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High School




Allen County Public Library

900 Webster Street

PO Box 2270

Fort Wayiie, IN 46801-2270

To former M. V. H. S. Boys in Service Ihis niiniber of the
Hoop Pole is affectionately dedicated




President ISoard of ImIikjU





MAIUI, LA 1)1 Ki;

MAY nousi.v

.Musi.' aii.l All

,1. (a V iii:iMi{ri«iKK

i>()i isK \vip)(;ani)

(Jernian and English

HK.H S( HdOl, m il.lUS

In presenting the Hoop-Pole of 1918, we make no apologies. They
are unnecessary. Each member of the staff has given his best efforts to
make this Hoop-Pole the stellar edition, that it is.

Too much credit can not be given to the Business Manager and her
staff with whose financial aid we have been able to offer the many new

To Miss Smith, whose untiring efforts have contributed so largely to
the success, we give our most sincere thanks.

Finally, we offer this Hoop-Pole to you readers as an example of the
quality of work which has been done by the Senior Class of 1918.

of English Depar

Lillian Davis
Oliver Seifert
Lionel Allen
Ray Hames
Bertha Ashworth


I FuUinw

Mary Ruminer
Fred Thomas
Dorothy Doerr
S. Jett Williams
Mildred Blakely
Bessie Jeffries
Hazel Bottomlcy
Ivan B. Thomas

C. E. Saiidefur . .
Josephine Kelley

i!i sim:ss staff

Paul Scherer
Clarence Schenk
Eleanor Page
Loien Russell

Walter Conlin
Harriett Green
Madeline Forthoffer
Lillian Stephens



Orvan R. Hall President

Lillian Stephens Vice-President

Fred Thomas Secretary

Lionel Allen Treasurer

Class Motto — "Impossible is Un-American."
Class Colors — Old Rose and Silver.
Class Flower — Killarney Rose.

Page Tliirte

Lionel W. Allen

ick '15, '16, '17, Captain '18.
Football '1.5, '16, '17, '18. Relay
16. Hoop-Pole Staff. Athletic
Class Treasurer,
im fair and that has been my

Wiiifred A. AUyi

Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax.
Her cheeks like the dawn of day.

Louise B. Ashworth

Glee Club. Class Poet. Class Play.
She was ever fair and never proud.
Had tongue at will and yet was nev-

Mildred B. Blakely

Williain I). Hokelman

-hy should life all labor be?

Charles Boiiiull

What should a man do but b

Julia Hazel Itott

Hoop-Pole Staff.

I Vi severance gains its )

\iul patience wins the i

( harlotte H. liriiikm

ee Club.

Heniy W. Chainhers

Let the world slide.

Ruth Ellen Coke

ush is beautiful but it

AValtei' a. (\.nlin


Hoop-Pole Staff. Athletic Play. Sen-
ior Play. Football '16.

Wit consists in kno-wing the resem-
blance of things which differ and
the dift'erence of things which are


■(.iiaid 15. Davis

The glory of a tirm. capacious mind.

Basketball '17. 'IS. Football '17.
Athletic Play. Senior Play. Hoop-
Pole Staff.

If is a great plu.aue to be too hand-

Senior Play.

'l.iSue, if tliej- ain't sumpin' ii
'at kind a' goes agin' my c

Baslietball '17. Attiletic Play. Hoop-
Pole Staff. Class Play.

Candor is the seal of a noble mind,
the sweetest charm of woman.

H.-iI.ert KortlidtlVi

.Madeline Fort hotter

Hoop-Pole Staff. Glee Club.
Theie's many a. black, black eye, they

F:iiiiiia Fulliii\vi(Ui

l.iss Play. Hoop-Pole Staff. Glee

ij those who know thee not, no

words can paint,
nd those who know thee, know all

words are faint.

Hoop-Pole Staff. Basketbal

Orvau l{. Hall

Class President. Editor in Chief of
Hoop-Pole. Atliletic Board of Con-
trol. Atliletic Play, Senior Play.

An abridgement of all that is pleas-

Itay Hanie>


1 Staff. Elocution '16.

Hoop-Pole Staff, Basketball, Athletic
Play, Glee Club, Class Play, Or-

Her lot is made for her, bv the love
she accepted.

K. (.leiiii Knight

sober as a judge.

William McKelligott

Kleanor Page.

i Play. Athletic Plav. Basket-
11. Hoop-Pole Staff. Glee Club.

loop-Pole Staff. Glee Club. Orches-
tra. Debating '17, '18. Elocution
Representative '15, '16. Athletic
Play. Basketball. Class Play. Op-

lop-Pole Staff,
ve thy thoughts

Fjo.bull -Itj. Captain 'IT. Basketball
■17, '18. Debating '18. Athletic
Play. Hoop-Pole Staff. Orchestra.

And sure there is music even in the
beauty, and the silent note which


nd of a

ItaMiioml A. Sdiiioi

e Club. Operetta,
lank God I am not a woman, taxed
vHh so many giddy offences as He
lath generally taxed their whole
ex withal.

Beii.iaiiiiii \V. S

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Online LibraryInd.) Mount Vernon High School (Mount VernonThe Hoop pole (Volume yr.1918) → online text (page 1 of 4)