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Champaign Public Library


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Champaign, Illinois






JUL \m

President Illinois State Historical Society, 1905-1906.






Illinois Stole Histoficol Socielo

For the Year 1905.


Springfield, III, Jan. 25-26, 1905

Published by Authority
of the Board of Trustees of the


CEriTE^:ri3Ai room

Illinois State Journal Co., State Printers

Champaign Public Library
Champaign, Illinois





p G



Introductory Note tV

Part I. — Record of the Official Proceedings.

§ 1— Minutes of the S ciety 1

§ 2— Minutes of the Board of Directors 12

§ 3— R eport of the Secretary 3

§ 4— Financial statement 4

Part II. — Papers Read at the Annual Meeting, 1905.

§1— J.P.Dunn. 'Father Gibault: The Patriot Priest of the Northwest" 15

S 2— James Haines. "Social Life and Scenes in the Early Settlement of Central

Illinois" 35

/i 3— J. N. Perrin. "St. Clair County" 58

§ 4— Mrs. Mary S. A. Cushman. "Gen. James Semple" 62

§ 5— Henry McCormick. "The Value to Both of a Closer Connection Between the

State Historical Society and the Public Schools" 75

§ 6~C. \V. Leffinerwell. "Bishop Chase and Jubilee College" S2

S 7— J. O. Cunningham. 'The Bloomington Convention of 1856 and Those Who Par-
ticipated in It" 101

/^-§ 8— Homer Mead. "Ancient F'ort Chartres." Synopsis Ill

§ 9-R. W. Mills. "Dr. George Cadwell" 112

S lO-J.C. Allen. "Palestine: Its Early History" 122

, § 11— Stuart Brown. "Old Kaskaskia Days and Ways" 128

Part III.— Contributions to State History.

§ 1— Morris Birkbeck. "An Appeal to the People of Illinois on the Question of a Con-
vention" (reprint) 117

§ 2— Charles Wesley Smith. "A Contribution Toward a Bibliography of Morris Birk-
beck and the English Settlement in Edwards County." 165
§ 3— Edward Everett. "A Narrative of Military Experience in Several Capacities" — 179

§ 4— Albert E. El)ert. "Early History of the Drug Trade of Chicago" 237

§ 5— Carrie Prudence Kofoid. "Puritan IntUiencesin Illinois Before 1860" 261

§ 6— McKendree H. Chamberlin. "Captain Thomas J. Robinson" 339

§ 7— John F. Snyder. "Forgotten Statesmen of Illinois. Conrad Will" 349

Part IV. — Ix Memoriam.

Members of the Illinois State Historical Society, deceased January, 1904-January, 1905.. 380-396



The present volume, edited by the publication committee of the Ill-
inois State Historical Society, is made up on a plan substantially
similar to that of the preceding volumes. It includes the larger part
of the papers read at the annual meeting in 1905; but with the in-
creasing bulk of the annual volumes, it has seemed to the committee
no longer desirable to print all the papers at length. The commit-
tee desires to lay stress on the Contribntioiis to Stdte History, as il-
lustrating that part of the society's i)ublication work which needs
further development along judicious lines. The jjolicy of the present
committee may be indicated by the following extract from a circular
letter recently issued by the chairman.

Committee on Publication.

"It is proposed to include in this and subsequent volumes the following-
kinds of historical material:

(I) "Hitherto unpublished letters and other private documentary material.
It is thoiio-ht that public documents may be best provided for in the official
publications of the State Historical Library.

(3) "Papers of a reminiscent character. These should be selected with
care, with a view to securing- material of real historic value.

(3) "Historical essays or brief monog-raphs based upon the sources and con-
taining- g-enuine contributions to knowledg-e. Such papers should be accom-
panied by foot notes indicating with precision the authorities upon which
the papers are leased.

(4) "Bibliog-raphies of special subjects in the history of the State.

