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pres. People's Savings Bank. Address: Man-
chester, N. H.

CHENEY, William Fitch, physician; b.
Canandaigua, N. Y., Sept. 6, 1866; s. Dr.
William Fitch C. ; prep, ed'n public schools,
Chico, Calif.; grad. Univ. of Calif., 1885;
Cooper Med. Coll., San Francisco, 1889;
post-graduate study Johns Hopkins Med.
School; m. Dixon, Calif., July 7, 1892, Mary
St. Clair Garnett. Prof, principles and prac-
tice of medicine Cooper Med. Coll. since
1898; mem. San Francisco Co. Med. Soc.
Med. Soc. State of Calif. Address: 906 Polk
St., San Francisco.

CHENOWETH, Caroline Van Dnsen,
asso. editor Medico-Legal Jour., New York;
b. nr. Louisville, Ky., Dec. 29, 1846; d.
Charles and Mary Huntington Van Dusen;
collegiate ed'n, A. M. ; m. Col. Bernard
Peel Chenoweth of Va. He died while U. S.
consul at Canton, China, and she settled
affairs of the consulate, receiving recogni-
tion from U. S. and Chinese govts, as vice-
consul. Prof. English literature Smith Coll.,
1883-4; lecturer on English literature and
history; has founded 2 chapters in Soc.
of Daughters of the Revolution and Daugh-
ters of the Am. Revolution, and has been
regent for 7 yrs. Author: Stories of the
Saints, 1880 H5; Child Life in China, 1882;
School History of Worcester, 1899 Lll;
Colonel John Hazeltine, an Undistinguished
Citizen, 1900 Lll. Contributor to various
mags., reviews, etc. Residence: Worcester,

CHENOWETH, Catherine Richard-
son, philanthropical worker; b. New York;
d. late Hon. Fernando Wood (mayor, con-
gressman, etc.); ed. private French School;
m. New York, April 19, 1876, Alexander
Crawford Chenoweth. Traveled in Europe,
especially Holland, studying its history
and people; foundress Soc. of Daughters of
Holland Dames (descendants of old N. Y.
families), to preserve history, etc., of
Dutch period in New York. Collected funds
for hosp. ship "Maine," for wounded in
S. African war; mem. Red Cross Soc;
apptd. by London com. Address: 7 E. 31st
St., New York.

CHERRIE, George Kruck, field natur-
alist; b. Knoxville, la., Aug. 22, 1865; j.
Scotch-Irish parents; ed. Knoxville, la.,
and State Agr'l Coll., 1880-4; m. Stella M.
Bruere, Knoxville, la., Dec. 1, 1895. Asst.
taxidermist U. S. Nat. Museum, 1888, ac-
cepting position in Am. Museum, New
York, a few months later; apptd. taxider-
mist and curator of birds, mammals and
reptiles, Nat. Museum, Costa Rica, 1889;
asst. curator ornithology, in charge of
dept., Field Columbian Museum, Chicago,
1894-7; conducted explorations in Valley of
the Orinoco for Lord Rothschild, 1897; cur-
ator ornithology and mammology, Brook-
lyn Inst. Arts and Sciences since 1899. Mem.
Ornithologists Union. Has written on Cen-
tral American Birds with descriptions of
new species, etc., in The Auk and Proc. U.
S. Nat. Museum, 1890-6. Contribution The
Ornithology of Santo Domingo, Publica-
tions Field Columbian Museum, Chicago,
1896. Address: Museum Brooklyn Institute
of Arts and Sciences, Brooklyn.



CHESEBROUGH, Robert Augustus,

inventor and mfr. ; b. London, England,
Jan. 9, 1837; 5. American parents; brought
up and ed. in New York; began mfr. of pe-
troleum products, 1858; discovered and pat-
ented, 1870, the substance now know as
vaseline; now pres. Chesebrough Mfg. Co.
Defeated as Rep. candidate for Congress
from his dist., 1894. Residence: 17 E. 45th St.
Office: 17 State St., New York.
CHESHIRE, Joseph Blount, P. E. bish-
op of N. C. since 1893; b. Tarboro, N. C,
March 27, 1850; 5. Rev. Joseph Blount and
Elizabeth Toole (Parker) C. ; grad. Trinity
Coll., Hartford, 1869 (A. M., 1872; D. D.,
Univ. of N. C, 1890, and Univ. of the South,
1894). Practiced law, 1872-8; ordained dea-
con, April 21, 1878; priest, May 30, 1880;
consecrated bishop coadjutor of N. C, Oct.
15, 1893, and bishop, Dec. 13. Author of vari-
ous addresses and papers on local and
church history. Address: Raleigh, N. C.

