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Manual of the Second
.Presbyterian Church »»«



^ i950

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Clerk of Session,

M. F. BARBOUR, President.
W. H. H. MILLER, Secretary.



This Church was organized May 5, 1844, by
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, and consisted of
twelve members.

On June 4, Rev. Charles Beecher was invited
to become stated supply for one year. He re-
mained as stated supply until April 28, 1850,
when he was installed as pastor, but resigned
on the 30 th of August of the same year, on ac-
count of ill health.

After his resignation, Rev. Isaac W. Taylor
and David C. Blood preached for brief periods.

In June, 1852, Rev. Amzi W. Freeman was
called as stated supply, and remained two
years. He was followed by Rev. Mr. Ray,
who preached six months.

In November, 1854, Rev. E. Curtiss was
called as stated supply, and remained as such
until May 3, 1856, when he was installed as
pastor, and remained as such till October, i860,
when he was dismissed at his own request.

In October, 1861, Rev. W. R. Palmer was
called as stated supply, and remained two years.

In May, 1864, Rev. Geo. 0. Little was called
as stated supply, and remained as such until
May 3, 1868, when he was installed as pastor.



You have now presented yourselves before
God and his people, to enter publicly into cove-
nant with him and with them : to testify your
faith, hope and joy in him; unreservedly to de-
vote yourselves to the service of your Creator ;
and definitely to incorporate yourselves into
his visible people. You thus ratify publicly a
solemn compact to receive the Father, Son and
Holy Ghost as revealed in the Scriptures, in all
the agencies they execute for the government
of the world, and the offices they sustain for the
salvation of the church; and to "walk, hence-
forth, in all the commandments of the Lord,
blameless." You do also humbly confess and
bewail the total depravity of your natures, the
past enmity of your hearts against God, the
unbelief which has led you to reject a Saviour,
and the manifold transgressions of your lives :
all which sins, without exception, you do con-
demn and forever renounce.


. And now, in the presence of God, angels and
men, you do solemnly avouch the Lord Jehovah

to be your God and portiou ; and the Lord
Jesus Christ to be your Saviour from sin and
death; your Prophet, to instruct you — your
Priest, to atone and intercede for you — your
King, to rule, defend and enrich you ; and the
Holy Ghost to be your Sanctifier and Guide,
looking to him for grace, light and peace.

Unto this Triune God — Father, Son and Holy
Ghost, you do now without reserve, give your-
selves away, in a covenant never to be revoked,
to be his willing servants forever; to observe
all his commandments and all his ordinances
in the Sanctuary, in the Family, in the Closet.
You do bind yourselves by covenant, to this
church, to seek its peace, purity and edification,
and to submit to the government and discipline
of Christ, as here administered.

This you do severally profess and engage.

[If members are to be received by Letter, let tliem here
rise and take the following covenant:]

Having already made a public profession of
your faith in Christ, and solemnly dedicated
yourselves to his service, in connection with
another church, and now being transferred to
this church at your own request, you do now
covenant to walk with us, in love and Christian
fellowship; to submit to the discipline and
doctrine of Christ's House as here administered,
to attend upon its ordinances, and in all things
to seek its peace and welfare, as long as you
shall continue a member of the same.

Do you thus covenant and promise ?

[Here the members of the church will rise.]

And now we, the members of this church, in
view of these your professions and engagements,
do now receive you to our communion, and
welcome you to this fellowship with us in the
life of faith and of obedience to our common
Master ; and may God grant that the relation
that commences between us this day be for our
mutual edification in time and for our common
rejoicing in eternity. Should you have occa-
sion to remove from us, we hold it to be your
duty to ask, and ours to give, a recommenda-
tion which will place you under the watch and
care of some other portion of the church, for
hereafter you can never withdraw from her
communion, or live in neglect of her sealing
ordinances, without a breach of covenant.

'''The Lord bless you and keep you. The
Lord cause his face to shine upon you, and he
gracious unto you. The Lord lift his counten-
ance upon you, and grant you peace. Amen.''

Order for the Reception of Communicants.

The sacrament of the Lord's Su^jper will be
administered on the third Sabbaths of January,
April, July and October.

The preparatory lecture will be delivered on
the Friday evenings preceding these Sabbaths,
and at the close of the lecture a meeting of the
session will be held, before which candidates
for admission to the church by profession of
faith, or by letter, shall present themselves.

On the Sabbath, the persons who have been
accepted by the session, being called by name,
shall present themselves before the congrega-
tion. The confession shall be read, and the
candidates signify their assent to it.