"It is hoped that with the coiiperation of historical students throughout the
State, these annual trdnxactionK may be given a substantial character which
will secure for them the respect and confidence of scholars and of all who are
interested in an accurate record of the history of Illinois."


GrENERAL ALFRED Orendorfp. Springfield.

First l^ice President,
Paul Selby, A. M., Chicago.

SecuiK I I ^ice Presiden /,
Captain J. H. Burnham, Bloomington.

'r/iird I'ice President,
General Smith D. Atkins, Freeport.

Board of Directors— Edmund Janes James, Ph.D..LLD.. President
of the University of Illinois, l^rbana; Hon. Cleorge N. Black, Spring-
field; J. H. Burnham, Bloomington; M. H. Chamberlin, LL.D..
President of McKendree College, Lebanon; Hon. David McCuUoch,
Peoria; Evarts B. Oreene, Ph.D., University of Illinois. Urbana;
Mrs. Jessie Palmer Weber, Springfield; Edwin Erie Sparks, Ph.D.,
I'^niversity of Chicago. Chicago; Hon. William H. Collins, Quincy;
Hon. J. O. Cunningham, Urbana; Hon. Andrew Russeil, Jackson-
ville; Professor George W. Smith, Southern Illinois Normal l"ni-
versity, Carbondale; Rev. C. J. Eschmann, Prairie du Roclier; J. W.
Clinton, Polo; Hon. L. Y. Sherman, Macomb.

Secretary and Treasurer to the Board of Directors — Mrs. Jessie
Palmer Weber.

Honorary Vice Presidents — The Presidents of Local Historical

Committees of the Illinois State Historical Society. 11)05 IIKIC).

Piiblieation Connnittee — E. B. Grreene, chairman; (ieorge N.
Black, M. H. Chamberlin. Jessie Palmer Weber, Alfred OrendortV,

Program Committee — Jessie Palmer Weber, chairman; J. H.
Burnhanu E. E. Sparks, Charles P. Kane, Catherine Goss Wheeler,
Paul Selby, Smith D. Atkins, Alfred Orendorft", ex-oj]ieio.

Finance and Auditing Conmiittee— George N. Black, chairman,
E. J. James, Jessie Palmer Weber, Alfred Orendortf, ex -officio.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee — David McCulloch, chair-
man, J. H. Burnham, J. O. Cunningham, Alfred Orendorfl', e.r-ojjieio.


Committee on Legislation — E. J. James, George N. Black, M. H.
Chamberlin, Henry McCormick, E. A. Snively, Andrew Russell,
J. McCan Davis, David McCulloch, Alfred OrendorflP, ex-officio.

Committee on Local Historical Societies — J. H. Bnrnham, chair-
man, David McCulloch, J. O. Cunningham, George W. Smith, Frank
J. Heinl, W. W. Davis, Alfred Orendortf, e.r-officio.

Special Committee on Membership — Charles L. Capen, chairman,
J. W. Clinton, J. Nick Perrin, Daniel Berry, M. D., Dr. William
Jayne, John M. Rapp, Arthur L. Harvick, Mrs. Thomas Worthing-
ton, E. M. Bowman, Miss May Latham, Dr. A. W. French. Alfred
Orendortf', ex-officio.

Committee on the Commemoration of the Semi-Centennial of the
Lincoln- Douglas Debates of 1858 — E. E. Sparks, Chicago, chairman;
E. C. Swift, Ottawa. 111.; Smith D. Atkins, Freeport. 111.; Clark E.
Carr, Galesburg, 111.; H. W. Clendenin, Springfield, 111.; M. C.
Crawford, Jonesboro, 111.; W. H. Collins, Qtiincy, 111.; Sumner S.
Anderson, Charleston, 111.; W. T. Norton, Alton, 111.; Alfred Oren-
dortf, ex-officio.

Committee on the Marking of Historic Sites in Illinois — Edwin
Erie Sj)arks, chairman. Mrs. Thomas Worthington, Harry Ainsworth,
Col. D. C. Smith, J. H. Collins, Reed Green, Mrs. Alice S. Brown,
Alfred Orendortf, ex-officio.




