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twelve months, not to exceed eighty-four days in the
aggregate; Provided, That not more than forty-two
days' leave with pay will be granted at one time, unless
prior notice shall be given that the employe's service
is to terminate at the expiration of such leave, either by
acceptance of resignation or by discharge on account of
reduction of force; and, Provided further. That, except
upon such termination of service, leave of absence with
pay must be entered upon during the period extending
from two months before to two months after the be-
ginning of each service year.

Resolved Further, That hereaftei a monthly employee
who has rendered satisfactory service for six months or
more for which he has received no leave of absence, and
whose service is terminated by acceptance of resignation
or by discharge on account of reduction of force, may be
granted leave with pay at the rate of three and one-half
days for each full month's such service.

Resolved Further , That hereafter an employe whose
service terminates while on leave of absence, either by
acceptance of resignation or by discharge on account of
reduction of force, may be paid for the full period of his
leave without returning to the Isthmus.

Geo. W. Goethals,
Chairman and Chief Engineer .

Leave for Employes Unaccustomed to Tropics.

Culebra, C. Z., April 26, 1911.
Circular No. 132-k:

The following extract from the minutes of the one
hundred and sixtieth meeting of the Commission, held
April 15, 1911. is published for the information of all
concerned :

Resolved, That employes born in the tropics, who are
otherwise entitled to the privilege of leave and who
have spent the greater part of their lives in the temper-
ate zones, are to be regarded as unaccustomed to a
tropical climate within the meaning of those paragraphs
of the general conditions of employment adopted at
the one hundred and twenty-ninth meeting of the
Commission which bear on leave of absence and sick
leave. Geo. W. Goethals,

Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Disposition of Buildings.

Culebra, C. Z.. April 27, 1911.
Circular No. 293-a:

The board appointed in Circular No. 293 to recom-
mend the disposition of buildings to be destroyed or
removed is hereby abolished. The Chief Quartermaster
will in future report on the disposition to be made of
buildings, subject to approval by the Chairman. If
any material or buildings are to be sold, appraisal will
be made by the Surveying Officer.

Geo. W. Goethals, Chairman.

Promotions for Steam Shovel Craneman to Engi-
Culebra. C. Z., May 1, 1911.
Circular No. 387:

The following rules shall hereafter govern promotions
from the grade of steam shovel craneman to the grade
of steam shovel engineer:

1. Except as herein provided, cranemen will be pro-
moted in the order of seniority.

2. To qualify for promotion a craneman must
demonstrate his ability to run a shovel in a six day try-

3. During this tryout the candidate for promotion
shall have no special guidance or instruction, but an
experienced craneman shall be assigned to his shovel
for at least the first three days.

4. The candidate for promotion will be started on
earth or other easy digging, if practicable, but before the
six days have expired he may be transferred to rock
work, which he must be competent to handle.

5. When the candidate for promotion has worked
six days as an engineer, the superintendent of steam

shovel repairs shall examine and report on the condition
of his shovel, and the superintendent of construction
shall report on his efficiency. From these reports, con-
sidered in connection with the daily shovel reports,
the division engineer will determine whether the candi-
date is qualified for promotion.

6. A craneman will not be given an opportunity to
break in as an engineer unless he will sign a written
agreement to accept promotion to any vacancy which
may occur in the grade of engineer, and to go to any
station on the Isthmus where his services may be

7. In order that there may be always a man available
to fill immediately any vacancy which may occur in
the grade of engineer, the three senior cranemen shall
be allowed to qualify for promotion. If one of these
is found ineligible or refuses to sign the agreement
referred to in paragraph No. 6, the man standing fourth
on the seniority list will be permitted to qualify, and
so forth, in order that there may be always three men
available for promotion.

8. When a vacancy occurs in the grade of engineer,
promotion shall be tendered to the senior qualified
craneman unless he is absent from the Isthmus, sick,
or otherwise incapacitated for immediate service, in
which case promotion shall be tendered the second man
in order of seniority, and so forth.

