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damages.' *****"

It is estimated that from $100,000 to $150,-
000 have been deducted from contractors'
bills in accordance with the "liquidated
damages" clause of the contract, which is now
declared ineffective.



The Right Hon. James Bryce, British
Ambassador to the United States, and Mrs.
Bryce, arrived on the Isthmus September 9,
and remained here for two days visiting all
parts of the Canal work. They were the
guests of Col. and Mrs. W. C. Gorgas during
their stay. They sailed from Balboa on
September 11 for a tour through South Amer-
ica, during which they will visit Lima. Lake
Titicaca, Valparaiso, and pass through the
Strait of Magellan to Buenos Aires, whence
they will sail for England.

Maj. Chester Harding, and Maj. Edgar
Jadwin sailed for the States on their annual
leave, on the Cristobal, on September 8.

Maj. Henry A. Brown, chaplain, U. S. A.,
and Archdeacon Henry B. Bryan sailed for
the States on the Cristobal, on September 8.

Mr. A. B. Nichols sailed for the States on
his annual leave of absence, on the Colon, on
September 5.

A. V. D. Candler.who has been designated to
take charge of the inspection of the new ladder
dredge to be built at Renfrew, Scotland, for
use at the Pacific entrance, sailed from New
York for his destination on August 31. He
is connected with the Purchasing Department,
and while on the Isthmus some time ago had
an opportunity to familiarize himself with
the type of dredge to be constructed under
the recent award.

Fancy Dress Ball at Colon.

A fancy dress ball will be held at the Lincoln
House on the evening of October 15, under the
auspices of the Philanthropy Department of
the Woman's Club of Cristobal for the benefit
of the Salvation Army. Tickets may be
obtained from any member of the club at
$1 each.

At a recent meeting of the board of gover-
nors of the Colon Club it was decided to
dispense with the regular dance on Saturday
evening, October 15, because on that evening
the floor will be given over to the Philanthropy
Department of the Woman's Club for the
annual fancy dress ball.

Church Notes.

The corner stone of the United Methodist
church at Pedro Miguel will be laid at 3
o'clock on the afternoon of September 18, by
Dr. J. Thomas of Panama, assisted by repre-
sentatives of the Christian Mission church
and members of negro fraternal societies. A
procession will be made from the Baptist
Mission house to the site of the new church.

The ceremony of laying the corner stone
of the new Episcopal church for West Indians
in Gatun will take place at 3.30 p. m., on Sun-
day, September 18. Four principal stones
will be laid, one by Mrs. W. L. Sibert, one
by Judge Gudger, one by W. H. Carrington,
and one by the Amalgamated Friendly Socie-
ties. Addresses will be made by Judge Gudger,
and Judge Thomas E. Brown, jr.

Transfer of Transportation Men — Moving Loco-
motives from Gorgona Shops — Safeguarding
Labor Trains.

Culebra, C. Z., September 7. 1910.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

The following recommendation, submitted by the
Transportation Committee are aporoved:

"The committee recommends that in case of transfer
of transportation men between divisions of the Isthmian
Canal Commission or between the Isthmian Canal
Commission and the Panama railroad, a tran-
script of the service record cf the man transferred
accompany the regular transfer slio. this transcript to
contain a brief outline of each offe lse and a statement
of the discipline applied in each case.

"On account of the heavy vork on all locomotives
having been centered at Gorgona, it becomes necessary
almost daily for the Panama railroad, or one or more
divisions of the Isthmian Cam. Commission, to move
engin _ bet.veen Gorgona shops and some other point
on the Isthmus. In the interests of economy it is
recommended that a crew be assigned to this service,
such crew to be carried by the Central Division and
charge to be made against other divisions or the Pana-
ma railroad !or services perfo-raed.

"With a view to safeguarding employes riding on
labor trains, it is the recommendation of the committee
that all trains lollowing labor trains be held five minutes
before following such labor train unless the latter has
passed into the nsxt block ahead."

Geo. W. Goethals,
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Steerage Rate on P. R. R. Vessels.

