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was continued. Chamber cranes Nos. 2

and 4 were dismantled by the McClintic-

Marshall Construction Company, and the

work of reerecting No. 2 in the east chamber

of the Miraflores upper lock was 90 per cent

completed at the end of the month. The

dismantling of berm crane E was begun

by the McClintic-Marshall Construction

Company. During the month, the amount of
iron placed aggregated 442,350 pounds.

Concrete Work — The total amount of con-
crete and large stone laid at Pedro Miguel
was 19,135 cubic yards, as compared with
28,635 cubic yards during April. The con-
crete was placed, as follows: Two hum] red
and thirty-five cubic yards in the lower
center guide wall; 1,325 cubic yards in the
floors; 6,205 cubic yards in the east wall;
6,375 cubic yards in the west wall, and 4,995
cubic yards in the center wall.


The dry excavation in the lower lock was
continued. The excavation of the sump pit
for draining the lock site was completed, and
two 12-inch motor-driven centrifugal pumps
were installed. These pumps were put out of
commission on May 23, due to the flooding
of the pit and lock site, caused by the spillway
of the west dam giving away and discharging
part of the hydraulically filled core into the
lock site. Back filling behind the east wall
was continued, and the auxiliary mixing
plant, which is being installed in the east
side wall near the lower end of the upper lock,
was about two-thirds completed at the end of
the month. Filling was continued in the east
and west toes of the west dam. During. the
month, the amount of iron placed aggregated
225,040 pounds.

Concrete Work — The total amount of con-
crete and large stone laid was 36,154 cubic
yards, as compared with 67,393 cubic yards
during April. The concrete was placed as
follows: Fourteen thousand eight hundred
and eighty-eight cubic yards in the east wall;
16,875 cubic yards in the west wall; 1,391
cubic yards in the center wall, and 3,000 cubic
yards in the floors.


Length of working day (hours) . .

Average number of hours per day
worked laying concrete and
large stone (actual working

Average number of mixers per

Average hourly output per mixer
(actual working time)

Average amount of concrete and
large stone laid per hour per
berm or chamber crane (actual
working time)

Large stone laid .
Concrete laid . . .

Permanent Auxiliary
Plant. Plant.

Total concrete laid .


Cu. Yds.



Cu. Yds.


24,230.00 11,924.00

24.230.00 11,924.00

Permanent plant consisted of two berm cranes mix-
ing and placing.

Auxiliary' plant consisted of one 1-3 cubic yard, five
$-cubic yard, and two 2-cubic yard mixers, averaging
3.8 mixers per day, the output of which was discharged
directly into forms or placed with derricks.


The following is a statement of the output
of the five dredges which were in operation
during the month, and of the amount of
material excavated hydraulically:













Ladder.. . .
Ladder.. . .

Cu. Yds.
SO ,91 6

Cu. Yds.

Cu. Yds.

Cu. Yds,

Cu. Yds.


place measurement

Place measurement











•Excavated from Canal prism, south of Miraflores lock site.



Vol. IV., No. 43.


Approximately 38,500 cubic yards of sand
were excavated at Punta Charm! and delivered
at Balboa.


From May 1 to 28, inclusive, a daily
average of 600,000 gallons of water was
pumped from the Caimitillo River to the
tanks of the Cocoli pumping station, for the
purpose of reducing the chlorine content of
the water pumped from Cocoli Lake into the
16-inch Rio Grande supply main.

On the afternoon of May 28, work was
begun laying 700 linear feet of 10-inch pipe
from a point about 500 feet south of Mira-
flores yard office, connecting into the discharge
line of the Caimitillo pump at the latter
point, and running down the forebay to the
concrete floor of the Miraflores upper lock
chamber. This work was completed on May
29, and was performed for the purpose of
supplying water to assist in flushing out mud
and silt deposited in the lock chamber during
break in the spillway of the west dam. This
line is discharging approximately 3,000 gal-
lons of water a minute in the lock chamber.



The reservoirs, water mains, sewers, roads,
and oil pipe lines were maintained and ex-
tended as required to facilitate construction
work. Work was continued on the municipal
improvements in the city of Panama.



Length of working day 8.00

Average number of hours per day (actual

working time) 6.56

Average amount crushed per hour of working C. Y.

day 283.12

Average amount crushed per working hour. . 345.27

Total output for the month 58,893.00

Relocation of Panama Railroad.

