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is forced by a bar on the west side to flow
sheer against the east bank, and the current
thus carries away the spoil as rapidly as it is

At present, excavation in the lake region is
confined to steam shovel between Gorgona and
Mamei, and to hydraulic work by a contract-
or, opposite Tabernilla. At Gorgona, three
shovels are digging at 50 feet above sea level,
11 feet above the bottom of the channel.
One of these has made a cut so close to
the California Hotel that the foundations of
this big frame building are right on the edge
of the ditch. The next cut would include

part of the building, if it were not that the
Commission has agreed to tear it down and
reerect it at New Gatun.

Four French dredges lie in the channel, two
at Gorgona and two at Mamei, and the dig-
ging is carried on around them. They were
erected and had been in use by the French.
Three of them are of the Belgian ladder
type, which makes its own flotation; and
one is a small suction. Those at Gorgona
have been stripped of all valuable machinery
and most of the parts have been put to use
in the dredges at the Pacific entrance. Only
a few parts have been taken from the ladder
dredge and the suction dredge at Mamei.
Inasmuch as these old dredges are not greatly
in the way of the excavation, it is likely that
they will be allowed to remain in their pres-
ent positions until the lake is formed, when
they can be floated out of the channel at
much less cost than would be incurred by
wrecking and removing them now.

The shovels at Gorgona have already cut
away a small portion of the cane plantation of
Antonio Andrade, who ran a rum distillery'
there for many years and is believed to have
made a fortune from the business. The whole
plantation will be covered by the lake in a
few years. He has been paid $90,000 by the
Government for damages sustained, and is
merely occupying the place until the Canal
work causes him to move.

Nine shovels are now at work in the lake
region, three at 50 feet above sea level at
Gorgona, and two at Point 5, three at east
Mamei, and one at Point 6, on the 40-foot
level. The excavation between Gatun Dam
and Culebra Cut, 23 miles, is 78 percent com-

Central Division Dumps in September.

The six unloaders in the Pedro Miguel
district of the Central Division during the
month of September, 1910, unloaded 1,750
Lidgerwood trains, an average of 70 trains per
day for the month. The three unloaders at
Balboa averaged 40 trains per day and the
three at Miraflores 30 trains per day.

In addition to the Lidgerwood trains above
enumerated, 62 Western dump trains were
unloaded at Balboa and five at Miraflores,
making a grand total of 1,817 trains unloaded
in the district during the month of September.
This is the greatest number of trains unloaded
with six unloaders in a single month in the
Central Division, the best previous record
having been made in August, 1910, when an
average of 671 trains were handled per day.

There was a delay of 91 hours and 21 min-
utes at Balboa waiting for trains. In addi-
tion, there were other delays on account of
derailments, breaking down of unloaders, etc.
At Miraflores, the delay due to waiting for
trains was 3S hours and 15 minutes.

From September 1 to 15, the Lidgerwood
trains averaged 19 cars to the train, after
which date an additional car was added,
giving an average of 20 cars per train.

A statement of the Lidgerwood cars un-
loaded in the Central Division during the
month of September, follows:


Transfers from Isthmian Canal Service to Service
in the United States.

Civil Service Rule X, paragraph 8, clause
(al, is hereby amended by inserting in the
tenth line after the woid "requirement" the
following words:

"in cases o f Transfer from the Isthmus of
Panama or '

As amended clause (a) will read as follows

He must have served three years in or
under the department or 'ndependent office
from which transfer is proposed; but the Com-
mission may waive chis requirement, when
it deems such action necessary in the interest
of the service, in cases of transfer other than
from one executive department to another at
Washington, D. C. In any case he must
have received absolute appointment and have
actually served at least six months next pre-
ceding the transfer; but the Commission may
waive this latter requirement in cases of
transfer from the Isthmus of Panama or
where the person has been separated within a
year from a competitive position after six-
months' service therein, upon the certificate
of the proper officer that the separation was
caused by necessary reduction of force and
not by inefficiency, and may allow transfer
to any other department or office upon his
passing an examination prescribed by the
Commission testing his efficiency for the
position to which his transfer is proposed,
subject to the other provi^™ - of this rule.

The purpose of this ordt. - o j;ve to em-
ployes in the Canal Service o are otherwise
eligible the same consideration as is accorded
to employes in the classified Philippine Ser-
vice who have rendered at least three years
of meritorious service in the tropics.

\Vm. H. Taft.
The White House,
September 16, 1910.

]No. 1246.]

The term "Commission" as used above,
refers to the Civil Sendee Commission.