*Boal, Dr. Robert Lacon, 111.

Bradwell, Hon. James B Chicago, 111.

Deneen, Mrs. Marv F

6401 Stewart av. , Chicaero, 111.

Edwards, Mrs. Benjamin S. .Sprinprtield, 111.

Johnson. Hon.CharlesP St. l.ouis. Mo.

*McClern.ind, Gen. John A.Sprinstield, 111
McClernand, Mrs. John A ..Sprinsfield, 111.

Morrison. Mrs. I. L Jacksonville, 111.

*Palmer, (ien. J<ihn M Springfield, 111.

Palmer, Mrs. John M SprinKlield, 111

*Kup:gles, Gen. James M Ha\ana, 111.

*Stuart, Mrs. John T Springfield. 111.

Thwaites, Ruben Gold, LL. D

Madison, Wis.

Yates, Mrs. Catherine, (Mrs. Richard

Yates, Sr.) Jacksonville, III.

Yates, Hon. Richard Springfield, 111.


Barrv, P. T., 77-79 Jefferson St., Chicago, Til.

Borders. M. \V

40,50 (Jiand boul., Chicago. 111.

Gunther. C. F 212 State st., Chicago, 111.


Adams, Mrs . Albyn

Jacksonville, (Morgan Co.'f 111.

Ainsworth, Harry

Moline, (Rock Island Co. i 111.

Alvord. C. W., Frbana, (Champaign Co.Hll.
Ames, Mrs. Lucy V.Semple

3824 Lindell boiil.. St. Louis. Mo.

Ames. Mrs. John C U. S. Marshall's

office. Government build., Chicago. 111.

♦Anderson, Horace G Peoria, 111.

Anderson, Summer S

Charleston, (Coles Co.) 111.

Austin, K. T., Sterling, (Whiteside Co. 1 111.

Bacchus,. Annie (.Mrs. Leroy)

Springfield, 111.

Bacon. Paul B

399 Lafayette St., Aurora, (Kane Co. I 111.
Baker, George R

Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111.

Baldwin, Jesse A

99 Washington st , Chicago, 111.

Bangs, J. E Springfielfl, 111.

Bangs, Margaret M., (Mrs. J. E Bangs)

Springfield, 111.

Barker. II. E Springfield, 111.

Bartlett, C. C 1109 Title and Trust

build., 100 Washington st., Chicago, 111.

Baxter, William G

Winnetka, (Cook Co. i III.

Beach. Mvron H 401-40*)

'1 he Kookery.217 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111.

Beadles. Rev. \\'m. T

Paxton. (Ford Co.) III.

*Beckwith. Judge Hiram W., Danville. HI.

Beebe, Avery N

Yorkville, (Kendall Co.) 111.

Bell. Robert, Mt. Carniel, (Wabash Co. i 111
Berry. Charles P.... Caimi, (White Co.) Ill

Berry. Dr. Daniel Carmi, 111

Best, Dr. John E

Arlington Heights, (Cook Co.) Ill

Biroth, Henry 485

(25th house) Blue Island av., Chicago, III

Black, (Jeorge N Springfield, ill

Black, Mrs. George N Springfield. 1 11

*Blanchard, Rufus

Wheaton, 111., (Du Page Co.)

Blocki, John 189 Mich, ave., Chicago, 111.

Bodemann, W

Lake ave. and fiftieth st .Chicago, 111.

BoNsinan. E. M Alton, 111. (Madison Co.)

Braun, Thomas

3137 South Park ave. Chicago. Ill .

Brevoort, J. H Rutland. 111.. ( La Salle Co.)

Briugman. I. M Polo. III. (Ogle Co )

Broadhead, G. C Columbia, Mo.

Brown, Mrs. Alice S 25 Clark ave .

Freeport, 111. (Stephenson Co.)

*Brown. Hon. C. C Springfield, III.

Brown, Mrs. C. C Springfield. III.