9. A craneman will not be allowed engineer's pay
during his six day tryout, nor during any temporary
assignment to perform the duties of an engineer, except
that a substitute may be allowed engineer's pay when
his temporary assignment lasts for 30 days or more.

Geo. W. Goethals,
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Charges for Electric Current.

Culebra. C. Z., April 28, 1911.
Circular No. 336-b:

Effective May 1, and until further notice, the charges
for electric light and current furnished by the Mechan-
ical Division to all departments and divisions, in-
cluding the Panama Railroad Company, will be as
follows :

40 cents per month for each 16 c. p. lamp.
2 1 cents per kilowatt hour for power and lights on
motor basis, where the Mechanical Division does
not furnish lamp renewals.
Other rates fixed by Circular No. 336-A of December
30, 1910, or as specially authorized as an exception
thereto since that date, will remain in effect.

Geo. W. Goethals,
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Assignment to Duty.

Isthmian Canal Commission.

Department of Civil Administration."

Executive Office.

Ancon, C. Z., April 29. 1911.
Circular No. 103:

Judge William H. Jackson, having arrived on the
Isthmus pursuant to appointment issued to him in
Washington, is hereby assigned to the Cristobal Dis-
trict Court for one month from May 5. 1911, after
which he is assigned to the duties of Senior District
Judge, vice M. C. Rerdell assigned to the Cristobal
District Court. Geo. W. Goethals,

Chairman of the Commission.

Injury in Course of Employment.

Culebra. C. Z.. April 29, 1911.
Circular No. 235-e:

The Act of Congress approved May 30, 1908, as
amended by Section 5 of the Act of March 4, 1911,
granting to certain employes of the United States the
right to receive from it compensation for injuries sus-
tained in the course of their employment, applies to all
employes under the Isthmian Canal Commission when
injured in the course of their employment, and provides
that claims for compensation on account of injury or
death resulting from accident occurring on or after
March 4. 1911, shall be settled by the Chairman of the
Isthmian Canal Commission, who shall, as to such claims
and under such regulations as he may prescribe, per-
form all the duties devolving upon the Secretary of
Commerce and Labor under the Act of May 30, 1908.
In all cases where an injury results in death, claim for
compensation on account thereof must be filed within
one year after such death.

In accordance with the authority conferred upon me
by said Act of March 4, 1911, the following regulations
are prescribed for the purpose of making effective the
provisions of law referred to:

1. An employe injured in the course of his employ-
ment must at once report the injury to his foreman, or
other immediate superior, if he is able to do so. giving
a statement of the facts and the names of witnesses, if
any. In case disability does not result until some time
after the injury is received, the injured employe shall
notify his foreman, or other immediate superior,
promptly upqn the beginning of such disability.

2. The foreman, or other immediate superior, of an
employe injured in the course of his employment shall
at once forward the preliminary repoit of injury (Form
177 C. E.) to the head of his department or division.
The report shall be held by the head of the departi'^nt
or division until the employe returns to duty if within
15 days, or until 15 days have elapsed from the date of
the injury.

3. If the time lost does not exceed 15 calendar days,
Form 206 C. E. shall be prepared by the head of thf
department or division and forwarded in triplicate u.
the Chairman for his action, accompanied by the cer-
tificate of the attending physician. Upon the return of
this form approved, payment will be made on the regu-
lar pay roll as "Meritorious sick leave" in accordance with
the regulations now in force, made under authority of
the Act of February 24. 1909.

4. If the employe is still incapacitated for duty on
the sixteenth day after the injury is received, or disa-
bility commenced, "Immediate report of injury"
(Form X 155) shall be prepared by the head of the
department or division and forwarded not later than
the seventeenth day after such injury is received, or
such disability commenced, to the Claim Officer, Em-
pire. C. Z. In the event that the head of department
or division reports that the employe was injured out of
the course of employment or through negligence or
misconduct, such reporting officer shall make an addi-
tional statement, giving the reasonsfor his conclusion,
and forward same with this form.

5. Whenever an employe, concerning whom an
"Immediate report of injury" (Form X 155) has been
forwarded to the Claim Officer, returns to duty, a
"Report of termination of disability" (Form X 156)
shall be immediately sent to the Claim Officer, accom-
panied by a certificate of the attending physician.

