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Exercise 2.

1. p p, p b, p t, p d, p ch, p j, p k, p g, b b, b p.

2. b t, b d, b ch. b j. b k, b g, 1 1, t d, t p, t b, t ch.
ee ;i. t j. t k. t g, d d, d p, d b, d t, d ch, d k, d g.

ui 4. ch p, ch b, ch k, ch d, j d, k ch, k d, k p, k t, g p.
5. k k, g k, j k, k b, k j, k g, g g.

Exercise 3.

1. Pay. paid, page, ape, bay, babe, bait, bake, ate.
'2. Tape, take, aid. day, dado, date, Jake, age, ache.

3. K;iy. cake, cape, cage, gay, gape, gate.

4. Poach, bow, boat. oat. Joe, toe, toad, ode, doe. dote,


Exercise 4.

1. Jake, tow the boat to the oak ; but, oh, Jake, take the

goat to the oak, too.
'2. He paid Job /o-day to take all the cocoa to the boat.

3. Take the babe a cake.

4. Aid Joe to take f//e ape to the cage OH the boat.

5. Take <' page of the ode ^o Job Cope.

6. Joe paid Jake to aid the page /o choke the ape o /*e

boat ^d-day.

452 I 6 I

Exercise 5.

t L t_ :T\....N x....y,

.\... /V..Z>....v..L_ ..... NC.



5 k ____ . ..

k ____ . ..^....x ........ -J-.

Exercise 7.

1 . f f , f v, v v, th f , s s, z v, sh p, p sh, sh d, sh k.

2. sh f, sh v, f sh, v sh, sh tk, d sh. t sh, t f , f d.

3. f ch, f j, v t, v p, p f , b v, t tk, t th, t s, d z.

4. j s, j sh, s k, k sh, g sh, z g, s d, s p, b sh, sh b. f 1 >.

Exercise 8.

1. Pa, ba, tah, fa, paw, pawed, talk, awed, chalk. ;mk

2. Jaw, thaw, saw, Shaw, bought, fade, faith, folk,

vote, so.

3. Show, showed, shape, shake, shave, both, owes, foe,

ace, say.

Exercise 9.

1. All should l>e at tlic show to-day.

2. Job and Jake say they take a coach to the show.

3. Joe xJnntJ<l he itp to put up the coach.

4. He ought (o he out by eight.

5. Who xfiou/if take the goat <o-day?

6. It should he Joe.

7. Both Job Page and Jake Cope talk of the shape

of the gate they saw at the show ^o-day.

8. Show pa the goat they bought fa-day.

9. The goat pawed at the gate, so the page put it out.
10. Pa ought to buy a boat.

Exercise 1O.

2 , ..... b_ ..... >c..L-\

-...\ ..... X x ,-.-... I.... /....

Exercise 12.

1. Mow, mole, mail, name, low, lore, lair, lake.

2. Loaf, ale, oar, air, ray, rate, raid, rake. rage.

3. Woe, way, weighed, pom*, bear, door, dare, gore,

rogue, maim.

4. Make, came, game, comb, foam, fame, pail, pair.

5. Shore, share, gale, goal, tame, lathe, loathe, yoke,

hope, nave.

6. Mope, tale, dole, lame, loam, locate, dome, four, range,


Exercise 13.

.17. . Z

Exercise 14.

1. Pooh, boo, tea. Dec. each. Jew, eat, key, e'en. coo.

2. Fee, thee, ease, ooze, she, shoe, knee, lee, lieu, re,


3. Peal, deal, keel, meal, oar, fear, deer, shear, jeer.


4. Eke, meek. peak. Leak, teak, cheek, leak, reek. woo.

5. Deep, cheap, leap, rupee, !<><>p. hoop, coop, room


6. Boom, doom, loom, hoot. root, jute, food. feed. lead.

7. Beam, team, deem, ream, lour, poor, lure, sheaf,


Exercise 15.

1. They had each to take a different way to I he ]>each to

see the large !>oom.

