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son, Wis.

ELY, Robert Erskine, Cong'l clergy-
man, economist; b. Binghamton, N. Y.,
Sept. 13, 1861; s. Richard and Sarah R. E. ;
grad. high school, 1880; grad. Amherst Coll.,
1885, Union Theol. Sem., New York, 1888.
Pres. Prospect Union. Address: Cambridge,

ELY, Smith, ex-mayor New York; b. Han-
over, Morris Co., N. J., April 17, 1825; grad.
law dept., Univ. of New York, but never
practiced, devoting his middle life to mer-
cantile pursuits. School trustee, 1856-60;
State senator, 1857; co. supervisor, 1860-8;
mem. Congress, 1871-6; mayor New York,
Jan. 1, 1877, to Dec. 31, 1878. Has since de-
voted his attention to the care of his prop-
erty interests anl investments; presidential
elector on Dem. ticket, 1880; Central Park
comm'r, 1897-8. Residence: 47 W. 57th St.
Office: 103 Gold St., New York.

ELY, Theodore Newel, chief of motive
power, Pa. R. R. ; b. Watertown, N. Y.,
June 23, 1846; s. Adriel and Evelina (Fos-
ter) E. ; grad. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.,
Troy. N. Y., C. E., 1866; hon. M. A., Yale.
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs; Am. Soc.
Mech. Eng'rs: Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs;
Inst. Civil Eng'rs of England; Am. Philos.



Soc, Am. Hist. Sec; follow A. A. A. S.;
hon. niem. Am. lust. Architects; Century
Assn., New York. Residence: Bryn Mawr,
Pa. Business Address: Broad St. Station,

EMBREE, Charles Fleming, author; b.
Princeton, Ind., Oct. 1, 1874; 5. D. F. and
Mary (Fleming) E., now Mrs. M. V. With-
erspoon ; ed. public schools Princeton, Ind.,
1880-92, Wabash Coll., 1892-5; in. Springfield,
111., Jan. 18, 1898, Virginia Broadwell.
Author: For the Love of Tonita, 1897 SI; A
Dream of a Throne, 1900 LG. Residence: Cuer-
navaca, Mex. Business Address: Princeton,

EMERSON, Benjamin Kendall, prof,
geology, Amherst, since 1872; b. Nashua,
N. H., Dec. 20, 1843; .s. Benjamin F. and
Elisabeth (Kendall) E. ; grad. Amherst,
1S65; studied at Univ. of Gottingen (Ph. D.,
1870); and Berlin; m. April 2, 1873, Mary
Annette Hopkins (died, July 31, 1895). Instr.
geology, Amherst, 1870-2; prof, geology and
mineralogy Smith Coll., 1883-5; is U. S.
asst. geologist; mem. German Geol. Soc;
pres. Geol. Soc. of Am.; fellow and v. -p. A.
A. A. S.; mem. Geog. Soc. of America; Am.
Acad, of Arts and Sciences; Philos. Soc. of
N. America; etc. Author of several geol. pa-
pers and monographs. Address: Amherst,

EMERSON, Charles Franklin, prof, of
natural philosophy, Dartmouth Coll., 1878-99;
dean of academic faculty since 1893; b.
Chelmsford, Mass., Sept. 28, 1843; s. Owen
and Louisa (Butterfield) E. ; grad. Dart-
mouth, 1868; and became instr. gymnastics
and mathematics on graduation, and, 1872-
8, asso. prof, mathematics and natural phil-
osophy; instr. astronomy, 1878-92, Dart-
mouth; i. Jan. 20, 1875, Caroline Flagg,
North Chelmsford, Mass. Address: Dart-
mouth Coll., Hanover, N. H.

EMERSON, Charles Wesley, pres. Em-
erson Coll. of Oratory, Boston; b. Pitts-
field, Vt., Nov. 30, 1837; 5. Thomas and
Mary (Hewitt) E.; ed. common schools and
acad. there; later took theol. course in Vt.
and law and med. courses in Boston and
Phila. ; entered ministry at early age;
preached for many yrs. ; founded Emerson
Coll. of Oratory, 1880, where he has since
taught his system of oratory, physical and
voice culture, etc. Residence: 20 Adelaide St.,
Jamaica Plain, Mass. Office: Emerson Coll.
of Oratory, Boston.

