ai5 that -appeal had "heers 11©-
pe8«!^ of "by thifi court. Such in the general rule atat««l in prac-
tically all the caB^a, [email protected]<3 0l f ,.t.,,.Fi|^, P.76 111. 181, As th^t case
points out,^! ejsceptiof'^ to th«r rule 1» that in divorce cases after
■A appeal hfja be^in ps^rfecte*! a trial court raay isake a furtJifsr order
as to alitxiony, but tKis in ©xpreesfly iiuthorirc^a. hy the statute.

In Heyg^aK^ t,_^i .. 117 111. kpp, M2, thiis court, in

an opinion \>y kr . Prfsidlnf, Juf?tice l'aki»r, aft^r a thorough re-

rivm of the cases, stated the 1*aw as felloes:

*XJi« statutes of this etnte have, froa. the earliest days,
proTideci for appeals frocii JjudbB^onta at luw an well as decrees in
chancery, and t ere in ais unbroken line of d-^ciriona to the eij eot
that a perfected appeal operates as a supersedeas or stay of pro-
ceedings under the ^ud^ent or decree.**

In Ma st<»rs v. Masters . 249 Hi, App, 352, this rule of law

vas interpreted as prevent tnti the lower court from perrcitting any

one to interrene while an appeal was pending in the 3upr«ue oourt.

It "trig there said:

"The law le well eettl^d that 'f'hufr) nn ar>p«»al in the case is

perfected to a Supreaiw or ApT>ellate court, the oourt from which the

apneal has been taken loef^s juriadic.tlon of tho case until ufti»r

the appeal has been finally diepoeefl of by Apt>«liate irlbunal.*

Moreover, we are of the opl»*lon that »»v«»n aasuioinK that the

lower court had authority to appoint a receiver whil«» the cause was

pending in this court, it was not neoeseary to protest the interests

■rJeri »£i^ xi9«if Mw Xlitf

. ^^aii *liil .H?v. ■.-^,]{,.ij^.S.?^ ttl

-i lO ■'.....! -i.^J ,uv'^ . ,.t^.:. . «,iJ.:;. ;,-:_<- ^jJL.S7^1§*i* «i

•; ;• /;,. ; j'-'ii to .laj..; ;■ v*,Sk!'', m><»i?.(. '"fav'-v' I'i^-'' Pf-r' fiiWv'rf.-'

either of the cross ccavlainjuitB or <.l' oUifur tondholderg. Thin
oourt has so held ixi a qult« recei;t an 4 well con8i<5«?red cane to
which this bank wa» a party. Bglofsky y. Johrxaon . 266 111, Apn.
351, It ie unnecesaary here to add ariyt/iiutd to wii&t, w&b p.aid in
that opinion, the opinions of this court f»re unlfori;ly to th«
•ffect that the opwolntKorit of a ireceiver i« an «xtraordlBary
rer.edy; that it ehoulfl b© ©xerelsad with gr«»t care -:.yn<! css-ntlon, not
aloB« b«e&us« it may arbitrarily d(9priv« »n owner oi" ttie ri4i;ht to
the U80 8«4 possession of hia property but ai-so bscaua® (if un-
neceisary) it burdens the intercsta of csJLl the liti^aits with fttts
aud ©XDenaea. davits v. JBlalr . 352 ill. App, 417, eaid .gran^ y^
S4«£;£i, 263 111. Ap-p, 316, ♦♦re two of the n^^my ca8«»ss wuich might
b« cited,

ilit order appealed fro© is reversed,.

fcSureiy, F, J., and O'Cornor, J., concur.

oX-jyigi^- '^ >'itljfiHi£ ,.tr »iyi?g »sa«{t9«rso hum

ici^im a&lii-n' «i.»«if.i> . "•■S8 lifiiiftiS.