2. Do they hope to shear all the sheep /"-day, ami can

they do NO /

3. They .slum hi <iU go and {fife aid to poor Paul.

4. Which of the four can come to the lake, ami aid to hale

out the boat ?

5. They hope to take out all the meal by the fourth of


6. They ought all to be happy to u<> I// so large a boat.

7. Luke saw tie large load of hay which .Job bought at

the show to-day.

8. Who saw the rude thief take the peach ?

9. He ought to be put out of the way.

Exercise 16.

- A \ ->-.- V ?

o . \ -77 i. v I \

o I... XTs ........... .3 ......... /., .......... I - ..... X _...'. ....... N^ *


7. I-tbinJc it-may-be beyond you /r;-niake it go.

8. When-do-you think yon-vi\\\-be likely to leave Newark ?

9. It-would-be easy to take your nephew with you when

i/o it- go away.

10. Do-you think your accuracy can-be relied on ?

11. Aye, I-have-no failure to look back on.

12. I-thi >ik -you -should -be happy to- go away with so

thorough a fellow.
11$. II on' icon I (I >/tnt-\\\<(> to take Hairy Molloy with you

on tlir voyage ?
14. I shoidtl-be happy to-do so, but I-/ta re-no right.

Exercise 24.


Exercise 25.

1. -They saw the fellow take the rod and the fish ; but-they

knew it-was of no use to hope to catch the rogue.

2. So he got away, and'I-tkinfc //e-m&y-be at sett long ago,

3. Whose name was on the rod ?


4t. It lay at tfie bottom of the boat, and- f-think it
belonged to Jim Cook.

5. I-saw Jim use it on Monday, ivhen-he a-nd-I were


6. I-shall-be happy to Imy poor Jim a new rod when 1

cash my check at the bank fa-morrow.

7. Mary Reed bought the rod which the thief took, and

sin- may ask Jim what became of -it.

8. I- wish hi- /nut it back.

9. It-wax the usual length, ami ha<l the name oti the ring.
10. Jim aud-I usually u<> t/> see Mary mi the way back ;

but-we shall go right to the hotel fa-day.

Exercise 26.

Exercise 27.

1. I-thinJc half of-i/on should go to the right and yott-mstj

catch the boat.

2. Which of -you can cany back #//e watch to Polly ?

3. She may ask ^<? time.


4. I-think the youth who bought it ought to take it back

to the lady.

5. Do-you. know //'-we can rely on being back by five ?

6. I-think two of-you .should go back to poor Tom.

7. He-raa,y-be lying on the road.

8. They say they ought to put up a, mark to show the way

by the avenue.

9. I- saw them long ago, but it-was of no use.

10. They may do it now.

11. If -you think the job beyond you you-should ask Philip

to aid #0w with-it.

Exercise 28.

Exercise 29.

1. I-think-you-should take Ae bunch awe? pitch zY far-
away into the sea.

2 - If -you- take a /a;'<7e share of the dynamite you-m&y-be
carried to gaol.


.S. l-lxn-f fa-go away fo .tea, or / s/toi<t</-bc /</>/>// In aid
I/OH with flu affair.

4. l-tliik-thr'H owe Tom an apology, an-l-thfi/ oixjht to-

-niakc it.
r>. ]\'/>iit-iln-i/oii think?

6. He-try* t<> lini-c conic to sec //.v /<y-day. hut /ic-u-ns delayed

on the way.

7. Whr.n I/OH-UO to sec the sliiji /^-morrow //y/' o/n//// to

take your wife n'ifli //on.

5. tf-i/on ii'(///J-/>c of much USC to us i/on.-*lioiilil-Jtr nil tin

deck by five.

9. Eudi of-thcm mi* the dupe of -your nephew, who took

them both away.

Exercise 3O.

1. Pie, spy, spies, spicing, spicer, spike, spikes, spire.

spires, spied.

2. Age, sage, sages, ale, sail, sails, sailed, sailing.

sailings, sailors.

