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Hallowe'en dance was given in the social hall
at Corozal in which the general public took
part. The evening was spent in games and
dancing. The expenses of the entertainment
were defrayed by subscription among the men,
and refreshments were provided by the ladies.
There were about 300 present.

Church Notes.
A men's dinner was given on board the
Royal Mail steamer Tagus on Monday even-
ing, October 24, under the auspices of the
Cristobal Union Church. Dr. C. C. Pierce
was toastmaster and the principal speaker of
the evening was Dr. W. H. Bell of Colon

Hospital. Selections for violin were played
by Dr. Hill. Covers were laid for 110.

The Rev. J. H. Coin of Greenville, Miss.,
representing the Home Mission Board of the
Southern Baptist Convention, arrived on the
Isthmus on the United Fruit Company's
steamer Turrialba, on October 6, for the pur-
pose of conducting a series of evangelistic
meetings and to assist in the work of the
church in the Canal Zone for an indefinite
time. On Sunday, October 16, a two weeks'
series of meetings was begun in the Commis-
sion chapel at Gorgona.

The Home Mission Board has erected a
parsonage for the resident pastor at Empire,
which will be ready for occupancy within a
short time. A lease of the building site
opposite the Commission chapel was granted
by the Panama Railroad Company, and lum-
ber and other materials were purchased from
the Commission at cost price. The house is
a modified design of the Commission type-17
and cost $1,500. Of this sum, $300 were do-
nated by the First Baptist Church of Empire
and the remainder was contributed by the
Mission Board.

There will be a dance at Ancon Hall on
Saturday evening, November 19, for the
benefit of the Roman Catholic Church at
East Balboa, St. Mary's Star of the Sea.
Athletic Events.

A meeting of the presidents of the six base-
ball associations on the Isthmus will be held
at Ancon on Sunday, November 6, to organize
the Panama Canal Baseball League, adopt a
constitution and elect officers. An executive
committee will be appointed later by the
president of the league, which will have in
charge the preparation of the schedule of
games for the 1910-11 season.

A game of ball was played at Ancon park
on Sunday afternoon, October 30, between
teams from Ancon and the V. S. S. Yorktown,
resulting in favor of the Yorktown players by
a score of 5 to 2.

Ten games have been played to date in the
series between the employes of the Depart-
ment of Civil Administration and the Ancon
Hospital doctors, the Civil Administration
team winning six, tieing two, and losing two.

An athletic meet will be held at the Empire
baseball park on November 3, under the
auspices of the West Indian athletic associa-
tion of that village. There will be bicycle and
foot races, and other endurance contests.
Three expert bicyclists from Jamaica have
promised to be present and participate.

Family Quarters.
Applications for married quarters were on
file on October 1, as follows:


No. 1


Ancon Hospital .




Culebra .

Empire I 3



Las Cascadas-Bas Obispo.


Pedro Miguel-Paraiso. . . .

Porto Bello


Toro Point


Total ... 48


No. 2



134 (50)
92 (28)


585 (82)

The figures in parentheses show the number of appli-
cants already occupying regular or nonhousekeeping
family quarters at stations, other than those at which
applications are filed. The No. 1 list is made up of em-
ployes who entered the service prior to January 1,

Panama Independence Day.

Culebra, C. Z.. October 31, 1910.
Circular No. 358:

Thursday. November 3, 1910, the anniversary of the
Independence of the Republic of Panama, will be ob-
served as a holiday in the Canal Zone, and, as far as
possible, all public business will be suspended on that
day. Geo. W. Goethals, Chairman.

Claims for Defective Castings.

Culebra, C. Z., October 30, 1910.
Circular No. 2 15-b (Superseding Circular No. 2 15-a) :

Effective November l, 1910, in lieu of circular No.
21S-A of August 22, 1910. the following rules will
govern the procedure to be followed in all machine and
repair shops of the Isthmian Canal Commission and
the Panama Railroad Company in case a casting made
at the Gorgona shops has to be rejected on account of

If it is necessary for any machine or repair shop to
reject, on account of defects, a casting of any material
made at the Gorgona shops, after it has been partly or
entirely machine finished, a tag will be attached to it,
with the correct designation of the casting and the name
of the shop rejecting it written in ink on one side, and
"The Superintendent, Mechanical Division, Gorgona
Shops, Gorgona, Canal Zone," on the other side, and
the casting delivered to the nearest Quartermaster's
storekeeper, who, acting in the capacity of shipping
agent only, will ship it to the addressee.