During the month, 416,518 cubic yards of
material were excavated, increasing the total
excavation at the close of the month to
7,102,142 cubic yards, and 505,697 cubic yards
of material were placed in embankment,
increasing the total for this purpose to 12 -
746,275 cubic yards.

The average daily number of steam shovels
at work was 9.54, and the total number of
working days was 26.

For comparison with the work done by
steam shovels during the preceding month,
and during the corresponding month of the
previous year, the following table has been
prepared :


ted by

Classification of

Rock. Earth.


> in ^







•o o

? f. .

^ v a

May... .

April . .

Cu. Yds.



Cu.Yds. Cu.Yds.,

25,870 186,265 7.15

205,731 ! 160.463 8.83
242.8S5 144,542 I 9.54



During the month, 2,488 feet of temporary
trestle were driven, and work on bridges and
culverts was continued. No permanent track
was laid during the month, the amount of
70-pound and 90-pound track remaining at
148,372 linear feet and 28,369 linear feet,
respectively, as previously reported. The
force averaged 2,298 men, in addition to
those employed by contractors.

Quartermaster's Department.

Labor — The shortage of unskilled labor
continued, and a number of applications

from the construction divisions and from the
relocation of the Panama railroad could not
be filled. It is hoped that the shortage in the
labor supply will be temporary.

Quarters — A large number of family quar-
ters were vacated during the month, and a
corresponding number of applications filled.
Bachelor quarters at Gorgona were congested
a few months ago, but there are now 110
vacancies, and arrangements are being made
to use some of the houses as nonhousekeeping
family quarters.

Buildings — Four of the five traveling gangs
were engaged at Culebra on the work of
demolishing and reerecting buildings. The
post-office, time office, news stand, four
laborers' barracks, and houses 6 and 65 were
demolished during the month. It will also be
necessary to remove the fin 1 station and a
type-5 house. The job work along the line
during the month was unusually heavy,
owing to the number of sanitary requests for
repairs to screening.

Material and Supplies — Supplies during the
month were delivered by 32 steamers, the
total weight of cargo aggregating 40,823 tons,
exclusive of 1,633,978 feet, board measure, of
yellow pine lumber, 678,855 feet, board
measure, Douglas fir lumber, and 2,903 cross-
ties. The total value of material received
during the month was §625,940.15.
Subsistence Department.

The operation of the European laborers'
messes, the colored laborers' kitchens, and
the line hotels showed a net profit of $2,014.73.
The operation of the Hotel Tivoli showed a
net profit of $2,307.30, and there was a net
profit on restaurants, penitentiary, tugs, and
dredges of $123.41. The net profit on sub-
sistence operations was $4,445.44.

Department of Civil Administration.

During the month, two civil and one crim-
inal casr were dispced of in the Supreme
Court- 21 civil and 36 criminal cases in the
Circuit Courts, and 81 civil and 496 criminal
cases in the District Courts.


Money order sales for May amounted to
$390,285.20, and the fees to $1,757.61. Re-
ceipts from stamp and card sales, and news-
paper postage aggregated $6,256.23. The
total collection of revenues made by the
division was $18,381.25, and the collection on
account of court fines, costs and fees $2,454.60.

Twenty-nine vessels entered at and 25 ves-
sels cleared from the port of Ancon; and 27
vessels entered at and 26 vessels cleared from
the port of Cristobal.


The total number of persons arrested was
469, of whom 418 were men and 51 women.
Forty-four nationalities were represented.
The total number of arrests for the month
was a decrease of 57, as compared with April.
Sixteen convicts were committed to the peni-
tentiary, and 14 were discharged, leaving 145
in confinement at the close of the month.
The cost of guarding and subsisting the con-
victs was $2,606.25, and the value of their
work on Canal Zone roads was $2,234.


Ten fires were reported in the Canal Zone
during the month, as compared with 19 in
April. The damage to Commission property
was $25, and to private property $30,725.
Of this latter amount, $30,700 was due to the

fire at Bas Obispo on May 7, seven buildings
being consumed.


In the city of Panama the average daily
consumption of water was 1,321,721 gallons,
and in Colon 856,562 gallons.

The usual inspection and maintenance
work of this division was performed during
the month.


