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1. An articulated metal tube, or protective covering
for submarine or land telegraph wires and other pur-
poses, being a continuous series of ball and socket
joints, or form of spine or vertebral column ; its
recommendations are, its simplicity, perfect protection
of the wires from injury, flexibility to enter into
aU unequal parts of groimd surface, strength and
cheapness of construction.

2. Model exhibiting an entirely new method, (by
means of vulcanized India rubber bags), of raising
sunk vessels, and other materials fi-om deep water.

3. Model of a vessel, with variety of screw pro-
pellers, made and experimented with in the year 1828,
invented by WiUiam M'Cririck, Gimsmith, Irvine.

599 a Yakborough, The Earl of, 17 Arlington St.
London. — Models of the bows and stems of ships
in Her Majesty's service, designed by Captain
Symonds, R.N. and presented by him to the late Earl
of Yarborough.

600 Dillon, A. G. 1 Up. Buckingham St. Dublin,
Inv. — ^An improved lanthorn for telegraphing orders
to the helmsman in steam vessels.

601 DwTER, M. Com. R.N. Samuel St. Woohvich,
Inv. and Prop. — Model and sections of a life boat

with expanding sides, which cannot be upset ; model
of a gun biig, showing a new plan of coppering ships'
bottoms ; section of steam ship, with unproved method
of hoisting and lowering the paddle box boats ; model
of horizontal propeller ; a bow section with relieving
bitts ; after body section ; new plan of hanging rudder,
and of steering, should the rudder-head be carried
away ; model of anchor for a 40 gun frigate ; model of
a boat v/ith a safety plug always ready.

602 Earron, G. Boat Builder, South Shields. —
Model of a boat.

603 Grantham, John, C.E. Liverpool, Des.^r-f'.
Model of the screw steamer "Eagle," built for Mr.
Dajgan, from designs by exhibitor — to ply between;
Newry and Liverpool.

604 MoxHAii, P. Granard, co. Longford, Inv. —
Model of steam-boat paddle wheel.

605 Grisdale, J. E. 2 Bloomsbury St. Holbom,
London, Inv. — Model of screw boat, with new form
of rudder,. {called a "balance rudder,") haying nearly
equal resisting surface on each side of its axis or
centre of motion ; boat stems, showing another appli-
cation of the balance rudder.

606 Healt, W. 96 Harcourt St. DubHn, Prop.—
Model of a steam-boat, showing by a simple contri-
vance of machinery a manner by which the oar of the
paddle-wheel can be made to feather, obviating the
evil effects of back water, and also by the turning of a
screw one paddle-wheel can be made to reverse its
paddle, causing the boat to tum on its own centre.

607 King, Harman, Hon. L. Newcastle,
Ballymahon, co. Longford, Inv. — Model of an
improved method of lowering boats from vessels in
cases of wreck, fire, &c.

608 HoDSMAN, J. 2 Banna Villa, Mount Pleasant
Avenue, Dublin, Manu. — Models of self-igniting sig-
nal light, for the rescue of shipwrecked seaman, ana
the self-protector pocket light.

609 JuDSON, Vincent, 8 Barrow-street, Dublin,
Des.— Yv^orking model of a steamer with an improved
screw propeller ; model of an American schooner yacht.

610 Dick, Maxwell. — Two lances used at the
Grand Tournament at Eglinton castle, in a tilting
match between the Earl of Eglinton and the Marquis
of Waterford.

611 Grant, C. W. Lieut. Col. Bombay Engineers,
Brunswick House, Great Malvern, Somersetshire, Des.
— Model of a wrought-iron bridge, adapted for rail-
ways in India.

612 Model cf a ship's gun, from the wood of thg


Royal George, turned by the late Robert O'Callaghan,
Newenham, Esq., who witnessed the awful event.
— Royal George sunk 1782 — raised 1841.

613 Whittojs', C. R. Esq. Mountjoy Sq. Dublin,
Prop. — Working model of a paddle marine steam

614 Mastchesteb, the Duke of, Tanderagee. —
Model of the "America," by Steers, of New York,
the builder of the vessel ; model of a famous Baltimore
schooner, showing the different style of building.