The effect of this amendment is to provide
for the nominal reinstatement within one
year from date of separation of persons with
a clear record who have become separated
from the Isthmian Canal service, for the pur-
pose of securing transfer to the service in the
United States. Ordinarily, such transfers
will not be approved by the Civil Service
Commission until after three years' service on
the Isthmus, but in meritorious cases they
may be approved after two years of service.
This paragraph as amended, and the other
provisions of Civil Service Rule X, apply only
to those persons appointed to the service on
the Isthmus of Panama through competitive
examination, or by transfer or promotion from
a competitive position.


No. of

No. of

No. of














Civil Service Examinations.

Civil sendee examinations are scheduled to
be held at Culebra as follows:

Postal clerk October 16

Trained nurse October 16

Mechanical draftsman October 16-17

Topographic draftsman October 16-17

All of the above examinations are for ap-
pointment in the Isthmian Canal sen-ice.
Application blanks for any of them may still
be secured from the undersigned.

John K. Baxter,

Secretary, Isthmian Civil Service Board.
Culebra, C. Z., September 28, 1910.



Vol. IV., No. 6.


Women's Clubs and Other Features.

The October meeting of the Canal Zone
Federation of Women's Clubs will be held in
Gorgona on Thursday, October 13. The
meeting will convene at the Commission
clubhouse at 1.30 p. m. The plan of the pro-
gram is to emphasize the practical working of
the Federation committees by papers and
reports from the various chairmen. A short
musical program will be provided. Delegates
and alternates will take the trains which meet
at Gorgona at 11.40, and the Federation
lunch will be served at the Commission hotel
at 12.30. By courtesy of the Panama railroad
transportation will be furnished the delegates
and alternates. The transportation cards
must be filled out and signed in order to be
valid. Credentials should be duly filled out
and signed and handed to the members of the
credentials committee on the train. All re-
ports and resolutions must be presented in

The Cristobal Woman's Club gave a re-
ception to the outgoing and incoming pres-
idents on Wednesday, September 28. A
program was rendered consisting of a piano
solo by Mrs. F. C. Stratton; trio by Mrs. J.
A. Smith, Miss Margaret Smith and Mrs.
J. C. Biers; accompanist, Mrs. Carl Hoit.
About fifty members and their friends were
present. The outgoing president was Mrs.
Thomas E. Brown and the new president is
Mrs. E. H. Colip.

At the next meeting of the club, on October
12, Dr. C. C. Pierce will speak on "Sanitation."
The club will hold a fancy dress ball in aid of
the Salvation Army at the Lincoln House,
Colon, on Saturday evening, October 15.
Tickets will be on sale as advertised in Cris-
tobal and Colon, and at the Hotel Tivoli,

The weekly meetings of the Paraiso
Woman's Club were resumed on Wednesday
afternoon, September 29. The proceeds of
the cake sale held in August amounted to
nearly S30. The club will hold a similar
entertainment on Wednesday evening, Octo-
ber 12. It is proposed, if sufficient interest
is manifested by the residents of Paraiso, to
hold a social entertainment one evening each
month. A committee with R. C. Smith
as chairman is arranging for a Hallowe'en ball
to be held on Saturday evening, October 29,
for the benefit of the Woman's Club, the
proceeds of which will be devoted to the es-
tablishment of a playground for the children
of the village. A Christmas bazaar is also

An election of officers was held in the Pedro
Miguel Woman's Club in August, when Mrs.
George Brown was again chosen president and
Mrs. W. S. Jennings, vice-president. Mrs. E.J.
Brown was elected secretary and Mrs. Ernest
Bitely, treasurer. Meetings have been held
semimonthly through the summer at the
homes of the members, recent hostesses having
been Mrs. F. K. Roberts of Empire, and Mrs.
John Walker of Pedro Miguel.

On Thursday and Friday afternoons the
clubhouse is open to women, and considerable
interest is taken in bowling, the number of
women in the alleys having increased from
three to nineteen during the past few weeks.
As many as forty games are played in one

The Daughters of Rcbekah, Isthmian
Lodge No. 1, Gorgona, held a special meeting

on Friday, September 23, the occasion being
the fifty-ninth anniversary of the founding of
the order. There was a program consisting
of piano and vocal solos, recitations, and an
address by each of the officers on special
features of the work of the order. Refresh-
ments were served.

Social activities of an informal, cooperative
nature have sprung up in Culebra in the past
month. An open evening, held at the Com-
mission clubhouse once a month, brings to-
gether a large number of residents in informal
intercourse. A program of varied character
is provided and refreshments are served. The
entertainments are open to any resident of the
village, with their friends, irrespective of mem-
bership in the Y. M. C. A.

