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(Oneida county. Population, 113,967.)
HENRY J. COGGESHALL (Rep.)„of Waterville.
Mr. C. was born at Waterville, Oneida county, N.Il.,
April 28, 1845. His early education was obtained ai
the seminary in his native village, from which he
graduated in 1862. Soon after his graduation he began
the study of law with E. H. Lamb. Esq. . at ^^ ater-
ville. was admitted to the bar in 1866, and has since
practiced law in Waterville. He was Assistant
District-Attorney of Oneida countj', 1869-'72: and
County Clerk, 1879-"82. He possesses wide repute as
a speaker and lecturer. He was a member of Assem-
bly in 1873, serving on the Committees on Judiciary
and Manufacture of Salt ; and was elected to the Sen-

13 i

Evening Journal Almanac, 1885.


ate by a plurality of 1,985, his opponents being Thos.
E. Kinney (Dem.) and Moses E. Dunham (Gr. ) The
Democratic plurality In ISSl was 794. In the Assem-
bly of 1873, he was an earnest advocate of the act
making the 30th of May a legal holiday.

T went} -third District.

(Counties of Herkimer, Madison and Otsego. Popu-
lation, 133,997.)

ANDREW DAVIDSON (Rep. ), of Cooperstown.
Mr. D. was born at Marebottle, Roxburyshire, Scot-
land, February 12, 1840, and came to this country with
his parents in 1846. His grandfather was one of the
" Border Poets " of Scotland, and published several
editions of his works. He was educated at the dis-
trict schools and Cooperstown Seminary, 1860-'62.
He was formerly a teacher, a merchant lor four years,
and a lawyer from 1873 until 1874, when he purchased
one-half interest in the Otsego Republican, of which
he is now editor. He enlisted in Co. E, 121st N. Y,
A^ols., in August, 1862, as a private, and was promoted
to Sergeant and Sergeant-Major in 1863, In Feb-
ruary, 1864, he was commissioned First Lieutenant
in the 30th U. S. Colored Troops ; and in April, 1864,
he was appointed Adjutant of the.Regiment. 'He was
aide-de-camp on the staff of Gen. Dele van Bates, and
subsequently Acting Adjutant-General, with rank of
Captain, on the staff of Gen. Paine, commanding the
Eastern District of North Carolina. He was engaged
in the battles of Crampton's Gap, Salem Heights,
Rappahannock Station, Fredericksburg, Mine Run,
Petersburg, Petersburg Mine Explosion, Hatcher's
Run. Fort Fisher, N. C, and Sugar Loaf Hill, N. C.
He was wounded through both legs at Salem Heights,
May 3, 1863, Jn the hand at Hatcher's Run, and in the
face at Petersburg mine explosion. He has always
been a Republican ; was Chairman of the Republican
County Committee, 1875-83, and was elected to the
Senate by a plurality of 248, his opponents being
Clinton Beckwith (Dem.) and Joseph W. Bruce
(Gr. ) The Republican plurality in 1881 was 3,199.

Twenty-fourth District.

(Counties of Broome, Chenango and Delaware.
Population, 129,999. )

EDWARD B. THOMAS (Rep.), of Norwich, Che-
nango county. Mr. T. was born at Cortland, Cort-
land county, N. Y., August 4, 1848; educated at
Cortlaud Academy, 1865, and Yale College, 1866-70 ;
was admitted to the bar in 1870, and has since prac-
ticed the legal profession. He was a member of the
last Senate, serving on the Committees on Judiciary,
Miscellaneous Corporations, Public Buildings and
Joint Library, and was re-elected by a majority of
2,808 over John Rankin (Dem.) His plurality in
1881 was 4,157.

Twenty-fifth District.

(Counties of Cortland and Onondaga. Population,

DENNIS MCCARTHY (Rep.), of SjTacuse. Mr.
M. was born in Syracuse, March 19, 1814. His father
came from Blarney Castle, Ireland, and his mother
from Plymouth Rock, Mass. He received a com-
mon school and academic education, the latter at
Onondaga Academy and Yates Polytechnic Insti-
tute: has been engaged in the manufacture of salt,
and is now in mercantile business. He was formerly
a Free Soil Democrat; was a member of the Fortieth
Congress, in which he served on the VV'ays and
Means Committee, and advocated a tariff for the
protection of American industry ; member of
Assembly in 1846, and Mayor of Syracuse in 1853.
He was elected to the Senate of 1876, '77, by a plu-
rality of 3,397.serving as Chairman of the Commit-
tees on Literature and Privileges and Elections, and
member of Finance. In the Senate of 1878, '79, to
which he was elected by a plurality of 3,574, he
served as Chairman of the Committee on Canals,
and member of Finance and Cities. He was elected
to the Senate of 1880, '81, bv a plurality of 5,953, serv-


