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$12,901,642.28 $119,552,981.83 $83,432,116.72 $220,674,969.60



Vol. IV., No. 42.


Women's Organizations.

At the meeting of the ladies' auxiliary of
the Empire Christian League, held on Friday,
June 2, the study program was supplemented
by a series of tableaus in which four little
girls represented American missionaries in
China and the far east. The auxiliary held
a "market sale" of home baked goods — pies,
cakes, and candies, at the Commission club-
house on Saturday afternoon, June 10, the
proceeds from which will be devoted to
mission work on the Isthmus.

The Empire Women's Club held a "Current
events" day on Thursday, June 1. The social
meeting of the club will be held at the home
of Mrs. Lingo, house No. 26, Las Cascadas,
on Thursday, June 16.

A meeting of those who signed the petition
for a chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star
in the Canal Zone will be held at the lodge
hall, Gorgona, on Sunday, June 18, at 2:30
p. m. The petition was signed by 96 persons.

At the meeting of the auxiliary order of
the Daughters of Rebekah, held at Gorgona
on Friday, June 9, nominations were made
for the officers for the term of six months,
beginning July 14. Mrs. Charles Beetham,
the present vice-grand, will pass to the chair
of noble grand at this time. The order has
nearly one hundred members.

The ladies' auxiliary of the Gatun Christian
League recently gave a bachelor supper in
the chapel, from which the net receipts were
$100. Sixty dollars of this money was given
to complete the payment on the piano in the
chapel, and the remainder will be devoted to
painting and improvements in the interior of
the chapel. The auxiliary was organized in
April, its object being to assist the Gatun
Christian League in its social work. The
society is divided into three committees, as
follows: Membership, for the purpose of
keeping up the membership and arousing
interest in the organization among the women
of Gatun; social, to arrange for entertain-
ments and to assist the league whenever
called upon; deaconess, which will visit the
women of Gatun in their homes and in the
hospitals, and have charge of the preparation
for the communion service in the chapel on
the first Sunday in each month. The officers
are - President, Mrs. E. Bath; vice-president,
Mrs. Ben Jenkins; secretary-treasurer, Mrs.
W. N. Windes.

Gatun Sunshine Society.

At the annual meeting of the Gatun Sun-
shine Society, the following officers were
chosen: President, Mrs. William L. Sibert;
vice-president, Mrs, Charles Wood; secretary,
Mrs. W. N. Windes; treasurer, Mrs. F. O.
Whitlock. At the close of the business meet-
ing tea was served. The society has forwarded
S50 to the international headquarters in New
York, which will be used in the purchase of
a supply of linen for a bed in the Arthur
Home at Summit, N. J.

Church Notes.

A class of American children, four boys and
six girls, made their first communion at St.
Ferdinand's Roman Catholic Church, Em-
pire, on Sunday morning, June 2. After the
benediction, photographs of the class were
taken, following which, the children adjourned
to the parish house, where they were joined
by the boys and girls of the choir, and break-
fast was served. This is the first class of

white children to be prepared for this service
on the Isthmus. The Sunday school of St.
Ferdinand's church held an outing on Sunday,
June 11, going to Camacho dam, accom-
panied by their rector and several adults.
There are 22 pupils in the school.

The Young Men's Christian Association,
in connection with the United Methodist
Church, will give its first public entertain-
ment at the mission room in San Miguel,
Panama, on June 25, at 7 p. m., on behalf
of the new church. Subject, "The Bible, its
preservation and moral effects."

Vacation School in Gatun.

A vacation school will be opened in Gatun
early in July, in the public school building.
There will be classes in basketry, drawing,
water color, sewing, and a kindergarten class.
A department for boys' manual training will
be opened, if a sufficient number are enrolled.
The school is independent of the Canal Zone
public school. Twenty pupils have been en-

Red Gross Finances.