CHESNUT, Victor King* asst. botanist
in charge of poisonous plant investigations,
U. S. Dept. Agr., since Nov., 1894; chemist
U. S. Dept. Agr.; b. Nevada City, Calif.,
June 28, 1867; j. John A. C; grad. Univ.
of Calif., 1890; pursued graduate work at
Univ. of Chicago and at Columbian Univ.,
Washington; unmarried. Author: Principal
Poisonous Plants of the United States,
1898; Thirty Poisonous Plants of the United
States, 1898; Preliminary Catalogue of
Plants Poisonous to Stock, 1898; all U8.
Home: Oakland, Calif. Washington Address:
V. S. Dept. Agr.

CHESNUTT, Churl <>* Waddell, author;
b. Cleveland, O., June 20, 1858; of Southern
ancestry; ed. public schools of Cleveland,
O., and Fayetteville, N. C; subsequent
ed'n largely gained by private instruction
and study while engaged in teaching, which
he began at 16. Read law in an atty's of-
fice at Cleveland, admitted to Ohio bar,
1887; married; 9 yrs. teacher in public
schools of N. C. ; at 23 became prin. State
Normal School, Fayetteville, N. C. ; in 1884
spent some months as newspaper writer in
New York; has since practiced law in
Cleveland; gives platform readings from
his books. Author: The Conjure Woman,
1899 H5; The Wife of His Youth and Other
Stories, 1899 H5; Life of Frederick Doug-
lass, in Beacon Biographies, 1899 S9; The
House Behind the Cedars, 1900 H5. Address:
64 Brenton St., Cleveland, 0.

CHESTER, Alhert Huntington, prof,
chemistry and mineralogy, Rutgers Coll.,
since 1892; b. Saratoga Springs, N. Y., Nov.
22, 1843; grad. (M. E.) Columbia School of
Mines, 1868; Ph. D. in course, 1878; (Sc. D.,
Hamilton, 1892); m. 1st, 1869, Alethea Sand-
ford Rudd, New York (died, 1891); 2d, 1898,
Georgiana Waldron Jenks, Buffalo, N. Y.
Has large practice as mining eng'r; was,
1870-92, prof, chemistry, Hamilton Coll., N.
Y. Author: Dictionary of the Names of
Minerals; Catalogue of Minerals with Their
Chemical Compositions and Synonyms.
Address: New Brunswick, N. J.

CHESTER, Colby Mitchel, capt. U. S.
N. ; b. Conn., 1844; grad. U- S. Naval Acad.;

assigned, 1863, to steam sloop Richmond;
participated in operations against Mobile;
master, 1866; It., 1867; lt.-comdr., 1868;
comdr., 1881; capt., June 12, 1896; hydro-
graphic insp., coast survey, 1881-5; comdg.
U. S. S. Galena, 1885-8; mem. comm'n to es-
tablish navy-yard on Pacific coast, 1888-9;
mem. bd. of organization, 1889-90; command-
ant cadets, Annapolis, 1890-4; comdg. U. S.
S. Richmond, Newark, Minneapolis, 1895-7;
comdr.-in-chief S. Atlantic squadron, 1897-8;
comdg. U. S. S. Cincinnati, 1898-9; now
comdg. U. S. battleship Kentucky. Address:
Navy Dept., Washington.

"CHESTER, Eliza," see Paine, Harriet

CHESTER, Frederick Dixon, bacteriol-
ogist; b. San Domingo, Hayti, Oct. 8, 1861;
grad. Cornell, 1882 (M. S., 1885); m. June,
1883, Emma L. Sherwood, Ithaca. Fellow
A. A. A. S. ; Am. Geol. Soc; Soc. for the
Promotion of Agr'l Science; Am. Bacteriol.
Soc. Prof. Geology and Botany, Del. Coll.,
1882-9; now mycologist and bacteriologist
Del. Agr'l Expt. Sta., and bacteriologist in
charge of the State bacteriol. and pathol.
laboratory. Has written many monographs
on the geology of Del. and Eastern Md. ; also
papers and reports on mycology and bac-
teriology. Address: Newark, Del.