6. The claim for compensation of an injured cmnloye
will be made on Form X 158. which will be furnished to
the claimant by the Claim Officer, who will advise as
to the preparation thereof.

7. The Chairman's approval and certification of all
claims for compensation on account of injuries which are
clearly within the terms of the Act, and concerning
which no question as to their validity has been raised,
will be made upon a pay roll prepared by the Claim
Officer, under the direction of, and be recommended for
approval by, the Examiner of Accounts, immediately
after the close of the calendar month in which the com-
pleted claim was filed.

8. All claims for compensation on account of injuries
about which any question as to their validity has been
raised shall be submitted to the Chairman by the Exam-
iner of Accounts with a brief of the facts in the case and
a recommendation as to the action to be taken. If such
claims are approved, the names of the claimants shall
be added to the next pay roll covering injured employes.

9. In all cases where an employe is accidentally
killed the head of his department or division shall
make prompt report thereof direct to the Claim Officer
on Form X 157.

10. When an employe entitled to compensation under
the Act of March 4. 1911, dies as a result of an injury
received in the course of his employment, and his
widow, child or children under 16 years of age, and
dependent parents, or any of them, desire to claim
payment under the Act, they shall be furnished with
blank form for compensation, Form X KSO. This form
must be properly completed. All persons who might
be beneficiaries under the Art must sign, or reason be
given for not signing, and the claim duly executed,
returned to the Claim Officer within one year after the
date of death. All claims for compensation on accorrt
of death shall be submitted by the Examiner of Ac-
counts to the Chairman with a brief of the facts and
a recommendation as to the action to be taken. If the
Chairman approves payment of compensation to more
than one person, he will designate the portion to be
paid to each claimant. Payments of compensation on
account of death shall be made on rolls separate from
the regular injury' pay roll, to be prepared by the Claim

11. The report of injury cases (on Form X 99) as
at present being made to the Claim Officer by Ancon and
Colon Hospitals and all line dispensaries, shall be con-
tinued, and all such reports shall be mailed not later
than noon on Monday of each week.

12. The employe who at present is designated as
Claim Officer for the Isthmian Canal Commission,
under the supervision of the Examiner of Accounts,
is charged with jurisdiction over all matters of detail
arising in connection with claims under the Act of May
30. 1908. as amended by the Act of March 4. 1911;
with the making of all necessary investigations in
connection therewith ; with the preparation of pay rolls
for the payment of compensation under the Act; with
the keeping of records pertaining to claims for compen-
sation; and with such other duties as are at present
performed by him in connection with claims arising
under the Act of May 30, 1908. or as may be hereafter
assigned to him, Geo. W. Goethals.

Chairman and Chic j Engineer.



Vol. IV., No. 36.


The hours during which commissaries are open are
as follows:

Cristobal and Culebra. 8 a. m. to 12.30 p.m.; 2 p.m.
to 7 p. m.

All other commissaries, 8 a. m. to 1 p. m.; 3 p. m. to
7 p. m.

Retail prices of cold storage provisions for the week
beginning May 1.



Mutton— Stewing, per pound 6

Shoulder, neck trimmed off, (4 pounds

and over), per pound 9

Entire forequarter (not trimmed) 10

pounds and over, per pound 8

Leg, (8 to 10 pounds), per pound .... 17

Cutlets, per pound 18

Short cut chops, per pound 20

Lamb — Stewing, per pound ■ • • . . 6

Entire forequarter, neck trimmed off,

per pound *

Leg (S to 8 pounds) , per pound 20

Chops, per pound 24

Cutlets, per pound 24

Veal— Stewing, per pound . • • • • '0

Shoulder, for roasting (not under 4

pounds) . per pound 12)

Chops— Shoulder, per pound 16

Chops, per pound 24

Loin for roasting, per pound 24

Cutlets, per pound 28

Pork — Loin chops or roast, per pound 14

Beef — Suet, per pound 2

Soup, per pound 5

Stew, per pound. *

Corned, per pound 12, 14, 10

Chuck roast (3 pounds and over), per

pound 12

Pot roast, per pound :■••!: '