3. Eel, seal, seals, ceiling, sealed, sealers, sleep, sleeps.


4. Pass, passing, passage, passages, passer, choice.

joys, enjoys, rejoice, rejoicing, excites.

5. Ache, aches, sake, soak, soaks, sex, six. sixty.

6. Aim, same, seem, seems, seeming, muscle, muscles-

mouse, amuse.

7. Knee, knees, sneeze, sneezing, sneak, sneaks, snakes.


8. Sung, sunk, sink, sinks, sing, sings, scenes, snows.

9. Upset, upsets, desk, desks, discussing, basin, raisin.


10. Custom, customer, customary, custody, mes(sa<jvs.

puzzles, unsafe, hazel.

11. Casks, dusty, tasty, wiser, audacity, riser, disturb,

resource, gasps.

12. Mason, facing, miserly, mismanage, suffice, snuff.

spacious, specifies.

Exercise 81.

v K

i ...... SL. ..... P. ...... ...JL ..... x

' ,

2 P NI


3 __


o "n

-f - '



10 ...... ....r.<cb ..... JUI..J ....... > ....:\ i -

Exercise 32.

1. Do-yon kiiovv' if he-has seen-Me new book /-bought

/o-day ?

2. /-desire /> fo .see /Y because I-thinJc-the book ?<?#

suit ///;.

3. All-tliose icho have seen ?V like it, and-I-think-you-Tnll

like /Y ^oo.

4. / suppose />/s is-tlie lesson /-am fo take #o Joseph


5. I-think I-shall-have to cancel the check you paid


6. I-shall go to-the bank myself, and see-the cashier


7. I-think-the name of-the boy who took-/^e bills was


8. I-shall see-the customer himself, and fix these business

affairs with him.

9. The package itself -was right when it came ; but-the

cigars were loose.


10. Lay the box thus on-the desk, ivith-the lid on, and

you-vfiU. see how-the damage arose.

11. Are those our cars or are they Johnson's ?

12. Ours came an hour ago.

Exercise 33.

Exercise 34.

Moms Sc Dawson,

Sunbiuy, Mass.
Sirs :

The invoice of-the six car loads of egg and pea coal
came by Tuesday's mail. The cars came cm-Wednesday
by Lehi Valley Road, and are now on the dock. I- can
get a party to-move-the coal early tfo-niorrow. .\-n-ttx-ft,
dispatch four of-the cars back fo-#o iy Saturday.

Exercise 35.

Exercise 36.

1. Stile, stall, stalls, stylish, stalk, stock, stockade, stars.

2. Stores, stair, staircase, state, stately, staid, stowed.

stage, stages.

3. Stoke, steak, stick, steam, steamer, stem, stone.

4. Story, stories, sturdy, stave, stole, stealthy, sterling,,


5. Paste, pastes, bust, busts, dust, dusts, chest, chests,

cost, costs.

6. Wrist, least, lists, fist, fists, beasts, guest, guests,

nest, nests.

7. Opposed, forced, summarized, eldest, invests,

surmised, canvassed.

8. Refused, deepest, evinced, reduced, infused, re-

nounced, released.

9. Faster, foster, fosters, monsters, canisters, castors,

pastors, lobsters.

10. Juster, register, registers, roaster, bolsters, investors,

Webster, Webster's.

11. Elastic, fantastic, testing, dusting, justifies, adjust-

ing, enlisting, vestry.

Exercise 37.

2 K. C.Am.

Exercise 38.

] Almost all-the stores are-now stowed away, and-1-
-think-the steamer is most likely o-sail on- Wednesday

2. You-vf ill- have a list (of the) cargo fo-morrow.

3. Have-you any influence with Stone and Stokes ?

4. Do-you think they can-be influenced to-give us a share

(of the) business in starch ?
5 What-do-you suggest in-the case ?

6. We must ask you to-do all-you can to secure a talk

with-tJie head (of the) firm.