615 Kavanagh, W. & J. 12 Dame St. Dublin,
Manu. — Guns, pistols, and rifles.

616 Norton, Captain, Cork, Inv. — Models of
projectiles for militaiy operations, &c.

617 Redmond, J. 2 Donnybrook Road. — Model of
a boat.

618 RiGBT, AV. & J. 24 Suffolk St. Dublin,
Manu. — Staunchion gun, with improved plan of
ignition, &c. ; case of twin double guns, with extra
rifle, the locks, barrels, and triggers fitting either gun ;
single and double barrelled guns, rifles, and pistols,
with various improvements ; revolvers, for 6, 12, or
more shots, &c. ; specimens of gun barrels, rifled and
otherwise ; various parts of the gun, to illustrate the
several stages of the manufacture; gun and pistol

619 Richards, Westley, Birmingham, and 170
New Bond St. London, Manu. — Double barrelled guns
and rifle ; large single rifle for shooting wild animals ;
patent 5 shot revolving pistol, with one barrel ;
duelling pistols.

620 Robinson, G. & Co. Cork, Manu.— Models of
a ship of 1,000 tons, barque of 304 tons (now building),
schooner of 150 tons.

621 Rock, J. Hastings, Sussex, Prop, and Exhibi-

tor. — Model of Hastings fishing lugger. Obtained
prize medal at Great Exhibition of 1851.

622 Smith, H. 208 Rotherhithe, London, Des. and
Prop. — Model of a steam vessel, intended for river na-
vigation, (scale 5 in. to a foot).

623 Pollen, H. Sandymount. — Model of railway
signals for day and night.

624 White, Arthur. 34 Boot Lane, Dublin. —
Guns, pistols, percussion oaps, wadding, shot belts,
pouches, &c.

625 Millers & Thompson, Liverpool. — Model of
the clipper ship " Star of the East."

626 Teall, H. Ringsend, Dublin, Inv. and Des.
— Rotary steam engine ; models of marine steam en-
gine, yacht, life boat, a ship, a built mast and yard
for large ships.

626 a Ward, J. R. Inspector of Life Boats to the
Royal Institution for the Preservation of Lives from
Shipwreck, London. — "Life Belts."

627 Trulock, E. & Son, 9 Dawson Street, Dublin,
Manu. — Double and single barrelled guns, rifles, and
pistols, of various patterns and designs ; large boat
gun for shore shooting ; complete Indian outfit ; cen-
tripetal double-barrelled gun ; air-gun ; gun and rifle
barrels in the stages of manufacture ; gun and pistol
cases, &c.

627a Laird, John, Birkenhead. — Models of screw
and paddle steam ships of various sizes.

628 Walker, S. & Co. 12 Legge St. Birmingham,
Manu. — Percussion caps, for military and sporting use ;
patent metallic gun wadding, &c. ; metal lined caps,
and double waterproof caps.

628 a Matthew, John, 19 Valentine Ter. Green-
wich, Prop. — Model of "John Penn & Son's OscUlating
Marine Ensrines."


829 Rudolph, Rose, & Co. 38 Southampton St.
Strand, London, Manu. — Flutes.

630 Telford & Telford, St. Stephen's Gr. Dublin.
— Organ, built for the College of St. Peter, Radley,
Oxford, in solid oak Gothic cases ; the choir organ,
placed in front, the front pipes of pure tin, polished
and burnished ; three complete manuals from CC to G

in alt ; the pedal organ from CCC to G, two and
a-half octaves, six composition pedals, five copulee,
fifty stops ; the great organ, containing 1,146 pipes;
the swell organ, 1,003 ; the choir organ, 35(3 ; and the
pedal organ, 416 ; total, 2,921 pipes. (At the west
end of the central hall.)

631 Sang, J. Kirkaldy, Fifeshire, Inv. and Manu.



— Platometers, or self-acting calciilators of surface, tell-
ing the area of any figure, however irregular, on
carrying the tracer round the boundary.

632 Haggard, W. D. Bank of England, Inv. —
A double protractor for measuring angles and dis-
tance at the same time. (Registered).

633 Solomons, E. 19 Nassau St. DubHn, and 27
Old Bond St. London, Inv. and Manu. — Improved
sight preserving spectacles ; amber applied to spec-
tacles ; various specimens of lenses m their rough
state, and also in the different stages of manufacture ;
the organic vibrators for relief of deafness.

634 Brtson, J. M. 65 Princes St. Edinbiirgh,
Manu.— A series of Nicol's prisms and crystals for
the polarization of light.