Culebra, C. Z., September 9. 1910.
Circular No. 175-D:

Effective September IS, 1910, the reduced steerage
rate of $10 heretofore allowed on Panama railroad
steamships wUl be increased to $15.

Geo. W. Goethals,
Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission.
President, Panama Railroad Company.

Acting Division Engineer.

Culebra, C. Z. t September 3, 1910.
Circular No. 350:

Effective September 5, 1910, Mr. John M. G. Watt
will act as Division Engineer of the Pacific Division
during the absence of Mr. S. B. Williamson, on leave.
Geo. W. Goethals,
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Clerks Without Knowledge of Typewriting.
Culebra. C. Z., September 10, 1910.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

It has 4 been the practice of the United States Civil
Service Commission to maintain five registers of clerks
for appointment to apply on requisitions from the
Isthmus, as follows: Clerks with knowledge of type-
writing; clerks with business experience; clerks with
railroad experience; clerks with timekeeping experience ;
clerks with bookkeeping experience. In connection
with the majority of requisitions forwarded for clerks
during the past year, knowledge of typewriting has
been specified. As the result, this particular register
has been exhausted, and difficulty has been experienced
in filling requisitions, while eligibles with other quali-
fications have had little chance of appointment. It is
requested that in filling future vacancies, requisitions
be made for clerks without knowledge of typewriting
whenever the interests of the service will permit.

Geo. W. Goethals, Chairman.

Chief Dispatcher. P. R. R.

Colon, R. P., September 8, 1910.
Circular No. 188:

Effective Sunday, September 11, L. B. Maggard is
appointed Chief Dispatcher, reporting to this office.
See rules 722, 723, and 724. Book of Rules. At the
same time all agents heretofore reporting to the Master
of Transportation will report to this office direct.

J. A. Smith, General Superintendent.

Auction of Unclaimed Goods.

Colon. September 10, 1910.

In order to recover freight and storage charges, the
Panama railroad will dispose of the accumulation of
over and unclaimed shipments now in its possession,
by public auction Wednesday, October 5, 1910, at 9
a. m., sale to be held on dock 11, Cristobal. C. Z.

The items to be sold consist of a miscellaneous assort-
ment of wines, liquors, household goods, building ma-
terial, stationery, groceries, dry goods, machinery and
merchandise in general, all of which has been held six
months and over in an effort to locate owner.

J. A. Smith, General Superintendent*

September 14, 1910.




Activities of the Young Men's Christian Asso-


Total membership

Total number of bowling games . . .
Number different tournaments ....
Total number tournament players.
Total number pool and billiard games.

Number different men using gymnasiums. . . 314

Total attendance of men using gymnasiums. 2,145

Number enrolled in chess and checker clubs. 78

Number enrolled in glee clubs 31

Number enrolled in dramatic and minstrel

clubs 44

Number enrolled in camera clubs 84

Number enrolled in discussion clubs 47

Number enrolled in educational classes 5

Number of members of libraries 728

Total number of books withdrawn 1,998

Number of religious meetings 1

Attendance 150

Number of lectures 1

Attendance 25

Number of imported entertainments 4

Attendance 851

Number of local entertainments 16

Attendance 3,084

Number functions outside association man-
agement 10

Attendance 1,194

Number afternoons for women 46

Attendance 423

Number evening functions to which women

invited 30

Attendance 1 ,543

Number different men on committees 198

Number of men called on in hospitals 236

Number of letters written at public tables. . 6.3S4

Total attendance at buildings 72,156

Average attendance per day 2,327

Number of beds used during the month. . . . 380

Boys' Department.

Number of members 82

Number of afternoons for boys 59

Average attendance per afternoon 35

Total attendance in systematic gymnasium

work 555

Outings and other special features 2


The interassociation tenpin tournament was started
Saturday night, September 10, with two teams entered
fron each of the five Zone associations. These teams
known as first and second teams will bowl for ten weeks
for an association trophy prize; then, beginning Novem-
ber 19, a picked team representing each association,
whose members will be chosen from teams one and two,
will bowl ten weeks for individual team prizes. The
results of the games will be published each week in The
Canal Record.