EMERSON, Edward Waldo, instr. art
anatomy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,
since 1885; b. Mass., July, 1844; s. Ralph
Waldo and Lilian (Jackson) E. grad. Har-
vard, 1866; grad. Harvard Med. School,
1874. Author: Emerson in Concord, 1888 H5.
Editor: Correspondence of John Sterling
and Ralph Waldo Emerson, with sketch of
Sterling's Life, 1897 H5; also numerous
contributions to mags., etc. Address: Con-
cord, Mass.

EMERSON, Edwin, author, editor; b. Dres-
den, Saxony; went abroad as foreign corr.
for Boston Post; on his return did editorial
work on New York Evening Post and Sun ;
apptd. sec. of Teachers' Coll., Columbian

Univ., serving unlil outbreak of Spanish-
Am. war; went to front as war corr. Les-
lie's Weekly; engaged in successful explora-
tion of Puerto Rico under direction Lt. H.
H. Whitney, secret agt. U. S. Mil. Informa-
tion Bureau; joined Roosevelt's Rough Riders
in Cuba, and served through the regiment's
last engagement (San Juan) and in the
trenches before Santiago. Author: College
Yell Book; Peppy 's Ghost, 1898; In War, In
Peace; Tales Drolatick; Rough Rider Sto-
ries, 1S99; also contributions to mags.

EMERSON, Ellen Russell, author; b.
New Sharon, Me., Jan. 16, 1837; d. Dr.
Leonard White and F. F. (Lovejoy) Russell;
ed. Mt. Vernon Sem., Boston; m. 1862, Ed-
win R. Emerson. Medal conferred by the
Junta Directiva, Columbian Hist. Exp'n,
Madrid, Spain, 1893; hon. mem. Societe
Americaine, France, 1887. Author: Indian
Myths, Legends and Traditions, compared
with those of other countries, 1885 H5;
Masks, Heads and Faces, with some con-
sideration respecting art, 1894 H5; Nature
and Human Nature, 1901 H5. Address: 2215
Walnut St., Philadelphia.

EMERSON, Henry P., supt. ed'n of Buf-
falo, N. Y., since 1893; b. Lynnfield, Mass.,
Jan. 12, 1847; ed. Phillips Acad., Andover,
Mass., and at Univ. of Rochester (A. M.,
1874) ; teacher of Latin and Greek in Buf-
falo High School, 1874-1883; prin. same,
1883-93; w. Aug. 4, 1874, Mary A. Estey,
Middleton, Mass. Author: Latin in High
Schools; A Summer in Europe. Pres. coun-
cil of school supts. of N. Y. State. Residence:
122 College St. Office: Municipal Bldg., Buf-
falo, N. Y.

EMERSON, Lonis W., congressman; b.
Warrensburg, N. Y., July 25, 1857; ed. War-
rensburg Acad. ; engaged in mfg. and bank-
ing business since 1878; State senator 2
terms, 1891-5; mem. Congress, 1899-1903, 23d
N. Y. dist. Republican. Home: Warrens-
burg, N. Y.

EMERSON, Luther Orlando, composer;
b. Parsonsfield, Me., Aug. 3, 1820; ed. dist.
school, Parsonsfield Sem. and Effingham
Acad. ; studied music and became music-
teacher and choir-master 8 yrs. at Salem,
Mass. ; afterward organist and musical dir.
4 yrs. at Bullfinch St. Ch., Boston; ed.
Cong'l Ch., Greenfield, Mass., etc.; tn.
March 4, 1847, Mary J. Gove, Boston. Has
directed about 300 musical festivals and
convs. ; has made over 70 collections of ch.
and other music; also instruction books
for piano, organ, etc.; composed about 80
songs, quartets and piano pieces, 3 masses,
and many ch. anthems. Composed the mu-
sic for the war song: We Are Coming,
Father Abraham, written by William Cullen
Bryant. Address: Hyde Park, Mass.

