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but ten years old. and compelled to shift for himself.
Previous to 1872 he was a Republican. He then be-
came a Liberal, and has since been a Democrat, He
was Tax-collector in 1865 ; Supervisor of Boonville,
1874, '75; President of the village of Boonville, 1880,
'81 ; member of Assembly in 1878, serving on the
committees on Public Printing and Agriculture; and
was elected to the Senate by a plurality of 794, his
opponents being Samuel H. Fox (Rep.), John D.
Ernst (Gr.), and Otis P. White (Pro.) The Demo-
cratic plurality in 1879 was 54.

Twenty-third District.

(Counties of Herkimer, Madison and Otsego. Popu-
lation, 133,997.)
ALEXANDER M. HOLMES (Rep.), of Morris-
ville, Madison county. Mr. H. was born in West-

ford, Otsego county, March 9, 1827 ; educated in the
public schools and at Baltimore Dental College ; re-
mained at home on a farm until the age of 19; is
engaged in the practice of dentistry ; was for eight
years President of the First National Bank of Morris-
ville ; President of the New York State Dental So-
ciety in 1879 ; has been a Republican since the organi-
zation of the party; was Treasurer of Madison
county from 1861 to 1867 ; Supervisor, 1867-82 ; Dele-
gate in 1872 to he National Convention which nomi-
nated Gen. Grant ; and was elected to the Senate by
a plurality of 3,199, his opponents being Daniel B.
Boden (Dem.), and Theodore «J. Martin (Gr.) The
Republican plurality in 1879 was 3,229.

Twenty-fourth District.

(Counties of Broome, Chenango and Delaware.
Population, 129,999.)
EDWARD B. THOMAS (Rep.), of Norwich, Che-
nango county. Mr. T. was born at Cortland, Cort-
land county, N. Y., August 4, 1848; educated at
Cortland Academy, 1865, and Yale College, 1866-70 ;
was admitted to the bar in 1870, and ;has since prac-
ticed the legal profession. He was elected to the
Senate by a plurality of 4,157, his opponents being
Calvin H. Bell (Dem.), Wm. S. Moore (Gr.), and
Porter G. Northrup (Pro.) The Republican plur-
ality in 1879 was 5,523.

Twenty -fifth District.

(Counties of Cortland and Onondaga. Population,
DENNIS MCCARTHY (Rep.), of Syracuse. Mr.
M. was born in Syracuse, March 19, 1814. His father
came from Blarney Castle, Ireland, and his mother
from Plymouth Rock, Mass. He received a common
school and academic education, the latter at Onon-
daga Academy and Yates Polytechnic Institute ; has
been engaged in the manufacture of salt, and is now
in mercantile life. He was formerly a Free Soil
Democrat ; was a member ot the Fortieth Congress,
in which he served on the Ways and Means com-
mittee, and advocated a tariff tor the protection of
American industry; member of Assembly in 1846;
and Mayor of Syracuse in 1853. He was elected to
the Senate of 1876, '77, by a plurality of 3, 397, serv-
ing as Chairman of the Committees on Literature
and Privileges and Elections, and member of Fi-
nance. In the Senate of 1878 v '79, to which he was
chosen by a plurality of 3,574, he served as Chairman
of the Committee on Canals, and member of Finance
and Cities. He was elected to the last Senate by a
plurality of 5,953, serving as Chairman of Finance,
and member of Canals and Salt, and was chosen to
the present Senate by a plurality of 3,417, his op-
ponents being Nathan F. Graves (Dem.), and Wilfred
W. Porter (Gr.)

Twenty-sixth District.

(Counties of Cayuga, Seneca, Tioga and Tompkins.
Population, 153,171.)
DAVID H. EVANS (Rep.), of Seneca Falls,
Seneca county. Mr. E. was born in the town or
Tyre, Seneca county, December 7, 1837. His father
was a native of England and emigrated to this coun-
try with his parents in 1802. His mother's ancestors
were numbered among the Germans who early set-
tled in Albany county. His education was obtained
at the common schools and at Fort Plain Seminary,
in 1855 and 1856. His occupation is that of a farmer ;
he was Supervisor of Tyre, 1869, '72-'77, and Delegate
to the State Conventions of 1877 and 1878. He was a
member of Assembly, 1879, '80, being the first Re-
publican chosen to the Assembly from Seneca
county in many years. He served as Chairman of
the Committee on Internal Affairs, and member of
Villages, Grievances, Sub-Committee of the Whole
and Expenditures of the House. He was elected to
the Senate by a plurality of 4,270, his opponents be-
ing Roswell C. McNeil (Dem. ), Louis P. Legg (Gr. )
and J. G. Bunnell (Pro. ) The Republican plurality
in 1879 was 5,235.

