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and only a portion of the walls remain stand-
ing. Nothing was saved of the church fur-
niture nor of the apartment in the second
story, which was the pastor's residence. In
connection with the church there was a school
attended by about 300 Spanish, West Indian,
and Chinese pupils. The church was
erected in 1909 at a cost of $7,500, U. S. cur-
rency; S3, 700 of this money being raised by
local subscription, and the remainder being
a grant of the Southern Baptist Mission
Board. The pastor in charge is residing at
the Baptist parsonage in Empire. Funds
will be collected for the purpose of rebuilding
the church at once.

During holy week, April 10 to 15, there will
be services at St. Luke's Church, Ancon, as
follows: On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
and Thursday at 7 and 9 a. m., and at 8 p.m.;
on Friday at 7 and 9 a. m., and at 3 and 8
p. m.; on Saturday at 7 a. m. The services
on Easter Sunday will be at 7 and 10 a. m.
Sunday school at 9 a. m.


The first assembly of Isthmian Council
No. 1, R. and S. M., was held at the lodge hall,
Las Cascadas, on Saturday evening, April 1.
The council degrees were conferred on a large
class of Royal Arch Masons, after which a
light lunch was served. The stated assemblies
of the council will be held at Las Cascadas
on the first Saturday night of each month at
8.15 o'clock. The recorder of the new body
is J. B. Fields of Las Cascadas.

B. P. O. E.

At a meeting held in Colon on Sunday,
April 2, the "Eleven O'Clock" club of Elks
was organized and officers were elected.
There will be a meeting at the Commission
clubhouse, Cristobal, on Sunday, April 9,
at 9 a. m., for the adoption of a constitution
and by-laws. All Elks in good standing are
requested to be present, and Elks on the
Isthmus, whether wishing to join the club or
not, are requested to send their names,
present address, and lodge address to D. B.
Walcutt, secretary, Cristobal.

Lawn Tennis.

The tournament in doubles for the Maduro-
Lupi cup held in Panama on April 2, re-

Preliminary — Corozal failed to report and
Panama won by default.

First round — Herrick-Runyon, Ancon, de-
feated Rogers-Tupper, Culebra, 6-0, 6-4;
Deane-Fearon, Panama, defeated Smith-
Wells, Gatun, 8-6, 2-6, 7-5; Farquharson-

Hart, Colon, defeated Fechtig-Poole, Tivoli,
3-6, 6-3, 9-7; Bartholomew-Smith, Empire,
defeated Dryden-Seville, Cristobal, 6-0,6-3.

Semifinals — Herrick-Runyon, Ancon, de-
feated Deane-Fearon, Panama, 6-1, 6-4;
Farquharson-Hart, Colon, defeated Barthol-
omew-Smith, Empire, 6-4, 8-6.

Finals — Herrick-Runyon, Ancon, defeated
Farquharson-Hart, Colon, 6-4, 8-6, thus
winning the cup for the season of 1911.

It was voted that the rule barring the
winners of previous tournaments in doubles
should not apply to this tournament, and
that there should be no medals awarded;
also that there be added to the schedule a
tournament in doubles to be held May 30,
1911, on the Tivoli courts, to be goverened
by the rules as reported by the secretary
on January 1, and January 8. The next
association tournament will beheld in singles
at Colon-Cristobal on May 7. Players will
report at the Cristobal courts near the Y. M.
C. A. ready for play at 9 a. m.


Mr. T. B. Monniche returned to the Isth-
mus on the AUianca, arriving at Cristobal on
March 30.


Mildred Hartson, the daughter of Frank J.
Hartson of Culebra, died at Culebra on March
27, 1911. She was born in Danville, 111.,
May 26, 1908, and had been on the Isthmus
seven months.