The total enrollment in the white schools
during the month was 1,127, and the average
daily attendance 792.3, or 71 per cent of the
enrollment; and in the colored schools, the
total enrollment was 1,473, and the average
daily attendance 471.5, or32 per cent. Forty-
three white and 24 colored teachers were
employed in the division on May 31.
Department of Sanitation.

The total number of deaths from all causes
among employes was 44. These were divided,
as follows: From disease, 33, and from vio-
lence, 11, giving the annual average per
thousand of 8.17 and 2.72, respectively.

The annual average death rate per thousand

among employes for the month of May in

previous years since American occupation

was, as follows:

1904 5.35

1905 16.65

1906 24.79

1907 30.15

1908 10.44

1909 9.45

1910 7.72

The annual average death rate per thousand
in the cities of Panama, Colon, and the Canal
Zone, including both employes and non-
employes, for the month of May in previous
years was, as follows:

1905 41.95

1906 43.32

1907 31.57

1908 20.87

1909 15.77

1910 18.69

1911 22.32

Segregating the whites from the blacks, the
annual average death rate per thousand from
disease among employes was: Forwhites, 5.81;
blacks, 8.97, giving a general average of 8.17.
For the same month during 1909, the annual
average death rate per thousand from disease
was: Whites, 4.03; blacks, 5.82, giving a
general average of 5.36, and for the same
month during 1910: Whites, 5.42; blacks,
4.55, giving a general average of 4.77.

Among employes during the month, deaths
from the principal diseases were, as follows:
Nephritis, acute and chronic, 5; lobar pneu-
monia, 6; malaria fever, 6; tuberculosis, 4;
and typhoid fever, 2, leaving a balance of 10
deaths from all other diseases, and 11 deaths
from external violence.

No cases of yellow fever, smallpox, or
plague were brought to, or originated on the
Isthmus during the month.

H. F. Hodges, Acting Chairman.

Physical Examination of Silver Employes.

To guard against fraudulent injury claims,
and to prevent the employment of men who
would be peculiarly subject to injury on ac-
count of some latent disability, it has been
decided to require all silver employes entering
the service to appear before the nearest
district physician for examination. A form
of request for physical examination has been
drafted, copy of which has been submitted to
the heads of departments and divisions.

June 21, 1011.




Church Notes.

The Methodist Episcopal Church in Pan-
ama has issued the first number of a bulletin
which contains a schedule of the services to
be held in the church in the current month,
notes of general interest, and a brief review
of the activities of the church under the two
pastors, the Rev. Harry Compton, pastor of
the English section, and the Rev. Charles W.
Ports, pastor of the Spanish section. There
will be a communion service in the church on
the first Sunday in July at 10 a. m.

"Children's day" will be observed in the
Gatun Sunday school on Sunday, June 25.
A choir has been organized for the Union
League services, composed of about twelve
men and women. Mrs. Nat Johnson is the
accompanist, and Mrs. Hughes the leader.
E. C. Soule has resigned as superintendent of
the Gatun Sunday school, and H. A. Smith
has been appointed in his stead. A new piano
has been purchased for the chapel, the money
being donated by the Sunday school and the
Christian League.

Three entertainments have been held in
the social hall at Pedro Miguel, under the
auspices of the Pedro Miguel Song and Praise
Association. The object is to maintain a fund
for incidental expenses, and for the purpose
of holding entertainments open to all the
residents of the village. The association has
made arrangements with the superintendent
of the Commission clubhouses for the appear-
ance in Pedro Miguel of the States enter-
tainers that visit the Isthmus. A schedule
of Sunday evening meetings includes the
following speakers: First Sunday of the
month, E. C. Soule of Gatun; second, A. H.
Shrimpton of Pedro Miguel; third, the
Rev. Harry Compton of Panama; fourth,
the Rev. Charles W. Ports of Panama. At the
Thursday evening song services, the Rev.
Mr. Nellis of Empire, the Rev. Mr. Purdy
of Gatun, and the Rev. Mr. Elliott of Cris-
tobal are the speakers. The membership of
the association is about 80.

The annual "Week of missions" was ob-
served in Christ Church, Colon, from June 5
to June 11. A new feature of the observance
was a nightly procession held each evening
at 7:30 o'clock, when the vested clergy and
the choir went in procession through the
different sections of the city singing missionary
hymns. The rector of Christ Church was
assisted by the clergy of the Protestant
Episcopal Church on the Isthmus, who de-
livered the addresses at the services. The
week closed with a review of the work of the
various missions throughout the world by the
rector. The offerings for the week were devo-
ted to missionary purposes.