Brown , Edward O

400 N. State st., Chicago, 111.

Brydges, W. R

277 Division St.. Elgin. 111. ( Kane Co. )

Buchanan, L. L. . ..Winnetka, 111. (Cook Co.)
Burnham, J. H

Bloom ington. 111. ( McLean Co)

Burchard, Horatio C

Freeport, III. (Stephenson Co. i

Bu-ke, Rev. J. J Bloom ington. Ill

Burnap.Prof. W. L..Lake Forest I'niversity.

Lake Forest III. (Lake Co.)

Bush. J. M PiUsfield, 111. (Pike Co.)

Butcher, U. (i Astoria, 111. (FtdtonCo.)

Byron, Eddie Sullivan. 111. ( Moultrie Co.)

Callender, Eliot

Y. M. C. A. Building, Peoria, 111.

Cantwell, Robert E

. .2.32 S. Waller ave., Austin sta., Chicago. Ill

Capen, Charles L Bloom ington. Ill

Carlin, W. E . . . . Jerseyville, 111. (Jersey Co.)
Carpenter, (Jeorge A

28 Portland Block. Chicago, 111.

Carpenter, Richard V.. sec'y Boone Co.

II istorical Society

Belvidere, III (Boone Co.)

Carr, Col. Clark E.Galesburg, 111. (Knox Co.)

* Deceased.


Members of the Illinois State Historical Society — Continued.

Carriel, Mrs. Mary Turner

Jacksonville, III. (MorRan, Co.)

Caswell, Charles L

630 Chicago Orera House Bk., Chicago, 111.
Chamberlin, M. H LL. D. President

McKendree College

Lebanon 111. (St. Clair Co.)

Chenoweth, William J., M. D

Decatur, 111., (Macon Co.)

Clark, Prof. Olynthus

Eureka, 111. (Woodford Co.)

Clary. Prof. J. M . . . . Pres. Greer College,

Hoopeston, 111. (Vermilion Co.)

Clav, Merton J.. 56 E. Kinzie St., Chicago, 111.

Clehdenin, H. W Springfield, 111.

Clifford, James E

Phillipstown,Ill. (White Co.)

Clinton. J. W Polo. 111. (Ogle Co.)

Coble, Robert K

1414 Dempster St., Evanston, 111, (Cook Co.)

Collins, Prof. J. H Springfield, 111.

Collins, W. H Quincv. 111. .(Adams Co. i

Colyer. Walter. . . . Albion, 111., i Edwards Co.)
Congdon, George E

Waterman, 111. i De Kalb Co )

Conkling, Clinton. L Springfield. 111.

Converse, Ira C. Sandwich, 111, t DeKalbCo.)

Cook, J.S Leroy, 111 (McLean Co.)

Cooper. John L.. FairHeld, III. , i Wayne Co.)
Covey, Frank D.Belvidere, 111. (Boone Co.)
Crabbe, Harriet Palmer (Mrs. Edwin (i.

Crabbe) Springfield, 111.

Crandon, Frank P

1414 Forest Ave., Evanston, 111.

Crebs, John M Carmi, 111.

Crews, Rev. E. K

Fisher, Champaign Co., III.

Cunningham, G. W

: Pekin, 111 . (Tazewell Co.)

Cunningham, J. (J

Urbana.Ill. (Champaign Co.)

Currey. J. Seymour

Sec. Evanston Hist. Society, Evanston, 111,

Cushing,Prof. J. P New Haven. Conn.

Cushman, Mrs. Mary S. Ames (.Mrs. Way-
man C. Cushman i

3824 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo,

Davidson, Mrs. George M

.30.5 N. East Ave., Oak Park. 111. (Cook Co.)

Davis, George P Bloomington, 111.

Davis, J. McCan Springfield, 111.

Davis. Mrs. J. McCan .Springfield. 111.

Davis, W. W... .Sterling. 111. (Whiteside Co.)
Dearborn, Luther M

Title and Trust Building, Chicago, III.