Fatal Accident at Gatun.
Henry Joseph Marcotte, engineer of a
locomotive crane was killed while at his work
at Gatun on the afternoon of March 31. His
crane was at work lifting concrete from the
cars, on which it is carried from the auxiliary
mixing plant into the locks, when it over-
balanced and fell, killing him instantly, and
injuring the fireman. He was born in Detroit,
Mich., 45 years ago, and from 1882 to 1893
was employed by the French canal company
on the Isthmus, in administrative positions
and as a dredgeman. From 1893 to 1909 he
worked in the States, and in June, 1909, he
returned to the Isthmus and entered the Canal

Missing Man.
Any one having information regarding the
whereabouts of John Francis Sheridan, who
left the service of the Commission in January,
1908, and of Devany J. Greelish, who is sup-
"posed to have been employed by the Commis-
sion in 1908, is requested to communicate with
Charles W. Sass, 465 East 140th street, New
York City.

Gorgona Lodge, International Association
of Machinists, has adopted resolutions of
sympathy on the death of John H. Hobrough
who was killed in an accident at Toro Point
on March 13, 1911.

In response to a petition signed by 96 per-
sons a charter has been granted for the organ-
ization of a Canal Zone Chapter of the Order
of the Eastern Star. An organizer will
arrive on the Isthmus from New Orleans
about May 4. There will be a meeting of
those who wish to become charter members
at Gorgona lodge hall on Sunday afternoon,
April 23.

Band Concert.

A concert will be given by the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission Band at Hotel Tivoli, Ancon. C. Z., on Sunday,
April 9, 1911, at 7.30 p. m.


Justices of the Supreme Court.

Under authority vested in me by law, and
until otherwise provided by law or ordered,
Walter W. Warwick is appointed an Associate
Justice of the Supreme Court of the Canal
Zone, at a salary of six thousand dollars per
annum, effective the day he enters on the
duties of the office. Wm. H. Taft,

The White House,

March 16, 1911.

Under authority vested in me by law, and
until otherwise provided by law or ordered,
Thomas E. Brown, Jr., is appointed an
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of
the Canal Zone, at a salary of six thousand
dollars ($6,000,) per annum, effective the day
he enters on the duties of the office.

Wm. H. Taft,
The White House,

March 16, 1911.

Loss by Colon Fire.
It is estimated by the Superintendent of
the Panama railroad that the value of build-
ings burned in the Colon fire of March 23, was
$352,079. This does not include the value
of stock in stores or of personal effects in
houses. The values were obtained as far as
possible from the tax lists in Colon, and,
where this was not possible, from the owners
of buildings. In all, 118 buildings were
destroyed. The chief of the Colon fire
department places the total loss at $400,000.

Ancon Quarry.

A statement of the rock crushed at Ancon
quarry during the week ending April 1, 1911,




March 27



March 28

March 29

March 30

April 1




Pacific Division Sand Service for March.
Sand was supplied in March by the Pacific
Division service as follows:


of Cars.









42 028

Stages of the Chagres.

Maximum heights of the Chagres River for the week
ending midnight, Saturday, April 1, 1911. All heights
are in feet above mean sea level.


Date and Date





a .





Sun. March 26.






Mon. March 27.






Tues. March 28.






Wed. March 29.






Thurs. March 30






Fri. March 31 . .






Sat. April 1 . . . .






Height of low






Vol. IV., No. 32.


Panama-Colon Datum Adopted March 23.

The primary triangulation of the Canal
Zone has been completed by the Third Divi-
sion of the Chief Engineer's office, and the
Coast and Geodetic Survey has made its report
on the final adjustment of the field data, which
were sent to Washington for computation
because the instruments and mechanical
aids used in the special computations are not
available on the Isthmus. The various
stations in the network of triangles are shown
in the drawing on this page.

The base line was laid off from a station on
a small hill near the entrance to Tabernilla
dumps to a hill back of Frijoles, a distance of
3,785.45 meters or about 2\ miles, and this
was measured with Invar tapes in accordance

After the computations had been made to
satisfy the condition and side equations,
additional computations were made to carry
the latitude and longitude from the Colon
lighthouse through the triangulation system
to the spire on the cathedral at Panama,
these points having previously been used
in the astronomical work noted above.
Following the methods described in "The
Figure of the Earth and Isostasy," by John
F. Hayford, computations were made to
adjust the previously determined astronom-
ical stations to the distances as determined
by the triangulation survey, and new values
were given to the Colon lighthouse and
cathedral spire stations.