Marines Minstrel Show at National Theatre.

The Camp Elliott minstrels will give their
two-part show at the National Theatre in
Panama on the night of July 3, for the
benefit of the post exchange at Camp Elliott
and the Fourth of July celebration at Cris-
tobal. The show will consist of two parts, the
olio, and the specialties; in short, it will be a
minstrel show of the type of 20 years ago.
The Marine band will be present to play the
national airs of Panama, and the United
States; and the theatre will be decorated.
A special train will leave Colon for Panama
at 6 o'clock in the evening, and the show will
begin immediately after its arrival in Panama.
Tickets will cost SO cents for admission, 75

cents for pit seats, and SI for box seats; and
they will include transportation from any
point on the line to Panama and return.


The Army and Navy Journal of June 10
prints the following:

"Secretary of War Stimson is planning a trip
of inspection of the Panama Canal work in
July, if he is able to leave Washington at that
time. It will be Mr. Stimson's first visit to
Panama. He is interested in the construction
work there, and eagerly accepted the invita-
tion of Col. George W. Goethals, C. E., Chair-
man and Chief Engineer of the Isthmian Canal
Commission, who is in this country on a
month's leave of absence. Secretary Stimson
hopes to spend about two weeks on the
Isthmus, for the purpose of familiarizing him-
self with the work which is under his super-

Col. Geo. W. Goethals sailed from the
States on the Allianca on June 17, due to
arrive at Cristobal on June 23.

Mr. Maurice H. Thatcher, with Mrs.
Thatcher, returned from his leave in the
States on the Colon, which arrived at Cris-
tobal on June 18.

A cable message received in Panama on
June 19 announced that Claude Coventry
Mallet, British minister resident to Panama,
had been made a Knight of St. Michael and
St. George. Sir Claude has been in the con-
sular and diplomatic service in Latin-America
since 1883, and his present assignment in
Panama began in 1891.

Spanish War Veterans.

A meeting of Chagres Camp, No. 2, U. S.
W. V., was held at Culebra on June 10, and
the following officers were installed: Com-
mander, Frank J. Hoffman; senior vice-com-
mander, Frank Bronson; junior vice-com-
mander, Edmund H. Tracy; officer of the
day, William W. John; officer of the guard,
Okey J. Rice; adjutant, H. Wm. Couter-
marsh; chaplain, A. S. Boyd; quartermaster,
John Abramse. At 11:15 p. m.. the meeting
was adjourned and refreshments served. The
next meeting of Chagres Camp will be held
in the Commission lodge hall at Paraiso on
June 25, at 7 p. m.

There will be a meeting of the Spanish
War Veterans in the Gatun lodge hall on
Sunday afternoon, June 25, at 1.30 o'clock.

Steam Shovel and Dredge Men.

The next regular meeting of Panama Local,
No. 5., A. U. of S. S. and D. will be held in
the Culebra lodge hall, Sunday, June 25, at
2:30 p. m.

Electrical Workers.

The members of Local Union, No. 677,
I. B. E. W. of Gatun, were entertained at
their last meeting on June 10, with a lecture
on "Transformers," illustrated with dia-
grams, by Mr. E. W. Nick of Gatun. After
the lecture refreshments were served.

Band Concert.

A concert will be given by the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission Band at Las Cascadas, C. Z., on Sunday,
June 25. 1911, at 6 p. m. The program follows:

1 March — The Hustler Alford

2 Selection — Robin Hood De Koven

3 Waltz — Skaters Waldteufel

4 Wooden Shoe Dance — Dutch Kiddies. .Trinkaus
.5 Overture — Norma Bellini

6 Intermezzo— Garden of Roses Prats

7 Selection — Woodland Ludert

8 Medley — Southern Plantation Conterno

March — Give the Countersign Scouton

Oliver Kimball. Acting Musical Director.
The next concert will be given at the Hotel Tivoli
on Sunday. July 9.


Fourth of July.

Culebra. C. Z.. June 19. 1911.
Circular No. 398:

Independence Day, Tuesday. July 4, 1911. will be
observed as a holiday in the Canal Zone, and, as far
as practicable, all public business will be suspended
on that day. H. F. Hodges.

Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Reservation of Canal Zone Lands.