7. Would yo-like us o-write them first, or shall we

leave it to-you to-do what seems best?

8. Do-you know who owns the last store on-the right in

Rochester Avenue ?

9. When can you dispatch the rest (of the) canisters to

Starky and Stubbs, of Chester?

10. It-is almost a month since yew-wrote saying-///e
canisters were ready.

Exercise 39.

V ^-\ur

Exercise 4O.

1. Swoop, sweep, sweets, Swede, switch, swiftest, swill-

ing, swish.

2. Swore, swear, swayed, swathe, swelling, swan, swoon,



3. Pauses, passes, gases, noises, voices, invoices, arises,


4. Roses, laces, doses, reposes, spaces, sources, senses,


5. Refuses, rouses, chooses, pieces, leases, induces,

allowances, releases.

6. Axis, basis, census, emphasize, emphasizes, paralysis,


7. Possessive, necessitous, accessible, successive, exces-

sively, necessaries, unnecessary.

8. Resists, exists, subsists, renounces, evinces, reduces,


Exercise 41.

2 .

* p

Exercise 42.

1. They themselves think-the step is-as necessary now

as-it-was a month ago.

2. We-think this-is right.

3. Suavity would-be of no use in-this-CQSG, and-thc .first

officer should-lie authorised to adjust the affair ///-
kit-own way, as seems V>est.

4. We-have ourselves several -times had to speak severely

to-the fellow.

5. If-we swallow this latest story, ihey-\\'i\^ say ice-are

most stupid.

H. Han-t/oti-airen special lieed to-the depth (of the) cellars
iit-the new house?

7. Yes, we-hare-had them sunk /o-such a depth ax-is

usual in houses (of the) size.

8. We-have fixed on-the latest types o/'stoves<//-last. tnid-

-we-think they-Vfill answer our purposes to a nicety.

Exercise 43.

Exercise 44.
James Foster #-Sons,

Chester, Mass.

On-the first of August yow sold .? five chests of
choice Hyson teas. We-have disposed of four (of the)
chests, and-as our customers like-//e tea ire-may ask you


fo-sell us eight chests (of the) same teas if we-can have-
-theni at-tke-s&me rate as-the last. We should like you to
advise us by Wednesday at-the latest. You -may roast
four bags of -you >' finest Java coffee and ship them to us
by an early date.

Yours sincerely,

Exercise 45.

Exercise 46.

1. TTou-must-be up early /o-morrow arerf ^o and assist

at-fhe saw-mill.

2. I-knoir Joe Moms took-///e lace, awrf-/-will show the

lazy fellow no mercy.

3. You-mmt-do your best to-gei-tke i*ust ofi-the msty


4. Ask-^e cashier if -lie-has balanced the books up to-the

last month (of the) season.

5. Take-//e youth aside on-the opposite side (of the) room,

and ask him to show you the receipt.

6. .Hi? had-the audacity to cast a slur on-the honesty (of

the) honest miller.

7. We-are so sorry to see-the poor fellow in-such a sore


8. Give Mm a dollar, and ask Mm to-come fo-morrow

af/ recite MX story.

9. We-may give him a job in-the store.

10. If -he had had-the sense ^o-take-^Ae essence /-boiight
him he-would-be a^-right now.


Exorcise 47.

Exercise 46.

Sir: (7o //>?/ rfw a ni/ thin a to assist your young son /-/>/*
study (of the) language? We-are-soiry to say nothing
ire-run say or rfo appears to-hare an// effect on him. We
xhoiild like yoji to-do something to induce him /o-niake a
genuine stvidy of -it in -the new year, when -ire resume our
lessons. The first -thing we wish you to-do is to-gei hi in
to-read a pa^fe or-two of-his book each day. nml-thc rest is
likely to be easy. You-ma//-a.s-we\l xce-the boy to-day uml
get MM ^o-look at-the thing in-the right way.


Exercise 49.


Exercise 5O.