Degge, A. R

Petersburg. 111. i Menard Co.)

Dent, Thomas, Portland Block

107 Dearborn St., Chicago. 111.

Dew, Jere C

818-821 N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.
*Dieffenbacher, Philip L

Havana, 111. (Mason Co.)

Dilg, Charles A

606 Diversy Boul.,Lake View, Chicago, 111.
Dilg. Philip H

1727 Oakdale Ave., Lake View, Chicago. Ill

Dougherty, N. C Peoria. 111.

DuBois, Agnes E Springfield, III.

Dunn, Mrs. Julia Mills •

Moline, III. (Rock Island Co.)

Dupuy, George A

2625 N. Paulina St.. Chicago, 111.

Dvche, Grace Locke Scripps (Mrs. F. B.

Dyche) . . .1896 Sheridan Road, Evanston, 111.

Eberhard. Max

436 Ashland Boul., Chicago, 111 .

Ebert, Albert E ..

276 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111.

Edens, William Grant

6156 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111.

Edwards, Albert S

4.30 South 8th St., Springfield, 111.

Edwards, Dr. Richard Bloomington, 1 11.

lingelmann, Mrs. Mary K

468 (jiddings Ave., Cleveland, O.

Ensign, Dr. W. O . Rutland, 111. (LaSalle Co.)
Eschmann.Rev. C, J

Prairie du Rocher.IU. ( Monroe Co.)

Evanston, 111., Public Library, Evanston, 111,

Fairbank. Rev. John B Jacksonville, 1 11 ,

Fancher, Miss Grace Springfield. III.

*Faxon,E. W Piano, 111. (Kendall Co.)

F'elmly, Prof. David Normal, 111.

Fisher, Albert Judson (Historian Illinois
Society Sons of the American Revolu-
tion) 604 Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111.

Fitzwdliam, Mrs. Sarah E. Raymond . ...
4824 Vincennes Ave., Chicago, 111.

Folsom, Wm. R

100 Washington St., Chicago, 111 .

Forbes, Prof. S. A

(University of Illinois) Urbana.Ill.

Forsyth, William K

3100 State St., Chicago, 111 .

French. Dr. A. W Springfield, 111.

Funk.D. M Bloomington, 111.

Funk, Lafayette Bloomington, 111.

Ciarrett, T. M.....301 Ontario St., Chicago, III.

(jiddings, George 314 Ann St. .Elgin, 111.

Gillespie, Joseph 418 North

McLean St., Lincoln, 111. (Logan Co.)
(jillespie, Matilda (Mrs. David Gillespie)

418 N. McLean St., Lincoln, 111. ( Logan Co. i

Grassly.C. N 287 W. 12th St., Chicago. 111.

Gray, Lucien Lewistown, 111. (Fulton Co.)

Grav, Robert A

Blue Mound, 111. (Macon Co )

Greene. Professor Evarts B

(University of Illinois) Urbana, 111.

Greenfield, George W

Sandwich. 111. ( DeKalb Co. i

Gridley.J. N Virginia, 111. (CassCo.i

Gridley. Mrs. W. H Springfield. 111.

Griggs. Hon. Clarence

.Ottawa, 111. (LaSalleCo.)

Gross, Prof. Lewis M

Sycamore, 111. (DeKalb Co. i

Gross, W. L Springfield, 111.

Hagler, Dr. Elmer E Springfield, III.

Haines, James Pekin. 111. (Tazewell Co)

Hall, Charles G

.525 N. Grove Ave.. Oak Park, 111.

Hall, Henrv H Jacksonville, 111.

Hall, Rots'C

309S. Scoville Ave.,Oak Park, III.

Harvey, B. A

Mount Carmel,Ill. (Wabash Co.)

Harvick, Arthur L

V'ienna, 111. (Johnson Co.)

Hatton, Fredeiick Hammond

140 1.5th St., Milwaukee. Wis.

Hay. Logan Springfield. III.