Evening Journal Almanac, 1883.


Twenty-seventh District.

(Counties of Allegany, Chemung and Steuben.
Population, 157,523.)

► SUMNER BALDWIN (Rep.), of Wellsville, Alle-
gany county. Mr. B. was born at Ithaca, Tomp-
kins county, March 8, 1833; received a common
school education ; was formerly a merchant, and is
now a banker ; has been a Republican since the or-
ganization of the party ; was Supervisor of Wellsville
six years ; member of Assembly, 1876, '77, serving on
the Committees on Railroads, Banking, State
Prisons and Expenditures of the House, and was
elected to the Senate by a plurality of 3,651, his op-
ponents being Jacob Schwartz (Dem.), and Alonzo
H. Lewis (Gr.) The Republican plurality in 1879
was 5,778.

Twenty- eighth District.

(Counties of Ontario, Schuyler, Wayne and Yates.
Population, 136,226.)

GEORGE P. LORD (Rep.), of Dundee, Yates
county. Mr. L. was born at Barrington, Yates
county, July 25, 1832 , educated in common schools,
Lima Seminary and Hobart College, graduating from
the latter in 1856 ; was formerly a teacher, and is a
farmer and grain dealer ; was School Commissioner,
1860-'67, and member of Assembly, 1871,72, serving
in 1871 on the Committees on Public Education and
Internal Affairs, and in 1872 as the Chairman of Edu-
cation and member of Charitable and Religious So-
cieties. He was elected to the last Senate by a
plurality of 4, 422, serving as Chairman of the Com-
mittee on Roads and Bridges atid Agriculture, and
member of Canals and Internal Affairs ; and was
chosen to the present Senate by a plurality of 5,123,
his opponents being David Cosad, Jr. (Dem.), and
Guy Shaw (Gr.)

Twenty-ninth District.

(Counties of Monroe and Orleans. Population,

EDMUND L. PITTS (Rep.), of Medina. Mr. P.
was born at Yates, Orleans county, May 23, 1839,
He was educated in common schools and Yates
Academy, and prepared for but did not enter college.
He studied law with Judge Sanford E. Church, at
Albion, and was admitted to the bar in I860, enter-
ing into partnership with Adna Bowen, at Medina.
He cast his first vote for Abraham Lincoln and has
since been a Republican. He was Assessor of In-
ternal Revenue, 1873-'77, and was a member of
Assembly, 1864-68, being Speaker of the House in
1867. He was elected to the last Senate by a plu-
rality of 5,327, serving as Chairman of the Commit-
tee on Villages and member of Judiciary, Railroads,
and Rules ; and was chosen to the present Senate by
a plurality of 232, his opponents being George Raines
(Dem. ) and Jonathan H. Child (Gr. ) A very deter-
mined effort was made to defeat him in the canvass
of 1881.

Thirtieth District.

(Counties of Genesee, Livingston, Niagara and Wy-
oming. Population, 153, 614.)
Lock-port. Mr. E. was born at East Windsor, Hart-
ford county, Conn., September 21, 1836, and is of New
England ancestry, his father from Connecticut, and
his mother from Rhode Island. He was educated
at Rochester University, graduating in 1857, was
admitted to the bar in 1858, and has since practiced
law. He was United States Collector of Customs at
Suspension Bridge, N. Y. , from 1870 to 1878. In the
summer of 1861 he raised a company of volunteers
at Lockport and became its captain. It was at-
tached to the Seventh Regiment New York Volun-
teer Cavalry, and was disbanded in the spring of 1862.
He continued in the army a3 additional aide-de-
camp with rank of captain and major by brevet,
until September, 1865, when he was discharged. He
was at the Chancellorsville and Gettysburg battles,
on the staff of Gen. James S. Wadsworth, and after
that officer's death he served under the orders of
the Adjutant-General of the army on detached duty.
He was elected to the Senate by a plurality of 4, 175,
his opponents being Angus L. Tompkins (Dem.) and
Hugh T. Brooks (Gr.) The Republican plurality
in 1879 was 4,435.