The financial statement of the Canal Zone
Chapter, American National Red Cross, for
the month of May, follows:


May 1, On hand $8,153.15

May 15, Proceeds of cricket

match at Ancon 52.50

May 18. Donated by Dr. Pablo
Arosemena, President
of the Republic of Pan-
ama, to the endow-
ment fund 12.50

May 31, Interest credited by
bank, March 21 to
May 31 26.72

May 31, Receipts (from member-
ship dues during month 14.00
Total receipts $8,258.87


May 6. Deportation of widow

and child. Empire. ... $ 50.00

May 6, Relief of destitute Amer-
ican, Ancon 5.00

May 16, Draft to treasurer, Amer-
ican National Red
Cross to cover one-
half annual dues re-
ceived during quarter,
Feb. 1 to April 30,
inclusive 440.50

May 19. Paid to Mr. T. L. Clear,
treasurer, endowment
fund committee, bal-
ance of fund on hand.. 476.98

May 31, Expendituresonaccount
of Colon fire, as per

vouchers attached 4,622 . 53

Total expenditures $5,595.01

May 31, Balance on hand $2,663.86

On hand in general fund $2,440.40

On hand in Colon fire fund 223 . 46

Total . $2,663 . 86

John L. Phillips, Treasurer.

Lawn Tennis Championship.

The Isthmian Tennis Association com-
pleted its tournaments for the season of 1911
in a doubles tournament at Empire on June
4. The winners for the season are, as follows:


Tournament. First. Second.

Jan. 8. Panama Runyan Chase Pulsifer.

March 5. Empire Ross G. T. Stokes.

May 7. Colon-Cristobal. . Bartholomew. McMurdo.


Feb. 5, Colon-Cristobal. . Farquharson . Pulsifer.

R. W. Hart..G. T. Stokes.
May 30, Tivoli Runyan Coffin.

Ross Guptil.

June 4. Empire Hunter Runyan.

F.E. Pearman.Troy Earhart.
Maduro-Lupi cup, April 2, Herrick.
at Panama Runyan.

Roosevelt avenue, and has prepared a pro-
gram of fourteen standard field contests, and
eight special contests, entries in the regular
contests not being eligible to compete in the
special. Application for entry' may be made
at the office in any Commission clubhouse,
or to H. H. Hammer, Corozal. The events
are, as follows:

Standard — 120-yard low hurdle; discus
throw; 100-yard run for boys; pole vault;
100-yard run; running high jump; 220-yard
run; shot put; running broad jump; 440-yard
run; one mile run; 4-boy relay, 880 yards;
8S0-yard run; 4-man relay, 4 laps.

Special — Sack race; potato race; fat man's
race; ladies' egg race; equipment race; pipe
race; wall scaling contest; three-legged race.


Mr. H. F. Tucker has resigned his position
as designing engineer in the office of the
assistant engineer, and will engage in
business in Boston as consulting engineer.
Accompanied by Mrs. Tucker, he sailed for
the States on the Cristobal on June 7.


CONGER-SCHUBER— At the church of the Sacred
Heart, Ancon, Dolores Josephine, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Buchanan Schuber, to Lieutenant Ed-
ward Haggard Conger. U. S. Marine Corps, Saturday
evening at 8.30. the Reverend Father Quijano offici-
ating. Canal Zone residence, Camp Elliott. Bas Obispo.

REIDY-SULLIVAN— On June 1, 1911. in New
York City, Helena G. Sullivan of Newport, Rhode
Island, to John J. Reidy of Boston, Mass. Canal
Zone residence, Cristobal.

CLAUSE-HABERKOST— At Cristobal, C. Z.,
Sunday evening, June 4, Eleanor Caroline Haberkost
to Frederick W. Clause, both of Akron, Ohio; the Rev.
Carl H. Elliott officiating. Canal Zone residence,

BROWN-MEAHR— At Cristobal, onjune 8, Mabel
Sophia Meahr of Northville, N. Y., to Frank N. Brown
of Amsterdam, N. Y.; the Rev. C. O. Purdy officiating.
Canal Zone residence, Tabemilla.

Fourth of July Celebration.