Healy, Daniel M 630

Chicago Opera House Bldg., Chicago, 111.

Heinl, Frank J Jacksonville, 111.

Henderson, Judge John G

615 Orchard street. Chicago, 111.

* Deceased.


Members of the Illinois State Historical Society — Continued.

Henninger, Professor J. \V

Macomb, 111. (McDonoiifrh Co.l

Kinrichsen, MissSavillah Lincoln, 111.

Hollenback. George M

41 North View St . Aurora, 111.

Holmes, Mantield J Normal, 111.

*Hood, Dr. H. H

Litchtielcl, 111. (Montgomeiy Co.)

Hood, Mrs. H. H .321 Union

Ave.. Litchliehl, 111. (Montgomery Co.l

Hostetter, A. L5 Springtie'UI, 111.

Hostetter.C. L ..Mt. Carroll, 111. i Carroll Co.)
Houston, J. \V P'armer's

State Hank, Herwick, 111. (Warren Co.)
Hubble, Kmily R. (Mrs. Lee .1. Hubl)le-i

Springtield, 111.

Hunt, A.... 2820 Newman Ave., CWcago, 111.
Huskinson, George .Alton, 111, (Madison Co.)
Hut chins, (Jeorge \V

Lacon, 111. i Marshall Co.)

James, Edmund J., Ph. D., LL. D. i Pres.

of the L'niversity of Illinois). ..L'rbana, 111.
James, Prof. J. A

..(Northwestern I'niversity) Kvanston, 111.
Jamieson, Thomas N

4.iOS Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, 111.

Jayne. Dr. William Springfield, 111.

Jessup, Theodore

2.i9 South Clinton St., Chicago, 111.

Jones, IVIiss Emma F Springfield, 111.

Jones. M iss Lottie E 112 West

North St., Danville, 111. (Vermilion Co.)

Kane, Charles P. Springfield, 111.

Keen, John K .. ..Fairfield, 111., (Wayne Co.)

*Kepley, Henry B

Etiingham, 111. (Effingham Co.)

Kerrick, L. H Bloom ington, 111.

Kimball, Rev. Clarence () LaJunta, Colo.

Kincaicl, Lee Athens, 111 ( Menard Co.i

Kirbv, E. P. . Jacksonville, 111. (Morgan Co.)
Kiseibach,Otto.. .Mendota.IU. (LaSalle Co.)

Lambert, Belle Short i Mrs. E. C. Lambert)

Jacksonville, 111.

Lam pert, Mrs. Clara Lam pert

Belviderc, 111. (Boone Co.)

Latham, Miss May .. Lincoln. 111. (Logan Co.)

Lear, Mrs. Mary S., Brighton

Ontario, Canada.

Lear, Walter Edwin, Ph. 1 )., LL. D. (Chan-
cellor Anglo American University)

.....Brighton, Ontario, Canada.

Letfingwell, Rev. Charles W

Kno.wille, 111. i Knox Co.)

Lewis, Ira W Dixon, 111. i Lee Co.)

Little, Mrs. Helen M.J. . Blooinington, 111.
Lodge, Wm. F.. . . Monticello, 111. i Piatt Co.)

Long, G. Frank Alton, 111. ( Madison Co. ^

Longworth, Abel.. .Clay City, 111. (Clav Co.)
Lord, I). M..54iiO Cornell Ave.. Chicago, 111.
Lord, Mrs. F. W.. ..Piano, 111. (Kendall Co.)
McAdams. William, Sr., Kansas, (Edgar
Co.) Rural Route No. 13, (Edgar Co.)

McCagg, E. B 67 Cass St. .Chicago, 111.

McClelland, Tin. mas

1(31 Randolph St.. Chicago, 111.

McCoilnel, (j. M. (Chicago Chronicle)

Chicago, III.

McCormick. Prof. Henry, Illinois State

Normal I'niversity, Normal, Illinois.

McCulloch. David Peoria, 111.

McLean County Historical .Society

Bk)omington. 111.