Upon the rejection of each defective casting the shop
which worked thereon will submit promptly a claim on
the superintendent of the Mechanical Division, on
form D. O. 440 for credit for the original cost of the
casting, the actual cost of machine work done on the
casting, the cost of handling and laying it out, the amount
of general shop expense, and the total cost of the work
lost, including that of the casting.

After verification of the correctness of the claim it
will be allowed by the superintendent of the Mechan-
ical Division, and the shop so informed. Each claim
allowed will be entered on form 221 C. E., under the
proper foundry account, and the amount thereof in-
cluded in the total monthly cost of the castings and in
the price per pound fixed for them.

The same method of claim and allowance will be
followed in cases of defects in castings developed in
Gorgona shops. Geo. W. Goethals,

Chairman and Chief Engineer,
Isthmian Canal Commission.
President. Panama Railroad Company.

Compensation to Injured Employes.

Culebra, C. Z., October 31, 1910.
Circular No. 235-c:

The Solicitor of the Department of Commerce and
Labor has rendered the opinion that an injured employe
who is entitled to compensation under the Act of Con-
gress approved May 30, 1908, and who by reason of his
injury is unable to do his regular work, cannot be re-
quired to render other service. This should be thor-
oughly understood, and no employe should be permitted
to work under the provisions of circular No. 235-A
until it has been carefully explained to him that he can
draw his full injury pay without rendering any service
whatever, and unless with a complete understanding
of his rights he shall prefer to work rather than remain
idle. Geo. \V. Goethals, Chairman.

Work for Disabled Employes.

Culebra, C. Z., September 1, 1909.
Circular No. 235-a:

In case an employe entitled to the benefits of the
Government Employes' Compensation Act, approved
May 30, 1908, is disabled in such manner that after
recovery he is unable to resume his regular duties, he
shall be entitled to the benefits of said Act for a period
of one year from date of injury.

If, however, such employe elects to work at a de-
creased remuneration in some other position in order
to gain seniority or acquire experience to fit himself for
promotion, he may do so with the understanding that
the amount of his pay will be deducted from the amount
to be paid him as injury compensation.

II. F. Hodges, Acting Chairman.

Equipment Surveyed and Turned In.

Culebra, C. Z., October 28, 1910.
Circular No. 323-a:

Equipment surveyed and turned in to the Quarter-
master's Department by direction of the Chairman to
be dismantled and used in making repairs to similar
equipment will be handled as follows:

The unit will be invoiced to the designated store-
keeper, 50 per cent of the original cost being placed to
the credit of the division or department making the

The storekeeper will take up the unit on his return
and account for it until a certificate can be rendered

November 2, 1910.


that'aH'avauable parts for repair have been removed.
when the unit will be scrapped and dropped from his
return on the above certificate.

Divisions or departments desiring to utilize available
parts of the unit will place foremen"s requisitions there-
for, which will be priced at the price-book price of such
parts, the parts being taken up by the storekeeper as
found at post and dropped on the requisition.

Geo. YV. Goethals,
Chairman and Chief Engineer.

False Clearance Papers.

Culebra. C. Z., October 29, 1910.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

The attention of this office has been called to the
presentation by silver employes of clearance papers
which have been altered after delivery to employes so
as to entitle the holders to higher rates of r An- 1

employe presenting such a clearance can be convict i
on a charge of an attempt to defraud the Gover: ment
by a false representation, or by a false token When
such clearances are presented in the future th foreman
receiving same should report the matter to the officer in
command of the nearest police station, in ord rthat he
may be able to make an investigation, and i desired,
secure the necessary affidavit from the foieman for
apprehending the person presenting the false clearance.
Geo. W. Goethals, Chairman.

Temporary Services of Mechanics.

Culebra, C. Z.. October 26, 1910.
Circular No. 357:

1. The economical administration of machine shops
engaged entirely or principally in repair work requires
the employment therein of the minimum number of
workmen that can make the average quantity of repairs
within the permissible time limit. To facilitate the
prompt obtaining of additional workmen necessary at
any time to make repairs in excess of the average quan-
tity, and for other purposes, the division engineersof the
Central, Atlantic and Pacific Divisions, or such of their
assistants as they may designate, are hereby authorized
to call directly upon the superintendent of the Mechan-
ical Division for the temporary services of such number
of machinists, blacksmiths, boilermakers and other
craftsmen, and helpers, as may be required.