CHESTERMAN, William Dallas, mng.
editor Richmond Dispatch; b. Hanover Co.,
Va., July 10, 1845; ed. in Richmond; m. Feb.
27, 1867, Mildred V. Davis. At 17 enlisted
in C. S. A. ; was shot in thigh at Petersburg,
June 17, 1864; became clerk of bureau ex-
change of prisoners. On Richmond Exam-
iner, 1865; Richmond corr. Petersburg In-
dex; business mgr. Enquirer; later city ed-
itor; reporter, Dispatch, 1873; then city
editor; then v. -p. and mng. editor. Residence:
4 W. Cary St., Richmond, Va.

CHETLAIN, Arthur Henry, judge Supe-
rior Court of Cook Co., 111., since Dec. 1,
1894; b. Galena, 111., April 12, 1849; j. Bvt.-
Maj.-Gen. Augustus L. C. ; ed. country
school nr. Galena, 1856-64; grad. Univ. of
Wis., 1870; took course in natural sciences,
Universite Libre, Brussels, Belgium; B. S.,
1870; admitted to bar, Rockford, 111., June,
1873; m. Lpttie de Lillieberg. 1st asst. cor-
poration counsel, city of Chicago, 1891-3;
defeated for judge Superior Court, Cook Co.,
1893; elected 1894; Republican. Residence:
1137 Birchwood Av., Chicago.

C'HETLAIN, Augustus Louis, soldier,
banker, author; b. St. Louis, Dec. 26, 1824;
ed. common schools; became mcht. at Ga-
lena, 111. ; entered war, 1861, as capt. ; served
with distinction in Army of Tenn., becom-
ing brig. -gen. and bvt. maj.-gen. ; mustered
out Feb. 5, 1866; assessor internal revenue,
Utah, 1867-9; U. S. consul-gen., Brussels,
1869-72; mem. bd. of ed'n, Chicago, 1876-7;
organized Home Nat. Bank, Chicago, 1872,
and was its pres.; organized Industrial Bank
of Chicago, 1891, and elected its pres. Now
retired. Author: The Red River (Selkirk)
Colony in 1821 (pamphlet), XI; Recollections
of Seventy Years, 1898 Lll. Address: 115
Monroe St., Chicago.



CHEVNEV, Edward Potts, teacher Univ.
of Pa.; b. Wallingford, Pa., Jan. 17, 1861; s.
Waldron J. and Fannie P. C. ; grad. Univ.
of Pa., 1883; post-graduate course 1 yr.,
same (A. M.). Traveled abroad in 1884 and
1894, visiting German univs. and studying
in British Museum. Author: Social Changes
in England in the 16th Century, 1896 Gl;
also monographs and review articles on
bist. and economic subjects. Residence: 259
S. 44th St., Philadelphia.

CHEYNEY, (James) Barton, asso. editor
Ladies' Home Journal; b. Phila., April, 1860;
ed. at public schools and State Normal
School, West Chester; engaged in journal-
ism; late editorial work has been on econ.
subjects; signature to articles is Barton
Cheyney. Residence: 1527 Arch St. Office:
421 Arch St., Philadelphia.

CHICKEBISG, John White, educator; b.
Bolton, Mass., Sept. 11, 1831; grad. Bowdoin
Coll., 1852; Bangor Theol. Sem., 1860; m.
1856, Luciana Jameson. Taught in various
acads.; became Cong'l minister and settled
at Springfield, Vt., 1860; sec. Vt. Bible Soc,
1863; minister at Exeter, N. H., 1865; since
1870 prof, natural science, Gallaudet Coll.,
Washington; is lecturer and contributor to
newspapers and scientific journals. Mem.
many scientific, literary and nat. socs.
Address: The Portner, Washington.

CHILCOTT, Ellery Channing, prof, ge-
ology and agronomy, S. Dak. Agr'l Coll.,
and agriculturist, U. S. Expt. Sta. ; b. E.
Hamburgh, N. Y., April 8, 1859; J. Benja-
min Franklin and Philenda Freeman C. ;
ed. common schools and Friends' Inst, there
(M. S., S. Dak. Agr'l Coll.); to. Jan. 2, 1884,
Alice Bushley, Lake View, Mich. Reared
on farm in N. Y. ; moved to Miller, S. Dak. ;
civ. eng'r and surveyor; U. S. deputy sur-
veyor, 1882-92; owned and managed stock
ranch in Campbell Co., S. Dak., 1883-92;
State senator, 1892; elected to chair of agri-
culture in S. Dak. Agr'l Coll., and as agri-
culturist to U. S. Expt. Sta., 1893; to chair
of geology, 1897. Has published results of
original investigations in Expt. Sta. bulls.
Address: Brookings, S. Dak.