635 Vivian, — Oxford. — Manu. — Self-registering
thermometer, hygrometer, Augeometer, pluviometer,
constructed for weekly observations.

635 a Phelan, W. T. 19 Heytesbury St. Dublin.
— Spectacles manufactured from Irish pebble found at
the island of AchUl ; specimens of the pebble from
which they are manufactm-ed ; a visometer for ascer-
taining the exact number of lens suitable for the eye.

636 Yeates, G. 2 Grafton St. Dublin, Manu. and
Prop.^ — Transit instrument ; improved transit theodo-
lites, levels, sextants, &c. ; Attwood's apparatus for
demonstrating the laws of accelerated motion ; standard
barometers ; station staves.

637 KiNGSLET, J. 4 Queen's Sq. Dublin, Inv. —
Model for registering the names of the members of the
House of Commons, the numbers polled at elections, &c.

638 MuRPHT, B. Slane, co. Meath, Inv. — An
improved instnnnent for cutting in the tailor trade.

639 Hall, G. F. 15 Norfolk St. Eitzroy Sq.
London, Inv. — A standard bar measurer and pyro-
meter, a philosophical apparatus for measuring minute
differences of length, also adapted for a pyrometer
to give to the millionth of an inch the ratio of expan-
sion of metals.

640 Dering, G. E. Lockleys, Welwyn, Hertford-
shire, Inv. — A pair of electric telegraph instruments,
with improvements — (patented).

641 Lyons, M. 143 Suffolk St. Bu-mingham, Inv.
and Prod. — Apparatus for bright electro and magneto
plating and gilding, with specimens illustrating the

642 Oertling, Ludwig, 13 Store St. London,
Manu. — A Balance, with agate knife edges, to carry
1 lb. in each pan, tiu-ning with the 100th part of a

643 Robinson, J. Polytechnic Museum, 65 Graf-
ton St. Dublin, Manu. and Imp. — Achromatic and
compound microscopes of various forms ; microscopic
preparations ; large astronomical and other telescopes ;
opera, race, and exhibition glasses ; stereoscopes of
vaiious forms, with diagrams and proofs ; cameras for
the daguerreotype, calotype, and collodion processes ;
various specimens of photography on paper and on
glass ; magic lanterns ; polyoramas, and other cuiious
optical and scientific toys ; cheap and effective air-
pumps ; models of electric telegraphs ; electro-mag-
netic machines, and galvanic batteries ; magnets ; ba-
rometers and thermometers ; gazogene apparatus for
making soda and other aerated waters ; vacuum coffee-
pots ; moderateur and gazogene lamps, with various
other applications of science to useful purposes ; opera-
glasses, stereoscopes and diagrams, &c. ; cameras for
the daguerreotype, calotype and collodion processes ;
magic lanterns, &c. ; polyoramas ; phenakisticopes ;
cylindrical mirrors ; air-pumps ; models of electric tele-
graphs ; electro magnetic machines ; galvanic batteries ;
magnet ; barometers and thermometers ; gazogene
apparatus for making soda and other aerated waters ;
vacuum coffee pots ; gazogene and other lamps, with
various other chemical and philosophical apparatus, &c.

644 Cox, G. 5 Barbican, London, Manu. — The
orthochronograph, a portable instrument for ascer-
taining correct time by equal altitudes of the sun ;
the periphan, illustrating astronomical phenomena ;
beam draining levels ; moveable rackwork astronomical
diagrams for the phantasmagoria lantern.

645 GoDDARD, J. T. 2 Jesse Cottage, Whitton,
near Isleworth, Middlesex, Manu. — An achromatic
5 feet telescope.

646 Spear, R. 28 College Gn. Dublin, Manu.—
Barometers, thermometers, hydrometers ; spectacle
cases ; ivory scales ; phantasmagoria lanterns ; optical
pillar ; magnetic sim dials ; eye glasses and spectacles,
mounted in gold, silver, &c. ; opera-glasses ; magni-
fying glasses ; condrometer ; pentagraph ; stereoscopes ;
sympiesometer ; microscopes ; telescopes ; ship com-
passes ; binnacles ; drawing instrmnents ; level ; theo-
dolite ; sextant ; quadi-ant ; with other philosophi-
cal instruments, &c.