EMERSON, Oliver Farrar, prof, rheto-
ric and English philology. Western Reserve
Univ., since 1896; b. Traer, la., 1860; i. Oli-
ver and Maria Farrar E. ; grad. Iowa Coll.,
1882 (A. M., 1885); graduate study Cornell
Univ., 1888-91; Ph. D., 1891; m. Annie L.
Logan, Sept. 24, 1891. Supt. schools, Grin-
nell, la.., 1882-4; Muscatine, la., 1884-5;
prin. Acad, of Iowa Coll., 1885-8; Goldwin



Smith Fellow in English, Cornell Univ.,
188S-9; instr. in English, Cornell Univ.,
1889-91; asst. prof, rhetoric and English
philology, Cornell Univ., 1892-6; sec. Am.
Dialect Soc. Author: History of the Eng-
lish Language, 1894 Ml; A Brief History of
the English Language, 1896 Ml. Editor:
Johnson's Rasselas, 1895 H4; Memoirs of the
Life and Writings of Edward Gibbon, 1898
Gl. Contributor to Modern Language Notes,
Dialect Notes, Publications of Modern Lan-
guage Assn., Jour, of Germanic Philology,
Anglia, etc. Residence: 50 Wilbur PL, Cleve-
land, O.

EMERSON, Rollins Adams, asst. prof,
horticulture and horticulturist in experi-
ment sta., Univ. of Neb., since April, 1899;
b. Pillar Point, Jefferson Co., N. Y., May
5, 1873; moved to Neb., 1880; grad. Univ. of
Neb., 1897; m. Lincoln, Neb., May 23, 1898,
Hattie Hardin. Horticulturist, office of
expt. stas., U. S. Dept. Agr., Washington,
April, 1897-Dec, 1898. Mem. Phi Beta Kap-
pa, Sigma Xi, Neb. Acad. Science, Neb.
State Hort. Soc, Neb. Forest and Park
Assn. Address: 3001 R St., Lincoln, Neb.

EMERSON, Willis George, author, law-
yer, mine owner; b. nr. Blakesburg, Mon-
roe Co., la., March 28, 1856; 5. Rev. Stephen
L. and Mary L. E. ; ed. dist. school Union
Co., la.; attended Knox Coll., Galesburg,
HI., but never grad.; studied law; admitted
to practice in dist., U. S. and other courts;
m. Aug. 29, 1878, Clyde L. Parker (now de-
ceased). Taught country school 4 yrs. ; en-
tered Lombard Banking House; remained
3 yrs.; removed from Iowa to Kan., 1886;
engaged in banking; elected Republican
Presidential elector 7th Kan. Congressional
dist, 1S88; apptd. by gov. Wyo., June, 1900,
as comm'r to Paris Exp'n; vice-chmn.
Speakers' Bureau, Rep. Nat. Com., cam-
paign 1900; noted as platform orator; his
speech replying to "Coin" Harvey's Finan-
cial School was issued as a Republican cam-
paign document, 1896, and in 1900 over half
a million copies of his speech on sound
money was circulated throughout the coun-
try; Republican. Elected Dec. 12, 1900,
trustee Am. Univ., Washington. Author:
Winning Wins, 01; Fall of Jason, 01; My
Pardner and I, LI; The Barley Hullers (in
press). Has written over 100 stories of
travel and sketches of mining camps and
mountain scenery. Author of song, "A
Woodland Stream." Address: Encampment,
Carbon Co., Wyo.

EMERTON, Ephraim, Ph. D., prof, ec-
clesiastical history, Harvard; b. Salem,
Mass., Feb. 18, 1851; A. B., Harvard, 1871;
Ph. D., Leipzig, 1876. Author: Introduction
to the Study of the Middle Ages; Synopsis
of the History of Continental Europe; Me-
diaeval Europe, 814-1300; Desiderius Eras-
mus, etc. Address: Cambridge, Mass.

EMERY, Annie Crosby, dean Women's
Coll. in Brown Univ., since 1900; b. Ells-
worth, Me., Jan. 1, 1871; d. L. A. E. (jus-
tice Supreme Court, Me.); prep, ed'n Ells-
worth High School and private school,
Dresden, Germany; grad. Bryn Mawr Coll.,
1892; post-graduate studies, same, 1892-3,

1894-6; Ph. D., 1896; Univ. of Leipzig, Ger-
many, 1893-4; unmarried. Dean of Women
Univ. of Wis., 1897-1900. Residence: 66 Bene-
fit St. Office: Pembroke Hall, Providence,
R. I.