CHILD, Prank Samuel, clergyman, au-
thor; b. Exeter, N. Y., March 20, 1854; .?.
H. H. and Betsey (Brand) C. ; grad. Hamil-
ton Coll., 1875 (D. D., 1896); grad. Union
Theol. Sem., 1878; m. Oct. 21, 1880, Lizzie J.,
d. Gen. John Lilly of Lafayette, Md. Lec-
turer on literary and hist, subjects; con-
tributor to the press: corporate mem. Am.
bd. Commrs. of Foreign Missions; trustee
F. A. Palmer Fund, same. Author: An Old
New England Town, 1895 S3; The Colonial
Parson of New England, 1896 Bl; A Colonial
Witch, 1897 Bl; A Puritan Wooing, 1897 Bl;
The House with Sixty Closets, 1899 L3; An
Unknown Patriot, 1899 H5; The Little
Dreamer's Adventure, 1900 L3; Friend or
Foe, 1900 H5. Address: Fairfield, Conn.
CHILDRESS, John Whitsitt, judge cir-
cuit court, Nashville, Tenn.; b. nr. Mur-
freesboro, Tenn., April 20, 1845; entered
Univ. of Nashville, Aug., 1861, but left to
join C. S. A., Oct., 1861, serving until 1865;

to. Dec. 13, 1870, Mary Adair Lyon, Colum-
bus, Miss. Admitted to Tenn. bar, 1870; has
been chmn. Dem. State Exec. Com. Address:
Nashville, Tenn.
CHILDS, George Theodore, editor; b.
Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 7, 1842; ed. in
Charlestown High School, 1857-60; served in
Civil war; prisoner of war at Libby, New
Orleans and Salisbury, N. C, 1 yr. ; after
war went to Vt. ; engaged in newspaper
work at St. Albans; has been dept. comdr.,
G. A. R., mem. Vt. legislature, and judge-
advocate-gen. of Vt. ; now Vt. mem. Nat.
Rep. Com. Address: St. Albans, Vt.

CHILDS, John Lewis, seedsman and flor-
ist; b. N. Jay, Me., May 13, 1856; m. April
15, 1886, Carrie Goldsmith, Orange Co., N.
Y. In florist business at Queens, L. I., N.
Y., 1874; publisher Floral Guide and May-
flower, both devoted to floriculture; State
senator, 1894-5. Address: Floral Park, N. Y.

CHILDS, Thomas Spencer, P. E. arch-
deacon, Washington, since 1895; b. Spring-
field, Mass.; 5. Joshua and Susan (King)
C; grad. Univ. of New York (A. M., D.
D.); m. 1st, Mary E. Porter, Hartford,
Conn. ; 2d, Jane Lawrence Perkins, Boston.
Pastorates: Hartford; Norwalk, Conn., and
Washington. Professorships: Wooster Univ.,
Ohio; Hartford Theol. Sem. Chaplain Sons
Am. Revolution, Washington. Author: Jus-
tification, 1861 P6; Hints to Christians, 1862
P6; The Heritage of Peace, 1868 P6; Is Ex-
piation a Fiction?, 1878 R3; Christ His Own
Witness, 1880 P6; Claims of the Ministry
on Young Men (prize essay), 1885 A14; Ad-
dress Before the Woman's Synodical Home
Missionary Synod of Baltimore, 1886 M18;
Difficulties of the Bible as Tested by the
Laws of Evidence, 1888 R2; Address Before
Convocation of Washington, D. C, 1899 M18;
also numerous mag. contributions, sermons,
addresses. Address: Chevy Chase, Washing-

CHILTON, Horace, lawyer; b. Smith Co.,
Tex., Dec. 29, 1853; m. Feb. 20, 1877, Mary
W. Grinnan, Tyler, Tex. Was asst. att'y-
gen., Texas, under appmt. of Gov. O. M.
Roberts; apptd. U. S. senator by Gov. Hogg,
April, 1891, for unexpired term of John H.
Reagan, resigned; failed of election when
legislature convened, 1892, but was elected
as successor to Richard Coke, term 1895-
1901; Democrat. Address: Tyler, Tex.