In making the adjustments between the
predetermined astronomical positions and
the Canal Zone triangulation system, one

undisturbed. The advantage of the fourth
is that it gives geographical positions on the
Zone which on an average would agree most
closely with latitudes and longitudes observed
in the future, and which also would agree
' most closely with data used in adjacent terri-
tory. The fourth plan was adopted by the
Coast and Geodetic Survey with the positions
as follows:

Colon lighthouse, latitude north, 9 degrees,
21 minutes, 55.314 seconds; longitude west
from Greenwich, 79 degrees, 54 minutes,
38. Sll seconds.

Balboa Hill, (Gorgona) latitude north, 9
degrees, 4 minutes, 57.637 seconds; longitude
west, 79 degrees, 43 minutes, 50.313 se-
conds. This is the origin of the coordinates
for the Zone land surveys which are based on
the triangulation system.



with the methods of the Coast and Geodetic
Survey, which were used throughout the
survey. The primary net includes 19 sta-
tions stretching from Colon lighthouse on
Manzanilla Point to Ancon Hill. Determi-
nations for azimuth were based on the astro-
nomical work done at Colon and Panama in
previous years. The work done by the
Commission was classed as secondary tri-
angulation by the Coast and Geodetic
Survey, the average closing error of a triangle
being less than two seconds, and the length
of the sides being from 10 to 13 miles. The
triangulation work previously done by the
Coast and Geodetic Survey in the vicinity
of Colon was readjusted to bring it into
accord with the Canal Zone triangulation

of four positions had to be adopted
as the standard datum: (1) The position
carried forward from the observed latitude
and longitude of Colon astronomical station;
(2). the position carried forward from the
observed latitude and longitude of Panama
astronomical station; (3) the straight mean
position as carried forward from the observed
latitudes and longitudes of Colon and Panama
astronomical stations; (4) the mean position
as carried from the astronomical stations at
Colon and Panama, using the observed lati-
tude and longitude corrected for the computed
effect of topography and compensation.

The advantage of adopting the first or
second methods would be that the existing
maps and charts, and the geographical posi-
tions at one end of the Zone, would remain

Panama Cathedral spire, (east tower) lati-
tude north, 8 degrees, 57 minutes, 13.676 sec-
onds; longitude west, 79 degrees, 32 minutes,
16.516 seconds.

The new triangulation system has been
made the standard for all survey and location
work on the Canal Zone, and has been desig-
nated the "Panama-Colon Datum." Second-
ary triangulation stations, which will be con-
venient for local work, are being established
on the Canal axis at Gatun, Tabernilla, Bas
Obispo, and Pedro Miguel. By this system,
and the line of precise levels previously run
across the Isthmus, the surveys on all work
of the Isthmian Canal Commission and
Panama railroad are now referred to the
same data, both for distances and for eleva-

April J, 1911.




The following is a list of American employes of the Isthmian Canal Commission, who completed two years' service on the Isthmus
during the twelve months ending December 31, 1910, and for that reason are entitled to receive the Canal Medal. The date shown
opposite each name is that from which medal service is reckoned.

The list is now published in order that it may be carefully checked by those interested. Any omissions, errors in the spelling of
names or in the dates from which medal service is reckoned, should be reported to the Office of the Chairman, at Culebra, for

In numbering the medals the relative standing of employes, whose medal service is reckoned from the same date, will be determined
by lot. The list will be continued in The Canal Record of April 12, 1911.

Name. Vale.