ing as Chairman of Finance, and member of Canal
and Salt, and. to that of 1882, '83, by a plurality o
3,417, serving on the Committees on Finance, Cities
Canals and Manufacture of Salt. He was elected td
the present Senate by a plurality of 1,606, his oppo
nents being Milton H. Northrup (Dem.) and Wilfre-
W. Porter (Gr.) He was chosen President pro tern
pore by the Republican majority, and on the acces
sion of Lieutenant-Governor Hill to the Governor
ship became President of the Senate. |

Twenty-sixth District. '

(Counties of Cavuga, Seneca, Tioga and Tompkinsj
Population, 1.53,171.) ^

EDWARD S. ESTY (Rep.), of Ithaca, Tompkins/ ,
county. Mr. E. was born at Ithaca, July 17, 1824..
His paternal grandmother was Sally Winslow Wil J
lianis, a direct descendant of Pilgrim ancestry!
His paternal grandfather came from the Estys oi
Salem, Mass. His mother was of Holland descent
and came from New Brunswick, N. J. He was edu '
cated in the academy and schools at Ithaca. Beside'^
being engaged in farming, he is a member of tht>
firm of E. S. Esty & Sons, operating extensive tan
neries at Ithaca, and is Vice-President of the Firt. .
National Bank of Ithaca, of which he was one of th.
original incorporators. He has been for several yeiii I
a trustee of the Cornell Library, has been Presi
dent of the Ithaca Board of Education since the e
tablishment of the present gi-aded school systen.i
and the recent erection of a high school edifice ats \
cost of $50,000 was mainly at his suggestion. He wj!
also a trustee and treasurer of the old Ithaca Acaci
emy, and was the first chief engineer of the Itha^
fire department in its present fomi, and framed thV
laws by which it is governed. In politics he wa;;
formerly an old line Whig, but he has been a Repubij
lican since the party was organized. He was a men |i[
ber of the Assembly in 1858, to which he was elect^ 11
on a local issue arising out of the flooding of the v. Ijj
lage of Ithaca by the [aqueduct bridges at the outl v}
of Cayuga lake, and he succeeded in securing tl .-
passage of an act stipulating on the part of the Stai I ■
that the M'ater of the lakes should be raised no high^ |> j
by reason of any public works across the outlet, an V\
providing for an appropriation of |30,000for that pi'' ^■
pose, which sum was squandered, however, in u^
balanced bids. This was the onlj' appropriation :
the year which passed both houses without a di
senting vote. In that Assembly Mr. Esty incurrtl
the ill win of the Speaker, and his only commit t si
designation was on the Committee on Grievancfi I
but during the session he was placed on some seled
committees, among which was the committee to i/
vestigate the affairs of the Commissioners of Eni'j ^
gration, which held over and reported to the r\eh
legislature. He was elected to the Senate by a pu
rality of 1,.590, his opponents being Josiah T. Milj:
(Dem.) and Thomas Jones (Gr.) The Republic)
plurality in 1881 was 4,270.

Twenty-Seventh District.

and Steube

(Counties of Allegany. Chemung
Population, 157,523.)

J. SLOAT FASSETT (Rep.), of Elmira. Mr.
was born in Elmira, November 13, 1853. He w
educated at the Grammar and High School of !^
mira, and Rochester University, 1871-'75, taking t
senior prize for the best essay. He is a lawyer, ai
was appointed District-Attorney of Chemung coun
in 1879, in plate of A. Robertson, resigned, a',
served one yean He is also a trustee of Cook Aca
emy and Secretary of the Board of Trustees of \
mira College. He was elected to the Senate bji
plurality of 2,301, his opponents being George Far
ham (Dem.), Alonzo H. Lewis (<ir.) and Daniel .
Sill (Pro.) The Republican plurality in 1881 Wg^
3,651. Mr. F. 's majority in Chemung county, whiv-t
is usually 200 to 300 Democratic, was 1,114. He rfei
ahead of the State ticket in the entire district, m,
withstanding the large Prohibition vote. 'i


Evening Journal Almanac, 1885.