.fefea-x^- t'l h^lmmtr^ tab-to ^^

u:*mwti*i> bim ,





(defendant) »


#," -a*


OOOC ooaiTT«


This Is fltt app«al froi a J«d^«nt r«eoTtr«4 apsa a rsrdiei
•f a juxj ¥y plaiotlff scalnat defsndaai f«r lldfffOO*

Th.« d««laratl«n oootalns thrmm s^Hiis* Th« Btcli<tB«e
aT*rr«d la sadi eovat is aa fellsvsl

first eevnti Tkat der«a4ant» by kls acMit sr sarrani^
•«B«d s«d sontrollsd an autoaol»ila» btiag driraa aloac r*«t« 11
ia a nortk«rl7 dlr«e%loa betwssa lalf«*I>ajr aad Vks«liac» Illiatiat
I m€ plaiatlff was at tha smm tias drlrlac a aotar ts^oIs ia a
( so«tb«rlj direct iaa alsag tha saaa hi^taaagr at th« ssms flaaa«
Sefaodaatt by his strroitt sarslsssly sad nscligsntly Sfsraia< sad
eontrsllad his aat08wbila» sa that it raa lata mU aalXUad witk
ths autoaobils vhlata plaiatlff vas drlriagt oauslag injury %•

Third eoaati That daf sndant. eeatrary t« ths statatat
vLaa driTiac aad aastiag a aotor rshiala ooalnc ia tha oppaaita
dlreetlan^ fallad to rtaaaaabV/ torn ta tha right af tha oeatar af
%hm baatsa traok af said higtei^ as as ta pass witbaat iatsrfar«na«o
Mid oa ths esatrary drers hit said autOBObils, by hia agsatf aa tlM
wraag aid* mt said public higbisy sttd Uta the baatan path af tlM

« (5';'

I •atMPobll* iB vhioh plalBtif f w%a drlring^ •• that and ^ r«Moa

f 9t thB prejila«B th« &ntoM>kll«t e«lXid«d «ad plalBtlff vm iiij«r«<.

fourth oowiti That defradaat dr«T« hit auteaobila mi

t)i« aalA hlghaaj at a •9t«4 sraattr thaa vaa raaaoa^l* aat |ffff«r»

harlBg recard to tha trMffio aod tha uaa of tho waj» to that ^

roaooB af tho prealoeo dofvndaat'a autoiMbllo oolllded with ylAiB-

tiff*a autOBobilof oauaiag lajaxx*

Xa«h of tho oo«i%a alloc«d thai plaiatiff vaa at all

I tlaoa !■ tha axorolao af d«o oaro and aautloa for hia •« tafotj*

I Tha dofoBdant plooAod tho goBoral ioouo and a ylaa of Ma-oporatiaa.