2. Each request made for the temporary services of
employes should state separately the number of each
trade required for day and for night work, the number
of helpers for each trade, the probable length of time
their services will be required, and the person to whom
and place at which they should report, in order that
assignment may be made in such manner as will insure
the continuous employment of not more than eight
hours per day to each employe, except when overtime
is ordered in cases of emergency.

3. Division engineers and their subordinates will have
entire jurisdiction over and will arrange for and obtain
suitable quarters for such employes during the period
of their temporary services.

The time of each employe will be kept by the bor-
rowing division in the manner as prescribed for other
employes, except the names of the temporary employes
will be grouped in time books under the heading, "Tem-
porary Employes from Mechanical Division," and will
not be carried to the time and pay rolls. The labor
charges of temporary employes will be charged direct
to the job or jobs on which they work, as in the case of
other employes. The time in transit from and to
Gorgona shops will be charged to the borrowing divi-

4. The Mechanical Division will promptly furnish
the division engineer with the names, trades, wages, and
date and hour of departure, of each employe furnished
upon request, and a copy of each list will be sent to the
Examiner of Accounts. When their services are no
longer required the employes will be directed to return
to the Gorgona shops, unless the superintendent of the
Mechanical Division specially requests that they be
sent elsewhere. The superintendent of the Mechanical
Division will be furnished promptly with a statement
showing for each employe the number of hours of work
performed each day. date and hour of arrival and depar-
ture, and character of workmanship.

5. All employes sent from Gorgona shops on tem-
porary duty will be carried and paid on the pay rolls
of the Mechanical Division, and the time worked by
each employe on each day will be entered from the
statement furnished by the division engineer. The
Mechanical Division will render each division engineer
a bill covering the total labor temporarily furnished
during each month. The bill will show the total
amount of labor and a surcharge thereon of ten per cent
to cover annual leave, holiday pay, etc.

6. The construction division will include the direct
part of the labor charge in the properly distributed items
and the ten per cent surcharge in the items of shop ex-
pense on form 1 32 C . E. To m ike the total labor agree
with the pay roll a credit of the total amount should be

taken under the item "Temporary Labor from Mechan-
ical Division" in the "Labor" column, and recharged
in the column "Other Expenses."

The amount of the surcharge will b* credited by the
Mechanical Division to "Vacation, Sick and Transit
Time," and the total amount charged to the proper
construction division. H. F. Hodges,

Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Civil Service Examinations Not Official Business.

Culebpa. C. Z.. October 25, 1910.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

Several inquiries have been received of late relative
to the issue of official business trip passes to employes
who have entered the civil service examinations held at
Culebra. Competitors in these examinations are not
traveling on official business, and should be required
to use their monthly allowance passes or half-rate

By direction of the Acting Chairman.

C. A. McIlvaine. Chief Clerk.

Dentist at Empire.

Ancon, C. Z., October 26, 1910.
Dr. H. W. Mitten, dentist, having reported for duty
is detailed for service with the Commission at Empire.
Robt. E. Noble.
Acting Assistant Chief Sanitary Officer.

Rainfall from October 1 to 29, Inclusive.



Pacific Section —



Miraflores. . . .

Pedro Miguel

Rio Grande. .
Central Section —


Camacho . . . .



Alhajuela. . . .

El Vigia


San Pablo. . . .

Tabernilla. . .


Monte Lirio. .
Atlantic Section-


Brazos Brook

Cristobal . . . .

Porto Bello. .


E >•

5 "


cd o















































*To 5 p. m. October 28.

Tide Table.

The following table shows the time of high and low
tides at Panama for the week ending November 9, 1910,
(75th meridian time):







A. M.

A. M.



A. M.
P. M.

P. M.



P. M.




November 7 . . . .
November 8 . . . .
November 9 . . . .


Bids for an Addition to Recreation Hall, Corozal.

Sealed proposals, for labor (exclusive of plumbins
and painting) only, will be received at the office of the
Constructing Quartermaster. Culebra. C. Z.. until 3
p. m.. November 12. 1910. and then opened, for the
erecting of an addition to the recreation hall at Corozal
by contract. Plans and specifications can be obtained
from the Constructing Quartermaster by making a
deposit of S5. Fifty dollars must be deposited with
the proposal and $150 when the contract is signed.