CHIN POM YE, envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiary of Korea to U. S.
Address: 1500 13th St. N. W., Washington.

CHISHOLM, Hugh, pres. Internat. Paper
Co. ; b. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, May
2, 1847; was train newsboy on Grand Trunk
Ry. at 13; studied in evening classes at a
business coll. in Toronto, gradually se-
cured control of news routes on trains of
Grand Trunk Ry. east to Portland, Me.,
taking his brothers into partnership and
steadily added to this business. Sold out
Canadian business and purchased his broth-
ers' interests in New England; located in
Portland and added publishing to his in-
terests; m. 1872, Henrietta Mason, Portland,
Me. Became interested in wood-pulp busi-



ness late in '70s; began mfr. of indurated
fibre ware; organized Somerset Fibre Co.;
mfg. wood-pulp at Fairfield; established,
1881, Umbagog pulp mill at Livermore
Falls on Androscoggin river, and later or-
ganized the Otis Falls Pulp Mill; devel-
oped water power at Rumford Falls, organ-
izing Rumford Falls Power Co., and be-
came largely interested in mfg. enterprises
there; with William A. Russell organized
Internat. Paper Co. and on death of Mr.
Russell became its pres. Residence: 813 5th
Av. Office: 30 Broad St., New York.

CHISHOLM, Julian J., M. D. ; grad. Med.
Coll. S. C, 1850; prof, emeritus, eye and ear
diseases Univ. of Md. ; ex-pres. Ophthal.
Sect. Internat. Med. Congress; surgeon-in-
chief Presby'n Eye, Ear and Throat Charity
Hosp. ; ex-mem. Am. Med. Assn., etc.
Address: Petersburg, Va.

CHISHOLM, William, retired; b. Mon-
treal, Can., May 22, 1843; ed. public schools
of Cleveland, O., and 3 yrs., 1861-4, at Poly-
technic Coll., Phila. ; left before graduation
to accept gen. management Union Rolling
Mill, Chicago, 1864-80; later pres. Cleveland
Rolling Mill Co.; m. Sept. 22, 1864, Mary
H. Stone. Residence: Manhattan Hotel, New
York. Office: Western Reserve Bldg., Cleve-
land, O.

CHISHOLM, William, Sr inventor, mfr.;
b. Scotland, Aug. 12, 1825; was a sailor,
then, 1847-52, builder at Montreal; removed
1852, to Cleveland, O. ; became mgr. Cleve-
land Rolling Mills, then mfr. of spikes,
bolts, etc. ; discovered practical method for
manufacture of screws from Bessemer steel ;
organized Union Steel Co.; invented new
method for mfg. steel shovels and spades;
also invented "new method of steam hoist-
ing and pumping engines, conveyors for
coal and ore, etc. Address: 962 Euclid Av.,
Cleveland, O.

CHITTENDEN, Prank Hnrlbut, asst.
entomologist, U. S. Dept. of Agr., since
April 25, 1891; b. Cleveland, O., Nov. 3,
1858; .r. S. King and Harriet M. C. ; ed.
Cleveland, 0., and Cornell Univ., Licen-
tiate, 1881. Mem. several entomol. and oth-
er scientific socs. ; editor Entomologica
Americana, organ of Brooklyn Entomol.
Soc, 1890; unmarried. Author of bulls, and
other papers on econ. and tech. entomology
published by the U. S. Dept. Agr. Contrib-
utor to various entomol. mags, and other
journals. Residence: 1321 F St. N. W. Address:
Dept. of Agr., Washington.

CHITTENDEN. Hiram M capt. corps of
eng'rs U. S. A.; lt.-col. U. S. vols.; b.
Western N. Y., Oct. 25, 1858; grad. West
Point, 1884; assigned to corps of eng'rs.
Has had charge Govt, works in Yellow-
stone Nat. Park and on Missouri, Ohio and
other Western rivers; also of reservoir sur-
veys in arid regions; chief eng'r 4th army
corps in Spanish-Am. war, 1898. Author:
Yellowstone Nat. Park, Historical and De-
scriptive, 1895 C3; Reservoirs in the Arid
Regions, 1897 W8; Reservoir System of the
Great Lakes, 1S98; Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs;
The American Fur Trade of the Far West,