laiatlff t a aaa aho«t 49 yoara of aca» vha had boos

drlTlas aa autoaoblle for 20 yoaro* tootlf lod that oa Mi^ 10, 19aO«

ho waa 4rlTiM i^ Willya-Khlsht autoMbllo* trlth a Xra. Oattrtyh aa

a paooancoTf la a aoutherly direotioo oa Milwaakaa aToaaa (roato 81) •

on 18 or ^ foot hard oarfaoo roaAi tlut pro ceding hla oaa a truok

BO -lag aboai 30 to 36 alios aa haar| that ho paaaod tho traok aad

praooodod aoath oa tho woot olio of tho roadi that aftor ha yaaaod

tho truak ho aotlood a fo« oara oaalag toward hla aOMO iOO ar 700 faot

«si^ aad that ha aatlood dofondaat'o aataaobUo tura oat aaA paaa aoao

of th«oo aatoBobllooi that aftor defoadaatU oatoaobllo hadi paaaod

a ooaplo of tha aatooMbllaa ho taxaod to tho aaot* or hla rl«htt tmA

thaa avaag ta tho voot «id omm orar to tha waot aldo of tho r«ad

or aoathbovad traffio laaa, and tho riglvl/or dafaadaatU oMtoaobUa

otraok plaiatiff 'a loft front | that at tho tiao of tha lapaot>

; dafandaat^o aatoaoblla vaa haadad la a northwaatarlj dlrootUa aid

that tha froat whaoU of plalatlff'a aatoioobllo wo»a off tho roadf

tltfit vhaa plaiatiff oaa dofaadaat aviag acrooo la froat af flaia*

tlff'o autoo»blla, ha oas aboat 50 ta 79 foot aaojri that plaUtlff

fat oa hla brakaa aad tumad off tho road aad whoa dafaadast otraok

plftlatlff , plaiatiff 'a rl«ht froat whool waa off tho paroMat*

leltn Oottroyli t«stifl«d ah* wm « pasaeafcr U plain*
tlff*t autoMobUti that as they proa««d«(i aaaUnrard aha aav a silk
trnek ahead aa4 faXlaved It about tnt miUt than plalBtiff paaaad
It aad droT« ••» •m Xh9 west aU« af tha raadf that at tha %!■• ha
passed the track there were bo aatoaoblles olose to then, b«t thera
W9X9 aone autoaebiles four or fiira blooka avayi that later vhas
plaiatlff waa oa the vest side af the raad defeadaBt*a a«t«aebl&a
•m» arer fre« tiie east side sf tlu raad ta tha west sida aad paaaad
saat of the autoaabilee ahead of hl« sad returned lata line ttoA than
defendant tried to paas again » bat oi«« OTer pretty far ta tha vast
aide of the road aad ran into plaintiff** auteaobila*

lanrenoe !• Stanton testified that on tha daj in qnaatian
he vaa enployed by the lovnan Saizy Ooapany and vaa drirlnc a trnak
aauth cm Milvankee arenua aad witnessed the aeoidentf that Jnat prior
ta the aecident plaintiff paased his truok aad eaatianed an santh In
the weat lane about 129 to 150 faet bafore the aoaideatf and tka
witneee una 90 ta TS feet baak 91 tha auteonebile at tha tiaa af tha
aeoideati that at the s«e tlM plaistlff*a autonobUa paaaad tkt
truek* the witness saw fonr or fire antaaobilaa aealng frss tlM
aauth » the nearest being than two ar three handred yarda alMad •t hlni
that he sav defendspt«s autoaobilt pull out fran behind thaaa aata-
nobUes» paaa an their left aad than it get baak into line tud in ao
ddiag weat a lit Ua off the raad, aad thea it swnag ta ita left
diteotly in tha path of plaUtlffU autosMbUe in the right (waat)
laae of the road» the right fraat of defeadant*s autanabila and tha
left front af plaint if f*a autoBMbUa oallided hand an*

«uat ▲• Iarberg» Mrs* '>uat A* lorberg aad Sran AaAaradS
wara paaaengers in the aateoMbUe being drlTon by Al«ot lox^arc*
Stanley Iriakeoa aad Xre* Osoar leleaa were passeagera in tlM
antanabUa being drirea by Cl*reaae >riakaan«

.# ft# ht'

I>«f •Ddaat* • Ttrslon ^a sh^wa by the eTld«Bo« af Olajr«a««
IrlekAoni Stasl^y XrioksoD, (hi«t A* I«x^«rg« Kz-a* 0««t A* ■•rk«rc»
Alcot Iorb«rg» St«b Aad«r»oa» C«rl Ll«fll» Ynul Eaisr* •»« Ottct«r«
K«sBre» iSf thai Clartno« Xrleksea* a 15 ytar •!€ ¥«xt ««• AririBc
dtr«Ddant*s AUtoaobllt north on lllwnuktc aTenao* yrooodod hy tm
^•ntoMobUo driT«B bgr Alcot H9z<b«rgf tliBt • tnaok was bolag drlTM
•outh and vhea the lorb«rg amt«nobtIc mmI th« tnMk woro olooo to*
Cctkor» plaintiff radd«nlj tomod trom th« rtar of tho truok Into
tho yath of the lorborg ftutoaobllti thorotu>on» to *T0i4 •trlklac
ylalBtlfft the lox^org autonobllo overrod to tho rlckt^ tmA tm
9XalBtlff«o antoMbllo ondoavored to return to his ovn oUo of tho
road» tho oollloion ooourrod*