Baptism is then administered to such as have
not before received it, and the others are called
upon to signify their acknowledgment of their
baptism, received in infancy, as the seal of their
profession and covenant.

The covenant is then read and accepted.

The persons received by letter then rise and
accept the special engagement prescribed for
them. Then all the members rise, and the
minister in their name pronounces the formula
of their acceptance.

Absent Members.

The following resolutions were adopted by the
session of this church, November 14, 1867, in
regard to absent members :

"Whereas, in accordance with the provision
made by the constitution of our church in the
case of absent members (Book of Discipline,
Chapter xi ), and the authoritative explana-
tion thereof, as given by the acts of the General
Assembly, in 1825 and 1853 (see New Digest
pp. 41-45):- ^ '

"Resolved, that in case of absent church
members who have been absent more than a
year without having applied for letters of dis-
mission, it be the duty of the session, through
its officers, to write to such persons, when their
residence can be ascertained, inquiring why they
have not done so, and urging the importance of
the act upon them whenever it is possible.

"Eesolved, that at the expiration of two
years, all church members whose residence is
unknown, or who have failed to satisfactorily
answer the letter of the session, be suspended
from church membership, for 'willful absence,'
until by letter or presence they shall give a
satisfactory account of the same.

" Resolved, that it be the duty of the session
to make this rule known to all persons uniting
with this church, either by profession of their
faith, or by letter from other churches."

Baptism of Households.

[Parents presenting children for baptism are expected to
give their assent to the following, or like profession and
engagement, propounded to them by the minieter: ]

In thus presenting your cHld for baptism, you
solemnly profess your belief in Cbristianity, and
your adoption of it as the religion of your bouse.

You confess that this child has inherited a
depraved nature, and needs the renewing and
sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit, of which
the water of baptism is the Scriptural emblem.
: You do hereby consecrate your child to laod,
acknowledging that it is his— consenting that it
shall be his forever— confessing his sovereign
risht to take it from you when he pleases, and
to employ it as he pleases, in his service, and

for his glory. - i.u ^r

Trusting in God for strength, you promise that
you will bring up this child "in the nurture
and admonition of the Lord," that you will
diligently instruct it in the doctrines and duties
of Christianity, and will humbly endeavor, by
the steady influence of discipline and example,
to lead it in the ways of true Godliness.

This you do humbly, hoping that you are
"Christ's," and therefore "Abraham's seed, and
heirs according to the promise," and ori that
Scriptural ground believing that the God oi
Abraham will be a God to you, and to your
seed alter you. Gal. iii, 29. Gen. xvn, 7.



[ SS-Stated Supply. P_Pastor. T-Temporary.]
ss. Kev. Mr. Ray.

ss. p. Charles Beeeher.
T. Isaac W. Taylor.
ss. Daniel C. Blood.
ss. Amzi W. Freeman

ss. p. E. Curtiss.

ss. W. R. Palmer.
ss. p. George O. Little.

[ * Died.

* Nathan Farrand.

* Jaeob Conklin.

* Frederick H. Tyler.
Benjamin W. Oakley,

* John Hamilton.

d James H. Robinson.


d Dismissed. s Suspended.]

Daniel S. Beaver.
d C. Joseph Deitrich.

Cj-rus W. Allen.

Solomon Bash.

George W. Durgin, jr.

* Conklin, Jacob

Conklin, Mrs Frances
d Fairfield, Sarah
.s' Hamilton. Jame.s
McCulloeh, Mrs Susan
Taylor, Mrs Alida

Original Members — 18 14.

d Totten, William
d Totten, Mrs Julia A
d Fory, Maria

* Tyler, Frederick H

* Tyler, Mrs Eliza

d Wallace, Matilda M

d Barton, Nathan

d Barton, Mary

d Beeeher, Mrs Sarah L

d Clark, Zerelda

'■"' Conklin, Sarah

* Davenport, Peter
Davenport, Mrs Elizabeth

* Farrand, Nathan
d Farrand, Mrs Ann

Freeman, Mrs Sarah B
d Hazleton, Jirs Mehitable

Added iit 1844.