McManis.C. J.. .Princeton. 111. (Bureau Co.)

McNeely. T. W Petersburg, 111.

McPike, H. G Alton, 111.

Manny, Walter I

Mt. Sterling. 111. ( Brown Co.)

Marmon, Mrs. W.W Bloom ington. 111.

Marney, John D Sijringfiekl, 111

Mead, Dr. Homer. Camden, lll.( Schuyler Co. )

Mead, Dr. Mary Ward Camden, 111.

Meese, William A Mollne, 111.

Merritt, E. L Springfield, HI.

Miller, Bertha R. (Mrs. Hi. Miller)

811 Park Ave., Springfield. 111.

Miller, John E

East St, Louis, 111. (St, Clair Co.)

Milliiian. Dr. Josephine . . . Jacksonville, 111.
Mills, Richard W . . . \'irglnia. 111. ( Cass Co.)
Miner. Dr. James .. Wincliester. 111. Scott Co.)
Moore, Clara (Mrs. Ensley Moore)

Jacksonville. 111.

Moore, Ensley Jacksonville, 111.

Moore, Col. Risdon M ..tanAntonio. Texas.
Morris, Henry C. 4442 (irandBlv., Chicago, 111.
Moses, Adolph. . The Temple, Chicago, 111.
Moss, John R.Mt.\'ernon, 111. (Jefferson Co. ^
Munsell.W. W

1106 Monadnock Building, Chicago, 111.

Nelson, William E

804 W. Williams st., Decatur, 111. (Macon Co. )
Norton. W. T Alton, III.

Orendorff, .Alfred Springfield, 111.

CJrendortf, John B Bloomington, HI.

Orendorfl^, Mrs. Julia W., (Mrs. Alfred

Orendorff) .Springfield, 111.

Osborne, Miss Georgia L.. Jacksonville, HI.

Page, Prof. E. C, Northern Illinois Nor-
mal Scho<.l DeKalb, III .

Palmer, Ellen R., (Mrs. John Mayo Pal-
mer) Chicago, III.

*Palmer, John Mayo Chicago, 111.

Parker, C. M ..Taylorville, III. (Christian Co.)

Parkinson, D. B

Carliondale, 111., (Jackson Co.)

Pearson, J. M ....(Godfrey, 111., ( Madison Co.)

Peoria County Hist. Society. ... Peoria, 111.

Perrin, J. N .".... Belleville,"lll., ( St. Clair Co.)

Phillips, Edwartl ()., The Republic

St. Louis, Mo.

Phillips, Winfield S

Ridgeway, Ill.,((iallatin Co.i

'Pierce, Frederick C Chicago, 111.

Pitner, Dr. T. J Jacksonville. 111.

Prmce, Ezr;i M., .Secretary McLean Co.
Historical Sociejy Bloomington, III.

Putnam, Prof. J. \V Madison, Wis.

(iuincy Historical Society Quincy, III.

Rahmeyer, Lc)uise Hood (Mrs. B. F. Rah-

Dieyer) No. l.'iO

Protenciana Intramuros, Manila, P. I.

Rammelkami), Prof. C, H., Illinois Col-
lege Jacksonville. 111.

Rapp. J. M Fairfield. 111.. (Wayne Co.)

Raymond. James H

Suite l.')i;i-l.i Monadnock blk., Chicago, 111.

Reeves. Mrs. Kate K Springfield, HI.

Reeves, Judge W. W

Tuscola, 111, ( Douglas Co.)

Reul. J. G Mendota, HI., ( La.Salle Co.)

Roosa, Mrs. S. V Springfield, 111.

Rose, James A

Golconda, 111.. (Pope Co.)

Rose, Mrs. James A

(iolconda, 111., ( POpe Co )

Russell. Andrew Jacksonville. III.

Sanders, Col. Geo. A Springfield. 111.


Members of the Illinois Stale Hislorical Sociecy — Concluded.