Oarl Llooll vao driTlng hlo autoaobUo north on Kilvaakoo
•vowM aai oa« tho tmok ooalng oo«th| that there voxo throo o«toBOhlIt&
follewlag ono onothoaff the lorborg* defendant *o and anothor antOMObile^
that ho heard n oraah when ho vao abont 100 to IftO foot hohlaA tho
laet auteneblle tmi. oear plalBtlff*o atttomobllo thrown free tho right
(oaot) olde of the roMd to the weot oldo of the rooA*

tttotaTo Keoo»o» o faz»er« vao on tho oaot oUo of lUwonkoo
nrewM liO feet fro« tho roo4 and oow an autoMbUo trjlng to ynoo the
trmok aad at the bmo tlao ho saw on aatoMbllo eealng fro* tho oo«th
a XltUe ahead of the trmok and the aatoaohllo going eomthl ho twrmod |
Mi^ and next heasd * oraih» looked n» and oov the tmok wno jn^t I

ooiang to n otoff mA the two antoMbUoo wore otandlag otUlo fn«lag
veet en the roodf tho front part of eaoh oar » 8 or 4 foot apart, off
the read I that the antoBOblXoo wore onlj 80 feet apart at tho tlM
plaintiff otarted U paoo the tmoko

fanl Xeearot a eon of Onoiare* teetlflod ho wao vorklaf
U the field aboat opfoeite to where the oolllolen tooh »laoe oai
08V plalBtiff*o antoaobUo paae the tmok mU drlro the los%«rc

r-itouobllt off tlM r«adt tmi tkta 4«f«ii4aBt*t autoaobll* atvmok
^alatlff'a •atoMbllt •> th« t*at tUt of tht road and thoj boUi
•lU OTor to tlM voot oUoi U4t ttao MtoMbUoo woro la Um foaltioa
f of ft trlaaclo ohes iho ooIllalOQ ooofurro4| tliftt plftlBtlff*o fttttoM^Uo
I vfto hftlf ft oftr longth in frost of tbo trsok, whoa it otftrtod to tftmi
' ttaftt tht loft oUo of bot2i ftutoaobUoo oomo tofotter*

Joooyh Br»ohft«» ft otato highoogr yollooMMf tootlfloA te
latorriovod Hro* fottMih ftt tlM kooyltftl of tor tko oooUoAt aai
ttet iho toU hlB it Vftft plftlBiiff'o tmltt \hm% 1m trio4 tft 9mm
%h» truok ftB4 did not hatf ro«i to do it i«*

Sdoard Irrotajt dofondant'o partBor» tootlflod ttet ko
koard M»a« Omtiroyh aako tko atatoatat toatifiad to kj Xmk— .
loloa Oftttrofk doaiad oko oTar aada aaok a otatoaoata

It lo ooataadad kj dafaadaat tkat tko Jodcaont a k — H ko
MToroad kaoaaoo tho preponderaaoo of tko arldeaao is ia fonro* of
dafaadaat Md tkftt tb« rardiat io acalnot tk« waigkt of tbo aridoaoa*
Tka qvoatioa of prayonderanoa doaa aot axiao at all la thlo oo«t*
( ■aara. Boobfto k h Oo. T> Maaro glftTtQW f^mHl 0<f 1 ««« lU* Af»« a»T,
ttOi Milla k Co> T, Dttko, 232 Ul« Ap»* tft, StOf Lfffff Tt ^t
aft3 111* App* 17C, IftSi fMtfirTI ^* '^"^ ^»* ^* ^ •• *^* ^»> '^
ai» i^p* 4«0» 4»7.) It ia oaly whaa tka rorioviag ooart ooa ooj
tkftt tko T<>rdiot io acalaot tko aaaifoot waigkt of tka aTidoaoft tkat
It lo Jaatlflad la rarar alac ^ka oaaoo* ^fWl "^ *Ultri ^* ^^*
App* 4dS» 470.) Tkara U ft kopolooo and IrraoonalUiklo ooafliot
U tka aTldoaoo relatiTo to tha aftnaar la wklok tka aaaUaat ooowrradv
Tha Tardiot of tko Jary laporta tkat tkay did aot k«lioTo dofoadaat*.
aitMoooo* IbvoTOTo aotwitkatandiac tko Tardiot» it io tko daty of
tkia ooart to oxaalao aad vaick tka aTldeaoot bat tkia daty doos
aot roqaira aor paralt tkio ooart to airikotltata Ita Judi^oat foff