Philip Jackson #-Sons,

Buffalo,^.! 7 :
Sirs :

We-think we-can-do something to push your business
in-tMs-city, and our services are at-your disposal if -you-
-will test us. It-will cost you nothing to-w.ake-the test.
If-you-wiU write us we-shall-be happy to-come and see-yon,
and-we-think it-will-be an easy thing to show you some-
thing of -our success in business affairs. We-have in-the
past had a big share in raising some (of the) best houses
in-the States, and-rf-you-wiH allow us to assist you with
our advice we-think-you-may rely on your business next
year being twice ichat-it-is this year. May-ice ask you
to see if-we-can carry out what ice say ?

Respectfully- yours,

Exercise 51.


Exercise 53.

1. We ourselves shall go and use our influence icith-them

in-the affair.

2. You-may ask them to-come themselves to-the linnxi-

next Wednesday,

3. We specially wish to speak to-the youth on-the Jirxt

day (of the) new year.

4. We .saw several of-them pass-the house an lumr or-fn-n


5. I-knoiv it-is almost useless to ask you. f>f I-xlill-l>r

most happy >f-//ou-will come and see me at-niy huusr

6. Do-you usually pass so-much of-your time in-tke

New- York office ?

7. How-are your young sons doing u-ith-the new hnn/uuge

study ?

8. T/iey-will speedily master it if-thcy ran f/irc scn-ral

hours a day lo-it.

9. Have-you seen anything (of the) new books /-bought

in-the city o-Monday ?

10. No, I-Jiave-seen nothing of-them since I-saw them

in-the stoi*e.

11. Do-you Icnow Aow-much is owing to Lawson and

Nelson ?

12. No, but I-can easily get to know, >f-you-like.

13. I-ioish you would look it up, ac?-/-will make out-the


14. Do-you know what-would-be-the cost of foiu- large

cases, same size as-this ?

15. I-shall-have to-go up to-the stoi-e and buy a lock to be

put on-the box.

16. Why-do they use so large a case to pack so small

a thing ?

Exercise 54.

I- V -S - J Y

\i ) x / Q /r~

3 J?....^777...,T-,....N^....S , k \...Cx C

4 .>....^/....N>, .....):....L..'....^... s ! - r..x

...v<C>- I x
6 ^.\. ..X..X.-,

- 9 (.?

10 ^.....N....s ...... .(....X

/ '

>' 3^'" i \

1^ Vn ^/0 S 5< J^ \

. :. ' - <^

^X"^ ^ ^ - i v*



\_ '

_Y |^_ ^


Exercise 55.

1. Pay, play, plague, place, placed, places, placing,

placer, played, pledge.

2. Topple, reply, employ, employer, dabble, blot, block,

blast, gabble.

3. Claim, cloak, nickel, imcle, cluster, eagle, smuggle.


4. Fable, Mabel, meddle, meddler, cudgel, cable, table,

stable, total, label.

5. Clear, clip, cloud, glib, bugle, legal, wriggle, beetle.

6. Desirable, radical, amicable, paddle, battles, title,

chapel, clasp, plasters.

7. Crow, croaker, crew, cruises, grows, groom, smoker.


8. Break, breaker, breakfast, breast, grapes, trust,

trusty, address, addresses.

9. Major, ledger, dredger, drudgery, crazy, trench,

presence, grate, crowed, crush.

10. Troop, "creep, cheaper, tutor, brick, crowd, drink,

bitter, reader.

11. Crossed, crossing, crash, angry, decry, fibre, robber,


12. Powder, thicker, liquor, louder, pretty, dream, bridge,

picker, trickery.

13. Marker, copper, tiger, lodger, totter, daughter,

chatter, trap, track, pride.

14. Older, acre, paper, labor, rubber, skater, breath

preface, traces.

Exercise 56.

_ ^t

2 ' X ' " ^



Exercise 57.