L. V Twenty-eighth District.

A'V'ities of Ontario, Schuyler, Wayne and Yates.
Te *> Population, 136, 226 J

THOMAS ROBINSON (Rep. ), of Clyde, Wayne
f ounty. Mr. R. was born in Rose, Wayne county,
fi. Y., December 14, 1S37. He was educated at Red
Oreek Union Academy and Falley Seminary, lS56-'59.
He was formerly a teacher, and is now a lawyer, and
was School Commissioner from January 1, 1661, until
1369. He has always been a Republican, and was
(elected to the Senate by a majority of 2,693 over
Wm. C. Sworts (Dem.) The Republican plurality
in 1881 was 5,123.

Twenty-ulnth District.

i r'ounties of Monroe and Orleans. Population,

^^HARLES S BAKER(Rep.). of Rochester. Mr.
ii^was born in ChurchvUle, Monroe county, Febru-
iC; 18,1839. His father, James Baker, came from
H-Q/land in 1830, and his mother was a native of
>K(31sdale, Columbia county. He was educated at
aJispiict schools and at home, at Gary Collegiate
{Seminary, Genesee county, and at Genesee Wesleyan
eminary, Lima. He was formerly a teacher in
[Common schools ; was admitted to the bar December
1860, and is a lawj'er. He has alwaj's been a Re-
ublican ; was three years a member of the Monroe
ounty Board of Supeiwisors, and two years a mem-
er of the Rochester Board of Education, being its
resident the second year. He enlisted at the open-
ng of the war of rebellion ; was commissioned First
" ieutenant of Company E, 27th Regiment, N. Y.
ols.. Col. H. W. Slocum, May 21, 1861, and par-
icipated in the First Bull Run battle, but was dis-
bled from further service by hernia, and resigned
larch 12, 1862. He was a member of Assembly in
S79, serving as Chairman of the Committee on
'rivileges and Elections, and member of Insurance

■ <iid the Special Committee on Railroads ; in 1880,
i^-Tving as Chairman of Insurance and member of

Jities, Civil Divisions and Special Committee on
_ iailroads ; and in 1882, serving on the Committee on
\llailroads. He was elected to the Senate by a plu-
rality of 1,846, his opponents being William H. Ben-
; Umin (Dem.) and William B. Hunt (Gr.) The Re-

vublican plurality in 1881 was 232.

' Tliirtletli District.

ounties of Genesee, Livingston, Niagara and Wy-
oming. Population, 153.614.)

, ,ockport. Mr. E. was born at East Windsor, Hart-

■ ,t<rd county, Conn., September 21, 1836, andis of New
jpglani ancestr.v, his father from Connecticut, and
>,is mother from Rhode Island. He was educated
L;. Rochester University, graduating in 1857; was
qimitted to the bar in 1858, and has since practiced
I' ' w. He was United States Collector of Customs at
'::;uspension Bridge, N. Y. , from 1870 to 1878. In the

ummer of 1861 he raised a company of volunteers
t Lockport and became its Captain. It was at-
iched to the Seventh Regiment, New York Volun-
_ 'er Cavalry, and was disbanded in the spring of 1862,
•,[e continued in the army as additional aide-de-
^mp with rank of Captain and Major by brevet,
lentil September, 1865, when he was discharged. He
l,as at the Chancellorsville and Gettysburg battles,
(n the staff of Gen. Jam^s S. Wadsworth, and after


that oflacer's death he served under the orders of
the Adjutant-General of thfe army on detached duty.
He was a member of the last Senate, serving on the
Committees on Judiciary, Commerce and Navigation
and Militia ; and was re-elected by a plurality of
3,661, his opponents being Frank H. Martin (Dem.)
and William W. Porter (Gr.^ His plurality in 1881
was 4,175.

Thirty-first District.

(County of Erie. Population, 199,570.)

ROBERT C. TITUS (Dem.), of Buffalo. Mr. T.
was born at Eden, Erie county, October 24, 1839 ; was
educated in common schools, and at Oberlin College,
Ohio, 1859, '60 ; is a lawyer ; has always been a Dem-
ocrat; was District- Attorney, 1878-'80; member of the
Erie Jioard of Supervisors four years ; and Special
Deputy County Clerk, 1865, '66. He served in the
war of the Rebellion as Captain in the Ninety-eighth
Regiment, N. G., being called into service August
10, 1864, and discharged Decembei 22, 1864. He was
a member of the last Senate, serving as Chairman
of the Committees on Manufactures and Poor Laws,
and member of Canals, Insurance and Agriculture,
and was re-elected by a plurality of 923, his oppo-
nents being Daniel H. McMillan (Rep.) and H. C.
White (Gr. ) His plurality in 1881 was 5,588.