■U mJt wxsnt 8tXI

;4 &»X' ?

tbA% vf th« JttX7 TO a f«r« qatstioa •/ fatt «!••• %k« t««rt mm
Mr ^k^t ^^ •MttluilM y>« h W V the j«i7 !• yUjdblj vv«bc*
{ Qki9mtt Vuion TratiUa Co> t« on)<nM»lly Us 111. Avw >••» till
Wtlaii T> Ohl<>« CUT ar> Op.> 1M Ul* Ap»« 14«» ISat I» C# lU B*
90» ▼! •UiUi «• III. 317, 319| OalTtrt t. OaxpwiUr t» al^ 94
HI* Mt nufaliw •% al> t. StMtT at al.. 121 U« 9M» Iftl
yoil— ^••k T. 0»»k^ ItO U* a.) fhatlMy t2i« piaiatiff mU kls
viiMts«s wttr« U >• ^tli«T««, M wh«tb«r tkt tmik mm mi «k« sU*
of i]M 4«f*adMit vaa a qutatlMi far the jury. Thay kaA mi ayyarlMiiiX
%a aat «id haar aai •^••rTa tha appaaraaoa of Uia vitnaaaaa aad tkair
MouMr of tastlfyUc «b4 v«ra U % muak ¥tt%ar faaitlaa U 4aiand.aa
t)M truth rtlatlra f tlia aanaar U akitH tha aaaldMit atMBiiA»
Umb » oa«rt af rarlav. Tha YarAiat af ika Jury MMia tlMi tlM^
^llavad »lalBtlff aad kla wltnataaa aiU dlg^aliarad dafaadaat^a
«lta«a»«s» M»d thla Uigr had a ri^kt ta da. ( >adal«ki j - fffti
lae XU« 840| Kanaady t. Madam WaodiMn. 243 id. 5tO«) Af%«
aarefvlljr axMilalac aad vtlgklag iha aTldraoa aad th» apfaraat aao-
fliata tlMrala, «• hatra raaobad tha oaaolualaa that wa woald aat ¥a
Mirraatad la haldlag the ▼•rdiet aad jadgaaat acalaat tha aaalfaat
valcht af tha aridaaaa*

It la alaa arcad that pla&atiff vaa fulltj af aaatribatary
aacligaaca. Tha qaaatlaa of oaatrlbatary aasllgaaoa la aaaallj a
qaaatlaa far tha jary. It aaly baoaaaa aaa af la* whaa iha aadlapatad
aTldaaaa la aa aaaalaaira that It la elaarlj aaaa that tha aaaldast
raaaltad frta tha aadlgaaaa of tha party iajarad aad mwl4 hart ha«i
araUad hy tha oaa af raaaoaahla praaaatlaa. (MUlar ▼. Ifct^t^ IM
HI* tSO.) WatwXmg la ali^ tha teatiaavy aad appljlag thla rmla to
tha laataat eaaa* aa aro af tha apiniaa tha qaaatlaa vaa aaa af faat
for tha jarya

'Sm r^-sif !-'m I»a1


^■* -'.w^**-

It i« a«xt ••ntMAci ih« •««•• wmt t« th« Jmrjr mi %hm
vUf«l aai waatMi •oBi«o%» ud iluii tlMre la m tTid«i«« it aiUitAU
U« Tk«r« la aa »«rl% la tlilt aaataBilaB far tlu r*aaaa tkai tfea
a«aaa« oa«it af ttoa 4«al*rail«i oliftrcUc wilful and vaataa aoa««at
eo tha part of the dafeadant waat mi aotiaa of 9lalatlff*a att^may
¥«fara tlu oaaaa vaa au^attad ta iba J«xy» diaalaaad* (Bag^

flawit yt, jfr, »a Yi Jfa^iiMflMit 191 uu 104.)