Thirty.flrst District.

(County of Erie . Population, 199,570. )
ROBERT C. TITUS (Dem.), of Buffalo. Mr. T.
was born at Eden, Erie county, October 24,1839;
was educated in common school and at Oberlin
college, Ohio, 1859, '60; is a lawyer; has always
been a Democrat ; was District-Attorney, 1878-'80 ;
member of Erie Board of Supervisors four years ;
and Special Deputy County Clerk, 1865, '66. He
served in the war of the Rebellion as Captain in the
Ninety-eighth Regiment, N.G., being called into
service August 10, 1864, and mustered out December
22, 1864. He was elected to the Senate by a plural-
ity of 5,588, his opponents being Harvey J. Hurd
(Rep.) and J. A. Southwick (Gr.). The Republican
plurality in 1879 was 3,788.

Thirty-second District.
(Counties of Cattaraugus and Chautauqua. Popu-
lation, 113,346. )
NORMAN M. ALLEN (Rep.), of Dayton, Catta-
raugus county. Mr. A. was born at Dayton, De-
cember 24, 1828 ; educated in common schools; is a
lawyer ; was a Democrat until 1854, and has since
been a Republican ; was a member of the Senate in
1864, '65, 1872, '73; member of the Constitutional
Convention in 1867; State Assessor, 1868-70;
School Commissioner, 1858 ; was elected Supervisor
of Dayton twenty-two consecutive times, and chair-
man of the board eighteen times. He was elected
to the present Senate by a plurality of 5,554, his op-
ponents being David N. Brown (Dem.), John H.
Randall (Gr.) and E. H. Danforth (Pro.) The Re-
publican plurality in 1879 was 7,256. Mr. Allen ran
nearly 300 votes ahead of the State ticket in his dis-




Tammany Democrats.


Published by Weed* Parsons & Co., 39 and 41 Columbia St.,

PRICE, $5.00 PerYear.


Evening Journal Almanac, 1883.


The Assembly consists of 128 Members, elected, annually, by single districts. Each county has at least
one Member. They receive a compensation of $1,500 per annum, and also $1 for every ten miles traveled
in going to or returning from the place of meeting once in each session. In case they serve as managers of
an impeachment, they are entitled to an allowance of $10 per diem additional. Their officers are chosen at
the opening of the session.

ALFRED C. CHAPIN (Dem.), Speaker.

Albany County.
Population, in 1865, 115,524 ; in 1875, 147,530.

1st District. (1st, 2d, 3d and 15th wards of the city
of Albanv, and towns of Bethlehem, Berne, Coey-
rnans, Rensselaerville and Westerlo.) DANIEL P.
WINNE (Dem. ), of Becker's Corners. Mr. W. was
born at Bethlehem, Albany county, October 10, 1820,
and was educated in common schools. He is a farmer
and has alwavs resided at Bethlehem ; was Town
Collector in 1366; Assessor, 1S72-78; and Secretary
and Treasurer of the Elm wood Cemetery Association
for many years. His father, Peter Winne, was
Member of Assembly in 1831 , and his brother. Richard
Winne, was a Member from New York city in 1858.
He was elected by a plurality of *2,176, his opponent
being Lewis H. Gaus (Rep.), and Thos. Palmatier
(Gr. ) The Democratic plurality in 1881 was 2,456.

2d District. (10th, 11th, 14th, 16th and 17th wards
of the citv of Albany, and towns of Guilderland,
Knox and New Scotland.) WARREN S. KELLEY
(Dem.), of AlbanH Mr. K. was born at Warrens-
burgh, Warren county, N. Y., October 11, 1825. His
father, Roswell Kelley, was born at Oxford, Litch-
field county. Conn., in 1794, and resided in that town
and vicinity until about 1820, when he removed to
this State. Mr. Kelley was educated at Galway
Academv, Saratoga county, N. Y., and Troy Confer-
en ce Academy at Poulteney, Vt ., graduating from the
latter in 1845, studied with Hon. Rufus W. Peckham,
late Justice of the Supreme Court and a Judge of the
Court of Appeals, and was admitted to the bar in
September, 1850. During a portion of the time while
prosecuting his studies he taught school. He is now
engaged in the practice of law. He was a member
of the Board of Education of the city of Albany,
1864- , 65, and member of the Board of Public Instruc-
tion of the same citv, 1868-70. He was elected by
a pluralitv of 324, his opponents being Andrew S.
Draper (Rep.), and Morgan L. Filkins (Ind.). The
Democratic plurality in 1881 was 192. The district is
usually Republican by about 2,000 majority.