The formal opening of the Hotel Tivoli tea
room took place on Saturday afternoon,
October 1, when there was a large attendance.
The tables were decorated and tea was served
from 3 to 6 o'clock. A part of the south ver-
anda, with the view of the Pacific, has been
suitably furnished and will be open every after-
noon, including Sundays.

The Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist
Episcopal church, Panama, will hold an "ice
cream social" in Ancon hall on Wednesday
evening, October 12. Admission will be free
and a cordial invitation is extended to the
general public to attend.

Canal Zone Humane Society.

The Ancon Dramatic Club will repeat the
performance of Charles Hawtrey's comedy,
"The Private Secretary" at the National
Theatre, Panama, for the benefit of the Canal
Zone Humane Society on Friday evening,
October 14. A special train will be run ac-
cording to the schedule given below. Ticket
holders will be entitled to free transportation
on this train. Tickets may be secured at the
Commission clubhouses, the Camp Elliott
Y. M. C. A., the Las Cascadas and Pedro
Miguel post-offices, the Corozal, Balboa and
Ancon dispensaries, the Tivoli Hotel, and the
news agency of Vibert and Dixon, Panama.
The number of tickets sold will be limited to
the seating capacity of the theatre and the
advance sale will be closed on Thursday
evening, October 11. The schedule for the
special train follows:

Leave Colon, 5.45 p. m.; Gatun, 6.03 p. m.;
Gorgona, 6.58 p. m.; Bas Obispo, 7. OS p. m ;
Las Cascadas, 7.16 p. m.; Empire 7.21 p. m.j
Culebra, 7.26 p. m.; Paraiso, 7.35 p. m.;
Pedro Miguel, 7.40 p. m.; Corozal, 7.51 p. m.

Returning, the train will leave Panama at
11.30 p. m.

The Canal Zone Humane Society was re-
cently reorganized and funds are needed to
carry on educational and other work outlined
by the organization. The membership is still
small and efforts are being made to awaken an
interest in the work and place the society on
a sound basis. The net proceeds from the per-
formance of "The Private Secretary" by the
Ancon Dramatic Club in August for the bene-
fit of St. Luke's church organ fund were $325.

A baseball team has been formed out of the
clubs of the Adantic League, exclusive of the
Commissary-Sub-\istet<ce team, to be known
in the new league organization as the Atlantic
club, instead of the Cristobal-Colon team, as
heretofore mentioned. All the clubs in the
league have agreed to respect last season's
contracts, thereby reserving the players until

definite action is taken concerning them. It
has been further agreed that the number of
players to be carried shall be twelve for each
club, and also managers and umpires, when
necessary, upon playing dates when the offi-
cial schedule calls for any of the teams to
visit another town in the circuit. The new
league organization will be officially known as
the Panama Canal Baseball League.


Col. Geo. W. Goethals sailed for the United
States on the Colon, on September 29, to
attend the wedding of his son, Lieut. George
R. Goethals. He will be away from the
Isthmus three weeks.

Lieut. -Col. C. A. Devol, and Mrs. Devol,
were passengers on the Panama, which arrived
at Cristobal on October 5.

Corozal Masonic Club.

The Corozal Masonic Club was organized
on Wednesday evening, September 21, with
a membership of about 25. Another meeting
was held on September 28 to consider a con-
stitution and by-laws, and on Wednesday
night, October 5, a meeting will be held to
elect officers and effect a permanent organiza-
tion. The regular meetings of the club will be
held on the first and third Wednesday evenings
of the month.

Hebrew Benevolent Society — Day of Atonement.

The Canal Record:

Divine service will be conducted at the
Sojourners lodge room, Colon, on Wednesday
evening, October 12, at 6.15 o'clock, and on
Thursday morning, October 13, beginning at
8.15 o'clock. All Jewish residents of the
Canal Zone are cordially invited.

J. Julius Sasso,


Colon, R. P., October 1, 1910.

Electrician and Wireless Operator.

Examinations are announced to be held for
the positions of electrician and wireless tele-
graph operator in the Lighthouse Service, at
$75 a month, for duty under the Assistant
Inspector of the Twelfth Lighthouse District,
Territory of Hawaii, and wireless telegraph
operator in the Philippine Bureau of Posts, at
$1,200 per annum. The receipt of applica-
tions will be closed on October 11. Applica-
tion blanks and information in regard to either
of the above may be secured by addressing
the undersigned.