Rib roast, second cut (not under 31

pounds), per pound 1°

Rib roast, first cut (not under 3 pounds),

per pound J8

Sirloin roast, per pound 1»

Rump roast, per pound 19

Porterhouse roast, per pound 20

Steak, chuck, per pound 12 j

Round, per pound 13

Rib, per pound 18

Sir! tin, per pound 1°

Rump, per pound 1°

Porterhouse (not less than 14

pounds), per pound 20

Tenderloin (Western) per pound . . 24

Tenderloin (Native) , per pound ... 30


Caviare, Russian in J-lb. jars, per jar 85

Livers— Beef, per pound 7

Calf, each 60

Half, each 30

Sausage — Pork, per pound IS

Bologna, per pound 10

Frankfurter, per pound 12

Lieberwurst, per pound 10

Sweetbread — Veal, per pound 1.20

Beef, per pound 25

Eggs, fresh, dozen 23

4-dozen, only

Bluefish, fresh, per pound 14

Halibut, fresh, per pound 15


Chickens— Fancy roasting, milk fed, large, each 1.25

Fancy roasting, milk fed, med., each 1.00
Fancy roasting, corn fed, about 4$

pounds, each 90

Fowls, each 60, 70, 80, 90. 1.00

Ducks, Western, about 4$ pounds, each 1.00

Long Island, each 1.30

Ducks. Long Island, each 1.10

Broilers,, milk fed. each 60

corn fed, each 55

Turkeys, per pound 26

Squabs, each 35

Capons 2.10

Rabbits, dressed, each 40

Pheasants, each 50

Partridges, each 50

Grouse, each 50


Ham — German, Westphalia, per pound 36

Sugar cured, per pound 18

Sliced, per pound 20

Half, for boiling, per pound 19

Boiled, per pound 25

Hocks, per pound J8

Picnic. Winchester, per pound 15

Bacon — Breakfast, whole piece, per pound 23

Breakfast, sliced, per pound 24

Beef, salt, family, per pound 94

Pork, salt family, per pound 14

Ox Tongues each 75

Pigs' feet, per pound 9

Tongues, per pound 14

Sliced bacon In 1-pound tins, per tin 30

In 1-pound jars, per jar *0


Butter — Creamery special, per pound 32

Cheese — Roquefort, per pound 38

Philadelphia cream, small cake 10

large cake 18

Young America, per pound 18


Cheese — Swiss, per pound 26

Edam, each 1-00

Camembert, in small tins, tin 14

Neufchatel. cake 6

Gouda. per pound 34

Milk (Inspected or certified), per bottle **25

(Pasteurized), bottle **18

Buttermilk, bottle "If

Ice cream, quart 125

4-galion 150


Beets, per pound 3

Celery, per head |

Carrots, per pound ( .3

Cabbage, per pound *2

Cucumbers, per pound l' r

Egg plant, per pound

Lettuce, per pound 10

Onions, per pound ^

Potatoes, white, per pound 21

fe£j is sweet, per pound 2

new, per pound... - 4a

Parsnips per pound 3

Peppers, green, per pound 10

Squash, per pound 6

Tomatoes, per pound *°

Turnips, per pound 3

Yams, per pound 3

Apples, fancy table, per pound 10

Grapefruit, each 4

Lemons, dozen 24

Limes, per 100 °0

Oranges, per dozen 12

Pineapples, each *0

Pears, per pound 10

♦Indicates reduction from last list.

"Indicates 5 cents allowed for return of bottle.

tlndicates advance on last list.

♦.Sold only from commissaries; no orders taken for

delivery. ____^_

Misdirected Letters.

ANCON. C. Z.. May 3. 1911.

The following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in the United States and its possessions, have
been received in the office of the Director of Posts and
may be secured upon request of the addressee:


Aikin. J. Jones. J. H.

Anderson. George A. T. Kemvorthy. R. A.