3d District. (4th, 5th, 6th. 7th, 12th, 13th and
part of the 9th ward of the city of Albany. ) ED-
WARD A. MAHER (Dem.), of Albany. Mr. M. was
born in Albany, May 20, 1848; educated in public
schools, and at State Normal school at Albany, 1861-
'64; was formerly a wholesale liquor dealer ; is man-
ager of the Albany Electric Illuminating Company;
has been Supervisor of the 4th ward of Albany from
1876 to the present time and President of the Board
since 1879; was clerk of the Supreme Court from
Januarv 1, 187S, to Mav 1, 1880; Deputy County Clerk
from May 1, 1880, to September 1, 1881, when he re-
signed. He was elected to the Assembly by a plu-
rality of 2,251, his opponents being Michael A. Mur-
phy (Ind.), and Charles S. Many (Rep.) The
Democratic majority in 1881 was 3,069.

4th District. (Part of the 9th ward of the city of
Albany, citv of Cohoes, and town of Watervliet. )
JOSEPH DELEHANTY (Dem. and Labor Reform),
of Cohoes. Mr. D. was born at Staley Bridge, Eng-
land, August 6, 1S45; educated in public schools in
England ; has been a cotton mule spinner and is a
canvasser. He held the office of School Commis-
sioner in 1881, and was elected to the Assembly by a
majority of 988 over George H. Fitts (Rep.) The
Republican plurality in 1881 was 25.

* The full vote for Members of Assembly in 1882 is
given on pages 80 and 81.

WALTER H. BUNN (Dem.), Clerk.
Allegany County.

Population, in 1865, 40,285 ; in 1875, 41,721.
CHARLES S. HALL (Rep.), of Almond. Mr. H.
was born at Dansville, Livingston county, November
27, 1833, and is a grandson of Gen. Amos Hall, of
West Bloomfield, N. Y. He was educated in com-
mon school and at West Bloomfield Academy, in
Ontario county. During his youth he worked on a
farm and attended store. He was a merchant at
Dansville, N. Y., from I860 to 1867, and since then
has been in business at Almond. He has always
been a Republican ; was Town Clerk, 1856-'58 ; super-
visor of Almond, 1877-79, being chairman the latter
year ; delegate to the State conventions of 1879, '80 ;
and commissioner of the town of North Danville,
Livingston county, during the war to fill the quota
of that town. He was elected to the Assembly by a
plurality of 825, his opponents being James M. Curtis
(Dem.), Daniel B. Sill (Pro.), and Reuben Carroll
(Gr.) The Republican plurality in 1881 was 2,109.
The Republican vote in 1882 was largely reduced by
the efforts of the Prohibitionists.

Broome County.

Population, in 1865, 35,933 ; in 1875, 47,913.

hamton. Mr. B. was born at Conklin, Broome
county, October 19, 1843; educated in common
schools, Binghamton Academy and Susquehanna
Seminary ; has been a farmer and temperance lec-
turer ; was sheriff of Broome county, 1879, '81 ; is
Commander of Wallace Dwight Post, No. 250, G. A.
R., and is a prominent member of the I. O. of G. T.
He enlisted in April, 1861, as a private in the Twenty-
seventh N. Y. Vols., and served in the TWenty-
seventh. Eighty-ninth and One Hundred and Twenty^
first N. Y. vols. He was twice bi-evetted for gallant
conduct in battle, and was discharged at the close of
the war. He was shot through the body at White
Oak Road, Va. He was elected to the Assembly by
a majority of 26 over Orrin Holden (Rep.) The
Democratic majority in 1881 was 209. Mr. Bartle
was the only Democrat elected in the county last

Cattaraugus County.
Population, in 1865, 42,205 ; in 1875, 48,477.