I X% la alaa alalaad that tha aaart •rr^A U laatraailac
^tba jaxy* Tha o«ly lastruatiaa aaa^laiaad af lafamad tha jaxjr tf
tha allacatlaaa af tha thraa aa>vnta af tha daolaratlaa aad aanalaiadi
*If 7«« hallara ftrnt a porayaaderaaaa of the eTldeaaa» aoder tha
laatraatiaaa af tha aaart» that tha ylalatlff haa frtrad tlM
aUegatiaaa aaataUad U oae ar aU af tha aaid aawta af hia aaU
daalaratlaa^ aa ahava aet far th» aad that ha vaa thaa aad thara aai
at all tlaaa prlar tharata la tha axaralaa af ardlaarx aara far hia
taa aafetji thaa yaa ahaald f lad tha defaadast gaUtj*" Zt la anfaad
Ihla laatraatlaa diraatad a rerdiatt aad that it did sat aaataia all
the eleaeata aeaeaaary ta ^vr* tha aaaaa •! aatiao* Tha xula ia
tlMt aa U«tr«atlaB dlreotlag a yerdiat far tha plaiatiff » if tha
Jary hellara ha haa jrarad hia eaaa hy a pretaaderaaaa af tha arl-
deaaa, aa 1*14 U hia dealaratlaa* aaa aaly ha Jaatlflad ahaa tha
daalaratioa aoatalaa a ooaplete stateaaat of the aaaaa af aatiatte
( frlaaer r. A»> It <b Q» S> R« Ca.« 242 HI. 644t If C» H, ^f C^j y|
^lt^> aM id* dOtl Craaar ▼> Bard era Caal Cq«^ 244 Id* dSlf 4U|
iMlUll Ti Tirttofi 2^9 ^* ^^* ^^**) *y ^^ Uatraatlaa tha aaart
^ali th* Jary that tha aagllcaaoa ahargad la tha flrat aaaat af tte
iaalaratiaa aaa that defendaat, hy hia acaata aa oarelaaaly anA
•adUeatly aperated hia autaiaahUa that it raa lata aad acaUat attd
aaUUed with tha aatawblla ahlah tha plalMlf f waa drlriaca aad aa

.X' 1^

5*.* *M fM

ft r«s«lt plalBtlff «»■ l»J«r«4| that la tba tklrd oovttt tli« ■•(Ilc«n«r
•karg«4 WAS that <tftBdant» toy kia aetata falla4 to rtaaoaaklj tare tw
th« rlfHt of tho otator of tli« boatoa traok of the higlnraj •• aa to
yaas wltkaat latorforoaoo whoa aootlag a aetor rthlolo taalac la tk«
oppoolto dirootloBt and oa tko oontravy drara hlo autoaabUat ¥]r kia
actBt» oa tho wraag oido af aald fabllo hifflwaj oaatraxy %a lla ataiatt
m tlut tko aataaobUo af tko dofoadaat aaUUod vltk tko aatoaabUo
wklak ylaiatlff vaa drlTlagt oto«| and that la tho foarth oaaat it
aaa ohargod that dofoadaat » bj hlo aorraatt aaroloaolj aad aogllfaatly
draro hit autoaobilo oa aald pabllo hlgkvay at a xato af ayaod gf^%T
tkaa wa« roaoonablo and propor» harlag rogard to tko trafflo aa4 tka
aao of tka vagr oo ao to oadaagor lift aad liab or lajaro tka praporty
of anatkaor p«rooa» ao that th« autoMobilo of tko dafondaat raa lBto»
against » aad oolllded with the autoaobUo aklok plaiatlff aaa dririaga
alo. Wltkaat gaiag lata « diaouaoloa af tko dlffoxoat oaaoa la aklA
iko t ap giaa Ooart kaa dlsoaaaod iaatraotlaao of tko ohar»otor aav
abjoeiod tof «o aro of tko opinion » taking lata oonoldaratlai tka la»
■traatloa aa glToa to tke jax7o ^^« faata aa dlaaloaod by tka froafa»
Md tko iaatraatlaao giroa aa bokalf af tko dof andant» tko trial
aaart did not arr ia tko glrlag af tkia laatraatlaa* f llt> OliTa Oaai
ttt Tt Tlftl* ^*^"* 1^ U^* 93*» M3| Tltayrt "l ^y ^* ^* ^' flaggall*
iOi U. sit, S3I» aad aaaoa aiiod*