647 Mayall, J. E. 224 Regent St. London.—
Views of the Great Exhibition of 1S51, and other
specimens of daguerreotype.

648 Allison, R. 108 Wardour St. London, Manu.
and Prop. — Exhibited by J. Scates, 26 College Gn.
Dublin. — Bichord grand pianoforte in rosewood •


microchordon pianofortes of rosewood and walnut

649 Weiss & Co. London. — Surgical instru-

650 Barker, R. 100 Lr. Leeson St. Dublin, Prop.
— Perspective views ; miniature flower stand.

651 Baxter, J. P. 49 Lr. Baggot St. In\^. and
Prop. — Stethescopes, with lateral tubes, containing a
fluid to increase the power of hearing.

652 Barter, R. St. Anne's Hill, Blarney, co.
Cork, Inv.- — Aparatus for applying cold water to the
head without wetting other parts of the person.

653 Beauford, R. 1 Sackville St. Dublin, Inv.
and Manu.— Lenses wdth accelerators ; Photographs.

654 Berthon, Rev. E. L. M.A. Fareham, Hants,
Inv. — Patent perpetual logs, an hydrostatic instru-
ment for indicating the speed of ships; clinometers
and other instruments for showing the trim and list of
ships; working model of a collapsible life boat,

655 Royal Dublin Society. — Models of Boyne
viaduct. Lord Rosse's telescojie; case of philosophical

656 Fannin & Co. 41 Grafton St. Dublin, Props.
— New aneurism compressors for the treatment of
aneurism by compression, as finally improved by A.
Carte, M.D. A.M. F.R.C.S.L

657 Bevan, p. M.D. 21 Lr. Baggot St. Dublin,
Inv. — A new rectilinear screw splint for fi'acture of
the thigh.

658 Bevington & Sons, 48 Greek St. Soho Sq.
London, Manu. — Church organ, in carved Gothic
case, with gilt speaking-pipes in front ; boudoir organ,
in carved cabinet rosewood case.

659 Blackwell, J. C. Queensferry Rd. Edin-
burgh, Inv. — The "dulcion," or portable seraphme,
a new musical instrument of remarkable sweetness
and power, in six different sizes.

659a Hodgson, Mrs. 122 Baggot St. Dublin.—
Stethotenist or chest expander,

660 Blunt, H. Shrewsbury, Prod. — Three draw-
ings of remarkable portions of the Moon's surface ;
from observations made with a Newtonian reflecting
telescope, of 9 in. aperture, 7 feet focal length, and a
magnifying power of 400.

660a Murray, Sir J. M.D. 19 Temple St. Dublin.
— A new instrument for comparing the relative specific
gravities of difierent liquids, at the same identical
density and temperature of the atmosphere ; it is styled
Sir James Murray's differential hydi-ostatic balance in

relation to identical degrees of atmospheric temperature
and density.

661 Bray, J. 26 "Westmoreland-street, Dublin,
Manu. and Prop. — Enlarged double action harps ; with
stands, music desks, and stools.

662 Brodrick, W. 16 Essex Quay, Dublin, Manu.
— Clocks ; gold and silver watches ; gold chains, and
silver plate, jewellery, &c.

663 BussELL, H. Dublin. — Pianofortes ; harps ;
music ; military musical instruments.

663 a Fleury, Rev. C. M. 24 Up. Leeson St.
Ex. — Harmonic flute, invented by a clergyman ;
properties: vast increase of tone, perfect tune, open
ventage, with facility of fingering ; compass : three
octaves and two tones.

664 Cadby, C. Liquorpond St, London, Inv. and
Manu. — A rosewood semi-grand pianoforte, with royal
patent, suspended, and adjustable sounding board.
An elegant rosewood oblique pianoforte, with three
strings, handsomely carved case. Two pianoforte
backs, one with the ordinary bracing, the other with
patent iron truss bracing. A model to explain the
latter, showing its superiority over the former.

665 Caldwell, S. M'Caetney, 1 Mountjoy Sq.
Dublin, Prop. — Carved ebony piccolo pianoforte,
manufactm'ed by the late John M'Culloch, Bel-

666 Chance, Brothers & Co. Birmingham, Manu.
• — First order fixed dioptric light-house apparatus,
with catadioptric zones constructed according to the
system of Fresnel.

667 Chancellor, G. W. Sackville Street, Dublin,
Inv. and Manu. — Small turret clock, with right angle
dead beat escapement.