Brent, Raleigh C Jan. 1

Chickering. William H...Jan. 1

Cooper, Edward J Jan. 1

Ellsworth. Cornelia H. . .Jan. 1

Conway. James Jan. 2

Kopp, Frank A Jan. 2

Merritt, Henry F Jan. 2

Blackwell. William D. . .Jan. 3

Bledsoe, Louis V Jan. 3

Hoffman, George M Jan. 4

Kirby, Edward Jan. 4

Mack. Thomas Jan. 4

Garrison, Albert D Jan. 6

Sergison, Alexander Jan. 6

Taylor, James W Jan. 6

Thull, Peter J Jan. S

Dowd, Stephen H Jan. 9

Kussmaul, Henry A Jan. 9

Morris. Dallas Jan. 9

Barningham. John W... Jan. 10

Graham, Alexander Jan. 1 1

Maloney. Michael E. . .Jan. 11

Dibble, William H Jan. 13

Lambert, Ed Jan. 14

Vining. Jonn D Jan. 14

Blunt, William T Jan. 15

Fowler, Frank W Jan. IS

Gilbert, Garfield O Jan. 15

Holmes, William J Jan. 15

Newburgh, Albert Jan. 15

Newell, Henry F Jan. IS

O'Brien, Patrick D . . . .Jan. 15

Garlow. Edward Jan. 16

Gamble, Neil M Jan. 17

Kralce, William B Jan. 20

Lathrop. Fred H Jan. 20

Rule, Edgar Jan. 20

Wurdemann, Ernest F..Jan. 20

Bolar, James M Jan. 21

Cassell. George H Jan. 21

Condon, Frank J Jan. 2 1

Mclntire, Leo A Jan. 21

Silck, Joseph L Jan. 21

Willett, George L Jan. 21

Kenealy, William L Jan. 22

Barkley, James M Jan. 23

Ferguson, Harry L Jan. 25

Delahunt. Harry G. . . .Jan. 26

Hunter, William Jan. 26

Neville, Edward J Jan. 26

Shaw. William F Jan. 26

Staples, Thomas O Jan. 26

Corbett, Walter J Jan. 27

Dorn, William F Jan. 27

Van De Mark, Duane. .Jan. 27
Yarborough, Grace. . . .Jan. 29

Mhoon. John A Jan. 31

Pender, Benjamin D . . .Jan. 31

Arena, Antonio Feb. 1

Arndt, August H Feb. 1

Evans, George H Feb. 1

Farrar, Oliver S Feb. 1

Healy, Frank V Feb. 1

Hefke, Philip Feb. 1

McKay. -Max C Feb. 1

Tenfelde, Bernard Feb. 1

Terry, John Y Feb. 1

Thornton, Charles E. . . .Feb. 1

Williams, John H Feb. 1

Glabb. Leo F Feb. 3

Murray, Joseph D Feb. 3

Grigsby, Francis C Feb. 4

Martin. John A Feb. 4

Avery. Alfred B Feb. 5

Foust. Samuel M Feb. 5

Hathaway, Louis Feb. 5

McComb. William G Feb. 5

Moser, Jack Feb. 5

Stevenson, Harry D . . . .Feb. S

Clark. Edward R Feb. 6

Smith. Carl D Feb. 6

Brown, Charles A Feb. 7

Hahn. Charles F Feb. 7

Hull, J. B Feb. 7

Name. Date.