1901. Address: Care Chief of Eng'rs, U. S.
A., Washington.
CHITTENDEN, Kussell Henry, director
Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, since 1898;
b. New Haven, Conn., Feb. 18, 1856; grad.
Yale, Ph. B., 1875 (Ph. D., 1880); studied
at Heidelberg Univ., 1878-9; m. 1877, Ger-
trude L. Baldwin. Prof, physiol. chemistry,
Vale, since 1882; lecturer physiol. chemis-
try, Columbia, since 1898; mem. Nat. Acad.
Sciences since 1890; pres. Am. Soc. Natur-
alists, 1893; pres. Am. Phsiol. Soc. since
1895. Author: Digestive Proteolysis; Studies
in Physiological Chemistry, 3 vols.; also
many papers on physiol. subjects in Am.
and foreign journals. Asso. editor Am.
Jour, of Physiology, and of the Jour, of
Experimental Medicine. Address: New
Haven, Conn.

CHIVERS, Elijah Eynon, Bapt. clergy-
man; b. Maesteg, Glamorganshire, South
Wales, Oct. 8, 1850; 5. John M. and Ann
C. ; ed. Swansea, S. Wales; grad. Haver-
fordwest, S. Wales; D. D., Hamilton Theol.
Sem., Colgate Univ.; m. Waterford, N. Y.,
Oct. 4, 1871, Jane E. Shires. Pastor 1st
Bapt. Ch., Waterford, N. Y., 1870-2; Pros-
pect Av. Bapt. Ch., Buffalo, 1872-94; dist.
sec. Am. Bapt. Missionary Union, 1894-7;
gen. sec. Bapt. Young People's Union of
America, and editor of Bapt. Union, 1897-
1901; pastor 6th Av. Bapt. Ch., Brooklyn,
since 1901. Address: 6th Av. Baptist Church,

CHOATE, Charles Francis, pres. Old
Colony R. R. Co., since Sept., 1878; actuary
Mass. Hosp. Life Ins. Co., since June 12,
1893; b, Salem, Mass., May 16, 1828; S. Dr.
George C. ; ed. Salem Latin School, 1841-5;
grad. Harvard, 1849 (A. M., Harvard and
Dartmouth); grad. Harvard Law School; m.
at Utica, Elizabeth W. Carlile of Provi-
dence, R. I. Admitted to Suffolk bar, 1854;
in active practice in Boston until 1878; pres.
Commercial Club of Boston, 1898-1900.
Residence: (winter) 205 Beacon St.; South-
borough, Mass., in summer. Office: 50 State
St., Boston.

CHOATE, Joseph Hotl^es, ambassador
of U. S. to England since 1899; b. Salem,
Mass., Jan. 24, 1832; grad. Harvard and
Harvard Law School, 1852; (LL. D., Am-
herst, 1887; Harvard, 1888; Cambridge, 1900;
Edinburgh, 1900). Admitted to practice in
Mass., 1855; settled in New York, 1856;
in. Oct. 16, 1861, Caroline Dutcher Stirling.
Identified with many famous cases; one of
the com. of 70 which broke up the Tweed
ring; secured reinstatement of Gen. Fitz
John Porter to his army rank, etc. ; pres.
of N. Y. Constitutional Conv., 1894; noted
as a public and after-dinner speaker. Ad-
dress: 52 Wall St., New York, and 1 Carlton
Terrace, London, S. W.

CHOATE, William Gardiner, lawyer;
b. Salem, Mass., Aug. 30, 1830; grad. Har-
vard, 1852; Dane Law School, 1854; estab-
lished practice in New York; later U. S.
judge for Southern dist. of New York, but
resigned and resumed practice; m. Mary
Lyman Atwater, June 29, 1870. Residence: 40



Central Park, S. Office : 40 "Wall St., New

CHOPIN, Kate, author; b. (0 'Flaherty) St.
Louis, Feb. 8, 1851; grad. Sacred Heart
Convent, St. Louis, 1868; m. 1870, Oscar
Chopin, New Orleans, cotton factor (now
deceased). Lived in La. 14 years; now in
St. Louis. Author: At Fault, 1891 A7; Bayou
Folk, 1894 H5; A Night in Acadie, 1897 W6;
The Awakening, 1899 SI; etc. Address: St.

CHRISTIE, Alexander, R. C. archbishop;
apptd. bishop of Wash., 1898, and archbish-
op for the see of Oregon, 1899. Address:
Portland, Ore.