Ayre, Jimmy Knowles, Mrs. Horace G.

Coleman. Miss Mable Lee. Joe D.

Craven, Mrs. Mary MacNeil. Miss Lena

Craveen. Marie Catherine McElroy. Mrs. N. G.

Craven. Hugh McGrath. F. S.

de Jough, Gilbert Nix, W.

Folcey. A. E. Osmond. George

Foster. Miss Lorraine Orza, Manuel

Fox, Miss Eva Painter, Joe H.

Geisshardt. Willie Shroyer. Earl

Goodman, M. Smith, Archibald R.

Gorney, Jos. F. Shand. Cyril

Hart, Mrs. M. Thomas, Arthur

Hilders. Jos. A. Vance, George Louis
Huntington.. Mrs. E.IrvingWood. C. Harold

Jackson, C. M. Zamova, Vincente
Johnston. Wm. C.


Avery. R. E. Keen, Asa L.

Castro, B. (2) Kierman, J. C.

Clarke. Lieut. Thomas Lanlli. C. W.

Stanlev Louden, H. P.

Craft. Charles P. Maloney. Martin

Crespi, Miss Clelia Noltee, C. M.

Dickerson. Leonard R. Pearce, Mrs. Harry Ash

Ermentrout. Mrs. Robert Pierson, Harry M.-^ '

Forman. J. C. Simmons, Miss Bessie

Forte. William Stone, Hugh J.

Garrison, A. S. Sweek. Frank

Graf, Jack Symms. Maurace

Graham, F. L. Tracey, James

Grier, William Westcott, Fred M.

Hake. Jacob A. Williams, C. H.. Mrs.

Hall, Mrs. Wells Young. Julius C.
Harris, Ernest A.

Sale of Public Buildings.

Office of Chief Quartermaster.
Isthmian Canal Commission.

Culebra, C. Z., May 1. 1911.
Sealed proposals for the purchase of any or all of
one hundred and forty-three (143) buildings located
along the line of the Panama Railroad Company, be-
tween Bohio and Cartagenita. will be received here
until 3 p. m.. Monday. May 15. 1911, and then opened.
Information furnished on application to district quarter-
masters, or to this office. Envelopes containing pro-
posals should be endorsed "Proposals for the purchase
of buildings." and addressed to Lieut. -Col. C. A. Devol,
Chief Quartermaster. Culebra, C. Z.

The following vessels arrived at or departed from the
port of Balboa during the week ending April 29. 1911:

Arrivals — April 22, Oberon, from Port Harford;
April 23. Newport, from San Francisco; Mantaro. from
Callao; April 24, Fenwick. from San Francisco; April
25. Peru, from Guayaquil; April 26. Palena, from

Departures — April 22. Chile, to Guayaquil; April
23, Mackinaw, to San Francisco; April 2i.~ 1'tnnsyl-
vania, to San_Francisco; Mexico, to Valparaiso.


The following Is a list of the sailings of the Panama
Railroad Steamship Company; of the Royal Mail
Steam Packet Company; of the Hamburg-American
Line, and of the United Fruit Company's Line; the
Panama Railroad Company's dates being subject to