Corning, John M Feb. 8

Walston, William H . . . .Feb. 8

Booz, Thomas H Feb. 10

Cody, Michael J Feb. 10

Conley, John B Feb. 1 1

Harris, J ulius A Feb. 1 1

Wickel. Henry Feb. 11

Brown, Franklin M. . . .Feb. 12

Chester, Charles S Feb. 12

Hanna, John S Feb. 12

Heslop. William J Feb. 12

Kerat, John Feb. 12

Barney, James E Feb. 13

Bourgeois, Louis Feb. 13

Burns, Lee Feb. 13

Casey, Patrick J Feb. 13

Grasley, Louis M Feb. 13

Hussey, Claud Feb. 13

Lasker, Fred Feb. 13

Teese, Joseph W Feb. 13

Dougherty, Frank F. . .Feb. 14

Lewis, George W Feb. 14

Moore, Joseph Feb. 14

Dunbar, George R Feb. 15

Padden John J Feb. 15

Anderson, F'rancis G. . .Feb. 17

Hunter, Alonzo Feb. 17

Moore, Wade H Feb. 17

Weldon. Hugh Feb. 17

Clemens, Arthur C . . . .Feb. 18

Kinney, Michael Feb. IS

Calthirst. Percy Feb. 19

McAuther, Semore .... Feb. 19

Williams, Charles Feb. 19

Marsh, Marvin M Feb. 20

VVitmer, William H., Jr.Feb. 20

Brooks. Herbert . F'eb. 21

Comrie, George R Feb. 21

Newcomb, Howard S...Feb. 21

Purcell, John J Feb. 21

Reed, Linus M Feb. 21

Woolfolk, Thomas R. . .Feb. 21
Glendinning, Thos. T . .Feb. 24

Racine, Leroy Feb. 24

Schwalenberg, M. A. . .Feb. 24

Schutte, Fred'k W Feb. 26

Bell. William S Feb. 27

Henter, Charles Feb. 2 7

Jacobs, Nelson Feb. 27

Johnson, Joseph Feb. 27

Reynolds, Henry J . . . .Feb. 27

Miller. Michael J Feb. 28

Spencer, Fred'k G Mar. 1

Barron, Frank A Mar. 2

Jamieson. John Mar. 2

Kummers, Adolph P. . . .Mar. 2

Ourand, Charles H Mar. 2

Padden. John E Mar. 2

Tomlinson, Henry G. . . Mar. 2

Watson, Lulu M Mar. 2

Howard. George E. L...Mar. 3

Massen. John D Mar. 4

Foust, Samuel M Mar. 5

Moore. Sadie M Mar. 6

Scoffern. Robert F Mar. 6

Durning, William J . . .Mar. 7

Wilcox. John S Mar. 8

Hayne, William Mar. 9

Loefner, Louis Mar. 9

McLeod. Arthur T Mar. 9

Minnix. Warren E Mar. 9

Perkins, Fred C Mar. 9

Farley. Bernard F Mar. 10

Hollowell. Cooper Mar. 10

Laherty. Edward Mar. 10

Shore. Charles P Mar. 10

Nelson. Edward Mar. 11

Painter. Joseph H Mar. 12

Chapman, Otto B Mar. 14

Driver, John B Mar. 14

Forman, Mary M Mar. 14

Furbish. George H . . . . Mar. 14

Giles. Arthur E Mar. 14

Giles, Jessie H Mar. 14

McKeever, Barnard E.Mar. 14

Name Dale.

Wright, George F Mar. 14

Grobe, John R Mar. 17

Knapp, Edward H . . . .Mar. 17

Albert. John L Mar. 18

Groves, George W Mar. 18

Humphreys, Joe K. . . .Mar. 18
MacCormack Eliz'h H.Mar. 18
Roettgering, Otto J . . . Mar. 18