SofoadMt fartkor arltlaiaod tko giriag af tkla laatraatlaa
oa tiM graaad that tho third aad foarth oaaata ehargod a TialAtioa af
tha atatata) that ia order that tha aUtata apply ii auat appaar that
tho parties vara driri^ oa a puU.lo hightray U tka 8tato af Uliaaia*
Saffiaa it to say* tkat la tho trial ooartt it was aat ooataadad by
iafoadaat tkat tka aocideat aaoarrad boyoad tka torritorlal liaiia of
Us atabo af Illiaaia* «id that tko oaaa was triad aa tho tkoory tkat
tka aaoidaat aao«rro4 U UUaoiaa fkrtkomorot tk#» raoard

Byomm tkat th« a«old«Bt •••«rr«A w KilvMifet* road ¥•%»••■ IkMlSac

2% 1» alM eont«iid«d that ih« o«urt •Tr%A la Um •telMlfa
:-r«7 phot*graplia» m«b««1 argulsf tlMt th« wltiMst «Im %«»tlfi«4
M 60 th«M plotmr«t «»« not auff lol«DtIj quallfltdf «b4 that th«r
w«r« Bot proparly identlflftd* Dr* !«■•■ 1* Twltr t««tifia« that
ht had tak«a th0«auids af X^rasra} that ht was prtaeat vhw tha
^iat«r«a la ««a«tlMi ««r« takaa «Bi«r hla dlreotioa ^f a aaohla* ia

•ycratiag MadltlMi» and afttr dvaerlbinc th« yasitlaa la vlilall
flaiatltf waa pla««d vhaa tha ploturas vara takoa* ha atat«i that
•aik af th« plotaraa oanraotljr partrayad th« lateraal haagr strmotara
•f tha plalatlff • Th«ra aaa aa arrar la adalttlag tha flaiaraa*
(Steraaa t> U C« »r> Co>^ 90« 111. 370| Wlaka t,
31f Id* 344 •)

Othar arrara ara aaalcaad* hut alaoa tha polnta hara aat
ha en argoad thay will ha daaaad ta hara ha an walvad and will not
ha aaaaidarad. ( faaala t. Oahha. 343 HI* 7«» tSi Harraatt r <•»
y« iBdaatrUl laard, 2»2 U. 4«f • A9U)

TindiBg ao rararalhla anrar tha Jud^aat la affixaad*


Saaalaa aad Orldla/» JJ*» aaaaiir*

is.^.'ir*- i?ta>^



WH« P* dm££lHII.L and
buslneE® ait '^m* P« mmnWiJLh


AKtjajB B» mfKBsoM and

. ppdlXants*

267I.A. 618

AetiKm vm» brought l»y idaiistiffB afalact defendants to
recover a balance <Stte for g©©d.« aiasittf '.-ctujped pm4 eolt! &o di*f«fidaiits»
tried %ttfo-Tt ft Ju'jry «m4 a verdict aad Judgaent in favor of plaiis-
tiffs for §500, from ssMeh t&© defeadaats appeal ed#