EMERY, Henry Crosby, prof, political
economy, Yale Univ., since Aug. 1, 1900-
b. Ellsworth, Me., Dec. 21, 1872; 5. L. A. E :
ed. common schools, Ellsworth, Me., till
1888; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 1892; studied
economics at Harvard, 1892-3; at Columbia,
1893-4; at Univ. of Berlin, 1896-7 (A. M
Harvard, 1893; Ph. D., Columbia, 1896);
instr. political economy, Bowdoin, 1894;
prof, political economy, Bowdoin, 1897-
1900. Author: Speculation on the Stock and
Produce Exchanges of the United States,
Columbia Univ. Studies, 1896. Residence:
New Haven, Conn.

EMERY, Lncilus A., justice Supreme Jud.
Court of Me., since 1883; b. Carmel, Me.,
July 27, 1840; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 1861 (A.
M.; LL. D., 1898); m. Nov. 9, 1864, Annie S.
Crosby. State senator, Me., 1874, 1875, 1881;
att'y-gen., Me., 1876-9. Prof. med. juris-
prudence, Med. School of Me.; lecturer on
Roman law, Univ. of Me. Address: Ells-
worth, Me.

EMERY, Matthew Gault, architect, bank-
er; b. Pembroke, N. H., Sept. 28, 1818; j.
Jacob E.; ed. Pembroke, N. H. ; left home
and went to Baltimore at 18 yrs. of age;
apprenticed himself to a stone cutter. In
1840 received 1st gov't contract, cutting of
stone in the quarry for P. O. dept. bldg.,
Washington. Removed to Washington,
1842; did much stone work on Capitol; cut
and laid cornerstone for its extension; pre-
pared, cut and squared, and on July 4, 1848,
laid cornerstone of Washington Monument.
Organized and became capt. of militia co.,
May 16, 1861. Took charge of sick and dis-
abled soldiers from his State in Washing-
ton, and gave up his residence at Bright-
wood for that purpose. Treas. N. H. Sol-
diers' Aid Assn., Washington; was mem.
bd. aldermen, Washington, and its mayor,
1870, holding position until territorial gov't
adopted by Congress for dist. abolished of-
fice of mayor. Sold his interest in business,
1872. Has been regent Smithsonian Inst'n;
trustee Dickinson Coll., Pa.; regent and
vice-chancellor Nat. Univ.; regent and
treas. Am. Univ. ; pres. bd. of trustees
Metropolitan Meth. Ch. Since 1845 identi-
fied as incorporator, dir. or officer in nearly
all fire and life ins. cos. organized in Wash-
ington, as well as banks, trust cos., market
cos., gas and electric light cos., etc.; now
pres. 2d Nat. Bank. Address: 207 I St.,

EMMET, Thomas Addis, M. D. ; b. Char-
lottesville, Va., May 29, 1828; s. Prof. John
Patten E., of Univ. of Va. ; ed. Charlottes-
ville, Va., St. Thomas Hall, Flushing, L.
I., and, 1845-6, Univ. of Va. ; grad. Jeffer-
son Med. Coll., 1850; m. 1852. Apptd. visit-
ing physician to Emigrant Refuge Hosp.,
Ward's Island, 1851; asst. surgeon Woman's
Hosp., May, 1855; surgeon-in-chief, same,
1861-72; since then visiting surgeon; con-
sulting physician or surgeon to several pub-



lie hosps. in New York; hon. mem. leading
Am. and foreign med. socs. ; specialist in
women's diseases; has introduced new op-
erations and methods of treatment. Author:
Principles and Practice of Gynecology; also
other med. works and papers. Address: 89
Madison Av., New York

EMMETT, Daniel Decatur, negro min-
strel and song writer; b. Mt. Vernon, O.,
1815; ed. public schools Mt. Vernon, O. As
a boy learned printer's trade; abandoned
it to join the regular army; became mem.
of Oscar Brown's Circus Co., 1835; in 1842
with Frank Brown, William Whitlock and
Kichard Phelam formed what was the 1st
negro minstrel co. ; 1st appearance at the
old Chatham Theatre, New York. They
were known as the Virginia Minstrels, and
went from New York to Boston, and later
to England, where the three separated. Em-
mett returned to U. S. in 1844. Was with
Dan Bryant, 472 Broadway, New York, 1858-
65; while mem. of Bryant's Co., 1859, he
wrote the famous song of "Dixie." In 1865
became independent mgr.,and in 1878 he re-
turned to Mt. Vernon, O. Author: Hun-
dreds of songs, including Old Dan Tucker,
Boatman's Dance, The Road to Richmond,
and many old-time favorites. Address:
Mount Vernon, O.