668 Chapman, J. 15 Essex Quay, Dublin, Manu.
and Prop. — Three part skeleton brass eight-day clock,
with Galway marble pedestal, &c.; chronometer clock;
a case of jewellery, Irish pearls, Tara brooches, rings,
Albert chain of gold and pyrites, &c.

669 Chappuis, A. 10 St. Mary Axe, London,
Manu. — Patent daylight reflectors, for diffusing light
into dark places.

670 De la Motte, P. H. London, Prod. — Photo-
graphs taken by the Collodion process.

671 Dillon, Thomas Arthur, 1 Upper Bucking-
ham St. Dublin, Inv. —

1. Portable photographic camera, intended for
glass plates, paper, or daguerreotype process.

2. Pontoon bridge.

3. Life-boat, formed of three or more longitudinal


pieces of timber, covered with hide or canvas, inter-
lined with air tubes.

4. Compensating pendnlmn, homogeneous metal.

5- Pendulum and clock arranged within a glass
chamber, and preserved at an invariable temperature
by a casing of steam.

6. Self-registering barometer and storm courier.

7. Double conical expanding rifle bullet.

8. Specimen of gutta percha equally strong in
every direction.

9. Blasting apparatus — ^by an endless cord and cork.

672 DOBBTN, G. 13 Wicklow St. Dublin.— As-
tronomical clock with mercm'ial pendulum, (at sidereal
time) ; Regulator clock with zinc compensation pendu-
lum ; Tell-tale or Watchman's clock ; railway, cham-
ber, and house clocks, &c.

673 DoNEGAN, J. 5 Up. Ormond Qy. and 32 Dame
St. Dublin. — Gold and silver watches ; church plate.

674 DoN-ovAN, M. 11 Ckire St. Dublin, Inv.—
Philosophical instruments, viz. : a table gas-lamp,
generating gas by machinery within ; improved galva-
nometer ; a volta-magnetometer for measuring and
regulating the magnetism of galvanometer needles ;
a combined hygrometer, psychrometer, and hygroscope,
for indicating changes in the dryness of the atmosphere.

675 Edwards, E. J. Burslem, Staffordshire, Inv.
and Prop. — Instrument for giving strength and flexi-
bility to the fingers of instrumental perfonners.

676 The EtECXEic TELEGKArn Company, (Incor-
porated 1346) England — Principal Office, Lothbury,
London — 448 West Strand, London, Prop. — A system
of electric telegraphs for communication with various
parts of the Exhibitioii building ; comprising single
and double needle instruments, batteries, bells, mag-
neto-machines ; method of insulation ; maps of tele-
graph in operation ; scale of charges, &c.

677 Freeman, St. George, Beresford St. Waterford,
Des. and Manu. — Specimens of the various modes of
adapting ai-tificial teeth to the mouth ; mineral teeth ;
teeth and jialates, carved from the tusk of the hipj)©-
potamus ; contrivance for regulating the growth of
children's teeth ; specimens of carious natural teeth.

678 Geakt, Brothers, 5 Grafton St. Dubfin,
Des. and Prop. — Photographers ; photographic pic-


678 a Gloag, J. W. Esq. 11th Hussars. — Speci-
mens of seals made by the electrotype process.

679 Glukman, Professor, 24 Up. Sackville St.
Dublin, Inv. and Prop. — Machine for polishing
daguerrotype plates ; photogi-aphic specimens ; stand

for camera ; electric apparatus for communicating
between guards and engine-drivers of railway trains,
house bells, and knocker ; regulator for electric light.

680 Good, S. A. Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire,
Inv. and Prop. — Work on velvet (by Mrs. Good),
showing the principal stars visible from Great Britain
and Ireland, grouped in a new method.

681 Gore, G. 8 Broad St. Birmingham, Inv. and
Manu. — Improved medical galvanic apparatus.

682 Grossmith, W. E. 175 Eleet St. London,
Manu. — Artificial human eyes ; artificial legs, with
new patent action knee and ankle joints, for ampu-
tations above and below the knee ; artificial hand and
arm, with improved mechanical joints ; artificial nose ;
artificial fingers, and other specitnens of surgical

683 Gray & Halford, GosweU Eoad, London,
Manu. — Artificial eyes ; doUs' eyes ; eyes for was
figures; animals' and birds' eyes, &c.