CHARLES S. CARY (Dem.), of Olean. Mr. C.
was born at Hornellsville, N. Y., November 25, 1827 ;
educated at Alfred Academy and National Law
School at Ballston, N. Y.; and has practiced law at
Olean for the past, thirtv-two years. He was formerly
a Republican ; was Commissioner of the Board of
Enrollment for the Thirty-second Congressional dis-
trict, and was elected to the Assembly by a plurality
of 127, his opponents beinglElishaM. Johnson (Rep.),
who was elected in 1881 by a majority of 889, Urban
Prescott (Gr. ) and R. Follett (Prb.) In his canvass
he overcame a majority of 900 in the district, and
received 280 majority in Olean against 268 majority
for his opponent the previous year.

2d District. (Towns of Carrollton, Cold Spring,
Conewango, Davton, East Otto. Great Vallev, Leon,
Little Valley, Mansfield, Napoli, New Albion, Otto,
Perrysburgh. Persia, Randolph. Red House, Sala-
manca, and South Valley.) ELISHA R. SCHOON-
MAKER (Rep.), of Limestone. Mr. S. was born at
Fallsburgh, Sullivan county, July 21, 1839. He left
his father's farm when 15 years old to accept a clerk-
ship in a store in his own town, and remained there
until 1862, when he removed to Ellenville, "Ulster
county, N. Y., where he was a clerk in a dry goods

Evening Journal Almanac, 1883.


house until 1865. He then went to Kingston, N. Y.
to accept a situation in a wholesale boot and shoe
house as traveling agent or salesman ; traveled until
1868, when he engaged in the lumbering and real es-
tate business at Limestone. He has always been a
Republican ; has been President of the Board of Ed-
ucation of Limestone Union Free School and Acad-
emy for the last seven years, and President of Lime-
stone village for the last four years. He was a
member of the last House, serving on the Committees
on Charitable and Beligious Societies and Indian
Affairs, and re-elected by a plurality of 466, his
opponents being Edwin S. Griswold (Dem.), David
Huntington (Gr. ) and Randolph Worthington (Pro.)
His majority in 1881 was 806.

Cayuga County.

Population, in 1S65, 55,730 ; in 1875, 61,213.

1st District. (Towns of Brutus, Cato, Conquest,
Ira, Mentz, Montezuma, Sennett, Sterling, Throop,
and Victory, and the 1st, 2d, 5th, 6th and 10th wards
of Auburn.) JOSIAH H. HAMILTON (Dem.), of
Weedsport. Mr. H. was born in Cato, Cayuga
county, January 4, 1831 ; educated in common schools
an I Weedsport Union School, is a farmer; was a
Republican previous to 1872 ; and was elected to the
Assembly by aplurality of 439, his opponents being
Chauncey J. Wethey (Rep.), "Wm. Halstead (Gr. )
and Wm. II. Root (Pro.) The Republican plurality
in 1881 was 412.

2d District. (Towns of Aurelius, Fleming, Genoa,
Ledyard, Locke, Moravia, Niles, Owasco, Scipio,
Senipronious, Springport, Summer Hill and Venice,
and the 3d, 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th wards of Auburn.)
WILLIAM HOWLAND (Rep. ), of Sherwood. Mr.
H. was born of Quaker parentage at Sherwood,
November 5, 1823. His father, Slocum Howland,
was among the first of the old-line Abolitionists, and
well known as a friend to the colored people during
the.days of slavery, his house being one of the stations
for fugitive slaves on the line of the " Underground
railroad. " He was also one of the principal business
men in southern Cayuga county. William Howland
was educated in academy at Nine Partners, Dutchess
county, Cayuga Academy, Aurora, and Poplar
Ridge Seminary ; is a merchant ; has been School
Trustee for the past twenty years, and Justice of the
Peace for fourteen years ; was a delegate to the Re-
publican State Convention in 1881, and was elected
to the Assembly by a plurality of 330, his opponents
being Manville E. Kenyon (Dem.), Joel Corwin (Gr.),
and Sidnev Mosher (Pro.) The Republican plu-
rality in 1881 was 702. Mr. Howland's large major-
ity, considering the demoralization of the party
canvass, was attributed to the heavy Irish vote cast
for him in his own and adjoining towns.

Chautauqua County.

Population, in 1865, 54,837 ; in 1875, 64,869.