CHRISTIE, Francis Albert, prof. Ch.
History, Meadville Theol. School since
Sept., 1893; b. Lowell, Mass., Dec. 3, 1858;
j. William and Elisabeth Neil C. ; grad. Am-
herst Coll., 1881; studied philology Johns
Hopkins, 1884-6; theology univs. of Berlin,
Heidelberg, Marburg, 1889-93. Teacher Rox-
bury Latin School, 1881-4; classical master,
Lawrenceville School, 1891-2; is Unitarian
layman, contributor to theol. and hist, peri-
odicals. Address: 349 Center St., Meadville,

CHRISTIE, William Wallace, mech.
eng'r; b. Paterson, N. J., 1866; s. James
C. and Louisa (Jones) C; grad. high
school, Paterson, N. J., 1882, sp'l student,
Cornell, 1889-91; sp'l musical ed'n (organ);
m. New York, March 14, 1895, Carrie E.
Ker. In practice as mech. eng'r since 1882;
mem. Franklin Inst., Am. Soc. Mech.
Eng'rs; Republican. Author: Chimney For-
mulas and Tables, 1897 XI; Chimney De-
sign and Theory, 1899 VI. Wrote two ar-
ticles on Metropolitan Traction Co. (N. Y.)
Chimney, R. R. Gazette, 1900; 3 papers be-
fore Am. Soc. of Mech. Eng'rs; 2 on Boiler
Efficiency ; two articles bearing on Forced
Combustion for the Engineering Mag., 1901.
Address: 197 Godwin St., Paterson, N. J.

CHRISTY, Howard Chandler, illustrat-
or writer; b. Morgan Co., O., Jan. 10, 1873;
s. F. M. C; ed. Duncan's Falls, 0.; went
East in 1893; since then on New York illus.
periodicals; went to Cuba with 2d U. S.
regulars and "Rough Riders"; saw the
fighting before Santiago; his letters and
illustrations published in Scribner's Mag.,
Harper's Mag., Collier's Weekly and by
R. H. Russell, publisher. Has charge of
illustrating class at Cooper Inst. Residence:
76 W. 85th St. Address: The Players Club,
16 Gramercy Park, New York.

CHRISTY, Samuel Benedict, prof, min-
ing and metallurgy, Univ. of Calif, since
1885; b. San Francisco, Aug. 8, 1853; j.
James C. ; grad. Univ. of Calif., Ph. B.,
1874; studied mining and metallurgy Univ.
of Calif., 1874-9; m. San Francisco, Feb.
22, 1881, Sarah Adele Field. Graduate stu-
dent and instr. analytical chemistry, 1874-9,
instr. mining and metallurgy, 1879-85, Univ.
of Calif. Life mem. Calif. Acad. Sciences;
corr sec, 1881-6; mem. Am. Inst. Mining
Eng'rs since 1883 (v.-p., 1891-3); mem. Soc.
Promotion Eng'ring Ed'n (v.-p. 1893-6);
mem. Calif. Mines Assn. Patented, 1900,

improved process for recovering gold and
silver from dilute cyanide solutions. Has
written reports on Monte Diablo Coals, 1875,
Mines and Works at Almaden, Spain, 1877;
Imperial Quicksilver Works, Idein, Austria,
1884; New Almaden Mine, 1889; Chlorina-
tion at Alaska Treadwell Mine, 1891; Ex-
pert Testimony on the Metallurgy of Quick-
silver and Lead, U. S. Circuit Court, 1880-7;
also papers to Proc. Am. Inst. Mining
Eng'rs on: Quicksilver Reduction, New
Almaden, 1884; Quicksilver Condensation,
same, 1885; Roasting Gold Ores and Vola-
tility of Gold, 1888; Growth of American
Mining Schools, 1893; Solution and Precipi-
tation of Cyanide of Gold, 1896; Electromo-
tive Force of Gold in Cyanide Solutions,
1899. Residence: 2234 Piedmont Av., Berke-
ley, Calif.

CHURCH, Archibald, M. D. ; b. Fond du
Lac, Wis., 1861; .j. George W. and Susan
(Pearse) C. ; m. March 28, 1894, Margaret
Finch, Maysville, Ky. ; grad. Coll. Phys. &
Surg., Chicago, 1884; prof, nervous and men-
tal diseases and med. jurisprudence, North-
western Univ. Med. School; neurologist to

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