684 Grubb, Thomas, 15 Leinster Sq. Eathmines,
Dublin, Inv. and Manu. — Large equatorial instru-
ment, with improved clock-work, and syst-em of coim-
terpoise, carrying achromatic telescope of 12 inches
clear aperture, and 20 feet focus ; model equatorial, the
form being specially adapted for carrying large New-
tonian reflectors (to 6 feet diameter), the present model
caiTying one of 15 inches ; small equatorial, adapted
to refracting telescopes, of from 3 to 5 inches aper-
ture ; case of achromatic object glasses for telescopes,
and photographic purposes ; improved osyhydrogen
microscope, polariscope, and economic double lantern
requiring only one-half the usual quantity of the
mixed gases for dissolving views.

685 Wyld, James, Leicester Sq. London, Manu. — •
A portion of Mr. Wyld's large model of the earth. The
circiunference of the globe is one hundred and eighty
feet ; the land is modelled upon a scale of ten miles to
the inch, and the mountains upon a scale of one mile
to the inch ; the globe is composed of nearly 6,000

686 Hanlin & Egbert, 40 Westmorland St. Inv.
and Manu. — Eight day clock, with pendule movement ;
marine chronometers ; gold and sUver Geneva watches.

987 Harrison, C. W. Larkfield Lodge, Eich-
mond, near London, Inv. and Prop. — Specimens of
Harrison's patent insulated subterranean electric
telegTaph lines, protected on Chatterton's principle;
model of electro-magnetic naotive-power engine (pro-
visionally registered.)

688 Hart, A. S. 3 Trinity College, Prop.— A draw-


ing, illustrative of the signs, proposed to be published
in a dictionary for the instruction of the deaf and

689 Heaps, J. K. Leeds, Manu. — Violoncello,
constructed on mathematical principles.

690 Hill, W. Rose Bank, Patricroft, Manchester,
Inv. and Prop. — Cards, showing Hill's system of
teaching the alphabet, spelling, reading, and music.
"Tlie Memory of Language," a book explanatory of
the system, illustrative diagrams, &c.

691 HiLLiARD, W. B. 148 Buchanan St. Glasgow,
Manu. — Surgical instruments, tooth forceps, invented
and patented by Mr. J. A. Young ; manufactured by

692 Young, James A. of A. S. Young and Son,
Surgeon Dentists, 185 Buchanan St. Glasgow, In v. —
Patent forceps, &c. for the extraction of human teeth,
reducing the pain to i minimimm,.

693 HiNTON, C. 10 Corporation Row, Clerkenwell,
London, Manu.^Watch and timepiece enamel dials ;
dials in the various stages of manufacture, with speci-
mens of the different kinds of enamel used.

694 HoRNE, Thornthwaite, & Wood, 123 and
121 Newgate St. London, Manu. — Daguerrreotype
apparatus, with improved Bromine apparatus for pre-
paring the plates. Portable folding camera and com-
pound achromatic lens, with apparatus for the calotype
and Collodion process. Portraits, &c. produced by
the Collodion process. Medical galvanic apparatus,
and instniments for administering galvanism.

695 Jameson, J. 87 Grafton St. Dublin. — Regula-
tor clock.

696 Jones, J. 17 Duke St. Livei-pool, Inv. —
Symmetrometer, a tailor's instrument to draft coats ;
waistcoat and trousers rules.

697 Johnson, Zachariah, M.A. F.R.C.S. Kil-
kenny, Inv. — Surgical Instruments, viz. : — Protean
fracture splint ; convertible suspension plane ; tracheal
trochar ; a fracture bed ; portable dactyloplast.

698 Hug, William, South Great George's St.
Dublin. — A chronometer timepiece.

699 KiRKMAN, J. & Son, London, Inv. and
Manu. Mackintosh & Co. Exhibitors. — Pianofortes
of various styles and descriptions.

700 L'EsTRANGE, F. Surgeon, 39 Dawson St.
Dublin, Inv. — Various surgical instruments ; patent
trusses for the cure of hernia ; lithotritic instruments ;
instruments for arranging fractures of the lower jaw.

701 Little, R. J. Bloomfield, Charlton Rd. Wool-
wich, Inv. — Apparatus for loss of the arm attached to

a canvas waistcoat ; some tools (manufactured by Gage,
Beresford St. Woolwich) ; connecting tap with double
plug ; couplings for hoses, basins, and drain pipes ;

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