C. A. Devol. Chief Quartermaster .

Contract for Clearing Trails.

Mount HopeCZ.. October 25. 1910.
Bids will he received at the office of the Purchasing
Agent on the Isthmus. Isthmian Canal Commission.
Mount Hope. C. Z. up to 2.30 p. m.. Monday. November
14. 1910. at which time they will be opened in public,
for clearing the Arraijan-Rio Grande trail from the
Canal Zone boundary to a point on the Panama
railroad. 600 feet below the Rio Grande dam. a distance
of about seven (7) miles; and for clearing the Arrai-
jan-Paraiso trail from the Canal Zone boundary line
to the Panama railroad, a distance of about six (6)
miles; and alsofor clearing the Arraijan- Cochinito (rail

from the Canal Zone boundary line, south of Arraijan,
to the village of Cochinito, in the Canal Zone. The
work shall be done in accordance with specifications to
be had -upon application to the Superintendent of
Public Works, I. C. C. Administration Building, Pan-
ama. Proposals may be made for the clearing of each
trail separately, or for the three. The successful bidder
will be required to furnish bond or cash deposit in the
amount of S25 for each trail as a guarantee that the
work will be carried out. Proposals should be enclosed
in sealed envelopes, marked "Proposals for clearing
Arraijan-Rio Grande. Arraijan-Paraiso and Arraijan-
Cochinito trails." The Commission reserves the right
to reject any and all bids, to accept any bid as may be
deemed to its interest, and to waive defects and in-
formalities in proposals.

Charles L. Parker.
Purchasing Agent on the Isthmus.


Panama Cookery Book.

Cristobal. October 31. 1910.
The first edition of the Panama Cookery Book has
been received and placed on sale at 75 cents per copy
in all commissary stores.

This book was compiled by the Home Department
of the Canal Zone Federation of Women's Clubs.
Eugene T. Wilson,
Subsistence Officer.

Thanksgiving Fruit Cakes.

Cristobal. C. Z.. October. 22, 1910.
Fruit cakes for Thanksgiving are now ready for
delivery, and orders for the same at SI each will be
taken. Eugene T. Wilson,

Subsistence Officer.

Cold Storage Prices.

There are no changes in the prices of cold storage
articles from those quoted in last week's issue of The
Canal Record.


SMITH-O'CONNOR— At Randolph. Neb., on Sep-
tember 30, Florence Margaret, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. D. C. O'Connor, to Leroy Smith of Bridgeton.
N. J. Canal Zone residence. Gorgona.

GAMBLE-SNVDER— At Senatobia. Miss., on Octo-
ber 19. Minnie May. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Snyder, to Robert McDufTy Gamble. Canal Zone
residence.' Gatun.

CHAMBERS-HENNIGH— On October 26. at the
home of the bride's parents in Paraiso, Adda Lenore
Hennigh to Albert Livain Chambers, the Rev. Carl H.
Elliott officiating. Canal Zone residence, Cristobal.

PALM-WINNE — On October 28. in the Commission
chapel, Cristobal, Florence Nancy Winne to John Del-
mont Palm, the Rev. Carl H. Elliott officiating. Canal
Zone residence, San Pablo.

Band Concert.

The Isthmian Canal Commission band will give a
concert at Gatun. C. Z.. on Sunday, November 6, 1910,
at 2 p. m. The program follows;

1 March — Monstrat Viam Joy

2 Overture — Poet and Peasant Suppe

3 Intermezzo — Silver Bell Wenrich

4 Waltz — Bad' tier Aladln Komzak

5 Medley Selection — The Cristobal .Uiiis/i-r/s.Jennings
Introducing "Prairie Song Bird." "How Do You Do.
Miss Josephine?" "Won't You Change Your name?"
"I Am Awful Glad I Met You." "Could You Learn to
Love Me?" "Can't You See?" "Pony Boy," "Straw.-
berries." "Schoolmates," "Molly Lee," and "When
We're Out on Dress Parade."

6 Caprice — Goody Two Shoes Pryor

7 Humoresque — What's the Matter With

Father: Lampe

8 Duet for Cornet and Baritone — Angels

Serenade Braga

Messrs. Smith and San Martin.

9 Selection — TheChocolate Soldier Strauss

10 March — TheComing Regiment Conterno

Chas. E. Jennings, Musical Director.
The next concert will be given at the Cathedral
Plaza. Panama, on November 13, at 7. 30 p. m.. in ex-
change with the Republican Band, which will play at
the Hotel Tivoli on that evening.