Cubebra. C. Z., June 13, 1911.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

The Act of Congress, approved February 27, 1909.
entitled, "An Act relating to the use, control, and
ownership of the lands in the Canal Zone. Isthmus of
Panama." provides that 'no public lands in the Canal
Zone shall be leased until a statement is filed by the
Isthmian Canal Commission with the Collector of
Revenues, by which it shall be made to appear that it
is not contemplated to use such lands in the work of
Canal construction, nor to set the same aside as town

In order that the Canal Commission may prepare
the statement required by the Act of Congress, it will
be necessary to obtain full information respecting the
lands that may be needed by the departments and
divisions of the Canal Commission.

I desire a statement from the respective heads of the
departments and divisions as to the lands that will be
needed by them in the work under their control and
direction. The engineers in charge of the Atlantic,
Central, and Pacific Divisions will submit statements
showing the lands that may be required in their res-
pective divisions for the construction of the Canal, and
the auxiliary works in their charge, the Army and
Navy reservations that may have been set aside in
their respective divisions, and any other lands that
may be needed for the work under their charge; also,
the lands, if any, that should be set aside as town sites.

I desire that full statements be submitted respecting
the lands that may be needed for lighthouses; telegraph,
wireless, seismograph, and other stations.

I also desire statements respecting lands that may
be needed in connection with the work of the Sanitary

The Department of Civil Administration will submit
statements of the lands that may be needed in any of
the divisions of that department.

It is also desired that these statements be accom-
panied by maps and descriptions of the lands to be
reserved by the respective departments and divisions,
so that such lands may be easily identified and located
upon the ground. The statements will be submitted
to the Chairman and Chief Engineer before the 15th
day of July. 1911. H. F. Hodges.

Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Promotion of Spanish Laborers.

Culebra. C. Z., June 14. 1911.
Referring to my letter of the 10th instant, wherein
it is directed that the pay of European laborers be
increased from 16 cents to 20 cents an hour as they
complete six months' service. If the end of the six
months' period falls in the middle of the month, as
will usually be the case, the increase may be made to
take effect on the 1st of the following month.
H. F. Hodges. Acting Chairman.

Supplies for Canal Work.

The following steamers, with supplies for the Isthmian
Canal Commission, arrived at the ports of Cristobal
and Colon during the week ending June 17:

Prinz August Wilhelm. June 12. from New York.
with 500 kegs track spikes for stock.

Advance, June 13. from New York, with 84 cases
drugs and sundries for Sanitary Department; 30 cases
cartridges, 8 cases fire hose for Department of Civil
Administration; 3 cases electrical machinery for Pacific
Division; 5 pieces steel castings for Central Division;
12 bundles fittings. 65 bags stock food, 5 cases chloride
of lime, 21 bundles cotton mops, 14 cases cardboard.
2 cases injectors, 6 cases rubber hose for stock; and a
miscellaneous cargo, the whole consisting of 320
packages, weighing 51 tons.

Hoyle Bank, June 13, from New York, with 14,152
barrels cement for Atlantic Division; 14,152 barrels
cement for Pacific Division.

Turrialba, June 15, from New Orleans, with 1 dredge
dipper for Central Division; 106 barrels fire clay, 500
sacks bran for stock.

Santa Marta, June 15, from New York, with 1 bale
rubber belting for Pacific Division; 2 crates manganese
wheels for Mechanical Division; 7 cases electrical
material. 15 bundles brooms for stock.



Vol. IV., No. 43.


Activities of the Young Men's Christian Asso-


The Cristobal bowling team won two out of three
games on Saturday. June 17. The score follows:
Culebra. Cristobal.

Huttlemeier 101 81 99 Gibson 93 83 98

Conlon 87 73 78 Jacques... 80 104 108

Dundas ... 89 89 68 Wheeler 83 83 87

Kersey .. 95 88 79 Bullard . . . . 77 87 92
Case... SI 116 80 DeCora... 91 97 91

Total .... 453 447 404 424 454 476

The 100, or over, duckpin scores for the week ending

June 17 are, as follows: Huttlemeier. 110. 104, 102, 111,

116. 101. 101; Brown. 101, 100. 101; Case. 100. 106,

109, 116; Judge. 120; Mengel. 100; Silver, 109.

The Hill Magic Company, necromancers and illusion-
ists, will be at the clubhouse on Thursday evening,
June 22. Because of the length of program, this enter-
tainment will begin promptly at 8 o'clock.

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