Tliirty-second District.

(Counties of Cattaraugus and Chautauqua. Popu-
lation, 113,346.)

COMMODORE P. VEDDER (Rep.), of Ellicott-
ville. Mr. V was born at Ellicottville, February
23, 1838. He attended the Springville Academy,
1859-'61; is a lawyer and has been a farmer, sailor,
schoolmaster and soldier. He was a Democrat until
the tiring upon Fort Sumter ; enlisted as a private in
the 154th N. Y. Vols., in August. 1862; remained
therein until the close of the war ; promoted 1st
Lieutenant, Captain.and Brevet-Major, U. S. A., for
gallant and meritorious services at Lookout Moun-
tain, and Lieut. -Col. for gallant conduct in the cam-
paign to Atlanta. He was in the battles of Chan-
cellorsville, Wauhatchie, Lookout Valley, Lookout
Mountain or Chattanooga, Rocky-faced Ridge, Siege
of Savannah, with Sherman in his march to the sea,
and through the Carolinas and Bentonville, and also
served two weeks in Libby prison. He was Register
in Bankruptcy from 1867 to 1675, when he resigned;
was Assessor of Internal Revenue from May 10,
1869. until May 4, 1871 ; was a member of the As-
sembly in 1872, '73, '74, '75, serving the first year on
the Committees on Judiciary and Two-thirds and
Three- Fifths Bills, and Chairman of the Committee
to dratt Articles of Impeachment against Judge
Barnard, acting as manager of the subsequent trial
of that official. In 1873 he was Chairman of Civil
Divisions and member of Judiciary. In 1874, he
was Chairman of Privileges and Elections and Local
and Special Laws, and member of Judiciary and
Canals. In 1875, he was a member of Judiciary and
Indian Affairs. He was appointed State Assessor
March 9, 1680, and served until March, 1883. Was a
member of the Senate in 1876, 77. serving as Chair-
man of Indian Affairs and Internal Affairs of Towns
and Counties, and member of State Prisons ; and
was elected to the present Senate by a plurality of
3,708, his opponents being Chas. E. Weeks (Dem.)
and Samuel Merrick (Gr.) The Republican plu-
rality in 1881 was .^,554,


Republicans 19

Democi-ats , 10

Tammany Democrats 3

Total = , 32



Evening Journal Aliianac, 1885.


The Assembly consists of 128 Members, elected annually by single districts. Each county has at least
one Member. They receive a compensation of $1,500 per annum, and also $1 for every ten miles traveled
in going to or returning from the place of meeting once In each session. In case they serve as managers of
an impeachment, they are entitled to an allowance of $10 per diem additional. Their officers are chosen at
the opening of the session.

GEORGE Z. ERWIN, of St, Lawrence (Rep.), Speaker.
CHARLES A CHICKERING, of Lewis (Rep.), Clerk. HENRY E. ABELL, (Rep.), Assistant Clerk.

EDWARD H. TALBOTT of Essex (Rep.). Sergeant-at-Arms.
EMORY P. CLOSE, of Erie (Rep.), Stenographer. MICHAEL MAHER, of Orange (Rep.), Doorkeeper.


Albany County.

Population, in 1865, 115,524 ; in 1875, 147,530.
1st District. (1st, 2d, 3d and 15th wards of the city
of Albany, and towns of Bethlehem, Berne, Coey-
mans. Rensselaerville and Westerlo.) STEPHEN
H. NILES (,Dem.), of Coeymans. Mr. N. was born
at Coeymans, Mav 29, 1843 ; educated by Prof. An-
thony of Albany, N. Y., and Prof. McKeis of Coey-
mans ; was formerly engaged in freighting between
New Baltimore and New York, and is now in the
coal and lumber business at Coeymans. He was
elected to the Assembly by a plurality of 1.154*, his
opponents being John J. Hopkins (Rep.). George E.
Shultes (Pro.) and Van Deuseu (Gr.) The Repub-
lican majority in 1S83 was 401.