EMMONS, Samuel Franklin, geologist
U. S. Geol. Survey since 1879; b. Boston,
Mass., March 29, 1841; s. Nathaniel H. and
Elizabeth (Wales) E. ; grad. Harvard, 1861
(A. M.); studied at ficole Imperiale des
Mines, Paris, 1862-4, and at Freiberg, Sax-
ony, Mining School, 1864-5; m. Feb. 14, 1889,
Sophie Dallas Markoe (died, June 19, 1896).
Since 1867 geologist in gov't employ, ex-
cept 1877-9, when he conducted cattle ranch
in Wyo. Mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences, Geol.
Soc. of America (pres., 1896), and many sci-
entific socs.- Author: Descriptive Geology
of the 40th Parallel Region (with Arnold
Hague), 1877 U6; Statistics and Technology
of the Preeiotis Metals (with Geo. F. Beck-
er), 10th Census W 8; Geology and Mining
Industry of Leadville, Colo., 1886 U6; Geo-
logical Distribution of the Useful Metals
in the United States, 1893; Progress of the
Precious Metal Industry in the U. S., 1893;
Geology of Lower California, 1890; Geology
of the Denver Basin in Colorado, 1896 U6;
also many papers on geology in journals,
official reports and proceedings of scientific
socs. Address: 1721 H St., Washington.

EMORY, Frederic, chief Bureau of For-
eign Commerce, U. S., Dept. of State;
b. Centreville, Md., Sept. 18, 1853: s. Blan-
chard and Mary Bourke E. ; ed. by private
instructors and at Centreville, Md., Acad.,
until Oct., 1868; St. John's Coll., Annapolis,
Md., Oct., 1868, to May, 1872; unmarried.
Until March, 1893, employed variously on
numerous newspapers, chiefly Baltimore Sun
and Philadelphia Ledger; apptd. sec. Bu-
reau Am. Republics, March 22, 1893; chief
Bureau of Statistics (now Bureau of For-
eign Commerce), Dept. of State, April 17,
1894; was also dir. Bureau of Am. Repub-
lics, Feb., 1898-May, 1899. Editor: Commer-
cial Relations of the United States, since
1894, United States Consular Reports, since

1894. Wrote: The Railway of the Three
Americas, Conservative Rev., Nov., 1899;
Our Commercial Expansion, Munsey's Mag.,
Jan., 1900; International Rivalry in Trade,
address before Am. Acad. Polit. and Social
Science, Phila., Oct. 25. 1899, Acad. Bull.,
New Series, No. 10; Our Growth as a World
Power, The World's Work (mag.), Nov.,
1900. Address: Dept. of State, Washington.
EMORY, Frederick; Lincoln, prof, me-
chanics and applied mathematics, W. Va.
Univ., since 1897; b. Lunenburg, Worcester
Co., Mass., April 10, 1867; s. Edward Frank-
lin and Mary M. (Colby) Emory; grad.
Worcester Polytechnic Inst., B. S., 1887,
dept. mech. eng'ring and mechanic arts
(M. E., same, 1899); post-graduate work,
Cornell Univ., 1895-6, taking degree of M.
M. E. ; m. Mary M. Dille, d. Judge John A.
Dille, Morgantown, W. Va. Established
mechanical dept. Washington, D. C, High
School, 1887-9; established and superintend-
ed the Trades Schools, Mass. Reformatory,
1889-90; prof. mech. eng'ring and mechanic
arts, W. Va. Univ., 1890-2; established and
directed Industrial Training and Tech.
High School for the city of Indianapolis,
Ind. (built and equipped this modern indus-
trial school to accommodate 1,200 pupils),
1892-8. As supt. bldgs. and grounds, built
the Armory, Library and Mechanical Hall
for the W. Va. Univ. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech.
Eng'rs, Soc. for Promotion of Eng'ring
Ed'n, etc. Wrote: Test of Steam Separator;
Initial Tension on Belts, Trans. Am. Soc.
Eng'rs, 1899; The Establishment and Equip-
ment of a Technical High School. Address:
Morgantown, W. Va.
ENDLICH, Gustav Adolf, judge 23d jud.
dist. Pa., since 1890; b. Alsace Tp., Berks
Co., Pa., Jan. 29, 1856; s. John, consul to
Switzerland, 1857-61, and Emma N. E., d.
of Rev. Jacob Miller, D. D. ; ed. in Ger-
many (Stuttgart, Tubingen, Darmstadt),
1867-72; Princeton, 1872-5; grad. Princeton
Univ., 1875, (A. M., 1878); studied law in
office of Geo. F. Baer, Reading, Pa., 1875-7,
(hon. LL. D., Muhlenberg Coll., 1898); m.
Amy H. Duffield, Doylestown, Pa., Dec. 12,
1883. Admitted to Berks Co. bar, 1877; to bar
of Supreme Court of Pa., 1880, and Supreme
Court of U. S., 1887; elected judge 23d jud.
dist., Pa., 1889, re-elected, 1899; served on
U. S. Assay Comm'n, 1897; delivered ad-
dress, "Expert Testimony," before Pa.
State Bar Assn., 1898; Democrat. Author:
The Law of Building Associations (1st edi-
tion, 1882; 2d edition, 1895), S14; The Law of
Affidavits of Defense in Pennsylvania, 1884
S14; Woodward's Decisions, 1885 S14; Com-
mentaries on the Interpretation of Statutes,
1888 S14; Rights and Liabilities of Married
Women in Pennsylvania, 1889 J3. Edited
Criminal Law Magazine and Reporter, 1890-
4; has written numerous articles, etc., on
legal subjects. Residence: 1256 Perkiomen
Av. Office: 533 Court St., Reading, Pa.
ENGEL, Peter (O. S. B.), abbot St. John's
Abbey; 6. St. Nicholas, Wis., Feb. 3, 1856;
s. Jacob and Margaret E.; early ed'n
at St. Michael, Minn.; grad. St. John's
Univ., Collegeville, Minn., 1874; took
orders and entered order of St. Benedict,