Miss Gay Zenola MacLarcn will fill the following
return engagements at the clubhouses: September 15,
Gatun; September 20, Culebra.


The discussion club meeting on September 7 was led
by E. A. Putnam; subject, "What Is Failure?" This
club meets every Wednesday evening at 7.30. The
next meeting will be led by F. C. Freeman; subject,
'Our Thoughts."

The pool and billiard tournament begins on Monday,
September 19. The prize is a pennant.

The bowling committee has arranged a bowling tour-
nament to begin this week. Three prizes are offered,
one for high average, one for second, and one for the
highest pin fall. This tournament will be a handicap
tournament based on the scores of the last two months.

Saturday, Cristobal's second team will play at Cule-
bra, and Culebra's first team will go to Cristobal.

The high score last week for bowling was rolled by
E. P. Case on Saturday night; score, 205.

The Gorgona first team took three straight games
from the Culebra first team on the Culebra alleys on
Saturday night. September 10. Following is the score:

Culebra First Team.
Herrington.. 165 181 163

Case '141 205 138

Cohen 196 129 169

Hayes 127 176 149

Dougherty. . 176 156 125

Gorgona First Team.

Roper 192 181 158

King 164 170 142

White 199 196 188

Sexton 144 163 201

Otis 164 162 176

Total 805 847 744 | Total... 863 872 865


The Empire clubhouse posts every night the total
number of cars and engines used, and the total yardage
for the day of the Central Division.

C. J. Huson has been elected captain of the first Y. M.
C. A. bowling team, and Samuel Bardelson captain
of the second team.

There were 37 certified delegates to the literary

society's "county convention" last Friday night. Mr.
Porter was elected temporary chairman, Mr. Warwick,
permanent chairman, and Mr. Sawtelle, permanent
secretary. The following candidates were nominated
for the coming "election:" For sheriff, J. H. McLean;
county judge. Judge Mark A. Hall; county solicitor,
Cap. McNiel ; county commissioners, Messrs. Ross,
Harlan and Simpson; county treasurer, Philip Kelley;
clerk of court. H. W. Sawtelle; coroner. Dr. Erdman.

The following high scores were made on the bowling
alleys during the week ending September 10: Pearson,
204; Potter, 223; Shaughnessy. 201, 219; Goolsby, 215;
Nicodemus, 206.

The match between Empire and Cristobal on Septem-
ber 5, resulted in favor of Cristobal. Following is the
score :


Louch 180 168 176

Collins 165 174 168

Adams 158 151 172

Rabbitt 141 T 155"165

Bullard 173 r 151"168


Goolsby... 128 163 139

Nicodemus 134 130 167

Bardelson. 156 163 150

Sawtelle... 122 164 132

Gustavson. 160 178 122

Total 817 799 849 Total... 700 798 710

The match between Empire and Culebra on Septem-
ber 7, resulted in favor of Empire. Following is the


Hall 155 149 143

Herrington.. 175 129 94

Case 132 182 155

Cohen 152 161 185

Dougherty.. 193^162 133

Total 807 783 710


Nicodemus 206 173 198

Goolsby... 150 215 175

Sawtelle... 185 177 125

Leon 163 190

Gustavson 162

Bardelson. 163 185 152

Total... 867 940 S12


The Cristobal basketball team defeated the Gorgona
team on Saturday night, September 10, by a score of 30
to 20.

Moving pictures recently received from the States
will be shown at the clubhouse on Friday night, Septem-
ber 16.

A shop league basketball game will be played on
Thursday, September 15, at 8 p. m.

Gorgona second team defeated Culebra second team
at bowling on the Gorgona alleys Saturday night. Sep-
tember 10, as follows:

Culebra Second Team.