The committee in charge of the athletic
games at the Fourth of July celebration in
Cristobal has decided to hold the games on

Band Concert.

A concert will be given by the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission Band at Culebra, C. Z., on Sunday, June 18,
1911, at 5:45 p. m. The program follows:

1 March— The Hustler Alford

2 Selection — The Prince of Pilsen Luders

3 a Intermezzo — Garden of Roses Pratt

b Wooden Shoe Dance — Dutch Kiddies. . . .Trinkaus

4 Serenade — Andalusian Bonnet

5 Overture — Norma Bellini

6 Waltz — An Autumn Reverie Rolfe

7 Selection — Robin Hood DeKoven

8 Valse Tres Lente — Amour euse Berger

9 March — New Colonial Hall

Chas. E. Jennings, Musical Director.
The next concert will be given at Las Cascadas on
Sunday, June 25. at 6 p. m.

Misdirected Letters.

The following insufficiently addressed letters, orig-
inating in the United States and its possessions, have
been received in the office of the Director of Posts,

and may be secured upon request of the addressee:

Bean, Ernest Murray, Samuel

Beatz, J. W. Murray. Homer

Borden. Mrs. C. A. Oliver. E. A.

Briggs. J. H. Parker, Emery

Burkhardt, Henry Pierce, Tamor R.

Campbell, Isaac Ramsbolton, E. C. (pam.)

Costin, H. S. (2) Rowley, Wm.

DeWitt. Mortimer Russell. Miss Dorothy

Drayton, Allan C. Russell, John

Englesberg. David Smith. George H. Fallow

Foutenelle, P. V. Smith, R. E.

Gallagher, Chas. Stames, W. S.

Gandia, Manuel Stewart, S. H.

Golden, Joe Sullivan, Jas. A.

Griffin. J. J. Taylor. C. Joel

Grobe. G. E. Taylor. William A.

Holt, Glenn P. Teiner. Richard

House. E. C. Turner. W. A.

Hughston, William Uljer. Peter VV.

Jackson, Walter Vandame, Mrs. W. F.

Jacob. Allan Vazquez, G. Manuel

Johnston, Wm. Caley Ward, Dr. J. D.

Jones, F. R. Webb, W. Wilkes

Knap'p. Guthrie Weir. Mrs. J. E.

Lewis. Sra. G. M. de Williams. Henry

Marene, Thomas Williams. William F.

Martin, Mrs. Hannah Wilson, W.

McDonald, R. M. (pkg.) Wilson, S. B. (pkg.)

Mellon, Robert Wilson. John H. (2d class)

June 14, 1911.




Activities of the Young Men's Christian Asso-


High scores in duckpins for the week: Case. 106, 103.
Ill; Cornthwaite. 110, 101; Brown. 101. 100; Mengel.
101. 103; Driscoll, 100.

A match game in duckpins was held on Saturday
morning between the boys of Empire and Culebra. the
home team winning the three games.

A track team has been organized with E. W. Tupper
as captain, to compete in the Fourth of July events at
Cristobal. There is need of more men to complete the
team. The team will practice on Tuesday and Friday


The following high scores were bowled in duckpins
last week: Pinney. 106. 101, 102; Gustavson. 106.107.
94; Akers. 110; Reed. 105; Goolsby, 103. 103; Rode-
ghiero, 97, 102.

The Culebra indoor baseball team defeated the
Empire team on Saturday, June 10. by the score of
19 to 3. The battery for Empire was Young and Mul-
lane, and for Culebra, Cushing and Tupper.

Application blanks for the Fourth of July athletic
meet at Cristobal may be secured at the office. Empire
men are urged to enter.

The May pool tournament was won fey E. E. Barnes.
There were 22 entries.

The gymnasium will be used for handball every
Wednesday evening, and. as soon as a number of men
are interested, there will be a tournament.

The high school students will present their enter-
tainment, consisting of a musical program and a two-
act comedy, on the evening of June 16.