Sattley, Miss Olive

411 E. Capitol av., Springfield, 111.

Sayler. H. L.13S Jackson boiil.. Chicago, 111.
Scherer, Andrew., 3S3 N'. Stalest. .Chicago, 111.

Schmict, Dr. (Jlto L

.332S Michigan av., Chicago, 111.

Schneck, Dr. Jacob

Mt. Carmel. aVabashCo.) 111.

Schoolcraft, Prof. H. L

Urbana, 111., (Champaign)

Schroter, Fred J

524t Greenwood Ave.. Chicago, 111.

Scott, EdgarS Springfield, 111.

Scott, Juliaiireen (Mrs. M. T. Scott)

Bloomington, t McLean Co.) 111.

Selby. Paul.. ..'jies Monroe Ave., Chicago. 111.

Sheet.s,J. M Oblong, Crawford Co., 111.

Sheppard.Prof. R. D., Northwestern Uni-
versity Evanston,ll!.

Siblev, H. F Fairfield, 111.

Sibley, Dr. VV. C Fairfield, 111.

Sillima'.i.E. C Chenoa, McLean Co ,111.

Smith, Col. D. C Normal. 111.

Smith, George W., Southern Illinois State

Normal University Carbondale.lU.

Smith, Col. Randolph Flora. Clay Co., HI.

Snively.E. A Springfield. III.

Snively, Mrs. E. A Springfield, 111.

Snyder, Dr. J. F Virginia, Cass Co., 111.

Souther, Georofe H Springfield, 111.

Sparks, Prof . E. E., Ph. D., University of

Chicago Chicago, 111.

Sparks, H. B Alton, 111.

Spear. S. L Springfield, 111.

Stearns, Arthur K., 112-114 (jenesee St,

Waukegan.Lake Co., 111.

Stennett. Dr. W. H

303 Linden Ave., Oak Park, 111.

Stericker, Louise B. ( Mrs. George F. Ster-

icker) Springfield, 111.

Stevens. F. E.. 1205 Chamber of Commerce

Building Chicago, 111.

Steward, Miss Bertha, Steward, Lee Co., 111.
Steward, John F

1889 Sheridan Road, Chicago, 111.

Steward, Julian R Piano, Kendall Co., 111.

Stringer, Lawrence B Lincoln, 111.

Stubblefield. George VV Bloomington. 111.

*Stuve, Dr. Bernard Springfield, 111.

Swift, E.C CJttawa,La Salle Co. .111.

Tauchan.Mrs. Marie., 1012 West Argyle,
Irving Park Chicago, Cook Co., ID.

Taylor, Charles R Springfield, 111.

Taylor, Mrs. Harriet Rumsey, Springfield, 111.

Thayer. Miss Maude Springfield, 111.

Thompson, Henry Avery

(Jalena, Jo Daviess Co., 111.

Throgmorton.Rev. VV. P

Marion, Williamson Co., 111.

Tonrlin.Mrs. Eliza I. H Jacksonville, 111.

Vandervort.Dr. F. C Bloomi'^gton, 111.

Vocke, William, President German Amer-
ican Historical Society, 103-109 Ran-
dolph Street Chicago, 111.

Waite.Dr. H. N Johnson, Vt.

Walker, Rev. Edwin S Springfield, 111.

* Wallace. Joseph Springfield, HI.

Way, Virgil (j Proctor, Ford Co., 111.

Weber. Mrs. Jessie Palmer "Springfield, 111.

Wells, Frederick Latimer

Wheaton, Du Page Co., 111.

Wertz. Miss Ada P

Carbondale, Jackson Co., 111.

West, Simeon H Lerov, McLean Co. ,111.

Wheeler, C. Gilbert. .14 State St., Chicago, 111.
Wheeler, Mrs. Katherine Goss

Springfield, 111.

Wheeler, S.P Sprmgrield, 111.

Wightman.G. F Lacon, Marshall Co., 111.

Wiles, Mrs. Alice Bradford (INIrs. Robert

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