Tke nmendisd «<t»temtRt> of claia $uS»-0ta.nt;l,v:ily eet» fox'th
that tlie defertil^nta tieare l»tlelit9<S to |>lai»tiffR for 100 eoffoe
grinSero s^mnfaetured mM 8o24 to defonSaxito ]^ts;s^^M»t to a verbal
agroimeat of February It 1928t "^^ oottfimed Febru^/ry a» 1928f and
as p«r asreettOBts on suboequeat <)ate»« and B&t» forth tlie d&tisa df
the fiimlshing of a^c:itionaI iteits with the amou»t)<s alfiiiDedi* Th«
charges totaX $1990 .AS against ^hich def«n(^»ata were given a errdit
of ^1287«30» leaving a haif»,ne« due of $64?^«49« It «ao alao allogod
thtit completion of the 100 grinders was not nr^e imtil ^ex^toiber It
19:^^* hecauee of changes »j|ti delays rai the fmxt •f the defendnjito*

Kaeh of the deff^T^danttj fllecS ^oi aaended aff ids!.vlt of
nerits* n.aherty*s affidavit of nerlte dtniec the indebted nee*
and that the debt resulted fro« a verbal agreement and averred that
he kne^i only of the agreenont of 7ehruA.ry a> 192d» and that he had
complied eith all of it* previa ions | that plaintiffs refused to

i ■ ■


«i Tt»'/«t'>jrti[«v: XJt^mr •btum iom f^ (^ 001 net;; \» fn»l#»l9B»t> ^r^rd

♦.Art* «tj5-nt»T« &fui *i»wi«*»<i!qjM^ X«A?t»t « flout b*4iiia«% j'«»» (mU

perform th«ir eontriict and vvre ««£kiii« to charge t^«-fend»nt8 ^Itll
ahat vr.0 not o»lled for by tho contract* anS demod the c<nipl«tim
of the grinders vats not andc beeauae of ohnnges ami delays on tho
port of defendanto. i>»teraon*a affidavit of merits denied ho ontorod
Into tho Toirhol agroeffleitt as alloffoi in tho t«end«o. otatonoat of

Tho defeadiqit :?Xaherty oloo fllod a otateatoat of olaUi
OB soi-eff In which he allegoA that ho» doing htislno^u ms )4il«I?yto
Company* not incorporated, o» or about P«hmaxy 3, 19S8t contractoA
witli plaint iff for tho inanuf utttre of 100 grinders to he finished
complete and in accord aaoo ^ith the aodelo aulmittcd to then at
the tiao of tho making of oaldi oontract for 11003 •3(l« and to l»o
delivered >^^lthin three or four wetkei th&t aa & part of oaid ecm*
traot plalntiffo agreed to obtain special toolo for the nakia;; of
said grinders for whioh he agrood to piy plaint if fe $173 •291 that
Mll«Byto Corporation upon its inoorporation a^opt^ and ratified
eaid eontrnoti that Fchruajry cJ, 1928* he paid plaintiff© the full
ooatraot prioe of a^^id grinders tmd tools* hut plaintiffs fuilod to
deliver mre than 40 of oaid grinilera» of which only 17 wore
f iBished ooiq;»leto and in accordaneo «ith the Models outanittod to
plaintiffs I that ho notified plaintiffs the grinders did not conply
vvith the terms of the contrriot and that ho ivould not rv«c«pt them and
olaiaod &13e6«01 was due him from plaintiffs*

Plaini.iffs* affidavit of iBtrits to tho aet-off alleged
the Baking of tho oontraot with the defendants «nd its ferformaoot
and denieo tho remaining allegations*

Tho plaintlffa* evicenoo diaolosoa that in Janaazx*
1928, tho defi^ndants oalled ut plaiatiffo* plant ath parte of a
coffee grinder sad inquired if plaintiffs* could a*nufuctmre aa
eloctrio coffee grinder ond nere toiu th. t if defoadaato had a

Xi*?t 9tU «t»ii»»^«l<:: ««[email protected] «# ^^»ira:Kfe>'«: is^^ ^i^»^$m» Utm

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