advancing until he became a mitred abbot
with the title of "Right Reverend." Address:
St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minn.

ENGELHARDT, Francis Ernest, ana-
lytical and consulting chemist; b. Giebolde-
hausen, Hanover, June 23, 1835; studied
Univ. of Gottingen, 1354-7; came to U. S.,
1857; m. Sept. 8, 1870, Anna M. Miller, Syra-
cuse, N. Y. Asst. in chemistry, Amherst,
1857-8; was chemist, Phila., 1858-60; asst. in
chemistry, Columbia Coll., 1861-2; prof,
chemistry St. Francis Xavier Coll., New
York, 1862-7 (Ph. D., 1864); prof, materia
medica New York Coll. of Pharmacy, 1868-9;
chemist to Onondaga Salt Co. since 1869;
chemist to State salt supt. of Onondaga
Salt Reservation, 1878-90; apptd. 1881, and
again, 1885, by State bd. of health, chemist
of liquors, wines and beers, State of N. Y. ;
now in gen. practice; also chemist and milk
insp., Syracuse bd. of health. Author of pa-
pers on petroleum, salt, liquors, beers, etc.,
in various journals. Residence: 714 Town-
send St. Office: 7 Clinton Block, Syracuse,
N. Y.

ENGELMANN, George Julius, physician,
surgeon, specialist in gynecology; b. St.
Louis, July 2, 1847; 5. Dr. George and Dora
(Hartman) E. ; grad. Washington Univ.,
1867, A. M., 1870; studied medicine in Eu-
rope, 1867-73, at univs. of Tubingen, Berlin
(M. D., 1871), and Vienna (Master in Ob-
stetrics, 1872); m. 1889, Emily Englemann
(died, 1890); 2d, Lula H. Clark. Surgeon
Franco-Prussian war, 1870-1; practiced St.
Louis, 1873-95; since then in Boston; later
practice confined to diseases of women. Ex-
tensive traveler; sought recreation in eth-
nol. and archreol. researches. His collec-
tion of Missouri flints and pottery is now in
Peabody Archseol. Museum, Cambridge,
Mass., with parts in Washington, Berlin,
Vienna. Prof, diseases of women, St. Louis.
Post-graduate School of Medicine and Mo.
Med. Coll. until 1894; was pres. St. Louis
Surg, and Gynecol. Soc; pres. Southern
Surg, and Gynecol. Soc, 1890; pres. Am.
Gynecol. Soc, 1884-95; pres., 1900, hon. pres.
1884, gyneeol. sect., Internat. Med. Congress;
hon. pres. Internat. Congress of Obstetrics
and Gynecology, Brussels, 1892; Amster-
dam, 1899; trustee Mo. Bot. Garden, St.
Louis, 1890-4; fellow Washington Acad.
Sciences; pres. Boston Obstetrical Soc. ; fel-
low in many Am. and foreign socs. Author:
Mucous Membrane of the Uterus, 1875 Wll;
Labor Among Primitive Peoples (2 edits.),
1882, (German edit., 1884, French edit., 1886).
Prominent monographs: Normal Ovarioto-
my; Electricity in Gynecology; When and
How to Use the Forceps; The American
Girl of To-day; The Influence of Modern
Education on Functional Development (ad-
dress as pres. Am. Gynecol. Soc, 1900); etc.
Address: 208 Beacon St., Boston.