John K. Baxter,

Secretary, Isthmian Civil Service Board.
Culebra, C. Z., October 1, 1910.

Claims for 16 houses and the surrounding
fruit trees in the Canal prism, north of Bohio,
have been allowed at $800.50. The claims as
presented aggregated $954.40.

Band Concert.

The Isthmian Canal Commission Band will give a
concert at Hotel Tivoli, Ancon, C. Z., on Sunday,
October 9, 1910. at 7.30 p. m. The program follows:

1 March — Col. Sullivan Barrington-Sargent

2 Overture — Raymond Thomas

3 Intermezzo — Silver Bell Wenrich

4 Waltz — Bad'ner Mad'ln Komzak

5 Medley Selection — The Sunny South Lampe

6 a Oriental Rag — Turkish Trophies Egan

6 Medley March — Has Anybody Here

Seen Kelley? Murphy

7 El Gitanillo — Tango France

8 Selection — Bright Eyes Hoschna

9 Concert Piece — Chimes of Love d'Albret

10 March — Militar Franco

Chas. E. Jennings, Musical Director.
The next concert will be given at Culebra on October
16. at 5.45 p. m.

October 5, 1910.




Activities of the Young Men's Christian Asso-

On Saturday night. October 1. the Gatun second
team took three games from the Culebra second team
by the following scores:


Dalton 166 151 145

Harrington.. 175 154 174

Myers 162 158 155

Duryea 163 165 140

Hodges 200 189 191

Fleischman 170 185 150
Huttlemeier 125 146 116
R. Kop'ski 169 129 155
Cushing... 170 195 186
Mengel.... 100 134 163














Total 866 817 805 Total... 734 789 770

A moving picture entertainment was given at the
clubhouse on Tuesday evening, September 27.

The present standing of the men in the chess tourna-
ment is as follows:







All men interested in basketball should come out for
practice on Wednesday nights. Gymnasium classes
are held Mondays and Wednesdays from 5.15 to 5.45
p. m.

The standing of men on September 24 who have
played ten or more games in the local handicap bowl-
ing tournament was as follows:

Name. Won. Lost. Average. Percent.

1 Hall 10 3

2 Hurst 10 4

3 Hostetter 9 4

4 Huttlemeier 17 8

5 Hayes 12 7

6 Dunham 10 6

7 Cornthwaite 13 8

8 Mengel 16 11

9 Leibundguth 7 7

10 Koperski. R 11 12

1 1 Brown .

12 Fleischman .

13 Sickler

14 Fox

15 Koperski, E.

16 Hill

17 Warner

18 Case







Empire took two out of three games from Gorgona's
first team on Saturday night, October 1, by the follow-
ing scores:


Roper 142 166 188

Gaedkie. ... 163 159 179

White 161 142 156

Otis 167 190 194

Sexton 168 140 140

Brown. ... 180 158 147
Potter. ... 193 169 194
Shaugne'sy 220 146 155
Pearson. . . 174 167 180
Huson. ... 161 171 121

Total 801 797 857 Total . . 928 811 797

The membership of the Empire clubhouse is now 350.
The membership committee is working hard to reach
the 400-mark before January 1.

The meeting of the discussion club last week was led
by R. G. Goodman of Cristobal, his subject being
"What Is Happiness?"

The next moving picture entertainment will be held
on Friday evening, October 7.

Miss MacLaren's final entertainment at the Empire
clubhouse was attended by one of the largest audiences
ever assembled in the hall. After the entertainment
an informal reception, followed by a musicale, was ten-
dered Miss MacLaren.

Mr. Gustavson has resigned as manager of the bowling
alleys after over two years' service. His place will be
filled by Mr. Goolsby.


At the open meeting of the discussion club on Tues-
day night. September 27, impromptu subjects were
brought up as suggested by the men present. Among
those of interest were "The Simple Life" and "Under
What Conditions can We do Our Best Work?"

The bowling match on Saturday night. October 1,
between the Gorgona and Empire second teams resulted
in Empire winning three games. The scores were as


Gustavson.. 139 162 223

Sawtelle. ... 148 167 152

Goolsby. ... 234 180 169

Giavelli 156 181 153

Bardelson. . . 159 185 169

Stoehr. ... 161 178 192
Stewart. . . 12S 144 154

Bordt 156 145 166

M.Varen'p. 129 175 159
Haldeman. 137 166 188

Total 836 875 866 Total. . . 708 808 859

The principal feature in the pool and billiard room
for October will be a billiard tournament. Entries
closed on Monday, October 3, and the tournament
opened on Tuesday, October 4, with the following en-
tries: Clarke, Robitoy. Tyan. Clapp, Francis, Evans,
Ashman, and Heltemes.