The wrestling matches Wednesday evening were
witnessed by a small, but interested, audience. Ridge
secured one fall from Cole in two 5-minute bouts,
which were fast and hard contested. Simka secured
two falls from Aitkens in three and five minutes, res-
pectively. No matches have been arranged for next
Wednesday, but the class will meet for the usual
practice. All men interested are invited to attend.
The class meets in the gymnasium at 7.30 every Wed-
nesday evening.

The Gorgona indoor baseball team won from Corozal
on the local floor Saturday night, by a score of 25 to 5.
Christianson, pitcher for Gorgona in the first six
innings, struck out nine men, and Weiser, in the last
three innings struck out six men. This completes
Gorgona's ninth game of the series with a percentage
of 100.


Over 100 people were present at the meeting of the
Gatun Literary Society, held on Wednesday evening,
June 7. R. E. Chatfield presided and introduced
Judge Wm. H. Jackson, who delivered a patriotic
address. A violin solo was rendered by Miss Maria
Elise Johnson, a piano solo by Miss Lucy Partello. and
a bass solo by Mr. Case of Culebra. Refreshments were

At a meeting of the executive council on Friday
night, June 9, the following officers were elected:
Chairman, Col. Wm. L. Sibert; vice-chairman, R. M.
Sands; recording secretary, W. N. Windes; chairman
membership committee, Dan St. Clair; chairman
educational committee and religious work, W. N.
Windes; chairman gymnasium and games committee,
Fred Huber; chairman library and reading room com-
mittee, W. C. Gayer; chairman house and decorating
committee, R. M. Gamble; chairman social and enter-
tainment committee, R. M. Sands. The council voted
to hold its regular meeting on the last Friday night
of each month.

The charges to members for hair cut and shave at
the clubhouse have been reduced from 40 cents and
20 cents, to 35 cents and 15 cents, respectively.

Dr. M. E. Connor gave a talk on tuberculosis Sunday
evening, June 11. A discussion followed the lecture.

A "smoker" will be held for the men of Gatun on
Saturday night, June 17.

The "Smiths" defeated the "Bartes" in a match
game of duckpins on Tuesday night, June 20.


In the local basketball league this week. Ka van's
team was defeated by Luce's and Steamer's teams.

The subject of the debate at the meeting of the
Cristobal literary society was. "Resolved, that women
should have equal suffrage with men." E. B. Nelson
and J. M. Weaver were on the affirmative side, and
E. J. Dinnan and J. R. Stewart on the negative. The
debate was decided in favor of the affirmative. The
next meeting of the society has been postponed until
Wednesday, the 21st on account of the I. C. C. band
giving a concert on Wednesday night, the 14th"

"What is socialism?" will be the subject of the next
discussion of the society.

An entertainment was given by the Canal Zone high
school students on Friday night. A cantata was ren-
ered by forty voices and the following soloists : Soprano,
Miss Hackenburg; tenor, Mr. Ross: baritone. Mr. Hull.
The pupils also acted a farce entitled "Mr. Bob."

Dr. W. A. Blackburn has offered a prize to the bowler
showing the greatest improvement in tenpins in the
next 60 days.

The new alleys were thrown open to the public on
Saturday night. In the tournament following the
formal opening, the following scores were made:


Gorgona —

Roper 160 174 183 517

Haldeman 189 169 147 505—1022

Empire —

Brown 141 198 134 473

Parkis 151 187 191 529 —1002

Cristobal —

Wheeler 135 130 164 429

Bullard 196 170 165 531 — 960

Gatun —

Barte 173 212 149 534

Wilson 125 137 132 394 — 928

Culebra —

Huttlemeier 151 141 145 437

Herrington 130 149 162 441 — 878


Culebra —

Mengel 109 90 97 296

Case 83 86 97 266 — 562

Gorgona —

Dunlap 78 105 90 273

Otis 89 93 88 270 — 543

Empire —

Rodeghiero 108 91 86 285

Gustavson 82 78 84 244—529

Cristobal —

Barrett 82 90 81 253

DeCora 84 87 88 259 — 512

Gatun —

Dalton 78 83 98 259

DeMoll 77 86 87 250 — 509

A members' "smoker" will be held Friday evening,

June 16.