Allianca P. R. R. . .Saturday. . .April 29

Panama P. R. R. . .Saturday. . .May 6

Advance P. R. R. . .Friday May 12

Panama P. R. R. . . Thursday ... May 18

Allianca P. R. R. . .Wednesday .May 24

Colon P. R. R. . .Wednesday. May 31

Advance P. R. R . . .Tuesday. . . .June 6

Panama P. R. R. . .Monday June 12

Allianca P. R. R. . .Saturday. . June 17

Colon P. R. R. . .Saturday. . .June 24

Advance P. R. R. . .Friday June 30


Cristobal P. R. R. . .Thursday. .May 4

Ancon P. R. R. . .Wednesday. May 10

Allianca P. R. R. . .Friday May 12

Colon P. R. R. . .Thursday... May 18

Advance P. R. R. . .Wednesday .May 24

Panama P. R. R. . .Wednesday. May 31

Allianca P. R. R. . .Tuesday June 6

Colon P. R. R. ..Tuesday June 13

Advance P. R. R. . .Sunday. . . .June 18

Panama P. R. R. . .Saturday. . .June 24

Allianca P. R. R. . .Friday June 30

Colon P. R. R. . .Thursday... July 6

Advance P. R. R. . .Wednesday .July 12


Prinz Eitel Friedrich. . H.-A Saturday.. .April 29

Clyde R. M Saturday. . .April 29

Almirante U. F. C . . .Thursday ... May 4

Prinz Aug. Wilhelm. . .H.-A Saturday. . .May 6

Santa Marta U. F. C . . .Thursday ...May 11

Prinz Sigismund H.-A Saturday. . . May 13

Thames R. M Saturday. . .May 13

Metapan U. F. C . . . Thursday . . . May 18

Prinz Joachim H.-A Saturday . . . May 20

Zacapa U. F. C. ..Thursday... May 25

Prinz Eitel Friedrich. .H.-A Saturday. ..May 27

Trent R. M Saturday. . .May 27


Prinz Sigismund H.-A Monday May I

Thames R. M Tuesday May 2

Metapan U. F. C . . -Thursday . . . May 4

Prinz Joachim H.-A Tuesday May 9

Zacapa U. F. C. .. -Thursday ... May 11

Prinz Eitel Friedrich. . H.-A Monday May 15

Trent R. M Tuesday May 16

Almirante U. F. C. . .Thursday. . .May 18

Prinz Aug. Wilhelm* H.-A Tuesday. . . .May 23

Santa Marta U. F. C. . .Thursday... May 25

Prinz Sigismund H.-A Monday . . . May 29

Oruba R. M Tuesday. . .May 30


Parismina U. F. C . . .Wednesday. May 3

Abangarez U. F. C. . .Saturday. . .May 6

Heredia U. F. C . .Wednesday.. May 10

Atenas U. F. C. ..Saturday — May 13

Cartago U. F. C . . . Wednesday .May 17

Turrialba U. F. C. . .Saturday. . .May 20

Parismina U. F. C. . .Wednesday. May 24

Abangarez U. F. C. . .Saturday. ..May 27

Heredia U. F. C. . .Wednesday.. May 31


Atenas U. F. C . . . Thursday ... May 4

Cartagot U. F. C ... Thursday ... May 4

Turrialba U. F. C . . .Thursday ...May 11

Parisminat U. F. C. . .Thursday... May 11

Abangarez U. F. C. . .Thursday. . .May 18

Herediat U. F. C. . .Thursday. . .May 18

Atenas U. F. C. . .Thursday. ..May 25

Cartagot U. F. C. . .Thursday... May 25

Turrialba U. F. C . . .Thursday . . June 1

Parismina U. F. C . . . Thursday . . .June 1

Hamburg-American steamers leave Colon for New
York via Kingston and Santiago, Cuba at 10 a. m.

A local run from Colon to Rocas del Toro and Port
Limon will be made on Wednesday May 17 and 31;
June 14 and 28.

Royal Mail steamers leave for New York on alternate
Tuesdays, at 12 noon; for Southampton on alternate
Tuesdays at 10 a. m.

United Fruit Company's ships for New Orleans direct
leave on Thursdays at 3 p. m.; ships designated (t) for
New Orleans via Port Limon and Puerto Barrios on
Thursday at 4 p.m.; ships for New York via Kingston
on Thursday at 1 1 a. m. ; for Bocas del Toro on Monday
at 6 p. m.

The'Leyland line steamer Jamaican sails for New
Orleans via.Kingston. Jamaica on or about May 22.

(Part II of The Canal Record May 3, 1911.)


Table No. 1.

Includ -s administrative and general expenses, but does not include general items or expenditures for sanitation, hospitals, and civil government.

Third Quarter, Fiscal Year 1911.

To December 31, 1910


To March 31, 1911


Qr 'ntities.









Atlantic Division —

Cubic Yards,



Cubic Yards.

SI. 007.659. 57

$0 6823

Cubic Yards.

SI 071.393.50

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