2d District. (10th, 11th, 14th, 16th and 17th wards
of the citv of Albany, and towns of Guilderland,
Knox and New Scotland. ) LANSING HOT ALINGf
(Rep), of Albany (74 State street). Mr. H. was
born in Albanv, April 17, 1839. He attended the pub-
lic schools at Albany, the Seminary at Charlotteville,
N. Y., and graduated at the State Normal School in
the class of 1856. He commenced the study of the
law in the office of Hon. 0. M. Hungerford, at Al-
bans', in September, 1857, and was admitted to the
bar at the General Term held at Albany in May, 1859
He remained in the office of Mr. Hungerford until
Januarv 1, 1861, when he entered into partnership
with Mr. Hungerford, continuing in that relation
till the present time, the firm having removed in
1863 to their present offices. He was elected District
Attorney of Albany county in 1877 by a majority of
over 1,200. He has been a director of the Albany
County Bank and trustee of the Albany County Sav-
ings Bank since 1875. He was elected to the Assem-
bly by a plurality of 1,727, his opponents being Fran-
cis Freckleton (Dem. ) and Sanford Albright (Pro. )
The Republican majority in 18^3 was 709, He was
never a candidate for any office except as above
until his election to the present Assembly, and was
agreed upon as a candidate for that place on Satur-
day preceding the election, when the two republi-
can candidates then running in his district with-

3d District. (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th and
part of the 9th ward of the city of Albany.) PAT-
RICK MURRAY (Dem.), of Albany (176 Orange
street). Mr, M. was born in Ireland, March 17,
1840 ; educated in the public schools of Albany, and
is a builder. He served one hundred days in the
army, during the war, with the 25th Regiment, N.
G. S. N- Y., but was engaged in no battles. He was
elected to the Assembly by a plurality of , his op-
ponents being Michael J. Fenton (Rep.), Wm. H.
Coughlin (Gr.) and George A. Kerr (Pro.) The
Democratic majority in 1883 was 1,105.

4th District. (Part of the 9th ward of the city of
Albany, city of Cohoes, and town of Watervliet.)
West Trov. Mr. H. was born at West Troy, De-
cember 5, 1852 ; educated at the public schools of
Troy and West Troy; was formerly a clerk, and is
now an editor. He is also clerk in the United States
Arsenal at West Troy. He has always been a Dem-

* The full vote for Members of Assembly i3 given
on pages 82, 8^.

ocrat, and was elected to the Assembly by a plural-
ity of 596, his opponents being James Forsyth, jr.
(Rep.), who was elected to the last House by a plu-
rality of 28, John McCreary (People's) and David
White (Pro.)

Allegany County.

Population, in 1865, 40,285; in 1875, 41,271.
ville, Mr, M. was born at Mumford, Monroe
county, N. Y., May 30, 1851, of Scotch and Scotch-
Irish ancestry ; educated at the common schools,
and is a manufacturer. He has always been a Re-
publican; was Trustee of the village of Wellsville
one vear, and Supervisor of the town of Wellsville
in 1880, '81 . He was elected to the Assembly by a
plurality of 3,582, his opponents being Seth H. Tracy
(Dem.), A. J. Appleby (Pro.) and J. B. Bradley
(Gr.) The Republican plurality in 1883 was 1,405.

Broome County.

Population, in 1865, 35,933 ; in 1875, 47,913.

WILLIAM H. OLIN (Rep.), of Binghamton.
Mr, 0. was born at Laurens, Otsego county, N. Y.,
January 5, 1821 ; educated at the common schools of
Laurens, and Oneida Conference Seminary ; was for-
merly a lawyer and teacher, being admitted to the bar
at the July term, 1844. He entered the ministry in
1851, Joining the Oneida Annual Conference ; and is
now a member of the Wyoming Annual Conference.
He represented the Oneida Conference at the General
Conferencesof 1860, '64 and '68, and the Wyoming Con-
ference at the General Conferences of 1872, '76, '80 and
'84 ; served on the General Missionary Committee
from 1868 to 1872, and from 1880 to 1884: is now a
member of the Book Committee of the M. E.
Church, Trustee of Syracuse University, and Pre-
siding Elder of the Binghamton District. He was a
Whig until 1856, and has since been a Republican ;
was a member of the last House, serving on the
Committees on Internal Affairs, Charitable and Re-
ligious Societies, State Charitable Institutions and
Special Committee to investigate the Utica Limatic
Asylum ; and was re-elected by a plurality of 1,107
his opponents being Benlamin N. Loomis (Dem.)
and Thomas Owen (Pro.) His majority in 1883
was 350.