High scores in duckpins: Adams, 102; Barrett, 107,

102; Bullard, 110; DeCora, 101, 108; Orr, 102. 100, 100,

104; Smith, 111; Furlong, 100; Herring, 100; Wheeler.

115, 106, 109. 102; Hess. Ill; Jacques, 120. Bigpins:

Thomas, 213.

Rainfall from June 1 to 10, 1911, Inclusive.




* C

ra o




Pacific Section —



























Central Section —

1 13



2 03


6 29

*E1 Vigia


3 03

1 30

1 77


♦Standard rain gage — readings at 5 p. m. daily.
Automatic rain gage at unstarred stations — values
midnight to midnight.

tTo 5 p. m., June 9.

Stages of the Chagres.

Maximum heights of the Chagres River for the week
ending midnight, Saturday, June 10. 1911, All heights
are in feet above mean sea level.


Day and Date










a .

3 V
o* G

Sun.. June 4. .. .
Mon., June 5. . .
Tues.. June 6. - -
Wed., June 7. . .
Thurs., June 8..
Friday. June 9..
Sat., June 10. . .







Height of low




Requests for Steamship Transportation.

Culebra, C. Z., June 7, 1911.
Circular No. 175-H:

Attention is called to the fact that requests for
steamship transportation will not be issued by this
office more than thirty days in advance of the date
upon which it is desired to sail.

Requests for such transportation should not be sub-
mitted, therefore, more than two or three days in
advance of the thirty-day time limit.

H. F. Hodges,
Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Color of Hand and Push Cars.

Culebra, C. Z., June 7, 1911.
Circular No. 397:

Hereafter, the standard color for hand and push cars
in the service of the several departments and divisions
of the Isthmian Canal Commission and relocation
will be box car red.

Yellow will be the standard color for all hand and
push cars in the service of the Panama railroad, as
heretofore directed.

As a distinguishing mark the several departments
and divisions will use the distinctive diamond now
used on rolling stock, with the initial showing division
to which assigned. Cars in the service of the Quarter-
master's Department will be marked with a diamond,
the letters, "Q. M. D." appearing therein, while
the Mechanical Division will use a diamond with the
lettering "Mech. Div." appearing therein.

Cars painted other than directed by this circular
to be changed to standard as soon as necessity for
repainting the cars now in service becomes apparent.
H. F. Hodges,
Acting Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission.

Second Vice-President, Panama Railroad Company.

Pay and Promotion of European Laborers
Culebra, C. Z., June 10, 1911.
Referring to the Chairman's circular letter of May
24, and to the various replies thereto, concerning the
pay of European laborers:

It appears to be the consensus of opinion that the
pay of noncontract laborers should be increased from
16 to 20 cents an hour at the expiration of six months'
satisfactory service automatically, and without tne
formal recommendation of the foreman or superin-
tendent. It is accordingly directed that all 16-cent
European laborers, who have served continuously and
satisfactorily for six months, or more, be immediately
promoted, and that in future, and until further notice,
all such laborers be promoted to 20 cents an hour as
they complete six months' satisfactory service.
H. F. Hodges, Acting Chairman.

Expenditures for Repairs to Equipment.

Culebra, C. Z., June 9, 1911.
Circular No. 370-B:

Effective at once, expenditures for repairs to equip-
ment transferred from one department or division to
another will be distributed in the following manner:

When equipment is transferred from one division
to another, the division last using the equipment will
pay for such repairs as are necessary to put the equip-
ment in operating condition.

If further repairs or improvements are required by
the division to which the equipment is transferred
such expense will be borne by the latter division.
H. F. Hodges.
Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Acting Local Auditor.

Colon. R. P.. June 6. 1911.

All Concerned:

During the absence of Mr. R. W. Hart, Local Audi-
tor, on leave, effective June 7, Mr. M. L. Duff will act
as Local Auditor.