LOST — On dock No. 1 1 at Cristobal, on the special
train from the Panama, or at Gorgona on October 28,
a bank book. Return to Glen H. Pierson. Gorgona.

LOST — At Gatun commissary on October 25, an
umbrella with light colored handle. Finder please
return to house No. 70. Gatun.

Launch Service to Taboga.

The steamer Sanidad leaves the dredge landing at
Balboa at 9 o'clock Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday
mornings. On the return trip it arrives at Balboa
about 4.30 p.m. in time to make connections for the
5.30 train at Panama.



Vol. IV., No. 10.


Activities of the Young Men's Christian Asso-

The standing in the chess tournament is as follows:
Won. Lost.

Bartlett 5 7

Dubois 10 2

Goodenow 5 7

Mengel .» . . . 2 10

Putnam 4 8

Stiles 6 S

Warner 9 2

The discussion club met on Wednesday evening;
subject, "Fellowship." under the leadership of Mr.
Smith of Gatun. Due to the interest shown and by
request of the men that belong to the club. Mr. Kramer
will spend one more evening on the discussion of "Diet."
The club will meet on Thursday, instead of Wednesday

The bowling game between the Gatun first team
and the Culebra first team resulted in Culebra taking
two out of three. The following are the scores:


Cohen 192 212 149

Herrington.. 171 177 148

Hayes 191 163 159

Case 148 148 162

Dougherty.. 196 156 226


Ponton.... 181 159 198

Harrington 136 167 154

DeMoll. . . 142 149 200

Wolf 162 165 158

Durand. . . 173 160 145

Total 898 856 844 Total... 794 800 855

The basketball game between Gatun and Culebra,
first half 14 to 10 in favor of Gatun; second half, 9 to 13
in favor of Culebra, game tie. The final score was 23
to 26 in favor of Gatun. The line-up was as follows:
Culebra. Position. Gatun.

Cushing Forward Egleston

Purchase Forward Bob Porter

Vifquain Center C. Porter

Koperski Guard Mitchell

Johnson Guard Conners

Kersey Guard

The Empire Musical and Dramatic Society gave an
entertainment at Culebra on Friday evening. October

The billiard tournament opened on Tuesday, Novem-
ber 1, with nine contestants. The winner will receive
a medal.

Men that desire to join the duckpin tournament
should hand their names to the man at the office or to
Mr. Dougherty.

A handicap tournament for big pins is being arranged
for in which the men that finished in the last tournament
are allowed to participate. E. A. Putnam has offered
a gold medal for the winner.


Gorgona's second team defeated Empire two out of
three games at bowling on the Empire alleys last Sat-
urday evening. The score was as'follows:


Gustavson... 189 152 137

Sawtelle. ... 156 204 151

Goolsby. ... 156 166 169

Giavelli 164 197 130

Bardelson. . . 124 187 140

Stoehr. ... 154 130 135
Humphrey. 172 199 172
Montgom'y ISO 131 113
M. Van. . . 175 145 212
Bordt 159 185 192

Total 789 906 727 Total... 810 790 824

At a meeting of those interested in the literary and
debating society held Saturday night it was decided
that the program committee would continue the policy
that met with'success during the'past few months. At
the next meeting, November 11. there will be a debate
to be taken part in by all the members. All men
anxious to practice in the art of public speaking are
urged to join the society.

Cristobal defeated Empire's basketball team at
Empire last Saturday night. The score was as follows:
Empire 21. Cristobal, 29. The following players took

Cristobal. Position. Empire.

Sarter Forward Lyons

Prathe. .• Forward Eason

Vifquain Center Bartholomew

Weller Guard Seaton

Luce Guard King

The monthly pool tournament was won by H. M.
Lloyd. There were 24 entries.

The Empire and Gatun basketball teams will play at
Gatun next Saturday evening.


On Wednesday, October 26, the Empire Musical and
Dramatic Club gave an entertainment.

Saturday, October 29, Empire's first bowling team
took three straight games from the local team. Scores
as follows:


Roper 181 135 191

Stewart 162 162 179

Weigold. ... 129.... 139
Halderman.. 145 16? 129

White 156 155 151

Otis 152

Gorham. . . 161 156 167
Potter. ... 177 210 179

Shough 161 152 203

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