Koperski 131.... 157

Baumer 161 146 127

Huttlemeier. 142 190 129
Hostetter. . . 171 145 157

Mengel 142 119 161

Fox 123

Total 747 723 731

Gorgona Second Team

Stoehr 150 124 108

Stewart. . . 163 183 179
Halderaan. 142 142 173
Varenkamp 128 193 146
Bordt 143 166 151

Total... 726 808 757

The Interassociation bowling tournament began
Saturday night with the Gatun second team at Cris-
tobal; the score follows:


Myers 181 154 175

C.R.HVg'n. 149 156 187

Dalton 121 146 154

Wilson 137 149 152

Hodges 157 182 145


Adams, D. 175 156

Grover 136 135 136

Blackburn. 146 179 140

Burns 190 156 181

Claherty... 151 130

Barrett 203

O'Meara Ill

Total 745 787 813 Total... 798 756 771

Cristobal played an exhibition game of basketball
with the men from the U. S. S. Tacoma Saturday night
and won by the score of 37 to 13. The following is
the line-up of the teams:
U. S. S. Tacoma.

Baskets Fouls
thrown thrown
Ford 4 3



Kriskie. . . .



Cawell ....




Baskets Fouls
thrown thrown

Russell 11 3

Simms. ... 4 2

Jaap 1




stant visitors at the clubhouse and are welcomed in
all departments of the work.


The next meeting of the discussion dub will be held
on Friday night, September 16; subject. "What Shall
We Read?"

The opening game in the Isthmian Bowling League
was played on Saturday evening, September 10, on
the Gatun alleys, when Gatun's first team took three
games from Cristobal's first team, as follows:

Gatun First Team.

Barte 179 181 181

C.A.H'r'g'n. 129 156 158

Ponton 162 160 177

DeMoll 126 187 128

Durand 177 161 155

Cristobal First Team.

Louch 149 130 149

Collins 155 168 155

Rabbitt. . . 135 160 120
Thomas. .. 129 151 151
Bullard. . . 135 140 168

Total 773 845 799 Total... 703 749 743

The basketball game played on Saturday evening
between Empire and Gatun at Gatun was fast and inter-
esting; the score. 38 to 30 in favor of Empire.

The schedules for the bowling teams for September
17, will be Gatun's first team at Empire, and Empire's
second team at Gatun.

Rainfall from September 1 to 10, Inclusive.



Pacific Section —




Pedro Miguel

Rio Grande

Central Section —






El Vigia


San Pablo



Monte Lirio

Atlantic Section —


Brazos Brook. . . .


*Porto Bello

Nombre de Dios.



fl «

d o



















































*To 5 p. m., September 9.

Misdirected Letters.
Ancon, C. Z., September 14, 1910.
The following insufficiently addressed letters origi-
nating in the United States and its possessions have
been received in the office of the Director of Posts, and
may be secured upon request of the addressee:

Score .


A moving picture entertainment was given on Mon-
day. September 12, and will be repeated on Monday,
September 26.

The membership at Cristobal has passed the 400
mark. A large clock, marking the membership cam-
paign, illuminated at night, has been installed in front
of the clubhouse. It can be seen for some distance,
both in the day time and at night.

Miss Gay Zenola McLaren read "The Man from
Home" Friday night and will return on September 21
with the play "The Man of the Hour." Seats will be
on sale for this entertainment Saturday. September 1 7.

The pool tournament has been decided with Weh-
meierin first place. Louch second, and Thomas third.

The discussion club discussed "Leadership" this week
led by Mr. Safford of Camp Elliott. Next week Mr.
Kramer from Culebra will be here taking for his subject

The men from the U. S. S. Tacoma have been con-

Albright, Mrs. Myron
Arthur, Robert
Bell, Milton A.
Best. Joseph
Birley, Mrs. Homer
Boggs, Julian C.
Brennan, Patrick
Brown. Capt. R. D.
Bryan, James
Caldwell, V. F.
Callahan, J. E.
Cameron, John
Carter, C.
Cecil, Mrs. H. E.
Chesbro. Claude L.
Chester, David
Dagley. Leo
Dahl, Chester
Davis. M. H.
Dempster, Tom C.
Deyo, Harold
Disk, S. B.
Dixon. A. B.
Dougherty. James
Downs. Mrs. John R.
Doyle, A. (2nd class)
Ellis. J. W.
Englesberg. I.
Ernst, Louis
Falkner. W. H.
Fenton, W. F.
Fortney, Harry L.