Smith, Penny Mar. 18

Stoddard, Charles R...Mar. 18

Sylvester, Olin K Mar. 18

Walsh, John J Mar. 18

Conrad, Herman Mar. 19

Farnsworth, Arthur L.Mar. 19

Lewis, Louis Mar. 19

Martin, George Mar. 19

Smith, Paul W Mar. 19

Diestel. Otto Mar. 20

Hemming, Alfred Mar. 20

Chouquette, Michael DMar. 21

Neal, Horace C Mar. 21

Good, Ed Mar. 23

MacDonald, John G. . .Mar. 23

Sutcliffe, John W Mar. 24

White, Harry R Mar. 24

Wilson, Frank E Mar. 24

Kelleher, Thomas P . . . Mar. 25

Miller, Florence Mar. 25

Owens, Thomas R. . . .Mar. 25

Phipps, John H Mar. 25

Rex, Arthur E Mar. 25

Clough, riartwell Mar. 27

Jordan. Joseph T Mar. 27

Morton, George D .... Mar. 2 i

Foley, John R Mar. 28

Davidson, Edward H. .Mar. 30

Jones, Willard B Mar. 30

Lee, Dan Mar. 30

McCarthy, Francis P. .Mar. 30
McCarty, William S. . .Mar. 30

Myers, James A Mar. 30

Norman, James Mar. 30

O'Brien, James M Mar. 30

Parks, William S Mar. 30

Smith, LeRoy E Mar. 30

Stoney, William E. . . .Mar. 30

Vickery, William J Mar. 30

Crawford, William H. . .Apr. 1

Kelley, Daniel E Apr. 1

Sheridan, John J. F Apr. 1

Willett. Henry E Apr. 1

Ernst, William A Apr. 2

Johnson, Olof Apr. 2

McCallum. George D. . .Apr. 2

Spencer, George E Apr. 2

Tucker. Richard B Apr. 2

Turrentine, Samuel Apr. 2

Angel Joseph Apr. 3

Barth, Frank G Apr. 3

Belknap, Andrew G Apr. 3

Doby, Walter F Apr. 3

Fogerty. William Apr. 3

Gannon, Margaret E. . . .Apr. 3
Hackett. Michael W. . .Apr. 3

Joyce. Rulus W Apr. 3

Kelley, Martin J Apr. 3

Millar, Ray M Apr. 3

Weir, James E Apr. 3

Wilkstrom. Alexander. . .Apr. 3

McDevitt, John F Apr. 4

Clark. Lucy G Apr. 6

Hobbs, Frederick G Apr. 6

Willis, Willard G Apr. 6

Bunker, John H Apr. 7

Spagna. John Apr. 8

McCormick, Lawrence J.Apr. 9

Shields. William Apr. 9

Graff. Jacob Apr. 10

King. Ray Apr. 10

Robertson, Elmer H . . .Apr. 10

Powell. Travis L Apr. 1 1

Allan, Thomas S. S. . . .Apr. 13

Burke. Joseph L Apr. 13

Ferguson, Fred P Apr. 13

Hingerty, Clarence , . . .Apr. 13

Name. Dale.