I gofglarid, Mrs Angeline

* Hubbell, Mrs Mary E
rf Hyatt, Mrs Elizabeth
d Hyatt, Adeline

d Jacobv, Sarah E

* McCuIloch, Mrs Eliza
d Mills, Mrs Mary

Oakley, Benjamin'W
Oakley, Mrs Harriet
Stanley, Mrs Amelia E
Tilden, Titus W


* Anderson, John
Anderson, Mrs Margaret
Allen, Cyrus W
Beaver, Daniel b

d Bender, David
d Bender, Mrs Maria L
Conklin, Theodore

* Edsall, Mrs Louisa
Ferris, Miss Cynthia

s Fairfield, James
d French, Mrs Lucy

* Hamilton, John

Beaver, Augustus
d McCulloch, Mrs Abby
Eeiter, Mrs Elizabeth

Antrup, Mrs Jane
d Blossom, Mrs Elizabeth
d Conklin, Mrs Aurelia
d Cash, Mary


Hurd, Orrin D
d Jacoby, Mrs Mary

Barbour, Myron F
Barbour. Mrs Jane
d Clark, Mrs Lucy
d Chrysler, Charles M
d Drake, John

Allen, Rodantha


Archer, Mrs Chai'lotte

Archer, William
d Beecher, Mrs Esther M
d DvkPS, Andrew
d Hubbell, Mrs Ann M


Hamilton, Mrs Agnes E
d Laird, Robert

Laird, Mrs Elizabeth

Laird, E A


* Laird, Ellen J

* Little, Mrs Elizabeth
Oakley, Martha J

Somerville, Mrs Sarah A
d Wright, Mrs Nancy


* Strattori, Mrs Margaret
Tyler, Mrs Mary



d Maples, Darius W _

* Maples, Mrs Catharine

* Maples, Mary
s Pence, Eliza Jane

* Warner, Mrs Sarah
s Woodworth, Benj S


d Drake, Mrs Marietta

Hurd, Mrs Susan
s Robinson, James H
s Robinson, Mrs Mary


d HalFPy, Miss Letitia
d JacoV)y, Lysander C
Kimball, Wilbraham
Kimball, Mrs Ann L
Tilden, Mrs Elizabeth M
* Thompson, Dr. W L
Thompson, Mrs A M

s Alleu, John
Antrup, Frederick W
Anderson, Mrs Elizabeth

a Davis, Joseph D



d Davis, William K
d Edwards, Christopher C
d Edwards, Mrs Elizabeth
Rockwell, Mrs Esther A

* Storm, Keziah

d Morgan, Ellen E


d Totten, Harriet

s Bryant, Mrs Nancy E
d Doty, Tamar M
d Freeman, Mrs Mary
d Hill, Miss Lucy M


d Hill, Caroline I
* McCarty, Mary F
d Totten, Mary
d Vermilyea, Marietta

d Little, Mr.s Amanda


Blackledge, Miss E
* Beaver. Mrs Caroline
d Curtis, Mrs Harriet E

McCoy, George W

Oakley, Phebe

d Andrews, M R

d Andrews, Mrs Betsy
Antrup, Henry
Antrup, Mrs Harriet

d Folsom, Paulina

Crosby, Mrs
d Parker, W J
d Parker. Mrs Sarah

Akers, Mrs Maiy
s Alexander, William
* Allen, Mrs Elizabeth

Bash, Mrs Rebecca K

d Pomeroy, Enos
d Pomeroy. Mrs Sarah
s Tompkins, Susan Ann
s Ulery, Elizabeth


s Freeby, Sullivan D
Kimball, Benjamin H
Kimball, Mrs T R
Kimball. Samuel W

d Leonard, Mrs Lavinia M


d Pierson, Joseph

d Pierson, Mrs Ruth T


Bean, Mrs Elizabeth
Blood, Mrs Martha N
Burchell, Leah J
Borden, Nellis


Durkee, IVtrs Abigail H
d Deitrich, C Joseph
d Deitrich, Mrs H M
d Disbrow, Mrs Charlotte

* Hough, Mrs Lucy
d Hubbell, Mrs Lucy

* Harris, Ellen M
Kimb.all, Laura A

d Kimball, Ada A


d Kimball, Ivory G

Kimball, William P
d McDowell, Mrs Mary
* Michaels, Mary A
d Ryder, Melissa I
Re iter, Eliza

Scoville, Mrs Cornelia
s Selby, Ann E
d Taylor, Morris A

d Armstrong,Mrs T G

Akers, Robert
d Barbour, Sylvia

s Dorman, Mrs Julia


d Lower, Dr. J S
d Lower, Mrs Sabrina
Morgan, Ellen M.
d Wise, J W

d Brodie, Mrs Agnes
s Carnady, Mrs Caroline
d Fletcher, Mrs Rebecca
Laidlaw, Walter