Gerchaw, F.

Goodman. Morris

Grant, J. H. Rose

Gray. John (2nd class)

Grout. Mrs. F. E.

Hall, J. T.

Hartley. Miss Ruth T.

Hays. Mrs. Eula L.

Hearns, Michael

Hodge. Miss Mattie

Howard, E. L.

Howe. C. H. R.

Hummer. Mrs. C. D.

Hurley, Hilary

James, Arthur

Jefferies. Mrs. P. M.

Jones. C. G.

Kaufman, Julius E.

Kelley, Mrs. Mart

Kotalik, J. J.

Kunce. O. H.

Larson, James (2)

Lassa, Eladia

Little, Mrs. Antoinette

Major, Mrs. Eva M. C.

Marsh, Lester

McConnoughly, Mrs. J. S.

Mead. Homer

Mollenhauser. Arnold

Morrison. Roderick G.

Naylor. Mrs. Chas.

Nelms. Marshall B.

Nicholson, E. P.

Olsen, John

Peak, Frank

Pedrache. Leon Y. (4th

Panizar, T. L.
Patson, Harris V.
Rogers. Wm.
Ryan. Michiel
St. Clair, Mrs. Dan
Schwable. Frank J.
Seales, Mrs. F. (4th class)
Sherry. Hugh
Short. W. G.
Smith, Lewis A.
Smith. Frank J.
Van Camp, Rob (2)
Vernon. Frank
Ward, Raymond
White, Mrs. E. C.
Whitwood. L.
Wilson, Rube
Wise, Will
Wolfschoon, Edward
Wright, Miss Manid
Yeoman, Chas.



Vol. IV. , No. 3.


The hours during which commissaries are open are
as follows:

Cristobal and Culebra, 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m.; 2 p. m.
to 7 p. m.

All other commissaries, 8 a. m. to 1 p. m.; 3 p. m. to
7 p. m.

Retail prices of cold storage provisions for the week
beginning September 13:



Mutton — Stewing, per pound 7

Shoulder, neck trimmed off, (4 lbs. and

over) , pei pound 10

Entire forequarters (not trimmed) 10

pounds and over, per pound 9

Legs, (8 to 10 pounds), per pound — 19

Cutlets, per pound 20

Short cut chops, per pound 22

Lamb — Stewing, per pound 7

Entire forequarters, neck trimmed off,

per pound 10

Legs (5 to 8 pounds), per pound 24

Cho^s, per pound 26

Cutit:* per pound 26

Veal — Stewing, per pounH 10

Shoulder for roasting (not under 4

pounds) , per pound 15

Loin for roasting, per pound 19

Chops, per pound 22

Cutlets, per pound 26

Pork cuts, per pound 22

Beef — Suet, per pound 2

Soup, per pound 5

Stew, per pound 9

Corned, per pound 12, 14, 16

Chuck roast, (3 pounds and over), per

pound 13

Pot roast, per pound 15

Rib- roast, second cut (not under 3%

pounds) , per pound 18

Rib roast, first cut (not under 3 pounds),

per pound 20

Sirloin roast, per pound 21

Rump roast, per pound 21

Porterhouse roast, per pound 21

Steak, Chuck, per pound 14

Round, per pound 15

Rib, per pound 20

Sirloin, per pound 21

Porterhouse, per pound 21

Rump, per pound 21

Tenderloin, per pound 24


Livers — Beef, per pound 10

Calf, each 60

Half, each 30

Sausage — Pork, per pound 17

Bologna, per pound 14

Frankfurter, per pound 14

Leberwurst, per pound 14

Sweet bread — Veal, per pound 1 . 20

Beef, per pound 25

Eggs, fresh, dozen t31

Eggs, fresh, % dozen only tl7


Chickens — Fancy Roasting, large, each 1 . 50

medium each 1.30

Fowls, each 70,82,93, 1.04, 1.15

Ducks, large, each 1 50

medium, each 1 . 30

Broilers, each 75

Turkeys, per pound 30

Squabs, each ■ 35

Capons, each 2.50

Pheasants, each 70, 1 . 00

Partridges, each 50

Grouse, each 85


Ham — English York Cut, per pound 30

German, Westphalia, per pound 36

Sugar cured, per pound 24

Sugar cured, sliced, per pound 27

Half, for boiling, per pound 25

Boiled, per pound 32

Hocks, per pound J8

Bacon — Breakfast, whole piece, per pound 30

Breakfast, sliced, per pound 31

Beef, salt, family, per pound 12

Pork, salt, family, per pound *16

Ox tongues, each SO

Pigs' feet, per pound 10

tongues, per pound 16

Mutton, mess, per pound 7


Butter — Creamery special, per pound 40

Cheese — Roquefort, per pound 38

Philadelphia Cream, cake 10

Young America, per pound 22

Swiss, per pound 26

Edam, each 1.00

Neufchatel, each 6

Gouda, per pound 34

Parmesan, per pound 35

Milk. Brlarcliff, bottle **25

Buttermilk bottle **15


Beeta, per pound 3$£

Celery, per head 6

Carrots, per pound 3J£

Cabbage, per pound 3&


Cucumbers, per pouud 5

Lettuce, per head 5, 7, 10

Onions, per pound 3%

Potatoes, white, per pound 3%

sweet, per pound V/ 2

Rhubarb, pei pound 6

Squash, per pound 4

Tomatoes, per pound 8

Turnips, per pound 3

Yams, per pound $%

Apples, per pound *5

Canteloupes, each 08

Grapes, per pound *8

Hucklebeiries. per quait 20

Lemons, dozen 24

Limes, per 100 80

Oranges, per dozen 12

Peaches, per pound 10

Pears, per pound - 10

Plums, per pound 10

Watermelons, each t40

♦Indicates reduction from last list.
♦♦Indicates 5 cents allowed for return of bottle,
t Indicates advance on last list.

tSold only from Commissaries; no orders taken for

Supplies for Canal Work.

The following steamers with supplies for the Isthmian
Canal Commission arrived at the ports of Cristobal and
Colon during theweek ending September 10, 1910:

Advance. September 5. from New York, with 51
cases rubber boots for Atlantic Division; 12 crates con-
crete machinery for Pacific Division; 14 cases drugs,
etc., for Sanitary Department; 705 bags bran for Ancon
dairy; 14 cases enamel ware, 200 cases washing powder,
1,000 pieces steel bars, 50 pieces switches. 40 cases
lanterns, 36 barrels iron pipe-fittings, 10 cases co pper
tubing, 25 coils drill hose for stock; and a miscellaneous
cargo, the whole consisting of 2,296 packages, weighing
186 tons.

A tetta r, September 8, from New Orleans, with 405 tons
dump car parts for Cristobal shops (for erection); 1,250
crates fire brick, 10 cases valves, 648 bales hay, 2,601
pieces yellow pine car stakes for stock.

Santa Maria, September 9, from New York, with 84
tons lock construction material for Atlantic and Pacific
Divisions; 13 cases electrical material, 7 barrels elec-
trical material 18 packages car parts for Atlantic
Division; 13 cases electrical material for Mechanical
Division; 171 crates wooden handles, 119 bundles
wooden handles for stock.

Panama, September 9, from New York, with 12 iron
brackets for Atlantic Division; 148 pieces maple lumber,
27 cases iron bolts. 120 tons castings, 392 kegs rivets for
Mechanical Division; 80 cases bolts and nuts, 34 barrels
rosin, 40 cases headlights, 14 cases paint composition,
159 cases insect exterminator for stock; and a miscellane-
ous cargo, the whole consisting of 3,239 packages,
weighing 508 tons.


Tide Table. .

The following table shows the time of high and low
tides at Panama for the week ending September 21
1910. (75th meridian time):






A. M.



P. M.


P. M.





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