1st District. (Towns of Busti, Chautauqua, Cly-
mer, Ellery, French Creek, Harmony, Mina, Port-
land, Ripley, Sherman, Stockton and Westfield.)
CHARLES H. CORBETT (Dem.), of Sherman.
Mr. C. was born in the town of Mina, Chautauqua
county, October 5, 1845, and was educated in district
schools, Westfield Academy (1865), and Eastmans
Business College, Poughkeepsie, graduating from the
latter in 1866. During his early days he worked on a
farm, and is now a merchant, being a member of the
firm of Hart & Corbett. He has always been a
Democrat ; was elected supervisor in February last,
defeating Hon. A. B. Sheldon by a majority of 16,
and was elected to the Assembly by a plurality of
986, his opponents being Phin M. Miller (Rep.), A.
Bullock (Gr.), and S. Brownell (Pro.) The Repub-
lican plurality in 1881 was 36.

2d District. (Towns of Arkwright, Carroll, Char-
lotte, Cherry Creek, Dunkirk, Ellicott, Ellington,
Gerry, Hanover, Kiantone, Poland, Pomfret, Sheri-
den and Villenova.) OSCAR F. PRICE (Rep.), of
Jamestown. Mr. P. was born at Jamestown Sep-
tember 11, 1840 ; educated at Jamestown Academy
previous to 1S60, and Randolph Academy, 1860-'61 ;

read law two years ; has for the past ten years been
largely engaged in real estate transactions in James-
town, having erected sixty-five houses ; was Trustee
of the village of Jamestown four years ; President of
the village, 1880-'81 ; Justice of the Peace since 1865,
and was elected to the Assemblv bv a plurality of
1,031, his opponents being Wm. M. Lester (Dem.),
R. V. Love (Gr.), and J. A. Mixer (Pro.) The
Republican plurality in 1881 was 423.

Chemung County.

Population, in 1865, 31, 923 ; in 1875, 41, 879.
mira (108 East Water street.) Mr. O'C. was
born in Ireland, December 25, 1844, and is a lineal de-
scendant of the old O'Connor family of the South of
Ireland, whose history runs back several hundred
years. He attended the public and private schools
at Whitby, Ont., from infancy until 1865, standing at
the head of his class in the public examination held
before the Board of Arts of Upper Canada in 1864 ; is
a dealer in real estate, and wholesale dealer in wines
and liquors. He was the first City Chamberlain ol
Elmira, and held the office during 1876, 1877 and 1878,
and handled nearly $1,000,000 of monev in that time.
He participated in the Land League Convention held
in Buffalo in January, 1881, and also in the Chicago
Land League Convention, held in McCormick's Hall
December 1 and 2, 1881, being the first in starting a
subscription of $25, 000 for Ireland, giving $500 and
raising $30,000 before adjourning. He was elected to
the Assembly by a plurality of 550, his opponents be-
ing Webster J. Cole (Rep. ), Wm. Edminster (Gr.)
and Chauncev N. Shipman (Pro.) The Democratic
plurality in 1881 was 464.

Chenango County.

Population, in 1865, 38, 360 ; in 1875, 39,937.
SILAS W. BERRY (Rep.).of East Pharsalia. Mr.

B. was horn in Pharsalia, February 14, 1847 ; edu-
cated at common schools ; taught school winters
during early life ; is a farmer ; voted the Liberal Re-
publican ticket in 1872 ; was Superintendent of Poor,
1874-77 ; was a member of the last House, serving on
the committees on Public Education and Public
Lands ; and was re-elected by a plurality of 299, his
opponents being Hamilton Phelps (Dem.), David B.
Fitch (Gr.) and Eli M. Shay (Pro. ) His plurality in
1881 was 155.

Clinton County.

Population, in 1865, 45,713 ; in 1875, 49,761.
BENJAMIN D.CLAPP (Rep. ), of Keeseville. Mr.

C. was born in North Argyle, Washington county,
January 12, 1838, and was educated at common Argyle Academy and at Fort Edward Sem-
inary and Collegiate Institute. During fifteen years
he was a bank officer, being seven years in the Na-
tional Bank at Fort Edward, and eight years cashier
of the Vilas National Bank at Plattsburgh. fsince
April, 1871, he has been a hardware merchant. He
has always been a Republican ; was Supervisor of
Chesterfield, Essex county. 1873, '74 ; President of
the village of Keeseville in 1880 ; present Supervisor
of Ausable, Clinton county ; member of Assembly
from Essex county, 1877, '78, serving in 1877 on the
committees on Banks and Public Printing; and in
1878 as Chairman of Banks and member of Insurance
and Public Lands. He w r as also a member of the
last House, representing Clinton county, and serving
on the committees on Banks and State Prisons, and

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