J. A. Smith. General Superintendent.

Tide Table.

The following table shows the time of high and low
tides at Panama for the week ending June 21, 1911,
(75th meridian time):


Low. . High. Low. High.


June 15

June 16 12.29

Junel7 1.07

June 18 1.47

June 19 2.34

June20 3.24

June 21 4.23


5 J







P. M.

02 11.00

Found — An umbrella. Ownercanhave same by call-
ing at Ancon pay office.



Vol. IV., No. 42.


The hours during which the commissaries are open
are, as follows:

Cristobal and Culebra, 8 a. m. to 12.30 p. m.; 2 p.
m. to 7 p. in.

All other commissaries, 8 a. m. to 1 p. m.; 3 p m. to
7 p. m.

Retail prices of cold storage provisions for the week
beginning June 10.

fresh meats. Price.

Mutton — Stewing per pound 6

Shoulder, neck trimmed off, (4 pounds

and over) , per pound 9

Entire forequarter (not trimmed) 10

pounds and over, per pound 8

Leg (8 to 10 pounds) , per pound 17

Cutlets, per pound 18

Short cut chops, per pound 20

Lamb — Stewing, per pound 6

Entire forequarter, neck trimmed off,

per pound 9

Leg (5 to 8 pounds), per pound 20

Chops, per pound 24

Cutlets, per pound 24

Veal — Stewing, per pound 10

Shoulder, for roasting (not under 4

pounds) , per pound 1 2 i

Chops, shoulder, per pound 16

Chops, per pound 24

Loin, for roasting, per pound 24

Cutlets, per pound 28

Pork — Loin chops or roast, per pound 14

Beef — Suet, per pound 2

Soup, per pound 5

Stew, per pound 8

Corned, No. 1, per pound 12

Corned, No, 2. per pound 10

Chuck roast (3 pounds and over), per

pound 12

Pot roast, per pound 12 J

Rib roast, second cut (not under 3§

pounds), per pound 16

Rib roast, first cut (not under 3 pounds),

per pound 18

Sirloin roast, per pound 19

Rump roast, per pound 19

Porterhouse roast, per pound 20

Steak, chuck, per pound 12£

Round, per pound 13

Rib, per pound 18

Sirloin, per pound 19

Rump, per pound 19

Porterhouse (not less than 1 ) .

pounds) , per pound 20

Tenderloin (Western), per pound . 24


Caviare, Russian per tin 47, 89

Livers— Beef, per pound 7

Calf, each 60

Half, each 30

Sausage — Pork, per pound 17

Bologna, per pound 10

Frankfurter, per pound 12

Lieberwurst, per pound 10

Sweetbread — Veal, per pound 1-20

Beef, per pound 25

Eggs, fresh, dozen t24

one-half dozen only tl3

Bluefish, fresh, per pound 14

Halibut, fresh, per pound IS

Shads, fresh, each 70

Shad roes, fresh, pet pair 35


Chickens — Fancy roasting, milk fed, large, each 1.25

Fancy roasting, milk fed, med., each 1.00
Fancy roasting, corn fed. about 4£

pounds, each 90

Fowls, each 60, 70, 80, 90, 1.00

Ducks, Western, about 4J pounds, each 1.00

Long Island , each 1.30

Long Island, each 1.10

Broilers, milk fed, each 60

corn fed , each 55

Turkeys, per pound 26

Squabs, each 35

Capons 2.10

Partridges, each 50

Grouse, each 50


Ham — German, Westphalia, per pound 36

Sugar cured, per pound 16

Sliced, per pound 18

Half, for boiling, per pound 17

Boiled, per pound 22

Hocks, per pound J8

Bacon — Breakfast, whole piece, per pound 22

Breakfast, sliced, per pound 23

Pork, salt family, per pound 14

Ox Tongues each 75

Pig's feet, per pound 9

Tongues, per pound 14

Sliced bacon in 1-pound tins, per tin 30

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