Please give us a call if-you-are in-the city during-thc
next few days. We-wish to speak to-yvu on-tlie claim of
55 JuJJaris delivered by Dr. Gi*ay. He declares Ae-will
press his legal rights to-the utmost. Though- we regret-
-the trouble and deny the trespass, toe-are equally i-eady
to-yo on and-try-the case. U'e-beliere we-can binng up a
case equal to-his-own. We protest we-have-no desire to
trespass on a single inch of -his premises or to meddle
with-his property ?w-w//-way ; but-we-think-it desirable
to stick to-our just rights.


Exercise 58.

Exercise 59.

1. Flow, floor, flung, flush, flurry, flood, fledge, flake.

2. Flaw, fly, flighty, flap, flabby, flog. Mug. fl;i1t.-s1.

3. Flinch, flitch, fling, flew, flicker, flower, flinty.

4. Baffle, stifle, trifle, arrival, rightful, joyful, revival,

actively, baffler.

5. Initial, partial, martiiil. beneficial, eggshell, shelves.

6. Kennel, funnel, panel, signal, penalty, tunnel, final.

7. Bravely, effectively, attractively, watchful, channel,

eternal, shameful, hopeful.

8. Offer, fraud, fried, France, froth, frank, frankly.

9. Avei'age, virtue, versatile, fervor, favor, endeavor,

drover, tougher, zephyr.

10. Grammar, calmer, clamor, manner, miner, farmer,


11. Measure, exposure, treasure, pressure, brnslicr.

trainei 1 , cinisher, nervous, nervously.

12. Shred, shrub, shrunk, shrug, owner, schooner,

cleaner, gleaner.

13. Clinker, bunker, conquer, spanker, tinker, drinker,

canker, anchorage.

Exercise 6O.

Exercise 61.

fa) Dear-Sirs :

We-har>e-your-f.&\ov o/-Friday last, and-in -reply
beg. to say yott-may-vQ\y on-the flasks being ready by
Wednesday next. Most of-them are ready now.

(1>) Dear-Sir:

You r-favor of- April 29th has just come and-we-are
mailing you the samples o/'flannel to-day. We-thank-
and-tve-shall-be-ple&sed to-do our

Respectfully -yours,

(c) Dear-Sir:

Z-am-/w-receipt-o/'-?/owr-favor of -May 6th and-in-
-reply would-s&y J-ani favorably impressed with -the
proposal yoM-make. J-s/iW-6e-pleased jf-yoM-will
ra/ o?? we o?i-Friday ?zea;#, when-we-can t&lk-the
business over.


(d) Dear-Sir:

We-are-in-receipt-qf-your-fsivor o/"-March 4th, and-
-tf-y oil-will give us-tke list o/^places you propose to
visit we-A'AaZZ-ie-pleased to-think over your offer.


(e) Dear-Sir :

In -reply- to-your-f&vor of July 5th, we-beg to say
the electric pressure in our carnages is too-low to-give
a shock. They have-no clumsy gear for change of
speed, and-the loss of energy ceases when-the carnage
stops. We-shall-be-plea,sed to-give you every other
detail if -you wish it.

Yours-respectfu Hy,



Exercise 62.

..!../.. _.....

< \ \ o o \ -^ i n

-^- ^ .....x ^.


. , ^A

Exercise 63.

1. Rival, cavil, gravel, marvel, rifle, rifler.

2. Gruffly, roughly, reveler, reflex, scuffler, inflamer.

3. Frog, Africa, frolic, frost, frosty, camphor, proffer,

Kaffir, coffer.

4. Throw, thread, thrust, thirsty, thirty, weather.

leather, verb, verbal, verbose.

5. Weaver, lever, beaver, approver, pilfer, silver, frisky,


6. Rover, brother, bather, engraver, discover, recover,

lover, fresco.

7. Tougher, versify, adversity, adversely, fresher, fresh-

ness, naval, loafer, buffer.

Exercise 64.