Howe, William H Apr. 13

Kincaid, George W. . . .Apr. 13

Moore, Arthur D Apr. 13

VanFleet, Wilfred H. . .Apr. 13

Winquist, Charles Apr. 13

Curtis. Wilfred S Apr. 14

Nelson, George .Apr. 14

Kemp, John W Apr. 15

Days, Joseph M Apr. 16

Fullinwider, Rolla A. . .Apr. 16

Perry, James E Apr. 16

Willett, Charles Apr. 16

Brown, Frank R Apr. 18

Hamilton, Ralph A. . . .Apr. 18
Hughlings, Sydney P...Apr. 18

Fomon, Samuel Apr. 20

Ledden, Mary E Apr. 20

Satirstein, Benjamin. . .Apr. 20
Goulstone, Arthur J . . .Apr. 21

Hanbury, Joseph Apr. 21

Shivers, Mary G. (Mrs.) Apr. 21

Flavin, Thomas Apr. 22

Frahn. August Apr. 22

Sessions. Varner V Apr. 22

Bird, James V* Apr. 23

Landers, James W Apr. 23

Rancher, Stanley O. . . .Apr. 23

Gibson, James Apr. 24

Hobbs, Herbert C Apr. 24

Marsh. Joseph S Apr. 24

Hall, William F Apr. 25

Jennings, Hiram W. . . .Apr. 25

Grier, Charles L Apr. 2 7

Marks, George S Apr. 27

Clark, Lewis E Apr. 28

Bardelson. Samuel Apr. 29

Burrow, Bardon C Apr. 29

Callahan, Stephen C. . .Apr. 29
Miltimoie, William J. ..Apr. 29

Roper, Stuart D Apr. 29

Smallwood, Albert D...Apr. 29
St. John, Smith W. . . .Apr. 29

Wiley, Albert A Apr. 29

Swab, Harry C Apr. 30

Adams, Leon May 1

Barrows. Charles B May 1

Beaman, Don H May 1

Boggs. Julian C May 1

Milburn, James W May 1

Wilcox, Boss May 1

Dulaney, Tobe May 2

Jewens, Nathan G May 2

McGowan, Marie L. . . .May 2

Kenealy, James N May 4

Collins, John O May 5

Gwynne, Jean S May 5

Morgan, Robeit P May 5

Spencer, James G May 5

Teimer, Richard May 5

Oberle, Edwin J May 6

Martell, Harry C May 8

Sala, Francis L May 8

Pinto, Thomas J May 9

Braw. Fred J May 10

Butler. John S May 10

Crandall, Atmore L... .May 10

McFee. Walter E May 10

Miller. Ora May 10

Morton, Frederick E...May 10

Reidy, Michael W May 10

Williams. David F. . . . May 10
Withrow, Robert E. . . . May 10

Toombs, William A May 11

Connor John May 12

Grobe, William C May 12

Irwin, Don E May 12

Sheridan, Aloysius P...May 13
Sheridan. Thomas M . . May 14

Dogan David May 15

Frank. William May 15

McLeod. John A May 15

Reimann, Richard May 15

Bates, Lewis B May 16

Kemper. Roy E May 16

Rinderle. Oliver F May 16

Name. Date.

Russell, Stacey C May 16

Schvveinshaut, John , . . May 16

Kenison, Nelson May 18

Pfisterer, August May 18

Schultz, Gilbert J May 18

Bourion, Alade N May 20

Casey, Will B May 20

Craig, Richard A May 20

Goldsmith, G. P May 20

Hewitt. Justin H May 20

Howe. Donald May 20

Hunderlach, Edward A.May 20
Pentz, Artemus W. . . . May 20

Turgeon, Peter J May 20

Ewing, Johnson C May 21

Killeen, Patrick J May 21

Bishop, Frederick A. . .May 22

Bonnell, Leander P May 25

Callahan, William J. . .May 25
Callahan, William V.. .May 25

Hilleary, Chase M May 25

Leathers, Frank C May 25

LeMire, George E May 25

McKeown. Henry May 25

Owens. Joseph J May 25

Sweeney, George F May 25

Whitmarsh. Nelson. . . . May 25
Williams, William M May 25

Carty, Ella May 26

McElroy, Asa D May 26

Boehning, Edward F...May 27

McTucker, Ellis May 27

Rottmann, Charles May 27

Yale, Theodore H May 28

Sneed, Hughes May 29

Williams, Joseph D May 31

Widemyer. Louis T June 1

Wright. Ernest A June 1

Carroll, John F J une 2

Greene. Jay L June 2

Huson, Claude J J une 2

Ives. Fred W. B j une 2

Pflueger, Edwin B J une 2

Rath, Thomas J June 2

Yerkes, Arthur W. . June 4

Bailey, Cecil C j une 5

Campbell. John J j une s

Cohen, Harry June 5

Heshn, Thomas E J une 5

Kreiter, James M . . . . J une 5

McElroy. George N.... June 5

Meyer, Max L June 5

Naylor, Charles H.... June 5

Noonan. Philip June s

Plummer, John C June 5

Schneider, Barney. . J une 5

Sedwick. Harry F j un e 5

Smalley, Isaac A j une 5

Warwick. Walter W.... June 5
Weiss, John June 5

Winegar, Otis E j une 5

Wright, Joseph W June 5

Henton, Edward L June 6

Hutchings, Robert W. . . June 6

Nylen, Charles A June 6

Clayborn. Norl C June 7

Cecil. Clyde j une 8

Dilfill. Clarence W June 8

May, Duncan June 8

Pettyjohn. James W. . June 8

Martin, Nell. 1 June 9

Pease, Charles U June 9

Dryden. George A June 10

Hatfield. Joseph June 10

Hurey, David W June 10

MacRae, L. M j une 10

Mahoney, Patrick S. . .June 10
Thompson, Anderson RJune 10

Percy, John W June 11

Cornwell, Varney T. . .June 12

Shepherd. Victor June 12

Online LibraryIsthmian Canal Commission (U.S.)Canal Record (Volume 4 no.1-52) → online text (page 102 of 168)