EIVGLER, Edmund Arthur, pres. Wor-
cester Polytechnic Inst, since July 1, 1901;
b. St. Louis, Dec 23, 1856; grad. Washing-
ton Univ., A. B., 1876, Ph. B., 1877 (A. M.
1879, Ph. D. 1892, LL. D. 1901); m. June 17,
1886, Catherine A. Ashbrook. Prof, mathe-
matics, Washington Univ., 1881-1901; deai:
school eng'ring, same, 1896-1901; pres. Acad.

Science of St. Louis, 1898-1901; member
Washington Univ. Eclipse party at Norman,
Calif., Jan. 1, 1889; sec. Round Table Club,
St. Louis, 1884-1900. Extensive contributor
to mags, on subjects of a scientific char-
acter. Residence: 11 Boynton St., Worcester,

ENGLISH, David C, M. D., surgeon; b.
New Brunswick, N. J., March 2, 1842; aca-
demic ed'n; grad. Coll. Phys. & Surg., New
York (Columbia), 1868; m. 1870, Susan Cary,
d. Hon. Harrison Blake, of Me. Alderman
New Brunswick, 1867-8; was pres. Middle-
sex Co., N. J., Med. Soc, its treas. since
1877; pres. N. J. Sanitary Assn., 1896; chmn.
standing committee Med. Soc. of N. J., 1890-
4; v.-p., 1894-7; pres. State Med. Soc, 1897-
8; pres. N. J. State Micros. Soc; perma-
nent mem. Am. Med. Assn. since 1876. Mem.
Y. M. C. A. State exec. com. for 21 yrs. ;
10 yrs. pres. in New Brunswick, twice pres.
State Y. M. C. A. conv. ; Presby'n elder
since 1873; twice mem. gen. assembly; on
med. staff Wells Memorial Hosp. since 1893;
med. examiner for several life ins. cos.
Address: 121 Paterson St., New Brunswick,
N. J.

ENGLISH, George Letchworth, miner-
alogist; b. Phila., June 14, 1864; j. John A.
and Amanda (Evans) E. ; grad. Friends'
Central School, Phila., 1881; m. June 17,
1890, Louise T. Baltz, Phila. Residence: Mt.
Vernon, N. Y. Office: 3 and 5 W. 18th St.,
New York.

ENGLISH, Thomas Dunn, M. D., author;
b. Phila., June 29, 1819; grad. Univ. of Pa.,
M. D., 1839; later studied law; admitted to
Phila. bar, 1842; in journalism in New York,
1844-59; since 1859 in med. practice at New-,
ark; mem. N. J. legislature, 1863-4. Wrote
Ben Bolt, long a popular ballad. Author:
Poems; American Ballads; Book of Battle
Lyrics; Walter Woolfe; Jacob Schuyler's
Millions; Ambrose Fecit, or the Peer and
the Painter; etc. Address: 313 High St.,
Newark, N. J.

ENGLISH, William E., ex-congressman;

b. Lexington, Scott Co., Ind., Nov. 3, 1852;
5. William H. E., (Dem. candidate for v.-p.
of U. S., 1880), and Emma Mardulia (Jack-
son) E. ; ed. Northwestern Christian (now
Butler) Univ.; grad. law dept., same; m.
Indianapolis, Jan. 5, 1898, Helen Orr. Prac-
ticed law, Indianapolis, until 1880, and then
became owner and mgr. English's Opera
House, Indianapolis, for several yrs. ; al-
ways an active and prominent participant
in politics, and mem. State, county and
city corns, (chmn. two latter, 1878) ; mem.
Ind. legislature, 1879-80; mem. Congress,

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