2. .*).... /dT. Jr^.x


5 ...>> _D, \S. ....5\... 25 ..N.. ..40

7 i_i-p..!....C:.,. f .,l^,..:A, L

8 >...^V ._Vr....Nx


Exercise 65.

(a) Dear-Sir:

We-thanlc-you for- your early-reply to-ours of-

-Apiil 20th. We-tMnk such a business as you suggest

would thrive, and-we-ahall-be-pleased //'-//ow-will ask

boih-the engraver and -the framer to-</irr ".v call.

1 'fry-truly -i/our,

(b) Dear-Sir:

I-axa-very-sorry to see from yowr-re$y you-tirr
unable tornsh-t/te job yon-are doing for-me at Beaver
Avenue. Mr. Farmer, who-has-tlie store at No. 40,
spoke very gruffly to-me ?o-day. He-thinks there-is
unnecessary delay with-the job. I-haw-no desire to
anger him more, a//(/-/-////-fte-pleased, thei-efore,
//'-yew-will advise me as to what-is-tlte test yon-can-do


fc) Dear-Sir:

Are you almost through with-the job in Riverside
Avenue ? IW-will remember yon promised the party
he-would-be at liberty to-go in early in August. ] It-is
very-much upset at-the long delay. Please favor me
with an early-reply ?u/-oblige,


(dj Dear-Sir:

I-have-yours of-Friday and-in-Teplj beg to say
/-am rushing-^e job at Riverside Avenue as fast as
I-can. Yon-may assure Mr. Weaver it-v?iU-be ready
by-the 28th of -this month.


Exercise 66.

2 .



10 . .


12.. T


..1 V

I \q_p

3 K. C. A n:


Exercise 67.

1. Suffer, sever, .summer, sooner, sinner, supple,


2. Possible, plausible, disciple, tricycle, depositor.

exi>ositor, grasper, gastric.

3. Disclaim, exclaim, explode, extremity, extrni;il.

expressed, chemistry.

4. Visible, lucifer, mystery, lisper, abstruse, crisper.

physical, reducible.
5; Spray, sprayed, struck, stretch, scrape, sacred, sober.

seeker, separate.
6. Distrust, distresses, industry, headstrong, disgraceful,

corkscrew, execrable.

Exercise 68.

1. Display a true industry in i/our lessons, inn/ yon-are

sure to succeed.

2. Have a care lest ,//uit scribble or scrawl when doing

your exercises.

3. lie scrupulous, true to yourself and to-i/onr teacher:

put all-yotu- at re a ij th into tic business, mid //>;-will
give /densin-e In yourself and others.

!. The truth Av i/oii-niiifit- labor if-//"" would prosper
in-inii/ business affair.

5. If a lui'ifcr mniihcr iif people would only rcnifwliei' I hi*

truth, it-would s Hi-fi rise than to see Aotc-muoh ^[ges
troiible it-would-be to settle themsclrex to uni/ study
or business.

0. If Mr. Tasker. wlien-he takes-^/tc chair at-tlir gathering
toe-Wednesday would only express himself in-this-
-way it-would twry-mooh cheer his listeners.

Exercise 69.

(a) J^: .... *^T.vj.. , ..... ....^ \..


Exercise 7O.

1. We-are-surprised to ktww-tke designer (of the) jack-

screw /* a prisoner in Chicago.

2. It strikes us as strange you-should show distrust (of

the) chair-maker in-yottr employ.

3. If-you care for a larger chair wc-can show you a


4. Yoii-Vfill-be-surprised to Jcnow-the small chair is-thc

strongest tee-have ht-t/te place.

5. Z-eaw-assure-,//tw I- regret very -much to -have to-

-disagree with you in-this-case.

6. Is- it true the pupils refused <-raise a cheer for-thc

principal ?

7. We**kall-be-pleaa6& to supply yuu iclth-thc necessary

explosives/'d/'-yoK / purpose.

8. Jf iclmt !/OH state is- the truth, the prisoner /* a

dishonorable fellow.

Exercise 71.


3 ..i. ....?N

1 3 4

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