Laidlaw, Mrs Abigail
Mj^ers, Mrs Mary A
Rayhoaser, N C A
Rayhouser, Mrs Lucinda


d Bodley, Isabella

Conklin, Joiin
s Conklin, Mrs Mary
d Dunham, Henry T
d Dunham, Mrs Martha C
* Grout, Isaac W

Hubbell, Mary

Jones, Mrs S A

Knapp, Abby
Oakley, Harriet E

d Palmer, Mrs Clara
Totten, Anna

d Totten, Mrs Julia A


d Agnew, Edward

* Agnew, Mrs Jane
Beaver, Catharine A
Butner, Louis

d Earl, Syrena

s Freeby, Sarah
Grout, Mrs Mary A
Grout. Mrs Lavinia

* Kiser. Mrs Sarah E
Kimball, Mary E

Lawrence, Mrs Elizabeth

Morgan, Mrs Ann E
d Morgan, Abby (Rodabaugh
d Prentiss, Mrs Mary
d Prentiss, Addie

Strope, Dennis B

Strope, Mrs Emily O

Strope, George W

Scott, Mrs Eliza

Wright, Mrs Liveria


Baldwin, Mrs J P
Baldwin, Julietta
Cfise, Ada
Dodez, Mrs Helen


* Fairfield, Captain Asa
Housh, Mrs Essie J
Reiter, Dorothea C

Ash, Mrs Addie
Bowe, Benj F
Bash, Solomon,
Barbour, Eliza J
Baldwin, Samuel

d Basselt, Walton
Conklin, Mrs E A
Conklin, Anna
Empey, Mrs Louisa
Erwin, Margaret J

d Francisco, Mrs M J
Fairfield, Mrs Anna
Holmes, Mrs Maria
Hurd, Aleen


d Harter, Charles E

d Mann, Mrs C Etta

Morris, Martha

Phelps, Abby
Pickard, Mrs Catharine
Rambo, Agnes
Reiter, Lucy
Taylor, Sophia (Hulse
Taylor, Mrs Margaretta
Taylor, William J
Woodworth, Mrs D
Wilson, Mrs Sallie
Williamson, M F

Antrup, Hattie
* Rutner, Frederick W
d Barbour, Lucius
d Barl;our, Mrs Elizabeth

Beaver, Charles B

Besore, David
d Besore, George

Cartwright, Jenny
d Collier, Mrs Nancy

Dodez, Augustus, C

Durgin, George W jr

Durgin. Mrs Phebe S
d Dunn, Mrs Ada
d Green, Robert A

Hulse, "William J
d Hadlej', Georgiana A
d Hadley, Marianna (Smith

Hadley, Mrs Mary A

Holmes, Joshua

Holmes, Clara E (Tarn
d Howard, Wilber H

Housh, Samuel J

Laraby, Mrs Emily J


d Lipes, Henrj'^ H

s Moon, William H

d Moore, Nancy F
Miller, Wm H H
Miller, Mrs Gertrude
McCulloeh, Mrs Sarah

d Roekhill, Wright W
Silvers, Henry C
Smyser, Peter
Stanley, Martha
Stanley, Agnes

d Smith, Harris E
Totten, Susan C (Miller
Thompson, Mary M
Taylor, I Newton
Totten, Cj^rus T
Taylor, Samuel J
Williams, Effingham T
Williamson, Mrs Mella
Wilson, Oscar J
Wilson, Mrs Ellen A
Webb, Marion A -f-


Baldwin, Emma
Brindle, Samuel
Brindle, Mrs Lucy A
i Collier, James
Chapman, William C
Ciiapman, Mrs Harriet
Green, Ella M


Gossett, John W
Gossett, Mrs Harriet C
Lawrence, Mrs O B
Prouty, Mrs Jane M
Robertson, Mrs E H
Smith, Mrs KateP

Biddle, Mrs Callie I
(Jluipman, Barnum W


Little, Mrs Martha H
Sloan, William B


Armstrong, Mrs M M
Beaver, Mrs Emily
Bernard, Mrs N
Chapman, Mrs Sarah
Cottingham, Wm H
Gil'oert, John
Gilbert, Mrs H Lona
Gorham, Mrs Grace H
Hall, George G

Knight, Johr\
Kimball, Jenny O
Lester, James H
Mudgo, Smith R
Nil!, Mrs Sophia A
Poole, Mrs Maria T
Reiter. Andrew C
San telle, P\ilton O
Stanley, Thomas J



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