The new barber shop'rates'are five cents more than

the prevailing rate in town to nonmembers, and five
cents less than the prevailing rate in town, to members.
The hours for the barber shop are from 11.30 a. m. to
4.30 p. m., and from 5.30 to 10.30 p. m.

Until further notice gymnasium classes will be held
Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Basketball practice will be held on Tuesday and
Thursday evenings.

E. A. Putnam, secretary of the Culebra Y. M. C. A.
will lead the meeting of the discussion club on Thursday
evening of this week. His subject will be "What Is

The next moving picture entertainment will be given
on Thursday evening, October 13.

The Gatun first team took three bowling games from
the Culebra first team on Saturday evening, October 1,
the following being the scores:



Cohen 180 135 170

Hall 157 124 133

Hayes 150 136 128

Case 190 138 127

Harrington.. 127 101 178


Ponton 144 152 144

Wolf 15! 194 171

DeMoll. . . 189 160 167

Severn 149 135 186

Barte 175 167 146

Total 804 634 736 Total... 808 808 814

The prize for high bowling score during the month of
September was won by Mr. Durand with 222. The
Gatun bowling alleys have been improved by the in
stallation o. an electric fan.

The membership of the Gatun association is now 380.
A cordial invitation is extended to even- American on
the gold roll to join.

An informal "social" and smoker will be held on Tues-
day evening, October 18. Every man in Gatun is

Gorgona's second team will bowl at Gatun on Sat-
urday evening, October 8.

A progressing pool tournament begins this week.
Any member may enter. The prize will be a pair of
gold cuff links. A three-cushion billiard tournament
will also be started in a few days.


The membership campaign closed on September 30
with a final standing of 442. The I. C. C. team cap-
tained by C. A. Chambers won the team contest with
36 names to its credit.

The moving picture entertainment last week was
well attended. Another entertainment will be given on
Saturday, October 5, and again on October 14. in con-
nection with a members' smoker which will be given on
that evening.

The meeting of the discussion club on Thursday even-
ing, September 27, was led by F. C. Freeman, his sub-
ject being "Our Thoughts."

Lieut. C. M. Hargraves of the British Army gave
an account of his trip around the world on Friday
night. September 28. Several readings and imitations
were also given by him during the evening.

On Saturday night, October 1 , the Marine Band from
Camp Elliott gave a concert at the clubhouse.

The Cristobal basketball team defeated the Gatun
team on Saturday night. October 1, by a score of 16 to
15. The line-up of the teams was as follows: Gatun —
Porter. Eggleston. Porter, Mitchell, Conners and Hub-
ner. Cristobal — Prather. Luce, Vifquain. Weller,
Schwallenberg and Pring.

The local bowling match played on Saturday night,
October 1, between the "Knutt-splitters" and the
" Wood-butchers," resulted as follows:

Dickson. ... 183 130 151

Henry 127 166 131

Turner 158 137 153

Burns, W. . . 103 91 132
Burns, T.... 184 136 199

"Wood -butchers."
Rabbitt. . . 148 142 140

Adams 185 151 173

Burns. A. . 157 129 184

Duer 168 162 149

Collins 169 153 189

Total 755 660 766 Total . . . 827 737 835

Dr. Blackburn made high average for September, and
Rabbitt made high score, with 253.

On Friday evening. September 23, C. D. Morgan
played seven members of the chess club simultaneously.
He won four of the seven games played.

On Tuesday night, September 26, the meeting of the
discussion club was led by Geo. R. D. Kramer of Cule-
bra; subject. "Exercise."

A pool tournament with 15 men entered has just been
started. The men entered in class A are: Bradley.
Cornick. Hill, Ross, Stoll, Tuttle. and Wilson. Wilson
plays his games with a handicap of 25 balls. The men
entered in class Bare: Arden, Beattie. Elliott, King,
McDonald, Richardson. Sweenev. Van Fleet, and

Lieut. C. M. Hargraves of the British Army gave a
lecture on Tuesday night, September 26.

FORD-ROARK— At Cristobal, on September 29.
1910. by Rev. Carl H. Elliott. Miss Chloe M. Roark.
of Kansas City, Kan., to Stanley R. Ford of Cris-
tobal. Residence, Colon Beach.

Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Culebra. C. Z., September 29, 1910.
Circular No. 352:

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