Cattaraugus County.

Population, 1865, 42,205 ; In 1875, 48,477.

1st District. (Towns of Allegany, Ashford, Elli-
cottsville, Farmersville, Franklinville, Freedom,
Hinsdale, Humphrey, Ischua, Lyndon, Machias,
Clean, Portsville and Yorkshire.) FREDERICK
WILLIAM KRUSE (Rep.), of Clean. Mr. K. was
born in Germany, June 25,' 1852, and came to tb-'-^
country in 1853, with his parents, who settled nf"<^
Buffalo, N. Y,, where he lived until he was thlrtel,^'-
years of age. He then left home, working on a fa|^i-
summers and going to school winters, until 18{' ^
when he had earned money enough to enter t^-
Griffith Institute at Springville, N. Y. He attenof .
this school winters until 1874, when he commenia?
to study law. He was admitted to the bar In Ijl-n
and has since practiced law, having been in partrjir
ship with A. J, Knight, Esq.. at Arcade, N. Y ,}■
the past three years. He has been Clerk and Ati
ney of the village of Glean since 1881. He wa.



Evening Journal Almanac, 1885.


I menaber of thelast House,serving on the Committers
on General Laws, Federal Relations, Afifairs of A'il-
lages and the Special Armory Investigating Com-
mittee ; and was re-elected by a plurality of 330, his
opponents bemg Wm. A, Dav (Dem.), ^Nathan F.
Weed (Pro.) and Jesse E. K. Button (Gr.) His
plurality in 1883 was 458.

2d Distriot. (Towns of Carrollton, CoM Spring,
Conewango, Dayton, East Otto, Great Valley. Leon,
Little Valley, Mansfield. Napoli, NfW Albion, Otto,
Perrysburgh, Persia, Randolph, Red House, Sala-
manca and South Valley.) EUGENE A. NASH
(Rep.), of Little Valley. Mr. N. was born at Han-
over, Chautauqua countj% N. Y., March 28, 1837, and
is of English ancestry on his father's and Scotch on
his mother's side. He was graduated at Albion Acad-
emy, 1858, Alfred University, 1860, and Albany Law
School, 1861, and is a lawyer; was formerly a farmer,
and was a teacher of common school two terms, and
Albion (Wis.) Academy, one year. He has always
been a Republican, and served twelve terms in the
Cattaraugus Board of Supervisors, and one term as
County Clerk, 1874-'76. He enlisted in the 44th Regi-
ment, N. Y. Vols., Aug. 8, 1861. was promoted to
Second Lieutenant, then Captain and Adjutant, and
afterward commissioned Lieutenant-Colonel of U.
S. Colored Troops. He served three years, partici-
pating with the Army of the Potomac in the follow-
ing battles : Big Bethel, Siege of Yorktown„Hanover
Court House, White Oak Swamp. Malvern, second
Bull Run, Antietam, Shepherdstown Ford, Fred-
ericksburg, Chancellorsville, (Gettysburg, Jones Cross
Roads, Williamsburgh, Rappahannock Station, Mine
Run, Wilderness, Laurel Hill, Spotsylvania, North
Anna, and Bethesda Church, being wounded at Bull
Run and Bethesda Church. He was a member of the
last House, serving as Chairman of the Committee
on Indian Affairs, and member of Judiciary and
Militia; and was re-elected by a plurality of 884, his
opponents being David N. Brown (Dem.), Silas C.
Hall (Pro.) and D. S. Swan (Gr.) His plurality in
1883 was 221.

Cayuga County.

Population, in 1865, 55,730 ; in 1875, 61,213.

1st District. (Towns of Brutu'?, Cato, Conquest,
Ira, Mentz, Montezuma, Sennett, Sterling, Throop,
and Vlctorv, and the 1st, 2d, 5th, Gth and 10th wards
of Auburn.) WILLOUGHBY B. PRIDDY (Rep.),
of Spring Lake. Mr. P. was born at Westford, Ot-
sego county, N. Y., December 21, 1835. His father
was a Methodist minister, in straitened circum-
stances, a native of England. He was educated at
the district schools and by his own efforts at home;
attended the New York Central College at McGraw-

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